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Umno and their yes-men; the sequel

As I listened to the announcement from Malaysia’s l’enfant terrible, my mind wandered back to the very first article I wrote in my adventure as a blogger more than 4 years ago. This was just before the Umno general elections in 2004.

The first paragraph went like this:

I don’t know what’s wrong with the members in the top political party of Malaysia (UMNO) these days. By proposing to elect the Prime Minister’s only son-in-law as the national deputy youth wing leader will definitely begets disaster.

And disaster after disaster is what he have faced since he was elected to be the Deputy Youth Head. The very last paragraph of that article reads:

I don’t know what are the political ploys of the UMNO members but by following the herd in nominating Khairy is not a very good decision. My advice to Khairy is to stay away from the political limelight for the moment in order not to bring further problems in the future or else the opposition and the doomsayers will have a field day.

Wasn’t he the one who called all bloggers as ‘beruk’? Wasn’t he the one paraded himself like a gangster in Ijok by election last year? Wasn’t he the one who was embroiled in several financial scandals? Wasn’t he one of the main factor that caused Barisan Nasional to fare badly in the last general election? Wasn’t he the one who got the support from an unlikely source? Was he not the one who proudly said he is using the protection he receive from his father in law just to pursue his own agenda?

Judging from his bad track record and pompous attitude, how dare he could even offer himself to that post!

Imagine the amount of disaster and difficulties Malaysia had to go through ever since he became one of the top players in Malaysian politics. Remember how difficult it was for the Barisan Nasional members to overcome oppositions’ attacks against his antics in the government? And that was only via his post as Deputy Youth Chief. Imagine the magnitude of catastrophe we might incur when he becomes the Umno Youth Head.

Pakatan Rakyat must be smiling all the way from this announcement of his. For if he becomes the leader of the youth in Umno, Barisan Nasional might really lose in the next general election.

Umno members must nominate his rivals in the chase for the hot seat. If they still insist on repeating the same mistake they made 4 years ago, then they will have an extremely difficult and harrowing time in campaigning for Barisan Nasional. Again!


35 thoughts on “Umno and their yes-men; the sequel

  1. Bro JMD,

    Again, a hard nail knock on d head,..wat else can I say,..heheh..still I hope d ppl will listen to advise of history,..look bac on history,..anothr colonization of d mind by uncertain promises of wealth & glory wth sheer arrogance..duh bro how difficult can a prson be,..heheh.. never wud I dream dat one day I’ll b a witness to all dis shenanigans tactics in politics & government of d day..a sad moment for all who loves peace & stability, living in harmony & respect each othrs race & religion for d sake of a multi cultured ethnic, kehidupan Muhibbah yg dikecapi sejak tahun 1970an lagi.. hope lies only on YM Ku Li to reform d Party n Govt of d day,..i believed wth Tun Dr.M backing up d team of Ku Li n Muhyiddin or Rais wud be gud or if we decide a chance shd b given to DSN den he shud b d deputy,.. me?? i goes for d SMILEYS on YM Tgk Razaleigh aka Ku Li n DS Rais.. my second choice wud b Muhyiddin,..heheh..wat else can say bro,..(,”)


  2. Well … he definitely thinks that he can contribute to the greatness of UMNO, just like any other UMNO member wants to do, better still he is the one of many who could actually wisper to Daddy In Law what is best, and many-many member of UMNO would like direct access even back door like that. That’s why they will nominate him, because UMNO now is just who you know.

    Until the whole structure changes, for the Malays, Islam (should be first) and the nation, we can assume that the future looks quite sure that UMNO is DOOM.

    JMD : I hate to tell these Umno youth members ‘I told you so’. I had warned them this could happen back in 2004. I loathe to even write his name down at the moment. Thank you.


  3. Assalamualaikum JMD,

    Sad but true, and believed this, if ever the youth elect Khairi as youth leader, we might as well hand over the government of Malaysia to our southern neighbour. Next election, don’t waste money campaigning, might as well not ever nominate any UMNO members for the election due to not being a joke.

    Do we want this?, UMNO members should be more mature in politics and not easily bought over by anybody, we need to be true Malay again, not the current joke ….. think it over …

    JMD : Just like what the venerable Tun Abdul Razak had said in 1970, ‘kalau bangsa lain nak rasuah saya tidak peduli sangat. Tapi kalau bangsa Melayu sendiri yang rasuah, mereka boleh jual bangsa sendiri’.

    And that is what is happening now.


  4. Greetings JMD,

    Like you said, Khairy is ONE OF THE MAIN FACTORS causing BN to lose badly in PRU12. Rakyat sees him as a person who takes advantage of his father-in-law’s position. Rakyat sees him as a person who arrange business deals. At avery young age, he is already a Timbalan Ketua Pemuda, Ketua Bahagian UMNO Rembau and an MP. Now, he wants somebody to nominate him for Ketua Pemuda (funny how Utusan printed this!).

    UMNO needs to clean itself from all these characters who created issues, scandals and gabe UMNO a bad name. Pak Lah himself has weakened UMNO, BN and the govt. He himself is not enough. Others must follow suit. Top of this list is KJ!


  5. Askm JMD,
    Come DEC 2008, there will be an ‘UMNO Tsunami’. Leading the charge will be Ku Li and MY, of course with TDM as the mentor to drive and guide the assault to successful conclusion in democratically toppling the PL , NTR and KJ alliance.

    As an after effect of the ‘UMNO Tsunami ‘, UMNO will experience a ‘Renaissance”, to put it in a metaphorical sense.

    I strongly believe that no other movement of sentiment or loyaty that can save UMNO except one that has the properties of a Tsunami!!!

    What is your take ?

    Hang Kasturi

    JMD : From what I know, Tun was initially quite reluctant to re join Umno. The reason why he left Umno was to diffuse any talks that he will reclaim his power within the govt. Tun has no intention to do that and did not want the detractors to accuse him of that. Even when persuaded to rejoin, he was still reluctant. His line of thinking was, he could just endorse Ku Li and help him in the campaign trail. This is because, if he becomes an Umno member again, he will be subjected to Umno laws. The biggest law right now is the deterrent to campaign in a full blast mode. His logic is, why rejoin when he can now freely campaign for Ku Li in whatever ways that are not constricted to the rules in Umno?

    Anyway, we shall see what happens next. There are efforts to bring down Ku Li. It is up to the grassroots to make their choice.


  6. JMD, i’m a bit surprised to hear the announcement by KJ yesterday. However, I’ve sensed that, since he is too ambitious, the chances for him to contest for KETUA PEMUDA are there. I totally agree with you when u say that there are a lot of “YES MAN” in UMNO. For instance, we can see all the yesman during that press statement. I will be deeply saddened if KJ wins the hot seat. I just couldnt understand why the need to nominate him after all that has happened to UMNO. I hope that UMNO members will not make the same mistake again. I As for me, I think KJ should wait until the transition plan is completed. And only after that KJ may contest for that post. If that is the case, if he wins, he will earn more respect from the members..



  7. Kalau le Anwar tu ancaman kepada ekonomi, makanya Pak Dol ngan kabinetnya memang “komunis” ekonomi le. ❓ Cth harga minyak semasa:

    1 barrel (tong) = 159 liter
    1 USD = RM 3.45 (semasa)

    Harga minyak dulu = USD145 x 3.3 (masa naik) / 159 liter = RM3 – (Subsidi) RM0.30 = RM2.70

    Harga Minyak Semasa = USD92.7 per tong
    Nak senang kira = USD93 x 3.45 (Rate semasa) / 159 liter = RM2 – RM0.30 (Subsidi) = RM1.70

    Kita bayar = RM2.55/liter
    Harga tanpa subsidi = RM2.00/liter

    Kerajaan penaya :angry: kita = RM0.55 per liter.

    Sekarang cakap siapa yang MENGANCAM ekonomi RAKYAT pulak? ❗ ❗

    JMD : This is true. Pak Lah is damaging the economy from the inside, Anwar is damaging the stability from the outside. Thank you for the comment.


  8. I was listening to radio24 yesterday where listeners could call in to express their views on 916 and anwar. 90% of the callers are defending anwar and its okay for him to fail to deliver when the due date came and gone. Sad to hear that no one actually came with a good argument other then anwar is right no matter what. ‘Taksub’ is the best description. Some are so confident that “seluruh rakyat mahukan anwar” because of what he observed during PR rallies. These people simply forgot that PR is where it is now not because the silent majority loves anwar but they resent PL that much.

    But cant blame PR when UMNO is being that blind as well. They believe that if they could get/buy UMNO’s support for KJ, its a done deal. They underestimated the silent majority’s resentment / hatred towards kj. Come next PRU, they would have no choice but to say it through the ballot box again. I would.

    You are right JMD. They never learnt and at the end of the day, we have nothing else to say other then “padan muka.”


  9. Wow… the nerve of that guy… 😀

    If he wins, might as well change UMNO name to AKCP (Abdullah, Khairy and Cronies Party)… or PACK (Parti Abdullah, Crony Khairy).. 😛

    And if he wins, UMNO deserved to lose the next election because people will see the stupid mentality of UMNO’s rep.

    JMD : Umno can change its name to AKPK (Abdullah, Kamal, Patrick, Khairy). I think the website has been set up =

    Kidding 🙂


  10. The boy will get nominated. it is by default.

    the whole system in UMNO, has been manufactured and refined over the years to formalise his inevitable nomination.

    Just go to any buka puasa event held by UMNO Nominee wannabe and see the type of people, and the type of cars, the wrist watches and the Nokia Communicators that swarm the area. The air is fouled up with arrogance, self-delusion and everyone’s in denial. they talk about the economy and the ‘perjuangan’ but actually they are thinking about lining their own pockets. These are more likely to be the G7s, and Excos and AJKs.

    And they (are being told to) decide who get nominated.

    the proverbial ‘luncai’s and their labu-labu? or in modern days, Pemuda UMNO dan kereta Cayenne-nya…


  11. I have just finished reading this: , before I reach here. Can’t really understand why we have all these people in UMNO? If this news : is true, than I might better follow Tun migrating to another country.
    The UMNO general election is near. Grassroots MUST make the right choice. Sadly, I’m not eligable to vote.


  12. I know it is wrong to judge people from the way they look…

    but when I saw Khairy and all his supporters behind him at the press conference in Rembau yesterday (running for Ketua Pemuda)….I did not feel good. There was not an ounce of humility in any of their faces (you can really see and sense it)…the air was filled with arrogance.

    Not a fan of him, and may never be one…but as a fellow human being, for Khairy and his supporters sake, I hope what I felt yesterday is not an actual fact.


  13. This is turning out to be quite a drama. KJ stated to the media that he is contesting for the post because there were requests from the grassroots. If KJ wins…I am too scared to think about the impact to the nation.
    What do you think is the possibility of him winning in comparison to his contenders?

    JMD : He has a good chance I reckon. Please bear in mind that he needs to get sufficient amount of nominations before he can contest in December. I think he believes he will get the required nominations. If not, he will not contest. Same goes with Mukhriz. He will not offer himself if he is not confident of getting the required nominations. After the first round of battle has been won, only then they can concentrate on getting the votes to win in December.

    They have to remember that although a division that had nominated them in October and November may not vote for them in December as anything can happens in politics.


  14. Raktamrittika,

    The accusation of Badawi as “komunis ekonomi” doesn’t make sense. The last I check, the economists in Malaysia still swears by Adam Smith.

    As to your allegation that “harga minyak DULU USD 145” has no historical basis. Price of oil only reach above USD 100 in January of 2008. If you doubt the veracity of my statement, check out EIA’s energy statistic. Price of oil reached USD 145 only in July of 2008. The prime reason for a responsible Government to do what is necessary, reduce the amount of subsidy.

    In your haste to justify your hatred towards the government you oversimply the price mechanism. You fail to take into account, refining cost, distribution and marketing cost, profit margin, sales tax and retail petrol station commission. The Government did a good write up sometime back on the basis of calculation of retail oil price but it’s a bit tiring to dig up old article. Any takers to do the thankless job ?

    To allege that the government doesn’t give oil subsidy to lessen the impact of rising oil prices is irresponsible. If you dont trust mainstream media, and if you care to check the archive of foreign news wire it will have reports about the oil crisis and asian countries subsidy mechanism. Again, such thankless job is not something I would like to volunteer.

    As much as we Malaysians hate rising oil prices, but to allow continued unchanged amount of subsidy without taking into account the reality of rising oil prices will eventually distort the perception of the value of the prized commodity. This leads to excessive fuel consumption and wastage.

    Huge subsidies means opportunity costs, the more we spend on subsidies the less we spend on national development. But of course Badawi did not make a wise spending on the savings from subsidies. That is another issue altogether.

    The fact that amount of susbidies change relative to the price of oil confound your allegation of Malaysia being a communist country !

    To allow unchanged amount of subsidy in the background of rising oil prices would be a very popular move but will hurt the country in the long run.

    Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Morales and to an extent Anwar, are politicians who will sugar coat their message and deploy the most popular policy to keep people happy to shore up support for themselves. In an effort to satiate America’s appetitte for cheap oil, the US parked a few nuclear powered aircraft carriers in the middle east and invaded a sovereign state despite UN’s objection.

    If we all want cheap oil and still maintain a healthy profit in our nation’s coffers, do what Saddam and Bush did… Invade !! Park our 2 advanced frigate, KD Lekiu and KD Jebat somewhere off the coast of Brunei and deploy our Rapid Reaction Force at Lok Kawi. In the game of brinkmanship, either Brunei will yield and become our 15th State or they will ask US assistance and we will have the US 82nd airborne and several Nimitz Class carriers harassing our not so intimidating frigates.

    What we have learned for 20 over years under under the Good Doctor Mahathir is that sometimes the bitter pill is something we all have to swallow to get better.

    Having said that, much like everyone else in the country we all hate the rising oil prices. But is a reality we have to live with.

    JMD : I am very much amused with the last part of your comment. I love sarcasms 🙂

    By the way, I am very much grateful that you had laced your comments with good and relevant references. References likes Morales, Adam Smith and communism would be a good read for other readers who wish to know more about the very issue you pointed out.

    As for me, when there are any new information or references thrown in this comment section, I would quickly learn about it in the net or books. Just to know more about them. As the saying goes, ‘the more you learn, the more you become aware of all that you don’t know’.

    I find it refreshing that there are a lot of readers out there had made really good comments. I am learning a lot from all of you when the comments given are thought provoking and enlightening. Thank you.


  15. An afterthought, to call Badawi’s cabinet communist is an insult to Marx. Brilliant guy. Marx I mean.

    I love Marx when I was young and idealistic. Sigh, the folly of youth.


  16. The tot of coming back to live peacefully in Msia and settling down always part of my agenda but looking at the current situation, I better think twice after all it’s no problem to be a PR in this non-muslim country which far better in standard of living,the political status…or even to practise the faith….it just the feelings of ‘home sweet home’ that always ringing @ my ear..

    JMD : Like the malay proverb ‘Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik negeri sendiri’.

    Does this still ring true to Malaysians now? As for me, it still does. Because, to abandon this country when it needs you the most is really unpatriotic. Well, this is my opinion anyway. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  17. reading about KJ offering himself for that dream post .. sigh..

    heating one issue after another, and now what .. ? pulling the trigger to chaos? riot? war?

    well, perhaps I am looking at the other corner of the road but I think the warning given by Armed Forces Chief is relevant. They should be in ‘stand to’ position. If the Americans would want to send their marine landing at our beaches, this is the perfect time.

    : P


  18. First round was nowhere near democracy..with everyone backing down for an easy no contest ticket ….he tried with all his resources n against a schoolteacher in rembau….n look at what he so called achieved….vs 2004 candidate… this time around lets see how much he is willing to spend…all his pawns didnt really make it this time around unlike in 2004……

    For what its worth perhaps all UMNO members should do a shadow vote rather than leave the fate to a handfull of ‘representatives’…..let this one be bloody…….find one good reason why UMNO at this current stage of its evolution wants to have this bloke to head its youth if they r really representing the Malays……

    Oxford is the breeding ground for recruitment into international intelligence service….thats a known fact…..just look at the path he has taken n they people he could have meet prior to surfacing back in KL…from a talkshow host to an assistant to the DPM…..married up….was willing to do what ever it takes …even if she looked like a whale…had a wedding that lasted for days…sheesh…..heard from people in the PM’s Dept the bugger used to recieve guest with his feet on the table n sign off memo’s as “Malaysia’s Future PM”…….JMD like one of ur earliest post……he is an idiot who can speak english a bit better than average….nothing great perhaps he should have stayed as a talkshow host…..

    Lets not go into his “partying” with back door entrances into clubs n the chicks….even Nori wanted a divorce while ago………this boy reminds me of Kim Jong il wannabe…….


  19. At the risk of being a nuisance and acting like a stalker to see any updates, i cant help but make a comment on the issue of patriotism that you brought up in your comment to CK.

    I am upset that people like Kickdefella decided to show his protest by urging others to turn the flag upside down. That is uncalled for.

    If he wanted to toy with the flag to show his displeasure at the current state of affairs, he could just urge others to fly it half mast. Burning, tearing and turning it upside down riles me up.

    The flag is not merely a piece of cloth, but the flag symbolises us as a sovereign nation.

    Same goes with one blogger that depicted a picture of a barking dog at the police badge. That is just of bad taste. I mean, the Police Force has its faults, but they have quietly serviced this nation and ensured peace for years. You may take issue with some of the personalities in the Police Force, but there are others who put their lives at risk on a daily basis so that we can all enjoy an overpriced coffee at some shopping mall.

    Like it or not, we’re in the same boat together. Our fortunes are tied. We all have our opinion, short of cursing and swearing at someone whose ideas we oppose, we all have to behave like adults and persuasively argue our points.

    If we cannot reach a common consensus, we have to agree to disagree.

    I noticed that you, JMD, does it in an elegant fashion when you have to deal with people who have a different opinion. As I have said before and I will say it again. I don’t know how you do it and what energy drink or the amount of coffee you take to do the things you do.

    And with that my friend, and with the look of displeasure from the Missus, I end it with a note of thanks.

    ’til tomorrow.

    JMD : Not at all Lekiu. You are very much welcome here. Everyone is welcome to comment many times as they like.

    As for my perseverance in writing articles and moderating comments, I just have to take a quote from Lucretius – The drops of rain make a hole in the stone not by violence but by oft falling.

    I always take cue from what Tun Dr Mahathir had said in one of the interviews he gave in 2000. He said if there are certain issues that are contentious or any government actions that are deemed not popular by the people, it is up to the leaders to tirelessly explain to the public their justifications. And the explanation must be credible. If not, people will not understand and will rise to dissent. The leaders need to engage the people very often and not shirk from their duties. Not that I am a leader anyway.

    But to me, it is far better to argue in an elegant manner than to engage emotionally on issues that cannot be agreed with each other. Patience is a virtue. And I always like to keep things simple. I am just a simple man. Thank you.


  20. Dear JMD,

    I think we’re in sync here. You write what is in the minds of most of us here. If you care to see, I have commented on this same issue in the Good Dr Novandri’s blog.

    You and Dr Novandri depict the kind of leaders we would like to have, knowledgeable and yet rational. You utter facts and not mere rhetorics. Please continue your good work.

    It’s refreshing to read quality pieces of writing in blogs.

    Thank you.


    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Dr Novandri is a far more accomplished figure than I am. I think he is more Umno at heart than most of the so called Umno youth leaders out there. He knows that there is a lot more to Umno than just politicking and fighting over project fees.


  21. i was very surprised when actually there are umno members out there still wanted to nominate Khairy for the Chief Youth post. sigh.. i wonder whether this group of khairy supporters actually has became blind and deaf like their godfather Pak Lah? its frightening truth to know he will be run for Chief Youth. and i couldnt imagine if he actually win the seat this December. then, the PR wont have to play racial cards anymore. anger and hatred towards KJ is more than enough to drive youth away from umno.

    another thoughts might seem digress from this entry though. i dont know about you or visitors have read somewhere but actually the world depression is coming this way, to the Asia , and Malaysia of course. read this :

    two major US based investment bank were forced to desperate measure because of subprime credit crisis (heehee.. never know about subprime credit until this). Lehman Bros. going bankrupt and Merill Lynch was sold to Bank of America at unreasonably low price. and the AIG USD85 billions bail out from Fed. Resv. so anyone care to explain? or maybe JMD have some thought about this? would love to know about this crisis from viewpoint of ex-auditor. coming from technical background limits my ability to comprehend the subject. but i know when few hundred billions were registered as necessary loss, that is not a good thing for running economy. certainly, anything happen at US will eventually coming to Malaysia at later stage. or maybe its already happening :

    sorry mate to bugger you with this economy thing, but the message i sent to PakLah got no positive response. all he’s saying dont worry, the economy is good. nothing to worry. same response after the GE2008 and permatang pauh election. nothing. no pressure at all. maybe he did have extremely low blood pressure. the rakyat may feel the tension but he still feel no pressure at all. very cool. the coolest PM ever, dont you think?

    JMD : Sorry for approving this comment quite late. Yours were marked as spam and I had overlooked this.


  22. JMD, here is my hikayat of kesultanan umno i wrote last week in my previous article,

    Apabila salah seorang panglima atasan menyuarakan pendapat beliau demi menyelamatkan UMNO, ramai pula pengipas Di-Raja menyelar kenyataan panglima UMNO ini. Pengipas-pengipas Di-raja ini mahu mengambil hati Sang Raja dengan menghentam balik kenyataan atau permintaan ikhlas yang diutarakan demi menyelamatkan UMNO.

    Dengan serta merta pengipas Di-Raja ini mengeluarkan keris dari poket masing-masing! mengancam mahu membunuh panglima ini. Dan panglima ini terus cool dan sanggup berdepan dengan apa jua tindakan yang akan di ambil oleh barisan tertinggi Istana UMNO ini.

    Sedih. Memang menyedihkan. Apabila seorang Naib Presiden yang senior, menteri kabinet yang senior dan senior dalam UMNO memberikan pendapat meyuarakan kebimbangan beliau demi menyelamatkan parti, banyak pula ikan bilis-ikan bilis yang mahu membunuh beliau. Siapa mereka? Tidak takut penulis untuk memberi nama-nama ikan bilis ini. Siapa lagi kalau bukan menteri “rookie” yang suka mengejar populariti, Zaid Ibrahim. Boleh di ibaratkan Zaid Ibrahim ini seperti fanatik yang berada di pentas konsert gangstarz itu.

    Bukan main lagi, mahu Muhyiddin dipecat. Oh kalau begitu, semua kena tutup mulut, dan biarkan kehancuran UMNO di tangan sesetengah pemimpin ini kah? Barangkali menteri-menteri UMNO ini sudah lupa bahawa parti UMNO adalah milik orang melayu. Tetapi sesetengah pemimpin UMNO pada hari ini telah menjadikan warisan pusaka orang melayu ini seperti parti milik mereka dan tiada lah pernah wujud 3 juta ahli di dalamnya.

    Pengipas kedua, seperti biasa Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan, Mohamad Hassan. Bekas Presiden Cycle and Carriage Malaysia ini cukup rapat dengan keluarga Datuk Seri Abdullah sejak beliau menjadi Presiden C&C lagi. Apa-apa kenyataan untuk menasihati atau menegur Pak Lah, pengipas ini akan bertukar menjadi pahlawan sejati mirip Hang Tuah, sanggup menikan sesiapa sahaja yang berani menjeling Pak Lah.

    Sebenarnya ada satu lagi pengipas Di-Raja yang telah bersara dan kini menyertai panglima yang konon-konon menentang, iaitu Panglima Khir Bin Toyo. Mengapa beliau bersara? Sebab tak dapat masuk Istana lagi. Pengipas seterusnya, Ali Rustam yang bersedia dengan kipas di tangan kanan, lembing di tangan kiri. Kepakaran Ali Rustam tidak dapat di sangkal kerana mampu melontar lembing tersebut pada jarak yang begitu jauh dan dalam masa yang sama mengipas Raja, memang hebat Ali. Bravo. Bravo.

    Istana UMNO pernah mempunyai seorang dayang yang cukup berpengaruh dan berkuasa. Dayang tersebut memimpin wanita-wanita di Istana itu dengan cukup bagus, dan lantang bersuara jika masakan di buat oleh dayang-dayang dibawahnya tidak sedap untuk di hadapkan ke Raja. Tetapi kini dayang tersebut tiada lagi menyertai pakatan pengipas kerana beliau kata beliau sudah penat, 36 tahun lama sudah dalam perkhidmatan ini. Kini beliau bukan lagi di dalam pakatan pengipas.

    Ahli pengipas yang baru? Sudah tentu golongan muda. Terkini, Idris Haron pula menyertai pakatan pengipas untuk menjahanamkan UMNO. Hmm, darah muda, biasalah, masih panas. Seperti penulis juga yang sedang menaip hikayat ini. Penulis cuma seorang rakyat biasa, yang bernaung dibawah kebebasan bersuara dan penerbitan yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan negara. Penulis bukan seperti Raja Petra (seorang sahabat penulis yang kini merengkok dalam rumah pasung ISA) kerana penulis tidak memfitnah sesiapa. Penulis mewakili penulis-penulis lain yang tidak berani bersuara. Ketahuilah Istana UMNO, ini merupakan suara majoriti rakyat, yang mahu UMNO di selamatkan!

    JMD : Thank you for the story.


  23. Hi JMD,
    Why is that Umno leaders are all so old? Even if they are not, in chronological term “old”, they have been around a long time. You see the same faces standing for office. Is there no regeneration in this party? Is it the system? Is it the Malay PhD, the internecine politik cantas mencantas that may put off/cut short the few good men?
    I maybe wrong, but Pas seems to be a party that has a good echelon. But they are Malay too, ek?

    JMD : Umno will fall under its own weight if internal bickerings and power hungry branch leaders kept on witholding the membership of professional young Malays. Read further at:


    Thank you.


  24. Lekiu.

    Thank you for the explaination given. As for the oversimply mechanism of the oil price calculation, well, it was intended to simplify the fact that we actually doesn’t have to pay the cost of what we are paying now.

    But, as what JMD said; Iam also very much grateful that you had laced your comments with good and relevant references. I’m also aware of the IIANM’s.

    Thanx again, but really i’m not in any haste to justify my hatred towards the government. I adore the government, just not the bunch of clowns running it. 🙂


  25. JMD said… Like the malay proverb ‘Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik negeri sendiri’.

    Does this still ring true to Malaysians now? As for me, it still does. Because, to abandon this country when it needs you the most is really unpatriotic.

    hi jeb,

    since i’m one of those whose could be accused as having her head proverbially pelted by gold in foreign parts [ i wish! 😀 ], i thought perhaps i should say something too about your response to CK.

    when you said “to abandon this country when it needs you the most is really unpatriotic” i told myself i shouldn’t terasa as i’m sure you’re speaking of those who flee or think of flight only when the vessel that is malaysia starts to flounder.

    while i wouldn’t dare presume to judge anyone’s natural instinct at self-preservation or at the preservation and protection of their loved ones — because i’m sure there are those of the persuasion that while patriotism is very noble indeed, it won’t feed, clothe and school their children — i do agree with you that it can seem rather unpatriotic to up and leave only when the country is plagued by uncertainties.

    and then…

    there are those of us who’ve been domiciled abroad since the halcyon days of malaysia, like probably CK [ if she is who i think she is… hi CK, with rpk in the slammer again, it’s a lembing deja vu moment, ye ke dok? hehehe! ] and yours truly, whose lengthy sojourn abroad began with the quirk of one of the late parents’s profession. school, work and marriage subsequently made settling abroad the natural thing to do.

    regardless the long years of not being in-country, not loving and not being patriotic of malaysia was never ever an option. if i have a singing voice, i’d probably do an “evita” imit here jeb, warbling… “don’t cry for me malaysia/ the truth is I never left you/ all through my wild days/ my mad existence/ yada yada…” . alas, i can’t sing to save my life! 😀

    so speaking for myself, i do bristle a bit [just a tiny bit aja, as i’m not one to get all het up over what could well be an unintended or imaginary slight] when anyone [i’m not saying you, of course] suggests that i’m not half as patriotic as any other malaysian just because i don’t live the malaysian reality everyday.

    if anything, i say being away has served to increase my patriotism and love for the country ten-, no ten-hundred-, fold. probably due to seeing and hearing from afar, every pain and hurt, every drop of hujan batu if you will, malaysia suffers becomes magnified in my imagination. other malaysian expats i know in some 4-5 continents express similar sentiments. we feel just that much more protective of the motherland, ever wanting to contribute our bit to her well-being from out here (and yes, it can be done!).

    JMD : Thank you for the heartfelt comments. And you read my previous reply to CK correctly.


  26. I don’t support any race based parties (i’m glad DAP, PKR and Gerakan have opened up ‘publicly’ to other races). If BN merges all component parties and PR doesn’t, then BN wins handsomely in next GE. If PR merges and BN doesn’t merge, then PR wins in the next GE. If PR merges into 1 party and BN merges into 1 party as well, then PR wins also. If PR doesn’t merge and BN doesn’t merge, PR will still win, but it won’t be a landslide victory because the rakyat has stated since March that they want change. Compare PR vs BN ceramah’s in the past 2 to 3 years, and you can see the spirit of Bangsa Malaysia almost all PR events… ask local and foreign field reporters from both camps as well as PDRMs on duty!

    But from a Chinese citizen’s point of view, the majority of Chinese will never ever support Gerakan or MCA anymore. The Chinese are not very forgiving people and in fact, they don’t forgive and forget… they may forgive, but they will always remember.

    You can all blame pak lah for what he has done today, but there’s a flipside to that assessment of yours. Regardless of whoever the leader is, times have changed, people’s mentalities have changed, the way businesses and economic landscapes shaped into have changed because of globalisation. Look at other countries which have had their elections in the past 1 – 3 years, the tides have changed.

    Race based parties are the past. It’s 50 years past merdeka and we’re in the age of globalisation, so evolve and change your mentality and thinkings people.

    ps Jebat, out of curiosity, would u support the obama/biden (CHANGE – Obama’s of African American origin by the way) camp or mccain/palin (NO CHANGE) camp if you were a Malaysian working and residing in the US with a green card? And if you weren’t in the US and currently in Malaysia, who’d you vote go to? I’m just curious.

    JMD : What they put forth in the effort to amass support prior to their presidency is of little importance to me. I had watched promising presidential candidates all through the years crying CHANGE in their manifestos and propagating better state policy for America and the world. But alas, once they rest in the seat of power, they are not much better than their predecessors.
    Obama, with his african american descent offers a unique option and perspective for the Americans and in small part, the rest of the world. But looking at his speech in Israel which he made about a month ago, I do not foresee any difference from the current administration.

    The situation in the middle east, especially the uneasy relationship between Israel and Palestine remains a thorny issue among the Muslims. Obama will succumb to the pressure from Jewish lobbyists. No doubt about that.

    Therefore, I do not see any relevance for me to support either one of the candidate. Biden, even issued out a statement that tells us how to manage our own laws a short while ago. Towards now to eternity, US Presidents, no matter who they are, will have the knack of poking their condescending noses where they don’t belong.

    Thank you.


  27. Dear JMD,

    I have been following your article and found that your blog is one of the best. Congratulations.Keep up the good work to wake up the rest who are still dreaming. Your articles are mind bogling and full of facts. In consideration thereof, I wish to share with you a new found article that i have came across which is very incriminating against Anwar. Maybe you could share this with all of your readers and make some comment from it. The article is in PDF format, therefore nobody could accuse of its originality and source.

    Thank you

    JMD : Thank you for the link. I have commented on Anwar and his affiliation with the IMF in my previous articles. His track record will speak for itself.


  28. Salam JMD,

    been reading ur past articles (+comments, cross ref etc ), tracing back, after 1 week, only till july. only one word – WOW ! gua Respect lu..

    Both paklah and dsai currently playing high stakes poker ! dsai keeping up the pressure, got to or else having to show his cards, which have only twos.. and paklah, trying hard not to show gelebah by buat bodoh, keep stalling by betting more and hope to call dsai’s bluff..

    kenapa perlu bung mokhtar pertahankan tiada perjumpaan di Taiwan ? ingatkan nak cerita all the latest tech in agro … it only shows that paklah sendiri goncang.

    i bet my 2cents worth dsai has got nothing.. TDM, empty seat available..i’ll have the coffee ready . (btw, whats TDM favorite cuppa ? )

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  29. On Da Fence,

    As long as humans still tell another apart based on the colour of the skin, invisible geography lines, religious creed, sub religious creed or even from the amount of bank balance one have, parties based on whatever mental barriers we have in our head will always thrive.

    The US is a prime example. Republicans will always be thought of as a party which has its main support among the religious conservatives and whites. Democrats will always appeal to the working class and those who have liberal views on religion. Morality and sexual values divide America along the lines of blue and red America.

    The people working behind US Presidential campiagns know this well and have exploited it very well. And if you think we Malaysians are fragmented, the US happily celebrate such diversity. They have white votes, black votes, religious conservatives, liberals, hispanics, jewish and what have you.

    At the risk of sounding conspiratorial, the pro jewish lobby group AIPAC will ensure that for God knows long, US politics in the Middle East will always be slanted along pro Isreal lines.

    Even the news media are polarised, listen to Fox News and you will have nothing but unashamed American hegemony being preached.

    Not happy that I took America as an example, look at Europe. Christian Democracy has always been preached in Europe. The international organisation of Christian democratic parties is the second largest international political organisation in the world. They might have dropped the pre fix Christian in recent times, but the political (and spiritual dimension) core is still Christian.

    I wish we live in a world of John Lennon’s Imagine. But we don’t.

    JMD : Very good argument. Thank you.


  30. JMD,

    Hate to say this but I disagree with you this time. KJ has never been and never will be ” one of the top players in Malaysian politics ”

    To me he acts and behaves like a small kid always wanting new toys.

    I rather consider him one of the top Malaysian opportunist, a leech of his father in-law.

    On a visit to Kedah just after the recent GE I heard one of the most despicable act attributed to KJ from a PA of an elected UMNO assemblymen.

    I will not state the act lest I be sued for slander and also put your site in jeopardy.

    It had something to do with Mukhriz and by offering himself (KJ) as candidate for the top UMNO Youth, that info makes sense now. Not that I did not believe it then.

    If I may pose a comment and question to Lekiu:
    I find it strange that when we talk about fuel subsidies, Petronas will inadvertently come into the picture. As I see it, subsidies whatever they may be are expenditure from the Govt coffers thru income from various sectors as well.

    While Petronas has become the major revenue contributor to the Govt, are we saying that the other sectors (palm oil, electrical, semi-conductors,tourism etc) have declined in relation to Petronas’ increased contribution?



  31. Freddie,

    Based on the 2009 Budget, Petronas contribute almost 50% to Government’s revenue in the form of taxes, royalties and dividends.

    Therefore whenever one speaks of subsidy, it becomes inescapable not to drag Petronas into the picture.

    With rising oil prices, the revenue from other sectors pale in comparison to what oil money contribute.


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