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Latest news: United Nation urges Governments to protect whistleblowers


The latest UN report presented in the UN General Assembly on 22nd October 2015 had found that it is common for Governments to restrict information and penalise sources and whistleblowers under the pretext of ‘national security and intelligence’. This contravenes with Article 19 of the Declaration of Human Rights.

Below is the news report:

NEW YORK / GENEVA – Governments and international organizations are failing to ensure adequate protections to whistleblowers and sources of information, according to a new report by the UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression, David Kaye.

“Countless sources and whistleblowers around the world are intimidated by officials, co-workers, and others, depriving everyone of information that may be critical to public debate and accountability,” Mr. Kaye told the UN General Assembly during the presentation of his study.

“All too often, those revealing allegations of wrongdoing lack effective protection,” the human rights expert warned. “Silence is too often the only safe option left to them, with the public left in the dark and wrongdoing left unpunished.”

In the first major UN report devoted to the subject, the UN Special Rapporteur reviews national and international norms and practices and presents recommendations to establish or improve available protections.

“Laws guaranteeing confidentiality must extend beyond traditional journalists to bloggers, citizen reporters, NGO researchers, authors, academics, and many others,” the expert noted. “How can they carry out investigative work if they cannot extend the basic assurances of confidentiality to their sources?”

“While there are major gaps in protections, there are also important advancements in norms protecting sources and whistleblowers around the world. Yet they are often riven with loopholes or, even with strong legal protections, not enforced in practice,” he said.

The study also emphasizes that the right of access to information – central to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – requires that authorities take into account the public interest of information disclosed when adopting measures against unauthorized disclosures.

“States may restrict access to information in specific areas and narrow circumstances, yet the disclosure of information relating to human rights or humanitarian law violations should never be the basis of penalties of any kind,” Mr. Kaye underscored.

The study notes that the UN and other international organizations also frequently fail to protect their own whistleblowers. “The UN, as most international organizations, have adopted rules for enabling whistleblowing and prohibiting retaliation. Yet allegations of wrongdoing and retaliation are rarely protected effectively,” the human rights expert noted.

“Without protection against retaliation, few would disclose wrongdoing. Protections should be detailed explicitly in law, providing clarity for whistleblowers and others on the nature of the protection they may seek,” the Special Rapporteur said, calling upon Governments and international organizations to strengthen protection mechanisms for sources and whistleblowers.


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3 thoughts on “Latest news: United Nation urges Governments to protect whistleblowers

  1. Zahid Komedi kata “Itu UN yang kata, kita ada cara kita sendiri. Buat apa dengar kata orang?
    Salleh Ketiak kata “UN harus tarik balik kata kata mereka, kalau tidak kita akan “block” lama web UN”
    Kunan kata “Kita akan lucutkan keahlian UN”
    Man Dahlan kata ” Cara kerajaan menangani masalah ini lebih bagus dari UN”
    Ahmad Maslan kata “..er..UN tu apa? Nasi Goreng baru ke?”


  2. Shouldn’t just talk and talk like OIC but the world tallest body should also walk the talk. For example what had it done to protect the loudest whistle blower in the world — Snowden. I personally have not heard or seen any. Apakah PBB nak jadi ketam ajar anak berjalan lurus?


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