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BOC – Disloyalty has its price

Recently there was a story splashed over the mainstream media about the plight of ex Malaysians unable to get citizenship as a British citizen due to a faux pas in the UK immigration law and also the misrepresentation of an obscure clause in the old colonial law which stated that those who were born in Melaka and Pulau Pinang before 1983 are given the status of British Overseas Citizens.

There was a confusion there. A British Overseas Citizen (BOC) is not equivalent to a British Citizen. A  BOC do not have the right to live in the UK. Perhaps, those fools who tore up their Malaysian passports thought that it would be better off being a British citizen than being a Malaysian based purely on the fact that they thought it would be better living with their former colonial masters.

But first off, I need to alert Utusan Malaysia on their recent headline which I feel is totally wrong:

What! Utusan calling these unpatriotic souls as our 'warga'?

What! Utusan calling these unpatriotic souls as our 'warga'?!

Let me be clear on this one.

Those who gave up their Malaysian citizenship, is no longer fit to be called Malaysians.

It is a definitive act of unpatriotism. You do not get along with the majority of the people here. Maybe because you do not know how to integrate. You resent the fate that befalls you. You loathe the country because of it hence, you do not love this country. That is why you disown it from your heart.

You  then swore your allegiance and loyalty to another country. This NegaraKu is no longer your Negara. How much clearer you want it to be? Certainly, those who tore up their passports and set off for Britain in the belief they could claim citizenship‘ in the UK are no longer Malaysians. So, why is Utusan calling them as our citizens?

Coming back to the issue at hand, any attempt to facilitate the return of these ungrateful lot into THIS COUNTRY should be stopped. Anifah Aman, in his capacity as the Foreign Minister had erred in his opinion that this lot are not unpatriotic.

Why do we want to welcome them back with open arms?

They even bad mouthed Malaysia by stating to a foreign news wire that ‘Ethnic Chinese in the two regions that were part of a British colony in the former Malaya, wary of discrimination under an independent nation dominated by Muslim Malays, had sought assurances they could resort to residing in Britain.’

Here we go again.. more Malay bashing by these former Malaysian chinese in a foreign media.

I guess all their well to do cousins who are still residing here should just pack their bags too then. Maybe they can follow your footsteps and work in restaurants all over the UK as well.

Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein said that:

“people who had renounced their Malaysian citizenship would be treated the same way as any foreigner when they applied for it.

And it could be even harder as their applications would cast doubts on their intentions and loyalty to the country, he added.

Hishammuddin said it was sad that there were people who renounced their citizenship without understanding the severity of their action.

“When they realise that the situation in the other country was not what they had hoped for, it is not easy to reverse their decision. I hope that people can take this as a lesson.”

When Hishamuddin was the Education Minister, I found him very meek in facing certain issues. But here he had made the right statements. It is the government’s job to ensure the security aspects of the nation. We can’t simply give away our citizenship to any Tom, Dick and Harry especially when this Tom, Dick and Harry found this country not good enough for them in the first place.

People must not treat citizenship in vain. It is not as a TESCO card where they give it away at the counter.

Therefore I found it quite odd for a member of a Bar Council – Edmund Bon to arrogate himself as the security expert when urging the government to take back these stateless people.

He stated:

if the British government did not want to take them, then the best solution would be for the Malaysian government to give them back their citizenship.

“If they are willing to apply for Malaysian citizenship and can prove that they were born here and were Malaysian citizens before, then the government should take them back.”

We should just take them back???

Whoa! Wait a minute. Why should we bear the responsibilities of a mess created by the British? The less unpatriotic people we have in this country, the better.

Edmund Yeo, a Malaysian citizen who is an elected councillor in Ealing, West London, says that only the British government can now resolve the dilemma.

“The British government gave them that right, they were born and you called them BOC in Malaysia… and now you want to remove yourself from this problem, that’s not right,” he told AFP in his office near London’s Chinatown.

Ben Scaro, an Australian lawyer who advocates their cause, says the situation became messier as cases were left unresolved for years, and letters sent in 2005 told applicants they could not proceed unless they showed they had lost Malaysian citizenship.

As a result, a large number of BOCs including Dee renounced their Malaysian citizenship — a process that is extremely difficult to reverse.

“The British Home Office effectively orchestrated the BOCs’ statelessness,” Scaro said.

There you have it.

Malik Imtiaz concluded his assessment over these stateless ‘Malaysians’ (stateless people should be the correct noun) when he said:

“If a Malaysian has gone through the renunciation process and followed the procedure, then the person is no longer a Malaysian citizen,” prominent lawyer Malik Imtiaz Sarwar told AFP in Kuala Lumpur.

“Of course, Malaysia would not allow the citizen to renounce its citizenship without having another citizenship but as far as the government is concerned the British Overseas Citizenship, as its name implies, is another citizenship.

Being a part of a country is a big thing. Malaysia is your home and you should do all that is necessary, as guided by the Constitution, to make it your home.

Immigration director-general Datuk Abdul Rahman Othman, had made a profound statement which all Malaysians should adhere to –

“Think through before concluding that the grass is greener on the other side, because once you want out, you stay out“.

Being disloyal to your own country has its price. Please do not take that road.

But, if you really want to renounce your citizenship, then of course, I feel that the government should just let you go. The less unpatriotic people we have, the better remember? In fact, to facilitate your departure, a friend had proposed a Reverse Patriotism Act”. Please do not be alarmed. It was made in jest.

If you do not know the ways on how to become a Malaysian, or you forgot the path every Malaysian decided to make  at the birth of our nation, Demi Negara wrote an interesting article on what it takes to be one. You can read it here.

66 thoughts on “BOC – Disloyalty has its price

  1. Dear JMD

    I am with you wholeheartedly.

    “I guess all their well to do cousins who are still residing here should just pack their bags too then. Maybe they can follow your footsteps and work in restaurants all over the UK as well.”

    From my heart exactly.

    I agree with this one too…”because once you want out, you stay out“.



  2. No, no, no. They must not be allowed back. They must never be brought back. Never. They have torn Malaysian passports for crying out loud.

    They renounced their Malaysian citizenship. They disliked this country. They badmouthed it. They took to the streets and demonstrated. Far from being patriotic – loving this country – or being loyal in sticking thru thick and thin here, their very act of tearing the Malaysian passport bespeaks utter and wanton disrespect to this country. It’s, in fact, an unwritten sin to do so.

    They must not be given temporary documents of any kind to enter Malaysia. Even if they get another country’s passport or temporary travel documents, the Immigration at our entry points must check them thoroughly. The moment they smell of BOC, put them back on the first plane to point of flight origin. No two-way about it. Good that the Immigration DG has said what he said. We now expect his “kata mesti di kota”.

    And why did the Malaysian Foreign Minister talk about not an act of disloyalty? What the hell was he talking about? He may not be a career diplomat but surely the Foreign Service Officers could have advised him? Where were they when the Minister was talking that? He didn’t appear to have a clue what loyalty is all about. Somebody ought to teach him that. Goodness, gracious. He’s a Foreign Minister, man.

    Good for the Home Minister to have said what he said. Let’s urge him not to change his stand. Doing so would only mean he’s losing his balls. I believe it’s not so. I now see him as a strong minded protector of our national interests. We simply can’t have this kind of fellows in the country. They’ll sell this country off or become Fifth Columnists whenever there’s a chance. Let there be no instruction from his “Government no longer knows best” cousin to make him veer from that stand.

    And forget about the Edmond Bon fellow. He is of no consequence. He probably also speaks for Chin Peng to be allowed back. He may think that the Malayan Communist Party is “nationalist”. There’s a whole jinbang of a crowd (albeit small) out there inclined to subversive and anti-national thinking. They must not be entertained.

    The country has enough of secret societies, thugs and gangsters brought in by the Chinese in the mid-19th Century and still roaming, by the accounts of one PKR Assemblyman and one PKR MP, even in the corridors of DAP Excos’ offices in Shah Alam. The communists have brought a lot of untold heartache, misery and suffering for about forty years. Never again. Not the communists, not the secret societies, thugs and gangsters. Not the BOC. No, no, no.


  3. Hi JMD,

    I read this too and was waiting for someone to blog on it.

    I don’t think of myself as stone-hearted, but when I read this my thought was: wtf, you happily tore up your passport and now you’re screaming for help.

    I confess to having felt quite gleeful when one of the BOC in the report was quoted as having said her position was worse than the illegal immigrants in UK because “they at least have a country to go back to”.

    Well, well, well.

    What were those taunts we hear again and again so frequently lately? Msia racist country lah, no freedom, repressive, blah blah.

    I vote that Malaysia just do nothing in this case.

    (The BOC group reminds me of a short story by Paul Theroux about an American who renounced his citizenship, the difficulties State Dept gave him when he wanted to visit his home and family in the US and, in the end, he was a broken man. Nope, he never got back citizenship. Do look it up.)


  4. Do really Edmund said this:
    “if the British government did not want to take them, then the best solution would be for the Malaysian government to give them back their citizenship.

    “If they are willing to apply for Malaysian citizenship and can prove that they were born here and were Malaysian citizens before, then the government should take them back.”????

    Wow.. so easy.. did he ever consider those stateless “Malaysians” actually GIVEN AWAY their citizenship?

    Seriously, I can’t imagine if jus soli was part of this country set up…

    ~ OnDaStreet


  5. What the hell is the Edmund Bon fellow talking? Why should the Government take those fellows back?

    Does he not understand what loyalty (never mind patriotism) is all about? Does he have any clue what citizenship means?

    Citizenship must not be treated lightly. This is the problem with people whose forefathers soon after Merdeka got citizenship very easily and the descendants got citizenship by birth, also very easily. Tun Tan Siew Sin said in 1969 that the Malays were “generous enough” not only to agree to citizenship for non-Malays at Merdeka but also to relax citizenship rules and the issuing of citizenship documents after Merdeka. The language tests and so on were, by policy at that time, not stringent. Then their descendants make light their citizenship. Tear their passports and renounce that which many would protect with their lives.

    Citizenship, by procedure, is a long and tedious process. That’s why many among the 30,000 applicants recently announced waited for scores of years to get it. Remember
    the woman who waited nearly 60 years because of unregistered birth? Many of them still haven’t got the citizenship applied for.

    By necessity, as a normal procedure, the Government has to check and re-check, get evidence, get the Police to check their background, their character, references from the local community where they reside, be thorough, interview after interview, before citizenship is granted. Any blemish on their character from the criminal, political and other angles, even minor offences under the Criminal Procedure Code, would send their files to collect dust. Especially if there is evidence of disloyalty. When you tear your passport and renounce your citizenship, what else if not evidence of disloyalty?

    That should be the way, that must be the way. The Government does not want undesirable elements in the country. These days there are many already from among those who have got citizenship.

    As for those BOCs, they should not and must not be given citizenship for reasons stated above and those stated by nono earlier.

    I have serious doubts on the credibility of this Edmond Bon when he says those things.

    JMD : Thank you Aku for the comment.


  6. We CANNOT accept them back. They do not believe in this country as their homeland when they tore their Malaysia passport. Do you think they are willing to sacrifice their life to defend this country in time of war? I don’t think so.

    They are just a bunch of opportunists and not loyal to this country. Let them go forever. Period.


  7. Salam JMD,

    Artikel yang cukup baik. Lebih kepada peringatan yang perlu diambil peduli oleh semua rakyat Malaysia.

    Saya turut mengikuti isu BOC ini. Dan fitnah yang dilemparkan sangat menyakitkan. Usah diterima pengkianat sebegini.

    Usaha memberikan kembali kerakyatan mereka ini oleh Edmund Bon dan Latifah Koya dari Majlis Peguam yang ditunggang Pakatan juga perlu dikutuk.

    Terima kasih.

    P/S: Saya turut menulis berkenaan isu ini yang banyak diilhamkan oleh blog Tuan.



  8. Leave those fu**ers die to rot in Britain.
    I hate traitors and they do not deserve to be our citizens.
    My forefathers fought for this land and those fu**ers were born to hate and badmouth my beloved country.


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  10. I hope, there wont be some UMNO goons who will accept them back as Malaysians. We should do something about it if there is.

    I agree with ‘aku’. The mistakes that our forefathers made is by giving away those free citizenships, producing unpatriotic “Malaysians” who reside in this country just to ‘carik makan’. ‘Carik makan’ is ok, but the problem starts when they were given political says (i.e. citizenship), which are then were abused by some for everything else but the country itself.

    First of all, the government shouldnt be listening to those who gave up their Malaysian citizenship, because well , they’re not Malaysians.

    Who cares?!!!!! Let them rot in the kitchens washing dishes there!!!


  11. Salam JMD.

    The best place on Earth where these unpatriotic Malaysians should go to is China. This is logic as they are Chinese, they speak Chinese not Bahasa Malaysia, think Chinese, went to Chinese SRJKs definitely, eat Chinese and fart like Chinese. They have no love for Malaysia. Why should the government be so kind to take them back???? They had already shown that they their heart does not belong to Malaysia…..so, don’t take them back!!!! If there are Indians in the group, then these people should go back to India……not Malaysia. Isn’t Malaysia very repressive????

    I hope the government should not be too soft hearted on this issue. Disloyalty begets what it deserves.

    For the Bar Council to act like a samaritan organisation is really uncalled for. Lawyers should be just lawyers. Period. They should not be another entity who think they can do and say what they like. Hey, this is not my line but LKY’s of the little red dot. Isn’t he a lawyer by training? He knew a long time ago how bad lawyers can be if they are allowed to meddle with everything in the country like the constitution, the governance etc……..and I agree with him totally on this….I think it is high time too that the government ban all lawyers from taking part in politics or even sounding like politician wannabes. Follow LKY’s style in controlling these haywired so-called intellos.


  12. Is there something wrong with me? I don’t have an iota of sympathy for them.

    But my salute to them also for bold enough to renounce their citizenship. Its commendable actually compared to those who talked, screamed, complained everything tak betul, bad-mouthed anything malaysia at every opportunity, created non-stop chaos and yet, still sini juga duduk, sini jugak cari makan, sini jugak beranak-pinak.

    To those Briton wannabes, you wanna make a u-turn? What? Can u say that again? Eh, tak malu ke?


    • there is nothing wrong with you,I share your sentiments too.

      few days ago,me and my friends have a good laugh over this matters,pendatang always a pendatang.
      About bad-mouthing malaysia and malays to outsiders also commmon here in our country.concerned foreigner once ask me about “chinese is hard to get job and studies”.with their broken and retarded english this ungrateful fella keep harping those words and keep us in badlight!!.of course, I explained everthing to the foreigner..

      JMD : Comment moderated with apologies. Thank you.


  13. hihi…

    I recalled most non Malays (even a few “modern” Malays) are saying Malaysia having a brain dead, now I know what they meant!!!

    The feckers are leaving the country by tearing their passport, I salute this brave peoples and once you renounced stay renounced please, I’ll respect you more….


  14. cant agree more with you bro….these traitors should never be welcomed back to our community…once they have renounced their malaysian citizenship and torn their malaysian passport, they deserve no place in our country as we do not need people with lack sense of belonging and spirit of patriotism….so as a conclusion..let these ‘people who don’t belong’ rot in the kitchen for the rest of their lives…..next time….look before you leap…..there’s no turning back…..


  15. Sdr JMD,

    Saya tidak menyelidik sepenuhnya apa yang diperkatakan oleh Menteri Luar, Anifah Aman, mengenai isu BOC ini.

    Saya sememangnya amat tidak bersetuju atas kenyataan beliau ..this lot are not unpatriotic….. Adakah Anifah cuba bersikap “apologetic” hingga ke tahap melampau? Saya rasa ada baiknya sekiranya Anifah menarik balik kenyataan ini untuk mengelak dirinya dipandang serong.

    Walaubagaimanapun, saya menyokong penuh sekiranya Anifah ingin membantu BOC dalam usaha mendapatkan taraf kerakyatan di Britain (saya pernah terbaca mengenai kenyataan ‘bantuan’ ini). Sokongan ini berdasarkan:-

    1) Jika sekiranya Anifah membantu sepenuhnya utk mendapatkan TARAF KERAKYATAN BRITISH bagi BOC ini.

    2) Jangan sekali-kali membantu mereka untuk mendapat taraf kerakyatan Malaysia, kerana ini bidang tugas Menteri Dalam Negeri, bukannya Menteri Luar.

    Saya berdoa supaya Anifah berjaya membantu BOC ini utk mendapat taraf kerakyatan British akhirnya. Menang bagi BOC dan juga menang bagi saya kerana sekurang-kurang ratusan BOC ini tidak perlu menginjak kaki di bumi Malaysia lagi, kecuali sebagai taraf pelancong atau seumpamanya.

    Mengenai taraf kerakyatan Malaysia – sudah jelas BOC bermakna British Citizen. Apa yang anda mencarut ni wahai Editor Utusan dgn menulis “warga kita”. Chin Peng pun lahir di Malaysia, tetapi Chin Peng rakyat British dan tidak di iktiraf sbg rakyat Malaysia. Apa bezanya dgn BOC ini? Janganlah anda tidak berfikiran wajar dan dijangkiti penyakit “apologetic” yang melampau.

    Edmund Bon & Bar Council – sejak kebelakangan ini Bar Council berperangai seperti sebuah parti politik. Edmund Bon ini pula nampaknya setaraf dgn ahli-ahli pembangkang yang berjumpa dgn Chin Peng di selatan Thailand (rujuk blog Unspinner dan Pisau.net). Apakah ini usaha-usaha subversif yang mengancam negara?

    “Negara ini Negara Berdaulat”

    Semerah Padi


    • Better give them citizenship back. So that our ministry can allot their time for productive work. If you don’t give them citizenship, that 500 odd file willbe in the ministry for another few decades and headaches for the next minister. Either you take them or dump them inthe sea and close the stupid file instead of hanging.


  16. Hmm…

    Mungkin agak zalim sekiranya mereka ini dihalang secara mutlak dari mendapatkan semula kerakyatan Malaysia. Give them the chance by applying for the citizenship but put those application under the strictest scrutiny. This way they cannot say that the gov is zalim and what not.


    • When they renounce their citizenship, the Malaysian Government is NO MORE their government.
      There is no need to reconsider.
      In no way whatsoever to perceive this to be zalim when you refuse strangers into your house.


    • Walaweiii!!!…Tuan yang baik hati….
      Pernah mendengar terma “menzalimi diri sendiri”??
      Itu lah yg kita lakukan jika menerima mereka yg sudah jelas tidak mahu mengaku Rakyat Malaysia.
      To take them back just to bad mouth us all over again…??
      itu kira kita sendiri cari penyakit.


    • Tuan,

      Sila tuan fikir jika berada dalam situasi ini:

      “Anak perempuan tuan, yang tuan bela dari tapak kakinya sebesar 2 jari tiba tiba tidak mengaku lagi tuan ini bapaknya. Malah telah mengoyakkan surat beranaknya sambil mengatakan yang dia sekarang dah ada bapak baru, yang lebih kaya, moden, pandai serba serbi. Mempunyai rumah lebih besar dengan kecanggihan terbaru. Dia juga dengan bangganya mengutuk tuan dan mendakwa tuan telah tidak berlaku adil, telah tidak memberi makan, telah memukul dan mengurung, malah telah mengabaikannya.

      Dia telah menyapu najisnya sendiri ke muka tuan, ke muka isteri tuan, ke muka bapa tuan, ke muka ibu tuan ke semua saudara mara tuan dan saudara mara isteri tuan.

      Airmata tuan sudah kering, malah air mata darah pun sudah kering.

      Tetapi, satu hari dia merayu dengan mengatakankan yang bapak baru dia itu telah membuang dia, malah dia terpaksa menjadi hamba untuk mencari sesuap spagetti. Merayu mahu kembali ke pangkuan tuan, sambil merengiskan air di muka sebagai airmata untuk dapatkan simpati tuan.”

      Adakah tuan seorang bapak yang cukup bodoh untuk menerimanya kembali? Sedangkan najis di muka tuan dan keluarga masih basah dan baunya masih segar…

      Fikir…fikir…dan fikir sebelum berkata kata.


      • Actually its the opposite. Its the parents who will sell their daughter to prostitution. And the daughter is defenceless as she is young. If daughter renounce you as parents is ok. Because you have already brought her up and now as an adult, she can do whatever. Maybe the parents fault too for they neglected her or gave her a lousy upbringing or lousy family.


  17. Salam JMD,

    Kita tak kisah sangat kalau mereka ini mahukan kerakyatan lain. Kalau dah rasa diri itu tak boleh nak tumpahkan taat setia kepada Msia adalah lebih baik serahkan saja kerakyatan Msia tu. Dan mereka cukup berani berbuat demikian. Tahniah kepada mereka. TETAPI, memburuk2kan Msia dgn kenyataan dan tohmahan yg dibuat tidak boleh diterima.

    Yang peliknya kenapa Anifah Aman mahu membantu stateless ini? Tidakkah Anifah terfikir bahawa selaku Menteri Luar dia sbnrnya bertindak atas kapasiti Kerajaan Malaysia. Tindakan cuba membantu mencari penyelesaian seumpama Kerajaan masih lagi mengiktiraf mereka ini warganegara. Sedangkan jelas stateless itu TIDAK ADA HAK sbg warganegara yang memerlukan Kerajaan melakukan apa2 tindakan dan usaha. Harap Anifah faham perkara tersebut.

    Dan bertambah pelik lagi bila mana peguam Bar Council tunggangan Pakatan Rakyat seperti Edmund Bon dan Latifah Koya cuba berlagak menjadi pejuang kononnya, dengan menggesa Kerajaan menerima kembali stateless ini? Dan memberikan semula kerakyatan? Biar betul Edmund Bon & Latifah Koya ni? Dia tahu ke apa yang stateless ini perjuangkan di UK? Mereka sudah tidak mahu menjadi rakyat Msia (bukan ditipu atau sebagainya) dan mereka mmg mengaku rakyat UK (rujuk blog cause yang dibuat oleh mereka).

    Jadi apa ke bodoh Edmund Bon dan Latifah Koya dari Bar Council ini nak bawa mereka ini pulang? Nak cari polulariti politik? Edmund Bon – Elok you pergi tolong stateless ni cuci pinggan di UK!


  18. Salam JMD,

    Perbuatan mengoyak pasport dan renouncing being a Malaysian TIDAK dapat dimaafkan walau apa jua alasan yang mereka dan BarCouncil berikan. Ramai lagi yang bekerja secara haram diluar negara tapi akhirnya mereka kembali juga ke tanahair. Tak lah sampai koyak2 pasport.

    Tapi mungkin Kementrian Luar elok juga bantu ex Malaysians ni dapatkan kerakyatan British. Saya percaya ramai lagi yang sama species dengan BOC, menanti dengan penuh harapan, menunggu hasil perjuangan rakan2 mereka sebelum mereka juga turut sama. Jadi bantulah menyenangkan permohonan mereka, dan beri galakan kepada mereka yang masih ada di sini untuk lakukan yang sama, bukakan kepada seluruh negeri jangan hadkan kepada Penang dan Melaka saja.

    Emm would love to hear Mr Siput on this. Kalau dia belum already ‘on the way’ there lepas kena basuh…


  19. Pasal apa mau balik Malaysia? Cari tempat lain la. Something like Singapore, Australia, Canada, China, India. Those are your type fav countries.


  20. 1957 pemimpin melayu membuat kesilapan besar dengan memberi KERAKYATAN kepada 1 JUTA warga asing dengan syarat mereka menerima kedaulatan raja2 melayu,hak istimewa melayu dan bahasa melayu.

    NYATA nya sekarang mereka mempertikaikan semua perjanjian tersebut.

    JELASlah bahawa mereka yang sudah melepaskan kerakyatan malaysia tidak patut di layan langsung


  21. asrilamirul

    What zalim are you talking about? Do you know what ctizenship is and its value to citizens of a country since time immemorial, even long before the advent of passports? Do you know what dignity and respect for your country is? The Romans and the Spartans of old would go to war if their dignity, respect and citizenship is trampled on. Most Americans and Israelis would do the same now.

    They have torn their passports, the symbol of dignity of the nation when abroad, renounced their citizenship, demonstrated on the streets of London and badmouthed this country when doing so. They are traitors to this country. What zalim is it in leaving them to rot in Britain? It was their own, adult and deliberate choice!

    They have shunned your country, insulted the dignity and shown utter disrespect for Malaysia, bad-mouthed you, spitted at you and you want to lick their spit? Come on, man!


  22. Serves them right for deserting the country – no sympathy for them at all. Whether they wash dishes or the white man’s butt is not our problem.


  23. Sdra JMD,
    Amat bertepatan sekali artikel sdra dgn suasana dalaman negara kita. Di saat kita sdg mewar-warkan 1M’sia, ada sebilangan kita yg merasakan bhw bumi Malaysia ini sudah tidak lagi memberikan apa-apa makna kpd mereka lagi. Mengoyakkan pasport, memperlekehkan dan menghina kepimpinan Melayu yg berkesudahan dgn melucutkan kewarganegaraan Malaysia adalah merupakan tindakan pembelot. Jgn sekali-kali pemimpin kita berlembut hati dgn mengambil semula “orang2 tanpa negara” ini. Mereka sepatutnya dibiarkan terumbang-ambing di bumi yg mereka idam-idamkan. Biarlah mereka “terjun dengan labu-labu” yang mereka sendiri cipta!


  24. JMD;

    I was under employment of an American multinational based in Singapore in 1990/1(?) when there is an altercation in Sinkapoh Parliment between Jayaratnam and Lee Kwang Yew on weather citizenship is a right (Jayaratnam) or a privilage (LKY).

    Lee Kwan Yew says that citizenship is a privilage. So, **** Off you ********. Go lick Her Majesty gahmen. If I am not mistaken it was HRH Prince Phillips in his visit to peking says that Chinese have slitty eyes.

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

    JMD : Comment moderated with apologies. Thank you.


    • This kind of behaviour is one reason why non malay kids avoid sending their children to mrsm. Mrsm kids will get 29 friends to beat up one guy just because of a girl. Its not a random occurence, but seems like a typical behaviour. And please do not use LKY as he is a useless example to emulate.


      • The fact that you are replying to comments made nearly 5 years ago shows you are a cracko. Take your psychotic pills and you’ll get your perspective back.


  25. SMI,

    You should have shared a bit what Martin Jacques wrote. Jangan lokek lah.

    I don’t think the US, Russia, Japan, even the Zionist Israelis (who normally cling on to the coat tails of the Americans but managed to to get George W Bush by the nostrils to attack Iraq a few years ago) would allow China to rule the world.

    Have you read the opinion of others saying that while China may be on the way to being No.2 economy in the world, not all is well in the highly corrupt and largely disorganised country?

    Rule by the iron hand is still there, highly stringent laws against corruption are in place; despite those, even their Ministers are corrupt – one was given the death penalty in connection with allowing decontaminated milk be distributed or something only months ago.


  26. salam,

    Could not agree more, seems that all the commentors share the same view.
    There is another case regarding Malaysians in America now. I do not know the actual standing of these group of Malaysians, which is about 200k, weather they had renounced their citizenship or not but it seems they made a request to return to Malaysia and asked to be given Permanent Resident status on the basis that they have been sending tons of money back home to their families.
    Well, if u ask me, the same reply with regards to the BOC apply to them too.
    JMD check it out.


  27. What? More ex-Malaysians in America trying to apply PR here?!!

    Whats wrong with Malaysian government?. They cant even handle the pest in the Malaysia and now they want to welcome more ex-pest?

    Wey, once you’re out, you OUT lah!. Why want to lick your spit back? Tak tahu malu ka?!

    Apply PR because they have been sending tons of money back home to their families? Thats their reason? What idiot rubbish is that?!

    These people, are the one who look down at Malaysia.. and they proudly bragged about their ‘the land of the opportunity’ citizenship to the fellow Malaysians here. Now that when US economy is going down the drain.. slowly but surely.. They want to come back to Malaysia and rob more of the already limited opportunities there are in Malaysia?.



  28. Attended a book launch of Multiethnic recently. Listening to couple of speakers talking bout how unfair the government to non malays made me realize how stupid and arrogant some of these people are. Malays are very racist lot! 🙂

    Love you JMD! Keep up the good writings and stick to what you believe in


  29. Annes.. bipolar ka? Haha.

    JMD : I guess Annes was being sarcastic. Me thinks, those words in inverted commas are sarcasms. Thank you.


  30. Dear Sir,
    I totally agree with you. Let them stay where they are. We don’t need those scambag at our doorstep. Tell them to go to Singapore or Australia afterall those countries are freer to live in. I think that is what they believe. Malaysia does not welcome them, be whatever race they are, MIC ( Malay, Indian or Chinese) As what the Director General of Immigration said, once you want out, you stay out. As what LKY said citizenship is a privilege not a right. So when they tore the passports they have decided their fate. Why do you want to come back? Stay out la. Face reality and be a man otherwise wear a skirt. Those who represent them should also look other countries. Do you think China will take back its citizen if they renounce their citizenship? Think before you jump for those who are thinking of renouncing your citizenship. What a lovely country Malaysia is.hahahaha.


  31. Annes is a confused person, neither here nor there. It is normal lah for such character. The Malays are very accomodating lot but when you strike the wrong cord you are heading for trouble, man. That is assured. Ask any Malay and you will get the same answer.


  32. Dear Jebat,

    Have you seen the article by Dato’ Dennis Ignatius (our former Ambassador to Chile and High Commissioner to Canada) in The Star today; regarding the “Malaysian diaspora”? He suggests that we accommodate the overseas Malaysians who have renounced their Malaysian citizenship with a special status like Malaysia-overseas-citizen (just like the British and the Indian did). Though I also support your views on this topic, the former diplomat’s view also makes sense to me.


  33. I was born in P.Pinang in 1978, so I’m a BOC? wow… now I know… r there any advantages of being a BOC?
    btw… I totally agree with your pov, these people are traitor!!! nothing good will come from them. but now DAP fight for their return and our government easily accept them with an open arms… ceh!!!


    • I dunno about BOC, but if you are a al- arkam, ayah pin or shia’s, your rights to your faith will be
      protected by her majesty’s government. And because the government espouse creativity and freedom to use any words, their literary circles, movie making, new dynamic ideas are flourishing. Compare that to where we are, where anyone can anyhow ban concerts, books, religion and anything else they like just because they were given certain privileges.
      There areno animosity between sunnis and shias in UK as their rights are protectedand defended. Only in countries where people’s rights are violated do you find civil wars.
      Please you all.defend civil liberties.


      • You are talking nonsense. Respect and abide by the Constitution. Otherwise, migrate. To countries where freedom means shooting others. Including you.


  34. malaysia was caught out here being second rate.

    second rate in treating them as second class citizens so they wanted to go inthe first place.

    second rate in letting them renounce when they should not have.

    and now ashamed and embarrassed by the former colonial power into having to accept these former citizens back.


    • Nah, most of these ‘second class citizens’ as you described are so rich beyond compare here in Malaysia. This is proven statistically and geographically. Maybe you actually should be ashamed and embarrassed by your own ignorance. Thank you.


    • Noffo Dei,

      You really should be ashamed and embarrassed by your own ignorance. And by jebatmustdie telling you so, yet publishing you and thanking you. If you are the average guy, you should feel like jumping into the sea for loss of face.

      You sound like a real second class DAP Red Bean bloke using a non-Malaysian name, attracted to Lim Guan Eng’s jargon of second rate etc, not knowing about the BOC yet wanna criticize Malaysia stupidly. You should know that many of those BOC were from Penang who were treated second class by DAP which rule Penang Including one second or third rate Architect who could not make ends meet on the island, Lim Guan Eng sold away hundreds of acres land at Bayan Mutiara etc to be developed by the mainland developers, hardly any housing projects for local Penang architects.

      “second rate in letting them renounce (citizenship)? You should ask Lim Guan Eng. He should use his dictatorship style to shove those BOC blokes into prison for wanting to migrate, leave for UK and burn or tear their passports.

      “embarrassed by the former colonial power”? You stupid again – don’t even read the Minister of Home Affairs denying the DAP MP announcing wrongly that 500 of the BOC would be allowed back.

      Thought of writing longer but the above is enough to show the stupidity of you DAP blokes to the public.


  35. Its obvious these people who renounce their citizenship probably came from the lower strata of the same group who were denied the chance to further their studies due to overzealous application on NEP. Get first grade and several ace isnot good enough for form 6 in 1970- 80’s. In those days, there were no private higher education establishment to seek alternatives. Most try their luck in singapore. Nowadays, these low earners of the same discriminated group will try taiwan and recently, china. Australia and UK are too expensive. They cannot even afford local pruvate universities.
    So please do not assume those who were discriminated are all rich and pompous. Go and see for yourselves in the pubs. The girls have to work in the office during the day and part time as gro’s at night. Must drink until they are sick just to survive.


    • There are a couple of things you missed:
      1) Please do not assume that the low earners (<RM2,000) these days are all first graders who couldn't get into universities.
      2) Please do not assume that all low earners are non-malays. Majority are malays.

      The reason these days they try china and taiwan because their education system (the chinese schools) made them unable to communicate with the larger society when they live school. When they are terrible in BM and in English, job opportunities will be very small.
      And those who got sick by drinking just to survive, you should arrange for them to migrate somewhere since you are so concerned that they are discriminated here in their own country. Oh and I know a lot more people (chinese, malay, indians, etc) who has one low income job and didn't have to work as GROs in order to survive. They just live according to the lifestyle they can afford.


      Thank you.


      • Yes!Malaysia’s criteria for citizenship are people like abu bakar bashir ( detained for terrorist related activities in Indonesia), hambali ( detained by Thai security and now with CIA), the Kirams ( tried to invade Sabah, killed security forces)…….
        All haprak hp6, low mentality, 3/4 type of people.
        Is this where you all want the country to go?
        Patriots want quality people inthe country. But because our policy makers are blinded by race and religion, anyone who speaks malay and are muslims are anyhow given citizenship. This people then go and loot your homes and businesses. Pathetic..
        Those poeple who renounce their citizenship for BOC should be given citizenship based on compassionate grounds. Ever heard of mercy? Forgiveness?


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