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Delusional Lim Guan Eng is lying again!

This news caught my eye. It seems that Lim Guan Eng is back to his lying ways. It seems Lim Guan Eng will never stop lying in order to make himself look good. This is pitiful and not to mention pathetic.

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 11 — Massive borrowing and irresponsible spending by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government will result in Malaysia becoming a fully indebted nation before the end of the decade, Lim Guan Eng said today.

The Penang chief minister said that Putrajaya’s debt to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio has increased yearly from 53.1 per cent in 2010 to 53.8 per cent last year and is expected to hit 54.8 per cent this year.

Lim’s remarks are in response to a statement by Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) distinguished fellow Mohd Ariff Abdul Kareem, who warned that federal government revenue was growing too slowly to keep up with its borrowings which hit 53.1 per cent of GDP in 2010.

Mohd Ariff told The Malaysian Insider recently that Malaysia’s national debt will hit 100 per cent of the GDP by 2019 should Putrajaya continue to borrow more than it earns. He said while the current size of government debt relative to GDP was not troubling, the pace of its growth in recent years was cause for concern.

Lim added that a stagnation in salaries, coupled with increased prices for basic commodities such as sugar, eggs, and bread, will further result in Malaysians becoming even more debt-laden. 

The Bagan MP said that MIER’s projections that Malaysia could end up becoming bankrupt by 2019 showed the need for new federal government, one that should be led by Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

He said that PR has successfully “managed” finances in states such as Penang.

Penang managed to reduce (its) state debt from RM630 million in March 8, 2008 to only RM30 million as at end of October 2011. This represents a debt reduction of 95 per cent, or RM600 million, which is the highest debt reduction of any state in Malaysia’s history.

“Clearly, Malaysians who wish to have a better life for themselves and their future generations must make a choice between a government that is spendthrift and that borrows irresponsibly without being able to make the pie grow bigger, or a government that is prudent and transparent that will put the concerns of the rakyat first,” Lim added.

Even that so called fellow from MIER do not know what he is talking about. This blog and fellow bloggers SatD and economist HishamH had time and time again exposed Lim Guan Eng and his tendency to lie outright to the public.

Ooops! Caught lying again..

In Lim ‘The Empty Can’ Guan Eng, we had already exposed the fact that the debt of Penang was lessened not due to his remarkable leadership but because Federal Givernment had taken over the RM600 million debt from Penang and graciously change its status into a 45 year grant. That is how it became RM30 million. Down 95%.

It is not rocket science. Instead of thanking the Federal Government, this so called accountant turned chief minister had the audacity to chastise them further.

He even got it wrong on Bernas a few days ago! How many times do you want to lie Guan Eng?

As for all the mumbo jumbo dished out by that MIER fellow, his arguments has been pre-empted, dissected and crushed by HishamH in his FAQ on National Debt.

You can read them here, here and here. It is a three part series.


We surely do not want another simple case of not knowing how to calculate an average of inflation rate.

Thank you.

P.S. To understand Lim Guan Eng and his lying ways, please read them here.


58 thoughts on “Delusional Lim Guan Eng is lying again!

  1. Well, LGE has the credential as an accountant and proven track record in turning around Penang, so most people tend to believe him more than you and all other BN cybertroopers, anyways BN should have done this when they were in power, too bad someone else stole the limelights..


    • Dear Real1Malaysia,

      You really astounded me with your lying, stupidity and disrespectful superiority complex. Did you read the links provided by JMD?

      The Penang debts reduction exercise was started and negotiated by Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon. LGE the stupid liar just takes credit from other people hard works and have the audicity further to insult the Federal Government of the day which assisted the Penang Public.

      The opposition expect the Malaysian public to vote them into office with this serial lying characteristic, stupidity and disrespectful behaviour? A stupendous wet dream that is!


      • “You really astounded me with your lying, stupidity and disrespectful superiority complex. Did you read the links provided by JMD?”

        Well JMD is entitled to his own opinion with his piece, I have my own opinion too and I totally disagree with his so-called analysis, I don’t have to debate with him in this domain..

        Anyways you don’t have to try to intimidate others with your slurs and telling others stupid. You won’t go far with these kind of antics.

        This only shows your own inferiority complex and fear just like any typical BN cyber troopers out there “yang just cari makan”..


        • Dear Real1Malaysia,

          Do you understand factual data? Please rebut it with factual data too! Not spinning rethorics that are synonymous with kool aid induces cultist of DAP/PKR/PAS stupid by choice of dumb cyber warriors.

          You are intimidated just because I am calling out as who you are as a human being? “A Lying, stupid and disrespectful superiority complex human being”! You deserve it because of your spinning rethorics!

          Now, present to me here or start your own blog with actual working linkage; with factual data challenging what was presented by JMD. I am itching to whack JMD too if he ever presented a “Proofiness Data”. So far, JMD presented just well researched factual data which make the kool aid induces cultist of DAP/PKR/PAS stupid by choice of dumb cyber warriors came here trying to spin it and ended their head spinning actually.

          Yeah! When I whacked you, I am “This only shows your own inferiority complex and fear just like any typical BN cyber troopers out there “yang just cari makan”..”. That is the best you can do?

          Wow! I am astounded with your “Lying, stupidity and disrespectful superiority complex”. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!


    • Dear,
      Thank you for calling Penangites stupid. Was this what you Mother taught you..calling people stupid? You must be the PRESIDENT of all STUPIDS…please give respect and take respect…there are senior members who are older than you are here…thank you. GOD Bless


  2. What bugs me is that the BN side is saying nothing to deny lge or to correct the misconceptions lge has created. Tak semua orang baca blog. So, lge gets away with all these lies. Sana sini, heboh orang quote lge and saying that kita dah nak bankrupt. Of course, what that pemandu idiot announced some time ago on bankruptcy is used to support lge. Sigh! Right about now, is a good time to do a flip-flop and delay that grant.


    • I agree, BN need to respond faster and better since his numbers will now be shown and told all over Malaysia and people will believe them. BN is facing a huge believability and credibility issue even if it is the truth. BN need to work doubly hard to be believable again.


  3. LGE deluded? Under PR rule Penang has become the shining example of hoew to run a responsible governmnet in Malaysia. This is a lot more than can be said for your Gerakan dogs and you UMNO motherfuc’ers who have brought nothing but corruption and the wholesakle robbery of our tax dollars.


  4. What is the fiasco about LGE? In my opinion he a person with an image of pakatan/DAP future leader. He has an educated and charismatic look. Quite good looking too, for a chinese and in ideal youth. That’s all. That’s why the pakataan goons has been trying hard to project good image of him because he is their best bet to be their future leader (or future PM if Malaysia is going to have a chinese PM). The will simply say he is cleanest, best in administration, turn around everything under his sky without factual backing. And this LGE is using this opportunity to polish his image and feed these pakatan goons with his “success”, simply to show to them that he is indeed what they perceived. He really need to show to them that he is what they perceived. That’s why you see him twisting so much fact.

    Don’t believe me? Ask any pakatan goon to name a chinese who can become Malaysia PM. I bet 99% will say LGE.


  5. Eh c**** ….keep your shit hole to yourself la mat….p****** nation destroyer…f*** off!

    JMD: Profanity edited with apology. Thank you.


  6. Prof Dr Mohd Ariff Abdul Kareem to be compared with nameless SatD & JMD credentials when speaking of economics and finance?!

    Who is this SatD? Nama pun takut orang tahu dan apa kelayakan akademik & professional background dia boleh bagi tau ke? Reason no respectable newspapers want to quote the mighty “Prof Dr” SatD is because he has zero credibility in economics matter la. Better stick to his expertise dalam hal2 dubur liwat la. That’s the level of his intelligence…

    Same with JMD. Please publish your name, academic qualifications & professional background if want to be taken seriously. After Bersih debacle, his credibility pun dah menjunam teruk…

    ~ Freddie Kevin

    JMD: Maybe you yourself should not be an anonymous when making comments. But talking without facts or without at least making a simple research before writing is very easy just like how you demonstrated. I believe facts are there to debunk whatever Ariff was talking about. Even learned ones, when they are prejudiced would give biased analysis. However, you failed to mentioned HishamH’s analysis on Malaysian debts which refuted Ariff’s claims even before he made that statement. You see, this is a stale issue which Pakatan tried to revive. It was debunked last month by HishamH already. As for Guan Eng, non of his supporters here made an explanation as to why he gave wrong facts on the penang debts. The debts totalling RM600 million is still there except it has been turned into a grant which has to be paid by Penangites for the 45 years. For him to say he slashed state debts from >RM600 m to just RM30 m is wrong. He tried to give perception that state now owes RM30 m which is not true given that you Penangites still have those RM 600 m to pay. This is what we call window dressing and deception. Common among politicians. Lim Guan Eng included. Mind you this is not the frist time he lied. Just click on the last link in my article. Not so clean and spectacular huh?


    • I know and have met both satD and JMD, plus know their qualifications (I also know Prof Mohd Ariff, or rather his wife, who was my English lecturer years ago). Freddie Kevin’s qualifications? Well, based on the language, mentality etc., I’d say… LCE? Itu pun ambik dua kali HAHA!

      Jangae maroh, deh; nanti keno lelong.


  7. Believe me Malaysians……. all these money come from BN – UMNO and others. The rakyat never contribute money. No one pays taxes… income tax etc… From a start, TAR contributed 10 billion british stirling, Tun Razak another rm2oo billion, Tun Hussein rm500 billion, Mahathir rm1 trillion, Badawi only rm2 million, Najib and Rosmah another rm2 trillion … But the winner.. Taib Mahmud .. rm777 trillion……… all his own money and from his smart and brainy children. Mind you… that’s not the people’s money… but their personal money… So very generous of them to the people of Malaysia.

    JMD: Again, no mention on Lim Guan Eng’s purported deception on state’s debts.


  8. If all of thinks you are better than LGE, than replace him, go campaign openly against him or go demo…

    JMD: Hopefully Lim Guan Eng will stop blocking people from twitter and stop curtailing demos and free speech in Penang.


  9. PS

    @ Freddie Kevin 3.41 am
    That being said, I do hope you are not a female impersonator as well. Just after work, in the wee hours of the morning. What with a fascination for dubur liwat.



  10. I belong to no political party. If someone stated that Penag debt was initiated by KSK then did’nt he claims the credit. For one thing I know, Penang is now a better managed states then before without the massive corruptions from the previous goverment except a few goons who blindly protested after friday prayers. Ironical isn’t it; after praying then start “kacau”.


    • if you must know, penangchai, KSK and LGE share the same ethnicity and the similarity ends right there. KSK has never been the kind to blow his own trumpet. Dia bikin kerja punya orang la, bukan bikin bising. LGE, on the other hand, has a penchant for lying and taking credit where credit isn’t due. i can go on and on to make comparison between the two, tapi speaking to folks like you is like bercakap dengan orang pekak, so what’s the point. Better-managed state? tolong qualify with facts and figures like jebat and satD can arr? minus the massive ‘hutang reduction’ la.. the one you folks without a shred of malu canang to the whole world as your own effort …


  11. no wonder the writing doesn’t appear like you freddie..hmm these pr supporter never failed to amuse me with their extreme stupidity.


    • Logically you are the one terrified of him due to your frantic effort to defend him via the vitriol you throw to others who have the guts to call his bluff and have the courage and tenacity to expose his deception. Thank you.


  12. Selangor under the previous adminstration(BN) is clean as a whistle, no corruption, no big bungalows, no nothing. Khir is the cleanest MB money cannot buy. Vote BN Vote UMNO


    • cynicism won’t get you anywherelah john. if you are half as clever as you portray yourself to be, please rebut jebat’s piece – rationally & intelligently.


      • If I was half as clever as I portray myself to be I won’t be stuck in this rotten country getting discriminated left, right and centre.


        • John, nobody’s forcing you to stay in Malaysia. If you don’t like it here, kindly migrate to another country of your liking and stop bad-mouthing Malaysia.


  13. Many a time I do wish that those PR supporters can be more intelligent when supporting their cause. They keep saying about Penang being better managed, but what is there to differentiate? Hadn’t it been for previous administration, Penang would have still been a duty free state where the Penangites sowing rotan to sell as souvenirs to tourist.

    I do remember, back then, when there was no bridge, people used all sort of ways to smuggle duty free items out of Penang, like wearing a newly purchased helmet when driving through the kastam checkpoint. Ahh… those were the days.


  14. Another great article JMD. I wish UMNO/BN cyber troopers spend more time exposing LG (and other PR leaders) lies than concentrating their attack on Anwar Ibrahim. I bet Pakatan fellows were shocked and disbelieved with AI acquittal and would prefer him in prison than leading PR to the next GE. LG on the other hand can be very dangerous since his words can easily mislead the people, especially those who do not understand finance/economy like Real1Malaysia above. On behalf of JMD ( if you don’t mind ), feel free to copy or translate and paste it on your website BN cyber troopers.


  15. Well, how good ur u and your sources in ecnomics. If it is indeed true the federal grant reduced the Penang’s debt then it should reflect in the auditor general’s report. Just whom ur u trying to spin. If it’s black you got to say it’s black.


    • The sources are from financial daily, state’s news report etc. Yes if it’s black, it’s black. Why are you saying otherwise? Perhaps when Auditor General finishes his 2011 AG report, we shall see this issue in his report. I guess the 2011 AG report will be presented in parliament this October.

      Thank you.


  16. Sure take a Lagi Stupid Blogger to know one. How come you so stupidly accept Tun Dr. M as malay?? Lagi stupid you so convince that Hang Tuah was Malay….now proven Chinese by Kindy kids….. go worships all those Professor of University Bodoh malaysial with their kampung PHD Thesis. Keep up your blooging to highlight Malaysia Bodoh dan Hina Islam!!


        • What use change when you keep supporting Evil, Stupidity, Lies, Murder and Racism… you expect me to congatulate you and approve your acts?? You expect me a non malay to accept a trecherous act of Sultan of Kelantan on his father?? I am trying to preserve the tradisi melayu and Islam tulin. Sadly your bunch needs the daily ration of nasi lemak and coloured water….otherwise no payment from UMNO corrupted warlords for your effort. Lets hope (inshah Allah)all you UMNO losers & leaders get the same treatment like Gadaffi and Family….who gave your Demi God- Tun Dr M….Peace Award…

          Yes when one is so stupid, ignorant and evil……i guess stupidity is the only measure of your grasp. Sadly I have to come down to your level of Ameoba thinking to try to make sense for your uncomplicated brain!! Like You accepting Tun Dr. Racist M as 100% & bumi….while have problems accepting Chinese/Indians and Iban and Kadazan as 100% bumiputera when they were here in malaysia before your batu bersurat….and many centuries before your Demi God of UMNO – Tun Dr.M = Bapa kemerosotan Malaysia.


  17. Penang government, under LGE, always tries to mislead the Penangites on many issues. This is a typical case of it claiming credit of good work done by others- claiming credit of debt reduction of about Rm600 million which has been passed over to the Federal gocernment. An insult to the intelligence of Penangites?


  18. It’s sad to be you coz LGE cannot lose Penang. So you have to keep listening to him lie like we listen to BN lie. Ask me why LGE cannot lose….


    • If you like to hear him lie then you are the type of person where we don’t have to ask you; you can just lie to us in the next comment about why he will not lose Pulau Pinang. Up to you. The comment section is not barred. Thank you.


  19. reading through the thing is for sure, there are many people who really do care about this country, despite complains and cynicism. the fact that you all spend time reading and commenting, instead of watching tv or relaxing..shows that malaysia shld be thankful to hv such concern citizens


  20. Good day! I just would like to give you a huge thumbs up for the excellent information you have right here on this post. I will be coming back to your website for more soon.


  21. Here is an exact definition of what lying means guys:
    Not telling the truth: “he’s a lying, cheating, snake in the grass”.
    mendacious – false – untruthful – deceitful – untrue

    Is this really a fair summary of Lim or maybe somewhat harsh?


  22. Inilah blog yang begitu hebat! Blog yang digunakan oleh orang Yahudi yang ingin memusnahkan negara kita. Stop this fuck up news, you Jewish piece of shit, agent of the liar that will destroyed Malaysia before fleeing himself, keep you fuck up news and lies to your bloody scoot, a disgrace yo our society and religion. Jewish lapdog, you pukima balik Isreal!


    • From the spelling of your blogging name can tell you not a Malay as you try to portray. From your “pukima” can tell you are a DAP secret society, thug and gangster kind. Masquerading ha? Tipu nama, gangstering with your comment, ha?. Damn you.

      You must be a frequent blogger at the Yahudi paid blogs like Mkini, MI, etc. You must have seen so many comments using the words “Yahudi yang ingin memusnahkan negara kita” that you copy because you are the imitating kind. English berterabur, rude words etc, you must be a SJKC drop out.

      Been selling pirated tapes while loitering at the shopping malls until late last night, could not get many customers, frustrated and come out here at 4:05 am hah?


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