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Kempen Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua


The blog Demi Negara launched a very noble idea of propagating unity among Malaysians. In my honest opinion, the campaign ‘SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA’ has been long overdue.

Among the young Malaysians, unity cannot be further enhanced without direct intermingling with one another. Social harmony cannot be created if each race is segregated according to their vernacular schools. Patriotism can only be instilled if the students are pooled together with the singular aim to integrate one another towards cohesive nation building efforts.

Tunku Abdul Rahman, the nation’s first Prime Minister and also Bapa Malaysia identified this issue back in 1969 when he wrote in his May 13 book:

An exceprt from May 13: Before and After

An excerpt from May 13: Before and After

To those who love this nation and took to their bosom its aim and objectives prescribed in Rukunegara, I implore you to read the memorandum that will be sent to the Education Minister in Demi Negara’s blog and sign the petition here. Each blogger who feels that they share the common aim of this campaign, please do not hesitate to use the logo in your blog. This is a non political joint effort of concerned citizens of Malaysia. Hopefully we could put aside our political, religious or idealogy differences and help promote this campaign and ultimately, fulfil its goals. No political hijacking or one-upmanship is allowed. Thank you very much.


41 thoughts on “Kempen Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua

  1. Wah, this is a good one. I just don’t know where to begin. Satu sekolah untuk semua would be ideal BUT is it achievable with the current political climate? I would have thought that the argument “this is my country and you just have to live by my rule” is almost history.

    Although ideally I would agree and support the cause, but realistically with DSAI calling upon the non malays for equality and all, PAS happy to compromise and get in bed with DAP, the young educated malays losing their faith in the malay cause, even to the extend of the power that be are now singing the same tune by giving lots of RM and support of the vernacular schools, can we really go against the tide and say we have “majority” support for this cause? Hmm .. I wonder.

    You really think that asking the SJK Cina and Tamil to stop and adopt a single identity would make the power that be more popular? I bet even DSAI dare not do such a thing. Ya I know this has nothing to do with being populist BUT really can you change the system when you are voted out? In fact, should the BN government go ahead with this, I’m pretty sure the opposition will have a field day with blaming all sort of accusations such as ‘the continuation of malay rights over others’.

    In all the blogs that I have seen, what is clear is the non malays are just demanding more now that ever before because the malays are split. It really has nothing to do with nationalism, fairness, equality .. yada yada yada. It is just plain economics, and the situation allows them to demand for more. And here we are, demanding that we take back what we have given? Am I missing something?

    Demand is one thing, but how do we expect the government to respond? Like I said, I would support this for the sake of this nation but right now I just don’t know if the situation would allow the government any room for bargain.

    JMD : If you believe in this campaign regardless what the prevailing political sentiments are, I honestly feel that you should wholeheartedly sign the petition. Your apprehension is duly noted and is not uncommon. And, what is common and more important is the hope to find more like minded people who feel that the country needs to be united moving forward. Even DSAI, who thinks that this is a one of a more viable approach to instill unity and patriotism, then he should also support this effort. It is not about politics and it is not about ‘the continuation of malay rights over others’. It is certainly not about Anwar, Kit Siang, Najib, Tee Keat, Uthayakumar, Mahathir, Ku Li or Nik Aziz. It’s about the nation, the people and their collective rights according to the Constitution. Thank you.


  2. “Among the young Malaysians, unity cannot be further enhanced without direct intermingling with one another. Social harmony cannot be created if each race is segregated according to their vernacular schools. Patriotism can only be instilled if the students are pooled together with the singular aim to integrate one another towards cohesive nation building efforts.”


    But would that also include the opening of MARA and all the Asrama’s and Maktab Sains that have long been ‘Malay-Only’ institutions.

    I would suggest that those be opened up to Chinese and Indians and every Citizen of Malaysia.

    Also uITM has be opened up to Chinese and Indians and every other citizen as well, and much more than 10%, because 10% is too small a number to have “cohesive nation building”.


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  4. I am so in this campaign. I hope that I’d live long enough to see this becoming a reality.

    I believe that this is the only way ‘1 Malaysia’ can be achieved.

    To spread the word, I’d like to copy this post onto my own blog.

    TQ from a teacher.


  5. Salam Saudara Jebat,

    It’s about time!

    But to add to it’s effectiveness (I know I’ll get lambasted for my thoughts, but what the hell….), the campaign should be taken up a notch.

    No doubt SJK(C)’s and SJK(T)’s have caused much polarization among our young. We must not also overlook the SBP’s (Sekolah Berasrama Penuh’s) that play the same role as the SJK’s.

    Perhaps another method of Bumi assistance be formulated apart from segregating them from the mass population and putting them in a Malay-only environment. Not healthy at all.



  6. Dear JMD,

    I support it 100% and had signed the petition.

    Abdul Razak Harun
    “The only thing constant in life is change” – François de la Rochefoucauld


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  8. SALAM BRO JMD, Aku memang la teramat setuju dengan satu sekolah ni, kalau nak jayakan satu Malaysia kita kena mulakan dengan satu sekolah dulu!

    Aku support kempen ini!


  9. a very noble idea of propagating unity among Malaysians. In my honest opinion, the campaign ‘SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA’ has been long overdue.


    Studying in the same school is not going to enhance unity if the govt policies continue to be race based.

    Look at the pre NEP days how the English medium schools attracted all races of Malaysians . Can the govt implement such environment again ?.

    JMD : Sure.. if Dong Jiao Zong does not resubmit its memorandum to defend the existence of vernacular schools and stand on the way of a unified young Malaysians, everything is possible. But bear in mind ya, even during the days of pre NEP (before 1970), racial strife is not uncommon. Thank you.


  10. JMD,

    Great idea indeed but BN or any race-based political party will allow it as it is their bread and butter issues.

    As previously proposed why not offer third language as an optional, or even better compulsory, chosen subject at schools. It could be Arabic, Mandarin and Tamil for starters and the manpower could be adjusted accordingly to the demands at different schools.

    That way you will be indirectly attracting parents who sent their children to ‘Jenis’ schools because of the language subject offered and not because there are no national type schools in the area.

    Basically, if national type schools can really give the rakyat what they ‘perceive’ to be quality education then, they will them over. Just like how certain missionary schools are choice schools.

    Why not give the people what they want and unite them at the same time?

    JMD : I agree with your suggestion. We have discussed about this didn’t we? 🙂
    In fact, it also echoes Datuk Mukhriz’s suggestions in October last year. Thank you Msleepyhead for dropping by.


  11. Jebat,

    The idea of one school for all Malaysians is good. I have already signed the petition BUT hope that Demi negara will reword the “hapuskan sekolah vernacular” part. Does not sound objective. I would suggest a common compound for the schools or at least those languages being taught in the Malaysian schools.

    Having said the above, yes, we should use the national language as a unifying factor THOUGH we also have to look at the knowledge needs of a a language. To me, proper acquisition of knowledge is more important that nationalism. Knowledge and good values will safeguard citizens, nationalism has a tendency to become a dangerous and self destroying obsession.

    PEACE !


  12. Salam JMD,

    I feel the main reason why non-bumi parents prefers verna school is because of quality of education. A lot of them prefer SBP and MRSM but spaces are limited. I can personally vouch for the difference in quality between National School and Government Boarding School.

    Plus, growing up together in the hostels will definitely promote unity among students from different background,race etc.Look at the top civil and GLC post.Most of them are from boarding schools.It used to be MCKK now MRSM and SBP.

    There will be strong resentment from the Malays but the sacrifice is worth it.We want to see our country move forward in education so we must act now.Non malays of generations to come will read in their text book that Malays have always welcome them with an open arms.


  13. Dear Jebat,
    Ideally, it should be thus to promote total unity. However, just like many other policies that has been implimented, the execution part is far from desirable ,many simply go according to wims and fancy of the executives, in this case, the poor quality headmaster and racially skewed teachers,.. Who are those entrusted to monitor the implementation process? again, education officers of questionable quality.
    Please encourage (whoever should be doing this) frequent audits (if they know what to audit) of the school to get to know the actual pulse of the health.
    You see, one can plan a very nice frame work, but, without the essential competent participants, please, dont even begin.

    I am a parent who sent some of my children to national school but later regretted ,and decided to send the remaining to Chinese school.
    The national school emphasise too much on religious matters,superficial presentations without contents and have poor quality teaching.

    Just like the deteriorating state of affairs of the police force, so are the situation with teachers. Wonder if you can recall, when teachers were selected from the cream of HSC, there were such course as Bsc (EDu)?

    Bring back those quality teaching staffs and most important good headmasters, I believe we will have full support from all parents.
    To the tink tanks,.. NO SHORT CUTs.


  14. Yes, one-school system which must also uphold MERITOCRACY values irrespective of race. Go and learn from Singapura la!


  15. I am not agree with this. This concept must be done after Merdeka already, but it is to late. We are quite dissepointed with cina and indian people in Malaysia. They are like viruses to our country.

    We need to have petition to say that most of the chinese and indian must leave out from Malaysia and go bank to their own country or to migrate somewhere else.


    • Hi Mr.Freedom,

      I just want to share your opinion. I am not aggree if you sad they are like viruses. Actually now we have to face with reality.

      We have to think something that we can solve all problem and develope a new generation without racist. I believe, if we talk in emotional, we are not satisfied..But we have to accept it ..this is reality..

      Anyway, let think again with the positive way and we can discuss together..take care.



  16. Kenapa tak sentuh sekolah agama dan mara?
    polisi-polisi yg tak adil dan hanya memihak satu kaum saja yg menyebabkan keadaan hari ini.

    Indon satu jenis sekolah saja, berlaku juga riot 1998!
    jangan jadikan pendidikan sng alasan. Jangan fikir macam orang bodoh! Thailand juga satu jenis sekolah saja, adakah mereka bersatu padu!???

    Adakah penulis ini nampak semakin banyak jenayah dilakukan org sampah sarap tertentu terhadap orang tertentu maka kata ini masalah perpaduan?

    JMD : Perbalahan antara kaum dalam tahun 1998 berlaku kerana terdapatnya ketidakseimbangan ekonomi antara kaum di Indonesia. Ya betul mereka bersatu di dalam satu sekolah. Akan tetapi kaum Tionghua mereka jauh berada kehadapan dari segi kekayaan dan kejayaan ekonomi.

    Ini kerana mereka tidak mengamalkan ‘affirmative action’ ala NEP. Apa yang berlaku di sana boleh menjadi satu pengajaran bahawa bersatu di bawah satu sistem pelajaran sahaja tidak cukup untuk menyatu padukan penduduk berbilang kaum. Membetulkan jurang ekonomi antara kaum juga perlu agar tidak berlaku perasaan iri hati atau dendam kerana tidak diberi peluang oleh kerajaan untuk mendapat peluang secukupnya untuk mengubah cara hidup.

    Bayangkan jika Indonesia yang sememangnya tidak mengamalkan affirmative action, dan mengamalkan sistem persekolahan yang berbeza beza mengikut kaum, nescaya, perbalahan kaum akan berlaku lebih awal lagi sebelum tahun 1998.

    Sekolah Mara adalah salah satu dari kesan affirmative action yang disebutkan tadi. Yang penting, ianya juga di ajar menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia sebagai bahasa pengantar utama.

    Sekolah agama pula perlu demi menjayakan fardhu kifayah umat Islam. Jika di ukur dari segi nama saudara, saya rasa bahwa saudara bukan beragama Islam. Oleh itu, saudara mungkin kurang jelas dengan ertikata fardhu kifayah ini.

    Sekolah agama penting kerana ianya perlu untuk melahirkan mereka yang berpengetahuan di dalam ajaran Islam. Di harapkan apabila mereka selesai bersekolah di sana, mereka akan melanjutkan pelajaran di dalam bidang agama lebih mendalam lagi di dalam ata u di luar negara. Skim mata pelajaran yang di ajar di dalam sekolah kebangsaan tidak dapat menghasilkan suasana yang perlu wujud ketika mempelajari ilmu agama kerana ilmu agama yang mendalam adalah ilmu khas. Mereka inilah yang akan menjalankan fardhu kifayah bagi umat Islam nanti apabila mereka menjadi Imam, Kadhi, pegawai agama dan lain lain.

    Bilangan sekolah agama adalah kecil dan sesuai dengan keperluan bagi melahirkan mereka yang berilmu di dalam agama Islam ini.

    Saudara janganlah tersasar dari matlamat sebenar untuk mencapai perpaduan rakyat dengan memberikan hujah hujah berkisar ekonomi dan agama pula. Terima kasih.


  17. Penulis blog ini harus buat satu kajian mengenai peratusan penjenayah dari sekolah mana?

    Sjk sudah ditubuh jauh sebelum merdeka. dulu tiada isu perpaduan. isu perpaduan dibangkit kerana polisi yg tak adil, misalnya isu biasiswa JPA belaka ini. PERKASA lah pihak yg merosakkan perpaduan!

    Apa quality sekolah kebangsaan, faham-faham saje…….

    JMD : Terima kasih. Walaubagaimanapun, perlu diingatkan bahawa isu perpaduan sudah lama berlaku sejak merdeka lagi. Walaubagaimanapun petisyen ini mengakui bahawa qualiti sekolah kebangsaan kurang meyenangkan. Sebab itu ia mendesak agar kementerian pelajaran menyelidik dan meningkatkan kualiti sekolah kebangsaan tersebut. Sila baca keseluruhan surat kepada TPM tersebut. Adakah usaha ini pun saudara ingin menentang? Terima kasih.


  18. Sudah terlambat, mesti banyak tentangan dari puak chuvinist, ini lah reality yang akan dihadapi.

    Hantar aja diorang balik. Beri insentif pada diorang balik ke negara asal. Lakukan samada secara diplomasi atau keras.


  19. Baru-baru ini saya terima satu comment dalam blog saya, posting yang langsung tak kena mengena dengan dengan tajuk sekolah ini (Posting pasal kopi):

    “hey, u support one school campaign,
    It is a idiot thinking.

    Are u blind with government discrimination pilicies to the non malay?
    They try to to blur this facts by blame SJK. dont be fool.

    Try do a survey, how many percentage of criminals come from sekolah kebangsaan… ”

    Yang aneh ni, mereka suruh kita pegi buat survey, apasai tak bagi survey atau sendiri buat survey yang boleh defeat konsept 1 Sekolah ni? Grrr….

    I was educated in Sekolah Kebangsaan and that is one of the best thing that happened in my life. I am glad that I didn’t go to the same school as the feller who wrote that.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


    • Hi Guys,

      Better we dont blaim any school or races they came from who involve in criminal ..because this is individual behave.
      Let support the mission and give input..



  20. Saya setuju dengan konsep ini.

    Bahasa penghantar adalah bahasa melayu. Bahasa-bahasa lain seperti mandarin, tamil, arab dan lain-lain jadikan sebagai optional.

    Kepada mereka yang hendakan anak mereka memasuki sekolah yang berbahasa penghantar mandarin ataupun tamil sepenuhnya sila hantar anak mereka belajar di China/India. Di sini adalah Malaysia dan bahasa kebangsaan perlu diutamakan.


  21. I respect this initiative and even more respect to the Tengku for his farsightedness. Who would have known that what he said half a century ago is still relevant till today. Everyone should take note of what our Father of Independence said above!

    Will tell my friends about the petition. Thanks for the history lesson too

    JMD : Thank you for the support Raul. Really appreciate it. By the way, it is Tunku, not Tengku ya. Thank you.


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  23. Salam JMD,

    I am completely agree about this opinion. Actually this matter already discussed long time a go, but nobody follow up on this. It supposed to start from Kindergarten, primary and so on.

    As everybody knows, malay community have advantages in Malaysia since long time a go. But i think this cannot be anymore in order to give oppurtunity to the other races. For example, they also represent malaysia if they in abroad. They never represent their races.

    So,why dont we proceed this opinion globally in all department in Malaysia (government and Private), Malysian in abroad ..and all others.


  24. Dear JMD,

    Again i just wan to give some opinion concerning our nice mission.

    Level 1: Primary School
    No more Tamil school and Chinese school. All must be together..Malay ,Chinese and indian.

    Level 2: Secondary School
    If we are combined all together in primary school ,we can open MRSM, Sekolah Science to all race if their qualified. Otherwise not possible.

    Level 3:University
    All student who qualified should have a place in University.In this level, student can go anywhere as their like.

    Level 4: Opputurnity
    As we know our economic conquered by chinese races. But anyway they are malysian. If we can develope this level from fundemental ,then all the sector will concern about it.

    The biggest problem ,it cannot be done in 5-10 years, it take time at least 20 years to remove all racist minded in their muínd.It is not easy to do that.But because of Loving Malysia, I beleive everybody try to do that .


    Wan Nazri


  25. JMD,

    I really agree with your idea of “Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua”, One for All, All for One.
    Most Chinese and Indians think that Malays are very racist, but they have no idea how other countries could be even “worse”, when it comes to culture, language and religion.
    Take for example the United States, almost all Asians-Americans who were born and raised in the US, can’t speak Chinese at all. They re very much American just like Whites, Blacks and Latinos. Anyway Chinese are only less than 1% of US population, other Asians come from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and India.
    Chinese in the US blend in well and have interracial marriage rate, unlike Msian Chinese who sound like they just came off the boat, eventhough they have been here for generations. Ethnic Chinese are the most enthocentric and racist in Malaysia and yet the blame the Malays of being racist.

    Just take a trip to Japan and Korea, they have many Chinese there as well. Do you think the Japanese govt. is gonna take out money from their own pocket to build Chinese schools for the Chinese. No way !!!!!! That will never happen unless there is a war !

    Chinese in Japan, Korea and elsewhere have to dig out money from their own pockets to build Chinese schools. Its 100 % private and they re very few of them.

    Malaysia is probably the only stupid country in the world with no balls to confront the Chinese and Tamils, who wants everything segregated of their own.

    You hear me, U malay govt have no balls !!! Every time wanna so suck up to the Chinese especially.


  26. Im so sick of this whole Mandarin thing. When I was in school, I had to learn all my subjects in Malay, because Malay is the “Bahasa Kebangsaan”. At the time things were fine, I was a happy little kid. When I pursued higher education, I had to learn all subjects in English, fine ! because its international medium of instruction in higher education institutions around the world and also the international language of business.

    Now here comes the twisted part, after graduating from college. I had to know “Mandarin” to get a job!!! How did get into this mess. So why make us learn Malay and English, when you suppose to know Mandarin to get a job. I spent donkey years of my life learning English and Malay, now here comes these racist bastards who won’t hire if you don’t speak Mandarin.

    I think this whole Mandarin is simply created to protect the Chinese identity and to discriminate other Msians from jobs and business opportunities. The Chinese always want to protect their own turf and they hide it under the disguise of Mandarin, Chinese school and so on.
    So if you Chinese who always say that the Malay govt is racist and want to be called Malaysian, want to be treated equally. So the Chinese also have to treat other non-Chinese Malaysians like Malaysians !!! not treat them with Mandarin.
    Do you understand Chinaman!! or shall I translate this whole text into your homeland native language.

    I’ve heard a lot of Holy Crap from the Cina-Malaysians that China is gonna be an economic superpower of the world, and many people around the world are rushing to learn Chinese, especially westerners.
    Yes, its true. But they are also learning Japanese, Spanish, Arabic and so on. It also doesn’t mean the French, Russian and US govt is gonna start building Chinese schools and turn their citizens into Chinese speaking. Do you really think that the Japanese, French, German, US, Italian govts and
    Spanish speaking countries is gonna let their thousands of years Western Civilizations to be encroached by your *&@@@ #*@@* $#??& language and culture.
    They will rise up in arms and fight against you because they have balls !!

    If you still want Mandarin, pls plsssss move to Singapore, Taiwan or HK or worse low wage, slave labor China.


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  29. ehh..engkau tu jangan jadik macam aku tau ehh.. engkau suka siapa?boy friend nama siapa?kalau aku saka HAPIS tau hahahahahahahhaha dan heeeeeeeeeeeeee……………………..


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