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May 13th 1969 – The Correct View (part 4)

We have read and discussed the happenings during the May 13 episode in lieu of Kua Kia Soong’s book. We took note the fact that the racial riots that occurred that day were not unprovoked or spontaneously happened. There indeed were extenuating factors that led to that tragic day.

These factors were conspicuously missing in his book. From the 3 articles which were posted before, we can now say without a doubt that that the racial riots on May 13th was triggered by overzealousness of the thuggish opposition party members and the antics of their racist leaders back then. We now also know that there were communist elements that had penetrated in the political scenario back then.

Unfortunately, the said book had tried to dismiss these elements as insignificant or worse, as non-existent.

Tunku’s thoughts on the communists can be read below in his book, May 13: Before and After.

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Also, please read back the three articles below should you have missed them earlier:

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3) Intermission (in reality, it’s part 3)

After reading all the above and comprehending the social and political environment at that time, we now move on with the prevalent sentiments within the Malay psyche during the years preceding the May 13 incident. This would be the longest article in this series but I do hope dear readers will indulge me for little while.

This is important so that a true and fair view of the whole May 13 incident can finally be digested by the people of Malaysia.

Knowledge will give you the ability to see reality differently from the one you had been accustomed to.

Malay sentiments

The Malays during the years of independence, revered Tunku Abdul Rahman like nobody’s business. Tunku Abdul Rahman was the most popular person in the country at that time. He was the founding father of the nation. He rallied all the races together and formed the Alliance. Umno, MCA and MIC forged a coalition and pushed for independence as a united Malayans.

He went to London to negotiate our country’s independence along with Tun Abdul Razak, Tun V. Sambathan, Tun HS Lee, Tun Tan Cheng Lock in 1954.

Prior to that, a joint Umno – MCA meeting was held to deliberate on this London mission. Tunku Abdul Rahman received tremendous support from the people and they showered him with wonderful send off gifts. Malay ladies showered the London delegation with money and jewellery while the future first Permaisuri Agung of Malaysia, Tunku Puan Besar Kursiah took off her bracelets and threw them from the balcony of the building (TAR, Political Awakening pg. 44). Thus, the delegation had enough fund to finance the long journey at that time.

Tunku was the symbol that freed the people from their colonial masters. He was the talismanic national hero who was determined to bring a future that was self determined by the country’s own people.

He was indeed a popular figure.

However, Tunku was oblivious to the sentiment on the grounds. By the mid 60’s, the PAP propaganda of Malaysian Malaysia had created much furore within the confines of Malaysia’s social fabric. The very pillar of the nation cracked and stood precariously on an already unstable foundation. The incessant demands of certain chinese chauvinists and the obvious plights of the Malays had caused friction between the two communities.

But all Tunku wanted was to be the happiest prime minister in the world. His dream shattered during those dark days of May 13, 1969. Tunku believed that he had done so much for the Malays back then. The Constitution which provided special privileges to the Malays in exchange of the citizenship for the non-Malays  12 years before was something he hold dearly in his beliefs. He established MARA in the early 60’s to help the Malays gain their footing in economy, professionally and in the public services.

He thought he had done enough. But the sentiment from the ground was different. The Malays felt that Tunku had not made enough inroads in alleviating the standard of living of the Malays. This was further compounded by the fact that racial politics was harped by the opposition parties back then to dismantle the Malays’ special privileges. Day in, day out, the opposition back then questioned the articles within the Constitution that protects the Malay rights. Worse, Tunku was seen to be too lenient to these communist infected opposition. He only realised the modus operandi of the DAP when it was a little too late.

Nevertheless, resentment from the Malays grew towards Tunku. From the statistics below, the unfair balance of Malays participation in the government and economy can be further illustrated. Remember, this is before the implementation of the NEP (please click and zoom).


Matters come to a head during the general election of 1969. The opposition grew bolder and the anti Malay elements in them killed an Umno worker 2 weeks before the general election.

Modus operandi of PAS and DAP

As stated in the first part of this series, in 1969 PAS and DAP had aggressively conducted a divisive and racial politics to gain more votes from the ignorant and gullible people.

PAS, in their election campaign will accuse Umno of ‘selling out Islam’ and the Malays to MCA. They accused Umno as un-Islamic and had gone astray from Islam’s way of life. They say Umno will not establish an Islamic Nation since they were in league with the MCA.  This made the Malay votes split into two and weakened Umno’s popularity.

This extremist view was frowned upon by Tunku and he labelled PAS as a bunch of wretched hypocrites in his May 13 book. Moderation had always been the main principles of the Alliance and the pillar of success in multi racial Malaysia. But PAS tried to instill hate, using religion as their weapon to split the Malay votes.

But at the same time, PAS was cooperating with the DAP (who is a polar opposite to PAS)  in an unofficial opposition coalition!

DAP meanwhile accused the MCA of selling out the rights of the non-Malays to Umno. In other words, DAP accused MCA of letting itself being bullied by Umno. DAP had used the same approach in gaining votes albeit though a reverse tactic. They accused MCA of being too soft when the National Language Policy was introduced a couple of years before. To the racist DAP, they could not recognise Bahasa Malaysia as the official language of the country.

They also pounded the idea that MCA was bullied into submission when Umno tried to pursue a more Islamic apporach in governing the nation. Hence, this very racist approach of instilling fear and hate towards the Malays and specifically Umno made the non Malays shunned MCA and the Alliance. In the end, MCA lost a lot of votes during the election.

But in actual fact, it did not make any sense for the DAP to accuse Umno of being too Islamic and bullied the MCA while in the same breath PAS accused Umno of being too liberal and un-Islamic and betrayed the Malays to MCA! What was more ridiculous, PAS and DAP worked together in their unholy alliance of opposition parties!

How was this possible? Were the Malaysian population back then too stupid to realise this? Thank God today, the people are smarter (are we really?).

But sometimes I do wonder whether this racist modus operandi is still being practised by the opposition of today…

Outcome of the general election results

The Alliance lost its two thirds majority in that election. The MCA was abandoned by the chinese. Tun Tan Siew Sin was so ashamed and embarrassed, he called Tunku immediately after the elections and declared that since MCA was abandoned by the chinese, the party will not accept any ministerial appointments for a handful of their surviving MPs. They will however, support the Alliance.

Tunku noted that with some sadness. What else could he do? The chinese chose not to vote a valid representative of their community in the government but instead chose to vote a racist opposition party which was not compatible with its own opposition partners. As the result, they lost their own ministers in the government.

Umno however, although being the largest beneficiary of the general election, had been magnanimous enough to include MCA in the cabinet in the aftermath of the election and the riots. Thus, moderation, empathy and genuine cooperation had always been the bedrock of a successful coalition of the country.

Selangor nearly lost to the opposition but at the last minute, Gerakan decided not to join the opposition’s loose coalition. This enable Umno to form the state government on the basis of being the party with the largest number of seats in the state assembly.

Retaliation by the Malays

After the arrogant, offensive and insensitive victory parades were held by the opposition the Malays decided that enough was enough. They had been on the receiving end of a cruel and racist insults for the last 4 days and the insults such as ‘melayu babi balik kampung’ was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


Taken from the NOC report (i)


Taken from the NOC report (ii)


Taken from the NOC report (iii)


Taken from the NOC report (iv)

As situation deteriorated, and full scale riots were at hand, only the high professionalism of the security forces had contained and localised the situation. Dato Seri Yuen Yuet Leng also commended the pragmatism of the police force at that time. He wrote:

I am very proud to have been a police officer during the May 13 crisis. The first few days of the crisis were the proudest moments in my entire police career. I saw in Kuala Lumpur how both experienced and young police recruits conduct themselves as peace officers…. I monitored, heard and recorded the firm and undaunted voice of a former Malay subordinate transferred to the Riot Unit, rejecting demands from a Malay mob to hand over some non-Malays who had pretended to be dead but rushed to him for protection when the opportunity arose. His words still echo in my memory;

“Yes, you are Malay; I am also Malay. But this is where the similarities end. You have no responsibility. I am a police officer. If you cross that line, the same blood on both sides will flow!”

The mob gave up their demands.

The brunt of the outbreak of violence which when once started in Setapak for whatever the reason ignited the situation in Kuala Lumpur.

The riots that was thought to be originated in Kampung Baru was in fact started in Setapak. Due to rumours and high tension, it escalated into a full scale riot in Kampung Baru and spilled over to adjacent areas.

However, Kua Kia Soong missed the whole event preceding the Kampung Baru riots when he solely relied on Bob Reece’s account. Bear in mind, Bob Reece could not be at two places in the same time. That is why, one cannot be certain whether foreign journalists were being professional in their writings.

“Late on Tuesday afternoon (May 13), young Malays from the whole Selangor began to assemble outside the residence of the Selangor Mentri Besar, Dato Harun. A retaliatory march had been planned by the Umno youth to end in a rally at Suleiman Court near Batu Road, but police permission was withheld. While people were still assembling for this parade, trouble broke out in the nearby Malay section of Kampung Baru, where two Chinese lorries were burnt. By 6.30pm, a crowd was raging down Jalan Raja Muda towards Batu Road. Another group came out of Kampung Baru into Jalan Hale, another exit from the Malay section into the Chinese areas.”

Tunku’s thoughts on foreign observers

Tunku had great apprehension on what the foreign media had to say about the incident. To him, he was greatly disturbed with the slanted reporting by the foreign journalists. From his own writing below, Tunku chastised the foreign journalists for being partial in their reporting and relying on rumours mostly.


Please click and zoom for better view

Like I told earlier in the first article, foreign media will have ulterior motives when reporting, be it to sensationalise news report, or simply the desire to see the situation worsen so that there are more news to report.

Tunku made no reservations when he wrote the May 13 book. Even the act of slandering the security forces had riled up the then Prime Minister. The excerpts below are important since it clearly had debunked all the hate filled comments received regarding the conduct of our security forces during the racial riots.


Taken from Tunku's may 13 book

The NOC report below gave a clearer picture of the situation concerning the security forces at that time. Kua Kia Soong’s book gave too much prominence to foreign journalists’ reporting it really became nauseating that he chose to see them as the ultimate truth bearers.


Taken from the NOC report

The conspiracy theory

There was also a theory which had slandered Tun Razak, Harun Idris and Tun Mahathir for working together, orchestrating the racial riots in order to depose Tunku from being Prime Minister.

On page 325 of the book The Struggle for Malaysian Independence, Dato J.J. Raj stated:

Years later YAM Tunku, in his weekly article in the local newspaper, The Star dated Monday August 5, 1985 had this to say:

“The police refused an application to hold a funeral procession on May 10, the actual date of the election. The Police refused permission but the Government, without my authority or knowledge, gave permission to hold the funeral procession one day before the election, but restricted the size of the funeral. I was in Alor Setar when I was contacted during the funeral procession.

I was surprised that the authority, whoever it was, had given permission for the procession to be held which attracted thousands of communists and their sympathizers. Many communists had been killed before, and no such grand funeral had been allowed. How was it that this time, it was allowed? The purpose, I found out later, was to embarrass me. When I probed further into this, I found that it was done by the same source that had spread rumours against me and the intention was to use this incident to topple me.”

In that interview, Tunku stated that the permit for the funeral procession on May 9th should not be given at all due to the current political situation at that time. As the police was under the purview of the Home Affairs Minister, naturally Tun Abdul Razak was to be blamed for this occurrence.

Many HAD GUESSED that Tun Razak overruled the police’s decision because he wanted to topple Tunku. Some EXTRAPOLATED even further that Tun Razak orchestrated the whole incident so as to give the justifications for the Malays to run amok and kill the chinese racists. Due to lack of evidence, we really do not know.

But what I do know is, from the sentiments of the racist political supporters of the Labour, DAP and Gerakan parties at that time (read part 1 and 2 please), even if there were no permits been issued out, the funeral procession would have been  held anyway. The anti police, anti Malay sentiments were sky high at that time after being instigated by the irresponsible opposition leaders.

Plus, since the general elections were to be held on the 10th of May, Tun Razak did not want to jeopardize the voting trend towards the Alliance party.  To withheld the permit may cause the Alliance to lose more votes in the general elections (try withholding the permits for BERSIH, HINDRAF and Anti PPMSI rallies and imagine what the opposition would have done).

Nevertheless, I am not privy to what Tun Razak was thinking back then. But one thing for sure, the unequivocal fact is, which Tunku had also missed was, the racist anti Malay jeers accompanying the funeral procession did not cause any immediate retaliation from the Malays. If indeed Tun Razak had planned for the Malays to run amok as soon as he gave the permit for the funeral procession, history had shown otherwise.

Eventhough the racial tension shot up to stratospheric levels because of that procession, no untoward incident happened on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. Hence, the theory above which had said Tun Razak gave permission to the funeral procession to overthrow Tunku was inconsistent to say the least.

Therefore, Tunku’s and other extrapolations made from Tun Razak’s action are deemed as conjectures only. It would have been different if Tun Razak had approved the opposition’s victory parades after the general elections. But from the reports we had read in the previous article, most of the victory processions were illegal anyway.

Tunku’s original thoughts on the funeral procession was etched in his writings below:


Taken from Tunku's May 13 book (please click and zoom)

In the book ‘Surat Dari Dr Mahathir’ by Zainuddin Maidin, had given us the insights on what happened after Dr Mahathir was singled out for being the thorn in Tunku’s leadership and was expelled. On page 25, it stated:

Keruncingan hubungan Dr Mahathir dengan Tunku Abdul Rahman terus memperhebatkan lagi gelora politik tanahair terutama dalam kalangan orang Melayu selepas peritistiwa 13 Mei. Tunku menganggap surat Dr Mahathir kepadanya yang tersebar luas di seluruh tanahair sebagai memusnahkan seluruh pengorbanannya terhadap negara dan bangsa sejak 17 tahun lalu.

Ini mendorong Tunku memberikan kata dua kepada Umno. Pilih “saya atau Dr Mahathir”.

Apabila Timbalan Presiden Umno, Tun Abdul Razak menyampaikan kata dua ini kepada mesyuarat Majlis Kerja Tertinggi (MKT) Umno di Sri Taman pada 12 Julai 1969, Harun Idris berkata,

“Tun (Razak), kalau begitu, buat apa panggil mensyuarat ini, buang sahajalah Mahathir”.

Pandangan beliau disokong kuat oleh Ketua Kaum Ibu Umno, Tan Sri Fatimah Hashim dan juga Pengerusi Pemuda Umno Negeri Kedah, Syed Nahar Shahabudin.

Tun Abdul Razak seterusnya memberitahu bahawa Dr Mahathir sebagai ahli MKT telah melanggar tatatertib parti kerana membuat kenyataan kepada umum tentang perkara yang sangat penting mengenai parti.

Now, if Tun Mahathir, Harun Idris and Tun Razak had worked together in orchestrating the May 13 riots, why then did he was sacked by Tun Razak? Even Harun Idris did nothing to save Tun Mahathir from being sacked at the time. All the racist, hate mongering people like RPK and Kua Kia Soong had in fact confused themselves with post May 13 events and tried really hard to implicate the three of them so that all the current  non Malays will hate Umno leaders in totality.

In fact, racial riots and Tunku’s anger towards Mahathir were two SEPARATE incidents. Tunku’s anger towards Mahathir only surfaced in mid June right after Mahathir had written a private (which later became public) letter to the Tunku. This famous letter became the thorn that had eventually led Mahathir to be sacked in July (a full two months after the riots). Tunku never accused Mahathir of masterminding the riots either.

What I had stated above regarding Tun Razak, Harun Idris and the Kampung Baru clashes really coincide with what Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad had stated in his speech on May 13th 2009. It was reported by RPK in his article here. There was no inclination whatsoever that implied Harun Idris and Tun Razak had masterminded the whole incident (from the funeral procession to the Malays’ retaliation).

Tun Razak did not plan the victory parade nor was he the one that started the riots in Setapak. Yes, Setapak was the place where the riots started.

Therefore, to call our great statesman, Tun Abdul Razak as the architect of May 13 is really a racist act indeed.

The National Operations Council

There was a laughable attempt by Kua Kia Soong to slander Tun Razak by attempting to equate the great man as someone who was bent on achieving total Malay totalitarianship in the country. On page 90, Kua Kia Soong stated:

From this secret document from the British Cabinet Office, we note that barely a week after the riots flared, the CIA gad figured out what Razak was planning, i.e. to change the Constitution to formalize Malay dominance, sideline the Chinese and shelve the Tunku:

“In introducing Adrian van Huizen to speak to us on this subject at today’s CIA briefing for the Commonwealth Liaison Officers… he expressed their main conclusions as follows.

He said that the Malaysian government was faced with two braod alternatives. They could come to their senses and seek some accommodation with the moderate Chinese elements and draw new forces into the government from the Chinese community. Alternatively, they could continue with the present Malay-dominated emergency rule, possibly toned down a little, but leaving the Chiunese unable to improve their political position and so probably driving them further towards the Left and the use of violence. As of now, van Huizen thought it likely the Malaysian government would follow the latter course.

From all Razak had said it seemed he believed that any attempt at accommodation with the Chinese would cause the Malays to lose the “power-edge” they maintained over the Chinese. If the Malays lost this, Razak seemed to believe that the more dynamic Chinese would eventually take over. This, Razak seemed to determined to prevent and it seemed possible he might propose changes in the Constitution to formalize Malay rule. Van Hizen also said that the Tunku’s position was very important. He thought the Tunku would probably be shelved, although not just yet.”

This van Huizen person should be one of the first intelligent officers of the CIA to be sacked for getting wrongful information about the whole situation.

However, Kua Kia Soong took this ‘secret’ document and tried to misinform the Malaysian public about the fact of the matter. First, he postulated that Razak would disengage the Chinese from the government after the riots. Secondly, Razak did not want to accommodate the moderate Chinese since he wanted total control of the government.

But I won’t be surprise if the gullible readers would believe such notion. The matter of fact was, Tun Razak included non Malay leaders in the NOC such as Tun Tan Siew Sin and Tun VT Sambathan. Even though the  unwise Chinese voters  back then had abandoned the MCA for the racist DAP, Razak still included their leaders in the eventual cabinet line up. Remember, Siew Sin had stated earlier that he would not want the MCA leaders to be in the cabinet as he felt MCA had failed the Alliance. Surely, the spirit of accommodating one another was honestly done in pursuit of the nation’s well being.

Thereafter, much to the chagrin of the foreign observers, the Alliance under Tun Razak sought to correct the economic imbalances, repaired the goodwill and harmony between the races after it was damaged by the racist opposition and prevented the country from being condemned to the dustbin of history.

Secondly, should Razak had any autocratic tendencies, he would have prolonged the Emergency rule under the NOC indefinitely. But he did not. Hence, the document above which Kua Kia Soong had selectively taken to include in his book had run on wrong premises. It was merely a conjecture of the CIA and a flimsy effort to slander Razak as an autocratic leader. Read that dispatch again please.

One of the most peculiar notions about the book is trying to show its readers that the relationship between Tunku and Tun Razak was not congenial and distant. On page 108, the book stated:

In this secret British Cabinet paper, it is clear that Razak’s complete control of the government was by then (i.e. 19 May) an open secret:

“There are reported to be some 10,000 refugees. Local newspapers had been suspended but have now been allowed to resume publication under censorship. Foreign correspondents have had their curfew passes withdrawn for alleged partiality of reporting. There is some evidence that the military but not the police discriminated in favour of Malays in enforcing the curfew. Some opposition political leaders are said to be among those arrested.

The exact relationship between Tun Razak and the Tunku is not clear. In public says he is directly responsible to the Tunku but he has made it clear privately that he is completely in charge of the country. This could mean the beginning of a process of withdrawal by the Tunku as an effective PM.”

But in actual fact, Tunku respected Tun Razak as the most able person to helm the NOC.  He unreservedly showered praises to Tun Razak in his book:


Taken from Tunku's May 13 book

There are many other contentious matters in his book which require further attention. For instance. the book took a malicious turn when it questioned the Rukunegara on page 118 and 119. I am appalled that Kua Kia Soong would find in his heart to question the content of the Rukunegara just because it was Ghazali Shafie who had formulated it. Again he took Bob Reece’s article to help strengthen his agenda. To me, if you do not agree with the contents of Rukunegara, please state the reasons why, instead of covertly trying to instil hatred among your readers towards the nation’s idealogy.

The aftermath of the book

We have now debunk the conclusions the book was trying to propagate.

1) Tun Abdul Razak masterminded the May 13 racial riots as a form of coup d’etat from Tunku Abdul Rahman – false conclusion

2) Datuk Harun Idris led Umno Youths to spontaneously launched an unprovoked attack towards the chinese people – false conclusion

3) The racial riots were not the fault of the racist opposition or the subversive communist movementfalse conclusion

In reviewing this book, I have come to the opinion that it was intended to ultimately create resentment among the Chinese to the Malay leadership in Umno. That was its entire reason for existence. All the slanted views, misinformation, wrong conjectures and jumping into conclusions were done purposely to achieve that end.

Now as the outcome, whatever the government does, will be deemed as racist because this book had made very profound racist outlook about the whole matter. To completely censor all the blame towards the racist DAP back then whilst at the same time exaggerate the Malays participation during the riot had clearly created a wave of gullible racist among the younger generation. They became racist because they had inadvertently loathed the Umno leadership.

The enmity towards Umno had become so severe that even when the son of an MACC director was caught in Australia for having porn materials, the blame was put squarely to MACC, Umno and BN! Certainly this is not relevant at all. What is going on in the family has got nothing to do with BN as a whole. Is this the kind of people we would want as citizens? Filled with misplaced hatred towards anything that is Malay?

What more, they had become misguided in hating one of the founding fathers of the nation. Yes folks, Tun Razak was one of our founding fathers (he went with Tunku to negotiate our independence in London remember?) and I find it revolting to smear and tarnish his legacy due to one man’s insidious racist agenda.  It is of no surprise that he is a DAP member. DAP had been one of the major instigators of the riot and the book was trying very hard to clear its name.

These articles will try to put back into perspective all the things that were wronged by the book. People tend to forgive and forget and let bygones be bygones. But the effort to distort history and lay blame on others, especially when the blamed one could not defend himself as he is no longer here, is very distasteful indeed.

Now I implore any peace loving Malaysians to re-study Kua Kia Soong’s book in great detail so that the propaganda created from it will be extinguished and racial harmony can once again regain its proper place in our social fabric.

This book can be singled out as one of the main source of all the resentment between the main races in this country (just read all the hateful comments from the articles – they were all referring to the book as their source of information). It is unfortunate that many believed that this is the definitive history when in fact is was nothing more than a malicious effort to smear our founding fathers’ names.

Tun Abdullah during his sleepy years at the helm, under the pretext of freedom of speech, had allowed this book to be published. It is amazing that Pak Lah, as a member of the NOC had not read this book prior to its release.

At the very least, there should be a counter argument for the book produced by professional historians. Why did the government agree to unleash a book written by a DAP racist into the market without even producing a better rebuttal?

Why did Tun Abdullah allow the name of his former boss to be soiled under the weight of massive racist propaganda? Why Najib Tun Razak and his brilliant advisers fail time and time again to debunk this book? For each day this book sitting happily on the shelves without any other manuscript to challenge it, his father’s reputation will become maligned each day. He must have the skin of rhino to be able to face his mother every time he visits her while out there, a travesty is being committed under his father’s name.

Our nation is made from a potpourri of ethnicities. The approach of dividing the nation though racial hatred instead of racial harmony had been the modus operandi of the opposition since Independence. The Alliance had proven to have the best formula towards racial harmony. Respecting the Constitution had been its greatest asset. All parties in the Alliance fight for all the articles in the Constitution. It is the greatest law in the land where the main purpose of its existence is to create the best balance to achieve racial harmony.

Whenever the BN leaders mentioned about the May 13 incident, they were not implying that blood will be spilled (although their choice of words could be better). This is what the racist opposition would want the unassuming people to believe. May 13 needs to be remembered because racism and unhindered freedom of speech will cause unrest in this multi racial country. That is why we have the Sedition Act. The Act is solely to prevent the people from being too extreme in their views.

Now, in the aftermath of the 1969 incident, and after the propaganda of Kua Kia Soong’s book is hopefully debunked, what now for the nation? Like I proposed in the first article, National Harmony Day should be celebrated on May 13 every year to remind ourselves how blessed we are living in a land where moderation and acceptance are the keys to national success in whatever there is to come. We should learn that, when hatred and resentment towards each other is no longer existed, we can now look forward towards building the nation with so much rigour, trust and mountainous sense of pride in our history.

Our founding fathers and leaders of the past had painstakingly upheld their selfless deeds and worked hard in making our Malaysia a successful nation. The greatest achievement we had was to live in harmony in the face of so many malevolent foreign and domestic challenges. We should not dirty this greatest achievement just because of a certain racist and political agenda.

Like the wise words I learned from school – “A society which does not look back with pride upon its past can never look forward towards its future”.

Till this day, I still remember those words.

158 thoughts on “May 13th 1969 – The Correct View (part 4)

  1. Dear JMD,

    As a younger generation and concerned about the racial tensions, I apploud your effort to give fresh and great rebuttal of facts on such lies being spread by such book and the May 13 perception.

    The readers should read this article with open heart and scrutinised every details as it has cleared many false accusations and lies being planted by DAP and PAS.

    It is sad that “racial” factors being played on and on again in order to create disharmony and unity among our many races. If they could not understand and see the facts that you have presented, then we as Malaysian ara truly blind.

    Again I would like to thank you for your effort in setting the record starights with your tremendous research.

    By Aku Pening.


  2. “Thank God today, the people are smarter”

    Lu biar serious JMD……folks nowadays are overwhelmed with “credible information” from so many macho gile sources that their ability to draw the line between fact and fiction is so blurry(plus the fact that most is buta sejarah)…..within this grey area the same racist game is played day in and day out…with very little modal….just a pc with internet connection and freetime (or even work time)…..

    This creates a vacuum where those armed with the best data n argument will eventually prevail…..one such effort is what u r doing here (at least lu tak naik lift tekan butang sendiri la!!)

    But where do we go from here? Larat ke JMD n the likes to keep on doing this?

    JMD : It was intended to be a sarcasm SatD 🙂


  3. JMD,

    Well done. Suggest you print your write up for the future generation.

    Buku Kua Kia Soong, hanya untuk mengelirukan orang ramai. Buku JMD adalah ubat bagi penyakit pembohongan yang disebar oleh Kua Kia Soong.

    I was born and brought up in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur. I was 20 years old then. I saw the victory procession. I know what was happening way before the election and after the then 13 May.

    Kata-kata kesat mereka terhadap orang Melayu sehingga hari ini tidak dapat saya lupakan. Kami bertiga sedang berjalan di Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman apabila sebuah lori berhenti mencaci kami dan kemudian menunjukkan kemaluannya kepada kami. Bayangkan.

    I lost my grandfather and grandmother because of May !3. Kalau Kua Kia Soong merasai BANGSANYA TERANIAYA, APAPULA DENGAN SAYA?

    Kua Kia Soong anda KEJAM kerana cuba menipu dan mengelirukan rakyat.


    • salam,
      walaupun saya masih belum dilahirkan masa tu, tapi apa yg dpt saya lihat sekarang ni adalah satu lagi cara untuk racist dap menguasai malaysia dengan cara halus pula. mereka telah menanamkan semangat kecinaan mereka sehingga org melayu sendiri telah mempunyai semangat mereka. ini adalah satu cara halus yg boleh membahayakan melayu secara umumnya. umno mungkin tidaklah yg terbaik, namum dap adalah yg terburuk untuk org melayu terima. mungkin ada di kalangan kita yg ada cara untuk membuka dan menyedarkan org melayu tentang apa yg telah dap lakukan terhadap melayu. saya dapati ramai melayu muda yg menyalahkan melayu dan umno tentang insiden 13 may ini. mereka nampaknya telah terpengaruh dengan dakyah dap sehingga menyalahkan bangsa sendiri.

      JMD : Terima kasih kerana memberi komen.


  4. JMD,

    Nice spinning!

    Especially this one:

    “Whenever the BN leaders mentioned about the May 13 incident, they were not implying that blood will be spilled (although their choice of words could be better).”

    I wonder which part of “Mandikan Keris Dengan Darah Cina” & “Keris Ini Mahu Minum Darah Cina” has been taken out of context?

    JMD : Thank you for visiting Eyes Wide Open. Which part of the whole paragraph don’t you understand?

    Whenever the BN leaders mentioned about the May 13 incident, they were not implying that blood will be spilled (although their choice of words could be better). This is what the racist opposition would want the unassuming people to believe. May 13 needs to be remembered because racism and unhindered freedom of speech will cause unrest in this multi racial country. That is why we have the Sedition Act. The Act is solely to prevent the people from being too extreme in their views.

    Obviously you insinuated with what Najib had purported said during the 1987 crisis. Racism will create further racism from the other side. Do you think Najib’s reaction was unprovoked too? Like I said earlier, ‘choice of words could be better’ in defending oneself or attacking the political rivals. Operasi Lalang is another chapter that I will probably write in the future. There are so many spinning by the opposition regarding this subject which had made the average people became prejudicial. However, the truth may not be to their liking. Talking about spinning, since you think this whole article of mine are all spin, please indicate where and provide facts in your rebuttal. As you can see, I did not create any facts or evidence or even omit any critical incidents. I presented everything in totality. A feat which Kua Kia Soong’s book failed to do. There is no malice whatsoever to the chinese (should they feel aggrieved) when writing this series. I am merely reviewing his book and try to produce the veritable facts for the areas which he had neglected to tell. If they feel aggrieved regardless, please blame Kua Kia Soong who had done a great disservice by distorting the history. I do hope the three conclusions were rebutted comprehensively. I am somewhat disturbed when RPK had labeled Tun Razak as the ‘architect of May 13’. Tun Razak does not deserve to be slandered that way. Thank you.


  5. And if DAP and GERAKAN ever dare to DO A CAMPAIGN to bring back MANUSIA PALING JAHANAM CHIN PENG ke MALAYSIA, i together with all MALAYs will go and **** *** and all the communist sympathizer!!!

    Dont you ever dare talk about human right,CHIN PENG have no RIGHT at all because HE and HIS GOONs (including sympathizers) are the one who dont care about HUMAN RIGHTS..


    This is what i want to tell those GERAKAN bozo’s and DAP Communist

    JMD : Please tone down your comment. Thank you very much.


    • iskandar

      you sounded like a terrorist …. wow “i together with all MALAYS”, i really don’t think is all Malays. you mean Malays related to UMNO?

      since when DAP join the communist party? Gerakan, not too sure about that. and please don’t equate Gerakan is a chinese party, they are a multi-ethnic party. same as DAP, multi-ethnic party. you want to gripe, talk to MCA, they are a chinese party and like to propagate chinese culture and look towards china for biz. pls you and your friends can go and **** *** (i really don’t know what you mean by that. care to elaborate?) the communist sympathizer.


      • Sori Abgcina,

        U should put,

        Melayu & Cina & Indian & Sarawakian & Sabahan & Singaporean & Indonesian & Thais …. penipu, pencuri, pemalas, korupsi, kolusi, perogol, perompak lebih teruk daripada communist la!

        Maybe u did not want to acknowledge that there are other races that commit these crime ….

        so meaning … abgcina race also are penipu, pencuri, pemalas, korupsi, kolusi, perogol, perompak lebih teruk daripada communist la! …

        dont deny laaa …

        stupid oneliner egghead ..



  6. JMD wrote: ” For each day this book sitting happily on the shelves without any other manuscript to challenge it, his father’s(Tun Razak) reputation will become maligned each day. He (Najib) must have the skin of rhino to be able to face his mother(Tun Razak’s widow) every time he visits her while out there, a travesty is being committed under his father’s name”

    PM Najib and Home Minister Hisham, I hope you are reading all the 4 parts written by Saudara JMD. Please act accordingly to right the damage that has been done by Kua’s book.

    JMD’s idea of a National Harmony Day is indeed a great idea which should be considered by Menteri Koh Tsu Koon and briought to the cabinet for deliberation and approval.


  7. JMD,

    As you said it, “it is nauseating..”, I dont think I would want to “study” this book by kua kia soong. It is a waste of time.

    But, I do think that your article should find its way to KDN. Let them, perhaps ask our historians and expert, like Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim to give their views on this kua kia soong’s version.

    If at all there is any subversive element, then KDN should take appropriate action because twisting the history with evil motives should not be tolerated at all by Malaysians. It poisons the mind of the young ones who depend on ‘responsible and ethical’ historians to know our history.

    I wonder why printing permit was given for such book in the first place. Is there nobody really paying attention in KDN? The title involving “13 Mei” should ring enough bell for one to be extra careful when issuing the permit.

    Thank you for your works JMD! Bravo!


  8. So racial tension wil be play on and on. I must warn all malays. tht’s what happen when we failed to stand as one race, divided by party ideology. If we Malay, migrate to China do we dare to march and insult to the entire Chinese? Think about it. why they have a gut here? THink about it. Because we all too patient, too tolerant and think to much about other races. Now many malays think they r too liberal. If we not up to the challenge, soon we will vanish from this land.

    Go to hell HINDRAF

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


    • how can a race vanish from the land? physically or mentally?

      D Stefano, you patient? you sound like a psycho patient when you curse HINDRAF to go to hell.


    • D Stefanano

      “Because we all too patient, too tolerant and think to much about other races.”

      I believe this is how we Malays are brought up. We are brought to accomadate others. I remember our television reminds us to do this everyday. I come to the conclusion that in all the Malay/Chinese conflicts, our role were only reactive. I believe, as JMD is trying to say here, in May 13 incident, we were only reacting, we we pushed too far.

      Perhaps the latest accomdation came from DPM. I understand he is not in favour of single school for all races. He is accomodating big time. I sincerely hope we are not watching two badawis in thec making.



  9. JMD,

    I realised that in the past UMNO was trying its best to maintain racial harmony and instill semangat setiakawan in Malaysia.
    But that is in the past!
    Is there a chance the current crop of leadership to change and learn from Mei 13?
    How many racist remarks came out from UMNO leaders nowdays?
    One UMNO leader even went beserk during a BN component annual assembly.
    Some UMNO leaders used Mei 13 to remind the Malays what will happen if they support the Opposition.
    Its an open secret which everbody knows.
    Good deeds in the past cant redeem sins committed in present time.
    What is so bad in having a strong Opposition party to keep every ruling party leaders on their toes?

    -Bersatu Teguh Bercerai Roboh-
    -Through Unity will come Strength-

    JMD : Thank you for the comment although I must say, a very biased one. In the effort to keep pinning all the blame to BN, you had used an illogical stance of arguing your case. If Umno leaders are labeled as racist by you, how about those chauvinistic non Malays politicians and NGO leaders who are bent in abolishing the Malay rights stipulated in the Constitution? Are they not racist too? Oh ya.. by your standards, they are not. Only when the Malay leaders talk about defending the rights of the Malays are considered as racist. Isn’t that right?

    The bad examples you gave had been redeemed when these leaders issued out apology. However, the racist among the opposition did not accept the apology. How chauvinistic of them… and that is an open secret.

    Yet another effort you made to pin the blame on BN leaders was when you said ‘good deeds in the past can’t redeem sins committed in present time’, then I can also interpret it to fall along the line as ‘past sins committed cannot redeem present good deeds’ too.

    Did all the racist DAP leaders in 1969 ever apologised for the travesty they committed during the 1969 racial riots? Some of them are still around. No apology ever heard. That is an open secret too.

    It is not wrong to have a strong opposition party. But do you honestly believe OUR opposition party are mature enough to play that role? To me, they will do whatever it takes to gain power. Even at the expense of the nation’s unity. The book itself is evidence enough.

    Since you cherish unity, please do not forget to sign the petition here.


  10. Salam & THANK YOU.

    Both me and wife (who is a history teacher), have been discussing about your articles. We LOVE it. If only there are more people like you JMD… Malaysia will truly be a better place.. thks.


    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  11. JMD,

    Your rebuttal of Kua Kia Song’s book has brought new facts to light.

    No matter what, different people will have different view and conclusions. Whatever it may be, the most important thing to learn from all these is that a more equitable society is a prerequisite for peace .

    Thus said, the govt must ensure that it does not fall into the trap of “over compensating” in the implementation of its policies to right a ” wrong” that it only results in creating another wrong which will result in another upheavel (hopefully not)

    One can see what has happened to many a once peaceful nation that eventually ended up in unending chaos in which no one gain, neither the “victor” nor the “loosers”.

    As such ALL Malaysians, should strive for peace and harmony through moderation and stop calling each other names but strive to build up the country through its diversity and not trying to monothised the country in what ever form which in reality will provoke counter productive reactions.

    If we take the Malaysian rainforest as an example, it has thrived in its great biodiversity . So can all Malaysians!.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  12. Dear JMD,
    A very educational piece.
    It hints of a way forward and set clear pitfalls of what to avoid in this nation building.
    Thanks for sharing your research and your thoughts.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  13. Excepts from your article – How was this possible? Were the Malaysian population back then too stupid to realise this? Thank God today, the people are smarter (are we really?).

    Answering your question, We are not, at least the majority at the moment are not.

    I cannot but congratulate you for your efforts to set things right, I never ready any notable rebuttals so far. The truth hurts, to some quaters, at least.



    JMD : Thank you for the comment Balan.


  14. chinese died, malay died… those are malaysians… yet some still worship the instigators as demigods!

    JMD : Indians died too and many other unidentified ones and yet some of the instigators are still holding top political posts.


  15. Whoohaa,..wat an article bro JMD,..heheh,..wat else can I say cept will help promote ur articles & blog d more den eva,..wakaka,.. dis is cool rebuttal & in a diplomatic way as cool as u r bro,..till den,..apo nak dikato,..heheh,..(,”)


    p.s. bro,.. click my link a see d video & if okies den join le gue,..its d future bro,..heheh..insyaallah,..wat else can I say,..(,”)

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. The video shows how crucial PPSMI is to our children.


  16. Dear JMD,

    I did write on the ISA as a dissertation topic and did research on various incidences in Malaysia. That included May 13, Memali, Lalang 1 and 2 etc. How I wished that the internet and you were around then that would have made my work stronger and better written.

    For the advocates of absolute freedom of speech, press etc etc etc, think again. There is no absolute freedom in the world and there will never be. What goes on in the inner workings of the government is anyone’s guess and very few are really privileged to know. Why I say that?

    Well? Justify the existence of the MI6, CIA, FBI and whatever other covert agencies in any nation. Why are they there? There must be threats inside and outside the nation that we do not know about. The little research I did for my dissertation made me come to the conclusion that we do not know what we do not know. And it is time that the citizens of Malaysia accept that rather than continue to demand and advocate for unbridled freedom.

    The want of the many should take precedence over the need of the few. We have seen the various result of irresponsible freedom and I for want do not wish to see it happen again.

    By the way someone seems to also be using my name and write in a manner demeaning to me. I hope that person would choose a different name.

    Thank you,

    Having a good day so far JMD?


    JMD : Thank you for the comment and yes I am having a good day so far, Alhamdullilah. Hope you are having one too.


  17. Salam JMD.

    i thank you for a very informative series of articles. i always admire your grasp of history. history is not my forte in school. susah nak ingat tarikh (excuses:)). i always come here to read because you are someone who writes something of substance. to those who said JMD is spinning…you never point the part where he is spinning. in fact if you present bare fact, most of the time he can rebut your fact stunningly that most often i love the rebuttal more than the starting article. there are a few times that he will state ‘i stand corrected’ when his fact was wrong. i’d rather read JMD than the loads of garbage we find on the internet in the name of freedom of speech. for that i thank you JMD again.

    to those who don’t think it is necessary to know what really happened… shame on you! if we don’t know what really happened then we’ll be easily influenced by other people’s thinking. their warped thinking will form the basis of our prejudices (our subconscious), on how we view happenings around us. then they(the people and their thinking) will control you! what JMD present here, he didn’t force you to accept it. do your own research. he provided the links and books to read. jangan malas!

    to me race relation crisis(?) rears its ugly head again because there are more than enough people in Malaysia that have this deep seated prejudices and fear of people that are different than them. it’s in their psyche or subconscious. imagine our nation as a family with some dark history in the past. we cannot move on the best we can if we don’t solve our emotional and psychological baggages. as an example, a few commentator here who are so against the BN, UMNO or Mahathir. copy and pasted many articles from their reading which JMD easily rebutted. in the end, after long discussion, we got to know that they were that way because they didn’t get promoted, their father didn’t get promoted or other reasons they perceived to be unfair to them. they thought the malay/bumiputera lead a charmed life because we have special right or NEP. HOW MANY TIMES DID WE (the bumi/malays) EXERCISE THAT RIGHT IN OUR LIFETIME? dapat pinjaman kena bayar balik tau, bukan free! pergi boarding school, dapat kerja bagus kena bayar tax tau! bukan tak kena bayar tax!

    may 13 1969 is a start to know our subconscious or psyche as a nation. if we don’t learn from it, we’ll be learning the same lesson again and again in the future. much like in our own life. ever wonder why some people are always facing the same problem again and again? it’s because of their flawed subconscious, prejudices or thinking. they never solve the basic flawed subconscious or thinking.

    tun razak made some great start in correcting the thinking of the malay/bumi by showing the bumiputera that they are able to do it. Tun mahathir made it part our psyche, not just bumi but the whole malaysian… Malaysia Boleh! if not, how can we live relatively well off and in peace for more than 50 years? are you not eating enough(some people are eating more than they should!)? stay in a nice house? better than your parents before? have nice clothes to wear, fancy cars to drive? then what’s your problem? the problem is ‘Tak Tau Bersyukur’. ask whatever religion, civilization or philosophy, GRATITUDE is the starting point to success. seperti ‘Alhamdulillah’, ayat pemula Alfatihah.

    maybe we can start by analyzing Lim Kit Siang thinking. he was there when may 13 happened. in fact he is one of the leaders. maybe his thinking is still the same as in 13 may 1969. that’s why ‘racism’ is the buzzword of DAP. and now PKR (see how it spread?). i wonder why ‘ethnic cleansing’ is in hindraf vocabulary?

    i’d better stop here. great write up JMD. have a good day.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Really appreciate it.


  18. The people are smarter today, JMD? This will be the only time I disagree with you. Looking at some of the blogs, comments on Malaysian Today/Kini/Insider, they have basically regressed to name calling, profanity spitting, raging bunch of Neanderthals.

    Other than that all I can say is that this Epic Posting should be published in hardcopy and made available to the public. It’s an awesome feat, JMD. Fantastic writing. I thank you for that.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I am glad you disagreed 🙂


  19. jmd

    i’m lost for words.

    please consider writing a book on this issue. an honest book. such information is a need for our post-1969 generation. our nation lacks creative writers who are able to convey facts into readable materials. we do have academically equipped historians but their views are more or less confined to forums and dialogue sessions. most of them don’t write either.

    mohon dipertimbangkan. kupasan sejarah untuk generasi semasa dan akan datang. semoga usaha dirahmati tuhan.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


      • Abangcina

        This query confirms you to be a toad.

        You have this obsession for telur and you give an impression you have many.

        Toads and frogs need a lot of telur to regenerate. or is it degenerate? 🙂


      • jmd,
        saya merayu agar posting oleh ‘Abangcina’ tidak dipamer/diterima untuk tatapan semua. komen ber’telur’ oleh ‘Abangcina’ sungguh memalukan. beberapa kali mirip kepada penghinaan yang tak bertempat. membantutkan pembacaan dengan satu dua baris komen yang menyakitkan hati. bukan menyuarakan pendapat untuk difikir bersama. tidak menampakkan kematangan.
        tolonglah delete komen-komen tu. ‘Abangcina’ kacaulah blog lain.

        JMD : Seboleh-bolehnya, para pembaca hendaklah berfikiran matang apabila menulis komen. Dan juga, para pembaca hendaklah membaca dan memberi komen tanpa emosi yang berlebihan. Saya merasa berbelah bagi untuk meluluskan komen komen yang berbaur perkauman. Seboleh bolehnya, saya akan menapis beberapa perkataan lucah agar para pembaca tidak akan meluat apabila membacanya. Jika komen komen seperti Abang Cina sudah dikira keterlaluan, percayalah, ada lagi komen komen mengarut dan lucah yang saya terpaksa tapis kerana ianya sudah dianggap keterlaluan.

        Walaubagaimanapun, saya juga percaya kepada kebebasan bersuara. Blog ini bukannya seperti blog Malaysia Today di mana komen komen mengkritik tidak akan disiarkan jika ianya tidak memihak kepada saya. Saya tetap akan menyiarkannya melainkan jika ianya mempunyai terlalu banyak perkataan lucah.

        Terima kasih.


  20. JMD,

    I signed the petition on the day you posted it in your blog.

    ‘Past sins committed cannot redeem present good deeds too?’
    Thats up to The Forgiver Al Ghafur to accept taubat.
    Yes, DAP/Gerakan leaders involved in the May 13 should offer unreserved apology.
    Its never too late to say sorry.

    ‘Chauvinistic non Malays politicians and NGO leaders who are bent in abolishing the Malay rights stipulated in the Constitution?’
    I never heard any PR leaders openly saying to amend the Article 153 if come to power.
    In fact PR leaders consistenly say they will maintain & upheld the Constitution.
    MCA/Gerakan/MIC/PPP are not free from chauvinist too.

    ‘Only when the Malay leaders talk about defending the rights of the Malays are considered as racist’
    Racist term applies to all racist being regardless of political affiliation.Stop using the race agenda.Why no party found a combination of quota and merit that make all party happy?50 years is a long time.

    ‘But do you honestly believe OUR opposition party are mature enough to play that role?’
    Without a strong Opposition, reforms of key institution will be slow.
    Its human nature to take things for granted when you are at the peak.
    A good check and balance is a must.
    I agree with you that our Opposition is still not matured.
    Too many green behind the ears/radical/extremist ala Ahmad Said/Empty Brain Big Mouth syndrome.
    But BN has too many SELF SERVING/CORRUPT leaders out of touch with reality.
    Even Dr M condemn these leaders during the Harvard Club speech.
    These people see the handicap as a birth right and not as a temporary affirmitive action to close the gap.
    Now this is the dilemma for fence sitters and 2 sides to every coin geng.
    Vote clean novice or tainted mature leaders.
    I’ll flip a coin to that choice.ha2.

    National Unity should not be used to gain political mileage.
    We fight at our own perils.
    Menang jadi bara kalah jadi abu.
    Majority of Malaysian can’t seem to accept the term agree to disagree.

    P/S: Please keep up ur good work posting fact from fiction.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. That is why I said earlier your point is illogical. When we know that it is up to the Almighty to accept any Taubat, you should not have brought up the issue of ‘past good deeds cannot redeem present sins’ earlier.

    My friend, please look into all the posts of opposition supporters right after March 08 if you want to see evidence of them calling to abolish Malay rights.. calling for equality of rights etc etc. They were indeed trying to amend article 153 etc. Hence, please do not be blinkered. Your question to why no party have found a combination of quota and merit do need some answers. Even the opposition has a tough time reconciling with each other. Lim Kit Siang even decided to boycott the swearing in of Nizar in March 08 when he did not agree with the fact that PAS with the smallest number of state assembly can have an MB for Perak. His initial reaction of this signified his true colours.

    Do read my article here should you want to know what this blog is all about. Thank you.


    • Any party leader, with the most number of seats but denied the post of MB in Perak will be dissapointed like LKS. But since then, I have second thoughts about HRH Sultan of Peraks impartiality in many aspects.

      On subject of malay in the costitution, it should be widened to include all bumiputras.

      Reason why non-bumiputras are dissapointed with the govenrment is due to the fact that
      a) They have no faith/confidence in a malay dominated govenrment
      b) They are being officially held back by the present govenrment from acheiving their ambition.

      I have no idea, after many decades, why we cannot accomodate all high scorers/qualified students into our higher edcational establishment in their choice subjects. It seesm to me that present govenrment is purposely introducing barricades to slow down the advancement of non-bumis in order to allow the malays/bumi to catch up. If this is true, then this practice should be stopped immdiately.

      JMD : Your comments run on a premise that all non Malay students have better results than the Malays. You are thinking that should we list all the results of SPM students here in Malaysia, the top students will mostly consist of non Malays. That is why this sudden resentment towards the system particularly the Constitution of Malaysia itself where the scholarship quota is enshrined as on of the special position (privileges).
      Since currently, we have no way to find out about the total number of actual results, then why the feeling of resentment? I tell you why. Because certain political leaders are bent on accusing the system as a form of political mileage for them. It is very potent to arouse the anger of the people towards the machinery that is upholding the Constitution (that machinery is the government) so that they will gain more votes in order to satisfy their lust of power. By hook or by crook, eventhough the social harmony that had bind us together in the past is broken, they will try to achieve their selfless goal. Recently, even the subject of JPA scholarships were brought up but in the end, the government’s number revealed that the non-Malays do get a fair share of the scholarship fund. Nazri Aziz in parliament stated that 1176 out of 2100 JPA scholarships were given to Bumiputra students while the rest went to non-bumi students. Bumis received only 924! What more do you want?

      By the way, have you seen any kind of solutions to the problem being offered by the opposition? None. What is the new Malaysian Economic Policy which was mentioned by Anwar Ibrahim? Sometimes they are just giving us the goals of their ‘noble’ intention without giving us the ‘how to’ process. Sometimes it became comical everytime the open their mouths. Did you know what Anwar Ibrahim proposed as a solution to increase racial harmony in Malaysia? He would stop any minister’s children from getting government’s scholarships. Waaahh! That easy? What a joke. A few children of a few ministers will be denied receiving scholarships from government and voila! Racial harmony.

      For more thoughts on the ‘barricades’ and what not that you have mentioned, please read here.

      Thank you.


  21. salam JMD, I wonder why so few comments? Well obviously it’s difficult to refute your writings and that could be a sign of acceptance to your clerification and the debunking of that ‘book of lies’. I try to respect the DAP leaders, namely LGE, but as for LKS, he showed his original colours during the formation of the Perak gov recently. Leopards just can’t change their spots could they. He tried very hard to be a leader for the Malays too. It will not work. As for Karpal, he like to talk about his dead body, does he think the Malays care about his body dead or alive?
    Our hope lies in the younger generation, we should guide these young people to accept each other, we are only one, Malaysians, abide by our constitution, lets strive to be better and compete with other people of other nations, lets us uphold the 1 Malaysia spirit, all of us, we have all to gain. Let 13 May be a reminder to us all, and never allow any ambitious rascals be it from DAP, PKR, PAS or BN for that matter, devide us with their for their selfish purpose. I support the idea of publishing these writing of yours to counter the ‘book of lies’, as long as DAP do nothing to do some correct ions on this book of lies, I WILL WAGE A WAR AGAINST THEM and the so called Pakatan Rakyat coalition. Sorry folks, I just can’t tolerate half truth, they are just as good as lies! I was there remember? Any way how is Fan Yew Teng doing? Where is Goh Hock Guan? Just wondering…

    JMD : It doesn’t get much comment because Malaysia Today decided not to publish the 3rd and the 4th instalments :(. But maybe they have overlooked these couple of articles. I am glad you managed to find the time to read all 4 of them though. Thank you 🙂


    • I think LKS was disappointed when a non DAP was appointed MB of Perak, when DAP holds the largest number of MP’s amongst the oppositon.


  22. dear jmd.

    i read from 1st to 4th since last week and i find it’s interesting. may i knw where i can read the full NOC report? if you could, pls share it. thanks. i can’t find any other books on the issue other than from what we have on sale now, which is the one that you’ve debunked.


  23. Salaam JMD,

    I observed that non Malay students who attended vernacular primary schools have been ‘brainwashed’ into thinking [as mentioned by sam] the malay/bumiputera led a charmed life because they have special right or NEP. Many teachers would agree that they are blatantly rude especially to Malay teachers [some to non Malay teachers as well]. Most, at 13 years of age and after six years of primary schooling, come into secondary school professing not understanding a single word of BM and only respond to a teacher who speaks their mother tongue [and yet some of them score A1 in BM and other subjects taught completely in BM at PMR and SPM].

    How many non Malay students declined offer to boarding schools [sekolah menengah sains and sekolah berasrama penuh integrasi] because those schools are deemed as being dominated by Malay students? Yet they cried discrimination and insisted on meritocracy. Yet they are the ones DEMANDING government to increase the percentage of non Malays in public sectors, scholarships and university entrance.

    I would contribute all these ill feelings from the non Malays to the spin of history and the book by Kua Kia Soong proved that. That’s what they have been feeding the minds of those students.


    • Non malay parents do not like their children to attend malay boarding schools like mara science college as the attitude of students and teachers in the school does not instill confidence in parting good educational values.

      In fact, our education system, to me is a failure, as a graduate is produce at the age of 24 in Malaysia, when it is 21 in europe and the US. The earlier the graduation age, the faster the govenrment can tax their income and earn more revenue for development purposes.

      When the govenrment allow non-qualified bumiputras into college, what the govenrment is actually doing is stopping them from seeking work at an early age, and thereby earning money and gaining work experience earlier. When these unmotivated and unqualified students graduate at the age of 24, they could have been working and earning for 7 years, probably have enough to buy a house and maybe, earning enough experience to own businesses.

      By enrolling non-qualified bumis into college, the govenrment is in fact making them poorer in the long run, as they will be rerquiring even more aid in the form of employment in govenrment owned agencies with low staarting salary, and hence our bloated govenrment departments.

      JMD : Same thing I read about vernacular schools here.


  24. Jebat,

    Powerful set of articles. If I was once called a nightmare for potential mothers-in-law, this thing that you are doing is a nightmare for those who have an agenda of turning lies into facts, turning history upside down, turning spins into truth. Your articles could very well be “penoktah hujjah” for all the efforts that have been painstakingly made by some quarters throughout all these years of trying to pin down the May 13th blame to the malays in the international arena, much like what some people have done in trying to portray the malays as perpertrators of injustice by merely and purposely mis-translating “Ketuanan Melayu” [read here].

    Can I, like memandai-mandai, cuba jadi the commenter to your commenters sedikit? I cannot? Thank you. Here goes:-…

    First of all, these below-the-belt, nincompoopishly racist comments by this Abang Cina. I am soooo glad that in your infinite wisdom, you have decided to publish his lunatic ravings (I can imagine he frothing in the mouth everytime articles like yours appear, negating all efforts so far by the totoks to build a dis-united Malaysia via Chinese Supremacy, only to see in front of your eyes all the PAP-DAP plannings and all the KKS spinning go down the drain by just a simple myth-busting article like yours), because that will serve as a testimony to the fact that 40 years after the incident of 13th May, there still exist such Chinese Supremacy-by-downplaying-the-Malays-Rights attitudes. AbangCina could either be a 50, 60 year old guy who, being one of the instigators of May 13th by inventing or chanting those “Melayu Babi, Balik Kampung” slogans on that fateful day, and still sore after being herded into silence and oblivion by Tun Razak’s MAGERAN, OR he could be a 20’s or 30’s old guy not even born yet during that time but whose father (present then) would like to perpetuate this racial demarcations by passing his cock-screwed history to his sons and lineages. Anyway, I am afraid AbangCina would stop writing and shouting thus (after realizing that this racial display of his intellectually-challenged verbiages is backfiring). Alternatively, his ravings could increase in magnitude, which serve our purpose even more. In short, the presence of minda like AbgCina is a testimony to the fact that the NEP, Ketuanan Melayu etc etc should not only be continued, but should be continued with an even greater magnitude and vigor. Young Malaysians please take a note of this, realize what some quarters are trying to do to this Tanah Tercinta of yours and continue the struggle for which your fathers of the past had died preserving.

    Secondly, Barubhasa [May 25, 3:02] has wondered why it was that the KDN has permitted the printing of the KKS lies. Well that’s the problem you see. The more you try to clampdown instigators and divisors, the more martyric they become. You put the I-cant-rule-out-violence UthayaKumar in ISA in order to preserve peace, they convert him into a Gandhi. You try to clamp down the lies of the KKS 13th May they say you are trying to hide the truth (it doesn’t matter if they are slanted truth with lies as toppings). Heck, you can even convert a dead car thief into a hero, courtesy of the opposition-always-correct, gomen-always-wrong afficionados.

    Also when Jebats fren tells Iskandar (who says, “if DAP and GERAKAN ever dare to DO A CAMPAIGN to bring back MANUSIA PALING JAHANAM CHIN PENG ke MALAYSIA, i together with all MALAYs will go and **** *** and all the communist sympathizer!!!”) that he sounds like a terrorist, that’s a puzzle. This man, Chin Peng, responsible for hundreds or perhaps thousands of lives and for casting the entire into an untold turmoil — he is not a terrorist? So the ATF when they raided the Waco compund, they are terrorist as well? The US army who invaded Iraq and Taliban — terrorists too?

    But you know, I have another very amicable solution to this Chin Peng solution. Let him come back. But provided certain parties be responsible for bringing him here. Say the DAP or the Gerakan or the MCA or the Dewan Perniagaan Cina (or whoever laaa, including malay groups kalau ada). Then we round up all those makcik2 yang kehilangan suami, all the sons who have lost their fathers due to the communists (hey! They can’t say it wasn’t Chin Peng who personally bulleted them—he certainly was giving the instructions what. Remember Pot Pol?)…. to go and sue the bedevil out of Chin Peng. And since all those rich Chin Peng sympathizers are in it as well, sue them too. Talk about Class action. Imagining those billions are making me achieve orgasm already.

    Eyes Wide Open pulak gave a blanket sweeping statement about JMD spinning his views. Unlike Jebat who tells that KKS is spinning history and thereby gives the facts and proofs from the latter’s writings, this fella just parrot spin spin spin without anything backing him up. You have heard rebels without a cause, but rebels without a clause?

    I would like to say that the suggestions put up by sam [may 26, 10:38] is something worth considering seriously. Investigate the role that LKS played in May 13. I have heard of many tales and legends of his involvements during that fateful day, both in his personal capacity as well as a strongman of the DAP then, but since they are unsubstantiated, I wouldn’t want to write about them. Maybe someone can dig in on old Police Reports? Subpoena some sensitive party documents? Whatever. How about make this a thesis dissertation by some Political Science student somewhere? It would be interesting to know and read. (Shah of [9:47], can you share with us your ISA dissertations, or their conclusions ate least?).

    Lastly, I must commend AbgCina again. Reading his insinuations is a very valuable source of humour for me, and fodder for my cause (If he could understand my cynical underpinning laa, which I don’t think he would have the intellectual acumen to do). Hehehe.


    “When the judgement’s weak, The prejudice is strong.” – Kane O’Hara

    “Gosh I am so good, it hurts” – Apocryphalist


  25. dear JMD,

    mohon tuan gunakan pendekatan yang sama seperti di atas untuk menangkis ‘gerakan’ bertujuan membangkitkan semula ideologi komunis di negara tercinta ini. terima kasih.


  26. salam,
    sememangnya LKS dikenali sebagai Chin Peng Jr dikalangan melayu sekarang. tapi pelik juga kerana org yg bersekutu dgn mereka adalah melayu juga dikalangan PAS & PKR. nampaknya mereka lupa apa yg telah dilakukan oleh komunisme yg wujud pada DAP dan LKS. peluang sama rata yg mereka minta tu, adakah mereka juga sama rata dgn org melayu. pegi la mana2 syarikat non-melayu, org melayu hanya menjadi cacai sahaja. kalo ade engineer melayu pun, gaji lebih rendah dari kerani non-melayu. diskriminasi juga terselah dalam soal kenaikan gaji atau pangkat. non- melayu yg didapati salah atau melakukan kesalahan yg merugikan syarikat juga senang dimaafkan berbanding melayu yg terus diberi memo. kita juga dpt melihat dari gaya hidup kerani non-melayu yg lebih mewah berbanding engineer melayu yg x cukup mkn.


  27. I dont care people are calling me racist..i’m the GOD of RACIST and i will stand on my early statement.

    This is not about RACIST it is about “HUTANG NYAWA DIBAYAR NYAWA” so those F%#@kers yang tak sedar diri yang rasa nak mempertahankan ideologi KOMUNIS dan simpati sangat dengan CHIN PENG %#@$k OFF!!

    Sorry JMD all those semua mangkuk hayun tak perlu simpati aku.

    Aku tak kata “orang cina malaysia” tak baik,bukan, mereka adalah kawan-kawan aku yang aku bangga dan hormati kerana mereka mempunyai pegangan AGAMA mereka tetapi kepada orang CINA yg mengamalkan PEGANGAN KOMUNIS sorry la.. Kalau nak amalkan pegangan komunis tolong amalkan senyap-senyap jgn nak KECOH-KECOH.

    Kalau nak berperang sangat sila la lancarkan lagi perang nanti kita tengok KOMUNIS ke menang TENTERA MALAYSIA yg menang.

    Kalau nak main politik SORRY tak ada ruang bagi kamu.

    Tolong ingat di MALAYSIA ni ada berapa ratus ribu orang TENTERA,POLIS (termasuk bekas tentera dan polis) jangan tuangkan minyak pada api..

    Dan kepada Hishamudin jgn tido mcm Pak LAh buat kerja kamu!!

    Lagi satu kepada Pertubuhan Haram HINDRAF jgn main api sentimen perkauman.. walaupun HINDRAF menghentam UMNO/BN tetapi banyak kenyataan macam nak KACAU orang MELAYU..

    Jgn fikir HINDRAF saja boleh buat demontrasi,kalau semua orang MELAYU berdemontrasi nak suruh semua orang iNDIA balik ke NEGARA INDIA apa korang nak buat??

    I love my INDIAN Friends but those HINDRAF bozos trying to raise up racial tension between all of us.

    Sekarang ni nampak terang banyak unsur-unsur komunis cuba diserapkan ke dalam masyarakat dalam menimbulkan KEKACAUAN di MALAYSIA. Dan orang-orang yang terlibat adalah datang daripada parti yg memang menyokong unsur-unsur komunis daripada sebelum mErdeka lagi..

    Dan paling parah ada PARTI ISLAM yg BANGGA sokong parti komunis itu..


    • iskandar

      i think you really have shallow thinking. every individual is entitled for their thinking and idealogy. different countries are run differently, some adopted democracy, communism, capitalism, left, right and so on and so forth. the way you write is like literally waging war against people who are not pro UMNO/BN. please remember in BN, there are other races too and some also might prefer left over right. just for your info, i am not a supporter of communism regime, lest you accuse me of a staunch supporter of communism and ask the tentera/polis to kill me. if you really want to show your tentera/polis malaysia might against communism and since you are so confident of Tentera Malaysia, why not ask them to wage war against the Chinese army?

      Chin Peng so happened to be a chinese and a communist and that’s the reason why you made such a big hoo-ha about he returning back to Malaysia. communism is an idealogy and can be adopted by any country and any race. there are chinese, malays, russians, african, americans, white and whatever skin colors who are supporters of communism idealogy.

      just because now UMNO is losing malays support, the only thing you could think of is to fan racial issue and communism issue to drive the malays back to UMNO. i just want to let you know that indeed you are playing with fire and many people who can’t think rationally like you psychopatic will start to do nonsense. it’s people like you (the older generation) who started May 13.

      i really hope you and your commentators to discuss in length than to start behaving like thugs. maybe what karpal singh commented earlier on has some grain of truth in it.

      finally you created a group of thugs who behave and think like thugs in your blog. your mission is successful. you have proven me right about your cult followers.

      JMD : FYI, Chin Peng refused to renounce his idealogy which was the condition imposed from the Hatyai PEace Accord 1989 for anyone who want to come back to Malaysia. Abdullah C.D and Shamsiah Fakeh did just that but Chin Peng, refused to do so. Why so difficult? Yes, communism is an idealogy that can be adopted by anyone. But here in Malaysia, we have laws. If PKM was a peaceful communist party, I am sure he would be a leading political giant by now. But PKM was a terrorist guerrilla bent on taking over the government through forceful and destructive means. It is still an enigma for me why he was not tried for war crimes yet.

      Communist China never did directly kill security forces here in Malaysia did they? But it was the PKM under Chin Peng who assassinated a CPO and an IGP in 1970’s, thousands of police force and army personnel, innocent people etc from 1945 to 1989.

      It is not about race my dear fren as you would like to spin it (again, you are citing race. Typical racist people will normally do that) when it fact it was just about people not adhering to the laws of this country.

      And thank you for following this blog time and time again. I hope you will not be the leader of a cult since I abhor cultists. By the way, if you label Iskandar Johan a thug, what about Abang Cina etc? I also congratulate you for having clairvoyance/ESP as one of your skills. Maybe next time, you can tell me what would be my next mission.


  28. You generalise foreign journos as having ulterior motives. Which may be true, but to be so certain is to assume you can read te hearts and minds of these people.

    While I respect the Tunku, it must be remembered that while one can say the foreign journos had their own interests, so did the Tunku, whose interest (his legacy) is protected by his defence of his record.

    So while it may not be fruitful to believe foreign accounts wholesale, neither is it so to take the Tunku’s word completely.

    This is where I am dissatisfied with your declaration of a “correct” view, wherein there will never ever be such a thing, since this incident was created wholly by SUBJECTIVE interpretations of race and society.

    And as I’ve said, ethic tensions are never one-sided.

    A theme running along your whole narrative is that people on the Alliance’s side were truly sincere and always the hapless victim, whereas the opposition war calculating and devious.

    How the hell is that possible? Is there a natural law of physics that causes anyone sincere to be in the Alliance and only the devious will join the opposition?

    Life is not so clear-cut.

    Understand that many in the opposition truly believed their view of equality and didn’t think of what they as deceitful.

    Your articles would have been far more acceptable to the greater masses if you had stick to an objective evaluation of the events.

    But instead you chose to go all partisan, divining the “hidden intentions” of peoples from the opposition (I use divining, because only God knows the contents of our thoughts) while completely being an apologist for BN.

    You chose to take on a partisan track, and that is the biggest flaw in your argument.


    JMD : My contention that the foreign journos had ulterior motives is based on Tunku’s own words. You yourself admit that ulterior motives did existed. But based on logic (which I do implore you to use), you can see that they had made wrong assumptions in writing their reports (which unfortunately Kua Kia Soong had selectively used to further his own agenda). Did you not read about the Van Huizen report above? How about Bob Reece’s report that said Kampung Baru was where the violence started when in fact, from eye witnesses, Setapak was the point of origin where troubles began.

    Regardless whether they have ulterior motives or not, their reports were vastly wrong in most places. Therefore, your argument that says Tunku was protecting his interests can be construed as your words against Tunku himself. I am merely presenting the facts that Kua Kia Soong did not care to include in his book.

    To criticise me as one sided is greatly misguided. This is because, I had put in all that had happened during the days of May 13. I even attached the racial clashes and retaliation by the Malays. It was very gory in some ways. Did you not read it? It’s in part 4. Thus, I find this article is far more objective than Kua Kia Soong’s lopsided book. Heck, he did not even describe the prevailing atmosphere at that time. To make it worse, he wrote that the Malays killed of the Chinese although they were not provoked in any ways! (read part 1 please).

    What he did was mention in brief passing about the funeral and the victory procession. Tell me, who gave the more complete view of the situation now?

    Yet, you had the temerity to be dissatisfied because I did not omit anything out? If I were being partisan, I would stop the articles at part 3. I would have never mentioned anything about the Kampung Baru retaliation of the Malays. If I chose to be racist and unfair like Kua Kia Soong (who had excluded the racist procession and the racist victory parade), I certainly would not want to reveal what had happened on the day of May 13 itself.

    I chose to write fully. You are dissatisfied because you were happy to know that back in 1969, Tun Razak ‘staged a massacre of the Chinese to launch a coup d’etat’. Many people loved what Kua Kia Soong had written then.

    Some found it a viable reason not to vote for BN and Umno in 2008 because of this book. Why would they vote for BN then? Kua Kia Soong , in his sick propaganda, which was based in a highly contentious, lopsided and error filled, ‘declassified’ documents had just told the world that Tun Razak, Harun Idris, Ghazali Shafie and Dr Mahathir were the architect of May 13 racial riots.

    Surely that is an enough reason to hate BN and Umno and most Malays (by virtue of Umno having 3.5 million Malays as its members). So, you are dissatisfied because now, I have debunked Kua Kia Soong’s book. That is why, you could not accept this reality.

    Even your arguments had become erratic and illogical. At one side, you admit that foreign journos have ulterior motives. And yet, you lambast me for being bias, flawed and being BN apologist. Are you an apologist for those racist opposition members back then? Oster, if I were a BN apologist, I will not even omit about the attacks in Kampung Baru now would I? You should know by now, I do not condone violence. I certainly never said that it was okay for the Malays in Kampung Baru to went on a rampage.

    I am much amused to read that you said –‘racial tension is never one sided ‘and yet, when I presented both sides of the story without omitting anything, I am criticised by yourself!

    I know the truth hurts. I am merely straightening out history that was twisted by this book.

    Yes, many opposition members believe in equality. But the opposition were not talking about equality back then. They were trying to divide the nation through their divisive and racist approach. Equality? How could the opposition preach equality when at one side, PAS wanted to create a total Islamic nation but on the other side DAP was trying to make Malaysia a secular country? Use your logic please.

    Where were the calls of equality when they participated in the very racist and vile funeral procession and the victory parades? Most of the calls were seditious and inflammatory indeed. So, borrowing your own words, ‘how the hell ‘ was that construed as the opposition’s view of equality?

    My article is presenting a true and fair view of the situation. Judging from the amount of information that Kua Kia Soong had omitted and judging from the non partisan view of these articles I had written, which one do you reckon is more correct?

    In fact, I can safely say that these articles are far more acceptable than the seditious book itself. The ones who cannot accept my writings were the one who had comfortably called Tun Razak and Harun Idris as murderers of the Chinese. Do you still want to call them that?

    If you claim you had never called them that, then what is the problem you have with these articles?

    Thank you and have a good day.


    • oster,

      JMD aptly mentioned the “prevailing atmosphere at that time”.

      I call all those who wish to comment without the experience of the moments then, as baby boomers!

      1)The Communist threat was REAL. They had infiltrated political parties and unions to create unrest, as was their modus operandi. It was at the height of Maoist propaganda and the Vietnam War.

      2) Not to mention the Confrontation with Indonesia.

      3)The victory parade was the most vulgar one would ever experience, verbally and physically and uncalled for. No one race would have endured that kind of abuse.

      I get sick and tired of comments which do no justice to the tireless efforts made by the Government of the time to restore order and provide peace, security and prosperity for ALL.

      For your info, western journalism has always been skewed to fit the white mans’ agenda whatever a case may be. It was the same then, as it is now.

      Thank you


  29. JMD,

    I read the link to your previous article and it make sense.
    Sort of.
    But what I try to highlight in my comments are how am I suppose to force a change in the politics/structure/policy implementation of BN if I continue voting them.
    Ikan bilis sekor selit celah gigi type will always be overlooked.

    I support BN’s policy but it’s the slow uplifting of poor,distribution of income,covering failures,greed,abuse of power and criminal acts etc that I can’t stand.
    Nepotism and Cronyism is plaguing BN.
    That’s a fact or just myth to sell stories?
    Tell me you believe whole heartedly that BN will reform if there is no protest from the ground?
    I dont wish to see Malaysia become like India.
    Is there a chance for a commoner to become a PM like Dr M anymore?

    Most Malaysians can’t help themselves from voting PR eventhough they don’t really deserve it but that’s the only Opposition in Malaysia.
    Like Dr M said.
    ‘UMNO missed a chance to clear negative perception during the last Assembly’.
    Too many unqualified leaders with deep pockets are nominated day in day out.
    Money walk the talk in BN.
    Independence, Integrity and Objectivity are not the current motto among most of them anymore.

    You said Malays need 20 years before NEP can be abolish but with the current sidetrack it could be double time.
    Until the rich and powerful in UMNO realise that they should focus their attention on the marginalised,UMNO will never gain the majority support they once had.
    The leaders in UMNO are ‘seen’ to be lupa daratan and matlamat perjuangan.
    Orang kampung pun sekarang baca blog thanks to TM Net.

    I believe this period of turbulence will benefit every party/citizen in a way.

    -Majulah Malaysia-

    P/s: How can I sign up to participate in buliding houses for the poor?I have a nazar to settle.

    JMD : Info is in the mail. Thank you.


    • Dear oster’

      JMD asked you “The ones who cannot accept my writings were the one who had comfortably called Tun Razak and Harun Idris as murderers of the Chinese. Do you still want to call them that?

      If you claim you had never called them that, then what is the problem you have with these articles?

      You still haven’t reply JMD’s question above. I am keen to hear counter views from you if you still have reservations about “the truth” by JMD. This way, we could thrash the issues further and clearest possible.


  30. dear JMD.

    this is something that most of us forget. peaceful environment. something that some of us took for granted whilst bathing in complete freedom to do just about anything on this motherland.

    talks about bringing back the communists and hurting the elder generation who have suffered tremendously during wartime, aggression epoch are conveniently passing by them ears.

    you’ve discussed at length about May 13 and all. how things happened as is, how confused normal people turned out to be in times of crisis.

    to this day, none of us would accept the responsibilities of having a hand in polluting this land with hatred, prejudice, sheer ignorance.

    almost each one of us would clamour truth! truth! truth!

    yet none of us would admit that guilt.

    of course, this land belongs to every malays. this land was made home by the millions of immigrants from mainland china & india particularly.

    i would hope that, by the words of post independence generations of the non-malays – equality would mean at least something.

    equality could start by respecting the people who brought prosperity and suffered during 450 years of colonialisation.

    equals can come if you would have an ounce of respect for each other.


    like i have always believed, this generation must go through an efficient healing process – a civil war.

    only this would bring back prosperity, harmony & stability.

    i would look forward to having a civil war soon. this time it will be between every faction of the society.

    i look forward to it so that all of us will again learn how important it is to respect each other, especially those who have given so much to shelter your worries & unduly worries.



  31. Dear JMD,

    I have this neighbour ( behind my house) who keeps a dog. However, he doesn’t seem to know how to keep a dog. Every morning, without fail, he’ll tie the dog to a neighbour’s back fence; rain or shine the dog will be there. And without fail, after maghrib prayers, he’ll take the dog away, maybe to be tied to the fence in front of his house (I have not bothered to check).

    Dogs are social animals I think and need human company, need attention. If they are ignored, they will whine and bark no end. They become intolerable nuisance. This particular one drives everyone of us up the wall with his daily whining and barking. I have a mind to call DBKL and have this animal removed. But that isn’t the answer because I can guess the fate of dogs that are impounded. Despite my daily suffering, I can’t bear having the dog taken away by the authorities.

    I have enjoyed reading your postings, this series on 13th May 1969 in particular. I hope it will one day materialise into a book that can be useful to all Malaysians for posterity. I also admire that fact that you plod on regardless of the barking and whining that you encounter. I notice that there is a particular whiner and “barker” in the comments section this time. I suppose the best way to keep your sanity is to ignore the irritant, right?

    Thanks for the lesson. I wll use it in my daily encounter with the whining and barking from the DOG behind my house.

    I hope to say something else more relevant about your 4th instalment but I will keep it for next time. This time around I’m simply irritated by that barking and whining DOG. Just cannot escape from them ya. They seem to be everywhere.

    Phew! I just need to get this off my chest.


  32. Jebat,

    For those chinese who support the return of chin pengzi, you go to hell.
    we all can leave together, even i also have a lot of chinese and indian friend but remember one thing, there is no way that the islam as the official religion and malay/pribumi right to be vanish in this land, never ever.
    so far we have leave here peacefully and please don’t try to touch this issue.
    as we all know malay has very high patience but please don’t push the limit.


  33. How many non Malay students declined offer to boarding schools [sekolah menengah sains and sekolah berasrama penuh integrasi] because those schools are deemed as being dominated by Malay students?


    Obviously you have not read about abuses that has happened in fully residential schools to non Malays.

    Don’t you know that bad news spread like wild fire ?.

    I am talking of matters like non Malay students being forced to join muslims for prayers on Fridays etc and are warned not to tell their parents about it.

    This happened to a son of someone I know some years ago. The father only come to know of it when one of his friend’s schoolmate accidentally leaked it. He immediately took his son out of the school.

    Then there are cases of non Malay girls being forstered by a muslim family are claiming that she has embraced Islam and the parents were not allowed to see her.

    My friend’s son who attended a SK rendah was many times asked by a few of his Malay teachers to “masuk islam”.

    So why do you think some non Malay parents do not want their children to attend residential schools that has very few non Malays ?.


    • “itu kawan punya saudara punya anak punya kawan blah blah blah…”

      nampak sangat le nak mereka-reka cerita.


  34. Mate. Spoke before about the need for you to publish the series, May even be worth translating and publishing a Malay version. Lets talk some more about this… hopefully leading to doing something!

    Also am glad you are getting so many comments that abangcina has run out of steam in his nastiness 🙂


  35. Askm JMD,

    I support the call to publish your thoughts in response to Kua Kia Soong’s book. Let the public look from other perspectives and learn the truth.

    The 13th MAY Riots have caused so much pain. Kua Kia Soong is preparing the ground for another one . God forbids!!

    I find your presentation of ideas very sober and dry, devoid of strong sentiments, hatred, prejudices, etc though the issues are sensitive..

    Some of the replies from the public published by you are bordering racist in nature. For examples, replies from Abang China and Iskandar Johan.

    Please do not publish such replies.

    We want our children to live in peace and harmony in this great nation of ours Malaysia.We ought to seek for a racial glue to bond our rakyat together.It takes more than RUKUNEGARA to achieve national integration.

    People like Kua Kia Soong will find peace living in Timbuktu, Mali in the Africa desert. Malaysia is better off without them.

    Hang Kasturi


    • Hang Kasturi,

      I do agree with you. Especially this Abangcina who has not submitted an iota of a coherent comment except despicable one liners.

      But, I believe that JMD has the intention to include all and sundry to exemplify even those on the vile side.

      For what its worth, I am convinced that these characters are mentally handicapped cranks and social misfits.

      Thank you

      JMD : Thank you Freddie for the comment.


    • Stefano

      to discuss but you take it as challenge you. why not you create a group for nuisance like you to hug each other and feel good?

      not patient? what you wanna do? murder us just because you felt challenged?

      did your god teach you to be patient, gentle, love and love thy enemies?


  36. Someone’s barking at the wrong tree..

    My great grandparents were Chinese and Indian. I didn’t see any Abangcina’s attitude in them. I guess this is a how a person who loves to create chaos acts regardless whether he’s a Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian, etc. It’s in him.

    Amusingly, no one would like to entertain him..

    To JMD, I’ve read all the 4 parts and I’m glad that you put your effort in disseminating the fact, in which most of us are afraid of. The truth is out there. Kebenaran itu mmg pahit.

    Sape makan cili, diela yg rase pedas..

    Just to quote this from Nabil Raja Lawak (though some might think it’s ludicrous, I believe it does have its own connotation), “Lu pikirla sendiri”.


  37. The contractual glue that keeps Malaysia’s races together seems to be running out

    It was the turn of Malaysia’s Bar Council this time to host a public forum over the weekend in Kuala Lumpur on the country’s Social contract, the arrangement between Malays and non-Malays at the country’s birth to share its wealth.

    In the end, no surprises were in store. The four panelists were evenly split, two calling it a piece of fiction, two disagreeing in polite terms. This is an endless debate and we can be sure the Bar Council Forum won’t be the end of the matter.

    (please read more here.)

    JMD : Please do not waste your time to copy paste long, old articles here since it is better to write your own opinion. You could just provide the link. Thank you.


  38. Iskandar Johan,

    Watch your words, you blady racist. If you want to talk about Chin Peng–you do so. But why bring the Hindraf issue. You claim you can gather all the Malays to chase the Indians back to India. Helo are you in your right frame of mind. Now the majority of the Malays are with the opposition led by DSAI. The opposition have made strides in every of the by-elections–partly b’cos of the Indian votes influenced by Hindraf. The opposition realise the importance of the Indian votes. Hence, do you thing the opposition Malays will answer an Umno members call to expel the Indians from Malaysia–you must be day dreaming.

    Anti racist

    JMD : I had hoped you would have chastised Abang Cina’s racist comments too since you are an anti racist. But I guess it is okay for a non Malay to hurl racist insults towards Malays then. Thank you.


  39. Friends,

    Perhaps JebatMustDie is belittling his efforts in getting this series of articles published. Or perhaps there are not enough quorum of voices that could convince him to take this up as a real literary project which I am sure will be a masterpiece and cornerstone in the nation’s socio-political scenario, what with certain quarters now are slowly and assuredly eroding the trust of the people towards anything governmental in nature.

    For you see, throughout all this while there has been some … err… “test the water” kind of thing. “Pendatang!” said Ahmad and they asked for his head and the govt succumbed to THAT. Then they tested the water some more by demonising the phrase Ketuanan Melayu and so taken aback were some malays that they deem it to be bad just to utter them (instead of it being a CORRECT phrase). Then they dip in some more of their toes in the water and questioned the Malay rights, the NEP, tone down the azan. Some di layan, some not. And then that hindraf guy wanted to be called a bumiputra too and even though was laughed at, they now cease to even be embarrassed for asking such a ridiculous request.

    And now this…further … intrusion into the water to test it even more … this time by creating LIES and pointing a direct finger to our founding fathers as the cause of the chinese being killed in 513-69 in what is perhaps the nation’s most untruthful book by Kua Kia Soong. And for TWO YEARS now this hegemony of untruth is unchallenged in the book shelves of MPH and Kinokuniya, not to mention accorded some star-studded stature in the more ethno-centric Popular bookstores.

    And now … you, Jebat, come forward with some irrefutable facts and evidences to counter-argue those lies. Its as though … this incursion to test the water is met by a few gallons of scalding steam. Some people just … terkejut berok!

    So yes, Jebat. I can’t be more eloquent than this to try to convince you to heed the calls of previous commenters here to get you to publish the material in book form. What would be the problem. Is it to find publisher? There’ll be a few that will scramble to do it for you. Is it for fear of not being sold? A couple of commenters here have already pledged to borong the first few hundreds. And we all here will back you up if you need anything (Hey! We bloggers and commenters have no problem in chipping in to help you publish it out. Won’t we, other commenters?) You just need to contact us by our emails.

    Your book will surely do justice to an already un-justice situation created by the lies. As an advice, you may want to keep the publishing of this book purely non-partisan in nature, so as to avoid those goons in labelling this as “another BN project”. (They forgot that the electricity that light up their homes and the gas on the stove that cook their food now are also BN projects). On the other hand, some luminary figures can write the preface to the book.

    Whatever it is, from just the silence of commenters regarding the points you raised (commenting racistly on things that do NOT touch the points, well THAT you have a lot here. And I agree with some people here: please do not censor AbgCina and accord us some gleeful and hilarious reads through him) as well as some attempts to block, censor or totally black you out (hello MT?) it looks like the publishing of these articles of yours beyond the blogosphere will touch more than just a nerve in this entire social dentistry of our country.

    What say you, Jebat?

    JMD : Thank you so much for the appreciation and the witty comment. Will see to it that the suggestion given be put to reality 🙂


  40. JMD,

    You are implying that I am a racist. But you forgot you and the majority of your commentators are more racist by being a diehard and staunch supporter of the racist,scandalous and corrupt UMNO–the latest financial scandal being the PKFZ project–RM12 billion of the rakyat’s money being siphoned off. DSAI had rightfully said that Umno is racist. The majority of the Malays also dont support Umno policies as evident in the string of by elections held in predominantly Malay areas. Simply b’cos now they realise the Umno goons have been raping the NEP to enrich themselves and their cronies. As you say the NEP is an affirmative policy–but I say it is a form of apparteid policy–discrimination is the name of the game.
    In the March 15, 2004 issue of Time Asia magazine, Daniel Lan, the Southeast Asian economist with Morgan Stanley in Singapore, was quoted as estimating that Malaysia “may have lost US$100 billion (RM320 billion) since the early 1980s to corruption” during the reign of the Chief Robber Mahathir–thats why his son Mokhzani is the 16th richest man in Malaysia. You and Umno cant hoodwink the rakyat anymore–they have been proving in all the by elections.Your mentor Mahathir had rightly said that it is a forgone conclusion if elections are held in Perak–you and Umno will face the full might of Makkal Sakthi.

    Hidup Pakatan Rakyat

    JMD : Haha ok. Your comment did nothing to rescue you from being labeled as a racist anti-malay. The series on May 13 also had revealed that the opposition are racist. Nobody denied that. Nevertheless, it is good to know that in this Apartheid infested country where the non Malays are being discriminated, the top 50 richest men in Malaysia have the majority of non Malays in it. So what are you babbling about? Oh ya.. babbling about the Morgan Stanley report again. After months of wanting to see this actual report, all the racist opposition could do is to produce a ‘guesstimate’ of an economist from Morgan Stanley Singapore. What a laugh. Since all of you Pakatan Rakyat fellows are a lazy bunch of people (failing time and time again to provide links), here is what Daniel Lian (not Lan) had said in the Time Asia article

    On the other hand, if Abdullah wins enough to follow through on his antigraft campaign, argues Daniel Lian, an economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore, Malaysia could garner a “significant economic benefit.” Lian figures that the country may have lost as much as $100 billion since the early 1980s to corruption.

    There you go. The whole army of Pakatan Rakyat supporters are relying on this vague analysis of an economist to further their arguments? Do not make me laugh. Plus, I find it ironic that Daniel Lian would talk about corruption when he himself is alleged to be very much aligned to the ex PM Thaksin of Thailand who at this very moment, if facing serious corruption charges and is trying desperately to seek asylum from countries all over the world.

    Oh the article by Time Asia itself is hilarious in hindsight when it predicted that Pak Lah would eradicate corruption in the country. But as we saw it with our own eyes, Pak Lah, his family members and his cronies were at the peak of the corruption pyramid for the past 5 years and even fared worse than his predecessor. That is why he is the shortest reigning PM in history.

    Thank you.


    • thadiankunda; who got the biggest chunk from PKFZ deal? Is he UMNO? Is he not a Chinese? Is he not a member of parliament, from the other half of Malaysia? Why did you single out UMNO?


  41. Well, thats the trend there my friend. Even the mighty RPK acknowledges the trend. Insults against Malays = normal. Insults against the non malays = racism.

    That Thadian fella is the best example. He chose to ignore the insults made against the malays because that’s totally normal to him, I guess. Observe his sudden negation.

    JMD : It is amazing that when they call Umno as racist, they themselves do not realise that Hindraf itself is even more racist and hateful movement. Thank you.


  42. JMD/Benign,

    The Umno dominated govt had forced the creation of Hindraf–it is a well known fact. For 50 years, they were loyally voting BN–but what they got, marginalised to the extreme.Finally Hindraf sprang up and influenced the Indians to vote the opposition. What was the result–5 states fell–off course in Perak, Umno managed to buy the 3 frogs–2 of them still facing corruption charges–which I dare say the corrupted MACC will come up with the answer–not enough evidence and drop the case. This is always the Umno/BN’s work. You all never mentioned anything about the hyper corrupted case of PKFZ–I presume you all have a share in it–die hard,racist staunch Umno supporters. If Lian is a vague economist, then Prof Jomo Sundram, who is an internationally acclaimed economist who sits in the UN as an economic advisor, also asserts the same thing–what have you got to say about him–no Malaysian have ever attained such a position other than Param Cumaraswamy–UN’s Human Rights Commision.

    Dey Benign–it is normal to insult the Indians keling and the Malays Jakun or bangsa rogol anak sendiri. But when people like Iskandar called for the mobilisation of the Malays to expel the Indians from Malaysia–this was too much. He forgot that there are more Malays in the opposition Pakatan Rakyat. Here is a history lesson for you and JMD–
    The honourable Zaid Ibrahim was recently commenting about UM’s article which accused the non Malays of making extreme demands–as written by Awang Selamat–but didnt elaborate on the demands.He even refered to the non Malays as pendatang asing.
    Ok now lets talk a bit about history. In the first place the Chinese and Indians were forcefully brought from their country of origin to work on the tin mines and the rubber estates.They didnt come on their own free will. I presume the Malays were not interested in working in estates and tin mines. And as ZI said, when the time came for independence–the British had insisted that the non-malays should be accorded citizenship if they were to grant independence.
    So now the existence of the non Malays in Malaysia was the work of the colonial masters–hence why are their children and grandchildren–who are rightful citizens of this country be discriminated and accused of making extreme demands, when they only asked for their rightful share in the Malaysian context.The Umno leaders have been robbing the country of billions in the name of NEP. I dare say not many Malays benefitted from the NEP–only the well connected Umnoputras.
    So the NEP give you all the right to sapu everything, 95% civil servants,90% in unversities,100% in Uitm,business rights like AP monopoly, in short you all want to be the Ketuanan Melayu and the non Malays should just shutup and let you all do all the nonsense–is it? Helo remember the Chinese contribute 80% of the tax–this was even said by your mentor, ex PM Mahathir who should know the fact–so why the non Malays have no right to ask for their deserving rights–and when they demand for their rights–they are accused as racist. You Umno Malays have been plundering the country’s wealth like it is your grandfathers wealth. As for the 50 richest non Malays–they are businessmen, unlike the White Collar Robbers who sit in places of authority and steal the rakyat’s money. You all will know your fate after PRU13.

    Hidup Pakatan Rakyat

    JMD : It is wrong for you to equate all Indians as Hindraf. Hindraf sprang up as part of opposition’s ploy to divide the voting trend of people here in Malaysia. Everyone knows that Hindraf’s memorandum are extremely racist in nature. Accusing the ‘Malay’ government of ethnic cleansing etc. Even the Kampung Medan tragedy was not spared being politically spun. What began as a skirmish between a Malay and an Indian families (the former had a wedding while the latter had a funeral procession near to each other), became a clash between Indians and Malays in Kampung Medan. Tragically, several people died in that incident but Hindraf portrayed the skirmish as an effort of the government to eradicate Indians from this country!

    Because of divisive and racist approach of the opposition, yes 5 states fell to the racist Pakatan Rakyat. I have talked about this since many months ago but people do not believe the fact that it was Pakatan who made the racism more pronounced.

    PKFZ? You know me, I have no qualms whatsoever should any of the perpetrators be brought to justice. They get what they deserve.

    What I don’t get is, sometime ago, you asked me to censor someone for saying the word ‘keling’ as you found that insulting. But here now, to justify your own exposed racist nature, you said it is now okay and normal to call Indians as Keling and Malays as Jakuns? What kind of spineless person are you? No, it is never okay to throw insults to anyone. However, just like the racist ones in Pakatan, I guess all is kosher then.

    And you had the audacity to call yourself as ‘anti-racist in your previous comment? Can you hear me laughing right now? No wonder Awang Selamat was so pissed off with people like you.

    This ‘lalang’ attitude to suit your puny argument is very much your forte that is why I am not surprised with any of your comments anymore. For instance, when you said the NEP had caused the Umno Malays to ‘bolot’ every wealth in Malaysia, you tried to strengthen the argument that Malaysia is an apartheid country.

    But when I told you that the 50 richest men in Malaysia are non Malays, you made an about turn and said those 50 people are businessmen. You failed to realise that should Malay Umno had squandered all the nation’s wealth, there should be nothing left for these 50 people eventhough they are businessmen. You also failed to think that when 50 top richest people in Malaysia are non Malays, do you think those from the number 51 to say, 1000 are mostly Malays? How about from 1001 to 100,000? I guess not since based on your own stupid fact, 80% of people in Malaysia who paid taxes are Chinese. Hhmmm.. then where are those Umnoputras? There are 3.5 million malays in Umno. Are all of them rich? The NEP seemed to be a successful tool for the non Malays then, don’t you think?

    You even went crazy when you said all Umnoputras get 95% of jobs in public service, 90% of universities, etc. Hello, are all public servants members of Umno? Are all the 3.5 million members in Umno the majority students in universities? Are all the students in UiTM Umno members? Do not be stupid. You will look like a fool. Writing without thinking will not make you a good alternative to the fence sitters.

    Even Zaid Ibrahim, whose political survival is now only surviving if he uses the same racist approach, had jumped into the bandwagon to criticise the very government that he had milked from since the late 80’s. Do you think his wealth though ZICO came from his own sole attributes without the help from any of his Umno connections? Bagai kacang lupakan kulit.

    He could not even get history right. His assertions that the British insisted the non Malays were granted citizenship before we could gain independence. The fact was, the British did not know what to do with the immigrants at that time.

    Immigrants in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Burma were assimilated. To clean their hands after sucking most of the natural resources in this country and dumping the responsibility towards the people to the local leaders, the British requested the founding fathers to show proof that the three main races can work together after they achieve independence. Because, if they couldn’t work together, there will be chaos soon after independence was given and the British will have blood in their hands. Hence, the Alliance Party was established and it took part in elections in 1952 and 1955. Since the three races can become allies and can work together and know their place in this country, the immigrants were given citizenships. Hence, we can read what Tun Sambathan and Tun Siew Sin had said in the parliament as mentioned by Awang Selamat.

    This is the fact. This is history lesson for you. And you did not know what were the extreme demands? How about the calls to abolish the monarchy? How about the insensitive suggestion to bring back Chin Peng? How about the calls to abolish Malay rights? Is this what you call as the ‘rightful share’ in the Malaysian context? Are these demands legitimate? Are you having high fever?

    Since we have already established that the non Malays had benefited from the NEP too, then why are you turning into a racist lunatic and urging them to want more at the expense of the Malays in general? You think the Malays in general would love it when you were disrespecting the monarchy? You think the Sons of the Soil (the true meaning of Bumiputra) loved it when you criticise the NEP when their income per capita is even lower than the Chinese and Indians? Oh wait a minute, according to the liars in Hindraf, the Indians are the majority of all the poor people in Malaysia and are on the brink of extinction!

    I’m guessing you will now make another about turn and said that the NEP is now okay but only if it is applied to the one that needs it the most (which in turn, is the OBJECTIVE OF THE NEP in the first place!).

    And you mentioned KS Jomo? This ex UM lecturer is a close friend of Anwar. He defended him and criticised the government during the 1998 crisis. So what is so surprising should he used Daniel Lian’s own words to criticise the government? The fact that he, as a UN officer used Daniel’s unsubstantiated report which in turn having his name dropped by gullible people like you shows how biased and reckless Jomo Sundram is. No wonder his previous assessment that Malaysia will not survive the capital controls in 1998 proved to be wrong and a pie to his face. So, I do hope now you can drop all this Morgan Stanley report stupidity once and for all.

    Oh, and you purposely forgot to mention Tan Sri Razali Ismail who easily outshines both Jomo And Param in terms of his involvement in the UN.


    Thank you for the comment though. I enjoyed it 🙂


    • Dear JMD,

      “Helo remember the Chinese contribute 80% of the tax…”

      Food for thought – As the learned 😦 thadiankunda did not indicate whether it was Corporate Tax or Personal Income tax, either way it strenghtens your argument (and contradicts his) thus:

      1) Corporate Tax – Where is the bolot by the Malays?
      2) Personal Income Tax – The Malays and other races
      would be placed in the lower income group.


      JMD : Thank you Freddie for the comment 🙂


  43. bravo jebat..

    we can see houlier than thou behaviour here..
    NEP actually not to be abolished but must be allocated more since many racist not have enough wealth from our country..
    think if non-malay dictate malaysia.. u think malay can be much better than now? look at our neighbour folks..


  44. Salam Bro!

    Great articles! Kena simpan buat rujukan cucu-cicit..! Even my teenage kids find this writing is a real eye opener….thank you so much Bro for the effort you’ve put in this cause!!! Semoga Allah swt melipat gandakan kurnia nikmatnya buat saudara..!

    Also your reply to this thadiankuda is just satisfying and “soul” fulfilling…=)).

    Anyway, these PR type of people been hypnotised so deep by anwar…..so hard for them to differ between reality and fantasy.

    Keep on writing bro…! You have my vote..!

    seruling senja


  45. JMD,

    You don’t know about Hindraf, you dont simply kelentong ok. Majority of the Indians in Malaysia support the Hindraf cause. It wasnt the oppostion’s ploy as you outa. The Hindraf’s ethnic cleansing might have been meant to refer the polis killings, but the Kg Medan incident–yes groups of Malays were carrying parangs and chopping up innocent Indians–its true–I had personally witnessed these rogues roaming with parangs in the night. And the irony is the corrupted polis seemed to condon such behaviour of the Malay youths.
    You accuse PR of racism, did any leader from PR raise the keris and ask for Chinese blood like what Najib did in TPCA, or did any PR leaders raise keris like what Hisham did, to warn the non Malays–not to question the Malays–only the umno malays who wanted to make sure no body question their habit of stealing the rakyat’s money.
    As for insulting the Indians–I didnt see you reprimanding the said person. And you didnt state anything about the Iskandar’s statement mobilising the Malays to expel the Indians.
    You can deny the Umno politicians and their cronies stole billions of dollars—I have mentioned their names in my earlier comments about the infamous White Collar Robbers–chief of them being Mahathir,Taib Mahmud and Khir Toyo–but the opposition managed to convince the electorates that they stole billions of dollars–thats why they are winning every by elections.
    Whereas most of the non malays who are businessmen,especially the Chinese are hardworking and earn their wealth. Its not me who said 80% taxes–it is Mahathir who said it–I am sure he knows more than you–as he was a PM for 22 years. In what way did the NEP help the non malays–as far as I know–it only imposed restrictions and quotas–you must be out of your mind to say the NEP helped the non malays.
    Dont talk like a blady fool–when I mentioned the composition of Malays–I mean and every body knows it is the Umno’s policy to have 95% Malays in the civil service,100% in Uitm,only Malays can have class A contractors licence–and they can go Ali/Baba and sapu the money without doing any job. Denying these facts will only make you look like an idiot.
    Zaid Ibrahim is a man of principle–you are nothing compared to him–always the balls carrier of Umno. Is there any minister in Malaysia who had resigned so as not to compromise his principles. Pakatan Rakyat need leaders like him–come PRU13–he will be somebody. As for milking–he didnt milk your mother’s susu–he has the biggest law firm in Malaysia and he rendered his legal services and made the money legally–not like your other ministers who sit in positon and steal the rakyat’s money illegally.

    You said “Since the three races can become allies and can work together and know their place in this country, the immigrants were given citizenships”. The Bristish assumed that the 3 races would work together and will not be discrimintated–but what happened.I say it again–the children and grandchildren who are citizens of this country should be accorded equal status–shouldnt be discriminated.
    Anyway we will see what is their position after PRU13.

    As for the extreme demands–how many non malays had called for the abolition of the monarchy,in fact it was Umno who went on a DEFAMING SPREE about the royalty in the eighties. How many non malays had called to bring back Chin Peng. As for Malay rights section 153 of the Federal constitution has clearly stipulated their rights–even the opposition acknowledges it–only that the Umno leaders are stealing money in the name of Malay special rights–thats what the opposition are concerned–nothing else.
    Now I am laughing at your mentality–how is the per capita income derived at–add the total income of all the Indians and divide by the number of Indians in the country–is it not. If that is the case–Anandakrishna alone accounts for about 80% of the total income–it is not evenly spread—and I am sure the the Indians in Hindraf are more smarter than you in Mathematics–and what they calculated is right–now you are the biggest liar.
    Helo whose leg are you trying to pull–the NEP only benefitted the Malays–it is an indisputable fact.
    As for Jomo–this is what I found in the Wikipedia–Jomo is widely perceived to be an outspoken intellectual, with unorthodox non-partisan views. During the Asian financial crisis in 1997-98, Jomo was one of the earliest advocates of capital control measures, which then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad eventually introduced to curb excessive currency speculation. However, when then Deputy Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim was imprisoned without trial under the Internal Security Act, Jomo publicly condemned the repression.
    As for Razali–in what way can he outshine Jomo and Param—they were purely selected by the UN based on their credentials. Whereas Razali was a govt appointed ambassador and an arts graduate–what is so great about him.
    Ya, Morgan Stanley is a small unknown entity–so its views are very much inferior to our great JMD—who thinks his views are korek korek view and the gospel truth.Dr Kia’s book on May 13 is rubbish only his views are korek korek.Dey JMD no body knows who are you but from your articles they know U R D No 1 UMNO BALLS CARRIER.

    JMD : I do know about Hindraf because everyone can read its malicious Memorandum. Why are you protecting people who want to instigate terrorism and armed rebellion like the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka? I am not lying since that is what they stated in their memorandum. If Hindraf is lying about most of what is in the memorandum then why can’t we call it a political ploy and deceit? It is political since Hindraf use political avenues to further its destructive agenda. Now, Hindraf is even registered as a political party by one of its leaders!

    You even tried to raise racial sentiment about the Kampung Medan incident by giving unsubstantiated statement. I can easily find a few anonymous commentators that will say that when they roam the streets at night (like you), they saw many group of Indians chopping up innocent Malays too. This is because, both sides suffered injuries.

    The fact of the matter is, this what sparked off the Kampung Medan incident:

    The whole episode supposedly started with an Indian security guard returning from work at 3am on March 4.
    He found a tent erected for a wedding in the middle of the narrow road in Kampung Medan. He grew agitated and started kicking the tables and chairs.

    This angered the Malay family that was preparing for the wedding, who rushed out and assaulted him. He fled but returned later with a parang and five other cohorts.

    A fight broke out and at one point, the security guard fled to a nearby house, belonging to an Indian family, where a funeral wake was being held..

    The group of Malays, who assumed he was a member of the household, then set fire to a car and two motorcycles parked nearby.

    This marked the beginning of the bloody clashes, which was further aggravated when an Indian boy, using a slingshot, smashed the windscreen of his neighbour s vehicle.

    The angry van owner, an Indian, sought compensation from the children s parents. He was joined by his driver, a Malay, but some villagers who saw the commotion thought that a Malay was threatening the Indians. Rumours began to spread and the rest is history.

    The fragile balance of inter-racial harmony was tipped with dire consequences neighbourhood quarrels led to a racial strife.

    But what did Hindraf said about this incident in its memorandum? Here it is:

    “100 over Indians were slashed and killed by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government in the Kampung Medan mini genocide.”

    Who exactly Hindraf is trying to ‘kelentong’? Maybe you are the only gullible one here.

    You know what else? In point 24 of Waytha Moorthy’s insiduous report, he stated :

    “Government PTPTN study loans and scholarships denied to Indians studying medicine, law, engineering etc in overseas.”

    But everyone knows that PTPTN does not give away loans for overseas studies! Waytha Moorthy lied about this to the whole world! Just for his own sick political agenda. Why are you condoning deceitful racist propaganda?

    There are many more lies but I think we have ascertained the hateful agenda of these racist people. The blogger Balan had in some ways, revealed the truth about Hindraf’s memorandum. Please read it here.

    Your habitual accusation of Umno (only Umno, not others) stealing rakyat’s money is quite remarkable because I certainly never denied that Umno leaders are not corrupt. But I have the good sense not to generalize everyone for the few bad apples. Whereas in your case, apart from generalizing, you also are being terribly selective when you deny Anwar Ibrahim, who was very much part of Umno since 1982, did not indulge himself in corruption practices. The opposition did convince the voters THROUGH their accusations that Umno (after Anwar Ibrahim left that is) stole billions of ringgit.

    Do not worry, while Zaid Ibrahim was basking in his political pinnacle when he was the Law Minister, this blog had already chastising the Umno leaders. This blog will continue to do so from time to time. A principled man would know where he came from. But his principles come second to his political ambition. Do you think his law firm became big overnight? It became big due to exactly like how I mentioned in your last comment – through political patronage of Umno or as you said it – by being the biggest ‘ball carrier of Umno’. The exorbitant amount for his legal services in all the big projects of BN implemented made him a millionaire. But since he is now in PKR, I guess this type of NEP based wealth creation is not shunned by you.

    You said the British assumed there will be no discrimination? Were you there? Which history book did you read? Care to name it?

    The British highlighted that the Malay special rights should be well placed in the Constitution. Before the Constitution, there was the Federation of Malaya Agreement, then there was the Barnes Report. During independence, there was the Reid Commission going hand in hand with the Constitution. All of these laws and reports stated that there should be special privileges for the Malays.

    Hence, why are you distorting history? Learned a lot from RPK and KKS did you?

    By the way, you can even read about the Malay special rights in Singapore’s Constitution. Surprised? However, Singapore had reneged on the constitutional Malay special rights of that country (but it’s the Malays there who are at the losing end, I guess it is okay right?). I remember once you commented about the Singapore Malays but we shall not delve into that now.

    Again, you are really grasping at straws when you try desperately to divert the argument about non Malays’ calls to abolish the monarchy with Umno’s own relationship with the Sultans. But I guess we had explained it thoroughly here.

    Extreme demands and insensitive comments by the non Malays could be heard everyday for the past few years. Just go and read Malaysia Today’s commentary section and if you were lucky, you could have read all the flowery language in Sultan Azlan’s guestbook section of his webpage.

    Friend, the Malays are the largest chunk of hardcore poor people in the country. By sheer numbers alone, they are multiple times bigger than Indians. There are only about approx. 60,000 hardcore poor Indians in this country while the Malays are numbering around 1.4 million! If you say Anandakrishnan accounts for 80% (plucking from air again is it? Just like Daniel Lian?) of Indians income, why don’t you ask him whether what kind of benefits had he given back to the Indian society? Why blame Umno?

    I tell you why you need to blame Umno. Because it benefit your racist cause to blame Umno.

    When I said the NEP had benefited the non Malays too, I stand by my statement. Even when it was the NEP’s aim to impose restriction that only bumis can be class A contractors (so that there is a transfer of knowledge and they will be highly skilled in the future when the NEP is dismantled stage by stage), the subcontractors are mostly non Malays! This is an indisputable fact. The whole supply chain of raw materials is being controlled by a network (guanxi) of Chinese businessmen. Is this not fact? That is why we can see a lot of Chinese contractors! This is how the NEP had invariably helped the non Malays! How blinkered can you be when you said – ‘and they can go Ali/Baba and sapu the money without doing any job’?

    What an oxymoron! If the class A contractors (are these Malays or Umno Malays you are insinuating?) do nothing but ‘sapu’ the money, then are all these non Malay subcontractors do all the projects FOR FREE? Do you think all the wealthy Chinese businessmen doing business in Malaysia are doing it in vacuum (without NEP)?

    The NEP permeates and influences everyone’s way of doing business here in Malaysia. Granted, it is not yet perfect because of leakages, wastage and abuses. Yet, your vile attitude seemed to point that only the Malays/Umno are corrupt for using the NEP while all the Chinese businessmen are honest, hardworking and corruption-free people.

    Err… which cave did you crawl out from? Are you in touch with reality? Now, I am sure there are honest chinese businessmen out there, and we cannot deny that there are honest, hardworking Malay businessmen too. But you Thadiankunda, are pooling every Malay contractor as scums while all the chinese businessmen as sincere and earnest!

    By the way, this act of hiding behind Dr Mahathir eveytime you could not defend your own writing is really pathetic. Look back what you wrote – “Helo remember the Chinese contribute 80% of the tax–this was even said by your mentor, ex PM Mahathir”.

    You gave the fact first, and tried to strengthen it by dropping names. But when it was further discussed and rebuked, you turn around and said that it was Dr Mahathir who said it first – ‘Its not me who said 80% taxes–it is Mahathir who said it’.

    So are we clear now that the reason why 80% (?) non Malays are paying taxes is because they are in the higher income bracket?

    The NEP benefited the non Malays as well. Period.

    So, if they pay taxes, they get what they deserve back. So why are you complaining? Oh yes, because people choose to ignore these facts and succumbed to hate propaganda by people like you who are banking on emotional issues to rile up the people further. How low can you get?

    If there are pockets of poor Indians in this country, then the implementation is not yet perfect and there are leakages and abuses. Or, people like Anandakrishnan forgot to help his fellow Indians (I do not know this but since you would know the income of Anandakrishnan, I leave it to you to check upon this).

    And here is the biggest open secret of all. Eventhough the non Malays are paying the largest amount of taxes, they derive the most allocation of money from the government! All the subsidies given to industries which are in turn monopolized by the non Malays are totaling billions of ringgit. Subsidies by the government to business sectors such as agriculture are mostly given to non Malays businesses. How much help Maxis and Astro get from government? A lot. How much money Maxis and Astro receive from their biggest customer base (the Malays). Since the NEP had lifted the Malays from being tremendously poor in the 60’s to people who enabled to have two astro dishes (even in Kampungs) and Handphones, I am sure Anandakrishnan wouldn’t mind the existence of the NEP. Again, why are you complaining?

    And this is not limited to him alone. There are millions of non Malays who benefited from the NEP. The one I stated above are just examples. But your narrow mind could only see issues regarding civil services and universities placements. There are 1.4 million hardcore poor Malays in this country if you had forgotten. When I was busy helping the hardcore poor Malaysians during weekends, what have you done to your community?

    By the way, do you think all the contractors (class A to class F) are Umno members? Get a grip of yourself and read this next line properly.


    I am really enjoying your writing here. I can imagine you all steaming with anger when you write all these. Boy, you must be one hateful and racist person to equate everything that is bad to Malays/Umno.

    For your information, TS Razali was the first Malaysian to be the Chairman of Security Council and also the President of UN General Assembly. He spoke in Bahasa Malaysia in his maiden speech as the President. That was a proud moment indeed for Malaysians. And he was instrumental in the Aung San Suu Kyi release effort from house arrest as the UN secretary general’s special envoy back in 2002. Obviously, his huge contributions to Malaysia and the World are not recognised by you. Why? Because he allegedly was an Arts Graduate? What a shame. (Anwar Ibrahim is an Arts Graduate too… in that case, like you said ‘what is so great about him?’)

    By the way, please read Jomo’s books – ‘Malaysian Eclipse: Economic Crises and Recovery’ and Malaysia’s Political Economy to know what he thought about the way Malaysia handling the currency crisis back then. Do not just rely on Wikipedia.

    As for the last paragraph, it is usually the norm to take this kind of argument when there is no strong rebuttal to prove that my articles are wrong. Instead of giving viable and factual line of reasoning that can be discussed further, you resorted to mock self deprecation and name calling. Typical. The reason why Kua Kia Soong’s book is treated like the gospel truth and Hindraf’s racist agenda was deemed as honourable because these people were banking on Malaysians not to read history and other point of views. But now when it was revealed that the book had made serious errors, and Hindraf lied in its memorandum, the supporters had to resort to name calling and diverting the blame to other people.

    Thank you again Thadiankunda. I am sure the readers had benefited a lot from this discussion.


  46. The truth is that, these Pakatan Rakyat supporters just can’t handle the truth / facts. As usual, they will only accept facts which favor their arguments. Keep on writing!


  47. Salam JMD,

    So many racist bigots running wild in blogs..
    Focusing my attention to literally helping marginalised people..
    Talk talk talk and go back 2 sleep is a common Malaysian syndrome..
    How many non-malays are actually helping the poor in Malaysia?
    How many non-malays lend a hand to malays in needs?
    The only chinaman i c lending ‘help’ is ah long & lim tow truck..lol..reality bites..

    No party can do away with NEP without receiving a backlash from bumiputera voters.
    You can rebrand NEP and focus on the implementation though.

    JMD : Thank you and will revert soonest possible.


  48. JMD,

    You accused me of being a racist–I found the below comment in the IPOHMALAY blog—what are you going to say about this—

    It is undeniable that malays are stupid, incapable and lazy. Why don’t they just humbly admit the facts and repent and learn from other races especially Chinese?

    What is the point to argue here and wasting time again?

    From the first onwards we were merely telling the truths. It wasn’t us who think that way but their own Badawi as well.

    All malays should go and read the newspaper, even Badawi is ashamed of maintaining the NEP after 34 years of implementing it and these malay baboons are still asking for it.

    Even Badawi wanted them to compete on a level playing field.

    So what does all these tell the world? It sends a very clear message that it is malays themselves who are incapable and lazy and they don’t even want to admit it and make a change!

    That is the biggest shame of all.

    Can’t you see, it is all back to square one. Year in, year out, some talk for half an hour, some one, some two. Some sing, many belt out their most recent released ‘pantun’.

    After all. Malays are good at that. Suggestions after suggestions, some good, some impossible to realize.

    But, do you see any of these materialised? Hardly. Why, why and why???

    Because the malays can never change. Never! Why?

    The leaders forgot it or were they simply didn’t want to address and admit that the actual disease is the malays and the remedy itself is also, the malays. They can never change. What is it about the malays?

    Firstly as you all know, they are a lazy species. Since the beginning of time they have been like that. Even the encyclopedia called them as lazy people. I think those British with their accent tried to call them ‘malas’, and if you put ‘y’ in, it becomes ‘malays’.

    Embracing Islam make them a worse lot. Now they have a license to kill anything that gets into their way.

    Malays are ungrateful lot. In reality, they just can’t live or open their minds for others. When Mahathir said that they are complacent, they put him in jail. When Mahathir encouraged them to learn English language, they got angry with him, saying it is a ‘bahasa penjajah’.

    When other races ‘maju’, they got angry with them too. That was why at the end of Mahathir his regime, he said this, “I have achieved greatness as a prime minister, but I only fail in one thing, changing the malays.”

    Well, nothing to be surprised about anyway since Mahathir is not really a malay, and I guess that was why the malays were angry with him.

    Drug abuse, hate, incest, liberal extremism (culture of miniskirts and gay marriages), murder, parochialism, racism, rape, religious fanaticism, snatch theft, spoilt bratty behavior, tribalism, wife abuse, child abuse, all that is associated with the malay race.

    To them, malay is the biggest impediment towards building a truly Malaysian nation, and should be chucked into the dustbins of history.

    A genetically flawed race cannot be fixed by politically. Nature will take its course and globalization will put them out to pasture.

    What have we got now?

    Brain drain, economic disparity getting wider, poor education system, racial segregation, widespread corruption, inefficiency and uncompetitive on the government departments and others.

    Sad. Sad. Sad. The question asked by many of my fellow Chinese is this – Why can’t you just tell the malay peoples to adopt Chinese culture which is superior?

    From research, this peninsular was part of the Siamese empire way before these malays from Indonesia invaded it.

    Still so thick skin, don’t want to go back to Indonesia

    JMD : Congratulations. I think you answered your own queries when you ask us how many non Malays involve in this extreme and insensitive calls. Thank God you found this particular comment. Truth to the matter, this comment had been swimming around the internet for the past 3 years. And it appeared in this blog a few months ago. I have made my comment about it here.

    Even his first paragraph are already malicious and deceitful. Do you agree with his comments? If you do, are you going to embrace the superior Chinese culture from now on and be chauvinistic too?

    And then should we lump you together with all this extremist and chauvinistic people? Thank you.


    • Dear JMD,

      When I made my last comment I had not read this commentary.

      See, fits my profile to a ‘T’. 🙂

      In fact he has created a new category for and by himself – Hybrid Racist.

      Thank you and have a nice weekend too.



      Are you going to see THE team in Singapore?


      JMD : After working day and night non stop for the past few months, I am finally able to save enough money to buy the incredibly expensive ticket to see them next month 🙂 I am guessing you are already on your way there…


      • Dear JMD,

        Could not help but comment on this brilliant satire.

        “You accused me of being a racist–I found the below comment in the IPOHMALAY blog—what are you going to say about this—

        No, you are not a racist but a super racist.

        “It is undeniable that malays are stupid, incapable and lazy. Why don’t they just humbly admit the facts and repent and learn from other races especially Chinese?

        Then you too must be stupid for commenting on this blog. Yes, I must admit it we need to learn from you. Learn what? Learn every possible loophole and whatever means necessary to obtain anything and everything, the end being the accumulation of wealth. For your race, this end justify any means. It is your race which need to repent.

        “What is the point to argue here and wasting time again?

        Then pleeeeease, don’t write.

        “From the first onwards we were merely telling the truths. It wasn’t us who think that way but their own Badawi as well.

        We? Us? All the Chinese? You?

        “All malays should go and read the newspaper, even Badawi is ashamed of maintaining the NEP after 34 years of implementing it and these malay baboons are still asking for it.

        See, you are the type of person who rely newspapers to validate your arguments.

        “Even Badawi wanted them to compete on a level playing field.

        Hahaha. Sure, why not. He can make his SIL the manager and referee all at the same time. Maybe, being Chinese, you envy En KJ for his prowess to accumulate wealth.

        “So what does all these tell the world? It sends a very clear message that it is malays themselves who are incapable and lazy and they don’t even want to admit it and make a change!
        That is the biggest shame of all.

        Here you say AAB said it then you say they don’t even want to admit.

        “Can’t you see, it is all back to square one. Year in, year out, some talk for half an hour, some one, some two. Some sing, many belt out their most recent released ‘pantun’.
        After all. Malays are good at that. Suggestions after suggestions, some good, some impossible to realize.
        But, do you see any of these materialised? Hardly. Why, why and why???
        Because the malays can never change. Never! Why?

        Aiyah! Many, not some can sing lah. Nowadays Malays also karaoke but nice to know you appreciate belting out pantuns and recognise that Malays are good at this. Wah, I hope whatever YOU suggest CAN materialise. Why not put you on the board of the EPU? Give you the opportunity to give as many suggestions as you like. Why would the Malays want to change with people like you around? You said that your race do all the hard work and so capable, and the country progressed. What to change? OK what. Who then is stupid? Hahaha.

        “The leaders forgot it or were they simply didn’t want to address and admit that the actual disease is the malays and the remedy itself is also, the malays. They can never change. What is it about the malays?

        You just said AAB admitted or YOU just forgot. Aiyoh! If got disease why you still around? No remedy wat. What is it about you Chinese? Uh Sorry ah! Still a lot of wealth to accumulate. My bad.

        “Firstly as you all know, they are a lazy species. Since the beginning of time they have been like that. Even the encyclopedia called them as lazy people. I think those British with their accent tried to call them ‘malas’, and if you put ‘y’ in, it becomes ‘malays’.

        Wah! Now you anthropologist also. You must be very old also ah? Sorry I ask ah. Since beginning of time till now you still got here wan. I tink you oso vely claver no hou to reed enpsychopaedia. Which wan ah? Blitanika or Amelikana? Wah! Oso part time historian. I really impressed.

        “Embracing Islam make them a worse lot. Now they have a license to kill anything that gets into their way.

        Aiyah! Again I ask why you still around. Not scared ah? Thats why I say you stupid lah. After they kill you, you know. You say wat.

        “Malays are ungrateful lot. In reality, they just can’t live or open their minds for others. When Mahathir said that they are complacent, they put him in jail. When Mahathir encouraged them to learn English language, they got angry with him, saying it is a ‘bahasa penjajah’.
        When other races ‘maju’, they got angry with them too. That was why at the end of Mahathir his regime, he said this, “I have achieved greatness as a prime minister, but I only fail in one thing, changing the malays.”

        Its people like you that they don’t want to open their minds. See, now you being very selfish. People must live for you. Tun MM must have been paroled. Wahlau weh. Learn English woh. You wat school ah? Chinese school ah? There got learn English oso ah? Thank you for noting Tun MM achieved greatness. Correct, he fail to change the Malay become Chinese.

        “Well, nothing to be surprised about anyway since Mahathir is not really a malay, and I guess that was why the malays were angry with him.

        Thank you ah. I see you not angry with him. Oso, must be true he not Malay because you anthropologist.

        “Drug abuse, hate, incest, liberal extremism (culture of miniskirts and gay marriages), murder, parochialism, racism, rape, religious fanaticism, snatch theft, spoilt bratty behavior, tribalism, wife abuse, child abuse, all that is associated with the malay race.

        Walauh eh! Now you scared me don’t want to go to US. Must be many Malay there ah. Definitely cannot go Africa. Also scared to go to Holland, there also got many Malay. Aiyoh! Now scared to go any country. Wah everywhere in the world got Malay people.

        “To them, malay is the biggest impediment towards building a truly Malaysian nation, and should be chucked into the dustbins of history.

        Wah now action ah. Show off your historian expertisement. Forgot to ask to whom you talking about about the impediment? Is it the construction company near your house wan ah? Can ask quotation? Oso, how fast can complete ah?

        “A genetically flawed race cannot be fixed by politically. Nature will take its course and globalization will put them out to pasture.
        What have we got now?

        You really impressing me now with your anthropology. Wah also going to globalised farming. What ah?

        Brain drain, economic disparity getting wider, poor education system, racial segregation, widespread corruption, inefficiency and uncompetitive on the government departments and others.
        Sad. Sad. Sad. The question asked by many of my fellow Chinese is this – Why can’t you just tell the malay peoples to adopt Chinese culture which is superior?

        Now I already surrender. Cannot fight you already. Surrender. Watch Discovery Channel everyday, Chinese culture very,very superior. Please ask all the Chinese brains come back. Must tell Najib to cancel all other celebrations. Only have CNY. Open more Chinese school. Sack all the Malay Govt servants. Get all Chinese servants. They very efficient and no corruption, kaki lang will help kaki lang. So much disparity, MOF must issue Amanah Saham Cina. We all migrate, only leave the Chinese here. Then no segregation. Only Chinese nation. Happy,happy,happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fatt Cai.

        “From research, this peninsular was part of the Siamese empire way before these malays from Indonesia invaded it.
        Still so thick skin, don’t want to go back to Indonesia

        Aisehman! Now archeologist oso. Wah! I thought we repelled the Sukarno invasion. You not thick skin I see, don’t want to go back to China. Hahaha, Indonesians coming here and you ask them go there. Hahahahahahahahahah. Aiyah! Stomach pain already. Laugh so much. Lucky you stop.



  49. Bravo JMD,

    That thadi-jeezzwhathisnameananda tried initially to be sooo smart by putting in some factuals and quotations he grasped hither and tither, but when his arguments and “factuals” were demolished by you one by one (using references some more), he then resorted to base name-calling and personal attacks, as is always the case of one who lacks intellectual candor but always geram and nak write something anyway.

    Thereafter, his true colour of racist-to-the-core shines, and I then cease to take him seriously or regard as a true intellectual opponent. I now look forward to reading more from him for my own entertainment (clowning he can excel in, but as a half-baked political analyst, too incohesive to be of any use).

    By the way what happened to AbgCina? I miss his one-liner brainless theatrics. Ah but not to worry. We are now entertained by many-liners brainless theatrics by this

    Shouldnt we give a little bit of the NEP proceeds to give this guy a little something, so that he can act on his hatred and say, leave the country or something? I mean, his wealthy chinese friends all around are walking their walk-the-talk of hatred to the country by leaving for good, but from the way I see it, this Thadianaconda here scrapes for a living everyday, can’t go back to Bollyland because of that you-know-caste-problem thing, wants to leave for greener pastures of the white-skinned people but just … unable to afford it. Hello Krishnan, are you listening?

    JMD : Thank you Dol Keropok. Have a good weekend ahead.


  50. Dear JMD,

    A truly commendable effort to put the May 13 events in its proper perspective, and at the same time debunking KKS’s book, has solicited negative comments and accusations of racism!

    Your erudite articles, instead of being viewed for the purpose that was intended, is not surprisingly seen by a coterie of misguided individuals to be an apologist agenda. Even worse, that the articles smacks of racism.

    Either these sad and misguided individuals are unable to comprehend and/or blinded by misplaced distrust, they fall into 2 groups.

    1) Racists themselves, whose comments are normally:

    * If long – inarticulate,incoherent and illogical
    * if short – bereft of purpose
    * full of hatred
    * vulgar

    2) Myopic Opposition supporters, PKR in general and DAP in particular, comments normally:

    * If long – expressive but contradicting and self serving
    * if short – must have word ‘corrupt’
    * vengeful* dismissive

    I am sad for these opposition supporters because they have been subtilely taken down the narrow road by their leaders towards segregation instead of integration. Despair instead of hope. Discord instead of harmony. Confrontation instead of discourse.

    This has always been the opposition tactics, to create suspicion and unrest.

    I am sad for the racists, because there is nothing one can do as their thinking is inbred.

    Because of these characteristics, the true intention of your articles has inadvertently been side tracked for their self gratification.

    I am in agreement with those who are urging for the publishing of your thesis on this important event, lest it be twisted by insidious and unscrupulous villains, who are willing to sacrifice and demean our country for personal gain.

    Thank you and regards

    JMD : Thank you Freddie. Have a good weekend ahead 🙂


  51. Salam bro,

    Thinking of what we going thru today..


    i just when thro some of the pics in VI Cadet Corp Band in the face book …. looking at some old pics.

    yep…remind me of the good old days…. gathering, arms around each other.

    We are not Malay, Chinese and Indian… We are VICTORIANS. How innocent we were.

    We are Malaysian, in the true spirit.

    Hoping the younger generation will enjoy the same kinship and friendship that we once have.


  52. Dear JMD

    I have been indisposed and have missed following your postings. I’m glad that I have come back to this “final”(?) treatment of the May 13 incident, even at this late hour. There are a lot of things that I have learnt about this sad episode in our history through your painstaking research and writing even though I lived through it and thought I knew all that I needed to know. There is much for everyone to learn about it too, especially the younger generation lest they forget history and succumb to repeating it.

    At 65 years of age, I have seen a bit of historical developments vis-a-vis ethnic relations in this country. I have enjoyed friendships but have also suffered betrayals but none of these can be attributed to the race factor. I always wish that what we share as simple people can be translated into reality at the political level. But politicians continue with their bad habits and they provoke and react so publicly that this impacts negatively on the people. Racist tendencies can never be removed from our human landscape so long as politicians carry on harping about race.

    I witnessed the election campaigns of 1969 and attended most of the ceramahs held in the Klang Valley especially by the DAP. I didn’ see any change in the methods of the DAP campaigns in 2008. Much as I had wanted to reach out, I was held back by the virulent racism demonstrated by the speakers and their audiences, in particular in Petaling Jaya. Here I was living among people who outwardly showed friendliness but when provoked demonstrated their true inclinations. Never mind that on an ordinary day I could enjoy a cup of coffee at the local kopitiam or at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail market with people I thought were friends. Little did I realise that, after all these years, these same people were seething inside and would shout agreements and approvals when listening to LKS or Ronnie Liu. The Malays as a race were hated!

    What you have done with your treatment of May 13, 1969 is most commendable, helps set the records straight and provide balance to our understanding of an episode in our history. I would like to repeat my earlier call that this series be published as a book that can find a place on the bookshelves in our homes. It would counter the racism of KKS. It would be too much to hope that it can influence the thinking of people like abangcina or thadiankunda who have their own interpretations of events and history and can never be persuaded to look at the other side too without so much prejudice. I hope this isn’t just wishful thinking.

    It would be nice if we can reflect on how many Malays have found a place of importance in our society: how our supposedly inferior qualities have nevertheless enabled us to become good educators, great heart surgeons, outstanding engineers and a lot more. Imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have the NEP and the scholarships that enabled our students to have a chance overseas when they couldn’t make it here! I remember in 1969 only one Malay graduated in engineering from the University of Malaya and that too with a General Degree! We have all kinds of engineers now graduating from all over the world. And can anyone see what has happened to JKR and KTMB? Maybe someone can look more closely at these things, maybe.

    Anyway, I have perhaps digressed. What I would like to say is that I will not be able to impress upon you the fact that I have benifited a lot from reading your series of postings on this subject. And other postings as well!

    Thank you JMD, from me and my children. Please keep on writing and enlightening us.


  53. If malays are so unhappy in this land. They are free to go back to Indonesia.

    Malaysia is better under British rule for sure without Umno gangs like you.

    Too many (Umno) morons in this blog – no wonder Malaysia suck.


  54. vesewe

    it is either you do not understand english and malay.. or you are an alien who have just landed … no wonder your name sounds alien too..

    if malaysia sucks.. you can always take your spaceship and go back to your planet of the *****

    it is always.. malays sucks.. umno sucks.. malaysia sucks.. but i wonder why you are still living in this sucks country.. we malays are proud of our country which is called ‘MALAY’sia.


  55. @ vesewe the mother******

    We the Malays are all sons of soil of the Nusantara. Our ancestors didn’t come from anywhere else, unlike your ancestors who came to this land and then didn’t want to go back to tongsan and madras once their labour contract here ended.

    Our rights as written in Articles 153, 11, 152 and others in the Constitution are INDEED the QUID PRO QUO for your ancestors to be given Malayan (eventually Malaysian) citizenship.

    If still you think it’s OK to provoke and insult us, to continue questioning every inch of our rights and our very existence, then I believe it’s OK too for a Malay and Bumiputera like me to CALL FOR your citizenship to be REVOKED. An eye for an eye, only then it will be fair.

    The one who say this land sucks but still has the cheek to stay and to ask for this-and-that (like YOU) is indeed a sucked mother******.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I apologise that some of it had to be moderated. Thank you.


  56. apparently those *******s like Vesewel, Todialkuda, Bijik Mata Terjojol Luas and the likes have indeed just encountered some mild stroke after reading JMD’s four exclusive episodes.


  57. not all indians like thadiakunda species..
    many of them still thankful being malaysian..
    only political dung make malaysians distort..


  58. You have still not stated your stand regarding Iskandar’s mobilising the malays to expel the indians from Malaysia. Also you have not mentioned any of the PR’s version of RACIST like Najib and Hishamuddin.
    I want to ask you, if DSAI was corrupted, how come the polis and ACA didnt find any evidence to charge him for corruptly accumulating wealth. But come PRU13–there will be enough evidence to charge all those corrupted UMNO leaders–tunggu dan lihat.
    As for ZI–he is a lawyer and earned his income legally by providing his expertise. There was no scandal about him.
    As for Singapore–why should I bother–since you are a Malay racist–you bother about that–I am not bothered.
    As for the sultans–it is a well know fact that it was Umno who was engaged in defaming the sultans in the newspapers openly–even to the extend of calling the agung “natang”–but not a single person was charged for any crime–but there were a few opposition supporters who were charged for a crime committed against the sultan–why the double standard.
    As for asking Anandakrishnan–what kind of benefits had he given back to the Indian community–you must be out of your mind–is it incumbent upon him to help the Indian community–but of course I know he does help a lot of Indians. But it is incumbent upon the govt which is dominated by Umno to help all races–simply b’cos they were elected by the rakyat including most Indians(before PRU12)–when the Indians realised they didnt benefit anything from the BN govt–thats when they voted the oppositon–PRU13–the trend will continue.

    As for the NEP contractors–why the need to give the job to a malay who dont have the expertise–why not give the job to the contractor who have the expertise–the malay gets the main contract–subcontracts it to a non malay—and just gets a cool amount without doing any job—this is a well known practise. There are cases where the main con takes all the money and cabut.

    As for Mahathir quoting the 80%–it so happened I read some where which I cant remember–but dont be an idiot—you expect me to show prove eveytime I mention something–if not you accuse me of plucking from the air–your facts you pluck from the bottom hair–is it.
    You can say what ever about the NEP–but if you ask any non malay–his/her standard answer will be—-will be a BIG NO for any benefits.

    As for Not all malay contractors are pro Umno–now you are plucking from the hair down is it—it is common knowledge that projects are given to Umno cronies. So I guess you are boiling now–b’cos you are an Umno racist.
    Helo JMD—where is your brain up or down–how can you equate Razali to DSAI. DSAI is a future PM,the peoples leader and the most fiery orator in the country. When he was holding positions in the UN–he is just a figurehead–the US makes decision and plays the taiko role–he just follows. Whereas Jomo and Param had their expertise to share.
    As for name calling–you started it by calling me stupid and crazy.

    As for history this is what the MMRR had concluded and I am sure the Bristish would have expected Malaysia to be:-
    “Pada 14 September, 1952, pada Mesyuarat Majlis Raja-Raja telah membuat keputusan bahawa 1.2 juta penduduk China dan 800 ribu penduduk India diberi kerakyatan Persekutuan Tanak Melayu.

    2. Majlis Raja-Raja juga memastikan bahawa “in an independent Malaya all nationals should be accorded equal rights, privileges and opportunities and there must not be discrimination on grounds of race and creed,”

    The ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia were brought in to Malaysia by the British some 200 over years ago. Since independence in 1957 the Malaysian Indians have been permanently colonialised by the Islamic fundamentalist and malay chauvinists UMNO led Malaysian government. Among the recent atrocities committed by this government are as follows:-

    The Indians in Malaysia are openly discriminated not by the Malay Muslim people of Malaysia but the UMNO (United Malay National Organization) controlled government of Malaysia in direct contravention of Article 8 of the Federal Constitution which prohibits discrimination and upholds equality. In short the Indians are excluded from the national mainstream development of Malaysia in almost every aspect of live on a day to day basis.

    But Malaysia’s UMNO controlled government has successfully over the last 51 years since independence camouflaged this reality very well by projecting, highlighting and showcasing the cream of the Malaysian Indian as being successful and prosperous. But this cream only represents a mere 1% of the 2 million Indian populations in Malaysia. About 70% of the Malaysian Indians are left to rot in the hardcore poor and poor category. For raising these very serious Indian minority and human rights violations four Malaysian Indian Lawyers
    (P. Uthayakumar, M. Manoharan, R. Kengatharan & V. Ganapathi Rao) have been arrested and are currently detained without trial for 2 years, from 13th Dec 2007 and continuing indefinitely thereafter at Malaysia’s very own “Guantanamo Bay” (the Kemunting Detention Centre)—now they are freed.

    Some of Malaysia’s atrocities against its own mere 8% minority Indians in 2008 are as follows:

    1. Even as this paper is being finalized on the last day of the year 2008 the Malaysian Police in their Police lock up were alleged to have poured hot water on an Indian youth’s body. When he screamed in pain, a piece of cloth was stuffed into his mouth by the Police and was stepped on with their boots. On a rare occasion NT 7 (A local TV Station) splashed his gory burned marks because, a rare breed Member of Parliament for Kapar, Mr. S. Manickavasagam (present at this conference) dared to take on the UMNO State by exposing this police brutality. But in Malaysia, when the victim is an Indian, hardly anything happens. Not only for this atrocity but almost all and every atrocity as listed herein below, this continues to this day. The Indians suffer in silence. Even the Opposition Parties, NGOs and civil society almost always choose to remain silent because the victims are, “merely Indians”. The police and all the authorities have almost always never been punished even for worst atrocities than this.

    2. Indian slavery, including sex and child slavery, in Malaysia is rampant even
    after 51 years of independence.

    (please continue reading here)

    From all the 43 points, I only found pt 24 not true but the others are all true.

    JMD : Haha so much passion about Hindraf here. Very commendable. You are indeed the Hindraf no 1 supporter. Thank you for the comments. Eventhough most of the things you said are repetitive in nature where you had earlier mentioned in your past comments. Even the act of copy pasting Hindraf’s memo are becoming tiring to read. We have delved into this before – on how the HIndraf’s allegations were insidious in nature. Then again, you believe Hindraf wholeheartedly don’ you. Just like how you want to believe that Anwar Ibrahim is 100% clean and had never been shown to acquire wealth for his benefit. But then again, during the 1998 Umno General Assembly, all of his family members and cronies were top of the list of those who received shares, projects etc from the Government. But I guess this information slipped your mind. Yeah, Anwar Ibrahim never abused his position to acquire wealth. We understand. Just like how you freed Zaid Ibrahim from his ways of accumulating his wealth. So, when he was an Umno leader, he earned his income legally right? I am sure many other Umno leaders fall into this category then. Or are you saying only he is the scandal-free politician? You casually forgot that he was suspended for 18 months in 2005 by the Umno Disciplinary Board for contempt and dabbling in money politics. But I guess in your eyes, he is scandal and corruption free because he had cleansed himself by leaving Umno. A loss to Umno I guess and a gain for Pakatan Rakyat. I always amuse myself whenever I mention Anwar Ibrahim because I know somewhere over there, someone is having fits. I’m sorry. He is after all, the future PM. We all know that. Again, when will he be PM? In 2013? We shall wait and see. It’s good you are counting the chicks before they hatched. Very pragmatic indeed.

    Oh, and did you casually forget how racist you were when you gave a highly contentious comment about the Malays in Singapore here? And now you said you never bothered? You think you can get away with that? Sorry mate, name-calling like that is frowned upon here. Let’s face it, it was stupid of you to write that. And to turn 180 degrees everytime when it fits you made you sound like a crazed person.

    And you begin to sound like a broken record in most parts. The Sultans, NEP, Hindraf memo, etc. We have rebutted all of them previously. Why are you trying to defend the indefensible? Oh by the way, have a read here regarding the Reid Commission. That will put things into perspective. It will greatly complement the snippets of that Majlis Raja Raja document you had twice copy pasted.

    Yes, it is incumbent upon the government to help all Malaysians. That is why it created the NEP back in 1970. Also, pursuant from the Reid Commission and the Constitution, the govt had acted according to what was stipulated in it.

    Instead of doing things easy like, sequestering the rich non Malays wealth and redistributed it back in 1969, the govt decided to enlarge the economy cake so that everyone will get the benefit. Should the NEP is not in place, not even the Indians will get their fair share of wealth. After all, their per capita income and amount of hardcore poor are even better than the Malays.

    If you believe that the Chinese contributed 80% of the tax, then it is a good point because it shows that the Chinese were better off than the Malays in this country where the NEP is abound. What more do you want? It is time to lift up the Malays and the Indians and other communities then.

    Now I am sure you know that I had criticized Umno leaders for forgetting how to be good leaders. BN should have focused more on the plight of the people instead of being caught up in the euphoria of the big 2004 election win. When you grow conceited, you forget your main objectives. That is why, corruption index went up and many people resented the government since 2005. They should undo the mistake they have done. It is not going to be easy. Especially when there are malicious people trying to jeopardize every move the government make.

    Your views of the NEP are limited only to scholarships, projects and university placements when in fact the NEP is so much more. It creates wealth and opportunities for Malaysians to make business. It nurtures businessmen regardless which race they are in. Hence, you see many millionaires and billionaires. All because of the NEP and its approach in creating wealth for the nation. The economy cake was so huge, it was possible that everyone can enjoy the benefits.

    Anyway, I find it a surprise to have to explain to someone the very basic of logical thinking. Take for example you contention that all Malay contractors in Malaysia are pro Umno. You stood your ground even though I had told you that not all contractors are pro Umno. You believe all main contractors (the Class A) are all Umno cronies. Well then, in that case, who are the contractors that received projects in all the opposition’s states? Who did all the contracting jobs in Penang, Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Kelantan?

    Since all the contractors are Umno cronies (as you argued), I am guessing nobody received any projects in those states. Where on earth to get a a Class A contractor who is also not an Umno crony now? Oh dear… what a predicament!

    Sigh, is this the level of intelligence of the Hindraf no 1 fan? Your hate (and you hope everyone would hate Umno like you do) towards Umno is so great, you dismissed all logic just to fit your belief.

    Now, you may be too quick to say that only one point is factually wrong. In fact at a glance, I find some other points that requires further attention. Take for instance point no 2; indian slavery including sex and child slavery. Now these Hindraf leaders had accused Umno (by Umno, they are accusing its 3.5 million members who are Malays) as putting Indians into slavery. They based this assumption through the articles published in the NST back in 2008.

    Now, nowhere in those articles that had implied it was Umno who run the syndicate to enslave the poor Indians. But what did Hindraf leaders do? They accuse Umno and its members as master slavers and engaged in sex trade of the Indians! Hello. Is there anything between the ears?

    Even to say 90% of death in police custody are Indians was also factually wrong when in fact we had been told that Malays accounted for more deaths than any other race!

    The Kampung Medan ethnic cleansing had been debunked in the previous replies so I think we now can safely say that HIndraf memorandum are indeed trying to create hate among the Indians towards all the 3. 5 million Malays in Malaysia. Is this a nice thing to do? Hindraf is using the same method Kua Kia Soong did with his book. Thus when Iskandar stated what he thought about Hindraf leaders :

    Lagi satu kepada Pertubuhan Haram HINDRAF jgn main api sentimen perkauman.. walaupun HINDRAF menghentam UMNO/BN tetapi banyak kenyataan macam nak KACAU orang MELAYU..

    Jgn fikir HINDRAF saja boleh buat demontrasi,kalau semua orang MELAYU berdemontrasi nak suruh semua orang iNDIA balik ke NEGARA INDIA apa korang nak buat??

    I love my INDIAN Friends but those HINDRAF bozos trying to raise up racial tension between all of us.

    He really was criticising the vile Hindraf leaders. I do not condone how he said it. But I definitely agree with him when he said that Hindraf leaders are creating hatred by playing up racial sentiment through lies and massive hatred. Because, when you accuse all the 3.5 million Malays as trying to murder off all the Indians in this country, I am sure they had stooped to a new low.

    There are plenty more lies in the Hindraf letter but to engage with the Hindraf fanatical supporters would be like explaining simple arithmetic to a new born baby. A waste of time.


  59. 1. What’s with this Malays to go back to indonesia? Which one is the main land and which one is the island lor? Pfftt. I thought people migrate from mainland to island not the other way around. Stand corrected though.

    2. You are pathetic Mr. Thadia sir, I was looking forward to read what your answer would be on the Hindraf Memorandum issue. Pfftt. Its not fair lah, JMD answered all your attacks but you on the other hand didnt have the balls to refute his contentions on Hindraf. Do enlighten us, dear sir, of the ingredients of the Memorandum. Mr Thadia sir.

    3. I sincerely do not think that we all condone to acts of racism here. I sincerely believe that even the Malays does not want to go through another 13 Mei.

    4. Dear JMD sir, do you think things would be different if the Chinese and Indians back then were stripped off of their identities and assimilated into one Malayan race? Would not it be better if everyone see themselves as a Malayan rather thn a Malay, a Chinese or an Indian.

    JMD : It is worth mentioning that Mustapha Hussain, one of the earliest Malay nationalist from KMM (Kesatuan Melayu Muda) back in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s proposed that all Malayans, whether they are Malays, chinese or indians are to be called ‘Melayu’ once Tanah Melayu achieved independence. Mustapha Hussain, whom RPK love to quote back then also lost by one vote to Tunku Abdul Rahman during the election to seek a replacement of Dato Onn Jaafar.

    Thank you.


  60. haha.. obviously vesewe have no regards to history whatsoever. The british kept the chinese under drug-induced “coma” for most of their rule. Perhaps s/he prefers being in a haze most of the time? No wonder it warps her/his brain (if s/he has one to begin with).

    JMD, keep on writing, mate!


  61. JMD,

    Ref. to this thadiankunda desperado,

    Same comments given by “goodman on 9th June 2009 at 3:08am” at Gomo’s ‘SURUHANJAYA REID….’

    A terribly misplaced people haunted by their past.. sampai tak tau nilai emas dan ****… hehehe

    JMD : Comments moderated with apologies. Thank you.


  62. Mr Benign Sir,

    I know you are a staunch balls carrier of JMD. I dont understand why you accused me of having no balls to rebut JMD’s contentions. I think I have been rebutting every of JMD’s contentions according to my ability.
    But if you want me to dissect the whole memorandum–then I am willing to do even though I know its a waste of time explaining to people like JMD and you–staunch balls carriers of UMNO.
    It is quite interesting that what you have suggested”Would not it be better if everyone see themselves as a Malayan rather than a Malay, a Chinese or an Indian”. Here I feel you are a true Malaysian.
    They should have followed the Indonesian system–where everybody has an Indonesian name rather a muslim name,chinese name and an hindu name.
    But then what will happen to the BUMIPUTRA status–will the discrimination still continue.


    • thadiankunda SFB,

      You freakin freak!

      Here you are with all your super racist comments and you have the audacity to label us as such.

      You’re the biggest DSAI sycophant and easily the most unpolished apple shiner for the PKR.

      Well, you can go to DSAI and tell him to get the Penang Govt to recommend a Datukship for Chin Peng. And provide a plot of land for his impending return.

      All this in appreciation and recognition of his contribution to all the killing of our army and police personnel, innocent civilians and other blood thirsty acts of his comrades at arms.

      Anyway, thank you thadiankunda Shit For Brains, for all your despicable, bigoted and convulated comments. You are a perfect personification of a PKR supporters.

      Freddie Kevin


  63. I still believe and the majority of Indians also believe that Hindraf is genuinely fighting for the Indians rights–unlike MIC–where the leaders like Samy Velu have been enriching himself at the expense of the poor Indians. So I am proud to be a Hindraf supporter.
    You always say Anwar is corrupted–but why is it strange that dictator Mahathir couldnt find any evidence to charge him in court–but found evidence that he abused his position. As for being PM of the future–he has been proving his mettle in every of the by elections till Umno chickened out in Penanti. As for ZI–I still say he is a principled man for resigning from the cosy position of minister. What about Ali Rustam and Kairy—despite being found guilty of corruption by Umno–still can be the CM dan ketua pemuda.

    As for the Singapore issue, I only retorted after reading your statement”But, the Malays are the 2nd biggest majority in the country. However, they are largely being marginalised by their very own government which I suspect, is much more comfortable with the indian community than the malay community.

    My suspicion is further accentuated by the fact that the Malays there hold only ONE cabinet portfolio eventhough they are 14% of the population. The Indians there meanwhile holds the Deputy Prime Minister post, and 3 other ministerial portfolios.

    Thus, even when the indians are only 9% of the population, they receive higher representation within the republic. In other words, Singapore do not practise the concept of fairness at all! Is this not akin to the malaysian civil service—the malays only account for about 60%(including sabah and sarawak natives) of the population but account for about 95% civil servants–this is fair from your point of view–is it. Dont you feel you are an ultra racist–poking into a neighbour’s affairs and trying to stir racial unrest.

    The Reid Comm says, in an independent Malaya, there should be no discrimination and should be accorded equal rights,privileges and opportunities irrespective of race. The constitution provides that the YDPB has the power to reserve a reasonable portion of land, posts in public service, permits to engage in business. But he also has the responsiblity to safeguard the legitimate interests of other communities. But JMD, do you honestly feel that the “reasonableness” had been adhered to.
    How many Indians get land in Felda and Risda schemes–despite they slogging in estates and finally forced to leave the estates and migrating to towns in the hope of looking for alternate jobs. But unfortunately they end up as squatters and their children are influenced into committing crimes just to feed themselves and their displaced families. In the process the corrupted polis mete out harsh punishments even to the extent of killing–Kugan is a case in point. But ironically, BN politicians–the White Collar Robbers steal in the millions and still can be considered heros and VIPs.

    You think it is so easy to sequestrate the non malays, especially the chinese wealth–I am sure they will fight till the last drop of blood.

    You are still adamant that the NEP benefitted all races–but in what way did the Indians benefit. Even they want to do business legally also denied licenses “Scrap metal businesses destroyed by ex Chief Minister the Selangor State, Khir Toyo (of UMNO)”, says Indian Scrap Metals Association Secretary, Mr. Param, a total number of 1118 (almost all Indians) scrap metal business licenses were cancelled in the last three years.

    As for slavery and sex–there must be a syndicate at work–completely protected by the corrupt polis–which in turn is protected by the Umno led govt–there are people like botak Hamid who said don’t make the polis look like villain and the villain a hero–in Kugan’s case.

    As for death in polis custody–most of the time its the Indians who appear in the news–I rarely hear other races especially Malays–eventhough the Mat Rempit murderers who are mainly malays seem to be free to commit more crimes–if only the mat rempits happened to be Indians–sorrylah, I don’t know how many Indians whould have died in polis ambushes.
    Iskandar didnt say a word about Hindraf’s leaders–Jgn fikir HINDRAF saja boleh buat demontrasi,kalau semua orang MELAYU berdemontrasi NAK SURUH SEMUA ORANG INDIA BALIK KE NEGARA INDIA apa korang nak buat?? He didnt say about expelling the Hindraf leaders but semua orang India–OK
    I am happy that at least the PR Malays–who number more than the Umno malays– and their leaders sympathise with the Indian plight–and I am sure when they form the federal govt–they will definitely help the poor Indians. It was heart warming to see Cik Gu Bard at the house of Bro Uthayakumar after his release from the Kamunting Hell.

    Hidup Hindraf dan Pakatan Rakyat.


  64. Freddie Kevin FYM,

    I know you are a BRAS, but trying to be a Melayu celop. People like you are recalcitrants always licking the balls of the Umno robbers and thieves. Every non malays know that the Umno fellows like you are the biggest bigots and racist.
    Yes I am a loyal supporter of DSAI but of course it is not necessary for me to support each and every thing he says. I am not in favour of bringing back Chin Peng. Can you ask Najib to confess that he was behind the killing of Altantuya–if not then ask him to sue the international media for splashing the Altantuya news.

    I know your brains are not at the top but at the bottom–thats why you can’t engage in rational argument–spitting vulgarism at its worst. I am proud to be associated with PKR–unlike you the staunch supporter of a party of killers,white collar robbers and racist bastards. Its actually a waste of time responding to your comments.

    Anti Umno


    • Thadiankunda,

      I am sure your house has no mirrors. Because every morning when you get up you will be afraid to look in the mirror to see a racist and bigoted monster staring at you.

      I do not lower myself to a pariah status like yourself by resorting to demeaning expletives.

      I am 150% sure that ALL of those who read your comments do so for a good laugh.

      Thank you for not responding to my comments. You would have done a very great disservice to me if you had done so.

      Oh, by the way. Are you gay?

      Freddie Kevin


      • Thadiankuda,

        To show you that I am not that bad a person. Here is a something dedicated to you in appreciation of your hero.

        A Song For Anwar Ibrahim

        (Sung to the tune of “I won’t last a day without you” by the Carpenters)

        Day after day, I must face a world of strangers (Pakatan Rakyat)
        Where I don’t belong ,I’m not that strong
        Its nice to know that there’s someone (Datin Wan Azizah) I can turn to
        Who will always care, you’re always there

        (*) when there’s no gettin over that rainbow
        When my wildest of dreams (Becoming PM) won’t come true
        I can take all the madness (PKR) the world has to give
        But I won’t last a day without you (Pakatan Rakayat)

        So many times when the city seems to be
        Without a friendly face (Tok Guru Nik Aziz), a lonely place
        Its nice to know that you’ll (Lim Kit Siang) be there if I need you
        And you’ll always smile, its all worthwhile

        Repeat (*)

        Touch me and I end up singing
        Trouble (HINDRAF) seems to up and disappear
        You (Thadiankuda) touch me with the love your’e (Thadiankuda) bringing
        I can’t really lose when you’re (Thadiankuda) near
        When you’re (Thadiankuda)near, my love

        If all my friends (Pakatan Rakyat) have forgotten half their promises they’re not unkind, just
        Hard to find
        One look at you (Karpal) and I know
        That I must learn to live without the rest
        I’ve found the best (Thadiankuda)

        Repeat (*)


  65. kunda kundi,

    Everyone knows what type of party is Umno–full of robbers,killers, racist and bigots–only people whose brains are at the bottom will support them despite knowing that they are involved in corruption in every projects undertaken by the govt.

    Wake up lah

    JMD : Here we go again.. blaming Umno filled with killers. But I guess all the 3.5 million Malays (Umno members) should not feel offended because non-Malays like you can spew hate and insult Malays whenever they feel like it. Right? Have you actually read the contents of these articles you are commenting?


  66. leematmutu,

    Its a waste of time for me dissect the memorandum–simply b’cos you will not read it rationally. I have commented on this a lot of times–you can check with JMD to refer you to the relevant comments.

    Long Live Hindraf


    • Hi Thandi,

      So you have pre-judged me as irrational even before you dissect the memorendum….

      It OK……I understand…..

      May you find your way out of the misery you are in and may the light of goodness brightened up to cast away the dark bitterness in your heart….


  67. JMD,

    As I had mentioned in an earlier comment, the Umno members are VICARIOUSLY LIABLE for allowing the polis to kill Indians in polis lock ups–the latest being a suspected thieve by the name of Prakasom–died in the Damansara lock up–he even complained to the majistrate that he has been subjected to severe beatings–despite he being a 53 old man. After 4 months what action has been taken against the killers of Kugan. The poor Indian who commits a minor crime is subjected to the harshest form of treatment to the extend of being killed. But the White Collar Robbers of the Umno/BN who sit in positions of authority–the latest being the MRR2 scandal after the PKFZ–and steal in the millions and are not even “touched” but looked upon as heros and VIPs

    Anti White Collar Robber

    JMD : See how malicious you become when you mentioned only Umno members (i.e all Malays that are members of Umno) instead of the rest of BN component party members. Umno is not the government. It is BN. And please, you cannot hold all Umno members as vicariously liable to police actions. Umno members are not employed by the government en masse. Resorting to some legal mumbo jumbo to justify your anti Malay sentiment shows how blatant your racist tendencies are.

    If that is the case, Anwar Ibrahim who was an Umno member back then can equally be held responsible to the deaths of the people in police custody prior his to sacking in 1998. Unless you are saying there were no deaths in police custody before 1998.

    So are you now going to blame Anwar for being a killer and being racist back then?

    How about the accusation of corruption within Selangor government? Does the whole PR now be liable for corruption?

    I guess since PAS members who were part of Al Maunah militant group had killed two security forces personnels – Truper Matthews anak Medan and Corporal R. Sanghadevan, in the Sauk incident, the whole Pakatan Rakyat members now are liable as killers too? Not to mention their involvement in Kumpulan Militan Malaysia. Can you be liable for robbing and killing too?

    I am sorry to hear that there is one commentator like you (and a few others) who has nothing better to do than to hate anything that is Malay in this country. Are you sure this kind of attitude will bring votes from the Malays? I doubt it. It will bring disgust instead of votes.

    I wish you will achieve some inner peace in this life.

    By the way, as for the police mistake, I believe Musa Hassan should just resign over this case as he had given assurances that this will never happen again.

    I remember I wrote about him needed to be demoted here. As I recalled I specifically said – The matter could have been done in a more friendly and proper way. Syed Hamid Albar needs to resign for the lack of tact and subtlety. Musa Hassan should be demoted to become a constable in the process.

    But now I think he had gone beyond his usefulness. Thank you.

    P.S: Who in the right mind are looking at the people implicated in the MRR2 scandals as heroes? Have you taken your medicine today? 🙂


  68. Conscientious guys and girls, I hope all of you will keep your comments on topic. If nobody pays attention to abangcina and the likes, it’s victory for the moral and rational majority. Abangcina and the likes cannot survive without an audience. So let us ignore the illogicals and irrationals commenting here, and elsewhere.

    To a clear mind. To peace. To prosperity.


  69. Freddi Kevin,

    Since you want to know wether I am gay or a real man–why not you let me shaft my hard rod into your wife,sister or daughter to prove that I am a real man.

    JMD : You guys… tsk tsk tsk. Please do not be naughty to each other. C’mon… lets go for a group hug.


      • JMD,

        I think, if to talk about harmony, u shouldn’t publish this thandian comments at first place, it’s really disrespectful to other readers…

        Now, it’s really confusing, should the blame go to Thandian or JMD, ehh?

        JMD : I find it rather perplexing whenever people would accuse me of not publishing their comments here. I have never done that before, unless of course, your comments are nothing but vulgar words or filled with incoherent diatribe about something we do not understand. Abangcina’s comments are borderline unintelligible but I still approve it because readers will know that there are these kind of people out there writing hateful comments all the time. I am proud to note that the majority of us are matured enough not to be overwhelmingly slighted. If you feel extremely offended, then the fault is entirely my own (for being over indulgent towards these pathetic commentators).

        Thadiankunda’s comments are okay by my standards and I had fun discussing them. I am sure many people find his comments and my replies especially beneficial for them. Anyway, if any comments get personal or the comments may cause further friction with other commentators, I have to put some word of caution. Blogging and commenting in blogs should be a light and easy kind of experience. We try to discuss things civilly here; gain some knowledge; teach other people the knowledge that we have etc. People should not take things too personal and certainly people should not get too personal.

        Thank you.


        • Huem…

          “People should not take things too personal and certainly people should not get too personal”

          If the Malays comprehend your “Great” phrase, I bet May 13th should have never occurred eh??

          JMD : I was talking in the context of blogging and commenting in this particular blog lah Emma, while you were betting on something that was real. Plus, if the racist non-Malays back in 1969 understood this so called Great phrase of mine, they too should not have demonstrated the way they did eh?? Thank you for the comments.


  70. Salam JMD,

    Kali pertama saya memberi komen,walaupun dah lama ikut blog ni..

    Sebenarnya,dah lama persoalan ini timbul,tapi rasanya macam tidak penting.

    Jadi saya nak tanya juga,seperti yang diketahui,lim kit siang terlibat dalam perarakan tersebut.

    Bila rusuhan kaum tercetus,lim kit siang p mana?sembunyi dalam jamban dengan telur yang kecut?sembunyi bawah katil sambil terkencing-kencing?atau lari ke tempat lain macam pondan?

    JMD : Hanya LKS yang boleh menjawabnya. Akan tetapi kemungkinan besar ada juga rekod-rekod lama yang tersimpan di dalam Kementerian Dalam Negeri yang ada menceritakan mengenai pergerakan ahli-ahli politik termasuk LKS ketika itu. Terima kasih.


  71. Emma49,

    In what way are my comments disrespectful to the readers–is it my reply to Freddie Kevin who implied that I am a gay–if not can you pls point out my comments which are disrespectful to the readers. Of course when differences of opinion are expressed–some form of hurt feelings do occur–but that are all in the game of blogging. I presume other than Freddie’s I have not used any vulgar language.
    In fact I take my hats off to JMD for saying–“Thadiankunda’s comments are okay by my standards and I had fun discussing them”.
    To be frank I always enjoy reading JMD’s articles which are well researched comparatively–only thing we might have differences of opinion purely influenced by racial and leaders sentiments. I am attracted by his command of the English language–which also improves my command of English in the process of reading his articles. Finally not forgetting his COOL and COMPOSED stature in replying to his critics.

    Keep Up Your Good Work JMD

    JMD : Whoa! Who are you and what happened to Thadiankunda?! Okay kidding 🙂 Thank you for the kind remarks. Always a pleasure.


  72. huemm…
    kejap okeyyy.. kejap tak okeyy…
    But still, for my role as peace-agent…I think u guys do owe me a teh tarik… (Or transformer tickets…)
    Hahaha… Just kidding =D


  73. Hi JMD,

    Love ur articles and comments. And here are my comments;-

    I make frenz to all races and i’m proud to be a Malay and a Muslim. What i would like to stress here is..everyone have a racism spirit in their soul and so do i. I hate everybody however i learn how to work and live as one with others. I believed that is what thadian should do- LEARN TO WORK WITH OTHERS. Together as one, we work together bring up our own country to the top bcos we will get the benefit not the others. WE is mean malays, chinese, indians and anybody who have ic. Pls people put away your ur different ideology of political thinking cos it will ruin the harmony among us.
    About Chin Peng matter- I really hate communist cos my grandfather life was took away by them. Yes..communist is just an ideology but the way they spread the idea not in proper way. Why they should declare war against goverment and people who disagreed with them. They should spread their ideology by their words of wisdom if they have one not by guns and fist. About Hindraf- why we need power from others to ruling our own country? Why seeking help from other country? If u think u are right in tht matter so what are u waiting for spread ur words wisely and in a proper manner, if u win the election then the others should follow. But ur wisdom words should not be in a racist way. Eventhough by spreading the racial hatred in your speech could easily bring you more voters.

    i used to be a Nazi’s followers before. When i read Mein Kampf then i realized why i should hate my own people, my own frenz and especially my country just becos we have a different political thinking. Hitler love his country, people and country so much. so WHY CAN’T WE?

    To end my comments, pls forgive me if i’m wrong. I really, really, really hope Malaysian can be as one someday and the 13th May will not be happen again. I don’t accused any politic party doing wrong cos they all make mistake. UMNO, GERAKAN, DAP, PKR, PAS all of them cos this is becos we hunger for the power, money and fame. They all human so they had or will make mistake.

    ” If the kids are united they will never be divided” ( a song from Sham 69)



  74. Thank you for the very enlightening article. You are as good as KijangMas. I hope there are more like the both of you contributing excellent pieces such as this and be read by all Malaysian.


  75. Mengikut arwah ayah saya punca tercetusnya pergaduhan 13 mei adalah akibat hasutan dato harun yang telah mengapi-apikan lagi kemarahan orang2 melayu yg berkumpul di halaman rumahnya.Arwah ayah mengikuti rombongan pemuda2 umno dari sepang dalam bas yang telah disewa khas.kebanyakan pemuda membawa senjata tajam kerana telah diarahkan berbuat demikian.Itulah perkara sebenarnya…


  76. Mr Reduan,
    I think it is common knowledge that Haron had a role in instigating the May 13 riots;even Tun Dr Ismail wanted Haron arrested after he had rejoined the cabinet,eventually the matter was hushed-up and Haron walked away a free man.

    The perpetrators were believed to be military personel who were disguised as civillians,at the time they were many army personel who were residing in and around Kg.Baru.


  77. Actually the Tunku was against the “victory” procession,but the permission was granted by the then Home Minister and also the then Menteri Besar who both felt that permission should be given, knowing fully well of the consequences.Tunku never defended his earlier version that the communist started the riots:because they never did.

    The killings were started by the Malays:Ahmad Mustapha Hassan even wrote this in his book,’Unmaking of Malaysia’.He further stated that a crazy mob had taken over,weapons and headbands were distributed.

    Where did all the weapons come from?It was all premeditated.But we do not know exactly why.As the weapons were hidden in the MB’s house,it is only logical to surmise he had a hand in it.

    I leave it to my intelligent Malaysians to figure it out for themselves.


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