The public transportation issue

Recently, the government of Malaysia had proposed RM7 billion stimulus package to supplement the 2009 budget presented by the current Prime Minister back in August.

This stimulus package, presented by the current Finance Minister was later discovered to be only a hypothetical economic stimulus package.

Hypothetical – according to the Deputy Finance Minister whom made the embarrassing statement one day after the Finance Minister announced the stimulus package in Parliament.

As Datuk Sakmongkol had noted that according to the Finance Ministry, the stimulus package is termed hypothetical because ‘it depended on savings made from the downturn in global fuel prices, and what the government will do with RM7 billion when the situation arises.’

For all intent and purposes, it cannot be denied that the Finance Ministry made a commendable effort to stave of the incoming recession that may hit our shores.

However, there is one area that I feel the Government had grossly misallocated the public money.

The public transportation system.

In the recent ‘hypothetical’ stimulus package, the Government will further distribute RM500 million to strengthen the public transport especially the LRT, Komuter and bus systems in urban areas.

Now, back in August, the Prime Minister had announced in the original budget, an allocation of RM35billion to be pumped in to the public transportation system within the 6 year period of 2009 to 2014.

That is roughly calculated as an average of RM5.8 billion per year. And now, if this hypothetical stimulus package will become a reality, another half a billion will be further pumped into the industry.

What is it about this government and its fetish with public transportation? Since 2004, the government had pumped in more than RM10 billion into the development of public transportation!

And what can you do with this extra RM500 million that you can’t do with the already allocated RM5,800 million for the year?

It is an open secret that the main beneficiary of this allocation is SCOMI Bhd. They are the main supplier of buses and trains for the bus and LRT system in the Klang Valley. RapidKL is the asset operator in Klang Valley while Syarikat Prasarana Sdn Bhd is the asset owner. SCOMI Bhd is also the main supplier of assets for RapidPenang and KL Monorail.

The government had, year upon year, appropriated funds for the improvement of the public transportation in the urban areas. But as all sundry can see, no immediate change was seen since 2004.

Our public transportation system is still languishing in a bottomless pit of train delays, erratic time schedules, low quality buses and awful customer service etc.

What I have come to notice is, the government had taken the wrong strategy in uplifting this problem. They had only focusing on the infrastructure. They thought that they could eliminate these problems by simply providing more trains or more buses.

On the other hand, they had overlooked the much bigger problems facing the operators of the public transportation here.

Chief among the problems is the profit sustainability of the business itself. For far too long the transport operators especially RapidKL is caught between the need to make profits and the need to retain some social responsibility.

The government had neglected the fact that if they had wanted RapidKL to operate within the social responsibility perimeters, the industry need to be heavily subsidised. There is no other government in this world that did not subsidise the day to day operations of its national public transportation company.

But Malaysia chose to minimally subsidise RapidKL. Thus far, the only form of subsidy RapidKL enjoy is through a discounted diesel purchase. This however is not enough to sustain their operational costs. The dilemma now lies with the need to increase their fare structure. A move which by the way was shot down by the government every year due to the social responsibility agenda.

Another problem of the Klang Valley public transport is the myriad of governing bodies having the authority over it. With so many bodies that often that not, have many contradicting views in mapping out the strategy, no wonder public transportation system remain stagnant despite the huge amount of funds it received since the current Prime Minister took over since 2004.

We currently have DBKL, the local councils, JPJ, the police force, Puspakom, Transport Ministry, Finance Ministry, Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board etc (some say up to 14 bodies) governing the public transportation system in the Klang Valley itself. It would be a wonder if even a simple, unanimous decision can be deliberated within a month.

With really high maintenance cost especially in the train transportation system, the asset operator suffers huge cash deficit year on year. It is not economical for the government to turn a blind eye to the plight of the asset operator but at the same time, treating SCOMI Bhd like a golden child.

The asset operator is the pulse and heart of the public transportation industry, not the main supplier of assets. It would be a winning strategy if the main supplier had been honest in acquiring the assets for the usage of the industry. But from observation, honesty is left wanting.

In reality, the problem within the public transportation is only exacerbated by the failure of the main vendor to provide high quality assets.

For instance, what the asset operator had requested in terms of engineering specifications such as bus type and spare parts were not duly met by the supplier.

If RapidKL requested high quality buses from Europe (albeit with much higher price), the supplier will substitute these orders with much cheaper buses from China. As the result, due to the poor quality of buses purchased, breakdowns occur on daily basis. Maintenance costs invariably increase and this is eating up their reserves. At the same time, service level to customer deteriorates further.

And this is where I feel the government had lost its focus. Instead of looking at the root cause of the problem, what the government did was to pamper the vendor with obscene amount of money under the guise of supplying more assets.

Supplying more assets such as more buses and trains will not improve the public transportation as a whole. The industry need to be revamped as a whole.

For a start, there is a need to centralise the governing authority of public transportation under one body. There is an initiative to do this right now. However, a body without the relevant power to deliberate decisions will only be reduced as a token entity in the end. Furthermore, this body must be run by experts; not by politicians which may be blinded with political expediency.

Secondly, the government must make the difficult decision to either let RapidKL operate in a more conducive environment i.e. be able to determine their own fare structure to be more profitable OR to fully subsidise the public transportation industry like what Singapore, UK and Hong Kong are doing right now.

Thirdly, what MAS had done many years ago with the advent of Syarikat Penerbangan Malaysia Bhd may be successful for that particular industry.

But when they separated the ownership and operations of the assets into 2 companies, there was no greedy asset supplier gleefully rubbing his perfectly manicured hands while smoking a cigar in the background at that time.

A new business model must be thought of by the Ministry of Finance to help revitalise the asset operators and also plug the leak that has had our wealth seeping out unnoticed from the nation’s coffers since 2004.

Public transportation system in the Klang Valley had been a thorny issue since the current Prime Minister took over the premiership. It pains us to think that all those money pumped in since 2004 is regarded as sunk cost. Inefficiency and greed must no longer rule the government.

Hopefully, the current Finance Minister knows what he is doing. With RM35 billion and another half a billion promised to the industry, the public must be ensured that right decisions will be made from now on.

39 thoughts on “The public transportation issue

  1. JMD,

    Whatever action DPM wants to take he need to be in charge fully.

    Is there any way that can be achieve by Dec?


    JMD : I seriously doubt it Su, simply because Pak Lah is still the PM till March 2009.


  2. Spot on about the acquiring asset part: Saw that in the 2009 budget by Abdullah and it seems that the billions are still not enough in “asset acquiring exercise” 🙂

    Billions and billions of Ringgit. If we’re not careful, we’ll be like the US Treasury department’s stimulus pacakage excesses soon.

    God bless.


  3. Good to be away from Hardcore politics.

    Are the RM 35 Billion really pumped into the transportation industry, I doubt it. Budgetted yes, but I doubt that would be spent. With diminishing revenue from Petronas and subsidies, I doubt they can spend that much.

    I am equally baffled with the new allocation when there has never been a concrete plan on what they plan to do with the 35 billion.

    I thought that the Rapid KL and the LRT network are managed by a Special Purpose Vehicle, Syarikat Prasarana, 100% owned by the government.

    So, not sure what appears to be the problem in terms of fare, budget etc except maybe that they are clueless on what to do with it.

    PS. I still remember Anwar doing a PR stunt way back in late 90s by riding on was was then known as Intrakota further to complaints by city folk on never -ending congestion. I think he is the one who introduced the bus lane. 10 Years on, nothing much has changed…

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. In essence, Prasarana in the asset owner while RapidKL is the asset operator. Prasarana buys the assets from Scomi Bhd. Scomi will allegedly inflate the price of the assets to Prasarana which in turn will pass it to RapidKL for them to use.

    In the end, you get low quality buses from China that have relatively same price as the more good ones from Europe snaking through our city streets.

    Although Prasarana is the asset owner, they are not responsible for the maintenance costs. That is under the realm of RapidKL (the asset operator).

    In addition, Prasarana is not the parent company of RapidKL but a sister company. Both are reporting to the MOF.

    Thank you.


  4. “Since 2004, the government had pumped in more than RM10 billion into the development of public transportation!”

    -10 billion goes to where? maybe there is something wrong with my eyes, but i did not see any new LRT, Komuter line being contructed as a mean to ease the traffic congestion. the only logical application is replenishing RapidKL buses and some extension to the train line. but sincerely i doubt it will cost more than RM7 billion. or maybe SCOMI is selling buses and train to RapidKL with inflated price just like the Monsoon Cup.

    instead of giving the budget in general term, maybe its time for government to come up with break down cost from general budget, how much each of the buses and trains cost, the maintenance of all public transportation facilities and moreover the company/vendor/supplier that involved in this exercise! hehe.. i guess maybe the only vendor/supplier that will come up over and over again is SCOMI! the goverment should come clean if they are sincere in wiping the corruption in the country clean!

    “We currently have DBKL, the local councils, JPJ, the police force, Puspakom, Transport Ministry, Finance Ministry, Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board etc (some say up to 14 bodies) governing the public transportation system in the Klang Valley itself. It would be a wonder if even a simple, unanimous decision can be deliberated within a month.”

    -couldn’t agree with more. too many bodies governing the public transporation contributed to inefficiency in the system. maybe its time for the Klang Valley to have its own unit administrating the public transportation. whenever there’s lack of action, at least we will know who will be responsible and therefore immediate action can be taken to accomodate the situation.

    out of curiosity, the new Finance Minister announce RM500 million to boost public transporation, but i never read or heard about the break down action on how they are going to utilize the money. have you by any chance heard any specific plan JMD? general discussion won’t work regarding this RM500 million, but rather specific plan, target and objectives should be provided. we already “lost” RM5.8 billion inefficiently used, so as a concerned tax payer, i would really love to know where and how are these people spending my tax money. peace out yo!


  5. Salam.
    Thank you for highlighting this transport issue. I refer to the paragraph on “RapidPenang is the asset operator in Klang Valley while Syarikat Prasarana Sdn Bhd is the asset owner. SCOMI Bhd is also the main supplier of assets for RapidPenang and KL Monorail”…Rightly, RapidKL is the asset operator in Klang Valley while RapidPenang the asset operator in Penang. But you got one damn fact right i.e. SCOMI Bhd is the main supplier of assets for Rapid-brand Buses, lrt AND monorail. Most people won’t complain if SCOMI has the honesty and integrity to provide good quality products, robust to suit the needs. And you are so right to insinuate the Prasarana (asset owner) and RapidKL/Penang (asset operator) separation into 2 companies was in the first place to channel whatever funds that can be siphoned off right into the greedy hands of the asset supplier and their associated companies. Of course the govt or Prasarana can proclaim the contracts are all done through proper channel or tender process. But we don’t really know what actually transpired, do we. Can we actually verify that in the so called tender process to supply say buses, those companies with good track records as bus supplier/manufacturer in truth were invited to submit their bid for tender just to camouflage the appointment of SCOMI? Even if we can, who are we to go against the cunning and greedy brains behind the GLC strategic organisation and business dealings. From the very beginning, the integration of the LRT systems and buses as well as separating the negligible part of “managing the asset” and “operating the asset” function from one entity were a decision reek of foul play. It is during this phase where contracts are signed, dealings made, business partners/associates laughed their way to the bank. And now, with looming debts and escalating maintenance cost for the inferior quality goods supplied by SCOMI, the govt need to pump in more money in the name of public benefit. Makes one wonder, when the public transport coffer is all dried up, which GLCs coffers these scrupulous brains and their cohots will eye on next. May God have mercy on their soul!

    JMD : Have made the correction. Thank you!


  6. Hi JMD,

    wauu .. such a big amount just for public transport alone !! They really sucking our money. Hopefully our new Finance Minister is aware of this. Make him read your posting or forward your article direct to his office PC.

    Is is true they are using bus made from China ? How much per unit they bought it ? Good coach like SCANIA ( 44 seater ) for commercial use only will cost us less than RM400K per unit. So … without taxes, it may be less than RM250K.

    Good article .. mind opening


    JMD : Yes most of the buses that was purchased from 2006 onwards were from China. What’s worse, they are more than 9 types of China-made buses that were purchased! A nightmare for the procurement of maintenance parts and overall logistics.

    Thank you.


  7. 1. your first suggestion to have centralized governing body – If Pak Lah listen to you, he will have another suruhanjaya .
    2. second suggestion. If kamal (pak lah son) heard your suggestion, he would grin from ear to ear and I bet you he will increase 110%.
    3. currently i think MOF are thinking a new tender model rather than business model. Once i traded with scomi engineering and they insisted on a 6 months payment term. go figure! shell, texaco and even petronas ran away. you can imagine how they manage their assests when even the big guy ran away.
    4. last, but not least, if we leave it to the current MOF minister (with Pak Lah still on the helm)… may god bless malaysia!


  8. i am an occasional public transport user myself. it’s the way to go sometimes when traffic jams and fuel really strike your nerves. been an avid public transport user since my univ days in another country. the quality of public transport service between there and here is much to be desired. your article is very revealing. thank you. it gives me another reason to hate these selfless politicians.


  9. wa Jebat.. hebatnya.. you keep slagging off the PM, his son, his SIL… what are you? the new 2008 posterboy for UMNO? …as though the other high ranked ministers in UMNO are so pure and clean… puhleaseee… shows how foolish and naive one can be…. pick a side for goodness sakes… u slag off someone from the rot but yet you support the rot … duh.. i rest my case.. speaks a lot about you..

    JMD : Thank you for this comment. Why do you feel the act of highlighting certain issues that coincidentally have some connection with the PM and his family members be a problem to you?

    Your logic is quite twisted. What is wrong if I support the idea of Umno and BN? Do you mean I should not criticise Umno even if I support it? Nadya, please read the rest of my blog. I criticise where its due and credit something where its due.

    But your comment baffles me indeed.

    So if I criticise Umno, I have to pick/support the other side from now on? My dear Nadya, our minds and actions do not work on a linear basis. Nobody is forcing you to support anything here. If you are so disgusted with Pak Lah and his family members including KJ, then by all means, support the opposition. Support Umno or not to support Umno is entirely up to you Nadya.

    However, I have a hunch that you are actually a KJ supporter. You are just angry that I am highlighting his family’s misbehaviours. If I am wrong, then I would be happily apologise.


  10. Salaam JMD

    It seems that our tax maney is well spent. The poor who ride the bus is charge with fare. Not subsidize. (They only got to pee on one…lol)

    Can’t say much about the lacks and don’t haves on our public transportation. Haven’t been on a public bus in decades! Not since my school days.

    Anyway, good stuff bro. Keep me awake from politics mumbo jumbo.

    p/s: Which part of Melaka are you from?

    JMD : The southern part of Melaka. Near ikan bakar.


  11. Dear JMD,

    Long time no use public transport : ). Heard that the services and qualities are getting worse. I agree with your idea to revamp the whole industry. But I just can’t understand why government needs to spend RM35 billions in 6 years for this industry. First of all, BN may not be the government in another 4 years. Secondly, with current economy turmoil, is government really able to reserve so much money for this budget? Thirdly, as you claimed, more than 10billions had been spent since 2004 and yet no significant improvement could be seen. Why government thinks that by spending more fund (RM35billions) the situation can be improved?

    Worst of all, the government is planning (indirectly) to revise the RM35billions budget to RM35.5billions. Small adjustment for WHAT???

    The new Finance Minister really disappointing. I believe as new PM, he will disappoint rakyat yet again.



  12. without subsidy, the figure I heard was about RM18 from PJ to KL on LRT! there’s no way people would pay that much and there is now way we could do without subsidy, unless our train network is as extensive as the ones in developed countries. longer coaches and additional track would help out, but not solve our problem of commuting 500,000 workers into the city.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. From what I have come to known, the fare RapidKL is charging now i.e RM2 and RM4 for a travel daycard is not subsidised. Subsidy is only through a slightly cheaper diesel purchase. Meaning, they have to work with this low levels of revenue and control their operational costs. Of course, they would almost always be in the red. Possibly, the breakeven point is RM18, maybe less. I do not know. Unlike Singapore and UK that fully subsidise their public transportation, the governmnent here decided not to.


  13. Salam JMD,

    Accountability – that is the missing word, been erased for the past 5 years. sapa pun yang dapat projek kerajaan, terlaksana atau tergendala, tidak mengikut spec, tidak punya kualiti, kos overrun, apa sajalah… the missing word is accountability.

    Saya berharap sangatlah pada DSN, sekiranya berkuasa kelak, gali semula lubang2 yang cuba di kambus itu. Minta mereka2 ini bertanggung jawap, menjelaskan segala pembaziran wang rakyat, boros tahap tertinggi… dan bawa ke pengadilan. berbillion-billion ! berapa banyak angka kosong tu ?

    Bayangkan sekiranya wang sebanyak itu tidak diboroskan, perlukah harga minyak di naikkan bulan mei lepas? yang menyebabkan segala kos sara hidup turut naik dan menyusahkan rakyat sehingga hari ini. tidakkah wang sebanyak itu mampu menanggung segala kenaikan subsidi akibat kenaikan harga minyak dunia yang hanya bertahan beberapa bulan saja itu ? Would the public trnsport be any worse than it is now if way back in 2004, paklah had no keen interest to improve it…?

    Yes, JMD.. keep on digging !


  14. Askm JMD,
    The undelying message in your latest article is still about ” corruption” i.e. the award of contracts to the vendors for the public transport vehicles, referring to SCOMI !! AND mind you big money.

    Touching on corruption, I will relate to the latest article in titled “Peralihan Kuasa….”.

    To save UMNO and BN in the next general elections, we must select leaders who are “kurang tercemar “. By implication, Najib is ‘kurang tercemar “. He then must choose his aides also ‘kurang tercemar'”. The heads of departments must also ” kurang tercemar” . So, Najib must adopt and use this magic formula in running the country.

    Mesage from Chedet is very clear. It is not humanly possible to get poeple “tidak tercemar ” as our leaders. Vested with so much powers,they tend to abuse their powers .The rakyat though accept them if they fall within ‘tolerance level ” . Singapore has very low tolerance level against corruption.Compare it with Indonesia and Malaysia !!

    So, Najib on being given the reins to administer the country, must do the curative works in UMNO and BN . The rakyat must be made to believe that Najib and gang will make our lives better than NOW and be given the mandate to continue the good job in GE 13.

    Please advise Najib to have a good Psywar/psyops team. Believe me it is very important adjunct to his administration.

    Can Najib and gang do it ? Time will tell. Otherwise, kiss goodbye to more states to the PR .

    Hang Kasturi


  15. Now I remember why I started reading your blog. You lavish praise when it is due and you are not shy in criticising when you deem it necessary to do so.

    I often wonder whatever happened to the surplus money from oil revenue which the Government of the Day promised to spend on improving public transportation, thanks for clarifying the matter.

    Apart from the public transportation in the city, it would indeed be nice if the Government would do something to revitalise KTMB. It is indeed a pity to see that the train system with so much potential is left to rot.

    JMD : Thank you Lekiu.


  16. Assalamu alaikum JMD

    The public transport issue is a bane so twisted and crumpled that many policymakers would just chuck it off if possible. Rapid development of industries and its subsequent population outgrew the development of infrastructure (and culture) so much so that our cities are turned into a townplanner’s nightmare. As city dwellers most of us waste precious age and risk equally precious lives to commute in inefficient white mammoths called the public transportation.

    The situation is exacerbated by the National Automotive Policy which has made Malaysia the leading passenger car market in the ASEAN. The vicious cycle has every other Malaysian driving to work as which is a reason / caused by the inability of public transportation to make a decent profit.

    I am all for spending my taxed money to improve public transportation in Malaysia but I do not intend to finance it blindly. There has to be an end to unaccountability for public spending. The buck should stop at the top. Period.


  17. Askm JMD,
    Nadya deserves the slagging off by you.

    I stand by what you declared as your principles in relation to Pak Lah, KJ and the rest. In the GE 2004 the whole country supported Pak Lah, including you I believe and I.But Pak Lah failed the test as a good and effective PM. The evidence is overwhelming.

    So the rakyat have got the constitutional right in asking him to pass the reins to somebody else. You and I and the rest are just chorusing this clarion call for him to pass the baton to NTR vide the blogsphere.

    I am so sorry for you Nadya if you cannot feel the pulse and the mood of the rakyat in relation to Pak Lah,etc. It is an eruption of disappointment against Pak Lah that caused the BN to loose the 5 states to PR.

    If no curative steps are taken NOW, then BN will loose a further 5 states in GE 13.

    Hang Kasturi


  18. When I was working for a business newspaper, I had the opportunity to interview
    Pan Malaysia Bus Operators Association (PMBOA) president Datuk Mohd Ashfar Ali. The man was almost tearing blood talking about the difficulties the bus owners face. The part that baffled me was, as you mentioned above, the number of authorities that bus owners has to report to (not exactly report to, but you know what I mean). It was a sad interview with otherwise a very entertaining man.

    Anyway, good write up, Jebat. I posted my experience in using Public Transportation in my blog: If you are free (warning, the content is not serious):


  19. Tun menyanyi lagi- Lekaslah besar si manja ku sayang
    Tun berkempen lagi melalui blog beliau bagi memastikan kemenangan anak manjanya Mukhriz yang kini kian terhakis sokongan Pemuda UMNO terhadap anak manjanya ini. Walaupun Mukhriz mendapat pencalonan yang tertinggi namun stamina Mukhriz tidak kesampaian dan telah kelihatan termengah-mengah dan diakhir-akhir ini terserlah banyak kebodohan Mukhriz dan terserlah kelemahan beliau seorang pemimpin yang bergantung 100% kepada ayahnya.

    Dalam tulisan Tun kali ini beliau menyerang Khairy Jamaluddin secara terus terang dan cuba menghakiskan sokongan yang diperolehi oleh Khairy Jamaluddin. Inialah politik yang paling jijik dimainkan oleh Tun untuk memenangkan anak beliau. Dalam tulisan itu Tun berkata ,”Pada 2008 pengundi termasuk ahli dan penyokong setia Umno telah tolak Umno hanya kerana pucuk pimpinan Umno yang tak mampu memimpin, yang tunduk kepada Singapura, yang tak tahu kenang budi, yang utamakan anak menantu lebih daripada rakyat dan bermacam lagi. Kerana orang ini seorang, pengundi telah dengan berat hati undi parti lawan.
    Orang ini hanya seorang sahaja tetapi Umno dan BN yang menjadi mangsa,” katanya. Ini adalah merupakan tuduhan peribadi Tun kerana ini sebenarnya tidak berlaku dan rakyat bukan bodoh untuk menilaikan apa yang Tun cakapkan. Tun sepatutnya menyalahkan dirinya apabila rakyat menolak UMNO adalah kerana campur tangan beliau yang meracuni minda rakyat kerana dendam peribadi beliau untuk kepentingan kroni perniagaan beliau yang gagal mendapatkan projek dari kerajaan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Serangan dan pergolakan kemelut Tun yang berleluasa sehinggakan Tun sendiri sanggup bekerjasama dengan pembangkang hanya kerana mahu menjatuhkan Perdana Menteri yang sebenarnya dipilih oleh beliau.

    Tun bukan sayang kepada UMNO, Tun tidak peduli sama ada UMNO akan hancur atau tidak, yang penting bagi beliau, kekuasaan negara perlu ditangan beliau walaupun beliau telah bersara. Tun terlalu banyak mencampuri urusan kerajaan kerana mahu semangat Mahathirisma terus hidup. Pergolakan dalaman UMNO yang berpunca dari Tun yang membuat UMNO lemah. Hari ini Tun bukan lagi ahli UMNO. Jika beliau sayangkan UMNO mengapa beliau tinggalkan UMNO? Apakah seorang Kapten kapal sanggup terjun dari kapal apabila melihat kapal kini condong dan mahu karam.

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    Apakah orang percaya Anaz mesin ATM Mukhriz itu adalah ejen yang mahu memburukkan Mukhriz ? Apakah orang akan percaya beberapa nama yang begitu rapat memberikan wang atas nama Mukhriz juga adalah ejen yang mahu memburukkan Mukhriz. Rakyat bukan bodoh. Mukhriz telah pun memberikan wang dan tidak perlu menutup bangkai busuk ini dengan menyatakan bahawa ejen mahu memburukkan beliau. Tun tak perlu cuci mangkuk untuk Mukhriz dengan menyerang orang lain. Tun sepatutnya menerangkan kepada pemuda dan rakyat betapa bijaknya anak beliau dan Mukhrizlah orang yang paling layak untuk jadi Ketua Pemuda UMNO.

    Dedahan keistimewaan Mukhriz, jika ada. Kami hanya tahu Mukhriz ini hanyalah silembik yang masih menyusu di bawah ketiak Tun.

    Kata beliau lagi, sementara itu, Bernama melaporkan, ketika sesi soal jawab dalam majlis dialog bersama beliau di Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana di Putrajaya hari ini, Dr Mahathir berkata, semua laporan yang diterimanya berhubung amalan politik wang dalam Umno akan dipanjangkan kepada Jawatankuasa Disiplin parti itu untuk tindakan lanjut. Beliau menegaskan laporan tersebut juga akan diserahkan kepada Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR).

    “Jika kedua-dua cara itu tidak berhasil, saya akan siarkan senarai nama mereka yang terlibat itu beserta laporan didalam blog saya,” katanya.

    Ini mengesahkan bahawa Tun mahu menyatakan anak beliau adalah orang yang paling bersih sekali dalam pemilihan UMNO ini, malangnya Tun mungkin tidak tahu atau sengaja buat tidak tahu. Ramai dikalangan pemuda yang mencabar Tun untuk mendedahkan siapakah mereka yang main wang dalam pemilihan UMNO kali ini. Kami berharap Tun telus dalam pembongkaran ini, tapi kami akan jangka, nama yang akan dikaitkan adalah Dr Khir Toyo dan Khairy Jamalluddin dalam Pemuda UMNO. Mukhriz bersih dari senarai ini. Inilah lazimnya cara Tun, mula -mula menyiarkan artikel yang ringan dan kemudian terus menyerang. Tun perlu gentelman, yang bertanding adalah Mukhriz bukan Tun. Berikan peluang untuk Mukhriz bertanding dan tak perlu dipimpin anak manja Tun dan sentiasa melindungi Mukhriz di bawah ketiak sentiasa kerana dia mahu menjadi Ketua Pemuda UMNO. Ketua Pemuda UMNO perlu kuat berani dan juga bijak, bukannya penakut, bingung dan lembik seperti yang Mukhriz tunjukkan sekarang. Ketua Pemuda UMNO tidak boleh bergantung pada ayah semata-mata.

    Hari ini Tun cerita pasal politik wang, hari ini Tun bercerita pasal UMNO, hari ini Tun bercerita pasal bangsa. Siapakah yang memulakan politik wang 22 tahun yang lalu ? Siapakah yang sering menghentam dan membuka ruang untuk pembangkang bermaharajalela dan siapakah yang memberikan muka kepada bangsa asing sehingga kita kini tertekan dengan bangsa asing. Pernahkah Tun memikirkan mengenai parti apabila menghentam Perdana Menteri, pemimpin UMNO dahulu sehingga rakyat benci dengan UMNO. Siapa yang mengajar pemimpin UMNO biadab kepada Presiden UMNO, siapa yang mengajar anak mereka biadab kepada Presiden UMNO, siapa yang memburukkan Presiden UMNO selama ini, Siapa yang suka memburukkan keluarga dan juga Presiden UMNO ? Apakah ini bukan faktor yang membuat rakyat benci kepada UMNO? Jika presiden diletakan disudut yang sentiasa di kritik ini akan mengakibatkan kelemahan UMNO.

    Kerja siapakah ini? Eloklah Tun jangan memburukkan lagi pemimpin UMNO lagi kerana ini mengakibatkan parti ini akan berpecah dan terus menjadi lemah. Jika Tun mahu paksa pemuda memilih Mukhriz, keluarkan

    sahaja kenyataan dan seru agar pemuda memilih Mukhriz. Mukhriz juga sepatutnya malu menggunakan pengaruh ayahnya untuk menang dalam pemilihan Pemuda ini. Pemuda adalah sayap yang terdiri dari ahli yang kuat teguh bijak dan berani. Mereka tidak mahu pemimpin yang lemah lembab dan penakut yang hanya pandai memburukkan orang lain menggunakan kuasa ayah untuk menang.

    Cepat lah besar , cepat lah besar si manja ku sayang…..

    JMD : Alahai Senapang Patah, jika saudara berada di Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana semalam, saudara akan mengetahui bahawa laporan rasuah yang TDM terima adalah dari para perwakilan Umno. Laporan tersebut mengandungi bukti bukti sahih yang mungkin akan menyebabkan si perasuah akan tersabit kesalahannya. Saya tidak mengetahui laporan tersebut adalah terhadap siapa… mungkin terdiri dari calon calon yang akan bertanding March nanti. Jangan bimbang. Khairy tidak ada di dalam senarai tersebut kerana satu duni mengetahui yang Khairy adalah sebersih bersih insan dan tidak pernah dan tidak akan terlibat di dalam gejala rasuah.

    Komen saudara ini, yang juga merupakan artikel saudara yang terkini di dalam blog saudara sendiri adalah berkisar keatas tulisan terkini TDM di dalam blog beliau. Dengan tidak semena mena, saudara telah menuduh bahawa Tun ingin memenangkan DM di dalam penulisan beliau itu. Saya telah membaca kesemua ayat di dalam artikel TDM tersebut dan tidak ada satu perkataan pun yang menyatakan bahawa TDM menuduh KJ sebagai rasuah. Malah, TDM memfokuskan cerita gejala rasuah meliputi semua peringkat. Dari jawatan Timbalan presiden hinggalah ke peringkat akar umbi yang meminta minta wang.

    Mungkin ini adalah salah satu contoh terbaik untuk pepatah – siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas.

    Seperkara lagi, tuduhan busuk saudara terhadap TDM juga berkisar kepada asas penilaian saudara bahawa Pak Lah dan keluarganya tidak bersalah sedikit pun walaupun sebesar zarah. Malah saudara juga melepaskan semua geram terhadap TDM dengan berkata kekalahan Umno adalah disebabkan oleh TDM sendiri. Dimana logiknya terhadap kenyataan ini?

    Adakak kita dengan mudah lupa kesemua kritikan2 kita terhadap Pak Lah sebelum dan selepas pilihanraya? Sebab itu, subjek utama kritikan Tun di dalam artikel tersebut adalah Pak Lah sendiri.

    Saya sedar bahawa saudara mempunyai tugas untuk membela Khairy. Memang sukar untuk mempertahankan sesuatu yang sememangnya sukar untuk dipertahankan. Sebab itu saya menghormati usaha saudara. Akan tetapi, lakukanlah dengan mengambil kira sejarah dan kesedaran diri yang tinggi. Tuduhan melulu yang tidak masuk akal akan hanya merugikan pihak saudara sendiri.

    Sekian terima kasih.


  20. JMD,

    I dont get some of the commentators on this subject matter. We are talking about the state of our public transportation right? Something must be wrong with the anaytical ability some the commentators. Dear commentators Please stay on track and do not distract from the subject. This has not got nothing to do wether you are for or against any personality or political parties. It is about who is accoutable for the sorry state of our public trasportation and what can be done about. We need constructive feedback here. Not the typical 3 Cs which is criticizing, condemning and complaining.

    Geez, sorry to say some the comments are moronic and highlights another subject, is there something wrong with the way we have been educating ourselves? I have to defend JMD not because he is pro or against anyone. More on the principle, lets get on with it and add value and not vent out of personal grudge. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but please be civilized.

    Keturunan Jebat


  21. Najib? LOL… March is still a long way to go… he better not count his chicks before it hatches. ahahahhaha.. *sarcasm*
    But anyways, Chedet has said he will reveal all those in UMNO involved in money politics.. came out on NST and TheStar i fink.
    I hope he doesn’t back down on what he says or else he’ll be branded a coward. But nevertheless, i’m sure all of us can’t wait for him to name those in UMNO involved in $$$ politiks. Go Dr. M!



  22. hiya JMD

    Interesting topic…..ever heard of KUTA the so called transport authority being pushed by the Badawi tg 4 via Binafikir “Con” Sultans…..what ever happened to that…

    Too much money have gone down the drain, EPF alone is extremely exposed to some of the major projects u mentioned….and be wary of government guarantees embedded into Prasarana Bonds…we’ll still have to pick up the tab if anything goes wrong

    Too many mouth to feed i guess….why do we need 2 LRT systems..with badly designed connectivity…..comeone…takkan la the “urban planners” cannot figure out something as simple as this….

    One key parameter is a “reliable” schedule for complete connectivity…that itself can reduce the fragmented services and perhaps bring more people out of their beloved cars…..

    you’re right about the “perfectly manicured hands” i’ve seen it for myself……vain pot gile…..maybe going for the “metrosexual” thing kot

    JMD : Thank you for the comment SatD and thank you for mentioning about Binafikir. The relevant authorities should investigate on the findings and work done by this consultant company in our public transportation business. Were they doing the right thing? Were they dispensing the right advice? Were they being paid a ridiculous amount of money on a monthly basis?

    These questions are relevant in pin pointing what went wrong in this area.

    Thank you.


  23. bro dont get me started on Binafikir…….name droppin in every meeting with Gov…oh Pm ask us to do this ..PM here PM there……i got more in-depth stuff about them but rather no stoop too low to prove a point which everybody already know…..

    Guess u know more about them 🙂 will that be reserved for ur next post…..
    “malaysian Govt “con”sulting expenditure from wet behind the ears 30’something cronies and its impact to internal capacity building…..if any”

    JMD : 🙂


  24. JMD

    As I was reading to your comment column… this Senapang Patah is here to bother you too? He has been begging to publish his post in my blog which to me… its another KJ’s lullaby. These KJ breeding cybertroopers has been hounding to what they thought anti-kj blogs including poor me.

    I would agree with Keturuan Jebat… stay focus on issues and you are so right… whatever they wrote memang tak masuk akal.


  25. Sang Mangkok,

    do not hold your breath for too long on chedet revealing the names. Mukhriz should rank quite high on it, not to mention Dr M in his days too. Just a threat from the old man.
    By the way, not revealing the names straight away should be considered as making Dr M an accomplice of the money politics misdeeds, right?

    JMD : Dear Eric,

    If you have proof that mukhriz is involved in bribing the delegates, please report it, otherwise you are an accomplice with corruption. If you do not have it, then please substantiate your statement with some strong arguments. Will wait patiently.

    Since I was there at Putrajaya when TDM was giving his speech on money politics, I can safely say this – the names were provided by Umno members throughout Malaysia at that time. They brought evidence and presented them to TDM in front of the audience.

    Naturally TDM would need some time to look at them and decide the next course of action. He did say he will meet Tengku Ritahudeen (the chairman of disciplinary board) over the matter soon.

    As for your accusation that Dr M practised money politics during his day, please provide evidence too ya. In my opinion, a president and prime minister do not need to bribe the delegates for nominations since most of the times, the presidency and deputy presidency posts back then were not contested. Look back at the Umno AGM in 1981, 1984, 1987, 1990, 1993, 1996, and 2000. There were 7 Umno AGMs while TDM was the president. Hope you can analyse the situation at those times and pin point to us when was money politics came to existence.

    Thank you.


  26. JMD,

    you should open the topic about “consultants” hired by government….because you can open acan of worms on that one…

    i wonder how, i wonder why…..that is why we end with lots of lemon under our malaysia lemon tree…hahahah

    Keturunan Jebat


  27. Eric, when you suggest that by not revealing the names straightaway that Mahathir is corrupt, you are not revealing anything other than you ignorance to take into account the multiple scenarios and considerations someone like Mahathir would need to take as the Prime Minister of Malaysia or ex. It would be irresponsible to merely blurt something out, even corruption, without taking into account those who have had legitimate dealings and will therefore be implicated or at least scandalized.

    If one were to assume why Mahathir did not reveal the names straight away, one would be more akin to think that he was being responsible and thinking things through.


  28. JMD,

    I have been using public transport to commute since end 2006 and find the system tolerable except KTM which delays have been minimal of late. However with that kind of mind boggling and outrageous sum pumped ie rm10 billion you would expect the system to be efficient at best.

    What you have commented is spot on. The Rapid buses are imported but cannot remember from which country but point out that the seats air-cond are all from different manufacturers.

    SCOMI as the asset supplier acting as a Crown Agent an will be making the creme de la creme no sweat while Rapid as the asset operator has to slog for its earnings. No wonder, the human factor in efficiency that has a lot to do in the running of its business for Rapid would be in a state of flux knowing this imbalance.

    The coaches for KTM come from South Africa and South Korea. No wonder maintenance costs and delays for both these companies escalate because there is no streamlined source for for parts supply and repairs.

    The highest costs for any transport company is the fuel and maitenance.

    Therefore I agree with you that the rm10 billion had not gone to where it matters most ie transparent and funded to the root cause for the defects in the public transportation system.



  29. Another salient point to the transport problem is the weak management. Sufian do not have the necessary experiences and qualifications to managed both Rapid bas and LRT. Furthermore Sufian get unqualified people to assist him in running Rapid bus. Zoolina is from Protect and Gamble- jual pampers bolih lah and the new GM for Penang Rapid is an x banker. All knows bankers make lousy business decicions.

    What I see a lot of opportunity for unethical practice is happening in Rapid. Did you know the chinese do not use this buses but utilized Scannia and Volvo buses for their public transport.

    JMD : Thank you for commenting.


  30. JMD,

    check this out

    maybe by having self sustaining bus stop we may be able to have more decent public transportation infrasructure. i happen to know the story behind this..but what is sad….it takes korean companies to recognize the value of this kind of projects which at the end of the day will result in outflow of foreign of currency in the long run……

    simple concept really….build bus stop that is self sustaining by renting out space for commerce and advertising which in turn is used to maintain the structure.

    the koreans will put their money in by hiring their own expertise, source from their own trading houses for the construction work and material and at the end of the day, malaysian based companies will pay for the rent and advertising…..

    keturunan jebat

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


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