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Lim ‘ The Empty Can’ Guan Eng

Lim Guan Eng is just an empty can that makes the most noise

Lim Guan Eng.

What more can we say about this so called brilliant Chief Minister who was exposed frequently as a liar and a below average manipulative leader?

Plenty more!

The latest of his ploy to show that he is the next best thing after Anwar Ibrahim (God’s gift to Malaysia) is his pathetic ruse to hoodwink Malaysians on how good he was to decrease Penang’s debts.

Of course, besides himself, the ones that are singing his praises are non other than The Malaysian Insider crowd.

Again, blogger SatD has once again burst Guan Eng’s bubble in his latest article here.

Basically to cut the story short, this is what had happened;

The Penang state has a burgeoning state debt of near RM700 million as at June 2011. The debt has increased every year since Guan Eng took over the state with deficit running in the millions.

Notice the 39% jump of state debts from 2007 to 2010?

Back in June 2011, as the result of his own poor leadership, he sought help from Federal Government to re-categorise most of the state’s debt into Federal grant.

GEORGE TOWN: The Penang government has agreed to the water restructuring agreement with the federal government in exchange for a complete restructuring of outstanding federal loans of RM655.24 million owed by Penang, said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

The exercise involves the migration of the core assets of the state-owned Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang (PBAPP) to Pengurusan Aset Air Bhd (PAAB), a company under the Ministry of Finance Inc.

The agreement shows that the Pakatan Rakyat state government is committed to a mature working relationship with the federal government in the national interests and for the people’s benefit, said Lim.

Under the agreement, PAAB will assume responsibility for water supply projects through the National Water Services Industry Restructuring Initiative.

Read rest of the article here.

In other words, the ‘evil’ Federal government helped the ‘brilliant’ Guan Eng to re-classify his embarrassingly huge state debts into an interest free lease arrangement. Guan Eng again has been caught lying especially in this particular case where he is caught mouthing figures that are untrue and more heinously, had badmouthed the Federal government in singing his own praises.

GEORGE TOWN, Oct 26 – Penang has sliced RM600 million or 95 per cent of the state’s debt since the Pakatan Rakyat took over the state in March 2008, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said today.

The first-term chief minister pointed out the state debt stood at RM29.66 million as of September 30 compared to the massive RM630.13 million in March 2008.

Guan Eng also said Penang’s Budget 2012 will be a surplus even as it is expected to undergo a deficit of RM107.78 million because the state has regained RM1.13 billion in reserves as at end of last year.

With such glowing figures in the black, the Johor-born DAP leader could not help but point to his political foes helming Putrajaya which saw the national debt grow as much as RM190 billion or 71 per cent within the same period. Source here.

Sliced 95% of state debts and then proceeded to criticise the Federal Government? What kind of a human being are you Lim Guan Eng?

You sliced nothing Guan Eng!

What you did was just window dressing your state’s financial woes.

Please note that Penang’s average GDP after Guan Eng took over is very poor:

How would the ‘evil’ Federal Government help Guan Eng? The gist of it is as below:

1. The state’s outstanding loan of RM655.24 million from the federal government will be interest-free and rationalised by alienating state land-related water assets to PAAB for a period 45 years. PAAB will lease back the water assets to PBAPP for 45 years and PBAPP shall pay PAAB a yearly lease of RM 14.56 million. Upon settlement of the lease at the end of 45 years, the state land will automatically revert to the state;

2) The funding for the Mengkuang Dam expansion project of RM1.2 billion will be given as a grant by the federal government instead of a 3% interest loan

Obviously with SatD’s latest expose, Lim Guan Eng’s self praises had fallen flat. As rightly pointed out by SatD, this failed accountant should be thanking the Federal Government instead of biting the hand that had fed him.

Moreover, Lim Guan Eng is not nearly good enough as his sycophants in Malaysian Insider would like to believe.

In fact, if one to consider all the tricks and lies made by Guan Eng, then psychologically, Guan Eng himself knows that he is not doing well in Penang. That is why he has to resort to all this peurile lies and fabrication with the help of other insidious machinations in the form of Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Kini.

These two portals have made it a priority to promote his leadership which is currently facing the risk of cracking under the weight of beleaguring attacks due to his own incompetence.

I wonder whether The Malaysian Insider will expose the fiction made by Lim Guan Eng since that portal claims itself to be independent and neutral.

Well, we all doubt it right?

Sometimes I sympathise with all the reporters in The Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Kini. Their lousy journalistic skills will not endear them to any future employers.

You can read more on Lim Guan Eng’s lies here and here.


46 thoughts on “Lim ‘ The Empty Can’ Guan Eng

  1. bro JMD

    he did not do anything oso..this Ahbeng….kencing kencing kencing..aje 24 jam

    Under this arrangement, PAAB will first take over the existing water assets in the States to transform the state water operators into asset-light entities. PAAB, on the other hand, will become water assets owners after buying the water infrastructure from the states. In exchange for the assets, PAAB will assume the States’ outstanding Federal water supply loans of an equivalent sum. (However, for some states where the value of the water assets is more than the outstanding loan amount, the surplus value will be taken into consideration and the settlement terms will be negotiated.)

     By transferring the loans to PAAB, the State Governments will be immediately relieved of the heavy burden of settling the Federal water supply loans. The Federal Government, on the other hand, will own the States’ water infrastructures via PAAB, enabling it to have better control over the water industry.

     After the transfer of assets, the State Governments will continue to be responsible for providing water supply services in the states. However, instead of owning the water assets, the State water operators (Service License) will lease these assets back from PAAB (Facilities Licensee) for operation and maintenance. With the lease income, PAAB will repay the Federal Government loan (which it will take over from States) over time.
    Source here


    • Obviously you didn’t read any of the articles linked within the article above. Typical of a lazy brainless sycophant who when his idol is stripped naked, did not counter the expose with hard facts or strong arguments but only with a whimper camouflaged by profanities. Just to show that he has the upperhand. Tsk tsk tsk. Thank you for your comment. It was entertaining.


    • real asshole lah….. things are so rotten in this tanah that an ugly chinky crooked paper ass-wipe apek can get to be the CM .. fuck lah!!!!


    • Obviously you don’t understand the article. This is typical ah beng supporters who can’t even comprehend a simple fact !

      This is the type of people yg suka di kencing hidup-hidup oleh guan eng beng.


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  3. Hi! I’m interested where you got your sources from. I’m not convinced with the pdf from another site that was hyperlinked here. Is there any credible source from where that pdf came from? Thank you.


  4. Jebatmustdie,
    Apparently your knowledge to interpret data, to be more specific, economic data seems to be very shallow. I am a Malay who stays in Penang and i will be honest with you…..this article of yours contains skewed information

    The debt for Penang was at 600 over million ringgit back at 2007 and as at 2011 lately it has been reduced to 23 million ringgit. By next year, it should be positive.

    Recently, they managed to resolve the Kg Buah Pala case. They even rejected Boustead land reclamation demand after hearing out the residents of that area. I am staying at Putra Marine near Queensbay and i am thankful that the CM Mr.Lim is hearing us out by rejecting Boustead’s demands.

    I am a shame that you are still denying the fact that Penang is progressing forward. I am a Malay and I am proud to be a Penangite. I am also proud of the CM even though he is not Malay.


    • Dear Hafizan,

      Since you had to state twice that you are a malay in your comment, I shall give you the benefit of the doubt that you are Malay; although I don’t think being racial is necessary in this instant. Since you are a human being, I am sure your power of deduction is better than the animal kingdom. Therefore please read the article above carefully. The debt for Penang is still there Hafizan. It was just reclassified as a grant that needed to be paid about RM14 million every year for the next 45 years.

      Hafizan, logically, if Penang sliced RM600 million within ONE year, don’t you think something is amiss? Imagine, RM600 million was paid out by cash this year to Federal Govt. We must now think that Penang is so flushed with money to be able to fork out RM600 million and paid out in one lump sum within the span of a few months. Remember as at year end 2010, Penang still has over RM680 million debt.

      But my dear Hafizan, that did not happened. As written and exposed in this article and originally by SatD’s posting, you should know that Guan Eng was tricking us all. He thought by showing doing this trickery, he can prove to us that he is a spectacular chief minister. But that could be far from the truth. Furthermore, not only did he lie, he also denigrated the Federal Government AFTER the latter helped them clean up their books. And not only that, this water deal has been in the pipeline years before. So, Guan Eng can’t even claim this credit.

      I am ashamed that you are quite foolish in your comprehension of this article. It was so simple to understand.

      As for Kg Buah Pala case, I believe your MalaysiaKini tricked you into believing that it has been resolved but further expose had led to believe otherwise. Below are some of the links that those close to the issue had written.

      Thank you.


      • Dear Jebat,

        I was there to witness the hand over of keys at Kg Buah Pala. The 24 residents looks so thankful for the new homes.

        I thought i was going to lose my sea view from Putra Marine and the CM actually helped us out by rejecting Boustead’s demands.

        I don’t know much about what he did but for a commoner like me i can only measure change based on the things that i see happening around me.

        At first, i was very doubtful of the CM as well. As you know, Putra Marine is a Malay populated area. We have our famous “ikan bakar” just around the corner. I thought he wouldn’t give a shit about us and let Boustead reclaim the land in front of our home.

        Instead, he did the opposite and hear us out. That i am thankful. For commoners like me, i can only gauge by seeing the things that the state has done for the state people.

        It happened to me and my family and i am giving him the benefit of the doubt. I hope you understand my situation.


        • Now I have an a skewed angle about your authority on perceiving what being a great leader is about. The racial issue is your regional one — we Sarawakians aren’t as racial-centric/racist as peninsula people.
          That’s why Guan Eng & co isn’t welcomed here.
          Sure, we have our nitty gritties here, but doesn’t mean we shall throw a riot just to object. What’s progress without some preservation of humanity and morality — being a manipulating smart-alec trying to speak in Arabic and all?
          Stop patronizing us, Guan Eng and co, we don’t live on trees. Your populist ideas (clichéd in recent days) are akin to sweeping dirt under the carpet. It all looks nice and shiny first, someone has to chew on the dirt under the carpet once you’re subsequently ‘exposed’.


    • Hafizan,

      apparently, you are stupid beyond repair. You said the article is shallow and skewed without giving any rebuttal fact !

      so sad to see a malay has this kind of mentality. Please learn to read and try to understand the fact. Don’t be like ah beng supporters that fail to see the reality and suka di kencing hidup-hidup.


  5. no surprised that hardcore pakatan supporters will believe 100% what he says without checking the facts. They even won’t believe facts presented from believable source. They only believe what they want to believe, but their leaders unashamedly uses the same facts to go on promoting themselves when it is positive (eg high FDI, low crime rate).


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  7. Thanks SatD for keeping tabs on these spinmasters’ claims. LGE has a lot of damage control to do lately, both in the public and personal spheres.

    Wonder if he has the energy – physical and mental.


    • Pleasure ray

      Soon I’m gonna need a dedicated section in my blog for this stupid AhBeng…

      the last post came out after googling for 15 minutes will try better next time…..that goes to show how fucking stupid those who telan bulat2 ape AhBeng ni cakap….

      Can say fuck in your blog or not bro? kalu tak kasi censor ya


    • Even when evidence had proved Lim Guan Eng had lied, some people would make no qualms to support this malicious and deceitful leader. These are the people that will bring Malaysia to the ground since they will close one eye if the said leaders abuse their power with corruption and incompetence. Their brains can no longer accept a rational and logical argument based on facts. The only way to shore up the misguided conscience is to disparage others so that they will feel they have the upperhand. This is the only way to do it since what their leaders are doing is indefensible. It is sad indeed since they have shown to the world that if their leaders have no credibility, their rabid supporters have none either. Thank you all.


      • sorry jebat bro, the other people have no eye i.e. blind; they don’t see. when they don’t see their brains don’t work very well i.e. infected by the terminal grandfather viruses of Trojan scale Lim Kit Siang, virus Karpal, virus Kaki Suntut, Great grandfather of all these viruses is Lee Kuan Yew. Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye smelled these terminal virus at play much earlier but he didn’t want to be infected; he made the right move and can remain contributing to the people and be recognized.

        to the blind by choice, they stop at nothing until this country is brought to the ground. Very cruel intention the Kaki Suntut ex-DPM carries with him all in the game of gaining power NOT justice or democracy. This lend credence to the ACTION of those already failing to recognize DEMOCRACY does exist in Malaysia.

        We get lies after lies after lies. The word reclassify in accounting and finance does not carry with it positive connotation. Please ask the Auditor General. It means to me manipulation. Apa punya bahalol Hafizan kat atas tu; Hafizan is a failed accountant like LGE kot ?


    • nstman,

      I don’t think you even understand the meaning behind the word credibility. If you do, you will not write that comment.

      do you think, you have credibility when you can’t even show any fact to support your comment or at least defend lim guan eng the ahbeng ?

      you are the type of people that will bring the country down. Poor the future generation to have people like you.


  8. Sudah menjadi kebiasan puak pencacai gerombolan UMNU untuk cuba mengspin isu untuk mengaburi mata mereka yg kurang berpengalaman. Pertama, soalnya siapakah yg cuba mengkopratkan bekalan air sehingga menyebabkan pelbagai masalah? Tidakkah puak pencacai gerombolan terdengar bekenaan keenganggan syarikat SYABAS untuk menuruti pemimpin negeri? Tidakkah puak pencacai berkomen tentang bailout yg melebihi RM 5.8 billion ke atas syarikat SYABAS oleh kerana campurtangan UMNU dlm pentadbiraan sektor komersial.

    Kalau kita lihat, untuk menyelesaikan hutang air yg disebabkan oleh puak UBN, hanya mengambil kira beberapa ratus juta. Cuba kita bandingkan hutang ni dengan hutang kerajaan perseketuan yg sudah hampir mencecah lima ratus RIBU juta ringgit?

    Siapakah yg lebih boros. Jangan cuba berdolak dalik wahai puak pencacai. Belajar ilmu hisab terlebih dulu – cuba tanya kroni kroni hang, siapa yg menghitung kadar purata kenaikkan dalam negeri menggunakkan “arithemetic mean”. Kalau nak kira, gunalah “geometric mean” dan kedua, semua orang tahu Pulau Pinanglah yg menjadi salah satu nadi penggerak ekonomi negara. tanpa PP mampukah negara mengexpot komponen elektronik dan separa elektronik yg bernilai beratus ribu juta ringgit setahun, yg secara tidak langsung mengukuhkan nilai matawang ringgit.

    Syabas Tuan LGE, anda layak bergelar pemimpin


    • Pada hakikatnya, Lim Guan Eng tidak boleh mendabik dada mengatakan bahawa hutang negeri telah berkurangan oleh kerana kepandaian dirinya sendiri dan disamping itu, dia mengutuk Kerajaan Persekutuan. Ini kerana hutang tersebut tetap perlu dibayar dalam masa 45 tahun dan yang membantunya juga adalah Kerajaan Persekutuan. Inilah intipati artikel yang ditulis di atas. Manusia jenis apa yang cuba menipu kita semua sambil mengutuk pula orang yang menolongnya? Inilah adalah contoh pemimpin tidak ikhlas dan berhati busuk, Terima kasih.


  9. Uhmm even if what you say is true, what is so wrong with the method that he used to slice off the debt?

    It’s not illegal, not cheating or in anyway a lie. Truth is the debt is down and that by itself is the strongest fact one can present.

    Now why don’t you go do a little research on Pahang’s financial woes, they can’t even pay the lawsuit they lost, what more pay off debts.


    • hei Don

      I call that same debt slicing method a “runaway method”. There is no real debt repayment and there is nothing to shout about. This same method is used again and again in modern finance and I think this “intelligent method” just shows how caring the federal government is to its citizens. I cannot be much wrong in this thinking. The issue here is does LGE merit any praise ? LGE is cheating himself and claiming credit. Some can live with this. It’s politics I can understand.This typically manipulating technology is fast making many of them champion of democracy ??? in this country “where there isn’t democracy and justice”. Very nice self indulging thoughts.

      But this can also be “senjata makan tuan” equally subtle “intelligent technology” employed at federal level. There is a remote possibility!

      I am no accountant and I am no member of any BN component parties, so this is a fair opinion I am making. If Penang has been generating adequate revenue as claimed, why ask for rescue ? In this sense, Penang is no better than Pahang, dear Don. It is just that Pahang did not show intelligence and being plain inactively stupid.

      And Papi Dom, electronic is going away from Penang and revenue from it is declining. Do you want to continue to blind ? Tsu Koon sat on the problem and he was dreaming of the seat of national chairman to his party more than looking after the people’s welfare. And so he went down..

      We are all familiar with this “take all you can but give none” skillfully displayed to mislead.
      But the truth will be told.

      Good luck Penang.


  10. Saya harap puak gerombolan menuntut ilmu berblogging dari mereka yg berpengalaman seperti Tun Faisal. Walaupun dia menyokong UMNO, kita boleh menghormati pendapat beliau kerana posting cukup mantap, berfakta dan dibelakangi dengan pandangan yg cukup tajam.


    • Terima kasih kerana menghormati pendapat Tun Faisal. Dia itu orang Umno. Bacalah blog beliau. Moga puak gerombolan penyokong LGE seperti kamu mendapat hidayah.


  11. It is very sad indeed when Pakatan supporters chose to believe blindly whatever spewed by their master to the state of denying fact that come with it. It seems the game now is, anything that coming from the other side is bad and from their side is always good. Even if the other side lying or take and info out of context.


  12. I hope you do more fantastic studies on UMNO then, I think more people will be interested with that. If you do not have the best of the best, you choose the worse of the best right? I would normalize the impact of electronics sector downturn if i were you as it is a global down trend. Afterall Penang is heavily dependent on it. So even if he did twisted facts and say the debts are down, Penang is still doing pretty good. I like the way he put it recently that Penang is much safer than Johor (although he have to apologise for it), I live in Johor and the crime rate here is so much a joke that we dont even bother reporting them anymore. Keep up the good statistic work !!


  13. Haha,this must be another stupid UMNO cybertrooper.Pls lah,all your sources are not credible.And you simply create a lousy story from thin air.GO get ur facts right and come back and tell us a better story lah.

    LGE might not be perfect but at least he has done so much more in a few years than what UMNO has done for Malaysia in how many years was that?


  14. From your source at regarding the GDP you can see that the numbers in that table are not absolutes, but percentage improvements. Which means your numbers (specifically the average) is not at all valid. If the price of nasi lemak which is originally Rm1 increases by 50% and then is discounted by 50%, the average price is not Rm1, nor is the total movement equivalent to 0. I don’t doubt there are numbers in there you can interpret to fit your points, but what you have provided does not point in that direction.


  15. komen saya keluar tajuk tapi masih tentang hutang plus rekod pencapaian umno/bn secara keseluruhanya. saya bukan orang PR dan bukan juga orang umno/bn. kira atas pagar. kumpulan atas pagar seperti saya cenderung melihat kepada rekod pencapaian,kelemahan dan apa jua jenis salahguna kuasa yg parti2 lakukan sebelum mmbuat kptsan utk membuang undi. komen saya berbentuk persoalan.

    1. Saya tidak peduli tentang hutang kerajaan DAP di PP kerana saya lebih mentakuti hutang kerajaan pusat yg dianggarkan bernilai lebih dari 500billion. sementara kerajaan DAP PP telah berjaya mengurangkan hutangnya kepada pusat, apakah langkah2 kerajaan pusat utk mengurangkan hutang2nya yg sudah melepasi tahap bahaya?

    2. Illicit – baru2 ini illicit negara ini dianggarkan telah melebihi 1 trillion dlm tempoh kurang 10 tahun yg mana, pada saya juga perlu dibimbangi. apakah langkah2 kerajaan utk menanganinya?

    3. salahguna kuasa-antaranya, skandal salahguna kuasa terbaru-NFC bernilai 250juta@0.25billion berbentuk “soft loan” yg juga berbentuk hutang. nilai ini telah diserahkan oleh kerajaan pusat kepada NFC dan ia perlu dibayar semula. hutang PP dianggar bernilai 650juta.NFC pula 250juta. peratusan perbezaan tidak jauh hanya kira2 38.46%. dari nilai hutang PP kepada pusat. PP adalah kerajaan negeri dan milik rakyat manakala NFC pula hanya sebuah syarikat yg dimiliki oleh keluarga salah seorang elit umno, suami sharizat jalil. secara logiknya, saya tidak kesah tentang hutang kerajaan PP, tapi saya kesah pasal hutang NFC, sebuah syarikat yg gagal. apa akan jadi jika suatu hari nanti syarikat ini memilih utk bankrupt atau terpaksa bankrupt? sudah tentu hutang itu menjadi angin.

    Ini antara yg orang2 spt saya fikirkan. saya tidak peduli tentang kes lewat, kes seks pemimpin. tapi saya kesah tentang urustadbir yg tunggang terbalik. saya kesah dengan perlakuan rasuah yg berleluasa. saya kesah dgn salahguna kuasa yg berpanjangan. saya kesah dgn perhubungan kaum, saya kesah dgn ketidakadilan, saya kesah dgn penindasan dan saya paling kesah dgn cara ekonomi negara ini diuruskan. malaysia menjadi greek kedua adalah malapetaka bagi kami yg tidak seberapa. sekian, terima kasih.


    • Dear Payne,

      I’ll just be quick with this one ya..

      1) DAP masih berhutang sebanyak RM600+ juta kepada kerajaan pusat cumanya hutang ini sudah diselindungi dengan menukarkannya menjadi ‘grant’ yang masih perlu dibayar sebanyak lebih kurang RM15 juta selama 45 tahun. Sila baca di sini. Oleh itu Guan Eng menipu apabila mengatakan bahawa kerajaan beliau telah berjaya mengurangkan hutang negeri melalui kepimpinan cekap, berakauntabiliti dan telus (CAT). Kamu mesti ambil peduli kerana sanggupkah kamu memilih pemimpin yang sanggup menipu kamu sedangkan dia masih belum mempunyai kuasa sepenuhnya ke atas Malaysia. Bayangkan awal awal lagi sudah mula menipu. Pasti lebih teruk lagi di kemudian hari.

      Mengenai bebanan hutang kerajaan, kan saya dah linkkan artikel artikel untuk dibaca? Saya ulangi lagi di sini, sini dan sini. Boleh baca juga yang ini. Secara ringkas, hutang melebihi 50% GDP tidak perlu dibimbangkan. National debt Malaysia secara keseluruhannya adalah domestic debt dan bukan hutang luar negara. Tetapi bacalah link link di atas betul betul.

      2. Illicit funds is indeed serious. Luckily our police is monitoring it. You can read it here and the relevant technical analysis here.

      3. Ya Shahriat Jalil memang nampak bersalah dan sepatutnya sejak dari munculnya laporan Ketua Audit Negara (yang sering berjumpa dengan PM), beliau patut bercuti atau berhenti. Hari ini beliau bercuti tiga minggu setelah sedar dari lamunan. Di harap PM tidak memilih beliau untuk menjadi calon pilihanraya akan datang.

      Semua negeri Pakatan Rakyat juga di salah tadbir seperti mana laporan Audit Negara yang boleh di baca di sini (point nombor 7) dan di sini.

      Bukan semua pemimpin Pakatan bercakap benar. Bukan semua negeri Pakatan diuruskan dengan baik. Bukan semua Barisan Nasional itu buruk dan jelek. Terima kasih.


      • Admin,
        Saya berminat utk mengulas lanjut.

        1. Hutang kerajaan DAP PP. apapun alasannya, kerajaan DAP PP secara prinsipnya telah berjaya mencari jalan penyelasaian membabitkan hutangnya kpd kerajaan pusat termasuk hutang lapuk yg diwarisi dari kerajaan Gerakan-BN dgn komitmen 45tahun pelangsaian hutang iaitu sebanyak rm15j akan dibayar kpd kerajaan pusat stp tahun. tetapi bagaimana dgn hutang kerajaan pusat yg tuan admin kata hutang domestik? sudahkah komitmen melangsai hutang dilancarkan? saya bukan pakar ekonomi tapi kadar hutang negara melebihi 50% adalah merisaukan.trend menunjukkn peningkatan setiap tahun dan jelas bahawa hampir tiada usaha langsung utk melangsaikannya. ditambah dgn kenaikkn belanjawan setiap tahun, saya bimbang ia akan bakal mencecah melebihi 70% pada tempoh 5 ke 10 tahun akan dtg.

        2. illicit. “monitoring” term tidak sesuai digunakan utk perkara seserius ini. tindakan harus dilakukan utk membendung dan sebaiknya “sesuatu” harus dilakukan terhadap illicit sebesar itu. tangga ke-2 seluruh dunia, dan tangga pertama utk asia tenggara bukan sesuatu yg bagus bagi kategori ini. tempoh hampir sedekad hanya utk kerja2 memantau@monitoring tidak boleh diterima. trend peningkatan setiap tahun bagi illicit menunjukkan kepada kita bahawa kerajaan tidak melakukan apa2pun dalam tempoh itu utk membendungnya. saya percaya, jika tempoh 10 tahun akan dtg masih digunakan hanya utk “memantau”, tidak mustahil illicit negara boleh mencecah 2 ke 3 kali ganda dari nilai yg ada sekarang. pada waktu itu mungkin negara ini sudah jatuh muflis. ini tidak mustahil.

        3.NFC, Shahrizat & keluarga. bukan utk menghakimi tetapi saya yakin memang sesuatu tidak kena dgn projek ini. ia secara terang2 diusahakan oleh keluarga shahrizat sendiri (ANAK BERANAK). kedua, dana telah digunakan utk membeli “sesuatu” yg tidak berkaitan dgn projek NFC (Bungalow & tanah). secara prinsipnya, PM seharusnya sudah membekukan aset NFC sejak hari pertama laporan audit negara dikeluarkan supaya siasatan menyeluruh dpt dilakukan oleh panel bebas (bukan dari kalangan yg mempunyai kaitan dgn projek ini i.e menteri pertanian terdahulu). skandal sebesar ini jika berlaku samada di jepun ataupun korea, menteri2 yg berkaitan secara sukarela meletak jawatan (termasuk membunuh diri).

        akhir sekali, ayat terakhir tuan admin juga boleh terpakai sebaliknya.


        • Apa pun alasan yang diberikan oleh peminat Lim Guan Eng, ianya tidak akan berupaya menenggelamkan hakikat bahawa Guan Eng telah menipu anda semua dengan mengatakan dengan megahnya beliau mengurangkan hutang sebanyak 95% kerana secara prinsipnya, kerajaan Pulau Pinang masih berhutang dengan Fed Govt di mana hutang itu kini di bayar secara interest free sebanyak RM15 juta setahun selama 45 tahun. Yang lebih menyedihkan, beliau mendabik dada sambil melaungkan pengurangan itu dengan mencemuh kerajaan pusat yang telah menolong beliau. That is pathetic. Can you understand the difference and the principles involve here?

          Oleh kerana saudara bukan pakar ekonomi negara, sebab itulah saya menyediakan link link untuk saudara fahami sebelum menulis mengenai hutang negara… memberi komen angka belanjawan bertambah setiap tahun menunjukkan saudara tidak faham konsep ekonomi. Sila baca jawapan saya kepada payne di sini. Oh ya. tahukah saudara, jumlah hutang negara dalam tahun 80an dan 90an melebihi paras 50%? Ada yang sampai 90% pun. Anwar Ibrahim tak bising pun mengenai kadar national debt against the GDP semasa beliau jadi Menteri Kewangan dulu. Hakikatnya, beliau mengembar gemburkan tahap hutang negara ini seperti sesuatu yang buruk kerana beliau tahu, ramai yg bukan pakar ekonomi dari kalangan peminat beliau.

          Monitoring of illicit flows tidak mencukupi? Sebab itu saya sediakan link mengenai jawapan Ketua Polis Negara sendiri. Bacalah di sana.

          Saya setuju dengan point ketiga saudara. Terima kasih.


        • Same komentator dgn payne ka??

          Jebat suda ckp byk kali dan bagi link yg bagus pun mau ulang benda yg sama ka? Malas ka mau baca macha?? I won’t surprise if Jebat ulang jawapan sama..


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