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Open letter to Lim Kit Siang (and MCA)

Dear Lim Kit Siang and your heir apparent Lim Guan Eng,

Both of you had always shouted to Malaysian public that MCA is subservient to Umno in Barisan Nasional.

As the result, the chinese in Malaysia stopped supporting MCA in every general election since 2008.

But the latest fiasco pertaining the state assembly seat in Kajang proved one thing.

That your DAP and your partner in crime over hudud and ‘Allah’ issue – PAS, are very much subservient to PKR.

We would’ve guessed this will make your supporters very worried just because the fact that DAP and PAS seemed to have lost any semblance of political prowess although DAP and PAS have greater number of seats than PKR in the Selangor state assembly (now stood at 15, 15 and 13 respectively).

The usual vocal running dogs like Tony Pua, Hannah Yeoh, Teresa Kok and Ong Kian Ming are unusually quiet, in fact very timid in their reaction to this scheme concocted by an MP newbie Rafizi Ramli of PKR (or so he claimed).

Even Karpal ‘Anwar Ibrahim Mesti Bertaubat’ Singh is awfully quiet.

What happened? Is there a party which is more equal than others in this triad called Pakatan Rakyat? And that PKR rules the nest with impunity and as it pleases?

Your son Lim Guan Eng also said said he was not consulted over this matter in Selangor.

A matter so huge as in the post of Menteri Besar of Selangor and DAP as the senior partner was not even consulted!

My oh my.

It’s high time that both of you should apologise to MCA for all the allegations and unfair criticisms you had hurled towards MCA all these years.

Otherwise, both of you should not use the word ‘consensus’, ‘tolerance’, ‘unity’ and ‘partnership’ in any of your vocabulary because clearly, they do not exist in Pakatan Rakyat.

Perhaps, the more familiar words such as ‘dictatorship’, ‘gag order’, ‘power crazy’ and ‘rule by fear’ would be more suitable for you.


8 thoughts on “Open letter to Lim Kit Siang (and MCA)

  1. This the big game plan. They all plead ignorance at least DAP. PAS i reserve my comment.

    After the by-election, then all hell breaks loose and then its too late. We would loose Malaysia to penjajah.


    • Agree 100x. DAP is not stupid. They’re just biding their time. Once Pakatan gets to Putrajaya, the real stripes will come out. But even then it will be so deftly, nobody will notice. Just look at Singapo. To win over the Malays, pakai songkok. Quote a few pieces of verses from al-Quran. Elect a Malay president for a few years. Ask them where are the Melayu leaders in Singapo now?

      The PAS donkeys are easily mounted. Just wear a tudung and they will let you give tazkirah in a surau. Does it matter if she might be menstruating at the time? Does it matter shit. Mutter a few verses from the Quran in your tweets and the PAS donkeys piss in their pants while boradly proclaiming they have managed to tarbiyyah their staunchest enemy, by God!

      Pathetic little PAS donkeys.

      Like being smothered in their sleep.


  2. lks is a huge believer of the end justifies the means. So does anwar. Both of these jokers regarded all the others as morons. No wonder you see that in their blog writings, their articles come across as very appealing. The choice words such as consensus, bridges, democratic were all over.
    But, these articles were not what the lks and the anwar believes in. Neither were the blog articles meant for their supporters. The articles were meant for the morons to believe in. Meanwhile their supporters blogs were full of hatred towards others.
    lks and anwar, please be responsible. The country can do without both of you.


  3. Simple analogy between DAP and PKR. I play your backside once, you play my backside twice. PAS is trying to go in between but for how long, that we have to see in the next few months! Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng, the both have the same DNA and share the same “woman” in their life! All in the family and maybe Anwar too is having the same DNA and sharing everything in his family!


  4. JMD
    Anwar and his antics. A bad politician speaks with a forked-tongue. If we’re to believe the DAP (i.e LGE) was in the dark about this then we might as well believe that Anwar is straight.
    I think DAP is for Anwar as MB.They dont want an MB from PAS. Remember Karpal’s swear about Hudud?…Over my dead body?

    I should take out my hat to Anwar to beat the system three times in a row. He’s not interested in making Selangor into a model state. All he’s interested is to save his skin.
    It makes me want to puke when reading what Rafizi and Azmin had to say about their beloved leader.

    Rafizi wanted to equate Anwar’s move to run in Kajang to Jokowi’s move from Solo to Jakarta.
    My my ….Jokowi, sir, is 10 times better a leader than Anwar. Jokowi is fighting for the common people not his skin. Rafizi offered an apology which I think was a mere act. If Rafizi “cakap serupa bikin” he should resigned because his mentor is making a mockery of what he (Rafizi) stands for.

    Azmin mentioned Kajang residents should be thankful that Anwar is running because he is a world class leader.
    I wonder if the Kajang residents are so gullible as to believe this. Gullible or not if only 50% of the Malay votes plus all the Indian votes are for BN still cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again. Unless of course the chinese have a change of heart.

    On the other hand if BN is smart it could look for the silver lining plus a miracle happens. (May Allah show PM Najib the way).
    In the meantime….Selangorians (Im too), pray that Allah helps us all.


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