Khairy Jamaluddin

Khairy, Khairy Quite Contrary

I read with amusement what Malaysiakini reported about this super-menantu. KJ is not that bright afterall is he? He is as clueless as Pak Lah.

“Naib ketua Pemuda Umno, Khairy Jamaluddin hari ini mengakui bahawa isu keris menjadi satu daripada beberapa punca sokongan kepada BN merosot dalam pilihanraya umum 8 Mac.

Beliau berkata, pada keseluruhannya, isu keris merupakan salah satu punca sokongan kepada BN berkurangan dalam pilihanraya umum ke-12.

“Kita perlu kenal pasti sebab-sebab timbul isu keris,” tambahnya.”

khairy jamaluddin in umno meeting kissing the keris 040906My dear Khairy, YOU are the main reason for BN’s lost of support. YOU. Look in the mirror. You see that face? That is the face which caused a lot of discontentment in BN and the people. I can say confidently that out of 26 million people in this country, at least 50% of us do not like you. That’s 13,000,000 people. See the many zeroes in that figure? It’s not 13 people. It’s not 13 thousand people. It’s a freaking 13 MILLION people in Malaysia. Now Khairy, clearly you’ve been infected by Pak-Lahtivitis. Clearly you’ve lost your mind. But you’re in luck. Here I have enlisted a few momentarily lapse of judgement. Go here, here and here please. Practising blatant cronyism runs deeply in his blood. How else would his schoolmate, Jason Lo, a singer and a radio DJ could become a CEO of an AirAsia subsidiary. And we all know that AirAsia is just a front for KJ and Pak Lah’s family to get more cash.

“Khairy, Khairy, quite contrary,

How does your wealth grow?

With ECM shares, and Tony Fernandes,

While Pak Lah sleeping in the front row.”

Speaking about Pak Lah, when he was trying to deflect the criticisms of certain quarters about his family members’ involvement in government’s projects, he said this in an interview back in 2006;

“No project had been given to Scomi with my knowledge. I have not personally made any kind of decision to give any favours or concessions or for that matter any projects (to Scomi),” Abdullah said, according to the Star newspaper.

“The newspaper reported Abdullah as saying that Kamaluddin was never involved in government concessions and had never sought help from it.

Abdullah said his son had to search for projects overseas to avoid his business dealings to be linked with Abdullah.

Last week, Abdullah vowed to apologise to the nation if his son was found to have received business favours from the government.”

But we, the ‘stupid’ Malaysians know that he, his family members and SCOMI did received a lot of government projects. Read here, here, here and here.

Well Pak Lah never did apologise, did he?

On another note, we want to know how Kalimullah from NSTP, the top-spinning champion from Kg. Gelam, Singapura can spin himself out of this:

Looking on quite proudly is Kalimullah’s trusted lieutenant, NSTP CEO, Datuk Syed Faisal Albar. Kalimullah who had spun endless articles about Pak Lah’s Islamic credentials may actually pull this one off by saying that he was sleepwalking and wasn’t conscious at the time. Look how his eyes were closed shut. He must really have been sleepwalking!

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