Money on their minds

Stumbled upon this article in http://www.upworthy.com where a social experiment was conducted with amazing discovery on how money affects people.

“Science can explain a lot of things that I’ve always wondered about (go, science!). In this case, it explains what I’ve known for a long time but been unable to quite understand: Why do some folks who have a lot more money than others seem to be less nice and more evil to everyone around them?

At 0:50, someone actually takes candy from babies. No, really. At 3:00, we start to see the science unfold before our eyes. Entire management courses could — and should — be taught with the bit starting at 4:40.”

Watch the video. Wealthy politicians, take note.

One thought on “Money on their minds

  1. Lebih kaya, lebih tamak – is it a wonder? Logically, we assume that when people are rich, they become more giving and thankful. But it seems that greed is a disease that affects the wealthy. No wonder the poor usually shares whatever little things they have while the rich hold on to their riches with all their might. When the rich shares, it’s usually with ulterior motives.


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