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Lim Guan Eng met his (cyber)match

I have watched closely the expose done by blogger SatD of Pure Shiite against Lim Guan Eng for the past few months. Recently, the latter was so riled up with the hard facts presented by the blogger, he had consequenty lashed out rather stupidly towards the wrong person.

This was reported in FreeMalaysiaKini few days ago after SatD debunked an article by The Economist about Penang State Government and its Chief Minister. The Economist had complimented Lim Guan Eng ubiquitously throughout the length of the article. It can be read here.

Correcting the many jarring mistakes made by The Economist which without a doubt, trying desperately to prop up Lim Guan Eng’s falling image in his own state, SatD had dissected the paragraphs with hard facts.

For instance, The Economist stated that:

The combination of low cost and high technology is the main reason why industries across the state of Penang, made up of the original island and a larger bit of the mainland, are prospering again after more than a decade of decline.

But SatD presented economic figures which stated that Penang had not been in decline before Lim Guan Eng and DAP took over Penang. The decline happened AFTER they took over! You can read his facts here.

Basically, Penang constantly beat the national GDP growth since the 1990’s and 2000’s and it is truly a misreporting on the part of The Economist to say the state was in a state of decline for the past decade.

Was it an intern journalist writing that article? What had happened to the once respected Economist editorial?

In his self-centred gusto, Lim Guan Eng also claimed in The Economist that:

The savings he has made by ending the “old systems of patronage” allow him to spend money on new social programmes instead, such as modest handouts for the elderly.

The savings he made was not by ending old systems of patronage as he would like us to think. In fact, he had deceived us way back in January 2011 when, using clever usage of words, he concocted a new phrase, “dividends of  anti-corruption measures” to fortify his flaccid performance as Chief Minister.

But SatD revealed that the savings made were not derived from efficiency nor from any anti-corruption measures. It derived from sale of lands in Penang as a matter of fact. This was exposed here, accompanied with data and figures. Worse, the operating expenses of the state were higher than the year before he took over.

Again, did The Economist do their homework? They should not have relied too much on this so called accountant who happens to be the Chief Minister. He had obviously reneged on the code of ethics of an accountant by being untruthful in giving out information.

I lied three times already and you dumb people in The Economist still believe me ah? Why so dumb one?!

Handouts seem to be Lim Guan Eng’s favourite mode to enchant the masses in Penang. His latest enchantment is his pronouncement that all newborn babies in Penang will receive RM100 as long as the parents are Penang voters with total monthly income below RM4,000.

He had set aside RM5 million to RM10 million per year for this.

But simple arithmetic revealed that the state projects 50,000 to 100,000 babies per year which comes to 136 to 272 babies per day whereas the figure doesn’t match the average population growth of Penang.

SatD calculated that the recent population growth in Penang entails only approximately 17,000 babies per year. Therefore, the difference in the budget set aside would have to be a surplus to the requirement. Question was asked, why did he over-budgeted for this program?

You can read about this further here.

Another farce Lim Guan Eng left behind for us to see is the ‘random’ award of contracts in Penang. He claimed that he practices meritocracy when handing out contracts for his subjects in Penang. But after an MCA representative made noise over the racial composition of the recipients, Lim Guan Eng covered up by saying that the contracts were awarded randomly. So which is which? Was it random? Or was it meticulously selected through meritocracy? We can read SatD’s article regarding this issue here.

Not only was he being untruthful on economic matters, he was also deceitful in the short time of his rule over Penang. In this article here by SatD, Lim Guan Eng tried to wash his hands from the mosque election fiasco last June. He claimed that the decision to hold elections for mosque committees in Penang was solely the decision of the Penang Islamic Council, and not the state or the DAP.

This came after the King himself ordered the council to defer the elections. But just a few days prior to that Lim Guan Eng’s state exco by the name of Malik Kassim had arrogantly avowed that they will take the matters to court should the mosques in Penang were not allowed to hold elections. The elections therefore, clearly was not just the decision of Penang Islamic Council.

The clincher was definitely this news article in BERNAMA:

Kerajaan DAP perkenal kertas undi ala pilihan raya

GEORGETOWN 6 Jun – Kerajaan negeri pimpinan DAP memutuskan kaedah pemilihan Anggota Jawatankuasa (AJK) Kariah Masjid di seluruh negeri menggunakan sistem pengundian dalam kertas undi ala pilihan raya.

Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Agama, Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna negeri, Abdul Malik Kassim berkata, kaedah pemilihan yang diperkenalkan itu adalah persetujuan bersama dengan pelbagai pihak termasuk Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam (JHEAI), Majlis Agama Islam Pulau Pinang (MAIPP) dan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO).

We can safely assume that Lim Guan Eng not only is untruthful and deceitful, he also has no accountability to whatever actions he made.

No wonder with all the fraud that was brought to light by SatD, Lim Guan Eng felt the heat. And the recipient of this backlash was MP Kota Belud Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan who had retweeted SatD’s original tweet chastising Lim Guan Eng.

You can read the foolish Lim Guan Eng getting desperate when his lies were exposed here. In fact, SatD had several times challenged Lim Guan Eng but the latter seems to be thick skinned in light of his tomfoolery.

Lim Guan Eng is one of the many ‘sinless’ Pakatan Rakyat’s politicians who can falsify the truth, cover up his own weaknesses but at the same time, proclaim to the whole world that he is the best thing that has ever happened to the people in Penang.

Thank you.

51 thoughts on “Lim Guan Eng met his (cyber)match

  1. kalau satd berdebat dengan Lge, confirm Lge terkencing… Ini mamat memang dari marikh. PR worst nightmare.
    Najib patut lantik Satd as unofficial press advisor. God job Satd! Tabik spring sama lu!


  2. The people of Penang are stupid fool to vote in this BASTARD LIM GUAN ENG. If he got balls challenge what SatD said of his bullshitting with facts and figures. Penang has been in the lead since the days of Dr Lim Chong Eu right up until that BASTARD LIM GUAN ENG got hold of the state because of the Penang Chinese foolishness. Facts Penang growth was at -10.8 since that bastard took over Penang. He thinks all the Penang folks are blady fools, ox-moron like him. You gave all the handouts to fish for votes. The Penang Chinese are already rich they dont need your stupid RM 100 handouts. This bastard is fishing for Malay and Indian votes because most of the recipient will be the poor Malays and Indians. So dont be fool with this Bastard with pea size brain from Malaca.


      • pi berambuih la hang toya harap nama aja melayu tapi duk pi jilat pungkok guan eng & tadah pungokok sendiri kat nuar JUBURI buat malu org penang aja hang ni~ mamak tu baguih la jugak dia cari makan tapi hang??? HAMPEH~


  3. Salam JMD,

    Again, so happen i wrote the same topic yesterday 🙂


    kasi tolong promote sini, ya. But i love ur compilation of previous exposes of ahGuan by satD. Another collectors item here. hmmmm … could satD be one of those cybertrooper of UMB ? Hahahahahaha joke, joke …. damn, so full of ammo here and in satD’s site and those guys complaint about not getting enough info from the govt…sheeesh.

    Well done JMD and satD !


  4. Oi Puk’mamaks,

    Just because you pondans and BERNAMA can hide behind the skirts of the government, police and armed forces for protection does not mean we cannot get you. For every one million ‘pendatang’ voters you create we will make sure one million non-Malay votes goes to the opposition. We know there is a limit to the number of these ‘pendatang’ voters you can create in the Peninsula before the Malays themselves go in full revolt against BN rule.

    As’hole Must Di’ along with that SatD BS. Wait for the GE.


    • as if puki-ing your own bitchmother isn’t enough, you come puki-ing here, shame on you pelacur pendatang! we dont mind even if all your non-malay votes go to the fuckatan riot so that we could replicate sarawak state election outcome throughout the entire nation with all-bumiputera cabinet and no chhinpigs!


    • hahaha… woi vinnan… apahal bangang sangat ?

      where is your fact ? haa ? is that how you counter the argument ? no wonder you are so dumb to understand…


    • Poor vinnan
      His whole life is just one long series of frustration after vexation after infuriation after aggravation after exasperation …. must be the after effects of his inherited caste system. To be born an “untouchable” and facing society’s rejection must indeed be a tough life.


      • I think he comes in and becomes all those when he doesn’t take his pills, bro. He gets declared persona non-grata here, there and everywhere for behaving rudely and talking irrationally when he misses his pills.

        It does provide some excitement and a chance for us to vent our frustration not just at what he says but at what Lim Guan Eng and the whole DAP jing bang say. Good that JMD prints his comment so that we can have a go at them here.

        I can only say about DAP at one time wanting to change their chauvinistic, racist and subversive slogan Malaysian Malaysia to Middle Malaysia but changed their mind because the rakyat gave them the Middle Finger.


  5. satD = Another extremist in the making. A true muslim won’t behave the way he is. Look at his writing and you will know what I mean.


    • And a true Christian can lie and manipulate and deceive like Lim Guan Eng? Nobody so far is defending Lim Guan Eng. I guess he is after all a liar and a terrible leader and the inability of Pakatan supporters to rebuke the facts presented made them an accomplice to this travesty. Thank you.


      • Agreed. His chief of staff, Jeff Ooi is a testimony of his values. Bird of a feather, by the way, the country that use “Chief of Staff” is in decline and I don’t understand why they are still modeling after a country whose own rating agency is downgrading their own credit rating.


    • A True Muslim won’t behave like me?

      Am I even a Muslim? How do you know gua tak sembah TokPekong, makan babi, minum todi, main bontots and all?

      I am a cyber entity la bingai…

      No race, no religion, no location, no families, no attachment none what so ever……

      Do i terrorise you with my post? Apa Lu tergagap2 nak jawap ke…


      • From the writing in your blog, it clearly points to the fact that you are a muslim and one that is quite extreme in thoughts. If you dare to write so many flaming articles, why are you to afraid to admit that you are a muslim? Since you boast about working in Indonesia, I suppose you are a Malaysian currently residing in Indonesia.


        • why u wanna call the Murtad squad on me ka?

          “If I dare to write”……yes I dare la ape lu mau cilita ni

          no need to suppose anything la ….R u just plain stupid or your mumma teach you to be stupidly polite in argument with zero substance on the issue at hand?

          Why do i even bother to layan someone who can’t even come up with an original cyber identity….but at the same time got no point to argue tapi nak tuduh gua itu la ini la..

          So what if I am all that you think I am…

          Does it discount all the Data By the Auditor General, Department of Statistics and the Population Growth Rate in the OECD report that I have presented?

          Huh? Apamacam bole kasi satu argument standard 1 level ka ?

          I’m still pening kelapa with your point of view is A Muslim with Data and Fact MUST be ignored and avoided at all cost because he is kurang ajar in his writtings and make stupid AHbengs even more stupid because they suddenly realise that their Tonkang Mari Supremacy cannot outsmart this racist original inhabitants of Tanah Melayu?

          Tell me what you all think folks…..is this how the game should be played?

          Can’t argue claim extremist….

          Oh yes I am an Extremist….who will make your kind feel like sampah sarap…

          Anyone got a problem with that?


          • I did not go into an argument of data with you but after having read a few articles of yours, it’s the way how you show your thoughts/emotions (not the vulgarity) that defines your extremism.

            I am very sure many Talibans and suicide bombers are highly intelligent lot too.


            • Interesting deduction after a few post?

              Which post out of the few hundreds?

              So your whole point of gracing the comment section here is to propagate your judgement on my extremism after reading a few post on my site

              Good luck with your efforts. May the AhBengs b with u


  6. Dear JMD,

    This is what the DAP is good for- self glorification and window dressing.

    On the Bosch photovoltaics investment in Penang, press statements

    Kepala Pusing Unker Lim Jr
    “After nine (9) months of intensive evaluation with investPenang and PDC, the Board of Directors of Bosch Solar Energy has decided to locate their first offshore manufacturing facility for their crystalline photovoltaic (PV) business unit in Batu Kawan, Penang. Presently, Bosch’s crystalline PV production is in Arnstadt, Germany and Penang’s facility will be their second world site.” http://cm.penang.gov.my/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1549:penang-bounces-back-with-bosch-solars-rm22-billion-in-renewable-energy-plant-at-batu-kawan&catid=25:dari-meja-ketua-menteri&Itemid=482

    Minister MITI, Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed
    “The early discussions regarding this proposed investment between Bosch and senior officials of MIDA were held in Malaysia and Singapore last year. Subsequently, the company presented its full proposal during my investment mission to Germany in March 2011. This proposal was considered by my Ministry and an agreement on a special incentive package for the company was approved on 22 June 2011.” http://www.miti.gov.my/cms/content.jsp?id=com.tms.cms.article.Article_bb7eef26-c0a8156f-50ad50ad-cbe8d5c8

    Chairman BOSCH Group, Franz Fehrenbach
    “Today, Bosch signed a memorandum of understanding with representatives of the Malaysian government for the construction of a new photovoltaics site in Batu Kawan, Penang state.” http://www.bosch-presse.de/presseforum/details.htm?txtID=5227&tk_id=194

    Thank you


  7. A cybermatch? why not in the real world as well? satD can always have his article published in Utusan and the likes..

    I admire satD for his exhaustive research, like all research, they are based on some other things, which may or may not be true. As such, the only way to gauge LGE is to ask thee people of Penang themselves.. Mind you, not the various NGOs (whether pro or anti-LGE), but the people themselves..

    on a related issue, why is it that pro-BN bloggers (NOT commentors) tend to use profanities in their writing (e.g. Unspinners, HousePK, satD) .. not saying that pro-PR are all fine and dandy, but there’s less vulgarity there.. and seeing that in this Holy month their vulgarity do not decrease, one has to wonder..


    • Miz77

      “Match” would not be the right word to describe the current situation.

      You said
      “I admire satD for his exhaustive research, like all research, they are based on some other things, which may or may not be true.”

      The posts regarding Guan Beng are not even “research”…they are just showing the data as it is and reading them from a table provided there…….nothing fancy at all…even that DAP Goons cannot handle

      Are you implying that Population Growth Rate, Auditor’s General Report , the MIDA Investment Data and the Stats Department Data are NOT TRUE? Care to explain?

      I sincerely hope that someone would take the contents from my posts and rewrite in a more polite way to all the MSM or even to the Editors of Economist to ask them about the Advertorial on Penang.

      On the vulgarity….guilty as charged…..tapi dosa gua tanggung sendiri…sapa suruh lu baca blog gua….when u read my vulgarity do you close your eyes? Or do you secretly say it in your heart? If so gua tanggung 5% la


  8. We just can’t trust people 100%, be it from which party. It will not be a big issue if LGE didn’t ride on the false report or The Economist is really an economist with facts and figures.

    Well, SatD may not sound nice but who cares as long as you can extract some facts from it. I bet SatD’s a scorpio (Even this is not relevant to any argument hehe)

    JMD / SatD, keep up the PhD type of blogging.


    • I’m a Libran, who is loved by many and super polite in real life.

      I can also be polite in my writings when I want to, but hey…this is the blogland anyone can write anything they want….. plus I’m not selling anything. How one ends up at my site is by clicking the html address on your browser with your own mouse by your own finger on your own pc,tablets etc…..I didn’t do anything at all

      So I personally don’t think that comments regarding the profanity used in one’s personal site is fair on the individual blogger……plus I do not i represent any political parties or some NGO what so ever……I write what I feel…….

      If I may quote the Puppet Master from Ghost in The Shell
      “I am a Living, Thinking Entity who is created in the Sea of Information”

      And you as swimmers in the sea…..have somehow wondered over to my little island…out here you play by my rules cause I’m the host….if you don’t like it leave (Not JMD site of course la…gua mau deep sikit hari ni….nanti orang kata gua shallow prick pulak), if you think that the host is incorrect do argue with facts but don’t go around saying to the host apepasai curtain you kaler meroh? Boleh slow down the radio sikit tak etc etc….

      malaymind..thank you for the encouragement!

      comment kat atas nih gua address to all yang kecoh nak complain lebeh…jangan lu pulak terasa ya..


  9. Pingback: Adakah kontrak di P. Pinang berbentuk Ali Baba juga? « Helen Ang

  10. Whenever I hear about LGE and the rantings by UMNO, it makes me laugh. BN has been running out of ideas since 308 and has been blowing hot air ever since. There is a saying……Argue with facts or else you will sound like a monkey.

    UMNO = Untuk Monyet No Otak


    • “There is a saying……Argue with facts or else you will sound like a monkey”

      u should chanting this phrase in front of a big mirror portraying yourself.

      just my 2ct


    • How long did it take you to come up with that super comment…..

      Gua terkedu katak baca….D Very D Interesting one….for you to quote

      “Argue with Facts or else you will sound like a monkey”

      Since I am already a space monkey with Hard Core Facts….do tell how I will sound when I argue with you…

      Will I sound like a nightmare to you?…..makes you feel small..stupid…Jingjang Mari…..don’t you think so?

      Do tell ya we all wanna know how you feel..

      BTW Are all Penang AhBengs this stupid?

      PS: JMD sorry tu turun kan quality of your comment section…tapi AhBeng2 Bodoh camni nak kena kasi sekolah sikit….


    • Very true. I work in the tech industry over at Penang and we’re seeing all these jobs and investments (local+foreign) coming in. More can be done, mainly in some areas, but certainly an improvement compared to the previous CM

      Local sentiment is favorable to the present state gov, and im talking about the M + C + I. Young people especially. What I see is from the ground over here. Not hundreds of miles from Jakarta.

      I know who’s got my vote next GE. Sure ain’t BN.

      Go ahead, vote down if you wish. 🙂


      • Did you not read what the Minister concerned say about him going on an investment mission to Germany, the German company reps came over and had further talks with MIDA, their requests for certain facilities (tax free status etc) were decided upon, after which they set up shop in Malaysia but chose Penang as a factory location? Not even a note of thanks but instead claimed kudos. Yes, that’s the stuff ultra kiasus are made of.

        You are DAP ultra kiasu, sure you’d claim “Local sentiment is favorable to the present state gov” but that’ll mean DAP, DAP, DAP and their ardent supporters only. A very large number of the non-DAP people in Penang and elsewhere have been disenchanted with Lim Guan Eng cakap tak serupa bikin, wanting Malaysians there to look to Sun Yat Sen and mainland China by officiating the opening of a building named after Sun Yat Sen who had nothing to do with or contributed to this country – he merely tompang in Penang to escape the political turmoil in China of the time.

        Yet he claimed to be Malaysian First, Chinese Second. Clearly, cakap tak serupa bikin. And now he claimed all sorts which the gullible Economist reporter swallowed line, hook and sinker, and the bosses printed his writing without any critical analysis. Where got meaning one? The Lim dynasty is not going to get a substantial number of votes overall, man, like they never did all the 40 plus years DAP have been in existence. They cannot get because of their chauvinistic, racist and subversive so-called Malaysian Malaysia stand and their words and actions that have caused the race riots of 1969.


      • true………………. so I won’t comment on current situation.

        What I have been commenting all this whille…….is what Guan Beng been talking about in the press of late…….

        Nothing complex at all…..underneath all the waffling…..

        Do you think that they are true?

        …… you work in the tech industry, what do you make of the growth rate of a process that nosedived after someone else took over running it?

        Now let’s say that those numbers concerns the overall output of the process….and mind you this is not a simple process….it’s complex with a donno how many 3 of of illions that you could get it all rite…..

        But on a whole if one were to derive Economic Lessons from it?

        Is it about what you should do or what you should avoid?


  11. now why trying to pick on satD’s personality? Read his article and rebut la.. give with facts not emotions. that is his way of writing but he wrote with facts


    • hazou

      They want to get to know me in a more “safe” environment kut…..

      takpe….sehari dua ni gua akan bercamping kat sini….untuk memperkenalkan diri gua dengan lebih dekat…

      bak orang tua2 kate…

      Tak kenal Maka tak Cinta….


      • cay la bro..
        bahasa biar layman..biar org faham..ni ayat bombastika sorang xpaham buat apa? Gua support lu..dr dulu wa baca lu nye post..mmg informatif..bahasa tolak tepi la..mcm la bila sembang ngn kawan2 berbudi bahasa..vulgar2 pun kene quote gak kat bernama ye..makin popular lu ye..


  12. The facts are the facts. Try to rebuke them. Take them at face value if you may. Maybe you can’t and that’s why you attack SatD’s personality instead?

    I don’t think SatD will win the hearts of the non-Malays, especially the Chinese. It’s kind of derogatory that SatD writes words with the letter ‘R’ with an ‘L’. It would have been a better article had those intentional linguistic faux pas been excluded.

    Either way, if anyone out there wants to dispute SatD’s analysis, it would be nice to see some factual based assertions presented here in the commentary.



  13. Wow! That’s it? So far, all you LGE ball lickers can only come up with are 1) satD is not a true Muslim and 2) he sounds like a Malay. What’s next? Typos? Grammar errors? I’m going out on a limb here just to point out the fact that they do NOTHING to dispute the allegation that LGE has been selling fairytales to the Economist (specifically) and Malaysians (generally).

    JMD, I am astounded by the intelligence shown here. I feel ever so humbled.


      • Me been following your blog ever since me first saw your logo of smoking skull x-ray. and me admire your writing right from the start. setiap isu dijawab dgn data dan angka dan juga reference, bukan main godam tak tentu hala ajer. thanks for the info. thanks to JMD too. me hope to read more from you…keep it up. Me not a good writer so me stop at here. May Allah bless you and your family always. JMD too. amiiin


    • A bloody good one, Cikgu. And I’m sure you know the word “bloody” is used in the English manner of emphasizing the point.

      I wish there are more Cikgus like you and I sure wish they send the likes of you to Chinese schools, the harbinger of ultra kiasu thinking, non-conformist mentality, the kind that oppose single-stream education aimed at bringing about unity in the country..


  14. Dear Mamak Tanjung, You are neither here nor there. If ever I am lost with you in forest. I’ll hit you first before any poisonous snakes.


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