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May 13th 1969 – The Correct View (intermission)

I have decided to write and publish this article before we continue to the last part. This can be considered as ironing out emotional issues pertaining the previous two articles.

But first and foremost, I thank everyone who had taken the time to read those articles and I appreciate the fact that you had put extra effort in writing your views on the matter. I am also gratified that some of the commentators had put on their thinking caps and chipped in their arguments in a civilised discourse.

Many had rebutted each other’s comments and I feel that in the end, common sense should prevail. I have always thought that this blog aspire to be a role model in encouraging an intelligent and civil discussion. Discussions that will add to our benefit.

On the contrary, discussions that are laden with over powering prejudice and hate will not contribute to our cumulative knowledge. It distracts you, and ridicule your decision-making prowess.

However, I am sad that there are at least one-third of the commentators had resorted to be emotional in commenting. Some had warned me for publishing the pictures as they say I will incite hatred among the Malays towards the chinese.

I find this paradoxically challenging but nevertheless very much enthusiastic to say that this very opinion solidified some of my arguments that hateful and racist demonstrations that had happened during that time were indeed one of the contributing factor of the whole incident.

If you are worried that the pictures will incite hatred, then I have to say that if mere pictures could incite hatred, then imagine how the Malays had felt watching those demonstrations in the flesh. In a way, that opinion is also acknowledging the fact that the opposition back then were stupid to do those kind of things.

The pictures were not doctored or superimposed version of what had happened. They were the pictures taken during the sad episode of our history.

Mind you, May 13 is not the only tragic episode of our colourful past. We had so many tragic events that laced our history.

I am quite perplexed with the many misguided comments in the last two articles. The whole gamut of reaction ranged from people chastising me as generalising the chinese; all the way to the extent of degrading these articles as trying to fulfil Umno’s agenda.

My friends, never in my articles that I blamed the whole chinese citizens of this country during the 1969 episode. If you feel that you are one of the ‘extremists’, the ‘communists’ or the ‘chauvinists’ and feel disgusted with me pointing out the behaviours of the hooligans back then, I must say, shame on you. Bear in mind, I have not come to the part of the Malays retaliating yet. I do not condone killings nor do I condone vile racial insults. But the former did not happen without the latter. And that is a fact.

I was really disheartened when one of the commentator said that there is nothing wrong for the victors to celebrate their victory. I find it terribly wrong for this to even be uttered by a person that has been a Malaysian all his (her) life. It is as if he (she) had been living in a vacuum and had the unfortunate fate of not knowing what is in history.

This is one of the very thing I tried to point out. History should be learned in totality. Not just to look at it from a book that had omitted several crucial facts.

Coming back to this opinion that there is nothing wrong to celebrate, the obvious answer is yes, there is nothing wrong at all. But to celebrate it by insulting the Malays, chanting hateful and obscene words were not only racially distasteful, it is illegal everywhere else in the world.

Martin Luther King made anti Black movements illegal back in United States in the 60’s. But here, some lost souls think that the act of committing all these hate crimes by the demonstrators in the funeral procession and victory parade are ALLOWABLE? Are they bereft of their senses? If calling an afro american a ‘negro’ is  considered offensive, what more calling the whole Malay race as ‘babi’ and other repugnant names? How more racist do you want to be?

To show how hypocritical the foreign correspondents were during the outbreak of hate filled demonstrations and victory parades, they issued articles claiming that democracy is alive in Malaysia. Kua Kia Soong wrote in his book (pg 42);

“On the night of 11th and 12th May, the Opposition celebrated their victory. In particular, a large Gerakan procession welcomed the left wing Gerakan leader V. David back from winning the federal seat in Penang.

Foreign correspondents in Kuala Lumpur who observed the elections filled dispatches praising the Malaysian democratic process and predicting five years of peace, prosperity and more efficient government.”

Imagine if it was in America, and instead of those chauvinist chinese, it was thousands of racist White American who had hold such demonstrations and calling names to the black community there.

Imagine what would have happened.

And yet, Kua Kia Soong, with his insipid references of hypocritical foreign news was trying his best to deflect what is a known fact and blame it to other people in its entirety!

And what is this fact?

Let me describe further.

Kua Kia Soong, in his book stated that (in pg. 39):

“The state’s racially discriminatory policies only served to create further divisions among the people and the 1969 election results clearly reflected this growing polarisation”

This is akin as saying that the Alliance is racist (Much like how the Pakatan is calling BN as racist). Kua Kia Soong’s constant underlying principle is that the BN especially Umno are all racist in nature.

He stated that the opposition during that time (and till this day) were multi racial and wanted to break up communal politics. In my mind, Kua Kia Soong is a delusional writer.

His hate towards the Malays are so great he could not even see the truth. Instead he turned a blind eye towards his own parties’ racist tendencies. How so?

Well, right after the 1969 elections, the purported ‘multi racial’ chinese based opposition parties were the ones shouting racist slurs and verbal diatribe of extreme insults to the Malays!

Was that the mark of non racist political party? You had just won several seats more in a general election and the first thing that came to mind was to unceremoniously tell the Malays to their faces that they need to pack up and stay in the jungles?

Is this a mark of a non-racist multi racial political party Dr Kua Kia Soong? What do you, dear readers think?

Yes, you missed this pertinent fact because in his book, he did not say all these. In fact, he tried to accuse the Alliance as racist instead! Hello!

Whenever BN won big in general elections, did Umno hold rallies to kick out the chinese? When MCA won big in 1999 or in 1990, did they tried to kick out the Malays?

Since the first general elections of 1955, have the Alliance or the BN acted like racist animals during their victory celebrations?

Now, I know the truth hurts, especially among the racist amongst us. But this is all in our history books. That is why when people like Kua Kia Soong was trying so hard to paint a different picture through his own historical revision, I find it is imperative to straighten this out.

Some even said that there is nothing wrong having a communist idealogy. Let me once and for all say this. Communism is banned here in Malaysia (and 95% of the countries around the world). What more with the fact that communists had committed many atrocities against our own people. Thousands had died from their hands through terrified means. If people are condoning this type of movement, then sorry to say, I fear for the opposition parties who had been infiltrated by communist elements.

Anyway, what happened has happened. We just have to accept it as it is. So that our younger generation can realise that freedom of speech is dangerous without a sense of responsibility. That is why the commentator whom had said that there is nothing wrong for the DAP and Gerakan supporters to celebrate their victory back then was greatly misguided. He (she) should know by now that freedom of speech ala Western culture only applies as to when it is beneficial to them.

Therefore, I find it disgusting for Kua Kia Soong to rely only on foreign correspondents to justify his subversive racism. For instance, he said on page 38;

The important thing to note is that despite the election results, there was absolutely no reason for any spontaneous outbreak of communal rioting as a result of the elections. This was observed by FEER correspondent T.G McGee:

On the face of it, the results of the 1969 election should not have provided a catalyst for the communal rioting which ensued. True, MCA had lost some support of the majority of Chinese. True, Umno had lost some support among the Malays. But these trends should merely have served as indicators to the Alliance Party of the inadequacy of its policies for building a multi racial society. They need not be interpreted as an irrevocable disenchantment with the Alliance Party or the successful manoeuvring of another party or parties to overthrow the existing Government.”

Kua Kia Soong postulated that based only on this report by this foreign journalist, there was nothing wrong being committed by the opposition parties and the riot on May 13th was unprovoked and spontaneous!

Plus, this journalist said that the peaceful balance of social harmony conceptualised under the Alliance was inadequate. I would love to tell this T.G. McGee that the threat of this successful multi racial concept of the Alliance came from the racist Labour Party, DAP and Gerakan! They threw insults to Alliance using racial propaganda and got the citizens all riled up! Why? So that they can topple the government!

To me, either the foreign journalist was blind, or could not relate what the chauvinistic mobs were shouting, or having an ulterior agenda to weaken the government further. Subsequently, Kua Kia Soong picked this news and opined that it was the Alliance who were racist. And not only that, please be aware that those racist mobs back then did not insult Umno. From eye witnesses and verified reports written in Tunku’s and other books I stated earlier, these people insulted the whole Malay race!

And today, Kua Kia Soong is writing this twisted side of history in his book so that people including you and me will believe that this propaganda of his is the true story. And if there are readers out there try to rebut this logic, then I am sure there are indeed hatemongers living among us.

Dear readers, I am rebutting his book using facts from books he himself had used to strengthen his hypothesis. I am not creating new theories. I am presenting the facts as what had happened. In fact, readers should have known that from the weaknesses in his statements that I exposed during the first two articles, he made a disservice to himself and to the credibility of his book.

For how could you say one thing and then provide a flimsy evidence that did not conform  and substantiate  with what you said in the first place? Surely it does not make any sense.

Please know that there are elements in Malaysia that tries to disrupt the social harmony in Malaysia using this racist tactic of deflection. Honestly, this book is one of them. Anyone by now should know that after reading this book, it’s only purpose is to create anger among the chinese towards the Malays and its leadership. This book is to instill the loathing towards the Malays via telling lies that the mass killings of Malays and chinese started by Umno and it was an unprovoked attack by a racist governing party.

In the end, the young generation will grow up hating not only BN, but importantly, Umno and Malays as well. This organised strategy of weakening the Malays were carefully meted out using subversive and untruth elements disguised as freedom of speech and anti racism.

In 2007, after Kua Kia Soong successfully launched a book which had ultimately condemned Tun Abdul Razak and all the Malays as chinese killers while at the same time paint a different story that all the opposition supporters back then were peaceful and innocent, Hindraf came out with their lies to create anger among the Indians towards the Malays.

Their memorandum was intentionally done to arouse this anger. The word government will be preceded with the word ‘Malay’ or ‘Umno’ everytime it appears. For instance, Malay government practises ‘ethnic cleansing’ of indians in Malaysia.

We know that this is not true. But adding the specific connotation that it was all the Malays’ fault will have the desired effect of arising suspicion and hate by the indians towards Malays and BN in general. It is statistically impossible to have any ethnic cleansing of indians in Malaysia since the number of indian population in this country is steadily rising every year!

It is an enough statistical evidence to expunge what Hindraf is accusing. But even highly intellectual people like doctors, engineers and lawyers believe this impossibility.

Now, these racist elements had achieved the success of getting the chinese (via Kua Kia Soong’s book) and the indians (via Hindraf) to revolt against the BN. How could people be so blind? But of course, whenever the Malays or Umno try to defend themselves, they are labeled as racists while the real propagators of racism are deemed as saints.

I conclude with the fact that history belongs to all of us. It does not belong to Umno, DAP, Kua Kia Soong or the Hindraf. It belongs to all Malaysians.

For better or for worse, it is part of us. Whether the history showed us the glorious and the best of our achievements, or our darkest deeds and shameful acts, it is OUR OWN history. We must embrace it, learn from it and make the best out of it. Do not let other foreigners or other non patriotic people to change it, twist it or tell us otherwise. Our history is our own.

We all know that this blotch of our history was forgiven by both sides of the aggrieved parties. The outcome of the riots made us stronger and unified us to achieve even greater feats than before.

These few articles of mine merely wanting to set right on what were wronged. Thank you.


100 thoughts on “May 13th 1969 – The Correct View (intermission)

  1. Dear Brother JMD

    Keep on Writing brother. May be you are trying to avert another May 13. As a blogger I am sure you can feel the hatred is brewing in the cyber space. More people have access to computers. I believe you are worried about their ultimate response.



  2. Dear JMD,

    There are so many events/aspects of our recent history that have not been ‘exposed’ or become public knowledge or that have been purposely ignored, so much so we have people accusing Malays of deliberate discrimination against other ethnic groups in this country.

    It is good that you are speaking out; people will know where Malays – or those Malays who know and understand our history as opposed to those Malays who want to be fashionable and deny that history – stand. It is a mistake to tar the Malays as racists while ignoring what Malays perceive or even believe as racist tendencies amongs the other communities. Maybe if we all make an honest effort to be truthful and communicate rationally, something positive will come out of this.

    I am impatient and want things to come out into the open as quickly as possible so that we can all come to an understanding about our own fallabilities. Malays are not all as stupid and lazy as some people would want to make that out. And that we dont deserve a place equal to others in this country by default.

    So please JMD, hurry up with your other instalments.


  3. JMD,

    Agree with your line of thought. The Malays are “racist” while the Non Malays are “non Racist”;

    “The Racist Malays”
    1. Allow more than 1 million non Malays to become citizen of Malaysia in 1957
    2.Allow the non Malays to open up the vernacular schools while other countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore prevented such schools.
    3. Allow the Non Malays to practise their own religion and allow temples and churches to be built
    4.without fail since 1957, elected non Malays in a Malay majority areas and without fail shared powers with the non Malays

    “The Non Racist Non Malays”
    1. In power after the second world war 2 , the Bintang 3 communists slaughtered hundreds of Malays
    2. In 1969, after winning few extra seats dare to insults the Malays
    3. In 1969, even without NEP has challenged the Malay special right
    4.Fight only for the Chinese Right


    • Dear Orang kampong,

      What you have written is so true. It is time for us to look out for ourselves. PAS and UMNO must work togather. In areas where Majority wants PAS to represent them let it be. UMNO must not contest. At the same time in areas where the Majority wants UMNO to represent them, PAS should not contest. How do they decide the “majority” before the election is done. Muzakarah! berbinchang, bebual mesra sebagai satu keturunan. Buat permulaan Di masjid, bersalam-salamam. Keluakan air mata kesyukuran.

      The majority of nonmalays in BN do not want UMNO to be close to PAS and the majority of non malays in PR do not want PAS to be close to UMNO. we are dancing to their tune. Shall we stop or shall continue dancing.

      Look at the case in Peark. Where else the solution is there. PAS can walk out of this loose pakatan. Join up with UMNO. Malay can run the Goverment of Perak for ever, for Ugama, Bangsa dan Negara. Perak People can go on with their lives. MB from PAS, UMNO? It does not matter. As long as there is moderation in all decision and action.

      Pada zahirnya, Kerajaan akan terdiri dari orang Melayu dan Bumiputra serta pembangkan terdiri dari bukan Melayu, di bumi Nusantara. Sumbang? Or put back the old picture so that some people will pat us on the back like a good pet.

      Sekarang saya faham sedikit sebanyak kemarahan orang PAS terhadap UMNO dimasa ini. Stretegi UMNO, di bantu oleh BN, adalah hendak manghancurkan PAS. Ini membuat PAS lebih extreme. Mereka terpaksa membuat tindakkan luar sedikit dari landasan perjuangan,demi perjuangan mereka. UMNO akan “swoop in” ambil kesempatan dan kuncu-kuncu mereka memperbesarkannya dalam surakkhabar akan “kesalahan” ini. Memalukan PAS. Malu yes,tetapi adakah Pas tumbang? Adakah penyokong nya lari? Nampaknya tidak. malah makin marah.
      UMNO menang sorok. 1-0 UMNO.

      Sebenarnya UMNO lah yang menunjuk jalan untuk bersenkongkol dengan orang china. 50 tahun lebih kesemuanya. Sekarang apa sudah jadi? DAP mangkin angkuh. MCA makin hancur.Sekarang PAS juga ikut bersekongkol demi untuk kepentingan politik mereka.
      Jalan ini jalah salah.

      Padahal boleh kah orang china dipercayai? Lihat lah diPerak. Hanya satu kerusi dari bangsa cina untuk BN.
      Orang-orang cina nampak sahaja tak sehaluan. Tubuh bemacan-macam parti. Tetapi tujuanya sama. Apa tujuan mereka? Jawabpannya ada dimana-mana:buka mata,buka telinga dan buka hati, carilah.

      Semoga akhir-akhirnya kita akan sedar bahawa perjuangan kita adalah sama.Ya itu untuk Ugama, Bangsa dan Negara tercinta ini. Our true power is not through destruction but through the rule of law. The power is on our side but only if we are united. We must never let incident like May thirteen happen again.

      Saya bukan ahli UMNO atau ahli PAS. Saya Melayu yang amat sayang dan kasih akan Negara tercinta ini

      Melayu bersatu.



    • Kerana kalau ngak begitu macam, hari ini Malaysia tu dah ditelan Sukarno. Semenanjung Malaysia tu provinsi Raja Jawa wes!


  4. I envy a person who could write so calmly on sensitive issues and remain positive despite knowing there are elements out there that try to agitate our peaceful land.

    We are not perfect but peaceful we are.

    Im afraid the sole purpose of current political movement is to “hancurkan BN durjana” (I borrow this word fron Nik Aziz’s son) not to find peaceful solution or to make right things that are wrong. As long as BN is gone, people don’t mind having communist, fundamentalist, Taliban or socialist rule this country.

    JMD, will people out there …listen to you?

    To Anwar: are you happy now? Bila nak bertaubat?
    To Nik Aziz: Islam untuk satukan umah bukan hancurkan umah…ingatlah Allah bukan berpolitik sahaja.
    To Raja Petra: you opened the gate for Malay/muslim/umno bashing……with lies..and more lies…will you ever stop?


  5. Dear Bro JMD,

    Be fearless in upholding the truth. If we’re honest enough with ourselves, there’s actually no real integration between all races in the country. May 13 has not changed the racist opposition parties like DAP. Some Indian & Chinese of this beloved country are ungrateful of the kindness shown by the Malays. Many of them are against one school system & have no respect of our national language & yet they claimed to be strong advocates of Malaysian Malaysia! However, there are also fools amongst Malays who just blatantly refused to form any alliance with UMNO but bedfellows with DAP…. anti-Malays & Islam!

    Your articles on May 13 are very important to counter any efforts by irresponsible persons like KKS who obviously hates Malays to the bones! Wang Pa Tan! Chow Chi Tan!



    • Of course we are angry because they used guns to shoot us! They called us communists but how come we’ve no gun leh?


  6. I would much rather read a rational presentation of facts than a rebuttal. A rebuttal would be more palatable than a quarrel. A quarrel sometimes (rarely) reveals some useful information. I don’t want to read anybody’s propaganda, no matter whether their views are aligned with mine or not. It’s not easy to talk reasonably in the face of insults, and I think the strain is starting to show in your writing.

    A ‘correct’ view of May 13 is a major undertaking – perhaps you ought to take it more slowly and give yourself time to cool down? A ‘correct’ view of May 13 is that it is an episode in history with facts and viewpoints. I don’t doubt previous authors have made an unintentional or even malicious mess of their attempts. If authors are stupid or malicious, but not actually criminal, the right thing to do is to a) not buy their books b) dissuade others from buying their books c) write good critical articles pointing out why the author is so bad d) write a better book.

    The previous 2 instalments were worth reading. Thanks for writing them. History doesn’t belong to anyone. You can own the present for a while, but history owns everyone in the end.

    JMD : Thank you for reading this article. I do not understand what you are trying to say when you said – “It’s not easy to talk reasonably in the face of insults, and I think the strain is starting to show in your writing”.

    I have faced much worse insults than this time especially everytime I talk about Anwar. This time around, the insults are directed to myself but not to the substance of the article. To me, that is a very good sign as those who felt the heat, could not substantiate their comments with real facts to rebut my criticism of Kua Kia Soong’s book.

    By the way, this article presented facts to rebut his book. From the point a) to d) you gave, I’m sure I fall somewhere in there. Again, thank you for visiting this blog. My pleasure really.


  7. there are out there people who are not really mischevious but actually truly evil. wedging between the people hatred and jelousy, proclaiming that the masses are now smart, clever and so forth. Just as I always say, just like Nujum Pak Belalang tells the Tuanku, kalau Tuanku tak nampak? ANd so the people who believe the man believe they are clever, smart and so on.


  8. JMD,

    An excellent overview of the whole episode. Waiting for the 3rd Chapter.

    Your comments on the commentators are apt. This is the fallacy of the new media and how these intelligent racist use them to their advantage.

    As you are aware, I have written comprehensively on racist group Hindraf and my personal interaction with indian Malaysian friends and even close relatives on the ‘Hindraf’ has proven that it’s easy to brain wash people with anything negative although some of them have benifitted directly and indirectly from the ‘Islamic millitants’ UMNO’. These hypocrites thrive on negativity and buys whatever sold to them by pasar malam medicine sellers from the opposition without thinking.

    Sad to say, Malaysian has lost their inquiring mind, they continuously fail to seek facts before believing in anything that is thrown at them.

    I have virtually given up on Indians, who are becoming more racist by the day. The Tamil newspapers has gone to the dogs. these papers are working overtime to further divide Indians and also distancing indians from the rest. They appear to potray that they are operating in India. If I am the home minister, i will shut all of them.

    I certainly value your posting. You are right, History belongs to us, right or wrong, good or bad. All races may feel slighted or bad due to the actions of their forefathers, but these are lessons that we should comprehend in order for us not to repeat it.

    These are lessons that should tell all of us malaysians, what we should and should not do in pursue of Malaysian unity, unfortunately, some found it fit to be twisted to their advantage and to further their agenda.



  9. Dear JMD

    When I write I guess I will be biased. As a son of a retired Batallion Commander in the 70s I saw my dad’s soldiers in various stages of their lives. As a child I saw someone whole and later lost limbs. I also saw people who were alive the day before and dead the days after. Many of my dad’s troops died fighting the scourge of communism. Many Malaysians still do not know that because many incidences are still classified. And many do not know that the fight even continued into the 80s. Not only my dad’s troops but other troops died lost limbs. Even I almost lost my dad twice to rocket fire and grenade launchers. Alhamdullillah he is alive and kicking a very sprightly man indeed. But many others like me was not as lucky.

    In 1969 it was just about 9 years after the official end of the emergency. But the communist insurgency did not end. It continued into the 70s and 80s. When the procession happened it was just but another event that triggered the violent response. It was suspected that the communist or socialist elements infiltrated various ranks in some political party and labour unions. Hence the Hartal in Penang.

    The possibilities were endless. It may have just been the opposition. But it also could be communist infiltrated opposition. It was 1969 but it was but 20 or so years after the end of the Second World War. The atrocities committed by Bintang 3, MPAJA etc is still fresh in the mind of the Malays. When the procession happened and in some spots turned violent, memories returned hauntingly to the days of post Second World War and the actions seems eerily similar to the demands of the communists in wanting to turn Malaya into a People’s Republic.

    So with this in mind the Malays reacted. Who is right and who is wrong? Nobody really know but to decipher and consider situation in the 60s and 70s with 21st century eyes? It is so wrong. But let me tell you something. Before and after May 13 race relations have always been way better than it is now. Now? The irresponsible politicians cause things to deteriorate to such a state that we now view each other suspiciously.

    Pre May 13 1969? Government recruitments, scholarships, businesses etc were all based on meritocracy and it still happened, the non Malays were still unhappy. Now? Post NEP, NDP etc and all other form of accusations …the situation seemed to be even more explosive…I shudder at the thought….

    The difference than and now? Seriously I do not know. Because of these *bleep* politicians we can hardly have a conversation between Malays and non Malays anymore. Always some form of suspicion…one way or the other. For some reason we tend to believe in these politicians more compared to the friend that have been part of our childhood.

    Sometimes it is amazing when we see the people complaining about how much they have been discriminated upon and yet having bungalows and luxury cars driven by Malay drivers.

    I have always said that on hindsight we are always blooming geniuses but what would we have done if we were in their shoes right at that moment. How would we have reacted? Put us in their shoes? We can analyse and scrutinise to death but we will never know how it felt when on one side feeling down trodden and suddenly being topdog and on the other side being threatened and humiliated when once you were topdog for getting the Independence. That is the unfortunate truth.

    Have a good weekend JMD. Not been writing much cause not too pleased with present developments.

    JMD : Have a good weekend to you too. Thank you.


    • I’m sure there is nothing wrong that non-Malays want to work hard, and Malays just want to be a driver and good muslim!


  10. Dear Brother JMD,

    I hope you can book all these articles on May 13. We should not allow Dr Kua’s book to be taken as the gospel truth by the young and future generation of this county and the world. I have always believed that this Dr is a chauvinist. So is DAP. Thank you very much for the good arguments and responses.


  11. Salaamualaik,

    As long as you write the facts, with authorized reliable sources and providing beneficial arguments, I will keep reading your writings.

    Keep up the good work and may god bless you with good faith, good health, wealth, and happiness. So does to us all the readers.



  12. Some tangential (perhaps petty) points:

    Martin Luther King, Jr. did NOT make anti-Black movements illegal. He did not make anything illegal, since he was never a legislator. And to make “movements” illegal contradicts US freedoms. What he did was compelled legislators to get rid of legislation that directly espoused inequality.

    People still do call blacks “niggers” in public. Just google the word and you’ll see. When someone white does use the word, or when the KKK holds PUBLIC meetings, the blacks rarely hit the streets in massive riots (even the LA riot was triggered by a black man being beaten up by the police, and even then one can say the reaction was not justified)

    Therefore your use of this case as a comparison is invalid.

    As I’ve said again, I disagree with your view on freedom of speech. We cannot impose our views on what can and cannot be said on other individuals. but what we CAN impose is restraint on OURSELVES.

    OTHERS can say what they want, but it is how we react to them that is important. Violence is ever justified, especially emotionally triggered ones.

    Now, I do not attempt to defend Chinese chauvinists. I detest these groups, even those with whom I attended Chinese school with. But I do not defend those who use violence as a recourse against non-physical offense.

    Ethnic tension is rarely ever one-sided.


    JMD : In the US, there are legislation to deter hate crimes. Martin Luther King Jr, created the awareness that hate crimes against blacks is against their civil rights. There, it is wrong to spew hate be it against race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, disability etc. You will be libel to litigation if you persist. In this context, there is no such thing as freedom of speech there. You cannot simply insult people and get away with it.

    KKK is reduced to become a spent force because people like MLK Jr and Rosa Parks made it so. KKK now is considered a joke because the people are protected with Hate Crime Prevention Act. Perhaps you were not clear with what I said in the article. That is why you write this particular comment.

    The fact that there was a massive riot in LA because of some racial issue shows that how fragile and dangerous racial harmony and racial provocation respectively.

    You say freedom of speech is priority. More important than dignity of the aggrieved party even. If that is the case, why was there so much noise when Ahmad Ismail said the word ‘pendatang’ back then? Was that not his right for freedom of speech? The word ‘pendatang’ is considered milder than all the things that was said by the chauvinists mobs back then (please refer to the fisrt two articles). Now, some people even wanted Ahmad Ismail to be jailed in Kamunting for less than that.

    It works both ways. Freedom of speech is dangerous should it be unhindered by the laws. Laws are to protect both sides of the party. One, it deters people from getting beaten up for insulting another; two, it deter people from beating up other people after being insulted.

    You can’t be serious in proclaiming that people can say just about anything, These people have no responsibility. The sole responsibility only applies to the people that became the target of that free speech (insults, slander etc). Thank you. Now you really know why ethnic tension is never one sided.


    • You can call us ‘pendatang’ provided you don’t try to excuse yourselves to impose barriers on us to achieve glory for Malaysia!


  13. And to your question: “Since the first general elections of 1955, have the Alliance or the BN acted like racist animals during their victory celebrations?”

    The answer is YES.

    I was there in the early days of UMNO victories in Sabah. If you were there, then perhaps you would come to the realisation that you can never blame one side completely.
    Ethnic tension is rarely ever one-sided.

    I hope my comments gets published this time.

    JMD : When did I ever withheld your comments? Please do not lie. Plus, you mean to say, there was a time in Sabah back in 1995, 1999 and 2004, when Umno won any of the state seats, they took to the streets and began to chant racist slurs and want to kick out all the non Malays out from Sabah? Please be more responsible in your comments. Substantiate them with proof.

    Or else, please do not lie one after the other. If you cannot accept the facts I put through that the DAP and Gerakan and Labour Party supporters at that time (1969) were indeed a bunch of racist hooligans, please do not resort to lying. Defending racist people through this method would only prove that you are one of them, which I am sure you are not. Right? Thank you.


  14. Dear JMD,

    If what you have evidenced was not true, that the communist agitated opposition victory celebrations were the main contributary cause, why then did the DAP instruct their supporters not to go overboard in their capture of Penang and other election gains?

    Henry Ford had forewarned about the calamity that might befall the Jews in Germany twenty years before it happened, The International Jew.

    My point is we must learn from our mistakes in the past for the betterment of the future.



    • Communist is obsolete but some Malays try to revive it as an excuse to trample non-Malays…….Hindraf maybe a good thing after all.


  15. Just my parting words on May 13.

    Just remember this,

    those who were participant in the May 13 trajedy,

    that is those goons who acted like beruks who went and insulted the people at Dato Keramat

    and those who pour forth from the surrounding kampung and slaughtered innocent men women and children,

    those in power whether by design and or omission allowed the trajedy to happen,

    those self serving communal politicians from both sides of the fence who fan the fire of violence,

    as well as the direct victims of the trajedy,

    are either already 6 feet under the ground, cremated or are on their way there in a couple of years,

    I am not going to point a finger on those who are still alive and were too young to do anything at that time or those who werent even born and hold them to account of what their fathers, grandfathers, uncles or grand uncles or their mothers and grand mothers did to my grand mother, grand father or uncles.

    For they have no part in it and they didnt do anything to me.

    So as let us bury May 13 to the dust bin of history, no point finding who reponsible as most of whom have already met their maker and most Malaysian today werent even born then and most Malaysian were not the direct physical victims of the violence.

    Let us move on and tell our government to bury it and not to use it to scare us.

    JMD : I am glad you now understand that the May 13 riots did not happen simultaneously like what Kua Kia Soong would like us to believe. Thank you.


  16. Now, these racist elements had achieved the success of getting the chinese (via Kua Kia Soong’s book) and the indians (via Hindraf) to revolt against the BN.


    JMB, you being a Malay may not comprehend what the less fortunate of the non Malays experience . Hasn’t the non Malays been the strong supporters of Umno/BN all these while ?. What causes this swing ?, do you think it is mere rhetoric ?.

    Didn’t they supported Mahathir when he was challenged by Semangat 46 and PAS? . They trusted that the NEP would be gradually eased as the playing field levels out but it turned out not to be so.

    No, it is because the non Malays are beginning to feel the impact of the racial discrimmination increasing in momentum.

    JMD : What are the less fortunate non Malays had experience? You are talking as if all the Malays are living in charmed lives. Here, you are trying to pin all the blame to Umno. Correct? By your own admission, BN had the support of all Malaysians regardless who they are in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. If indeed BN lost support in the recent years, then the blame could be the same racist elements that went berserk in May 13, 1969 had resurfaced and played a major role in causing the swing. Of course, coupled with weak leadership and uninspiring cabinet in recent years, the government lost more support. Plus, the non Malays beginning to feel more of the impact because people are fighting to be segregated (through vernacular schools etc) too. Thank you.


    • JMD, you missed the point, non-Malays lost trust in the government towards the beginning early 1990s when Mahathir flexed his corrupted and power-crazy regime.


  17. Dear JMD,

    The government should stop all these nonsense before its too late or the unfortunate event would rear its ugly head again.


  18. Jebat MD.

    Thank you for this succulent analyses on May 13.

    It’s a long time coming that Malays and Malaysian generally know what was actually happened prior, during & after the tragic tragedy.

    I’m sure that the ghost of May 13 has been around for over 40 years now. It has been a persistent venom to Malaysia’s harmony.

    Sometimes I felt the aching truth about the Malays predicament – economically, mentally, and emotionally.

    We took things so personal that in turn made us going for each other’s throat almost consistently over the years.

    We had to revert to deep and drenched vengeance. We resorted to blaming others for our shortfalls.

    This motherland deserves so much better than petty bickering.

    I don’t know about others, but May 13 reminds me of unending pain and sheer humiliation, made possible by chauvinists from opposite races.

    It reminds a lot of Malays that beneath the ‘social harmony’, there lies distrust, deceit & stark division between normal Malays and Chinese/Indians.

    Would you suggest of how best the Malays need to re-integrate?

    Because to supra-Malays, it is nothing more than hypocrisy at its best.


  19. JMD,

    I can see you are writing from the perspective of Malays who thought they’ve the unequivocal support of the army and police being controlled by the Malays that laws can be discarded when race issues surface.

    Have Malays not progressed after so many years of modern education and learnings from the mistakes of other races and countries in the world? Do Malays need to behave like Hitler and think like Israel against Palestine??

    Any offences on race issue should be settled by law enforcement and not force, for violence begets violence. And this time if it ever happen, I’m not sure Malay can claim any ‘victory’ as in the past.

    JMD : So, since you say violence begets violence, I also want to add that racism is not virtue either. Unless you are saying that it is okay for the racists opposition to do what they did back then.

    ‘The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye: The more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract’. So did Oliver Wendell Holmes say. Thank you.


    • JMD, I say: more please till the eyes go blind, bigot. Racist opposition was wrong then, but the racist Malays in UMNO, police and army have done a greater sin for slaughter and not upholding the rules of laws!

      JMD : And how about the life of the Malay who died two weeks before the general election? He was brutally murdered in an UNPROVOKED attack by the racist opposition. Upholding rules of laws? Your line of argument is not really relevant here because as you can see, I am replying it with another fact that you do not care to take into account. Therefore, I am not interested in who started what first. I am interested in disseminating the truth through my articles and hopefully by presenting facts, this blog will rebut Kua Kia Soong’s book. So that your biased view that ‘the army IS USED to kill non Malays’ or ‘Tun Razak consciously masterminding May 13 incident’ can be corrected. Thank you.


      • JMD, non-Malay generations after 513 don’t give a hoot to 513 so long as they are treated as any Malaysian under the sun. They care about human rights, rule of laws, freedom of expression and belief, equal opportunity as much as the Palestines whom I’m sure you can emphathise with!

        JMD : Palestinians fight for territorial independence. 513 happened because of unhindered racism. Thank you.


  20. Make a book out of this very inportant aricle bro, must preserve this for the future.

    I will buy 100 books to be distributed for free.

    The best will be if Utusan Malaysia, NST, Berita Harian, Metro, The Sun and the STAR can republish the 3 articles with your permission of course.

    PM Najib have a duty of care to ensure that this article is read throughout Malaysia and be standard reading in history lessons in Schools and Universities. Kua rubbished Najib’s father Tun Abdul Razak in his book, its time his son correct the wrong perception.

    Keep up the great work JMD, budi anda tidak terbalas.


  21. Sir,


    thanks for this article. Even MALAYSIA TODAY is afraid to take this article into its portal. they took the previous two tho. i feel RPK fanboys having headaches to justify their racist attitude! keep typing yah!


  22. Dear JMD,

    Please book your writing about May 13th. It will help the young and old understand the underlying issue our racial structure.The chinese like to twist history to their advantage.

    Lately even MCA pun ade buat kenyataan Nyanyuk..Its so hard to understand yang tersurat in every writings and actions of opposition.Its unbelievable how even the so called malay professionals are mislead.

    One have to experience the chinese discriminations, look down, and such oneself to really appreciate the DEB effects.You work in their organisations, company then you know how bad they treat us malays.Lower pay,no managerial post, lower bonus,its like you are invisible in their eyes.Only to receive order from them..


    • If you’re a little smart, I’m sure you would have joined UMNO politicking for a living. Tell me what you can’t do now that you can achieve in a Malay organisation like Sime Darby or in the government???

      I bet you’re a zero.


  23. “the tree of freedom needs to be reminded from time to time by blood of patriots and tyrants”

    even in western culture, freedom of speech comes w/ burden of responsibility. you can’t just suka hati nak cakap aper.

    in the end, it’s time to govern, not 1-up-manship politics.


  24. JMD,

    I urge you to continue writing on issues such as this for the benefit of our young people (melayu professional), who are strong supporters of Pakatan. And perhaps give a Bahasa version for those who are not well versed in the English language.

    Now I understand why my parents and grandparents would never vote for Pakatan Rakyat, even though they are angry with BN. How could Malays who align themselves with this party forget about May 13th so easily?

    And non-Malays, Chinese especially, remember that the Malays are very tolerant and very patient. But there’s always a limit. It seems that many of them have forgotten that. When we forget, history has a chance of repeating itself. Sad, isn’t it?


    • Ayu, why can you be tolerant and patient about doing nothing about your race’s progress economically, educationally and humanistically??? If the non-Malays have bigger guns, I’m sure you’ll be patient and tolerant forever ya like in the colonial days.


  25. Askm JMD,
    What say you if I theorise : the 13th May 69 Racial Riots is a Civil War in the Malaysian History ?

    After our Independence in Aug 1957, any quarrel among the rakyats is a civil war. All of us are already citizens of Malaya, then Malaysia.

    The cause of the civil war is a different matter. In USA, the Civil War was over the issue of slavery, threatening the existence of the Federation. The Confederate States , 11 of them in the South, left the United States in 1860-1.

    The Americans killed each other, not over being racist but some believed they got the right to keep slaves and some said no.

    In Malaysia, the cause of Civil War is based on race, and may be religion. The extremists fight for these rights.

    The Americans learnt a very bitter and painful lesson. So do we.

    We must make sure that the Civil War like the 13th May 69 must not happen again.

    Hang Kasturi.


    • I think the May 13 was rather an incident, not a war, a war on the other hand is much bigger that an incident in terms of threat, organization, or casualties.


  26. Dear JMD

    It is most refreshing to read your writings. Your flair is excellent. Keep up the good work.

    I was a young man when it occurred. I was never near any happenings then. However, I knew later that was the work of extremists on both sides of the fence, with the Malays reacting to the situation.

    To say that the Malay controlled army and police were in support of the Malays is a fallacy of the highest order nurtured only in minds of the racist blinkered eyes. If this had been the case, you could just imagine what could be the result then. That only minimum deaths occurred is the proof of the pudding.

    Somehow, rumours of such happenings as surfaced in some blogs perpetuated by racist minds hiding behind freedom of expression with blinkered mind and eyes. Truth only come from their own ‘sources’ not otherwise. Some incidences quoted were highly exaggerated cleverly twisted to suit the mind of the narrator.

    I have in my possession all the books you mentioned. They are valuable sources of historical readings. I hope and pray that sane minds do read all of these and not be influenced by a distorted mind the likes of KKS

    Warm regards


  27. Dear JMD,

    Your analysis might be right or maybe Dr. kua’s analysis is right.. or maybe both of you are right to some extent or maybe both of you are extremely wrong… what the current generation wants is a new generation that lives together wil the muhibbah spirit and one that does not resort to violence.

    Dr. Kua’s book and your analysis/ article does not help in this cause.. we might never really know what happened.. but we can always learn a lesson as to ensure our peace is continued.. what good does repeating the so called facts (by both u and Dr. Kua) does? If any, it deteriorates the current race relation situation…

    we have to understand and agree that we are all in this god’s world for a short period of time and doing and/or thinking any harm of others (be it different race, creed, belief, religion, nationality, etc) does not increase the quality of our life…

    and Dear Ayu, your comment of history repeating itself might be taken as a threat and threating your own brother / sister is not good adn neither is it good if ur brother / sister is testing your patience constantly..

    And the fact tat ur grand parents will never vote for pakatan because of the so called histroy, i believe is another example of blind voting without gauging the candidate’s competency.. and this goes to the both sides of the political divide..

    I hope they will be a day when Malaysians can be issue centric rather than race centric.. the sad fact is that most Malaysians are racist.. and that goes to ALL races, without exception!

    Just a thought,

    JMD : How can we ‘learn a lesson’ from history when it was heavily distorted by self interest people? I am here to present the facts from people who had lived that day. I am not creating new evidence. I had put forth everything without excluding any pertinent points. Points which Kua Kia Soong’s book had not highlighted. Thank you.


  28. JMD : What are the less fortunate non Malays had experience? You are talking as if all the Malays are living in charmed lives. Here, you are trying to pin all the blame to Umno. Correct? By your own admission, BN had the support of all Malaysians regardless who they are in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. If indeed BN lost support in the recent years, then the blame could be the same racist elements that went berserk in May 13, 1969 had resurfaced and played a major role in causing the swing.


    You are right that not all Malays are living charmed lives, neither are all non Malays, that’s why a call for a modified version of the NEP is called for, to cater for ALL Malaysians regardless of race and religion who fits into the category that qualify for assistance .

    This call was vehemently run down by the Umno elements that’s why Umno/BN lost the support of a large number of the younger non Malays.

    Had Umno heeded this call by the non Malays to give assistance to all who are in need (meaning including Malays), then it would not have lost that large a support from the non Malays.

    JMD : I certainly hope that the NEP be revisited especially in its implementation aspects. Too much wastage and corruption had made it open for abuse. The NEP itself is to cater for ALL malaysians. Please read its objectives.

    What is unacceptable is the call to change the Constitution. Since we all know that all the opposition leaders are upholding the Constitution, then all the calls to abolish the Malay rights and the monarchy will cease to exist. Thank you.


  29. Salam,

    nampak nya bro.. orang ‘kita’ saja yang beria-ia nak jadikan malaysia one nation.. buktinya tangokla petition one school..
    bape kerat je dari mereka yang tak ‘racist’..



  30. Dear JMD,

    An excellent piece of posting, as always. Keep on writing. Satu kupasan yang perlu dihebahkan pada semua rakyat negara kita yang tercinta ini.


  31. All your articles are extremely bias and rascist. What is your motive and hidden agenda in bringing the sad memories after 40 years? What? What?

    JMD : Have you asked from Kua Kia Soong what was his hidden agenda when you read his book? My agenda is clear – to correct what was wronged. Thank you.


  32. hei,

    u got any photo of people in the pow-wow sessions – planning to get rid of rahman & incite fellow malaysians sreaming for each other bloods.

    anyway no need the photos as some wise men said :
    those evil beings that incite m13 mayhem, all sudah goes to hell in terrible manner; some even suffer excruciating pain in their deathbed.

    JMD : No I do not have the photo. If you have any please publish it. We all know you do not have it since suddenly you made an about turn and said no photo is required… which you in turn continued to write rather crudely about your own opinion about the people you hate most.


  33. I have commented before on Haris Ibrahim when he post an article with insinuation to TDM’s racial origins

    The fact is he can’t see the uniqueness of being a Malay

    I have many friends whom are of mixed marriage ( Malay+Chinese) ( Mamak + Malay ) (Jawa + Baba/Nyoya) ( Patani + Minang ) ( Aceh + Kadazan) ( Arab + Rawa ) ( Irish + malay ) etc

    They adopt many of the malay various cultures, language and most important, religion as a unifying factor.

    How can this hybrid race now be labelled racist?

    I think he has failed to understand the CONCEPT of being Malay.

    It does not really matter where ones forefathers comes from. Its the unifying idea.

    This is where people like Mahathir and the Mericans, Syeds etc embrace the Malay concept on this land and move on with this culture, regardless whom their forefathers. You wont see Mahathir wearing white sarong like his father.

    Of course there are malays who end up being more British than the English or Scotish…surprised?


  34. salam jmd
    thumbs up to u
    we all know who r the racist
    look in the private sector, even the chinese clerk earn more than malay engineer within the same comp.


  35. Salam bro. Sorry for my late arrival. Excellent piece and certainly feel the need to add to the chorus that these series of yours (including the interlude) should be ‘bookified’ and translated into Malay.

    Many of us who learned the truth from our fathers who either were there or held privileged information were tongue-tied from responding to Kua Kia Soong, as we were imprisoned by the belief that to do so would be to reveal information still classified. Not only were these secrets, but who’d believe us anyway?

    I am now pleased to be embarassed by your showing there was a way to shine light by showcasing the ridiculous claims of Kua Kia Soong for what they are.

    Perhaps we should use this series of yours as a starting point of a campaign to de-classify the May 13 OSA files? Perhaps Lim Guan Eng will again suggest OSA be respected for fear of his father being implicated heavily in the provocation leading up to the date?

    Our biggest enemy remains hypocrisy, which is sad as we are such a young nation in relative terms, but perhaps also because we are barely a nation at all… yet. A nation that is held together by food of all things! The sinews of nations are best to be a shared heritage, especially a shared history. Certainly, historical pain should bring us together, not rip us apart as many attempt to use the history of May 13.

    May we be preserved from the politicians who strive to twist our own history against us, just for the pettiness of power, forgetting the essence of responsibility…

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  36. JMD,

    Any amount of reasons and proofs you have will not be to any use to these greedy, unrepenting and ungrateful ‘*******’.

    The only lesson that can teach them something was what the Indonesians and the Thais did to these ‘*******’ back then.

    But its too late. Too bad. They have gotten too wild.

    JMD : Please tone down your comments. Thank you.


  37. “Those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them”. – George Santayana’

    I believe that most decent Malaysians would not desire a repeat of May 13 tragedy, an event that had tarnished the nation’s impressive history. Unfortunately today, it is a general tendency that most Malaysians view this tragedy as an insignificant event. Perhaps that their qualities of life have improved significantly or perhaps the older generation had only distance memory of the tragedy or perhaps old wounds had completely healed. . Let the past be past and it is our utmost hope that this unfortunate tragedy should not be repeated.

    Unfortunately, May 13 tragedy is bound to happen again if the root causes for such tragedy are not tackled and mitigated. What would trigger another May 13 tragedy? Can it be prevented?

    It is not my intention to ‘raise up old wounds’ but to extract lessons from the May 13 tragedy in order for us and our future generation not to take the wrong path that our elders had taken..

    JMD had elaborated the significant events that led to the May 13 tragedy. Most people will only take a snapshot of the tragedy as it happened on 13th May 1969 that ‘angry Malay mob were running amok and had attacked the non Malay population”. But, what were the root causes that make the Malays to run amok?, a race that was known to be gentle and easy to compromise. To comprehend this further, may I suggest that we analyse the psyche of the Malays and the Chinese at that time. I also suggest that we re-visit the past Chinese- Malay conflicts in the Malay Archipelago:-

    (Mainly sourced from http://www.chinahistoryforum.com/index.php?showtopic=1393)

    1. 1834 – Lukut, Malaya – In 1834, Raja Busu decided to impose a ten per cent levy on all tax extracted and exported from Lukut.This greatly angered the Chinese miners, as well their financial backers from Melaka.One dark rainy night in September 1834, this anger erupted into a rage when some 300-400 Chinese converged upon Raja Busu’s palace and surrounded it, angrily shouting and demanding that he either came out or they would set fire to his home. Raja defiantly shouted back “Muslims are not afraid to die – Do what you like!”

    Upon hearing this, the mob attacked the Palace and houses of Malays nearby, with hundreds being robbed and killed. Not a single soul in the palace survived. In the words of Isabella Bird “these miners rosed upon the employers, burned their houses, and massacred them indefinitely, including this enlightened Rajah; and his wife and children, in attempting to escape, were thrown into the flames of their house…”.

    As survivors fled into the countryside and news of the atrocity spread, Malays in the region converged to Lukut. The Chinese attempted to escape over the border to British Malacca, but they were ambushed and killed. Villages and mines in Lukut were deserted for years. .

    (Sourced from: http://www.sabrizain.org/malaya/sgor6.htm)

    2. ” 1857 – Sarawak, North Borneo – 2,000-5,000 Chinese massacred by Raja Brooke when a Hakka gold-mining “kongsi” failed to murder him. Liu Shanbang led 600-armed miners from Bau Lama to attack Kuching on the 18th of February 1857. He succeeded in the attack but James Brooke escaped unhurt. Liu became the de facto ‘Rajah’ of Sarawak for 5 days from the 19th to the 23rd of February after which Liu and his men retreated to Bau when Tuan Muda Charles Brooke with his Dayak force from 2nd Division (Sri Aman) retaliated. Liu Shanbang was killed at Jugan, Siniawan on or about the 24th of February. His men and their families were mostly killed or suffocated to death by the Rajah’s men at Mau San and Ghost Cave areas with some managing to escape to Indonesia.

    3. 1946 – Malaya – The withdrawal of Japanese troops created a power vacuum in Malaya. The predominately Chinese MPAJA representing the victorious Allied forces with the approval of the British, streamed out of the jungles to assume control of towns and villages to impose law and order prior to the British arrival. However, brutal reprisals and witchhunts of Japanese collaborators and police personnel, many of which were from the Japanese favoured Malay population polarised the conflict along racial lines. Malays retaliated with a fiery brand of Malay mysticism, Islam and martial arts, forming the Red Band under Kiyai (Tok Guru) Salleh and the Sabilillah. The fighting spread thoughout Malaya with the worst fighting occuring in Northern Johor and central Perak states. Thousands died in the fighting with large areas cleared of Chinese settlers who were forced to flee to the larger cities.

    4. May 13 1969 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    . For the above events, it is interesting to note that for all the events, the Malays and the natives (applicable to Sarawak) were naturally reacting to the aggressive actions taken by the Chinese. These tragedies shall not have happened if the Chinese had not started it.

    I believe it is the psyche of the Chinese, once that they feel superior and dominant; be it in economy and political power, they tend to become big-headed and take the laws in their hand. With financial and triad support, they became bold and adventurous. In 1834 at Lukut they massacred Raja Bungsu and family together with hundreds of Malays because they objected to the increase in levy imposed by Raja Bongsu. In 1857, for similar cause, the Chinese miners from Bau attacked the white rajah authority and almost killed the Rajah Brooke. In 1945, the Chinese dominated MPAJA being the sole authority before arrival of the British killed more than 2,000 so-called Japanese collaborators mainly Malays. In 1969, just after the election and after they had won few additional seats, the Chinese mob got big headed and had insulted the Malays.

    Prior to independence, the Malays compromised and agreed to present the Chinese and Indians the citizenship of Malaysia in return for the special privileges for the Malays. It was a good compromise then as there was no bloodshed in order the nation to achieve her independence. Unfortunately, the Chinese kept on harping on these special privileges for the Malays claiming that they were 2nd class citizen even though prior to 1969 the environment then was in favor of the Chinese. I.e. A prime Minister that was pro Chinese, an economy that dominantly controlled by the Chinese and majority of senior government officers came from the minority race. Frankly, there was no basis for the Chinese to be disillusioned then as NEP, an affirmative policy that favored the Malays was not yet implemented.

    The Malays on the other hand felt the Chinese were greedy. Majority of the Malays were living below poverty level and had not benefited from the independence. The two races were already hostile to each other, a ticking time bomb that bound to be exploded but required a detonator to trigger it. That detonator came after the 1969 election. The Malays feared that they would lose political dominance and at the same time they were also offended from the insults heaped by the Chinese. Out of anger, they retaliated.

    My fear that the root causes that had caused the May 13 tragedy are manifested now, albeit in a different form. My only wish that our senior leaders to tackle it and do whatever are necessary to prevent it from happening. Malaysia, our beloved multiracial nation could not afford another tragedy.God Forbid!


  38. What had rightly been pointed out by JMD is a common scenario that occurred many hundred years ago and still taking place till today. Just look over our shoulders and see this drama, happening all over the world. Those who earlier on came as guests, once they become economically strong will want to wrestle away the motherland of the indigenous people. Initially they used luxurious commodities and subsequently, money as the instruments for the transaction. The potential invaders would bribe the ‘strong man’ of the group to buy over his other followers. In short, they divide to conquer.

    A typical example is of the Red Indians. Where are they now? They are long gone and virtually disappeared without a trace. While they were kings in their own country, the tribes were fighting with each other and the migrants supplied the warring parties with just enough ammunition, so as to wipe them out altogether, over a period of time. Those who were lucky not to die had to row the boat, in order to keep the invaders lead a very comfortable life-style initially and subsequently own the land, once owned by the Red Indians. History books were re-written to show that the migrants were actually the host of the country. It was a common claim, without the migrants the lands of the Indians would still be a jungle today.

    The British would say that without them, Singapore would still be a fishing-village with coconut plantations and Malaya, a jungle inhabited only by the orang-utans.

    If the Malays cannot unite, though it may a little too late now, since we have got traitors alive in many political parties, ‘Melayu akan hilang di dunia’, just like the Red Indians.

    If the current allegations are true that the Malays are hostile towards the Chinese and the Indians, and have resort to killing their guests, very likely the British could not succeed into the colonization of Tanah Melayu (Malay Land).

    In order for all the Malays to be united and rule supreme, while allowing their guests to live in harmony, the Malay politicians should set a good example. Corruption and unethical conduct, as well as, anti-social practices should not be present in their vocabulary. Only then, the Malay Land will still belong to the Malays. If not, the Malays will definitely become dinosaurs, just like the Red Indians, unfortunately.


  39. Let me highlight something for the benefit of readers and commenters who are still in denial. And I believe this is the psyche of the general malay community.

    The malays, generally, are not the kind of aggressive, vindictive, racist people that is portrayed either by those people who have certain agendas in this country, or as is manifested by the samplings of the remarks made by some commentors here. If they had, then this country had been one mono-ethnic nation from day one. Even when the first European colonialists came over 500 years ago, the first act that the “natives” did to confront the Portuguese was to stroke their bushy beards, something which they had not before seen in their entire life. They called them “Benggali Putih” because they had never seen people with fair skins before. Only when some time later when the Portuguese forcefully revealed their intent was some kind of resistance put up, but by that time it was already too late.

    So if they are not like that by nature, why are there like that in here? Why do we find the kinds of remarks that we read herein?

    Simple. They are the result of what they feel an undue racism of the worst kind being hurled onto them, surpassed only by the magnitude of the May 13th insults. They are now facing some kind of “psychological amok”. If you want to know where these racism reside, go and read the commenters in Harris Ibrahim, MalaysiaKini, MalaysianInsider, MalaysiaToday. The latter even censors pro-malay views whenever they put up their defenses. When a malay experiences such kind of predicament, then the words he/she utters are usually … err… not nice to hear. And thus things like “go back to China, tongsan “ etc etc only comes from a malay psyche under tremendous psychological pressure. Even the commenting dissenters here produce very racist statements too, something which, if it ever appears again, I would advise Jebat here to just keep, as an everlasting proof that racism is never one-sided.

    Now please understand that even though this kind of psychological amok exists only in the mind, constant and persistent pushing will at times drive it to be realized physically. I think that’s what happened in May 13, 1969.

    I still remember the case of the kampung-man-turn-amok some time ago. A retired old army malay gentleman, a member of the the kampung society albeit a non-active one, had gunned down a lot of the kampung’s top personalities, including the ketua kampung, the imam, bilal and several others. What happened was, our ex-soldier here was very much a taciturn and did not mix very much with the village folks, so naturally one day when his son died, he could hardly find anybody to help with the funeral ceremonies, even including the Imam. He did it all by himself, and a silent resentment grew. This is that psychological thing I mentioned earlier.

    So then one day, when the dam could no longer be contained and burst forth a whole slew of hidden rage, the result was very tragic. A sad thing was, when I visited the family some time later, the toddler son of the man still did not realize that his father had been dead, and still cried out his name. I am not sure about this, but perhaps Carole King had read the Jawi “Utusan Melayu” when she wrote “Smackwater Jack”:

    Smackwater Jack he bought a shotgun
    ‘Cause heeeeee was in the mood for a little confrontation
    He just a-let it all hang loose,
    He didn’t think about the noose
    He couldn’t take no more abuse so he shot down the congregation

    The account of the capture wasn’t in the papers
    But you know, they hanged ol’ Smack right then instead of later
    You know, the people were quite pleased
    ‘Cause the outlaw had been seized
    And on the whole it was a very good yeaaaar…
    For the undertaker

    Now then, it is one thing to watch this country’s economics be taken inch-by-inch by those whom they regard were not even citizens just 2-3 generations ago, start questioning the rights of the pribumis, slur the entire malay race under the guise of hatred of UMNO or glorify malay-exterminator Chin Peng a hero. But to allege that Tun Razak started the May 13 on purpose, to totally absolve the blame on the chinese processions prior to the racial riots whence it has been proven by Jebat that indeed it was so, to selective hide facts, evidences and truths and falsely provide racist conclusions based on less-than-mediocre sources like what KKS had done, now THAT is nothing more than pushing things to the brink.
    You must realize, that in order to forward certain political agendas, some people do not mind to hide truths and start de-stabilizing peace. I can’t help but suspect that that is the case with DAP KKS’s book.


  40. And I wonder why some Malays prefer to send their children to vernacular school.

    And I wonder why some Indians & Chinese send their children to national schools.

    Looks like there’s bit of a racist in everyone of us. Why so?


  41. JMD,

    Satu pembongkaran yang sangat mengejutkan.

    Saya berharap, ada yang sanggup mengepalai satu usaha menterjemahkan kesedaran ini didalam Silibus Mateapelajara sosial di peringkat Sekolah Rendah Hingga ke menengah didalam bentuk yang sesuai demi keutuhan perpaduan Bangsa.

    Tahniah. Semoga saudara di berkati dengan kekuatan fizikal dan rohani demi ugama dan bangsa.


  42. sad thing is, nowadays there are so many malay/muslim factions. malays/muslims not united=weak. this is the first problem to be overcome.


  43. In further response, you said “In the US, there are legislation to deter hate crimes”.

    Yes, there are. But they are hate CRIMES. E.g. you beating up someone because he is black or gay etc.

    BUT, hate SPEECH is NOT punishable. Thus, the act of taunting itself will not be wrong.

    It is not the “hate” that is outlawed, but the ACTIONS motivated by that “hate” that is outlawed.

    -Taunting due to hate is not outlawed
    -Writing hateful articles is not outlawed
    -Injuring others is outlawed, therefore injuring out of hate is also outlawed, BUT, hate crime laws will demand a greater punishment

    Taunting does NOT infringe on our rights, and we have the right to not react violently against taunts. But violence

    You also said, “You will be libel to litigation if you persist”. This is not true. Libel is against falsehood. Racial taunting is not necessarily predicated on falsehood but hate. If a white man called a black man a “nigger”, he is not liable for libel, because it is not an issue of the truth whether or not that man is what the white man says he is.

    So libel is not an issue of hate itself, but intentional falsehood.

    You then said,

    “KKK now is considered a joke because the people are protected with Hate Crime Prevention Act. Perhaps you were not clear with what I said in the article. That is why you write this particular comment.”

    I was perfectly clear of what you said in the article. Here’s what you said,

    “Martin Luther King made anti Black movements illegal back in United States in the 60’s. But here, some lost souls think that the act of committing all these hate crimes by the demonstrators in the funeral procession and victory parade are ALLOWABLE”

    You said anti-Black movements were made illegal. I argued that is untrue. You statements didn’t say that the KKK was weak or a joke, but that they were illegal. I stated that it was untrue. I was perfectly clear in what you said.

    The killing of En. Kassim WAS a HATE CRIME. No doubt. The funeral processions and parade and taunting were NOT. If violence were motivated by hate, then they WERE hate crimes. By these definitions, both sides were wrong.

    “The fact that there was a massive riot in LA because of some racial issue shows that how fragile and dangerous racial harmony and racial provocation respectively.”

    Indeed. We have racial violence in smaller scales. And yes, they will occur, even if you suppress speech.

    And if you must know, the LA riots were not triggered by the Freedom of Speech. Rodney King was not INSULTED, he was BEATEN UP.

    You then said,

    “You say freedom of speech is priority. More important than dignity of the aggrieved party even.”

    The question is, what is dignity? If your race gets insulted, is your dignity lost?


    Because dignity is subjective. One person insulting your race doesn’t mean everyone else loses respect in you. Only that one person does not respect you. If someone insults me, I do not consider my dignity lost, because it is only the opinion of that one person.

    You said, “If that is the case, why was there so much noise when Ahmad Ismail said the word ‘pendatang’ back then?”

    I made some noise, indeed. But it was not to BAN or ILLEGALISE what he said.

    I will defend to the death Ahmad Ismail’s right to say what he said.

    The noise I made was in disagreeing with the CONTENT of what he said.

    And this is the basis of Freedom of Speech. You can allow everything to be said, but you can CHOOSE what to agree with.

    If I was at the victory parade in 1969, I can choose to disagree with the taunting. But my method of disagreeing would not have entailed violence. Merely disagreement and rebutting the arguments.

    If some people want Ahmad Ismail to be jailed in Kamunthing, I will personally donate to his defense funding.

    “One, it deters people from getting beaten up for insulting another; two, it deter people from beating up other people after being insulted.”

    This is wrong.

    Anything can cause someone getting beaten up. I’ve seen people get beaten up simply for insulting Manchester United. So should we ban insulting Manchester United?

    This is why hindering Freedom of Speech is troublesome. It gives so much rights and priority to those who beat people up. This law actually favours those who would want to use violence and beat people up.

    It asserts laws against those who use mere words agains those who use their fists to incite violence.

    A man can be absolutely polite in arguing against Ketuanan Melayu. But there are those who will use violence against this man simply because they disagree.

    Yet, the law will say that the man who used words was wrong.

    That is why Freedom of Speech must be maintained, simply because there are so many things that people consider an insult.

    “You can’t be serious in proclaiming that people can say just about anything, These people have no responsibility. The sole responsibility only applies to the people that became the target of that free speech (insults, slander etc). Thank you. Now you really know why ethnic tension is never one sided.”

    I am serious. Who says they have no responsibility?

    In court, you are responsible for everything you say. Everything you say will bear meaning.

    Under police interrogation, your every word will be recorded.

    If you plead guilty with words, you will be held responsible.

    It’s the same with every other word you utter in life. You are responsible for what you say.

    Similarly, if you insult someone, you are responsible for those words. People are then allowed to RESPOND IN WORDS to your insult, and try to prove why you are wrong.

    For example:

    I said “BN people are evil because they are corrupt”.

    And then, I was caught taking a bribe.

    People are then perfectly justified to take my previous insult against BN and say that they were hypocritical.

    That’s because I am responsible for everything I SAY.

    Just as you are. That’s why I am arguing against what you say, not what I think you said.

    “When did I ever withheld your comments? Please do not lie”

    I posted as “oster” on your two previous May 13 post. at the time I posted the last comment, they were not visible.

    “Plus, you mean to say, there was a time in Sabah back in 1995, 1999 and 2004, they took to the streets and began to chant racist slurs and want to kick out all the non Malays out from Sabah”

    When did I say they took to the streets. To be clear, I was responding to what you said, which was:

    “Since the first general elections of 1955, have the Alliance or the BN acted like racist animals during their victory celebrations?”

    And the answer is yes.

    There were victory celebrations after the ’94 Sabah elections, the first one UMNO was involved in.

    And there were insults against the Chinese, and to a lesser extent, the Kadazans who they thought supported the PBS government.

    No victory parades, but certainly celebrations, which was what you asked in the questions. After all, we can’t do parades anymore.

    You finally said,

    “If you cannot accept the facts I put through that the DAP and Gerakan and Labour Party supporters at that time (1969) were indeed a bunch of racist hooligans, please do not resort to lying. Defending racist people through this method would only prove that you are one of them, which I am sure you are not. Right? Thank you.”

    I never said I didn’t accept your facts. I opened my comments by saying that they were tangential points.

    I certainly believe you are convicted that what you said is the truth, and I certainly don’t believe Kua Kia Siong wholesale.

    But I will withold any conclusions about what happened on that day until we are allowed the complete freedom to investigate completely and look at all the classified reports.

    My argument is based on the premise that one shal lnever respond to words with fists.

    And I don’t defend the opinions of the racists of ’69. I defend their right to air that opinion.

    Finally, I AM a racist. The fact that I look at Malaysia in the context of race proves that I am. I am wrong, but I am trying to change.


    JMD : Thank you for the comment. Here, we have to agree to disagree. Because to me, in the case of 1969 racial riots, if we were to defend the freedom of some people to shout ‘Melayu Babi’ or ‘Sakai balik hutan’, showing rude gestures and showing their genitals to the Malays at that time, then I am sorry, I will not sympathise with this type of people. Even performing lewd acts will be reprimanded by the law, what more doing all those things which were documented. Now I do not condone the murders of each side of the races. It was an mindless act of lunacy indeed. That is why, in this particular case, I cannot agree with you. If insulting in the manner stated back then is not a HATE crime yet, then I do wish it is stipulated in the laws.

    Heck, we are not talking about shouting – “BN people are evil because they are corrupt”. That is not an insult. That was mere accusation. I am even one of those who said that in this blog (please read the rest of this blog and I do provide evidence of this). But I certainly do not condone blatant racial malicious insults that will hurt people’s feelings.

    Mind you, it is not just one man who hurled insult to another. It was thousands – hurling insults to many other thousands. By the way, if you have the time, please read Tunku’s book and the official NOC report. It will be worth your time. Thank you.


  44. Dear JMD,

    Unsure where to place this comment, I am just writing it here for convenience.

    I am truly appalled at the lowest depth the so-called Pakatan will go to to continue to push the nation to the dogs for their own misguided purpose. Gone are the virtuosity that is for the people and instead here comes the ugliness that is the Opposition politics.

    First they refused to heed the opinion and advice of the Perak Sultan preferring to refer to the courts. Now they refuse to heed the decision saying that it is tainted and biased. How come when they won initially there was no hint of manipulation or bias? And when they lost suddenly it is biased?

    Can they now guarantee that in the future should there be a hint of any ADUNs or MPs jumping ship they will themselves call for a dissolution of the Dewan or Parliament. And do they realise that when they do that they are pushing the nation towards the brink of anarchy because there will be instability and total chaos. Or is that what they truly want? Is it possible in their diabolical mind that when the ISA is repealed they will then do something that will push the nation towards anarchy.

    I know that for some, they are salivating for what happened in Thailand to happen in Malaysia because then just maybe they could bring in foreign interference because it is deemed that Malaysians can no longer govern themselves. If we can remember for as long as they can they have always wanted foreigners to observe the running of the elections because they cannot trust fellow Malaysians. Even after they won (then lost) Terengganu, even after they continue to win Kelantan. Even after they continue to have a stranglehold on Kuala Lumpur. And now that they have won Kedah, Selangor, Penang and previously Perak what will their excuse be now?

    I was a big fan of Anwar Ibrahim once but now all I can feel now is of disgust. He continue to show his arrogance and self preservation to continually run down Malaysia and push Malaysia to the brink of anarchy. Because maybe just maybe he just might be found guilty again for whatever that he have done and by then he have already controlled international opinion how terribly bad he was treated.

    Malaysia is not perfect and neither are our leaders. Not even Obama is perfect. Read his book “Dreams from My Father” and he even tells of his drug related issues and hard drinking. No he is not perfect. No one is. Not even Rasulullah was perfect, he was not able to read or write. Question is what makes Anwar think he is perfect that he have done absolutely no wrong. That his supporters are pristine clean and that he is the answer to Malaysia’s malady.

    Malady? He was always part of the problem. What makes anyone think he is now part of the solution? Answer? The wonderfully appointed spin doctors and spin meisters including the so-called free international press that is on the payroll. And he have a firm foothold on the internet, international press and wherever else they can influence.

    Have a good week,


    JMD : Thank you Shah for the comment.


    • shah
      i agree, i agree, and i agree… except for one. i’m not an islamic scholar tapi komen tentang peribadi Rasulullah…
      “…Not even Rasulullah was perfect, he was not able to read or write…”
      …mampu mengugat akidah orang biasa macam saya.

      Rasulullah’s inability to read nor write was Allah’s perfect answer bagi kaum jahiliah yang mempersoalkan turunnya kitab al-Quran. malah ayat pertama yang diturunkan (Iqra’) menyeru kita untuk membaca. peribadi Rasulullah yang lain seperti kemiskinan, yatim piatu, ketiadaan anak lelaki dsb adalah kurniaan Allah yang bukan melambangkan kekurangan.

      ‘perfection’ is very subjective. most creatures use their eyes to see. but, bats use their hearing capability to see, and that doesn’t make them less perfect.


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  46. You can fool most melayu some of the time, but you can’t fool most chinese at all time!

    JMD : Usually, people resort to idiotic one liners whenever they no longer have any intellectual points to strengthen their arguments or rebut the facts contained in this article. Generally, a sane person will take heed of the history lesson. But some of the commentators try really hard to continue the hatred. Some even taking potshots from foreign countries! Beware of the conniving foreign elements. That was what Tunku Abdul Rahman had said. Thank you.


  47. laman ini hanya membawa kebencian, bukan kebaikan… realiti yang mahu ditegakkan hanya sia-sia…

    JMD : I guess someone is too lazy and too arrogant to read the whole set of articles. The book has slandered Tun Razak et al as murderers yet it wwas this blog that was accused as creating hatred and unrealistic. Thank you for this highly intellectual comment.


    • JAHIL… padanlah dengan nicknya. Tahniah sdr. Jahil kerana anda telah memilih nick yg amat bertepatan sekali untuk melambangkan diri anda.


  48. For your article and explaination, your story of opening it was deem a masterpeice. well done. My family told only how the people live in Pantai fight together the either extreme race. Most of this people is party people and not the one that stay there for living. many many stories untold… but i really want to know what happen to Maxwell school?? there have killing by army on students., is this true??


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  50. It’s good that these 13 May 1969 articles are reproduced here. I missed them in 2009 as I was not into blogging yet. I see people interested to comment even in 2011. We should renew interest in commenting on them. Especially when there are blokes who have not learnt anything from the race riots. And becoming more daring as PRU13 looms.

    They are bloody good articles and there are excellent comments by participants as well. Except 1-2, especially the Abangcina bugger. This is the kind who doggedly pushes himself in with rude and insulting comments. Irrespective of what others say. Short, wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified comments. This is the kind of blokes who participated in the DAP convoy passing through sensitive Malay Areas like Kpg Bahru, KL, shouting taunts, provocations and obscenities, a few even unzipping their trousers when passing Police stations and Police living quarters on Jalan Pudu, Jalan Travers and Brickfields before the outbreak of hostilities in May 1969. This Abangcina bloke and his kind must be got rid of, otherwise contained, or shoved behind bars for as long as possible.

    The report entitled, “13 May 1969: A Tragedy”, published by the National Operations Council, October 1969 (which can be Googled), includes extracts of Police reports made by Police Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and ordinary members of the Police Force who themselves witnessed the dastardly acts of the irresponsible buggers.


  51. Regarding the Abangcina bugger, I’m attracted to the following comment written elsewhere, that also fits the bloke:

    “He has a foul mouth and incorrigibly bad manners. He is descended from a mixture of races, including the non-Chinese races in China that history Professors have written about, the bad aspects of which manifest in him –

    Mongol (hugely polygamous Genghiz Khan invaders and colonizers in the 13th Century), Tungus, Turk, Tai, Miao, Tibetan, Manchu (invaders and colonizers embedding themselves in China for several hundred years, ruling until the 20th Century – from Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II), Yueh, Yao, etc. And the hill tribes of southern China – the Cina Bukit.

    That’s why he is biadap and kurang ajar. Commenting without decorum and decency. Only he and his kind are like that – biadap (DAP Vice Chairman Tunku Aziz also said that of Lim Guan Eng when he bolted out of the party) and kurang ajar, the Cina Bukit kind.


    • thanks baboo for what i can call a “definition of chinese”. It makes sense now why abangcina behave like that since beginning. Its their nature.


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