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Yet another international airport forgotten

Just a quick one.

I find the idea of having another airport very near to two of our international airports in Sepang very peculiar.

The choice of location in Labu, Negeri Sembilan was indeed a poor and last minute decision to make.

This is because, Melaka is already developing an international airport in Batu Berendam. Therefore, within 2 years time, we will have 4 international airports within less than 100km stretch of each other!

The Batu Berendam International Airport will be operational by May 2009.  The project, which was launched in 2006, is scheduled to complete by this year at a cost of only RM130 million.

The original plan in 2006 was only to cater for small flights but Air Asia themselves urged the government to upgrade the project so that it can cater for Boeing 737s and Airbuses.

This will enable Air Asia to capture the Melaka – Indonesian destinations market.

Hence, the project was upgraded by extending its runway to allow those specific aircrafts to take-off. Several more millions were poured in just to cater those demands.

The airport would also be a direct destination to and from Nanjing, China.  Up till now, the ariport can cater for flights from Indonesia, Kota Kinabalu and Langkawi.

Currently, this airport is under the direct supervision of MAHB.

Therefore, we can safely say that this Melaka Airport is an international airport designed to cater for flights from China and South East Asian countries for years to come.

To me, LCCT Labu is just another last minute midnight regulation by Pak Lah and his cronies. Surely no detailed extensive study had been made before they hatched this devious idea. Because if they had, they would have considered the proximity of Batu Berendam International Airport too!

This airport in Melaka was conveniently forgotten and will become redundant if those greedy people are successful in their bid to have yet another airport.


Somebody has to answer for this ludicrous shenanigans.

Update 13 January : Interesting news reported by the AFP here. It is amazing that due to the management’s own incompetence in managing the company, it has to sacrifice the national pride to foreigners in order to bail themselves out. Be sure to take note that this deal may come effective before April 2009. Oh, and the shareholders (and their proxies), being the main beneficiary of sale will definitely do not want to miss out on this ‘cash out’. Complete with a legal firm producing recycled S&P document but at the same time, charging its clients an obscene amount of fee :p

I really hope I am wrong.

Clarification : After the news got people down south salivating for the economic prospects, Proton issued out a press statement citing ‘misquoted communication’ as the reason for the earlier confusion. Rocky also wrote about it here. I am glad I was wrong.

49 thoughts on “Yet another international airport forgotten

  1. Salam Bro JMD …. 🙂

    They claim of 18Million current flow….that’s a huge retail market for the current KLIA…why cant we just charge lower say in return for an equity swap between MAHB and AirAsia..its got full connectivity from KL at high speed (rope in that as well into the swap)

    The full vertical integration (or cooperation) can be achieved… folks are not competing directly with one another…think together…..and Sime if u want a part of it..focus on hotels and other peripheral developments…

    Dal la tu Pak Lah…let it go please….

    JMD : Thanks SatD. Always a pleasure to have you here.


  2. Salam JMD,

    Bila duit dan kuasa dalam tangan, orang akan jadi lupa diri. Kes IJN masih lagi fresh, kes Labu pula. Lagi 2 bulan ke Mac, lepas ni apa pula. until then, better put a watchdog on him..24/7 !


  3. Assalamualaikum Worih,

    Years ago, folks in Construction Industries who were lucky enough to have experiences in Airport were considered as rare breed, why, because for an airport to be design and constructed, carefull studies and consideration were made.

    Seems like nowadays folks are “smarter” than us last time. It took them just like that to think of building new airport.

    As I have mention thousand times to my buddy, We (me and him) are well off, but the people in power are soo poor that they have to devised a plan to enable them to at least have a piece of bread …. pity them, sigh.


  4. Assalamualai’kum JMD,

    How are you? Been a long time since i pen down my thots here. Must be too angry with everything going on now. Kena byk berzikir…

    But this airport thing is another project that Pak Lah, SIL and cronies plan to kaut duit secepat mungkin sebelum stepping down. He signed too many deals which rolled my eyes till i get juling..

    I just can’t wait for him to step down and stop using our money for un necessary projects.

    p.s. also getting angry at Liverpool for not taking advantage. Now, my heart is pounding ever so loudly and biting those nails to see if Man Utd manage to catch up or worse, top Liverpool… arrrgghhhh!!!!


  5. Hmm..trying to imagine the airports between short distances…commercial value..or military value? Or for who’s value?

    If for military pupose, might as well build aircraft carriers!

    If there’s a plan for the biggest ever airports (combining all three), hmm..I wonder…

    JMD : Thinking outside the box nampak…? 🙂 An airport the size of a state!? It will then be called the Corridor of Airports… Planes can land in Labu and taxi all the way up to Sepang…


  6. jika kerajaan tidak megambil endah bantahan yg di buat di blog, sy rasa eloklah kita berdemo secara aman. Saya bimbang nasib klia seperti kera dihutan disusukan anak dirumah mati kelaparan. Kerajaan telah menarik balik penswastaan ijn, jebat rasa adakah kerajaan akan tunduk pada bantahan kali ini? projek ini tentu lebih menguntungkan berbanding dengan ijn.


  7. Kenapa kita sering dikelilingi oleh golongan yang tamak? Tak cukup lagi ke dengan apa yang dah mereka miliki? Pemimpin sekarang banyak melakukan perkara yang tak masuk dek akal. Pentingkan diri. Kita perlukan mereka untuk memimpin, bukan membawa kita kepada kemusnahan. Takkan asyik nak kena tegur je kot. Letihlah kalo mcm nie.. Dah besar panjang pun x reti2 lg. Akai ada ka?


  8. penasihat-penasihat pak lah kata..
    “Pak Lah, masa Dr M keluar idea Proton, highway utara selatan, twin tower, putrajaya, KLIA, sepang F1; ramai orang bangkang, kutuk dan hina Dr M, tapi lepas 10-20 tahun, ramai puji Dr M. Kami rasa kalau Pak Lah luluskan airport Labu ni, mula-mula orang kutuk, tapi lepas 10-20 tahun, orang akan puji Pak Lah”…

    he he he… lu pikir la sendiri…


  9. Used to be… they built new airport or highways or F1 tracks for reasons like the rakyat needed one or its good for economic growth or its a stimulus package. Something along that line.

    These days its sad how the built or do things just because Tony needs one, Patrick wants one, KJ must have two of each one and Pak Lah collects from everyone…

    Just wondering what’s left by march…

    JMD : Good point. Thank you for the comment.


  10. Askm JMD,

    The KLIA East@Labu Project smells. The points you raised suppport this contention.

    The MAAC is morally and legally obliged to carry out investigation to find out the truth about this project.But the MAAC is under the PM’s Department !!!

    Hang Kasturi


  11. Can you imagine the cost of jet fuel to taxi a plane 10km back and forth? Does all this make business sense? Somebody is in a hurry to proceed with billion-dollar projects. If only the Govt. can approve and implement other crucial infrastructure projects at this speed……


  12. I have highlighted this article to YB Wee Kee Siong. Hopefully he can raise more question in parliament next time..

    Thank you for info sir.


    Alladin and his magic lamp :p

    JMD : Great. Thank you.


  13. most airport and airlines don’t make money in the long run.
    trust me, am from the aviation industry !.

    greed & corruption ,,,plus glory makes people get carried away easily,,,,,,,Geeee.

    only time will tell them, how foolish one can get in life,,,,,,well its still not to late for some. (tony,,,listen-lah)



  14. Never been much aware on the Batu Berendam Airport.

    The say it’s a private sector investment but look at it closely. Sime Darby is government owned with substantive involvement by EPF, the same with Air Asia. Who will build the support services – roads, Customs & Immigrations, public area, lighting, it has to be the government, right?

    Malaysians are experts in building airports, like the ones in India but that doesn’t mean that we need that many in such a small country.

    Sime and Tony will not have it easy this time, I think. I laughed at the sarcasm in TDM latest article on this.

    JMD : Well said. Thank you.


  15. @ penasihat-penasihat Pak Lah

    Quote: penasihat-penasihat pak lah kata..
    “Pak Lah, masa Dr M keluar idea Proton, highway utara selatan, twin tower, putrajaya, KLIA, sepang F1; ramai orang bangkang, kutuk dan hina Dr M, tapi lepas 10-20 tahun, ramai puji Dr M. Kami rasa kalau Pak Lah luluskan airport Labu ni, mula-mula orang kutuk, tapi lepas 10-20 tahun, orang akan puji Pak Lah”…

    Dulu dengan sekarang tak sama. Semasa Mahathir cadangkan benda2 ni dulu ianya belum ada, kalau ada pun tak menepati standard keperluan kapasiti akan datang (eg Subang Airport, Jalanraya Persekutuan etc etc). Sekarang kebanyakannya (eg KLIA, PLUS – and other expressways) sudah pun ada dengan master plan menyediakan kapasiti yg boleh bertahan utk keperluan 20-30 tahun akan datang bahkan mungkin lebih lama lagi. Yang perlu sekarang ialah menyenggara dengan sempurna dan menambahbaik apa yg sedia ada. Bukannya dengan membina airport baru pada jarak hanya 10 km dari airport yg sedia ada – belum sebut commercial viability lagi, safety (air traffic control) pun dah gagal! It’s a pretty dumb idea. ICAO tidak akan mengiktiraf KLIA-East.


  16. Picking up from comments from Tony, I wonder why Air Asia (be it X, Y or Z) need its own runaway. And why is it then we need yet another express rail route to connect KL to yet another airport? As I can recall it was already in the plans a couple of years back by MAHB that they intend to build a new LCCT with an extension of the ERL to this new terminal. What rubbish did Tony speak when he said that MAHB has never presented an idea for a new terminal. He further said that MAHB only said about the new terminal AFTER they presented about Labu Airport. That is not correct.

    Instead of a totally new airport all it needs now is a new terminal. Correct me if I am wrong here but if runaway is a problem I think KLIA has reserved land to build 2 more runaways to make it 4. Use the existing infrastructure to enhance the place and not build an entirely new airport, and roads, and hotels etc etc etc. (See how much other spinoff can be derived from this?).

    I think we have done well to get Sime Darby to change its mind about taking over IJN, we can do the same to get Sime Darby to change its mind about allowing their land (actually in a roundabout way, tax payers land) to be used to build the airport.

    On that note on a totally different subject, what is it about Malaysian leaders that they are always bent on destroying or reducing the legacy of another leader’s legacy. Looking at the state of Proton, wanting to build a new airport, jambatan scenic that was cancelled etc etc etc, isn’t that a not so subtle way of getting rid of a person’s legacy? What next? Yet another twin tower to be called triple tower to tower the Emirates Tower? 50 to 100 years from now new generations will only get to see ruins or rubble what was once some leaders legacy. Never maintained and left in disrepair just because it is not the leader of the present’s legacy. Sad.


  17. The fundamental principle in valuing the worth of a public project is whether it serves the INTEREST OF THE NATION. LCCT @Labu although PFI driven is a public project. Otherwise, it would not have gotten the approval of Pak Lah, MOF, EPU as well as other government agencies. Why LCCT @Labu attracts widespread interest in the first place is because it will be carried out within the vicinity of KLIA which was built to cater for 125 million passengers, international and domestic.

    The current capacity at KLIA has yet to breach 25 million passengers. This means KLIA is overly underutilised. Then why the need to have another LCCT and runaway? Are we to ignorantly believe that when LCCT @Labu was hatched by Sime Darby and Tony Fernandez, they were benevolently talking about serving and protecting public/national interest. Theirs are purely commercial considerations. Like what Sime Darby tried with IJN. To also claim that LCCT @Labu will not involve a single sen of public money is complete fallacy.

    LCCT @Labu is against national interest as it run contrary to KLIA Master Plan. Evaluated against this yardstick, LCCT Labu is deemed to be a wasteful project. Importantly, when there is a conflict between national and commercail interest then national interest should prevail. If this fundamental principle is being overlooked, then the public has the right to question Pak Lah’s decision to approve the LCCT project.

    The Fourth Airport has little value because commercial interest has superceded national interest.

    The next recourse is to get Parliament to discuss the LCCT project. Let the truth prevail.


  18. Walaupun filem Labu Labi hasil karya Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramli berulang kali ditayang di kaca TV, masih ada lagi yg tak mampu nak ambil iktibar..

    Kalau dalam filem Pendekar Bujang Lapuk perkataan “UMNO ” yg dieja oleh Seniman Syamsuddin dlm bahasa Jawi “dibunyikan ” sbg “sarkes” maka agaknya begitulah cara berfikirnya sesetengah pemimpin UMNO .


  19. Greetings JMD,

    Shah’s comment is interesting as we can see ancient ruins all around South East Asia, Borobudur in Indonesia, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, etc. Does it reflect a regional culture of building megastructures by leaders during the height of their rule only to be neglected by later generations because it was impractical in the first place?

    The problem with such projects is that is has become terribly obvious why they are approved in the first place. It has become a culture of build this and that, without care for its practicality, eg. the many reports of abandoned markets and shop complexes meant for petty traders. One of the reasons include the lack of integrated planning, bad design, taking into account location, accessibility, public transport, and even people’s perception, etc.

    And not forgetting the quality of the place, with cracks appearing here and there as soon as its handed over to the occupants, haha. And the compulsory leaks from the roof when there’s a heavy downpour.

    When will the contractors start taking pride in what they do and deliver quality, affordable and well thought out buildings that are useful for the community instead of just ripping off the rakyat’s money to make a quick buck for themselves?

    JMD : Thank you msleepyhead.


  20. JMD,
    Ali Rastam not doing anything to promote Batu Berendam airport?

    JMD : I believe once the airport is completed mid this year, there will be a lot of fanfare and media blitz. Back in 2006, when the project was announced, it received some exposure as well.

    I’m sure MAHB that was supervising this particular airport was not aware of the plan in Labu before this.

    Thank you.


  21. Hi JMD,

    I’m a regular reader of your blog. i think it has been almost a year now. i just realised something. malaysian are too lazy to think. they will shallow everything that been told on their choosen media.common sense is not compulsory. that goes for both BN and PR.

    For me, political instability is due to our immature society. If we can be mature, rationale and critical thinking people, i guess everything will be better doesnt matter whose is the ruling government.

    Anyway, keep blogging. I appriciate what you have written.



  22. from someone that started an airline with just $2/- and free financing from pre-paid flt. tickets, Tony should not be too greedy.
    if I were him, I would be ever greatful by now,,,,,not to labulabi the rakyat too much-lah.
    Enough is enough.
    sorry Tony,,,,,you blew big time man. Tupai tak pandai terbang tau.


  23. An airport, especially one of international status, is important for any country. Its use is not only confined during peace but also, war.
    For one to build another international airport within 100km of one which will be operational soon is rather strange. Worse still within two years, there will be four international airports within 100km of each other for such a small country like Malaysia.
    Malaysia is never a hostile country and will never dream to conquer other countries, by land, sea or air. It appears the foundation is now being laid for UFOs or Martians to easily land and attack Malaysia from the air. Very likely, someone in Malaysia now has some ties with this personality from outer space.
    The more international airports the quicker will Malaysia be subdued by the aliens’ mighty air power. We will then have a new ‘boss’.
    What do you think, Hi jebat Must Die. ?


  24. Salam JMD,

    It seems sekarang Tony menggunakan Istilah TERMINAL RAKYAT dalam propaganda meminta menyokong LCCT Labu.

    E-mail sedang di hantar, meminta memujuk para bloggers dan wakil wakil rakyat menyokong usaha mereka.

    Excerpts from the mail…

    //We at AirAsia and AirAsia X appreciate your patronage in choosing us for your travel. As a regular user of the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Sepang, we have heard your concerns and complaints about the cramped facilities at the LCCT. Many of you may not be aware that the terminal is owned, operated and managed NOT by AirAsia but by Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd., a government-linked company.

    To help serve you even better, AirAsia – together with Sime Darby Bhd. – proposed to the government that we be allowed to construct and operate a new terminal to cater to the airline’s exponential growth. The Cabinet approved our request for the new terminal – KLIA-East, or as we like to call it, The Rakyat’s Terminal – to be located just a short distance from the KLIA Main Terminal. The new terminal in Labu, Negeri Sembilan, is scheduled to be in operation early 2011. //

    Sudah lah tak berterima kasih… malahan menyalahkan MAHB.

    What a crap!!


  25. JMD,

    Individu tersebut sedang bermain “indian rope trick”.

    Orang sebegini banyak dia punya “magik”.

    Selagi setiap langkah dia buka, tidak ada sesiapa yang membongkarkan nya….dia akan jalan terus.

    Teruskan usha mu…


  26. Short of selling the controlling stake, Proton needs to be revitalised. I was sad to see Pakatan making so much of a fuss about Proton and switching to Camry.

    In any other country that produces its own automobiles, such move would have backfired. But in the current state in Malaysia, whatever has its legacy with UMNO would need to be dragged to the mud and shamed.

    Mahathir was quite shrewd when he insisted that the official cars are Proton. It hides the economic gap between the have and the have nots. Pak Lah came into power start driving around in a customised 7 series and the cabinet members followed, vanity got the better of them all and all hell broke loose.


  27. dear sir,

    if i’m not mistaken currently there are daily flights for riau from that batu berendam airport. not sure what airline, but there are. most of them come to melaka, for medical treatment


  28. I well know, O Jehovah, that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step. Correct me, O Jehovah, however with judgment; not in your anger, that you may not reduce me to nothing.


  29. Salam hormat JMD.

    Merger Sime Darby (SD), Guthrie dan Golden Hope belum tentu menguntungkan pemilik saham, khususnya pemegang saham ASB kerana ada merger yang gagal; yang pasti untung beratus juta ialah oihak tertentu (pakar runding dan broker).

    Kemudian SD buat kesilapan kerana tamak untuk memiliki IJN sehingga rakyat mengamuk. SD gagal untuk belajar dari kesilapan tersebut lalu melakukan kesilapan yang lebih bodoh lagi iaitu hendak membina lapangan terbang di Labu.

    Tun Musa HItam selaku Pengerusi dan Pengarah Urusan SD (DATO’ AHMAD ZUBIR MUSHID) patut letak jawatan untuk memikul kesilapan dan kebodohan tersebut.


    JMD : Terima kasih atas komen saudara.


  30. Salam JMD,

    Saya kurang bersetuju dgn komen lekiu.

    Dari apa yang saya perhatikan, tidak pernah saya lihat sekumpulan pemimpin parti…mahu pun kerajaan dan pembangkang, bersatu sehingga kini .. UMNO bukan lah matlamat.

    tetapi, cuba menghapuskan Legasi TUN Mahathir.

    That’s my take.


  31. jom masuk politik jebat, dah tak boleyy dah nak jadi penonton jee… makin dibiar… makin dasyat seyyyhhhh… =/

    *** sokong hero tamil… tak abes2 nak dengki with tdm….


  32. Totally out of topic…a little…. BN lost Kuala Terengganu because after all the lessons they are supposed to have learned, they have not learned anything at all. They were pigheaded enough to think that the people of Kuala Terengganu either do not know or have forgotten. Wan Farid is a highly controversial person that the people of Kuala Terengganu have attributed to the controversial Masjid Kristal, Monsoon Cup, the Kuala Terengganu riots etc etc etc. If his brother Wan Hisham was not accepted as ADUN candidate for Ladang, what made them think that Wan Farid would fare better, when the two went hand in hand to campaign for Wan Hisham during the last GE. The people of Terengganu resent that Patrick Badawi and KJ were perceived to have enjoyed the bulk of the so called Wang Ihsan.

    Again Pakatan Rakyat, this have nothing to do with you being great it is just that BN is in such a bad shape that not only do they still believe in their own overblown propaganda, they continued to live in their crystal palaces oblivious to the feelings of the people. Unfortunately now I believe that March 2009 is much too long a time to say goodbye to a family that is Malaysia’s living nightmare.

    Sorry JMD, just had to say something. Have a good day.


  33. I guess the new airport is on because Tony need it for his aliens to land and from where? Mars? unlikely or the moon Europa – there very likely to have living things and they are bored staying there all ice, very logical. I think Tony F**k being contacted by the aliens to build an airport for them. It is easy, boycott air asia. I refuse to travel with air asia no longer f**ked them!

    I don’t think we can successfully boycott AA, so many aliens using it. I guess that is why their staffs are rude and brutal. Okay I can afford it not to travel with AA, but others? The same thing I boycotted MAS. I guess all this are not that too pressing a matter.

    What happened within the Muslim world is more pressing – the Israelis goverment, the American government & the British government are the culprits for us to fight. First help me to find an assassin so I can gundown HM of Eygpt and after that may be the SA King as well. I think I need a few, to gundown the new P of US of A.

    Sorry Jebat, I am in a state of hilang pertimbangan. I don’t hate the Jewish people – I hate politicians – not all, but most of them – outside Malaysian and in Malaysia. I don’t believe in discussion at this point – kill and kill them all. Oh my, God save me. I don’t mind if you don’t publish this, but in my head & heart I can only see blood.

    How to dishistory (I guess just my own word) the legacy of Tun? I don’t particularly supported him, but he is a wise man & was a wise PM for Malaysia. An airport we the people don’t need at this time of trying. Who is the culprit? We can talk about it, but it is still going own, yes! Nothing we can do unless now we change the government.


  34. ini semua kerja orang yang mempunyai agenda sendiri yang digunakan untuk mengisi perut sanak keluarga tanpa menghiraukan kesan kepada semua pihak. kenapakah kerajaan sedia ada sekarang patut patuh kepada permintaan seorang lelaki yang sekarang ini tanpa sombong dan bongkak? beliau boleh dibanggakan sebagai pembuka jalan kepada semua orang untuk kemana-mana sahaja menggunakan perkhidmatan syarikatnya namun adakah itu satu tiket yang istimewa untuknya untuk membida projek “pintar” ini.

    Kenapa Jambatan bengkok yang amat penting dihentikan? kenapa projek Bakun tidak sempurna dilaksanakan? kenapa banyak projek yang berkepentingan untuk rakyat dihentikan? mengapa? bukan kerana kerajaan kita lemah dan tiada sumber kewangan namun projek-projek diatas tidak membawa keuntungan maksimum kepada empunya tandatangan yang akan meluluskan projek tersebut. Bukan tidak bijak menggunakan otak namun tidak bijak memimpin negara untuk menjadi maju raya.


  35. Thanks Jebat for this article, and especially to TamilHero for his comments.

    I had tried to put my thought forward when AirAsia used ‘Rakyat’ in their lobby emails (I’d called them Spams). Since when did AA become a non-profit NGO, or a political party, that they can claim that their asset bulding is a project for the ‘Rakyat’.

    I have taken other low cost carriers, and my opinion of AA is that they are an airline that profits from people’s misary. Think about it, if you can’t make the 1 hr deadline, you lose all or bulk of your fare, you pay additional fee per bag, you have to make sure that your family gets to the aircraft fast to ensure that the family can sit together (despite the headstart-and to some, even charge a fee for the headstart). Aerobridge is expansive and not a for a LCC, maybe… but to some LCC, they actually assist in elevating the elderly and the challanged to the plane (and some actually use an airport with an aerobridge).

    All these coming from a profit oriented company that claimed they are having the ‘Rakyat’ in mind.

    I would have probably let it be, except when they started to use ‘Rakyat’ and started to send emails and asking the Rakyat to support them….


  36. Saudara,

    Mari lah kita sama-sama memboikot Air Asia kerana sikapnya yang begitu tamak dan asyik mengejar keuntungan. Langsung tiday ada sikap memberi. Saya telah menggunakan logo “I’m not flying Air Asia di blog saya:

    Saya harap saudara juga boleh meggunakan logo tersebut dalam blogsite saudara.


  37. JMD,

    KLIA and Subang tower are working together to coordinate the landing and take off. I can’t imagine how it would be when LABUcrap comes into the picture.


  38. It’s mindbogling to think that they propose to spend billions on, and the authorities allow, the Labu Airport project.

    It’s not possible that the authorities say, “Si Luncai nak terojun dengan labu-labu nya, biarkan, biarkan”! Obviously, some other motives.

    The capable and experienced officers at the Economic Planning Unit, PM’s Dept, must have called for local and/or foreign consultants and it’s strange that they, even at pre-feasibility study level, appear to have found an airport so near to KLIA (which has so much extra space) and Berendam feasible.

    I agree with Dr Mahathir’s and JMD’s views on this.

    It is possible that EPU has reservations but, as Government Officers, they can only state their views, then have to carry out decisions made by the political masters, even their proxies, the 4th Floor boys. Hopefully there are not many of the kind hoping for Datoships and Tan Sriships who may have stated their views differently.

    Much has been said about Musa Hitam’s Chairmanship of Sime Darby, which owns huge tracts of land in Labu, and the attempt to take over Institute Jantung Negara.

    The measure of a man is not his physical build, his money or power, or brains (there are many cunning fellows creating havoc in the world). It is his heart. And you have no heart if you want to take over or privatise IJN.

    I urge sane, rational and responsible Malaysians to speak up against acts and ideas that will compromise the healthy and orderly development of our nation. We have been having a hard time building this nation – the Sri Vijaya and Majapahit wars pre-Malacca Sultanate years, the walloping by the Portuguese and the Dutch in Malacca, the rape of the economy by, and the forced terms and conditions of, the British colonialists (don’t agree, no Merdeka), etc. Let’s continue to build it in a responsible manner.

    If the mainstream media won’t print our views, let’s use blogs. State our views firmly, responsibly, explain, persuade, without inciting people to break laws, etc.

    Best wishes.

    JMD : Very good commentary. Thank you.


  39. why must we have such leader.. dont they have a thought on ‘rakyat’? sometimes i wonder why paklah is so easily influenced by his son and son in law(or family members)? i am so sad about this issue. Alhamdulillah, now paklah has stepped down the throne and KJ is no more in the government. Hopefully najib would follow his father’s foot step and not easily be influenced by anybody like paklah..

    Datuk Seri Najib, ‘rakyat’ hopes the best from you. We wish you best of luck.

    Thank You very much JMD for providing us this intellectual arena. ‘Rakyat’ out there needs to know the truth.

    p.s-why jebat must die? i dont want you to die. i want you to live and give us some more mind boosting articles.


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