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Anwar’s play acting is encyclopedic! (Part 2)

Anwar Ibrahim had said these words 2 weeks ago. Sounded sweet to the ears of almost everyone. The Star had almost given him a messiah-like personality. But lets look at it from a different stand point shall we?

He said:

Malaysia belongs to all races, says Anwar

While protecting the rights of the Malays, the Chinese and Indians must also be given an assurance on their citizenship and position in the country, said Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The Permatang Pauh Member of Parliament said the country belonged to all races and not to just one community.

“With such an assurance, it does not mean that you will be sacrificing the rights of another community,” he said during a breakfast gathering with Permatang Pauh PKR Wanita members in Yayasan Aman in Penanti yesterday.

Anwar said when Independence was declared on Aug 31, 1957, the Malays, Chinese and Indians were assured the freedom of speech and freedom to form associations.

What he was saying was not racist in nature. In fact, he would certainly be applauded by the Pakatan rakyat supporters, especially the non Malays.

What if we we rephrase his first paragraph into this?

“In order to protect the rights of the Malays, they must be given assurances that their rights are not trampled or extinguished by the Chinese and the Indians.”

Now, if an Umno leader had said the above, I will bet my whole life savings that this sentence will be viewed as racist by the Pakatan Rakyat’s supporters. But why then would it be viewed as racist when in fact the sentence is just rephrasing Anwar’s original words?

In a way, this is what Anwar is also saying. But when he says he is championing the Malay rights, he is not a racist. Then why are the Umno leaders be deemed as one? This is the question that needs to be answered by the Umno leaders themselves.

Furthermore, if I ask Anwar Ibrahim what are the rights of another community which were sacrificed in order for his own race to prosper, I reckon, he could not even answer it properly. Especially when he was in the government for 16 years before, he was very mute on this very subject. In fact, he was against any steps to embolden the other communities.

As if there were not enough assurances already by the government to the non Malays. Even though we opted for integration, rather than assimilation, many efforts have been made by the BN government that enable the non Malays to still retain their racial identity. Compare this with the minorities in other countries. Their racial identities are being blurred tremendously.

I also agree with Lawyer Kampung’s take on the recent statement by Pakatan Rakyat.

In a more current development, Anwar said this in The Star today;

The Permatang Pauh MP also claimed that the transition to the new Government has been delayed a few days pending the meeting with Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to ensure a smooth and peaceful transition.

He said it was up to Abdullah to agree to the meeting and its date.

Anwar said that in a letter submitted to Abdullah on Monday, Pakatan had made four demands to ensure a smooth transition:

1) That Barisan does not hinder or prevent the MPs from acting in accordance with their conscience, constitutional rights and independentjudgement;

2) That the Barisan government should not invoke the Internal Security Act to detain the MPs or any other current Pakatan MPs;

3) That the Barisan government does not invoke emergency laws or police powers or suspend the Constitution or dissolve Parliament; and

4) That the Barisan government shall not impose roadblocks or impede MPs from going to Parliament or any institution of government.

What if Pak Lah says no to all the demands above? Should Anwar then go back home in Bukit Segambut and call it a day?

What the Pakatan Rakyat supporters failed to realise is, if the MPs defect today and tender their resignation from their parties in Barisan Nasional and join Pakatan Rakyat, Barisan Nasional does not have locus standi to invoke all the 4 points above. Because, legally, Barisan Nasional is not in power anymore. Therefore, all the government’s machinery is legally controlled by the Pakatan Rakyat.

So why the demands? Wouldn’t it be easier if Anwar and the traitors just hold their press conference today and declare that they are in Pakatan Rakyat as at this day. Pak Lah will have no choice but to step down as he is no longer hold the majority of the Dewan Rakyat!

Why all the fuss in negotiating with Pak Lah? Does Anwar think the people are idiots? All this hullabaloo is just trying to confuse the people and not make him look ridiculous to all the promises he made since April 23rd;

KOTA KINABALU: The Pakatan Rakyat is in a position to form the Federal Government and it will be done no later then Malaysia Day on Sept 16, according to Parti Keadilan Rakyat adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Reiterating that the three-party alliance had the numbers and was in no rush to replace Barisan Nasional, the former deputy prime minister said it would all be in the timing of the announcement.

“God willing we will be there. If not next month, the following month, if not June or July, on Merdeka (Aug 31) or Malaysia Day. I think we should not exceed beyond that,” he told reporters on arrival in Sabah on Wednesday.

In my opinion, along with Pak Lah, Anwar is also under siege. Not by anyone, but by his own lust of power. He knows the premiership which by the way has never been in his grasp, is drifting further away with the advent of the Dream Team. Plus, his sodomy trials is due to continue next week.

Making excuses here and there can be very weary. Even writing this article proves to be very tiring for me. Just bring the MPs and make them resign from their parties and all this so called meetings of negotiation will be redundant. But Anwar did not take this easier and more peaceful path did he? Why?

Only rational people can answer this.

How thick is his encyclopedia anyway?

Anwar Ibrahim adjusting his specs while thinking what he would do if he is the PM

Anwar Ibrahim adjusting his specs while thinking what he would do if he is the PM


49 thoughts on “Anwar’s play acting is encyclopedic! (Part 2)

  1. Hey friend, we are not interested in BN and its agenda for years to come because they have done enough damage to the economy and well-being of the Malaysian community. Whether or not Anwar is telling the truth, we are prepared to face the consequences. Too much rampant corruption, unbridled power abuse and arrogance is just too much for anyone to stomach and everything is done in plain daylight right under our noses. So sod off, all he is saying is that whatever rights are protected, it should not be at the expense of the others’ rights and even as simple as this is, it’s hard for someone like you to understand… this is the win-win manifesto for the era…for all races. Let the last apartheid regime in the world come crumbling down with the guards of the old era.

    JMD : Err.. which apartheid regime are you talking about? Do you really know what an apartheid regime really is? Is our government since 1957 is actually an apartheid regime? Last time I check, all races can hop into one bus together without any segregation.

    And the BN had done enough damage to the economy and well being of its people? Really? I can understand if you criticise Pak Lah’s way of managing the country. But to criticise the govt since 1957 that they had damaged the economy is really, an off track assessment. Should I give you the relevant economic data?

    But anyway, thank you for commenting and visiting this blog. Your justification in defending Anwar’s tactics is quite exemplary.


  2. jmd,
    I respectfully disagree with you. You’ve mentioned time and time again in most of your articles that there’s a need to ‘overhaul’ the tip of the leadership iceberg that is umno. You’ve bring upon your case that NEP is good for the country but futher clean up need to be executed in order to curb those loafers ‘ali baba biar papa asal bergaya’ mentality businessmen clad as umno ketua bahagians cronies cum ‘suitcase porter’. You knew how rampant money will be thrown during ‘Mesyuarat bahagian’. You knew how BN machinery was oiled by billions of ringgit. You knew what ‘kickbacks’ and patronage are in the world of malaysian construction industries. You knew all these and the way I see it that you’re an oldtimer umno schememaker who due to the love to umno would trade the last penny in your pocket rather than seeing umno losing power to the opposition. I salute you for your intense systematic castrating of Anwar and his ambition, but well I guess you can’t discount the fact that the great schemer Himself will decide the outcome, not yours or mine.

    Good day.

    JMD : Thank you Johan. And thank you for understanding most of my writings. Whichever party that comes to power, their mode of ‘oiling’ the machinery will be the same. For instance, all through the years, there are no differences between the Democrat or the Republican in running their machinery whenever anyone of them rule the senate. I deplore money politics. And money politics in Umno had risen ever since Anwar became DPM in 1993. It is becoming more rampant now. It is my wish that Ku Li can at least manage money politics to the bare minimum. To eradicate it fully would be a dream come true too. Ku Li was not involved in Umno during its hey day in the 90’s. That is why, I would put my faith in him, rather than Anwar to clean the government.

    But to say that I am an Umno oldtimer schememaker could not be more off the mark. In fact, I have no close ties with any of the old and current Umno leaders. I am just a kid if you want to compare me with the real Umno oldtimers. Since I have never received any ‘kickbacks’ or patronage from them, I will not lose any money if Umno lose power.

    True, only the Almighty will decide the outcome. Hopefully, Anwar will learn about this too. Thank you for visiting this blog and reading nearly all my articles. Really appreciate it. Feel free to email my web address to any of your friends.


  3. Hi


    “While protecting the rights of the Malays, the Chinese and Indians must also be given an assurance on their citizenship and position in the country, said Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.”

    Hasn’t this been practice the last 51 years…. I rest my case.

    What a whole lot of hogwash…oops I thought I was quoting Teresa:)

    JMD : Exactly my point!


  4. Why should the sentence be altered again when it was already made as it is?

    So anyway, why judge Anwar for his past when he is in fact in 2008? When Umar Al-Khattab professed Islam, do you see him as someone who drinks and buries his child? When Abu Sufian repented and professes Islam people acknowledged him as a Muslim and not the old ignorant Quraish. Why when someone changes his view for the better he must be judged by his past? Isn’t that a rigid view of men? Are men not susceptible to change?

    His prediction got a little out of hand of course due to certain acts of the government. I’m not trying to defend his claim, however, if he does affect change even after 16.9.08 wouldn’t that in effect be the gist of it all? I’m sure the Dream Team could do well to change that, but would UMNO really change and do away with it’s corrupt practices? Would Abdullah and Najib allow the change to happen with all the money and power they’ve got?

    JMD : Thank you for reading this blog. I was trying to prove a point when I rephrased the sentence. Hopefully you are smart enough to see the point made.

    You made a fine example by using the Prophet’s friends in concurrent with Anwar’s past and his changed stand. But you missed out on one thing. Saidina Umar and Abu Sufian changed their religion. From paganism to Islam. Different ball of game altogether I might say.

    I am speaking in terms of his principles and views. Which can always be changed in a flash, unlike religion. And Anwar’s change of stripes is only accompanied by self interests. If he is not consistent, he will lose credibility. Remember why Pak Lah lost his credibility? Because of his flip flopping and ‘cakap tak serupa bikin’.

    When you lose credibility, you will not be seen as trustworthy. With this latest antics of him, he will not be taken seriously in the future.

    Thank you.


  5. We all know that Anwar is an expert at play acting. Having come up with all the crap about his fear that the government will use ISA against the MPs that would cross over as his excuse for failure today, he immediately turned our attention to Zaid Ibrahim’s decision to resign from the Ministerial post and the ISA case once again. [] What a joker!!!.

    JMD : Thank you. You wrote a good article in your blog too.


  6. Assalamu alaikum JMD

    I am astounded by the fact that Malaysians fail to see that corruption and misuse of power are not exclusive of race, religion or political affiliation.

    If one’s integrity is to be questioned, priority should not be given on any of the mysterious 31 MPs allegedly intending of jumping ship.

    Instead, it should be on the boy who cried wolf.

    Wassalam and kind regards.

    JMD : Thank you.


  7. Interesting how the general public out there has forgotten about Anwar when he was in the government. All the things he stood for. As for his statements:

    While protecting the rights of the Malays, the Chinese and Indians must also be given an assurance on their citizenship and position in the country.

    Malays, Chinese and Indians were assured the freedom of speech and freedom to form associations.

    Oh Bligh Me! I didn’t know that my citizenship and position needed assurance, yaar. I am having lots of freedom of speech and to forming associations yaar….what’s he saying? Ayoyo Kadaveley! ( translated…Oh GOD!)

    JMD : Exactly my point! 🙂


  8. JMD,

    Interesting choice of picture of Anwar raising his middle finger to adjust his glasses. Symbolic of his plan to f*^k us all you think ?

    Isn’t it amazing that Pakatan supporters are trying to discredit BN’s economic policy? Pak Lah aside, BN has done a credible job in raising Malaysia’s economic profile. We’ve had an amazing growth under BN.

    Wasn’t it Anwar who almost took the country to the dogs when he decided to implement his “austerity measures” during the Asian Financial Crisis ? Wasn’t it Anwar who happily announced and cheered by the free marketeers in the United States for the need of “creative destruction” and allow Malaysian companies to go bust and consequently put Malaysians by the thousands to be unemployed ? Wasn’t it PAS grandiose plan to sell KLIA, Putrajaya, Twin Tower if they were voted into power in 98 ? Wasn’t it PAS who critised the Government in imposing capital control ? Wasn;t it DAP who criticise the building of the Penang Bridge ? Didn’t the prophet of doom in the coalition who strenuously criticised Proton in its inception ?

    As Pakatan’s coaliation partners back then during the Financial Crisis hopped on the bandwagon led by the West and joined a chorus of criticism of bailout, the US Federal Reserve intervened and bailed out LTCM, nary a word of disgust at the hypocrisy.

    These days, bailout by the West is almost expected if their homegrown companies about to go bust, from the French rescue plan of CreditLyonnaise, the Brits rescue plan of Northern Rock and the US bailout of Bear Stearns.

    As to calling BN an apartheid regime, if you need a reminder, Anwar did not resign from the Government on the basis of principled objection towards NEP, he was literally kicking and screaming about his ouster from the ruling party. Most of people in cahoots with Anwar was happily licking their fingers at every opportunity NEP had to offer. Tak de masalah pulak pasal halal haram !

    At the risk of repeating it ad nauseam, you dont see Anwar and his ilk feeling any sense of remorse for reaping the benefits of NEP. Despite crumbs of cookies on their shirts they choose to level criticism at the same cookie jar that they had their filling. Their criticism is more about not being able to get their hands in it.

    I have no qualms about man or woman who seek repentance and redemption. But you don’t hear Anwar and his people saying sorry for being part of the “apartheid” system.

    JMD : Your analysis greatly complimented several of my other articles. Thank you for the reminder of several relevant past events. As for the picture, well… a picture can always say a thousand words 🙂


  9. Once a fan of Anwar during my idealistic student days in late 1980s, …the Abrar, Armani suits, rhetorics, and qouting the same Quranic verses for milage made me see he is a con.

    Also in the early 1990s, vividly remembered that the Malays in Johor (especially JB} were disgusted with the way Muhyiddin ran things as MB in the state. Malay reserve lands were being considered for sale…some even said that anything was for sale during his reign.

    Has the man changed or were these baseless allegations. I was only in my early twenties then, did not know much. If he was such a crook, how can he be easily forgiven…or is he just the least of all crooks?

    Pls enlighten me JMD coz after Tun M, I have yet to pledge my allegiance to a real LEADER.

    JMD : I read Ku Li’s interviews in OffTheEdge Magazine in July 2008. I see a capable Prime Minister in the making. One thing for sure, Ku Li does not have any children… therefore he will not be under the influence of a son or a son in law! 🙂


  10. I actually understand the sentence alteration but I would say yours gave a different meaning altogether. But that’s not my material point.

    When I gave the example of Umar and Abu Suffian, I was relating it to the matter of morality and standing – it need not be of religion or spiritual guidance. Yes Anwar’s standing isn’t the same as it is now. But then is then. We could say that it is the Pagan ways then and the Islamic ways now. After all, he is only conveying good messages. His character then should not drown his current message.

    As for the date; it has never been a change of policy or principle. It is after all a date. The policy is still the same, defection. As a Muslim I am taught; we plan but it is Allah who decides. The plan is still there, but the decision, whether it be of date or numbers, is up to Allah. Unlike Abdullah who does not have a plan and flip flops as he likes. His credibility is loss because of that. But Anwar’s ‘plan’ brought about hope. Which is something Malaysia needs. So all is not lost.

    JMD : Thank you for your comment. I do not wish to embark into deeper theological discussions. But plans made by men, are fulfilled only by the will of God. We also need to ask ourselves when in certain instances, our plans do not come into fruition. Is it because of God’s will too? Of course. And why is that? Only He knows. We can only speculate.


  11. dear JMD and fellow visitors,


    many have seen the anwar-abdullah/kj relationship as worthy of more scrutiny.

    if we look at everything the PM and his inner circle have done since anwar’s return, one can almost say “with enemies like abdullah/kj, anwar doesn’t need friends!”

    now this so-called “meeting” to ensure smooth transition for “the sake of the rakyat” after what is tantamount to mounting a coup d’état?

    if a change of government really comes of this “meeting” then it behoves the rakyat to reflect on how little regard the dark schemers have for the stability of country in order to achieve their plausible conjoined goals, be it personal or at the behest of external parties.

    JMD : Long time no see Mekyam. Cheers.


  12. For everything that has happened, I would say it took us 51 years to fully understand what it means to be an independence nation. 51 years is nothing compared to 497 years being concurred. 51 years is just a period of lesson learnt.

    (1) How we have failed to uphold proper Islam as the main pillar in nation building. Since 1957, Islamic approaches were shadowed by the western lifestyle left by British and that is the cause of wrong attitude of the Malays what we have seen all this while which contributes to the wrong attitude in politics. Not just politics, but also social. Entertainment, pubs, reality shows, celebrities whom has forgotten their roots, sex scandals, bribe, corruption, power abuse …

    (2) We have also failed to be consistent in many things especially education. So many changes we done in order to equip the young generation in becoming the so call developed nation. Priority was given to science and technology and perhaps we have forgotten to teach them in understanding the history correctly. And now we are listening to so many channels of thought, interpreting history in their own version, which is the main cause in breaking up the unity. Why was in the past, all races can hop into one bus together without any segregation (as you quoted) ? That is because they had fully understood the meaning of living the historical days and what it takes to live together, which is now, history to us.

    (3) NEP and all its continual policies ; it was all developed to keep balance in nationhood survival. But as for the Malays, it has unfortunately breed generation that only knows how they should be fed. Perhaps there was not enough space in implementing the policies together with educating them to change their mind set as they grow up.

    Three is enough. Besides, it is all just what my mind threw out and no proper analysis were done in addressing it : P

    But, those points are the things that I think should be among the future improvement agendas.. especially to the real warlords whom are going to raise their swords soon.

    If there is no change, then we shall really see with our own eyes the downfall of Malaysia .. just after half a decade of independence, not even 10% of the invasion period

    sorry, this one is long ..

    JMD : Thank you Jeff for your point of view.


  13. Hi JMD

    As expected……

    Perhaps Ku-Li if he does take over can bring over PAS into his side….n leave the NGO Liberal crap n the Chinese Chauv Parties on the other side of the fence….then we’ll know what the stand for……

    If u r in the ruling team….why jump over the other side…..grass not even planted yet….for sure it aint green….anytime can mati…lets be straight forward how many of our “politicians” r in it for the people….if not the people’s money….

    ‘Pakatan’ last i check is a pact…..which is a mere understanding among a bunch of people…As for the east malaysian politicians….what can i say…
    …..a wee bit on the east malaysian…i think u r aware of “discriminatory” policy applied against west malaysian professionals….is this a sub division of the NEP….

    As for the meet….what in the world for la…just wait for parliament to open n take over if u ‘really’ got the numbers….then perhaps we the rakyat shud just take down the whole parliament n declare it ‘full of crappy, power crazy, self centered politician”….n say goodbye to our 3 decades of “experiment with democracy”……put the country into the hands of real professional for day to day management n with a Ministerial Council appointed by the Agong…..stabilise this mess…..then maybe reconsider democracy at a later stage…………having too many elections within a short period is a marketing ploy by the folks in the poster business….

    JMD : Haha. I didn’t know the people in poster business wield so much power! 🙂


  14. ‘Jebat Must Die’, a fitting phrase, and die he must.

    I just want to pass a message to the so-called highly educated Malay minority who are supporting his cause. We are sent to the highest level of learning institution to learn about the complex and different theorem and ideology so that we could think for ourselves rationally and selectively pick and choose which ones are the best to apply in our context. It is so absurd and naive to generically apply on blanket basis the concept of equitable, fairness for all, globalisation without taking into account the dire consequences.

    If it is up to the US they would want all economies to submit totally to the concept of equitable and globalisation so that they could continue to trample and muscle their way in and exploit everything to their benefit. Please tell me if you honestly believe the US care less about what would happen to the developing nations other than anything that would enrich themselves.

    And just what is the relevance of all this. It is the same concept that is being championed by PR! give it any name, Malaysia for Malaysians (pathetic!! what, we are not all malaysians before this), and Malaysia Day?!! To even say that out loud is just downright insulting. ‘Macam kacang lupakan kulit’! What happened to the Malaysia that we all are so proud of for the past 51 years!

    To let out emotion gets the better of ourselves and throw away all facts and put a blind eyes on our statistics of achievement just to back an uncertain and unknown cause are foolish. So does being so ‘taksub’ to a political figure such that of DSAI and all his ploy. How does he realistically plan to please everyone to create a better malaysian and malaysia? If you can reasonably come out with a concrete answer to that question, hell, count me in!

    If I could losely demographically describe our divide now, we are successfully (after the abuse usage of the racial card) being splitted into 3 groups, the non-malays, the minority malays and the majority malays. The division is so apparent recently that even the non-malay component parties of are harping on the racial issue (a separate issue which I shall not broach here) without a flinch on the bigger threat on the nation peace and stability.

    To these minority malays, i call on you to realise and not be blinded by DSAI and his antics. Please be smart enough with all the money spent on your education to at least lift the veil and consider who the true DSAI is, the champion of all cause that he himself has no idea how to piece together. If you think that he will deliver a better malaysian and malaysia, better and different than we were before, think again. We should be intelligent enough to not just question what is the objective, but how does he wish to implement it?

    I said this before and i would say it again, to shake peace and stability of a nation just for own sake of political ambition is downright irresponsible. And that says a lot about a character of the man and his greed for power. No nation will survive racial chaos and divide.

    Until the DAP, PKR and PAS could overcome their ideology divide and come to a agreement, conclusively defined themselves in the context of “better malaysian and malaysia”, realistically, we are not ready to see PR to rule the country peacefully. Let’s not be blinded in time of chaos by empty and differing promises without deliverables. I sincerely belief that they would be a formidable opponent and healthy for the development of the nation if they could sort out their internal ideology differences, but at the current moment they are just not.

    The common goal of seizing power and destroy UMNO is just not good enough of a reason to pool together and rule. Let’s not forget that we have built the nation on racial unity. Until they are ready to define their “fair to all” and “Malaysia for Malaysian”, it would be foolish to bet our savings on them.

    Until then, we would have to reinvent the current formula, rid of the highest degree of corruption, take a step back and perhaps redefine ourselves as Malaysians with moderation and realistic demand from all communities.

    JMD : Thank you for the comments.


  15. Am watching his 45-min performance at the rally on Monday nite.
    I guess humans need hope?
    Some Christians treat church as a weekend energy re-charger esp if the Speaker oooopss Pastor is a fiery orator.
    But usually with time some Christians will prefer a quieter preacher who sticks to the Bible.
    I guess, some ppl see Anwar as their “saviour”?
    Have to say BN has been going down the drain with Pak Lah, arrogance, MCA’s “uselessness” before March 8. But I suspect it boils down to poor leadership by Pak Lah…

    JMD : …and also his inability to control the greed of his immediate family members.


  16. question, when DSAI said that he hasn’t yet obtain the signature of the MP’s that’s “supposedly” to crossover, then, is he saying that all he has right now is just word of mouth? i mean even Letter of Intent’s have signatures on them, is he saying that he has no black & white at all?


  17. Salam JMD,

    faham english literally but not that good in oral/writing. since living in the east coast more than 15 yrs, and very limited exposure to english speakers, sadly it has become very rusted. jadi kenalah tulis campur2 to xpress myself here.

    saya jarang nak masuk campur hal2 yang saya tak pandai, akan memperbodohkan diri sendiri jika kita berlagak lebih tahu dari yang sebenarnya. Saya tidak bergaul dengan org politik, malah takada masa nak duduk minum kopi sambil borak2, tak pernah keluar sembang2 di kedai kopi. my life is my work and my family. Tapi jeling2 juga dari jauh..

    Tapi dengan apa yg terjadi akhir2 ni, terasa kena ambil tahu juga sebab ia melibatkan kehidupan saya juga. sedih kerana angkara beberapa orang, negara mungkin akan kacau. sedih melihat org2 kampung yang agak tertutup pemikiran, terlalu taksub dengan apa saja yang keluar dari mulut ustaz2.

    Kalau ustaz kata kita sokong anwar, maka mereka akan membuta tuli sokong.maaf kalau seperti merendahkan pemikiran org kampung tapi ini kenyataan. contoh – ustaz kata ubat gigi colgate haram, satu kampung akan beli ubat gigi mukmin ( sebab bunyi islamik..) serius ! orang KL mungkin anggap lucu tapi inilah yang terjadi, dan masih berleluasa. dan dari segi undi, tidak ada bezanya saudara JMD, atau Joe atau shayzwan atau orang2 kampung kerana satu orang satu undi !

    sewaktu perhimpunan BERSIH di KL lalu, kampung saya eksport 3 bas peserta demo ! atas nama keadilan, cegah rasuah, korupsi , negara Islam ….

    Tapi semua itu rhetoric semata2 ! sapa pun boleh cakap nak hapus rasuah, hak samarata, tapi ada sapa2 yang berikan CARAnya ? sama juga dengan PAS yang sekian lamanya melaungkan negara Islam tapi sehingga kini masih tidak ada detailnya…undang2 Islam? perlembagaan? setakat kata ikut Quran dan sunnah, semua orang boleh cakap. Tapi dalam bentuk bertulis yang boleh di baca, di bincang (mungkin takboleh, sebab kalau bangkang akan dianggap murtad ) dan yang penting, boleh diguna pakai.

    Hal yang sama juga saya kaitkan dengan DSAI, dia boleh laungkan segala2 yang positif, tak cukup boleh refer dictionary, tapi detailnya ? DSAI akan pastikan hak samarata, gantikan DEB dengan yang lebih baik… tapi apa? mananya? kenapa tidak dibentangkan supaya rakyat boleh kaji?

    Paklah ? nak komen pun malas..

    maaf, saya sendiri tak tahu apa benda yang saya tulis 🙂 cuma sedih negara menjadi mainan rebutan antara beberapa orang yang berpengaruh, dan rakyat jadi mangsa, diperbodohkan mereka yang inginkan kuasa.

    ps – love reading ur articles, very informative. and ur comments cover all angles. tak tidur dibuatnya, cerah mata dok baca . baru 3…tak tidurlah minggu ni..:)

    JMD : Tak jadi masalah kalau hendak menulis komen dalam bahasa melayu. Terima kasih. 🙂


  18. With Anwars failure to name the froggers and forming a new governmnet, it is the best time for BN/UMNO to consolidate its position by PakLah relinquishing his post to a more capable and respected leader. If PakLah persist then it only shows of his self interest rather than the party and nation. Hopefully someone out there are plotting 5 steps ahead rather than just reacting to Anwars repetitive tunes.

    TDM latest post is spot on as always. Not just UMNO, all the BN components are responsible for a stable nation. All these outright open mud slinging is not in the spirit of united BN and is just what Anwars was hoping for. And for all this to happen, it is necessary that UMNO has a strong and respected leader, period.


  19. today im going to see my senior manager and arrange for a smooth transition..i already have the support of my fellow assistant managers and engineers and supervisors and technicians..i treat them to buka puasa everyday..and by the end of the day im gonna be senior manager and get that corner office!!!wuhooo!!!

    JMD : Good luck. Hopefully he will not impose ISA and throw you up in the pantry. 🙂


  20. “Despite crumbs of cookies on their shirts they choose to level criticism at the same cookie jar that they had their filling. Their criticism is more about not being able to get their hands in it.” quoted from lekiu’s comment.

    Sums up the scenario that is going to happen if there is a change of government.Example? Carlsberg factory and the mega pig farm project.If I recall properly, there is a certain party that goes all out championing the Muslims right claiming that K’jaan S’ngor ‘makan duit haram’.But when they are in power? Nothing happened?Why?Because they still have to cooperate with other religions and races, and their number is more now in the exco for all i know.They even claim the pig project benefits them,tak haram pulak?? I wonder.But when people starts complaining,hey,just blame it to the last government that approved it?now you have the power,i say just stop the project?Simple logic?Maybe i’m the one who’s stupid!! But people are already clouded to judge simple logics, IOIO

    This simple example shows that all we do is bulls***ting all the time.Please go find proper work and feed your families rather than blaming others all the time.

    Ps:JMD have you mentioned the chronologies when all these havoc started?sorry i didnt read all your previous postings.does these things rise up way before or after DSAI were released? you would do a marvellous job i guess with all your facts??haha. as far as i can remember, 2006 and 2007 still aman damai??correct me if i’m wrong,maybe because that time i was still studying in the university.


  21. Tin kosong makes the loudest noise, always, doesn’t it? He’s caught with his pants down and yet he’s determined to take them off altogether and parade his “emperor’s new clothes” in the streets. Too bad if you’re one of them who jumps onto the bandwagon and declare that you can see them.

    Change for change’s sake is not good enough. They have control over 5 states for more than 6 months but no tangible results are shown, other than their representatives opening their mouth to remove one foot just to insert the other.


  22. Salam,
    Semua ini tidak memberikan banyak faedah kepada negara kita. Sebagai pemimpin keutamaan harus diberi kepada negara bukan diri sendiri. Apa yang saya lihat pemimpin kita baik dari BN atau pun PR seperti lebih mengutamakan kepentingan diri. Eloklah mereka-mereka ini berundur. Saya rasa mereka ini dah cukup kaya. Enough for 7 generations! I mean both from BN and PR.

    Rakyat telah bersuara pada Mac 8, 2008 (for whatever reasons). Biarlah ahli UMNO pula bersuara pada November ini.

    Politicians are politicians, to them this is just a game while we, the ‘common people’, are the one who has to slog it out day in and day out.


  23. Very cunning of Anwar. So now it’s up to AAB to make the move on the “negotiations”. Letter’s out so the Ball is in AAB’s court, not Anwar’s.

    For a plan that is very likely to fail ( which he knew so well ), what better ways to point the fault to others…

    No names, no confirmation, no negotiation for sure.

    cunning indeed


  24. great write up, but the picture still hold the best substance in today’s entry. haha.. its priceless and yet so true. you did nail anwar encyclopedic saga with a fine conclusion.. ” His very own image picturing himself with his usual attitude – hell with them democracy as long as i could be PM”.


  25. Saya dapat news dibawah di petik dari forum TKO, ada sesape yang keje

    Assalamualikum JMD, checking my mail just now, from my school mate many many many moons ago, through our yahoogroups.

    Do you heard anything like this? Any comments ……

    ” Maklumat terkini bahawa perkhidmatan Mohd Hassan Marican (Presiden dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Petronas) kini sedang menghampiri tempoh akhirnya.

    Berdasarkan kepada maklumat yang diterima, kemungkinan besar Mohd Hassan Marican tidak akan disambung tempoh perkhidmatannya walaupun beliau berupaya melakukannya.

    Beberapa pihak telah menunjukkan hasrat mereka untuk mengambilalih kedudukan Mohd Hassan Marican ini dan kini sedang dalam proses melakukan lobi (berskala mega). Semua lobi-melobi ini tertumpu kepada Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Ada yang melobi dengan wang dan ada pula yang melobi dengan cara-cara yang lain.

    Tetapi ada dua orang calon telah bersaing diantara mereka dan dikhabarkan bahawa kedua-dua mereka mendapat restu daripada Abdullah Ahmad Badawi untuk mengambilalih kedudukan Mohd Hassan Marican sebagai Presiden dan
    Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Petronas. Salah satu dari dua calon ini dijangkakan akan dilantik menggantikan Mohd Hassan Marican manakala seorang lagi dijangkakan akan menduduki jawatan Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Petronas.

    Calon yang begitu kuat melobi untuk menggantikan tempat Mohd Hassan Marican dikenalpasti adalah Khairy Jamaludin. Beliau khabarnya telah berjaya meyakinkan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi bahawa beliau mampu untuk menerajui Petronas dan memangkinkan pertumbuhan dan pemerolehan Petronas dalam jangka masa singkat. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi juga dikhabarkan telah bersetuju jika Khairy Jamaludin dilantik kejawatan tersebut dan sedia mengarahkan Petronas untuk membuat perlantikan tersebutsebaik tempoh akhir perkhidmatan Mohd Hassan Marican tamat.

    Dengan pengaruh wang dan lobi yang besar, Khairy Jamaludin percaya bahawa beliau dapat menerajui Petronas dalam masa terdekat. Ini dibantu dengan sokongan berterusan (wang dan kuasa) yang datangnya dari Singapura melalui Temasek Group.

    Berdasarkan kepada analisis semasa dan pasaran AsiaTenggara, Temasek Group amat berminat untuk menguasai Petronas demi untuk mengukuhkan aliran tunai dan kewangan mereka. Buat masa ini hanya cabang industri Minyak dan Gas sahaja yang masih belum dikuasai sepenuhnya olehTemasek Group. Beberapa transaksi kewangan berskala besar telah dikesan dibiayai oleh Temasek Group kepada beberapa individu dalam industri Minyak dan Gas tempatan termasuklah kepada pihak yang membekalkan khidmat sokongan kepada industri yang sama.

    Dengan penguasaan dalam industri Pelabuhan (seperti masa telah dikenalpasti bahawa beberapa pelabuhan utama di Malaysia kini telah dipindahkan sahamnya kepada proksi Temasek Group) tempatan, maka dapat dijangkakan bahawa Temasek Group kini sedang berusaha membuat beberapa pemerolehan lagi demi memantapkan organisasi mereka.

    Proksi-Proksi Temasek Group di Malaysia kini nampaknya sedang ditimbunkan dengan wang ringgit dan jaminan keselamatan sehinggakan mereka sanggup menggadaikan aset negara. Berdasarkan kepada scenario semasa, SCOMI Group juga dikenalpasti telah mendapat laba daripada usahasama haram dengan Temasek Group.

    Jika Khairy Jamaludin dibenarkan menjadi Presiden dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Petronas, maka jangan kita terkejut jika akhirnya Petronas dikuasai oleh Temasek Group (Singapura). Kita wajar menyekat perkara ini daripada menjadi kenyataan. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi memang mudah dikuasai oleh Khairy Jamaludin. Jangan pula kita biarkan Kamaludin Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menjadi Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Petronas kerana ini juga akan menguatkan pengaruh Temasek Group kedalam Petronas.

    Petronas adalah hak Malaysia dan bukannya Singapura. Jangan gadaikan aset negara.

    Bekas Felow Kanan

    Institut Kajian Strategik dan Antarabangsa – ISIS ”

    ciao, CDR

    JMD : There are a lot of news flying left right an centre at this moment. But KJ to head Petronas would be his dream indeed. Although I foresee that this particular dream of his has a very little chance of becoming true.


  26. as salaamu alaikum

    Actually blogs like jmd are where most of us are preaching to the choir, or roughly translated into BM, memberi khutbah kepada yang sudah beriman. 🙂

    What I mean is, why not express yourself on those “other” blogs?

    Don’t be afraid or get mad if they don’t publish your comments. At least the blog owner got to read them. haha

    P.S. I sometimes check if my blog comments have been approved or not a few hours after I’d written them, and unfortunately there have been some Pro Pakatan blogs where my comments are censored. Silly me never bothered to note down the blog names.

    But really have no idea why that could be…

    …har har… actually I do.

    “Freedom” of speech as practiced by Pakatan supporters… they are free to stop you expressing when it disagrees with what they think.

    JMD : Sometimes I do leave comments in other pro Pakatan Rakyat’s blog. Just to clear the air or give opinion on certain issues that I find interesting. Usually it will end up with name calling from them and me rolling my eyes with slight amusement.


  27. Thank you JMD
    I really love visiting your blog. The visitors are superb with their comments. JH I am sorry, you are impossible with this comment of yours “opening their mouth to remove one foot just to insert another”. I can’t help smiling to myself, even now.

    JMD you must be about 24 years old. You and some of your vistors are so special, so eloquent and so gifted . Please keep writing.


    JMD : Thank you for making me feel really young. Sometimes, I do wish that I am 24 again. Thank you for frequenting this blog too. Really appreciate it. Hope you gained something in return.


  28. JMD,

    I have only one complain, why you not writing everyday, tension lah tunggu article baru dari blog ni.

    Anyway we all can see the effort that have been put and all of them are well written. Thank you.

    JMD : Usually I would post my articles a few days apart from each other in order to gain maximum exposure in terms of comments received. You can read my replies, if any, in the comments section. Sometimes, they’re even longer than a normal blog posting! 🙂 Thank you.

    p.s. Sometimes, I am just terribly busy with other things or simply because, idea susah nak masuk…! 🙂



    I can see how you are trying to instigate responses…clever but not too clever. You may say these words mean the same things but you know very it doesn’t.

    JMD : Dear hsk. Thank you for this response. Didn’t know how could the words trampled and extinguish would offend anyone. Especially when we have obvious references of some DAP leaders and anti Umno bloggers blatantly questioning the Article 153 and the Malay special position in the constitution. Some fanatical DAP leaders even made calls to abolish the Malay rights. Is this not synonymous with ‘trample’ and ‘extinguish’?

    This is precisely my point in several of my previous articles before. When the extremists are questioning the Malays’ position and privileges which is enshrined in the law, won’t the Malays have the right to defend it? However instead, the Malays that are defending this law are labeled as racists by the opposition. When in fact, it was the people who made the first offensive remarks are the real racists.

    So, when Anwar said the non Malays must be given assurances, the Malays must be given theirs too.

    Anyway, this is only my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

    Please read my previous posts here and here.


  30. Fifth Amendments of US Constitutions states that all citizens are guaranteed the Freedom of Speech (or something to that effect).
    With anwar all Malaysian citizens are guaranteed the Freedom of Loud Mouth.

    “Anwar, i put it up to you that you were lying!!”
    “Anwar, nanti aku taruk ko, pasti ko terbaring”


  31. Wow, my Malay is improving from lurking here.
    Preaching to the converted is “Memberi khutbah kapada yang sudah beriman” (courtesy of Zahar).
    My most favourite BM phrase right now must be “…. yang sewaktu dengan nya”.

    bauhulu and wajik. Traditional guy, aren’t you?

    On a more serious matter, I”m sure you are aware of the news that’s crackling on the net. The PM calling DSAI a “threat to security and economy” which many are interpreting to mean that he may be held under ISA soon.
    From the bottom of my heart, I pray not. We may not agree with his politics, but to lock him up (without trial) is to me a sin.
    What’s your view, JMD?

    JMD : In short, Pak Lah should just let Anwar’s sodomy trials to run smoothly without resorting to the ISA. Anwar posed a bigger threat in 1998 than now. Let him be preoccupied with the charges and let BN start concentrating on the economy.


  32. Hi JMD,

    Agreed with U JMD. BN should pay more concentration in managing the country economy rather than worrying about Anwar. So funny, Anwar claimed that he has the number but still asking for negotiation with the PM. If I were Anwar, just storm the PM’s office or just make a press conference with all the 31 lawmaker with me ?????? Hu la hup, become PM.

    Is there anything got to do with Tun Mahathir intention to rejoin UMNO ? Have U heard rumours that Ku Li might joint PKR together with UMNO lawmaker ?


    JMD : Ku Li joining PKR? I do not think so. Hopefully it will not come to that.


  33. JMD,

    If you all think DSAI is bluffing, why dont Pak Lah convene an emergency session of parliament and once and for all see who is bluffing and and who is saying the truth

    JMD : Even after I provided clear evidence (via his arrogant statements) that Anwar had lied about forming a new government by 16th September, you still choose to remain steadfast in your beliefs. You have my deepest respect and my deepest concern.

    But Andipool, anyone who lies will lose his integrity. In Arabic, we call this people as ‘Munafik’. In Malay, ‘pembohong’. He needs to say sorry for lying to the people in order to restore his reputation.

    But it’s okay.

    In P. Ramlee’s movie ‘Tiga Abdul’, P. Ramlee the Abdul Wahub said these immortal words –

    ‘Ha bagus la tu si pembohong menipu si penyangak!’

    Siapa dia yang pembohong, siapa dia yang penyangak? Kita lihat siapa yang kena!

    Jangan marah ya Andipool. Nanti kena jual! 🙂


  34. JMD,

    Kita tunggu dan lihat sajalah–siapa yang bohong DSAI atau awak– yang pernah kata–Dr Osman tak wujud–are you not a munafik

    JMD : Haha, I did say I was wrong and I had corrected and explained my statement at that time. Is there a problem? Shall we now hear Anwar apologise for misleading his loyalists for the past 5 months? Of course not. He is too proud to admit his mistakes. I say Andipool, do not be too hard on yourself. Suka saya mengingatkan yang saya selalu bercakap kita tunggu dan lihat. Terima kasih.


  35. andipool,

    i think you fail to see something here.

    dsai makes promises. if he doesn’t deliver, that makes him a liar.

    jmd makes conjectures. if they proves to contrary, that doens’t make him a liar, just a bad guesser. 😀

    JMD : Thank you Mekyam, I owe you one! 🙂


  36. Andipool,

    As to the emergency Parliament session, had Anwar got the 30 or so MP to reveal themselves, there would not even be a need to call for a session. So far out of the 30 or so MPs he said are ready to jump into the abyss, only SAPP has come out and declared their withdrawal. Although even that is a guarded one with no public declaration of wanting to join Pakatan.

    I received an SMS on the 16th and was told that Anwar dah dapat 42 kerusi, tapi malangnya 24 dari IKEA, 10 dari Courts Mammoth and 8 dari Fella Design.

    Nak cakap pasal bohong ni, Anwar pun bohong jugak cakap kat blog yang dia guide Malaysia out of the ’98 financial crisis. He’s been continuingly throwing mud at Najib and accusing him or having a part in the death of Altantuya.

    An honest mistake by JMD and you decide to jump on him. Anwar’s transgression is ok ? There is nothing wrong in rooting for a politician but play fair lah.

    JMD : Thank you Lekiu. I owe you one too! 🙂


  37. JMD,

    I will be surprised if the general more knowledgeable public is taken by dsAI’s latest publicity stunt. Truly laughable. Sent a letter to AAB. AAB declining. The MSM soaking it all. Sheesh.

    If dsAI truly had the numbers, the really big guns in the so called Pakatan would surely be in the forefront not least Karpal, Kit Siang, Eng Guan and all their Lawchiks.

    Would they not thunder with fire and brimstone and poceed to the legal and politically proper way to topple the Govt of the day? And failing that the Courts? Maybe with the help of our honourable Bar Council?




  38. Lekiu and Freddie,

    Ya, what happened when Teck Lee announced that his party will be moving a no confidence motion against Pak Lah in parliament. The ACA immediately went after him–a clear cut case of initimidation. BN is very fond of initimidating with it’s various powers. And the latest appalling news is that the former duputy president of SAPP who is still the deputy CM of Sabah had revealed that, he implored to AAB to stop arresting Teck Lee. So what does this mean–if you challenge the powers than you will be subjected to harassment and initimidation. An innocent reporter can be arrested under ISA–I just dread to think, if the names of the MPs who want to crossover are revealed, then what will be their plight–I am 100% sure they will be victims of unjust laws like the ISA. So I presume, DSAI is playing a safe game.

    JMD : Thus the huge difference between this current BN and the BN of yesteryears. You are partly correct on the treatment to Yong Teck Lee. Pak Lah’s inability to solve BN’s current problems led him to do the easiest thing, threaten your subordinates into submission.

    Sabah politics is very unique. But to manage them is quite easy. Take for example the case of Pairin Kitingan in 1985 state elections. He was part of the ruling Berjaya Party since the 70’s. But because he did not agree with some of his boss’ policies (Harris Salleh), he resigned from Berjaya Party and established a new party just in time before the state elections. In the end, his newly formed party (PBS) won the majority! And he was elected to be the chief minister of Sabah!

    No ISA action or ACA threats were imposed upon him. ‘Dictator’ Dr Mahathir at that time accepted the mass defection of some Berjaya assemblymen into PBS. Pairin Kitingan went on to become the chief minister all the way till 1994.

    Why in God’s name did Pak Lah allegedly wanted the ACA to investigate Teck Lee is quite surprising. But Pak Lah, much like Anwar is more of a knee jerk politician.

    But another thing that surprises me is, Yong Teck Lee, with all the threats of the ACA imposed upon him, still led SAPP out of Barisan Nasional! Is he not afraid of the threats? I feel that his political resolve is stronger than any danger come what may. And, perhaps, the ACA might not find anything incriminating at all. Till now, there is no clear cut evidence has been produced.

    Are all the potential froggies so cowardly that they have to hide? 30 over MPs willing to defect is quite a huge number. Won’t they find safety in numbers? As stupid as Pak Lah can be, he will not be so stupid to impose ISA or direct the ACA to investigate all those MPs.

    If the froggies are so cowardly and more afraid of the ACA (probably because they are indeed corrupt), then BN should just let these frogs to go into Pakatan Rakyat.

    In the first place, does this list of potential froggies even exist? When even Lim Guan Eng and PAS leaders had not seen this list,

    questions will surely arise regarding its credibility.

    Therefore, I presume, Anwar do not have the numbers in the first place. But we shall give him the benefit of the doubt (again) and wait till October 13th. Lets see what kind of play acting he will do next time. Thank you.


  39. Dear JMD,

    Thank you for writing this. Finally, a blog with substance and thoroughly researched. Not just another rambling blog.

    The last time I checked my passport, I am a Malaysian. Is there any small print suggesting I am not? Hmmmmmmm

    Anyway, keep up with the truth.



  40. Pingback: Anwar’s play acting is encyclopedic! (Part 4) « Jebat Must Die

  41. thank you very much for writing such good articles… please don’t ever stop writing… reading your articles has lighten up my mind… anyway who are you?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I am just a normal human being trying to make sense in the ever changing surroundings and weather through the day to day challenges without losing sanity.


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