Khairy Jamaluddin

From where would KJ gets his money to be the next PM?

Well here is the answer:


ECM Libra Financial Group Bhd expects to grow its shareholders fund to between RM4 billion and RM5 billion in the next three years from RM500 million currently.

Its managing director Lim Kian Onn said to achieve this, ECM Libra needed to be able to differentiate itself by offering specialised investment advisory services.

“Malaysia is a limited market. We have to be a generalist and have skills in different industries and sectors. We cannot compete in the space where a lot of money is required, so we have to go for mid-size transactions,” he told reporters after the group’s annual general meeting here today.

“In terms of strategy, I think we need in the next two or three years to build a stronger team, a bigger talent pool, a bigger asset size, and a bigger loan base under a gradual process,” he said.

Wow! Why so much increase? 1,000% from RM500 million to RM5 billion in 3 years! How could a small time company like ECM Libra just 3 years ago, can afford to dream of having a shareholders’ fund of RM5 billion in the next 3 years?! Their shareholders must be a happy, happy lot! But who are the shareholders? Are they closely associated with any of the ruling party members? Hmmm…

Allow me to delve further. Let’s see now, in three years time there will be another Umno General Election. With this much cash, a certain son in law would probably have no problem winning uncontested vying for the Presidency post in Umno.

The following year, there will be the 13th General Election in order to gain a fresh mandate. Life is sure good when all the events follow exactly as planned huh? Congratulations are in order for the youngest Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2011!

(We need to look closely and monitor all the projects which ECM Libra will receive from the government and all of their business acquisitions from now on)

Kalau nak cakap slang Oxford, muka kena herot herot sikit, baru ada style!

3 thoughts on “From where would KJ gets his money to be the next PM?

  1. Itu soalan 32 ribu ringgit.

    [a] Melalui Bapa Mertua
    [b] Melalui Kuasa Politik
    [c] Melalui …
    [d] Dengan Peluh sendiri

    Adakah encik muktamad dengan jawapan anda ?

    Sad to say, jutawan did not mean much in Malaysia.. in Zimbabwe (The land of Bob Mugabe and Mahathir’s good pal) , they have note of 500 million denomination. Most folks are millionaire.




  2. Hi saudara jebat,

    teruskan usaha saudara untuk menyuarakan apa yang saudara rasa adalah benar dan tak perlu di sorok2 lagi.kerana ada dikalangan rakyat Malaysia yang setuju (termasuk diri saya) dan menyokong dengan pendapat yang anda suarakan…..

    your sUpporTer,
    Lya Zie


  3. I think Khairy Jamaluddin should be becoming Malaysia’s future Prime Minister, because he got the inspirations and spirits as the youth member of nation’s biggest ruling party, otherwise Mukhriz also could be one of it, but he’s not yet showing he’s credibility as Malay’s fighter. Eventhough KJ known to be claimed his funds from he’s father’s in law, politics, or by his owns, it doesn’t matter, as long as he doesn’t have any serious relationships with foreign world’s cops. But, despite all this he should gain experience from bottom level of politic environment including winning the people’s feeling as many as possible before realising ambition to be member of Supreme Council.

    JMD : Thank you for your comment. Hopefully you are right on all the above. Even though I seriously, seriously doubt it.


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