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Top 10 Reasons Why Pakatan Rakyat Is Lowering Your Standards

The standards we are talking about is the standard of being you set yourself as a citizen of this country. Your standard as part of the larger society. And this standard of yours is quickly being eroded by Pakatan Rakyat. Here’s how:

10. When it comes to corruption, all Barisan Nasional MPs and leaders must be seen as corrupt free. But when the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat do it, all of you turned around and say – look Barisan Nasional is even worse. Yes, Pakatan Rakyat had successfully lowered your standards in terms of corruption. In your minds, Pakatan Rakyat can be corrupt because Barisan Nasional is corrupt too. In the end, it is okay for YOU to be corrupt because everyone else is corrupt too.

9. When it comes to Barisan Nasional leaders, the Pakatan Rakyat politicians are telling you that you need better leaders than Bung Mokhtar or Hassan Malek or G. Palanivel or most of the current crop of MPs from Barisan Nasional. But when it comes to their own leaders it does not matter who they are and what quality they possess; the lower the better. That’s why you are okay when Loh Gwo Burne became MP (your lowered standards voted him in), when Anwar Ibrahim was caught in a video with a China doll, all of you still voted for him. Let’s just cut the nonsense and admit that he is that fella in the video and on top of that, he is also guilty of sodomising someone against his will (a homosexual rapist is another term for that). Why can’t you people admit that? Standards too low already? Should we even delve and talk about Mahfuz Omar and even Hew Kuan Yau?

8. When it comes to the education qualifications of Barisan Nasional leaders, Pakatan Rakyat wants you to scrutinise their intelligence and education background. The standards they set for you is that you deserve Barisan Nasional leaders with at least a doctorate level education. But when it comes to their own leaders, anyone will do. Even the intelligence level of Mat Sabu will get him your votes. Recently, a  26 year old UiTM graduate with only one year working experience as a trainee in a law firm is being put as an MP candidate to serve a constituency of 60,000 people. The selling point to the people in Teluk Intan? A promise of hope for things to get better. Yes, we all know the value of a promise in Pakatan Rakyat’s election manifesto. But who cares, your standards are quite low so that is okay. God forbid if Barisan Nasional fielded a candidate with the same amount of education qualifications to what say, Mahfuz Omar acquired. All hell will break lose.

7. Pakatan Rakyat wants you to hound Barisan Nasional leaders for shoddy services and below average performance by the ruling government. You only deserve the best and above all, must not thank Barisan Nasional because it is their duty to provide these to you in the first place. But when it comes to the services by Pakatan Rakyat state government, they want you to lower your standards and forgive them for any poor performance. Because it is not their job to give you top notch services. Even promises can be broken. But don’t stop there, they want you to be angry at Barisan Nasional for any third-rate, poor quality services rendered by Pakatan Rakyat state governments. The JAIS raid on Bible Society as well as Selangor water fiasco are two such examples.

Lying and giving poor services are Pakatan Rakyat's standards which are acceptable by you.

Lying and giving poor services are Pakatan Rakyat’s standards which are acceptable by you.

6. Normally, hypocrisy is a trait which is shunned by most people. But since the arrival of Pakatan Rakyat, they have successfully  ingrained this attitude into you as an acceptable characteristic. You have been downgraded as a walking hypocrite. Take for instance, the call of cronyism and nepotism by Pakatan Rakyat to Barisan Nasional. You people echoed the same sentiment and propaganda against Barisan Nasional. But when it comes to Pakatan Rakyat, they can take all these nepotism and cronyism to another level yet you are okay with it. Not only that you embrace it lovingly and say it is okay for them to have father-son, husband-wife, father-daughter intra-party relationship with a whole gamut of feudalistic family oriented parties. It is all nice and dandy. Right? So sad.

 5. When it comes to Barisan Nasional, double standards is a big no on your part. You are bred by Pakatan Rakyat to believe that Barisan Nasional must never resort to double standards. Say one thing, but do the other. That is unforgivable. But for Pakatan Rakyat, you are blinded or worse, brainwashed to see that practising double standards is acceptable on your part. Want to have a multi racial country but support segregated vernacular schools; want to have an equitable and just society, but want to impose hudud only for muslims; want to have a free and fair elections, but their party elections are very autocratic and riddled with corruption and strife.

4. The freedom of speech within Pakatan Rakyat is near non-existent. You must not criticise the leaders in Pakatan Rakyat, especially if you are a member, and especially if you have a valid reason to criticise. All that will be swept under the carpet and the complainers will be issued gag orders. Worse, they will be kicked out. But God forbid if the freedom of speech against Barisan Nasional is slightly curtailed. When it comes to Barisan Nasional, there must be a no holds barred attitude against them. The Prime Minister must not stifle any unfair defamatory speech against him. But Lim Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim and their ilk can sue anyone who says something which they do not like. In other words, there are practising totalitarian leadership right under your nose. Yet, you bask in it pretending it to be a liberal democracy.

3. For years Barisan Nasional has been ridiculed by you when you say it is an old party, filled with political has beens and dinosaurs. You laugh at Barisan Nasional without being cognisant of Pakatan Rakyat’s own pack of grizzled old men. Leading the charge is of course DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, who will be 77 come next general election. Your ‘prime minister in waiting’, Anwar Ibrahim will be 71 in 2018. Abdul Hadi Awang, your future DPM, will also be 71 in 2018. There are many more oldies in Pakatan Rakyat. So why are you people lowering your standards in accepting dinosaurs as your leaders? Because Pakatan Rakyat asked you to.

2. As your intelligence is being lowered even more, you still find enough time to believe what Pakatan Rakyat told you; that Barisan Nasional treats non-malays as second citizens and that only malay cronies could reap all the benefits this country has to offer. But at the same time you believe another propaganda that says non-malays pay more tax than the malays. And so, those who are ‘oppressed’ by Barisan Nasional suddenly get a lot more income that’s why they are taxed! This contradicting logic would be so preposterous to an intelligent mind, but alas, Pakatan Rakyat has stupefied you to the point of no return. You can’t even step back and take stock on any messages Pakatan Rakyat throws at you. You can’t even perform logical and critical thinking anymore. You just gobble everything up as the truth.

1. When it comes to Barisan Nasional, you are made to believe that the current state of perceived despair and worsening fate of the country has always been the case since Independence. You were made to believe that only Pakatan Rakyat is the saviour of this country. Judging from 9 points mentioned above, it will take only the stupid to believe that Pakatan Rakyat will make this country better. Fact of the matter is, the country under Barisan Nasional has made this country one of the best place to live on this earth and to say that things have always been terrible would be a great disservice to your standard of intelligence. Yes sure, things have not always been perfect. But remember the great 90s and the decades before that? Remember the great country prior to 2008? One of the things that made this country worse is the birth of Pakatan Rakyat. Where were you in the 90s? Perhaps living a happy life at that time with few complaints. Even Lim Kit Siang was a happy, tolerable fellow at that time.

Open letter to Lim Kit Siang (and MCA)

Dear Lim Kit Siang and your heir apparent Lim Guan Eng,

Both of you had always shouted to Malaysian public that MCA is subservient to Umno in Barisan Nasional.

As the result, the chinese in Malaysia stopped supporting MCA in every general election since 2008.

But the latest fiasco pertaining the state assembly seat in Kajang proved one thing.

That your DAP and your partner in crime over hudud and ‘Allah’ issue – PAS, are very much subservient to PKR.

We would’ve guessed this will make your supporters very worried just because the fact that DAP and PAS seemed to have lost any semblance of political prowess although DAP and PAS have greater number of seats than PKR in the Selangor state assembly (now stood at 15, 15 and 13 respectively).

The usual vocal running dogs like Tony Pua, Hannah Yeoh, Teresa Kok and Ong Kian Ming are unusually quiet, in fact very timid in their reaction to this scheme concocted by an MP newbie Rafizi Ramli of PKR (or so he claimed).

Even Karpal ‘Anwar Ibrahim Mesti Bertaubat’ Singh is awfully quiet.

What happened? Is there a party which is more equal than others in this triad called Pakatan Rakyat? And that PKR rules the nest with impunity and as it pleases?

Your son Lim Guan Eng also said said he was not consulted over this matter in Selangor.

A matter so huge as in the post of Menteri Besar of Selangor and DAP as the senior partner was not even consulted!

My oh my.

It’s high time that both of you should apologise to MCA for all the allegations and unfair criticisms you had hurled towards MCA all these years.

Otherwise, both of you should not use the word ‘consensus’, ‘tolerance’, ‘unity’ and ‘partnership’ in any of your vocabulary because clearly, they do not exist in Pakatan Rakyat.

Perhaps, the more familiar words such as ‘dictatorship’, ‘gag order’, ‘power crazy’ and ‘rule by fear’ would be more suitable for you.

Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Ketua Pemuda Umno and the absence of christian apologists

Lim Kit Siang and his ilk (including his son, Lim Guan Eng) will never fail us in delivering spiteful and racist festive messages promoting hate among the people of Malaysia.

Lim Guan Eng in his infamous Wesak Day speech some time ago was even more acrimonious and vindictive. He seditiously tried to agitate the buddhists and the christians against the malays and muslims.

Malicious people are incorrigible. Malaysia is truly unfortunate to have this father-son combo who preach fairness/equality and peace but in reality, a hypocritical duo of antagonists who will not hesitate to use religion, racism and dictatorial tactics just to attain and retain power.

Compared to the Prime Minister’s Christmas message which are inclusive and even reconciliatory, Lim Kit Siang’s holiday message seemed to be a call to religious war of sorts.  Will Lim Kit Siang see the faint light at the end of the tunnel and change for the better in the twilight of his years? Don’t hold your breath.

The Ketua Pemuda Umno too wrote a Christmas message in his facebook account. Although he claimed that it is not a standard christmas greeting by politicians, it is in fact a standard festive greeting usually written by malay apologists in web columns such as The Malaysian Insider.

He wrote:

This is not going to be a standard Christmas message. I thought this year, let’s not have someone draft the same generic message that politicians get their office to churn out year in, year out.

I went to a Catholic primary school in Japan. Unlike most convent schools in Malaysia, my school was run by Canadian Catholic priests. Many of my teachers were priests. Brother Raymond, a tall, curly-haired Québécois was once such teacher who left an impression on me about hard work and fair play.

Everyday we would begin school with prayer. For non-Christians like me we just bowed our head in silence out of respect while Christian students prayed. Sometimes I would recite the Al Fatihah quietly to myself. Sometimes I would just daydream.

There was a crucifix in every classroom. Brother Raymond wore a big cross around his neck on a chain on top of his black clerical shirt. Many of my friends went for their Holy Communion and had their pictures taken for the yearbook.

We all sang in a choir. When it came to Christmas, non-Christians also sang the non-religious songs. I think some even sang the religious songs but just kept quiet during certain lines!

I went to my friends’ houses for Christmas. I was given presents. My parents were well prepared so I brought presents with me also to give to my hosts.

None of this affected my own faith. My parents instilled in me a strong foundation in Islam. I led congregational prayers among my peers when I was small. I took part in Quran recitals organised by the embassy. Nothing I experienced at my Catholic school could undermine or shake my faith.

The point of my brief recollection is this: have faith in your own faith. If your belief is strong, no one can make you lose your religion.

And if you are sure of your own convictions, you will respect others even more. You won’t view them as a threat, as people secretly working to proselytise you. You might even learn from them as I did from Brother Raymond.

To everyone celebrating, have a happy Christmas.

What a touching christmas greeting. It is more of chastising the malay muslims here in Malaysia, rather than a direct message for the Christians here. Hence, due to his capacity as Ketua Pemuda Umno, he feels that it is his right to straighten his fellow muslims and therefore, a tacit apology for non-muslims for the behaviour of his fellow muslim brothers and sisters. In this regard since it is the Christmas period, the implied apology is for the christians.

It is certainly not wrong to ask for forgiveness and extend the olive branch. Thank you Ketua Pemuda for apologising on our behalf. A liberal will always be an apologist for his race.

Hopefully during Hari Raya Aidilfitri there will be christian politicians who will write in their Facebook like below. We have took the liberty to copy the Ketua Pemuda’s message and interchange certain keywords to fit the Hari Raya message appropriately:

This is not going to be a standard Hari Raya message. I thought this year, let’s not have someone draft the same generic message that politicians get their office to churn out year in, year out.

I went to a national primary school in Johor. Unlike most national schools in Malaysia, my school was run predominantly by malay muslims. Our headmaster was a strict ustaz. Many of my teachers were religious malay muslims. Cikgu Rizal, a tall, curly-haired malay was once such teacher who left an impression on me about hard work and fair play.

Everyday we would begin school with prayer. For non-Muslims like me we just bowed our head in silence out of respect while muslim students prayed. Sometimes I would recite some psalms quietly to myself. Sometimes I would just daydream.

There was an Allah inscription in every classroom. Cikgu Rizal wore a songkok and carries a small Yassin book whenever he goes. Many of my friends went for their Khatam Quran in the afternoon religious class and had their pictures taken for the yearbook.

We all sang in a choir. When it came to Hari Raya, non-Muslims also sang the non-religious songs. I think some even sang the religious songs but just kept quiet during certain lines!

I went to my friends’ houses for Hari Raya. I was given duit raya too and eat their Raya food.

None of this affected my own faith. My parents instilled in me a strong foundation in Christianity. I attend mass on Sundays with my peers when I was small. I took part in catholic choirs organised by the local church. Nothing I experienced at my primary school could undermine or shake my faith.

The point of my brief recollection is this: have faith in your own faith. If your belief is strong, no one can make you lose your religion.

And if you are sure of your own convictions, you will respect others even more. You won’t view them as a threat, as people secretly working to undermine your religion. You might even learn from them as I did from Cikgu Rizal.

To everyone celebrating, Selamat Hari Raya Aidifitri.

Will Hannah Yeoh write something similar? Will Lim Guan Eng pose this kind of messages?

For certain, only the malays are more tolerant and reconciliatory. Spiteful and racist politicians especially from DAP do not apologise for who they are.

Malaysian Insider now takes below average columnists

Oh dear, we think MALAYSIAN INSIDER has really gone down the drain in terms of editorial quality.

An article which was filled with factual errors and major delusions was published by this portal.

That article which was titled – ‘May 13 was not a racial riot’ was written by one called Stephen Ng.

We do not know who this Stephen Ng is, but we wish to correct his writing.

Maybe he was ignorant. Maybe he was brainwashed by Kua Kia Soong. But one obvious fact remains, he got his facts and chronology of the events wrong.

Basically, Stephen Ng was writing fiction.

Just like how DAP intended to falsify history by telling the current generation they were innocent and was not involved in the riots AT ALL, Stephen Ng was trying to divert the blame entirely on Umno; which he massively failed to do so.

Son, if you wish to rewrite history, please do so among your other gullible and ignorant friends. But you are writing for public consumption. You have ended up being a fool.

So let us begin.

We shall ignore the first part of his article since that was merely a justification to show the audience that he is credible enough to talk about May 13. But being a 5 year old boy in 1969 doesn’t warrant him any credence what more by only referring to Kua Kia Soong as his source of materials. Thus, based only by experience as a 5 year old boy living in the East Coast and using Kua Kia Soong’s laughable May 13 book as reference, we can already establish Stephen Ng’s expertise on the subject is next to nothing.

He said:

As a boy, I was listening in to every conversation that took place between my mother and other relatives and friends. There were horror stories of Malays killing the Chinese, and Chinese killing the Malays. But a phone conversation between my mother and my father that has never escaped my attention was that everything was peaceful in the East Coast.

My Father said that the Chinese and the Malays were having breakfast together. There was no riot in the East Coast. It was business as usual for them. Muthusamy, Ali and Ah Chong were still friends, when things went awry in Selangor. Why is that so, Datuk Seri Nazri?

JMD : Indeed there were no riots and relatively peaceful in the East Coast because the racial riots happened in Klang Valley. This IS a fact. Riots and racial clashes did happen. Stephen should be thankful his chinese neighbours didn’t provoke the malays there in East Coast. Why is that Stephen Ng? Because the chinese there were in the minority and at a minuscule percentage as compared to the much bigger chinese population in Klang Valley.

Racial riots? No way!

My answer is simple: May 13 was NOT a racial riot. It was the work of a few politicians who capitalised on sentiments of the day.

Although there were obvious bad vibes between the races, mainly perpetuated by politicians, citizens of the newly-minted country, who had already learnt to accept each other, were beginning to enjoy being fellow Malaysians.

In Kelantan and other parts of the country, or should I say, where PAS was in control, people were able to live more harmoniously since the day of Prophet Muhammad!

JMD : Yes because there were no DAP or Labour Party or Gerakan Party in Kelantan in 1969. Of course people in Kelantan lived harmoniously.

Who then caused the May 13 riots? I only found the answer very much later when I started reading the book by Dr Kua Kia Soong, May 13, and made my own observations in the past six years.

JMD : Please read other books than Kua Kia Soong’s heavily biased book. Kua Kia Soong was just trying to exonerate DAP.

Let me briefly share my thoughts.

May 13 is the work of politicians who lost the 1969 general election. The opposition had tied with the Alliance for control of the Selangor state legislature, a large setback in the polls for the Alliance. The big difference now is that Selangor is totally under Pakatan rule for the good of the people.

Several factors had created the tension. The then Menteri Besar of Selangor, Haron Idris was discontented with the results of the election. At the same time, another camp was discontented with Tunku Abdul Rahman, our beloved Bapa Malaysia.

At that point in time, Dr Mahahtir Mohamed had been sacked after his book, The Malay Dilemma, was banned. Tunku had warned that Mahathir was a big troublemaker, and Umno would be making a big mistake if it was to take him back into its fold.

JMD : Tun Mahathir was sacked by Umno more than TWO MONTHS after the racial riots. So Stephen Ng’s stupid assertion that May 13 happened because Tun Mahathir was sacked is not true at all. May 13 happened two days after the general elections. Therefore Stephen Ng, when was it Mahathir got sacked which had caused the riots?

Furthermore, Malay Dilemma was published a year after the riots (1970). Stephen Ng, when you say “At that point in time, Dr Mahahtir Mohamed had been sacked after his book, The Malay Dilemma, was banned”, you were dead wrong. Did you even made any serious attempt to read before you attempt to write this? Tunku never warned about Mahathir being a troublemaker prior to the riots. What are you smoking Stephen?

In his book, Dr Mahathir was able to create a sense of insecurity amongst the Malays and later to control their minds. This was a necessity for a non-Malay, like Mahathir to later become the country’s leader.

JMD : So Malay Dilemma which was not even written yet on 13th May 1969 was creating sense of insecurity amongst the Malays which caused the riots? Don’t you feel like an idiot now Stephen?

Knowing that his own kind is generally not accepted even amongst the Malays, till today, he would not admit that his father was from Kerala in India.

JMD : This paragraph above is the most racist thing this Stephen ‘I am not a racist’ Ng had written. Tun Mahathir’s father wasn’t from India. He was born here in this country. How delusional can you be? And you said Mahathir’s kind wasn’t accepted by the Malays? Care to elaborate what ‘kind’ is that? The condescending and supremacist undertone in Stephen Ng’s writings is not lost among the readers.

Seizing the opportunity to force the Tunku to step down, Dr Mahathir, Abdul Razak Hussein and Haron Idris were the key players in Umno politics.

JMD : So, since the chronology is all wrong, Stephen Ng had to improvise about this fictitious plot. If he had read Tunku’s own book, May 13 Before and After, Tunku himself admit there was no such thing. In fact, Tunku was the one suggested to form Mageran (don’t know what Mageran is? Look it up, Stephen).

To reach that state of Emergency, they had to lash it out on the economically stronger community – the Chinese, and in particular, the DAP, accusing the DAP as a provocateur. Why only the DAP and not the MCA, as both were also Chinese? The present MCA does not even come close to the MCA of those days, when it was still popular with the New Villages.

JMD : Stephen Ng must be such a simpleton. It was the DAP and the Labour Party who acted as provocateurs. There are no two ways about it. The undeniable FACT is, DAP was the provocateurs! Why is this so hard to swallow? Of course MCA wasn’t involved in the victory procession and provoking the malays in Kuala Lumpur on the 11th, 12th and 13th of May 1969. MCA was with the Alliance. And they lost badly. Why on earth would Stephen Ng want to bundle up MCA as the guilty party as well?

Fact is, DAP members who are mostly chinese and the now defunct Labour as well as Gerakan Party which were made up mostly of Indians and chinese were doing all the rankling against the malays.

It clearly shows this was not a racial riot, but the political manipulation by a few.

JMD : Yes and this is based on all the above fiction? Have you not seen pictures from that day?

In my opinion, everything was lumped into one big blame on the DAP because they won big. This is the same modus operandi used by Umno Baru till today, except that this time around, it is not only the DAP, but Pakatan taking over the state of Selangor.

JMD : Your opinion is wrong. Yes Stephen, your effort to absolve DAP of any guilt is as absurd as Kia Soong’s book. We can smell the desperation there. Afraid that your beloved DAP was actually a villain back then? Couldn’t accept the reality that DAP then (and now) were racist to the core? Judging from your racist jibe about Mahathir, you and DAP are in the same mould as well.

Our advice to Stephen Ng is this – in order to be a good writer on history or any subjects, one must read a lot more materials. Not just books by Kua Kia Soong, but also books from other writers.

Therefore to save society from people who write bad articles, we beg Stephen Ng to read just thesee two materials as a start:

The true and fair view of 13th May 1969 Racial Riots (there are some cool pictures in here Stephen, mostly on the chinese DAP etc throwing insults and provoking the malays)

White Paper on the May 13, 1969 Racial Riots

After reading these two, we assure Stephen Ng that the riots on May 13, 1969 were indeed, racial. Please do not lie to your readers. It is already too much that you look down on other people’s ‘kind’, please do not be a liar too.

Thank you.

Also, please read – “May 13 NOT a racial riot” — and so the Dapster denial begins

Why is DAP so eager to censure Tanda Putera?

Why is DAP so eager to censure Tanda Putera without any of their leaders seen it?


DAP is so against Tanda Putera because it is a fact that they were one of the villains during May 13 racial riots and one of its leaders at that time is still alive today.

Don’t torture yourself with endless possibilities; for more information, just read:

NOC White Paper

The true and fair view of 13th May 1969 Racial Riots

Thank you and Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Top 10 Little Uncircumspect, Uncircumcised Reasons for the Malay Vote Swings in PRU-13

I received this article from Apocryphalist for the benefit of all readers out there. His other articles on other matters can be read here and here.


Top 10 Little Uncircumspect, Uncircumcised Reasons for the Malay Vote Swings in PRU-13

A total political tsunami, including a massive exodus of malay voters swinging over to the Pakatan, would have happened had it not been for some minor silly mistakes that the entire PR machinery had brought about. Remember: the kingmakers are the rakyat. And in particular, the Kampung folks and the deep suburban housewives and youngsters, and the oil palm plantation workers and the estate rubber tappers. The east coast fishermen and the west coast factory workers. These are the silent giants, the mute decision makers. You won’t want to cross them.  And crossing them was what happened in the recent election. Let’s have a look at some of them here: some of them had been gelled for some time already, while some of them emerged just a few days before election day:-

1) Cute But Vulnerable Election Slogans. It’s good to have catchy little slogans that people can carry and shout around, not to mention to make stickers with which you can stick everywhere. But if you do that, can you please make sure that they are soooo invincible that it leaves no one, and I mean no one, able  to find alternative, albeit equally catchy, phrases? So for example:-

a) Asalkan Bukan UMNO. Or ABU, as created by lawyer Harris Ibrahim. Almost overnight, its sensation and impact drizzles down when the pro-Umno guys came up with an alternative of what the acronym really stands for: Allah Bersama UMNO! Yes, that Allah that the DAP wants to share, remember? But frankly, among the kampong folks, which one do you think is more appealing: the Asalkan Bukan one or the Allah Bersama one?

b) Ini Kali Lah. I thought this one would be cute too, when lo and behold, the BN Dead Poets Society came up with their own version of what the PR reeeeaaaalllly means: Lain Kali Saja Lah

2) Cute and Witty but Harmful Remarks. Irrespective of how much you hate Dr Mahathir, no one (apart from some die-hard Mahathir dissenters in Rocky Bru’s comment columns) would so much hate the former Prime Minister vehemently. So imagine your PR number one man saying something like “Kalau mahu mati, mati saja lah …” So the karma goes back to him. And what about that do’a by the brother of Nik Aziz: “KO UMNO! KO UMNO! KO UMNO!” So it got the common and ordinary folks into thinking … hey this is really unbecoming of a group of people who claims truth and righteousness side with them. And they voted …

3) Cute Little Multimedias. Well, we’ve seen them all. The mirip Anwar sommersaulting the China Doll. The mirip Anwar groping a guy’s scrotum in a hotel room. The mirip Anwar sweet-talking a boy in another hotel room, believed to be the rudimentary beginnings of foreplay. Then there’s the mirip Azmin Ali offering some Cornetto to a lady friend in a bathroom. The mirip Stopa Ali asking his … err… wife… to massage him for RM1400 after … err… performing his duty as a husband. Yes yes I know. People are tired and loathsome with all these raunchy videos, but then, they either go back to their homes believing that UMNO is such a GRRREEAAAT filmmaker to come up with movies so very much like the original people that even great Hollywood directors could not do, or … there MAY be something to it. There MAY be something to all these allegations and proofs after all. And they thought and they thought. And then they voted.

But the voters look beyond these videos and multimedia. They observe silently, pool all the information they gather around them, and put two and two together. For example, this is what they have been thinking:

    • Nasharuddin Isa takes a trip with Najib to meet some Mid East scholars and he’s expelled? (When he was shown flanking ranks with some DAP harbis he was considered a hero)
    • Hassan Ali insisting that malay-filled Shah Alam should not be selling alcohol in public and raided a premise that did, and when he opposed Ronnie Lieuw to ask the government to “put them alcohol back”, he was expelled?
    • When Stopa Ali’s mirip video was shown, the entire PAS machinery deem it Unislamic to expose a person’s keaiban? But much earlier Hadi Awang goes on record to say that it is okay to expose the wrongdoings of a leader, and he means his raunchy ones too, if it is for the reason of telling the voters what kind of man that that particular leader is. He was, of course, referring only to BN leaders.
    • When PR leader championed LGBT, Pluralism, Israeli rights etc, none of the PAS leaders bat an eyelid?

4) A Little Over-the-Top Be Bop Flip Flop. Well how would you like to vote for leaders who, at one point says that there shall be no hudud and thereafter says that there shall. First the name of Allah can be used by those who don’t believe in His Oneness and then (for the sake of votes) say that they can’t. First you say Lynas will produce mutant babies and therafter say that it is safe. If you can flip before elections, say the voters, what makes you think that you cannot flop right after it?

5) The Lahad Datu Fiasco. Reports of Tian Chua and Sivarasa’s trip to Manila just before the intruders intruded, and Nur Misuari’s open support for PR as well as Anwar Ibrahim’s meeting before him prior to the fiasco, made people wonder just what the hell is going on. But when lives are lost, they decided they if they can’t defend their sovereignty using guns, they would do so using their voting rights. And they did.

6) The Open Zionist Israeli support for the PR. Oh Brother! Of all these 10 reasons, this one is perhaps the stupidest of all. I mean, what were they THINKING? And who was it that convinced those Israeli firsters to shoot a video of themselves and send it to Ziono-phobic Malaysia to gain votes? I mean, I would even to start believing that there are certain sections in DAP out to sabotage the party by convincing them to do this one up. Either that, or the DAP really should replace their strategists. This point is self-explanatory.

7) Increasingly glaring revelations by Anwar’s closest friends and aides. Yes. The ones who know Anwar rightly and deeply are not the Surendrans or the Sivarasas or the Rafizi Ramlis who just got to know Anwar only since last year or so. The people who were with Anwar for like more than 4 decades—the ones who created ABIM together with him, who supported him even before he was UMNO, the ones who were his schoolmates, the ones who defended him in court 15 years back, the ones who taught together with him in Yayasan Anda right during the days when Anwar still goes around in buses in rubber slippers. These are the ones who have left him, for good reasons. And the reasons, the gory details for their doing so, is scattered everywhere in the the net. And it’s not a pretty picture, I tell you!

8) Saiful’s Kaabah Sumpah Laknat. Folks, do not belittle the power of Sumpah Laknat. You know, the one that starts with Wallahi, WaTallahi, WaBillahi … A muslim can rob, a muslim can steal, a muslim can entertain his neighbour’s wife playing konda-kondi wearing expensive Calvin Klein socks and nothing else, but ask him to perform this sumpah, he wouldn’t dare. And in front of the Kaabah? Doubly wouldn’t dare. And isn’t this the very exact introductory sumpah that became the pivotal statement of Najib’s oath as a Prime Minister in front of the Agong yesterday? And let’s say, takdirwise, and nau’zubillah, that Anwar DID become prime minister. Wouldn’t he have to undergo the same sumpah in front of the Agong? That very sumpah that Anwar says is unislamic, unnecessary and above all, means nothing? And latest is, just a few days before the polls, came the exploding revelation of this former Anwar aide by the name of Rahimi. He was a close friend to Saiful, and man! Those who had any doubts in Saiful before, better be hearing this guy out. The details, the very clear picture of what happened at the heights of the Saiful allegations on Anwar, those few hours preceding it … there is absolutely no way at all that this guy could be lying. Who else would know that much detail? And equipped with all this, the silent voter goes to the polls.

9) Very dubious Characters of PR strongmen. And very strange ones too, not to mention horny. First they caught a PAS guy doing acrobatics with another man’s wife inside a train—caught red handed by the jilted husband himself! Brought him to the Tok Guru, and the latter, in the manner of a Catholic Pope, announced that said playboy had already been pardoned by Allah! Luckily no monetary indulgences were necessary. And then they trapped this PKR biggie talking to a mole in the internet, who was able to convince the guy to open up his pants and beat his meat in front of the camera. And then they sort of put two and two together, and lo and behold, suddenly Mat Sabu’s Room 121 case, Ustaz Badrul Amin’s tryst with another guy’s wife in hotel room etc etc seem all too real, too believable and too … humanly possible!

10) The sudden realization of what the WHOLE thing means. There is an overwhelming suspicion that says the Chinese are really not against corruption and fairness and transparency etc etc at all. For if applying the same standards, they would have equally complained about PR-led states like Selangor and Penang too. But of course when cornered they can always shift the blame to faulty Microsoft Excels or convenient typing errors, such errors sometimes potentially costing a billion ringgit or two. But apparently, the Object of Contention is the Malays! Yes, their slogan Malaysian Malaysia really means, Chinese Malaysia. I mean, that’s what are in the minds of these simple folk voters as to what it really means. And after the ordeal is over, especially in Gelang Patah, it is clear that chinese voters would prefer Mummy-Foo’ed Kit Siang who, in his 40 years of existence, had absolutely nothing to prove of his worth as a Malaysian politician, over squeaky-clean Ghani Othman, the architect of Modern Johore Development, just because Ghani is a malay and Kit Siang is a chinese. That, along with pictures like the ones shown below, are not helping voters to side not along racial lines at all:-


Suddenly, the voters awoke from their slumber. Suddenly, the kampong voters stop to ponder what it all means:-

  1. Here’s a vote to allow LGBT to take roots in Malaysia
  2. Here’s a vote to make me complicit in establishing pluralism as a national Ideology
  3. Here’s a vote to abolish, or reduce, article 153
  4. Here’s a vote to UBAH … for the worse !


“What more do the chinese want?”

Utusan Malaysia today asked a very pertinent question and perhaps the most important question any leader in Barisan Nasional worth his salt would be asking – “What more do the chinese want?”

The article stated the facts that had been happening during Najib’s tenure as prime minister and his effort in wooing the chinese towards Barisan Nasional. Judging by theresults of the recently concluded general election, those initiatives and special treatment accorded to the chinese community wasn’t appreciated in the form of votes.

Basically, the utusan journalist – Zulkiflee Bakar showed his tremendous journalism skill in asking the right and brave question. A question which non of the Barisan Nasional leaders dare to say it out loud and non of the chinese voters will answer truthfully.

So, the question has been asked.

What would be the answer? Most likely, the chinese that didn’t vote BN will answer along these lines –

a) We want democracy, zero corruption and more transparency.

b) We have had enough of over 50 years of the same government.

c) We want to end race based politics

e) We want to stop discrimination against the non-malays.

f) Any other politically correct answers.

All the answers above are mild answers but not really the CORRECT answer. This is because, all the reasons given above happens in Pakatan Rakyat as well.

For instance:

a) There is no democracy and transparency in Pakatan Rakyat especially in DAP and PKR. DAP has gag orders and PKR has an unelected leader as their leader for life. DAP’s elections were rigged and now they are in trouble with the ROS. As for corruption, who would forget Nga Kor Ming’s tailoring contract to his wife? Or Ngeh Koo Ham’s business venture into getting lands in Kelantan worth millions of ringgit? Not to mention, Lim Guan Eng’s RM4.3 billion (I lost count on the cost changes of this project) tunnel project fiasco which undoubtedly will have a toll running for decades when it is completed. The chinese must have been kidding when they didn’t vote Barisan Nasional because they wanted democracy, zero corruption and more transparency. Therefore, this is not the real answer.

b) DAP has a leader which has been at the helm for nearly 45 years! Hence, the chinese contention that they are sick of the length Barisan Nasional in power, does not hold power. Unless of course, this is also not the real answer.

c) Pakatan Rakyat not only has a race based politics, they are also religion based party. With chinese dominated DAP whereby it is the chinese that control their central command, there is actually no power sharing among the races in DAP. Everyone must pay homage to the one and only dictator and his son, the little emperor. DAP is also very much christian in their outlook while at the end of the spectrum, PAS and their islamic firebrand kind of politics. It is only a matter of time, these two parties will implode from within and hopefully near each other due to their vast dichotomy of different ideologies. On the other hand, only the blind will deny that Barisan Nasional is a race based party as it is a coalition of multi racial parties. The power has been diluted and shared among the many different ethnics and communities. If Umno had its way in monopolising power just for itself, this country would have been very different indeed. Obviously, for the chinese to hate race based politics is not the real answer too.

d) In Pakatan Rakyat, the discrimination against non-malays is quite rampant as what we can see in Selangor when under the leadership of Khalid Ibrahim (and his DAP masters), many indian shrines or temples were abolished without warming or compensation. The plight of the folks from Kampung Buah Pala was greatly neglected after Lim Guan Eng attained power in Penang in 2008. You can’t be telling one party that you dislike the discrimination against non-malays but close one eye towards the discrimination performed by your OWN party. Hence, the chinese do not really care about the discrimination against the non-malays and this is really not the answer. If discrimination does exist, maybe because Barisan Nasional liked the chinese so much to enable that community to produce dozens of billionaires in this county. That is discrimination.

So what is the real answer?

What is it do they want?

It can be found between the lines in the article below. An answer which the DAP leadership do not want to say it out loud because it is a sensitive subject towards their partners in Pakatan Rakyat. That is why the DAP leaders today was so riled up by this article in Utusan. It touches their nerves. Utusan called their bluff. How could this Zulkiflee Bakar asked them this question? They can never answer it truthfully because it will only expose their true objective.

Kudos Zulkiflee Bakar for this terrific journalism. As the saying goes, great journalism is the ability to ask the right and the difficult question.

Apa lagi orang Cina mahu?

Masyarakat Cina gagal dalam usaha mereka untuk menumbangkan kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) yang orang Melayu menjadi terasnya.

Kegagalan itu sudah tentulah mengecewakan mereka yang amat berharap dalam Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 (PRU-13) ia menjadi medan untuk mereka ‘menguburkan’ UMNO melalui kejayaan pakatan pembangkang.

Biarpun mereka melakukan gerakan yang dilihat bersepadu di seluruh negara dengan memastikan hampir semua undi diberikan kepada parti cauvinis, DAP dan calon-calon pakatan pembangkang lain khususnya Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) namun ia belum cukup menumbangkan kepimpinan BN yang UMNO menjadi tonggak utama.

Justeru tidak hairanlah, semalam puak-puak yang dianggap tidak tahu mengenang budi ini melakukan tindakan yang memualkan apabila melancarkan apa yang dipanggil silent walk.

Program itu bertujuan menyatakan protes kononnya PRU-13 dijalankan secara tidak bersih dan mereka mahu rakyat bangkit melakukan protes berjalan secara senyap di kompleks-kompleks membeli-belah.

Malahan dalam laman Facebook dan Twitter tersebar gambar perbuatan biadab sekumpulan remaja Cina yang bergambar bersama Jalur Gemilang yang diterbalikkan.

Persoalannya apa lagi yang puak- puak ini mahu dalam bahasa mudah, ‘apa lagi orang Cina mahu’! Tidak cukupkah DAP memenangi 38 kerusi daripada 51 kerusi yang parti itu tandingi dan seterusnya menjadikan ia parti dominan dalam pakatan pembangkang.

Mungkin kekecewaan mereka biarpun diberi layanan yang begitu istimewa oleh kerajaan BN kerana pakatan pembangkang gagal memerintah.

Mereka membuat percaturan jika pakatan pembangkang menang ia akan membolehkan Ahli Parlimen Permatang Pauh, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dilantik Perdana Menteri dan Ahli Parlimen Gelang Patah, Lim Kit Siang sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri Kedua.

Melalui cara itu, mereka berharap ia boleh dijadikan platform untuk membuat pelbagai tuntutan termasuklah mungkin menganggu gugat hak orang Melayu yang sudah termaktub dalam Perlembagaan.

Hakikatnya, masyarakat Cina sememangnya sudah lama menyimpan hasrat untuk memiliki kuasa politik yang kuat.

Berikutan kesediaan PKR dan Pas bekerjasama dengan DAP, masyarakat Cina melihat PRU-13 peluang terbaik, justeru mereka keluar habis-habisan mengundi dan memberi isyarat untuk menolak BN.

Segala kebaikan yang ditunjukkan Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yang mempelopori gagasan 1Malaysia langsung tidak dihargai.

Malahan kesudian Perdana Menteri melayani dan mempertimbangkan serta bertemu dengan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) cauvinis Cina, Dong Zhong turut dilupakan begitu sahaja.

Begitu juga dengan pelbagai program, projek dan tuntutan masyarakat Cina yang hampir keseluruhannya dilaksana dan dipenuhi oleh kerajaan BN.

Tetapi ternyata, mereka menjadi kelompok yang tidak tahu membalas budi. Mereka hanya bijak bersandiwara di hadapan pemimpin-pemimpin BN dengan tujuan memperoleh apa yang mereka hajati.

Apa yang mereka pohon diluluskan tetapi undi diberi kepada DAP. Kini mereka cuba pula hendak mencetuskan suasana tidak tenteram apabila melakukan pelbagai protes yang boleh membangkitkan kemarahan orang Melayu.

Kelompok seumpama ini perlu diperingatkan bahawa jangan sampai mereka dilihat terlalu melampau untuk membuat tuntutan politik mereka kerana kesabaran orang Melayu ada hadnya.

Dan apa yang pasti seperti mana kata bekas Ketua Menteri Melaka, Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali Rustam; ”… mereka kata orang Melayu rasis sebaliknya, kali ini mereka sangat rasis.”

Background story of DAP cybertroopers

“Jujur saya kata cybertroopers DAP dan laman laman page DAP di alam media adalah jauh lebih teruk dari Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian dan mana mana suratkhabar yang mereka dakwa diketuai oeh MCA atau Umno. Why?” – Shen Yee Aun

(watch the video below for the answer.)

The video below is an interview of Shen Yee Aun, a former DAP Youth leader which shows the extent of DAP’s wicked tactics of hatred, racism and immorality in their political agenda. Many exposures come to light and names being highlighted which greatly implicates the perpetrators towards these heinous activities. Do watch it.

Below is an article published in The Mole which is somewhat connected to what Shen Yee Aun said above.

In an email to the Editor, Calvin Sankaran wrote:

Ambiga, the co-chairperson of BERSIH and several senior leaders of Pakatan Rakya (PR) have predicted in interviews with foreign media that the upcoming 13th General Election (GE) would be the “dirtiest ever”, and said they were expecting the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) to resort to desperate measures to cling on to power.

Unfortunately, their prediction did come true though not in the manner that they had anticipated. Indeed the 13th GE campaign is proving to be the most bitterly contested and dirtiest ever, but the perpetrators turned out to be not from the ruling party BN but from their rivals Pakatan Rakyat.

Many Malaysians are shocked and disgusted by the daily acts of violence, harassment and bullying by PR leaders and thuggish supporters who seems to hell-bent on winning the electoral race this time with their war cry of “Ini Kali lah”.

The latest act of gutter politics is the distribution of the photo of a mock altar with joss sticks and candles placed in front of a picture of the Prime Minister. Before this, international superstar and Malaysian darling Michelle Yeoh was mercilessly abused and attacked in social media for declaring her support for Najib. Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed numerous BN operation centres across the nation being bombed, torched and attacked by supporters of Pakatan.

In the past we have seen how some BN women leaders were threatened with bodily harm and even gang rape for making public statements in support of the ruling coalition. Those criticising PR and even giving the merest hint of disagreeing with their policies are branded as “traitors”, “running dogs”, “prostitutes” or worse. Many BN candidates in the GE are also complaining of PR campaigners’ dangerous racial and religious tactics to win votes.

In the lawless frontier of cyberspace and social media, the situation is even worse. The fearsome and thuggish cybertroopers of PR roam and control the social media universe with total impunity – bullying and intimidating anyone who dares to disagree with their political views and pummelling BN supporters and neutrals into submission. They spread rumors, incite hate, create highly-inflammatory photoshopped banners and pictures, and manufacture false stories of racial inequality, corruption, crime, etc.

It is not hard to see the root cause and source of such despicable and desperate tactics. The senior leaders of Pakatan routinely employ politics of hate and violence against their BN counterparts, in their speeches as well as in their postings in social media.

NGOs like Bersih, Tindak Malaysia, Pemantau, MCLM and others, ostensibly independent but in reality integral parts of Pakatan’s campaign machine, deploy the same hate tactics while pretending to be peace-loving activists for democracy, human rights and clean elections.

One of the leaders of Bersih is spearheading a campaign called Anything But UMNO (ABU), which has the stated objective of removing BN from power “at any lengths or any costs”. He also ominously declared that the group members are ready to become martyrs and asked the PM if he’s ready die.

Another DAP leader contesting in Pahang had threatened to burn down the Lynas plant while another prominent Bersih activist warned that he will lead a regime change via Arab Spring-type violent street demos if Pakatan does not win the GE.

One senior DAP leader, well known for his hubris and highly-confrontational style, often uses highly-offensive adjectives such as “racist”, “corrupt” and “cruel” in attacking BN and equates the ruling government with the mass-murdering Nazi regime. A state assemblywoman from Selangor who is active in social media often uses religious imagery and themes to cast BN/UMNO as evil and immoral.

Not too long ago, the DAP produced a video plagiarising the popular Korean pop star Psy’s hit song “Gangnam Style” sung to political lyrics and titled “Ubah Rocket Style”. With such cheap stunts the DAP seems to be sending the message that it condones music piracy. However the bigger and more serious concern was the content, which was highly seditious and vulgar. It contained personal attacks on the PM’s family and linked government leaders to the death of Altantunya and Teoh Beng Hock.

When the Opposition leaders themselves engage in such hate politics and break the law, it is not surprising that their supporters are emboldened and inspired by their examples. If Pakatan leaders wish to see the country remain peaceful and achieve democratic maturity, then they must renounce this politics of hate and culture of violence, and most importantly, walk the talk.

Lim Guan Eng : Political ploy gone wrong

In an astounding turn of event, it was revealed that the reason Lim Guan Eng went ballistic and became all Hitler-ish over the Registrar of Society (ROS) last week was simply because ROS do not recognise the top leadership of DAP due to the hanky panky done during the DAP party election back in December 2012.

The letter, which was published in Rockybru detailed the extent of serious breach in DAP’s own party regulations. ROS had, in so many polite words, told Lim Guan Eng that DAP has been given a month from the date of the letter to put forward the correct measures otherwise ROS may act accordingly. It seems the hanky panky done during their party election had indeed contravened their own set of laws hence, some of their own members lodged report to ROS.

But what did Lim Guan Eng do?

He barked back at ROS to revoke the letter otherwise DAP may choose to use their partners’ party logo instead.

But with this revelation, the reason why he demanded ROS to revoke the letter is because he has no way out. There is no way he can produce all that was requested by ROS as per para 3.1 and 3.2 below:

Dictatorial tendency often have lackadaisical attitude towards own set of governance

Dictatorial and autocratic leadership of DAP often has lackadaisical attitude towards its own set of governance

In other words, Lim Guan Eng wasn’t even worried about the use of logo.

He and his cadre, especially the supporters of his family are more worried that they will lose via a mutiny should there be a re-election. Many members in DAP had expressed shock and disapproval after Lim Guan Eng and accomplices had bulldozed their way into parachuting their loyal spaniel, Zairil Khir Johari into their Central Executive Committee (CEC), a conclave only meant for the Lim Dynasty and their stooges.

As of today, has any leaders in DAP ever say anything about the logos? It was a non-issue to begin with, and a red herring to be exact.

They are actually squirming like a worm hoping that Pakatan will win the federal government so that this problem will go away if they are in power.

But if they don’t win it, be sure that they will use their own inaction in doing exactly nothing during this one-month grace period given by ROS to find support from the public in battling their self-made problems.

This is the first time in the longest time that we can see a politician, who supposedly be a role model of efficiency, transparency and clean governance (as he always claim to be), uses his own mistakes and stupidity in ensuring efficient and smooth party election, to gain sympathy from the masses.

What was more humiliating, his father, the even bigger dictator cried in front of camera for the world to see, citing injustice done by Barisan Nasional and ROS.

Have they no shame?

It was just a political ploy of squeezing in a henchman, gone wrong. Deal with it at your party level. Don’t drag the whole nation along with it.

A Samad Said does not want Anwar Ibrahim to become Prime Minister

When a person is so desperate and become too biased in his thinking, inadvertently he will become stupid. That is the case of A Samad Said. Sensing that he has no more other ideas to condemn the government led by Barisan Nasional, he blurted a racial statement which not only seemed idiotic, but has revealed that he can offer Pakatan absolutely nothing in this election campaign.

He questioned (in red below) the race of all our Prime Ministers (former and current) and remarked why are they all malays. He remarked that it is high time for voters to be critical of this fact. In his mind, there should be a Prime Minister of a different race other than malays in the near future.

With this statement, I believe A Samad Said, in his intellectual capacity, will have to go against his own Pakatan Rakyat’s choice of Prime Minister and reject the malay Anwar Ibrahim if Pakatan Rakyat wins this general election. A Samad Said must also reject Abdul Hadi Awang, the President of PAS because he too, is a malay.

But who does A Samad Said root for to be the Prime Minister? Would it be Lim Guan Eng? That seems to be plausible since DAP is the biggest opposition party right now.

Openly campaigning for Pakatan, Pak Samad tells voters to oust BN


APRIL 06, 2013

SELAYANG, April 6 — Bersih 2.0 co-chairman Datuk A. Samad Said openly called on voters today to support the opposition and use this “once chance” to end Barisan Nasional’s (BN) rule in Election 2013.

This is the first time the national literary icon popularly known as Pak Samad, has openly urged Malaysians to back the federal opposition coalition to “overhaul” the government and “amend the broken machinery” like healthcare and education, which Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has promised to deliver.

“This is our chance… the time has come for us to overhaul the government to that power would fall in the right hands.

“This is our opportunity to amend the broken machinery like healthcare, education and democracy of which have been promised by the opposition,” he said at an event organised by polls reform group Bersih 2.0 here.

Bersih 2.0, a coalition of over 80 non-governmental organisations, has in the past been forced to defend itself against criticisms calling it a partisan group, largely due to the immense support it had received from PR leaders for its street protests.

The former national laureate Samad (picture) said now is a critical time for voters to ask themselves why the same coalition has ruled Malaysia for more than five decades and why is it those in power are only Malays.”I am also a Malay but I often asked why is it that the powers above me are only Malays?

“Tunku Abdul Rahman was a Malay, (Tun) Abdul Razak was a Malay, (Tun) Hussein Onn was a Malay, (Tun Dr) Mahathir (Mohamad) is not a pure Malay but can be considered a Malay.. (Datuk Seri) Najib (Razak) is also a Malay,” he said.

Despite a solid Malay leadership for five 56 years, Samad pointed to the racist tactic used by the ruling coalition to keep the country’s ethnic majority on its side.

Since A Samad Said (and Bersih) is no longer non-partisan, we can deduce that Bersih is a full fledged opposition outfit. It has been a foregone conclusion for the past few years that Bersih is the Street Demo Division of Pakatan Rakyat and with this all out support by A Samad Said, there is no longer any doubt.

However, what A Samad Said had said run contrary to what his colleague in PAS had said. The vice president of PAS, Salahuddin Ayub just told the media that there is no way a chinese will be the prime minister.


Perhaps he is saying this in front of an audience which was mainly Malays? Maybe. Pakatan leaders have always played to the gallery. After all, their God-sent leader, Anwar Ibrahim is the chief chameleon.

GE13: A Chinese will never be PM, says PAS veep Salahuddin

Salahuddin Ayub

JOHOR BARU: A Chinese will never be Prime Minister or the Johor Mentri Besar if Pakatan Rakyat comes to power, said PAS vice president Salahuddin Ayub.

He said that it was impossible for DAP to offer a Chinese candidate for these positions as they were only contesting 50 of the 222 Parliament seats.

“I do not think that the Chinese and Indians are interested in becoming the Prime Minister or even the Agong,” he said.

“As for the position in the state, it says in state bylaws that only a Malay and a Muslim can be the Mentri Besar in Johor.”

He added that the same accusations surfaced when Datuk Chua Jui Meng was appointed the Johor PKR chief and had resurfaced with DAP advisor Lim kit Siang contesting in Gelang Patah.

Salahuddin is tipped to contest the Pulai parliamentary and the state seat of Nusajaya.

It is quite extraordinary for Salahuddin Ayub to say this actually. He sounded just like Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa. If any of the Barisan Nasional leaders had said this, they would be deemed as racist by the Malaysian First hypocrites like Hannah Yeoh or Lim Kit Siang.

But with A Samad Said not wanting a malay as Prime Minister, we can see there will be more peculiarities coming from Pakatan Rakyat in this next few weeks. And for A Samad Said’s information, there is nothing wrong with a malay being the prime minister. Thinking too much on the racial lines makes you a racist yourself.

And finally, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a malay through and through. Only his paternal grandfather is of indian blood. The rest, (maternal grandparents and paternal grandmother) were of malay descent. Moreover, Tun Hussein Onn’s grandmother was from Turkey but according to A Samad Said’s standard, Hussein Onn is pure malay. All this double standard and total ignorance is unbecoming of a national laureate. True enough, when you are prejudiced, you become irrational.

Do we really want to vote these people? (addendum)

I have unfairly excluded a couple of names in my previous post which I deem unacceptable. From the comments received, it is a known fact that there are many people who we feel will not do a good job representing us in the government but as a disclaimer, the names mentioned in this article and the previous one are the critical ones. Remember, some people vote for the party, not the individuals. Huge chunk of voters, especially the fence sitters will look at all the candidates representing a party, and not just the candidate representing their constituency.

1) Nazri Aziz

In 2004, Nazri Aziz announced that he will retire in 5 years time at the age of 54. He is now 59. That is already 5 years overdue. If he is still lobbying to be a candidate in this upcoming general elections, he will be another one of those hypocritical politician which only deserve our contempt.

Nazri firm on quitting politics

KUALA LUMPUR: If things go according to Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz’s plans four years from now, he will be on board the legendary Orient Express train, somewhere between France and Siberia.

The trip is on the top of the list of things that the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department wants to do after his targeted retirement age of 54.

“I can’t imagine myself a minister till I am very old,” he said when interviewed on Thursday, reaffirming his wish to serve his last term in the government and Umno after being active in politics for 26 years.

Asked when he started feeling that he wanted to quit, Nazri, who turned 50 on May 12, said: “It’s something about turning 50. If I retire when my term ends, I will be 54 and that is just nice. There is life after politics.”

Nazri, who used to practise law between 1978 and 1995, said his decision was not because he felt sidelined by the leadership.

“It is more because I have been in politics for too long and missed out on things I enjoyed doing and spending time with family,” he said.

“But foremostly, I want to pave the way for younger leaders. For it (Umno) to be strong there must be rejuvenation and there comes a time when you yourself have to ensure this happens.

“There are many people who have held their posts for a long time and I am one of them who are dispensable,” he added.

Nazri, however, stressed that he was speaking on his role and not about other leaders. He said his decision to give way to other capable people was in line with the reforms that Abdullah was implementing.

The minister started his political career as an Umno executive council member, soon after his return from Britain in 1978 where he had read law at Lincoln’s Inn.

He was appointed to the Dewan Negara in 1991 and served as a senator until 1995. After winning his Parliament seat, he was made Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (1995-1999).

In 1999, he was appointed Deputy Finance Minister II and later promoted to Entrepreneur Development Minister, a post he kept until the last general election in March.

After the election, he was given his present post as minister in charge of parliament affairs.

“When my term expires in 2009, I would have served in the Cabinet for 18 years. When the time comes and my service is no longer needed, I will go,” he said.

Asked if he would continue if the leadership wanted him to, he said: “It is my wish that this be my last term. But when you want to quit you must bear in mind there are others who can make decisions for you.”

Nazri also said he had asked to serve as the minister in charge of parliament affairs after the 1999 general election but was not given the job.

“Pak Lah (Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) has actually given me what I wanted to do,” he said.

“The Prime Minister’s Department is a super ministry and there is no reason for any of the Ministers in the Prime Minister’s Department to feel sidelined for getting the job.”

The father of three grown-up children said he had not spoken to his family about his decision to make this his last term “because they and supporters want me to stay in politics.”

He said he wanted to retire at an age when he still felt “energetic and strong to do the things I always wanted to do.”

PM Najib should have sent Nazri Aziz away within 6 months after he assumed the premiership. But that didn’t happen. If Najib had done it then, Nazri would have found himself in Siberia by now. So for this election, we bid him farewell.

2) Nor Mohamed Yakcop

What can we say about this former Finance Minister II during Pak Lah’s reign? The current minister in charge of the Economic Planning Unit was aligned with Pak Lah and deemed as his most trusted ally in the free-wheeling of our country’s financial plunder. This much maligned politician was very much in charge of the nation’s coffers from 2004 to 2008 which gave us a few disturbing headlines back then. Can we still remember:

a) Spent half a billion ringgit on Monsoon Cup and Crystal Mosque.

b) Bought/lease a private airbus costing millions.

c) The group of advisers termed as 4th Floor boys running around creating mischief with Nor Mohamed Yakcop as the executor of those mischievous plans.

d) More than a billion ringgit was paid to compensate the cancellation of the Scenic Bridge; more than the cost of actually building it.

e) Millions of ringgit were spent to buy a yacht in Turkey.

f) Didn’t bat an eyelid when he sold MV Agusta for only €1.

g) Wang Ehsan totalling RM7 billion ringgit went to Terengganu. But had Terengganu really benefitted from it?

What added-value can we gain from Nor Mohamed Yakcop this time around? Do we really need to award him with another round of ministerial post with all those ugly track records? It is time to retire peacefully.

When exposed, Lim Guan Eng will continue to deceive

I would like to ask the person who always had the propensity to tell lies, a few questions. That person in Lim Guan Eng.

In his statement lambasting Umno and Utusan Malaysia today (which can be read here), he mentioned that his Pulau Pinang has allocated RM500 million to build affordable houses (rumah mampu milik) for the people.

The whole of that article is to justify why Lim Guan Eng didn’t use any money from the Akaun Amanah Perumahan Bumiputera amounting to RM33.6 million to build affordable houses. This was reported in the AG Report 2011 where monies from this account was left unused. As the result, DAP was rebuked by Umno Pulau Pinang for reneging on their responsibilities to build affordable housing for the bumiputeras there.

One of the paragraphs Lim Guan Eng said:

Sungguhpun adalah tanggungjawab kerajaan pusat untuk membina rumah mampu milik, kerajaan negeri PR Pulau Pinang telah mencatatkan rekod yang tidak pernah dilakukan dengan memperuntukkan RM 500 juta untuk membina rumah mampu milik di seluruh negeri Pulau Pinang, termasuk di kawasan pulau. Usaha mengumpulkan wang RM500 juta bukanlah mudah dan perlu 4 tahun untuk mencapainya. RM500 juta hanya cukup untuk membina 18,000 yunit rumah mampu milik kepada semua rakyat pada 5 tahun yang akan datang.

So the story is:

a) RM500million has been allocated by the state to build 18,000 units for the next 5 years

b) As the result, each house costs about RM27,778. One wonders how could he build an affordable home for less than RM30,000.

Anyway, in order to tell the public why the money wasn’t used to build the homes, the manipulative Lim Guan Eng gave the excuse that it takes more than RM33.6 million to build 350 units.

Lagipun wang akaun amanah tidak mencukupi kerana untuk membina 350 yunit rumah kos sederhana rendah, kos pembinaan tanpa kira kos tanah menjangkau RM35 juta.

If to build an affordable home costs only RM27,778 then for 350 units, it will only cost RM9.7 million in total.

Is he saying that to build affordable homes, even without the cost of land, it requires RM100,000 for each unit?! (RM35 million divide by 350 = RM100,000)

What kind of mathematical stunt is he trying to do?

Truth be told that in AG Report 2010, it was discovered that Lim Guan Eng did not even build a single unit of low cost house since he took over the state in 2008!

Lim Guan Eng wants us to empathise with him that RM500 million was very difficult to obtain and it took him 4 years to get that amount. But this is another lie that he tries to sell.

If we look at the AG Report 2011, there was no allocation provided at all. There is no money in the coffers exist to actually finance this venture. 18,000 units of affordable housing would have been made from thin air.

In AG Report 2011, the development with this magnitude would have come under Rancangan Malaysia ke10 (RMK10) which started in 2011 and for the period of 5 years. But as can be seen in the report, no such allocation were made to build affordable housing for the next 5 years.

From the report:

Rancangan Malaysia Kesepuluh (RMKe-10) Negeri Pulau Pinang untuk tempoh 5 tahun bermula pada tahun 2011. Rancangan ini digubal bagi menjelaskan strategi, program dan projek yang akan diperkenal dan dilaksanakan untuk mencapai objektif pembangunan Pulau Pinang iaitu untuk mencapai pembangunan mampan dengan jaminan bahawa rakyatnya dapat menikmati urus tadbir yang baik, kualiti hidup yang tinggi dan tahap keperkasaan yang tinggi. Ia adalah signifikan ke arah menggerakkan Negeri Pulau Pinang mencapai status negeri maju pada tahun 2020.

Jumlah siling peruntukan bagi RMKe-10 adalah RM810.29 juta dengan 2,489 projek yang dirancang untuk dilaksanakan tidak termasuk bilangan projek bagi Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam.

Here is the table:

Do you see any allocation for housing?

page57image33896All this money for RMK10 have been approved in 2011 where as the allocation of RM500 million was only announced in March 2012 after the revelation that Lim Guan Eng never built any low cost housing surfaced.

In fact reading the 2011 AG Report, most of the projects (98%) have started in 2011 and will complete before 2015 while there is no mention of development of affordable housing in the list of projects provided.

We all know that any extra projects beyond what is agreed in RMK10 must get approval from the EPU. Is Lim Guan Eng embarking on a mega project development without seeking approval from federal government? Where is he going to put all this 18,000 units property? The amount of land to be provided would be huge!

Secondly, does Lim Guan Eng have this kind of money? From the financial standing of 2011, there is no indication that he has it. Let alone accumulated for the past 4 years.

Where is that RM500 million being saved since 2008?

There is no evidence that RM500 million have been saved since 2008 as what he said earlier – “Usaha mengumpulkan wang RM500 juta bukanlah mudah dan perlu 4 tahun untuk mencapainya”.

Who is he trying to lie again? He must got all the money via quit rent he collected from Ambiga’s phantom voters.

Nevertheless, I am sure the DAP supporters will give him the benefit of the doubt that he actually did collect enough money to top up the shortages after the 2011 accounts was closed. From 1 January 2012 till March 2012 (the month where he made the announcement of that RM500 million allocation), RM500 million was  probably collected.

This can only be shown in the 2012 year end accounts. Hopefully, Lim Guan Eng can shed a few things now, rather than when the 2012 AG Report comes out next year.

By the way, the rest of his press statement were excuses and finger pointing back to Umno and calling them racist.

Thank you.


If you feel Lim Guan Eng is God’s gift to mankind, you will not like reading this.

Ideological weaknesses of DAP’s leadership (Part 3)

This is the final part of the series. Thus far, readers can appreciate the fact that history does repeat itself and those who do not learn from it will commit the same folly again and again. 


6. DAP: Tactics and campaign strategies in general elections

Lim Guan Eng – continuing the dictatorial legacy of his father

In 1974, DAP objected to Malaysia’s ties with China. The reason given was that it didn’t bring any benefits to the chinese in particular and Malaysians in genera (NST 21st August 1974). When former Prime Minister, the late Tun Abdul Razak paid the first official visit to China, the DAP accused the Barisan Nasional’s establishing diplomatic ties with China as an ‘election ploy’ to garner Malaysian chinese votes!

In 1987, Kit Siang questioned past government leaders criticising Malaysians investing abroad as being disloyal, but in 1994, when DAP’s closest political ally Semangat 46 chief Tengku Razaleigh questioned Malaysian chinese of their loyalty for their overseas investment in CHina, Lim Kit Siang chose the “deafening silence”, to illustrate that it was alright to sacrifice “principles” he often preached but never practices (even though Kit Siang disagreed with S46 Tengku Razaleigh’s comments and felt that the S46 leader was being out of touch from political realities).

In the 1974 election campaign, the DAP adopted the politics of desperation and racism, harping on sensitive issues despite knowing very well it could lead to racial tension. In chinese areas, the DAP put up posters “warning” chinese voters that chinese culture and education would be taken away from the by the BN. In malay areas, the DAP created issues of government inefficiency in combating inflation and corruption. The tactics were similar to those used for arousing communal hatred and dissension during and after the 1969 general elections (Straits Times 16th August 1974).

DAP promised Penangites in 1974 that if DAP captured the state government, it would investigate various allegations of malpractices and corruption against the ruling coalition and the “acquisition of sudden wealth” by prominent members of the ruling party in the last 5 years (1970 to 1974). The DAP also promised to recognise Nanyang and Taiwa graduates for appointment to local authorities and other state vacancies; grant book aid and scholarships to all needy children, and to set up a revolving book-bank; construct low-cost houses and resettle slums and squatters at permanent sites; and review the imposition of quit rents; dissolve the management committee and hold local elections; re-site the Penang bridge or to consider alternative linkage (Straits Times 1st August 1974).

In 1978, in a desperate move to uplift the DAP’s image, Kit Siang announced a DAP’s “shadow Cabinet” comprising 16 DAP MPs to monitor the respective Ministries in government. As soon as the 1978 general elections was over, the proposal frizzled out.

The 1981 DAP crisis in Penang state was worse than the one in 1978 with the Opposition party embroiled in power struggles, disunity, indiscipline and factionalism which spread from Penang to Perak, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor. Mass resignations dogged the days of the DAP crisis in Penang, resulting in ten out of the 17 branches leaving en bloc in support of the DAP dissenters against Kit Siang’s dictatorial rule. A former DAP leader from Penang commented that (quote): “any new DAP member who joins the party cannot afford to remain neutral and is bound to be drawn into the whirlpool of factionalism and power struggles among the leaders” (Star, 25th February 1981).

The DAP Penang crisis exposed Kit Siang’s support of Karpal Singh’s bias against DAP chinese educated members. In 1981, Karpal Singh told the Press that DAP has no place for those who talk in terms of chinese unity or malay unity or indian unity. Expelled DAP Penang vice chairman Seow hun Khim urged chinese educated DAP members not ot be fooled by Kit Siang, to speak up and not act against their conscience by remaining silent. Quipping a chinese saying about Kit Siang (quote): “Kit Siang can set a big fire, but his members are not even allowed to light a lamp”. On March 1981, DAP Melaka crisis began which later led to the sacking of chinese educated Chan Teck Chan.

7. DAP and other malay parties

Tengku Razaleigh in December 1980 when he was in UMNO, called on Kit Siang to retire from politics following the latter’s public announcement of his intention to do so. Expressing fears of DAP capturing the Pengkalan Kota seat would encourage the Opposition to take control of Penang, Ku Li said the DAP would use Pengkalan Kota as a base to project its ambition. And referring to Kit Siang’s resignation and the DAP crisis, Ku Li acknowledge that the DAP scenario “reflects the kind of dictatorship ruling the DAP”. The aftermath of Kit Siang’s withdrawing his resiugnation as expected also saw many of “DAP dissenters” who had challenged Kit Siang being axed from the Party (including former DAP political chief Chan Teck Chan).

In June 1979, former Umno Vice President Tengku Razaleigh once advised the people to be wary of opposition parties like DAP and PAS which he said indulged in politics of fear. He added that DAP and PAS are always looking for opportunities to belittle BN leaders and intimidate the people with sensitive issues that could widen the relationship gap between the government and people.

8. DAP’s tired calls for human rights, freedom and democratisation

For 27 years, DAP Kit Siang and his big boys have been singing the “song of freedom and democracy” and virtually projected DAP as having sole rights to free Malaysians from repression, sufferings and injustice. But if we remember, in 1980 after the tragic DAP defeat at the Pengkalan Kota by-election in Penang, Kit Siang had the discomfort of hearing that song being sung by his supporters. There was a difference. In 1980, the song was directed at him during a time of internal turmoil. It was also a time, when ousted DAP leaders gagged by Kit Siang for years of dictatorship, began to “spill the truth of Kit Siang”. It was also a time when Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir who was Deputy PM branded DAP as the ‘Dictatorial Party’ and democratic only in name. Adding that Kit Siang applies double standards in that he will not allow party members to criticise him, while he goes around criticising everyone in BN.

Hoping that the public’s memories are short of his calls for freedom and democracy, Kit SIang went about “chopping and changing DAP rank and file” as he wished, by gagging and disciplining those he did not like during the 1980 DAP leadership crisis. In short, Lim Kean Siew once complimented Kit Siang’s character as “what is sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander!”. The Socialist Democratic Part (formed by DAP dissidents in 1978) described the 1980 DAP crisis as a “comedy of errors”. Kit Siang conveniently accused the Malaysian press for discrupting and destriying DAP. For years, the double standard Kit Siang has accused BN government for not granting press freedom.

In 1981, DAP national publicity secretary Tan Seng Giaw charged former DAP MP Chan Teck Chan for committing a serious breach of discipline for publishing a book containing the latter’s speeches in Parliament without the consent and approval of the DAP CEC. This is the DAP’s version of “human rights and press freedom” which DAP practices within and without. On one hand, DAP challenges the government for press freedom while on the other, suppresses its own leaders’ freedom and rights to publish books (source: Straits Times 4th March 1981).

In 1980 when the press reported the DAP developments, Kit Siang questioned the “rights and freedom” of the press. He attacked the press for blowing the “small disagreements” out of proportions and therefore, irresponsible journalism. Yet, Kit Siang does the same or worse by using the DAP’s official organ “The Rocket” against Barisan Nasional government by sensationalising small issues. It was alright for the DAP to condone, promote and protect “irresponsible journalism” of the Rocket but not alright for the vernacular press to report the accurate picture of the DAP crisis.

This is the sort of mentality and attitude of Malaysia’s opposition leader in Parliament who has no courage to admit weaknesses of his leadership, but instead heaped blame against the Malaysian press and the BN for its internal turmoil. Yet, Kit Siang and his warlords are boastful and to the point of utmost arrogance to claim that they are courageous and brave to sacrifice “freedom and personal lives” for the sake of the people’s interests and rights even if they had to face the “repressive laws” of the BN government. For the wise voters, questioning the virtues of DAP must be a continuous affair. If DAP leaders cannot even admit “to themselves” their own weaknesses and faults in their leadership, where are the qualities of honesty, courage and bravery? By depriving these qualities, the DAP leaders are surmountable to being self deceiving, dishonest and cowardly “to themselves”. Needless to mention their leadership accountability and responsibilities toward voters.

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