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The stupidity continues..

We read with glee when the Prime Minister said the government will aid cops in improving effectiveness to tackle crime. Ironic because he was the one responsible to create the mess that the police and the public is currently nose-deep in.

PUTRAJAYA- Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said today the government is prepared to give the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) whatever is needed within reason and affordability to raise the effectiveness of the force in fighting crime, particularly serious crime in the country.

The Prime Minister also expressed concern over a spate of killings using firearms lately, saying it affected public confidence and increased fear with regard to security and serious crime.

In this regard, he said the police must take immediate action to regain public confidence following the developments with regard to security lately.

“It is up to the police to ask from the government what they require in terms of enhancing the capability within reason and within affordability. We will provide the police (with the necessary tools) to fight organised crime and serious crime in the country.

“We are prepared to consider the request and requirements of the police as long as there is a guarantee to safeguard against abuse of power and human rights, he said at a media conference after chairing the National Finance Council Meeting 2013 at the Finance Ministry, here.

For immediate action, Najib said the police would use the existing law to implement whatever possible in the fight against serious crime.

In addition, he said a sub-committee comprising several ministers including the Home Minister and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department would be set up.

Najib said the sub-committee would discuss with the Attorney-General and Inspector-General of Police to determine additional provisions in the law that could strengthen the police capacity to act.

“This matter can be brought up to the next Parliament session.

“We cannot allow the situation to persist. Immediate and serious action must be taken by the authorities to bring back public peace and confidence,” he said.

The stupidity continues.

The reason why there is a spate of killings in this country is because of the sudden influx of mercenaries and drug lords. Where did they come from? You can bet they came from the 2,600 criminals being released when the Emergency Ordinance Act was repealed back in 2011 together with the ISA.

The reason why ISA and the EO were repealed because the Prime Minister, under the wrong advise given by his consultants, thought that ISA and EO are against human rights, because eventhough it is good for the country, there are bound to be abuse of power.

Therefore, if we repeal the ISO and the EO, we will definitely win more votes as the people will see that the government is having a first world country mentality.

Those were some of the words bandied about by the Prime Minister’s consultants and his myriad of advisers. All these liberals and so-called first worlders have this deluded perception that should the very laws and the social fabric of this country be reformed based at par with other first world democratic countries, the PM will get more votes than his predecessor. Two thirds majority even.

But in actual fact, that wasn’t what the rakyat needs. That is like putting the cart before the horse. You first need to win votes, then reform the country with the huge mandate you are given. Not the other way around. That would be as the malays say – “yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong keciciran”.

What say you advisers and consultants? Busy counting money and driving Aston Martins?

You want the PM to be a reformer? Look what you have gotten the country into. And with an even fewer parliamentary seats.

And back in 2011 when the ISA and EO were repealed on the eve of Malaysia Day, they were repealed without the proper consultation with the police and the public.

If there were consultation, reviews and proper research, there wouldn’t be such lawlessness in this country as the result of that decision. And now, like an after thought, the PM is seen like a buffoon, chastising the police for being weak in combating crime when he himself had clipped their wings.

The only reason why the ill-advised move was made is because the PM was too busy serving the interests of the opposition leaders instead of the interests of the rakyat.

ISA and EO was repealed only due to its probability of being abused for political mileage.

So how do we deal with abuse of power? We punish the abuser! We do not repeal the whole law.

Yes ISA has the perception that it was abused every now and then but did the government do anything to curb the abuse? In the famous debacle involving a journalist being detained under the ISA by Syed Hamid Albar a few years ago, did Syed Hamid goes to court for it? Or at least being subjected to an inquiry? Was he ever penalised about the fiasco? No he did not. Not getting elected as a general election candidate certainly cannot be classified as a punishment.

Similarly, if there are dirty cops, do we disband the whole police force?

The same goes to the law. We do not repeal the law and then made the mess out of it and in the end tries to enact a new one which are similar to the previous one. Isn’t that foolish? Isn’t that stupid?

In the case of the EO, since when do we concerned ourselves with the human rights of drug lords and assassins? So what if these drug lords and gangsters were locked up without trial? Since when is the rakyat’s safety and security stand second to the rights of these criminals?

Is the government that daft? Do you know who are terribly afraid of prevention laws? Yes, the criminals and perhaps some politicians who are actively against it. Maybe they do not have loved ones. Or maybe they do not fear being randomly shot at by drug lords and their henchmen. Or maybe they themselves are up to no good.

This blog has written about the security issues of this country should the ISA be repealed nearly 2 years ago. It can be read here (please re-read it).

Given the severity of the issue and also the changing world environment we are living in, the abolishment of such laws will have a direct and quick impact on the citizens.


… the continuity of our nation’s peace and stability is paramount no matter what is at stake and as the US had shown us, even human rights to freedom has to take a backseat when dealing with dangerous elements within the country.

It is hoped that Malaysia will safely chart its course based on the same wisdom and the same experience that had made it relatively one of the most peaceful and successful country ever existed today.

And now yet another stupidity is about to happen. The repeal of Sedition Act. And in its place, the National Harmony Act or whatever.

PUTRAJAYA: The government’s power in dealing with any actions threatening national unity and harmony will not be affected by the decision to abolish the Sedition Act and replacing it with the National Harmony Act.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the new act would be guided by three key principles to deal with actions that could incite hatred and insult any institutions and existing provisions under the Constitution.

“(Firstly,) the new act will address any action that can incite hatred and raise disloyalty towards the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or any ruler,” he said after chairing the 10th Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA) council meeting and witnessing the signing and exchanging of four memorandums of agreements on developmental projects in the northern corridor worth RM1.96 billion.

Najib said, secondly, the new act would address actions to spread malicious intent and create racial tension among the different segments of the population in the country.

“Thirdly, it will deal with any attempts to question matters involving the rights, status, special privileges, sovereignty or fixed prerogative as stipulated and protected under the Federal Constitution or Articles 151, 153 and 181 of the Federal Constitution.

Referring to sex bloggers Alvin Tan Jye Yee and his Singaporean girlfriend, Vivian Lee, Najib said the young couple’s rude and disrespectful act towards Islam showed that abusing the freedom of voice and opinion could harm society.

“Although the government would like to guarantee the freedom of speech, it cannot be abused to the extent that it can harm national unity.”

The controversial couple had incurred the wrath of Malaysians over their Facebook posting of a picture of them eating bak kut teh with the caption “Selamat berbuka puasa” on Facebook.

The picture had a halal logo and the words “wangi, enak, menyelerakan” (fragrant, delicious and appetising) were used to describe the herbal pork dish.

It was reported yesterday that the couple could be charged under the Sedition Act 1948.

Najib yesterday also reiterated the government’s firm stand against attempts to incite hatred and stir racial discord. He said the nation’s main pillars of national unity and harmony could crumble if the government was not firm in dealing with actions threatening them.

“We must be firm on this. There cannot be absolute freedom at the expense of national interest and harmony. I have always stressed the principle of freedom with responsibility. The government’s position on this is clear and we will maintain and uphold the principle,” Najib said, stressing that the people must be sensitive to differences in religions and cultures.

Najib also said the government would look into views asking for a new law similar to the repealed Emergency Ordinance 1969.

He said the relevant stakeholders would be involved in the discussion including the police and the Attorney-General’s Chambers on this proposal.

“We can get the views of Suhakam and even from the Bar Council.”

On whether the government would be seen as back-tracking should it come up with an act similar to the Emergency Ordinance, Najib said it should not be viewed as such.

“It is not back-tracking. We want to ensure that the fight against crime will be effective.

“At the same time, we must strike a balance to protect the rights of individuals and the interests of society by ensuring there is no abuse of power.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had earlier this month said he was discussing with Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail the draft of a new law following the repeal of the Emergency Ordinance.

Concerns were raised after it was revealed that many of the more than 2,600 detainees released from the Simpang Renggam detention centre after the Emergency Ordinance was repealed had returned to a life of crime.

There you go again, that word – ‘abuse of power’. Just because there could be abuse of power, the Prime Minister wants to repeal Sedition Act and replace it with an act so similar it could just be its clone. But of course, since the the lawmakers have nothing better to do, why not waste precious time debating about the same act in Parliament and waste further money and resources to pass it as a new law.

All this is beyond stupidity. Why is the Prime Minister too busy thinking about the human rights of the perpetrators and evil doers? Will this get him more votes? We are laughing as we are writing this. Yes, please seek more advice from the Bar Council. They are the best in defending the human rights of criminals.

Now let us look of what could happen to the new ‘ Sedition Act’.

Let us look at the Peaceful Assembly Act the government had triumphantly gazetted in 2012. This act replaces some of the provisions of the Police Act.


Para 3 – No jail term. Only penalty up to RM20,000

Penalty of up to RM20,000 is the maximum punishment for anyone who had broken the Peaceful Assembly Act above. There is no jail term. If the magistrate says – “You are sentenced to RM3,000 fine”, then Anwar Ibrahim would just have to ask the contractors from Penang to pay the fine on behalf of his rioting supporters.

This kind of act has lost its tooth. People are not afraid of paying fines. They are more afraid of being sent to jail. While the police act provided some jail term as one of its punishments, this new act has none.

The same fate could fall to the National Harmony Act when it is being debated by the opposition in Parliament. Opposition will surely fight for a no jail term clause. And since the Prime Minister will bend over backwards to please the interests of the Opposition leaders, this will definitely happen.

Advisers and consultants are nice to have if they know what they are doing. Being liberal and progressive is fine; but if you do not know the head and tail of an issue, please do not give the wrong advice. This is because the person is probably no longer capable of thinking straight.

20 thoughts on “The stupidity continues..

  1. Maybe PM Najib is too gentleman. Living with silver and gold spoons all his life. A bit out of touch with real life. I really hate it when he blamed the Police and yet when drafting the law they exclude the Police. The Police are the real people who has to live and breathe criminals and underworld. The politicians and policy makers don’t even experience traffic jam (with police outriders escorting them everywhere), how to draft an effective law to catch the criminals?

    Suhakam and Bar Council care more about the criminals than the rakyat. After all, the criminals are their source of income (lawyer’s fee). The more they can free the criminals, more lawyer fees for them! This group PM Najib want to consult? It is like giving the thief the cookie jar!

    Every time I think about the abolishment of ISA and EO, I will always remember Hisham grinning like a moron when Najib made the announcement. There are so many Dumb and Dumber around nowadays!


  2. It is as funny as him asking for a market friendly and meritocratic affirmative action. Dulu KJ and Pak Lah, now Omar Ong and Najib. Sama bahalaol!!!


    • Tak sabar nak tengok Najib main Kompang pulak kali ni dalam Iklan Hari Raya 2013. Sekarang ni PM dok practice Kompang dengan Omar Ong kut. Or was it Omar Ong yang ajar PM main Gendang Cina. Kalau PM tak main Kompang dalam Iklan Hari Raya 2013, kita patut ucap bye-bye saja pada PM. Kalau takdak Iklan Hari Raya 2013 lagi lah, nampak sangat, kan PM?


  3. Yeah, Najib should have pet tigers instead of cats. Their survival instincts may rub off onto his consciousness. And the Muslims are waiting for him to be featured in a Hari Raya greetings, complete with green baju kurung, black samping, perhaps blowing the seruling bamboo playing the Hari Raya song.

    Setting must be the authentic kampong scene with lampu colok lighted up.


  4. Najib dah jadi pondan….xde telur….asik ambik gmbr dgn kucing…..adoiiiii…. bila najib nak sedar ni…we want smart n tough PM lahhhhh….camner rakyat nak respect kalau PM lembab camni.


  5. JMD
    I was arguing the same thing you did with someone just after PM made his statements over TV.
    I do not think our PM is that stupid because he won’t be a PM if he is.
    I have only one theory as to why he is making such decisions…

    Someone or something is pointing a gun to his head.

    That’s it.


    • Tuan JMD and Puan WanitaBukitTinggi

      Najib did not change the line of cabinet ministers, on becoming PM. Even now, save for the addition of new ministers from Sabah & Sarawak, the same ministers were just shuffled around.

      In some respect, it was worse. Some ministers in the ineffective Dolah Bedawi cabinet were elevated to full ministers. Even the SIL is now a full minister!!.

      Equally significant too are the mob of so-called CEOs that were running the GLCs. They had been strategically appointed by Khazanah Nasional in major GLCs. The management of Khazanah itself saw a major change.

      PTD officers who had proven themselves since Khazanah was created, were replaced by untried and untested executives from god knows where.

      The appointments of these new CEOs were pre-orchestrated by the 4th Floor boys and their puppet king . These same CEOs are still in place. Some had been elevated to even higher and bigger jobs.

      If we accept – the above notions to be true, then there is one inescapable conclusion. That the PM is only a CARETAKER PM for Mr. Dolah Bedawi.

      The issue is this — did UMNO really got rid of AB?? Or has the change from AB to NR a mere wayang kulit?

      It would seem that the same puppet master is still all controlling and all powerful.
      The pressing matter for UMNO to decide is — can the status quo be maintained?Surely the prospect of problems for GE14 looms ever so larger!!



  6. Let’s not cry over a spilled milk. ISA and EO were the things of the past now. There’s nothing you could do about it. It’s going to be a mammoth task if we were to bring back those type of laws. Something need to be done here. We need to a firm hand to control of the situation. Not blowing hard and cold responses. I don’t think the government are doing enough as cases of shooting sprees now are out of control. You can’t really blame the police either as they too can’t do much without firm and hard decisions from above. They too are waiting for signals for the next big move. Immediate and swift actions are needed to bring back public confidence. You don’t solve a problem by paying lips service to it, or setting up a committee to form another committee to oversee the performance of another committee which being supervised by another committee.


  7. Najib should stop playing with cats…cos’ I think he got infected by cat’s stupidity!

    To be a leader at this stage he must have a very thick skinned…someone must tell him that he sure look stupid with criminals running around like there is no rule of law.


  8. JMD what i can say is that Najib is really dumb ass..bebal n tolol..he is good for Nothing..He alway buy rakyat wit money..here n there juta juta here n there…F*** him out..


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  10. Salam JMD,
    To be a really effective and good PM , DSNR must emulate the legendary Chinese General SUN TZU. General SUN ZU beheaded the favorite concubine of the Emperor because she did not follow the instructions of General SUN TZU who was assigned to train her to be a commander. The Emperor respected the decision of General SUN TZU.

    Does DSNR have the moral courage to sack a Minister found to be inefficent and ineffective ? Let’s have the responses of our commentators.



  11. Assalamualaikum….yg jd tanda tanyer sayeer….naper berat sgt pm nak minta pendapat tun m/tun daim kew sesaper selain punahsihat dier sebagai pendapat ke 2/3/4..kew….
    klo sayer pm sayer lbh rela digelar pupet tun m/daim/dll dr dicap B****…..sayer akan baca semer blog tuk nengok pendapat akar umbi n tapis tapis tapis sendrik…klo sayer p…mmmmm……panasssss jewww kan kan kan…..tawakal jew lew…..dooooaaaa…..


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