Pak Lah / Tun Dr Mahathir

The tale of two Prime Ministers

I read a very interesting post today. Pasquale had really pointed out the most important aspect in the differences between Tun Dr Mahathir and Pak Lah. Let me put this into perspective; of all the insults and jeers being thrown at TDM all these years, be it MahaFiraun, Tun Mamak etc, nobody and I do mean nobody, has ever called him Stupid.

Why? Although he has his perceived weaknesses (due to his strong character and larger than life persona), he is not known to be clueless and indecisive. The same can’t be said to his successor though. Pak Lah has been called by so many unflattering names and embarrassing monickers we should by now be ashamed to have him as a PM. So when all things remain equal, which leader would you rather have?

This one;

An image of an astute and distinguished statesman

Or this one?;



5 thoughts on “The tale of two Prime Ministers

  1. Salam JMD,

    Reading your old postings now, since you’ve made great impressions among bloggers of my age and beyond, in matters of Malaysian politics. I’ve never followed you before. But I am now 🙂

    This one is humorous. I like it 🙂

    JMD : This is a blast from the past… 🙂
    Thank you for the comment.


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  3. hi jmd,

    good writing. What I like about your writings are the analysis and facts behind it. More people like you are needed to open the eyes and uncover the ears of the people; especially the younger generation or gen y. I am 24 years old this year and prior to visiting your blog, I had a few initial beliefs about the politics in malaysia and its politicians. Now I see that those beliefs are mostly misconceptions. I believe that with respect to my generation, I am not alone in that the popular view of politics is that it is made up of BN and PKR. I realise now that things are much more complex and grey.

    I have learned that the opposition can equally be damning in their actions as those who abuse power within BN. I have learned a little more about TDM and a great deal more about DSAI. Although I have more questions, you have set the right tone and mindset for me to delve deeper into malaysian politics.

    As for racism, you have written very informative articles,especially those on LKS and DAP and the may 13 riots. I am now a much more informed malaysian chinese. chinese malaysian. malaysian first chinese second. whatever that sounds politically correct!

    Thank you very much JMD. I would not have known so much about my country if I had not stumbled upon your blog. and I mean it in a good way.


  4. Dear JMD,

    Your blog is among the ‘best’ blogs I’ve ever read and follow which can consider has its own league and class.

    Congratulations and I will continue to read from you.

    Thanks a lot Sir.


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