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A challenge to Rafizi Ramli to prove his sincerity

Apparently just now there was a live forum at Kelab Bangsar attended by Rafizi Ramli as one of it’s panellist.

What was said were telecasted via tweets by @R_Bangsar_Utama as shown below.

It is amazing that the tussle over state political power between Azmin Ali and Khalid Ibrahim was pathetically been diverted by Rafizi Ramli as a scheme to rein in the “racist” strategy propagated by Umno at national level..



..and in his tears he asked people to punish PKR should they feel their Kajang Move was just a scheme to pacify the power struggle in PKR.

There is an easier way.

How about we challenge Rafizi Ramli and his group of PKR schemers and power hungry con men, not to put any PKR candidates in the coming Kajang by-election.

That way, people do not have to punish PKR and PKR if they are sincere, do not even have to take part, because they had triggered this fiasco and it is only befitting that they stay away from it.

This challenge will end till 12pm 31st January 2014 GMT +8.

If PKR do not announce their withdrawal from this by-election, then all sundry will know that Rafizi Ramli only shed crocodile tears and their pursuit for power is mainly individualistic and selfish. Centred only on one man and Rafizi Ramli as the loyal stooge.

It is sad that once long ago, Rafizi Ramli was thought of as a principled and honest man.



25 thoughts on “A challenge to Rafizi Ramli to prove his sincerity

  1. “Once long ago,Rafizi Ramli was thought of as a principled and honest man” – ha ha ha, dah masuk lubang taik, mcm mana nak cuci dan suci. Mesti sama-sama jadi busuk dan membusuk. Yang paling baik ialah untk dia keluar dari lubang taik tu dan jangan masuk lubang taik yang satu lagi.


  2. Unless otherwise proven sincere is not found in Malaysian politicians’ vocabulary.

    To date we saw Lim Kit Siang shedding tears in public because he could not run as a candidate using DAP logo in GE13.
    Now Rafizi is doing the same only because his mentor wanted to run as ADUN in Kajang.
    I am sorry that you will be disappointed when Rafizi did not take up your challenge come midnight tonite. There is no act of valour in politicians either.

    Public knows sincerity when they see one. Obviously in both cases they are all but acting. Perhaps Lim Kit Siang and Rafizi chose a wrong career. They should become celluloid actors.
    But still Rafizi cannot beat his mentor’s brilliant act of going into hiding inside the Turkish Embassy because he claimed his life was in danger.

    I strongly suggest all three go see David Teo of MIG.


  3. Rafizi shedding tears? That man who “courageously” accuses everyone else of wrongdoing? The one who smiled non-stop when he was battered in the debate with KJ? Shedding tears now over something so ridiculous?

    He takes the cake for lies and deception. Only the blurry ones would shed tears along with him.

    That’s correct: from one lubang taik to another and another and another…….


    • No, especially from DAP and PKR goons. But we do expect SINCERITY from leaders who must deal in politics in order to uplift the rakyat’s welfare. One world recognised icon is Tun Dr Mahathir.


      • …unless they are the ones going around saying they are sincere and can be trusted unlike the other side blablabla. They said they are better than the other side. Ha.

        Don’t let your mouth write cheques that your ass can’t cash. And don’t say “Surely you don’t expect sincerity from politicians” when you get caught out in your lie. These guys made a promise. We will hold them to it.


  4. The narcissistic or psychopathic leader is the culmination and reification of his period, culture, and civilization. He is likely to rise to prominence in narcissistic societies. The leader’s mental health pathologies resonate with the anomies of his society and culture (“psychopathological resonance”.) The leader and the led form a self-enhancing and self-reinforcing feedback loop, a dyad of mirrored adoration and reflected love. By elevating and idealizing their “fuehrer”, the mob actually elevates and idealizes itself; in his ascendance they find hope, in his manifest illness — curative solace and a legitimation of their own collective insanity.


    • Chris, if you mean the Pakatoon leaders, I agree.

      Whether I understand some of the words you you, does not matter.

      Maybe I’ll say a bit more when having more free time.


  5. The cheeky fellow dared to shed crocodile tears in Bangsar and asked his small audience to punish PKR should they feel their Kajang Move was just a scheme to pacify the power struggle in PKR. He won’t dare do it in the kampongs and on nation-wide media outlets that reach the average Kajang voters.

    It’s very clear that the reasons for the Kajang Move are not clear (repeating the word hopefully for effect). Gosh, it’s not even clear if Khalid would be pushed out from the MB’s chair after the Kajang by election. Azmin Ali is the Evil man, according to Nathaniel Tan, the Harvard graduate who lambasted PKR, disillusioned and fed up after 7 years of active membership but recently dropped out from his cushy PKR-placed job in Selangor without any notice or explanation.

    Nobody seemed able to solve the Azmin-Khalid intrigue all these years since Khalid’s 2008 appointment as MB. So the “Strategy Director” Rafizi tries to justify the move by proposing Anwar be an ADUN candidate, implying he would be MB, despite no certainty that Sultan Selangor would give his assent. It has been pointed out that there have been precedents of Sultan Trengganu and the Raja of Perlis having refused assent to the MB appointees in the past.


  6. once long ago, Rafizi Ramli was thought of as a principled and honest man? I never knew that.

    Difficult to believe anyone admiring and following Anwar Al Juburi to be principled and honest. They are mostly a disgruntled lot, with chips on their shoulders, and anything goes to get rid of UMNO/BN.

    Lots of instances where the boss man Anwar put aside principles and has not been honest. His admirers and followers get dragged into the scheme of things, too.


  7. The tussle over state political power between Azmin Ali and Khalid Ibrahim has gone another step further. The Star Online reported that more than 20 staff members of the Selangor State Deve­lopment Corporation (PKNS) have been issued with termination notices. This happens just weeks after Azmin’s controversial removal as a PKNS board member. Likely that those sacked are Azmin’s supporters.

    The staff members, including heads of departments and senior managers, were said to have been sacked without any reason. They were offered two months’ salaries as compensation. Isn’t the normal practice 3 months? And they are a State Government body. Khalid is Chairman of PKNS Board. What’s he doing? Gagap ke, rasa kuat ke – now that neither Anwar or Rafizi mentions about replacing Khalid. And the sacking letters were signed just by the Financial Manager. Terrible.

    And Rafizi would not be bothered by the predicament of those people and their families who would be affected. Gajah dengan harimau bergaduh, pelandok mati di tengah tengah. Si kadok pulak tak pedulikan. Gini lah politik PKR … apa daaa. .


    • Rafizi orang yang buat hal ni semua. Rancangkan ADUN Cina tu letak jawatan ADUN dia.

      Aku harap PAS desak mahukan jawatan Menteri Besar sekarang PKR ada ha nya 13 kerusi saja. PAS ada 15. Ada puak dalam PAS yang hendakkan begitu dan sudah bersuara.


  8. Chehhh, cakap besor Rafizi nih, Cabar pengundi Kajang supaya tolak PKR di PRK 23 Mac. Mentang mentang le pengundi Kajang pilih Cina PKR di PRU13. 40% Cina dan 50% Melayu di situ. Semua Cina Tsunami undi Pakatoon dan pengundi Melayu sebahagiannya di tipu bohong dek Pakatoon Rakyat dan ikut Tsunami.

    Bior le dia cabar pengundi Kajang di PRK kali ni. Mana tau ramai yng dah bosan dengan si Khalid Gagap kumpul wang untuk negeri Selangor tapi pakai sebahagian besornya untuk naikkan gaji dia dan ADUN yang kebanyakannya orang Pakatoon. Gila dia, naikkan gaji dia hingga lebih banyak dari gaji PM seluruh negara – Malaysia. Sebahagian besor lagi dari duit yang dia kumpul di gunakan untuk bayar sagu hati ramai pekerja jawatan tinggi PKNS yang di buang kerja dengan tak ada sebab munasabah. Hilang nafkah keluorga anak bini dengan tak tahy apa sebab menyebab.

    Dalam menangis “crocodile tears”, si Rafizi sabenarnya cakap besor. Nak tunjukkan kononnya depa menang kerusi itu di PRU13 jadi mesti menang di PRK 23 Mac ini. Tuhan tu kaya. Mana tahu kuasa Tuhan dan usaha UMNO/BN gigih berkempen kali ini BN menang. Insya Allah. Aku sentiasa berdo’a. Dan keluorkan komen menunjukkan depa jenis yang tak patut di undi.


    • Cakap besar is Anwar’s other bad habit. First tasted big win at PRU 12. Asked to see Tun Dol talking about smooth transfer of power. Requested audience with YDP Agong wanting an appointment letter as PM. Confident of being able to get BN MPs katak lompat. Sent his people to try and win over BN MPs then visiting Taiwan. The so-called Katak Lompat coup d’ etat attempt.

      Nothing happened. Failed to get any BN MP to katak lompat. That Katak Lompat name sticks on him almost like the name Anwarul Al Juburi.


  9. Alo Rafizi, wei, hang nak tipu rakyat lagi ka?

    Nasib hang le, ada Melayu yang dah geram kat UMNO/BN sebab kononnya depa tak dapat itu ini selama 56 tahun sejak Merdeka. Tapi depa pada masa masanya sedaq yang anak anak depa dapat biasiswa, yang beli rumah dulu ada diskaun Bumiputera, nak meniaga ada bantuan bawah DEB dsbnya.

    Pakatan tarak camtu, wei – DAP nak bubarkan Perkara 153, kalau boleh. Kan dulu depa dok riuhkan Malaysian Malaysia kononnya, nakkan sama rata dengan tak pedulikan Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu.

    La ni hang kata pengundi Kajang boleh tak undi calon PKR di PRK Kajang. Jangan sombong bongkak, cakap besaq, Mamat wei. Tuhan tu kaya, kot dia gerakkan hati majoriti pengundi Kajang buat camtu.


  10. Maybe Azmin Ali is a part of the strategy planning Eafizi claimed to have initiated for Anwar to stand in Kajang, giving the impression Khalid will be replaced after winning the DUN seat. Now Azmin is reported to say he wants Khalid to revoke the dismissal letters of PKNS’ contract staff. He ups the anti against Khalid.

    Khalid must be fuming. Whether Azmin was really in on that PKR “strategy” or not, it does not matter. What matters is Azmin is at least exploiting the situation and making the poor Khalid to gagap some more. Like King George VI of Britain, his stuttering comes out when under stress and pressure. Khalid certainly is under stress and being pressured by Azmin now.


  11. They say there’s no harm in wishing ill of irresponsible political parties. I certainly wish Rafizi’s strategy will blow into his and Anwar’s faces.

    Kajang voters should see their lack of responsibility – especially Anwar. Previously his wife resigned her MP seat in Permatang Pauh to make way for him. Now the PKR Chinaman resigned to make way for him to stand in the DUN seat. Bloody hell, what do they think elections are for? Just to suit their whims and fancies? Unnecessarily spend money and drag voters to the polling stations just for the convenience of that unprincipled main belakang bloke?

    It’s not even declared as an attempt to topple Khalid who saved Selangor State funds (instead of spending them on projects to benefit the people) and raise his own and colleagues’ salaries in an irresponsibly crazy way – upping his gaji to higher than even that of the Prime Minister of the whole country.

    What are these PKR people doing? PAS should now demand for the MB’s post – they have 15 seats compared to PKR 12 seats in DUN Selangor. And PAS has a candidate likely to be acceptable to Sultan Selangor. Remember, 3 (not 2 as stated by some) Malay Rulers already refused assent to MB candidates – Raja Perlis, Sultan Trengganu and Sultan Perak, who did not assent to DAP Nga/ Ngeh and assented to PAS Nizar – he became MB Sakejap in 2008.


  12. Is it possible that Rafizi and Anwar have been trying to get rid of Khalid Ibrahim because he was thought to be a huge liability to PKR as he has a huge loan liability to Bank Islam, his case due to be heard at the Federal Court on Tuesday 17 February –

    Malay Mail said Khalid had confirmed that he had recently reached an out-of-court settlement with BIMB over a RM66.67 million loan settlement suit, without compromising PKR or the PR coalition.

    He declined to give further details but it is understood that the settlement was for an amount much lower than RM66.67 million. Whatever amount might have been agreed, it must still be a huge sum, his increasing his own salary to even higher than the PM’s salary would not be enough to repay the loan.

    Government General Orders clearly do not allow “pecuniary embarrassment”. The Menteri Besar of Selangor must be bound by those General Orders which have been in place since British colonial times.

    Khalid got the BIMB loan in 2001 when he was Guthrie’s chief executive officer to purchase shares in Guthrie Berhad which were used as collateral for the loan.

    “without compromising PKR or the PR coalition”? Can that be true? What we see is that Rafizi and Anwar want to remove him from the MB post for the embarassment to PKR/PR for Khalid’s desperation – he even increased his own salary to higher than the Prime Minister’s.


    • Khalid is really a pitiful case. RM66 million loan is no joke an amount to pay, however much it may have been reduced through a settlement negotiation. The bank has sold his shares used as collateral for the loan he took to buy Guthrie shares when he was Guthries CEO. Hoping to get good dividends but he got Guthrie into bad oil palm investments in God forsaken Kalimantan with no road, rail or port infrastructure, Guthrie lost heavily, not only no dividend, Guthrie shares went down in value.

      But in politics and in war, no such thing as pity. Dog eat dog, maybe. So, Khalid has become so desperate that he has not much to lose by fighting Rafizi and Anwar over the so-called Kajang Move seen as an undeclared attempt to remove Khalid from the MB post. He is refusing to quit the post.


      • In the end, it may be a battle among the Pakatan Rakyat component parties. The ADUNs in Selngor will have to satisfy Tuanku Sultan Selangor as to who has the majority support in the State Assembly and call all the ADUNs to state their stand.

        It it comes to that, good. Like Tuanku Sultan Perak when two PR ADUNs katak lompat in 2008 and Mohd Nizar became MB Sakejap, BN took over as MB running the state.

        But this time, PAS may claim the MB seat from PKR. More interesting. All told, Rafizi and Anwar may lose their balls. Grabbed by PKR members.


  13. Saya harap Rafizi dan Anwar akan terkandas. Sekarang Zaid Ibrahim kata dia bertanding nak sokong Khalid Ibrahim dan nakkan “politik berperinsip”, bermakna nak lawan “politik tak berprinsip Anwar”. Nak gulingkan Khalid cara tak betul, jadi kucar kacir PKR, tak mahukan kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Selangor tumbang, macam Perak dan Kedah.

    Dia kata peluang dia menang lebih cerah dari peluang Anwar. Kalau betul, jahanam lah Anwar. Saya harap gitu. Anwar memang tak berperinsip.

    Dia kalah di PRK Hulu Selangor lawan calon MIC hanya dengan lk 1,000 undi. Masa itu orang orang kuat UMNO Tun Dr Mahathir, DS Najib, TS Muhyiddin, amat giat hentam dia. Dia fikir kali ini di Kajang mereka tak akan hentam dia begitu kuat sebab nak gulingkan Anwar.


  14. Apa daa ini Anwar, tak kira apa, asal boleh dapat undi, tarak perinsip punya manusia –

    Anwar defends RMAF officer facing court-martial for failed indelible ink report
    MSN Malaysia News – Feb 15, 2014

    How can he defend the Air Force Officer – the bloke is not even obedient to the Military rules, let alone all sorts of laws, rules and regulations that exist for the average citizen. Yet, in the military, discipline is of the utmost importance.

    How can one expect him to be aiming his jet fighter guns on the foreign enemy when his mind is aiming at the authorities in the country. He should be sacked in disgrace. And Anwar dumped to the ground on his face.


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