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A friendly reminder to whom it may concern

Since 2004, Umno is permeated with a culture of being ‘biadap’ to its illustrious former president. This culture of running down their own former leader was one of the factor Umno lost the support from many of its own members.

When Pak Lah and followers were rude to Tun Dr Mahathir, many were turned off by their diatribe. The 4th floor boys were working overtime in discrediting Tun Dr Mahathir. Even NST, Umno’s own newspaper were used to criticise the grand old man. An astute blogger, Datuk Sakmongkol had succinctly put it in a few words;

“The present administration is distinguished in its feverish attempts to discredit as much as possible the legacy of Tun Dr Mahathir. Hence the open ended freedom to strike and assassinate given to political storm troopers like Obergruppenfuhrer Musa Hitam, the purveyor of the term elegant silence plus the barking Rottweilers and Dobermans like Nazri Aziz, Sabry Cheek, Azalina Othman, Ismail Sabri, Zaid Ibrahim, Zaid Hamidi and the man who claimed to be primus inter pares– Shahrir ‘the silverback’ Samad.”

Summarily, they still do not realise their mistake. This barrage of criticisms prolonged even after the general election.

When Samy Vellu was criticising Tun, where were the Umno Youth wing to defend their own leader? Again, as aptly said by Datuk Sakmongkol in one of his earlier writings;

“When Tun Dr Mahathir was his boss, Samy Vellu did not find anything wrong with Tun Mahathir. In fact, Samy Vellu was the greatest apple polisher Tun Mahathir had. Indeed sometimes Samy was more Mahathir that Tun himself. Who shall ever forget, Samy’s act of filial devotion by hand feeding Tun Mahathir with a Deepavali morsel?

Meanwhile in UMNOland, it was All Quite On The Western Front. Not a single UMNO leader defended their one time president. This man was the UMNO president for 22 years. Their dreadful and shameless behaviour confirms my belief that all these UMNO leaders must be resign en bloc from their MKT positions. If they cannot defend their own leader, how can we ever hope they will protect us? Let the UMNO electorate now judge you.”

With this kind of scenario, I am surprised that Khairy Jamaluddin still do not get it. When many of his underlings in the form of pro KJ blogs are condemning Tun left right and centre, one left to wonder if he could really learn any lesson.

And when he said that he would rather be the victim than be rude to party elders, I really had to salute his apparent and distinct inability to self reflect.

A future leader cannot possibly lead the nation if he is not aware of his own history. The history behind his current position and current situation.

All of us were being taken in by Pak Lah’s pompous piety, humility and loyalty. Do not let KJ’s latest ‘soul cleansing exercise’ take us in too.

Until now, there is one question that can never be answered comprehensively by KJ and his followers.

“What was the basis, the merit and the reason that enable KJ to be elected unopposed to the post of Deputy Umno Youth Head of Malaysia in 2004?” 

And yet, he and his bloggers have no qualms in ridiculing Tun in the blogosphere. In their effort of criticising their political rival Datuk Mukhriz, the only modus operandi of these cyber troopers resort to is to question Mukhriz’s pedigree and his father’s.

I cannot help but to be amused with this. Because, if I were to take the same route, I can also compare Tun with KJ’s own father in law in the process. A feat I would happily relish.

Digressing a bit, please note that most of these pro KJ blogs are too ‘timid’ to enable readers to comment about their published articles.

Anyway, what do we have in the end?

KJ would be the beneficiary of the Malay proverb – ‘tepuk air di dulang, percik muka sendiri’.

That is why, if you have a political novice still wet behind the ears like this;

…thinking he is infallible enough to condemn a tried and tested international statesman like this;

An image of an astute and distinguished statesman

…do we still have to perceive him as the epitome of politeness and culturally refined?

Quo vadis Khairy Jamaluddin?

A new strategy is definitely needed.


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61 thoughts on “A friendly reminder to whom it may concern

  1. Years and years ago I am one of the teenagers who have a huge disliking over Tun and his actions, to a point that I concurred with those who called him, Mahazalim. As I grow older, alhamdulillah my understandings over politics and its underlying issues matures. Now when I look back to those days I am ashamed of my views.

    Tun is the greatest statesman for Malaysia. Since his retirement there is no politician able to rise up to match Tun’s par of excellence and achievements.

    It is sad to see that the ministers named in post who once adored (to an extent ‘worshipped’) him now is his fiercest detractors. It is sad to see that years of working together with Tun has not cause these people to emulate his statesmanship. A true loss for Malaysia indeed…


  2. haha, dear JMD,

    your mastery in Blue Ocean Strategy excels everyone else’s. if there one thing i tak boleh tahan, its anyone criticizing TDM.

    JMD : Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts Datuk! 🙂


  3. that’s how Malays lost Singapore and will probably lose Penang, cos those PAP/DAP will NEVER say nor hear anything bad about their past and present leaders!


  4. JMD,

    I do admire Tun’s tenacity inspite of my misgivings of how he had treated my late father….deep freezing my late father’s career in the civil service after he got too close in exposing his political cronies misdeeds.

    KJ and his groupies “biadap” is definitely intolerable. As Malays we are known for our “sopan santun” That is part of our psyche of being Malay. We loose that, we loose our identity. “Sopan santun” should not be associated with weakness in fact it should be the opposite. That is why there is something wrong with our younger generation this day. That is why I don’t get it with the younger generation like KJ. The need to run other people down is more along the line they have achieve nothing great to shout about.

    There has been so many lessons in history that great men do not have a need to run their enemies down because they know that they rise above mediocrity within their field of endeavour.

    Just my two cents worth…..which is still a drop of petrol even though the price has drop at the pump from the atrocious 41% increase…less anyone forget….someone has benefited from the so call petrol rebate right…..?

    Keturunan Jebat

    JMD : Thank you for commenting.


  5. Jebat,

    I think it was like this. The object was to cut down Malay political power. Anything and everything was done to achieve this efffect. Singapore was part of this game. They could have been the prime movers.

    They know that the Malays would not vote for UMNO if UMNO insulted Dr Mahathir. So from very early on they did just that – they got the newspapers to insult Dr Mahathir. Kalimullah and gang were instrumental in doing this.

    Then they made sure that Badawi was neutralised and kept ignorant of what was going on on the ground. This was a 4th floor boys’ job. Also succesful.

    Then they got George Bush to call Badawi and order him to release Anwar. That helped the masses find a solution to their anger. Anwar the Saviour – the alternative.

    So UMNO / BN lost five states and the 2/3.

    The only thing that they forgot is that the Malays are the most devilishly clever when it comes to intrigue and playing politics. Devilishly clever.

    The Singaporeans are no match. Neither are the Americans.
    So Anwar took the bait. He is out.

    Things seem under control. A few uglies have to be exposed. We see this in the Hindraf and the Hindu Sangam. The next thing is to put the house in order.

    We can already see light at the end of the tunnel.


  6. “if there one thing i tak boleh tahan, its anyone criticizing TDM”.

    So much for freedom of expression ey…

    JMD : Please refer to the comments below. Thank you.


  7. Back on the stove eh Master Jebat?

    Well, to be honest Tun Mahathir himself was quite rude to a Grand old man named Tunku Abd Rahman. And the pro-KJ blogs, only one that is slating Tun Mahathir. I supposed there are pro-anwar, pro kit siang or pro PAS that are also unkind to Tun, so im thinking all this is, simply making a mountain out of a molehill.

    Your passion for Tun M, i respect but putting them on the same level in your article is beyond a lot of things, as the two are from diffrent generations and it is desperate rouse sympathy for Tun by slating KJ.

    Maybe a KJ V Mukhriz will be more appropriate Jebat?

    JMD : The second gunman on the grassy knoll has come back to this humble blog yet again! 🙂 Thank you for the comment.

    I would suggest you to read this ya :

    And compare the treatment of those two leaders to each of their predecessors.

    Maybe you are too young to remember this (hence the unfounded accusations):

    Can we see the current crop of leaders, do what TDM had done? Can Khairy and Pak Lah swallow their ego and perform the gestures made by TDM to the late Tunku?

    I doubt it. Being magnanimous is an alien concept to them.

    The fact is, history needs to be learned by our potential leaders, especially KJ. If you are not Malay at heart and do not know history of Umno and also the history behind your ascension within the party, there is no way you can thoroughly connect with the people.

    And let me assure you, there are more than one pro KJ blogs that is ridiculing Tun. Please do not understate this fact. ProKhairy, Su-KJ, Senapang Patah, not to mention KPMU net etc.

    One blogger stated this:

    “Hantu Raya memiliki stateji berjangka panjang. Semuanya telah, sedang dan akan diatur dengan licik. Tujuan akhir ialah untuk menobatkan anak Hantu Raya. Ini untuk meneruskan dinasti dan memastikan harta kekayaan negara ini akan terus selamat ditangan kaum keluarganya. Juga untuk memastikan Hantu Raya sendiri tidak akan di bawa ke mahkamah untuk menghadapi seribu satu pertuduhan”

    And another:

    “Isu Ex-Gratia: Antara Mahathir, Zaid dan Nazri…siapa yang pembela, siapa yang teraniayai dan siapa Pengkianat?

    1) Pemecatan Ketua Hakim Negara dan 5 orang hakim.
    2) Tindakan menghapuskan kekebalan/imuniti Raja-raja Melayu.
    3) Pemecatan Anwar Ibrahim.

    Siapakah yang bertanggong jawab melakukan 3 perkara di atas?”

    Apart from calling TDM as Hantu Raya, it is sad that these young punks who were merely in kindergarten and high school when those issues occured could have the temerity to accuse on something that they do not understand. Learn history would be my advice. And learn it as much as possible. Taking in every angle. Every point of view on the same issue. That way, you will have a better grasp on the issues concerned. History is important. Without it, there is nothing concrete for you guys to fall back upon.

    As for the notion that I am arousing sympathy by ‘slating’ (?) KJ, I seriously doubt it. Tun does not need sympathy, certainly not thru my efforts. Obviously KJ supporters still do not understand the core reason on this issue.

    What KJ et al had done to Tun (refer back to article) was beyond reproach and had breached any normalcy in our treatment towards our elders. To many people, KJ, Pak Lah et al drew first blood. In fact, by continuing criticising Tun, when in fact, he is from a different generation altogether shows how desperate KJ is in trying to deflect valid criticisms towards his reputation.

    Please refer to the comments by Ismail below too.

    Thank you for the comment.


  8. Salaam JMD

    Peace be with you and your kind alike.

    The “biadap” factor is considered a norm nowadays. Not only it is a norm among our youth but it is a norm in UMNO youth. But the “biadap” factor in UMNO youth was meant for those outsiders not for the leaders or fellow members.

    Don’t get me wrong, JMD.

    We have to be biadap sometimes.

    Biadap is good for the soul.

    But, the 4th floor boys is beyond BIADAP!!

    This bunch is KURANG AJAR. They kurang ajar because the father is KURANG AJAR or TAK BOLEH DIAJAR.

    And we know how to teach budak yang kurang ajar….

    I always says these words everytimes it need to be said:

    “Sekolah tinggi-tinggi, BODOH melantun-lantun”

    “BODOH lama belum habis, dah ambil BODOH baru”

    But these boys are not BODOH. They are smart.

    SMART to con UMNO members.

    And they are in control….

    WAKE UP, fools…………….!!


  9. Dear JMD,

    It is very easy to criticise Tun without giving a thought to his service and contributions to the country. Worse still, when there are those that hurled nasty and rude words towards him. Tun got it right when he said that to criticise is easy but to perform the duty is not as easy as we think. Some of those who dare to criticise with harsh words could not even run a pisang goreng stall. Criticising per se is not wrong, but do it with respect towards others, especially to our elders who has done so much.

    Dengan izin:

    I have not commented on JMD’s two previous articles though I read them. I really respect you, JMD, because your criticisms are in the form of discussions and very intellectual. You also respond to the comments with neither anger nor harsh words. This is something that all bloggers should emulate. Well done, JMD! Please do continue writing.

    Ismail N.

    JMD : Thank you for the kind words Ismail. Welcome back!


  10. These KJ troopers are really, really crass.
    Not to mention low IQ….
    But it’s fun to play mind games with them and see them slowly unravel.

    JMD : Ah Jed! You are so cruel in your assumptions! Pity the lot 🙂


  11. Askm JMD,

    I have a story to tell how some corporate big boys behaved after TDM left office.TDM got slagging off by those Ministers(the likes of Brutus) apple polishing Pak Lah.

    When TDM was in power, every body would try all out to go riding horses with him. Time and money no big problem. As we know, TDM some times went to Argentina to do riding. These big boys would manuevre to go to Argentina to be in his entourage.

    Compare this story after TDM was no longer PM. A call came from the office of TDM inviting one of the big boys to go riding in Argentina.The big boy was having a Board Meeting. His answer was ‘So sorry, I have to be in London on that day because of work “. The truth was : No such business trip. He quickly told his secretary to plan his trip to London during that time, but as a holiday !!! His fear ;being black listed by Pak Lah and no big project.

    So, businessmen have their own style to forget and run away from TDM. This big boy, as the story goes, has made millions due to TDM’s help.

    Big Boys Mudah Lupa.

    Hang Kasturi

    JMD : Thank you for sharing the story.


  12. Dear JMD,

    Being rude to TDM is not a factor in BN down fall. No doubt everybody hates KJ for his ‘biadap’ and arrogant attitude. But so what? He managed to climb up to one of the top post in UMNO division. And now he is still able to get enough votes for Umno Youth’s president election. Who is to be blamed? AAB? AAB is going down but KJ still climbing. Money politics? If money politics so powerful then TDM can take KJ down anytime he wants with money. But until now KJ still ‘bermaharajalela”. Something is really wrong about Umno. But no one can answer it. Ironically, I don’t even know who are the members of UMNO. How many of them. Are they pay or been paid to be member. Why and who are eligible to vote in Umno election. Why so many division in BN?????

    Everything is just not right about UMNO. This company should go PN17 and do restructuring.


    JMD : You are correct. But it has also contributed some ill feelings from the ground towards how the Umno leadership is treating an ex president like how they did.

    You once said this (which I fully agreed too):-

    No doubt Khairy is one of the main reasons for the downfall of BN. But to me, the source of everthing that went wrong is the inability of BN to provide satisfactory explaination and failure to have effective action plan each time they encounter issues for the pass five years. Small issue become big issue and big issue become disaster. Without Tun Mahathir around, the whole management team of BN become rubbish. Worst still, right now they believe they can reform BN by re-election of new management team from the same bunch of rubbish. How pathetic.


  13. 3 soalan renongan semua. Tolong siarkan!!!

    1. Adakah UMNO berjuang membela kesejahteraan orang berbangsa Melayu?
    2. Adakah PAS berjuang untuk menegakkan syiar orang yang beragama Islam?
    3. Adakah PKR berjuang untuk menegakkan keadilan bagi orang Melayu Islam?

    Sedih melihat orang yang sesat dan zalim bertiga di atas!!!


  14. JMD,

    The moment I read that KJ delivered DSAI’s passport personally to him, that made me realise how much they wanted to completely humiliate TDM and his legacy. My expectations of the PM and family went downhill after that and from then onwards I knew that PL and Family are just a bunch of glory seekers and greedy jokers and sorry to say….nothing else.

    Jadi kalau ada orang cakap KJ ni agressive sebab dia muda lah, belum ada pengalaman lah, kena buktikan diri dia lah…..I just don’t buy it. Bila orang yang sudah dewasa menunjukkan ketamakan dan dendam yang ketara, takkan kita nak bagi dia peluang lagi kut?



  15. JMD Sir,

    The setiakawan bloggers though not many, they are menacing. So far they’ve published many articles and materials which are lacking in substance, such as accusing Tun as a traitor. Plus they reproduced the same article within their circle. The main source normally from KPMU, KJ vehicle of propaganda.

    I’ve just completed a post that is confronting certain articles published in pro KJ blog, do have a peep whenever you’re convenient.



  16. Salam. Saya sebelum ini juga merupakan salah seorang yang mengkritik Tun secara membabi-buta. Setelah lebih matang dan arif di dalam arena politik ini barulah saya sangat menghargai jasa-jasa Tun di Malaysia ini. Tanpa Tun sukar untuk Malaysia mencapai kedudukan seperti sekarang. Tun juga ada silapnya tetapi itu tidak bermakna kita perlu membencinya kerana Tun juga tidak maksum. Jasanya terhadap negara perlu dihargai oleh seluruh warga Malaysia. Terima kasih TUN..


  17. Hi JMD,
    Am a bit sloppy in my comments today – KJ is like Citigroup, theres gonna be a big bailout , Go KJ! Go Citi!

    When I recover my irrational exuberance will revisit this article, still celebrating Crony Capitalism US Style.

    JMD : It is nice that you are comparing KJ to Citigroup. Hopefully, the bailout plan will not stutter like the one hatched for Citigroup in 2007. 🙂

    Bear in mind that Citigroup has RM2 trillion of assets worldwide. And since Citigroup is the biggest sponsor of SIVs, total greed had in the end, forced them to write down their capital and account for the loss. Nevertheless, the US government has the view that Citi is “too big to fail” and a bailout will take place soon.

    That would be the major difference with KJ. Because, instead of NTA, KJ has NTL. And we can afford not to rescue him, just like how the US turned a blind eye to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. And while the US taxpayers will bailout Citigroup, I wonder who will bear the costs directly and indirectly in saving KJ…

    Anyway, I was just thinking out loud. Please do not take it seriously 🙂


  18. He did cry to rouse sympathy. He can be a drama queen you know. Tun has done the country a lot of good but a lot of bad too. I dont need to expand here, but the fact is, he has resigned and janganlah nak masuk campur lagi. Tony Blair retired, do see him slagging off Gordon Brown? Many more examples. Macam gila talak pulak. Let go lah, 30 years naikkan dan turunkan orang, pergilah duduk rumah relax. Najib and co will steer the ship now.

    JMD : Gee, you have no more ammo to spew don’t you? Drawing parallels to Tony Blair now? Very amusing. Why not Margaret Thatcher? Or *gasp* Lee Kuan Yew? 🙂

    It is okay my dear commentor. The fact that you got entirely wrong on why TDM cried in an Umno AGM shows how detached you are with Umno. How lah to defend your boss when you yourself could not get a simple thing right? And by the way, you’re telling us that in all those 30 years (why 30 years?), ‘naikkan dan turunkan orang’ was the only thing that he had done? Excellent analysis! It’s good that you acknowledged that apart from bad things, Tun also did a lot of good. Why downgrading a great man, whom had done a lot of good, to the low levels of KJ cybertroopers?

    Oh and you are wrong at another thing too. Najib is not the one steering the ship now. Who are you trying to kid? By the way, after you made the wrong assertions in your previous comment, you’d still write the same thing along the line of distorted analysis here? I applaud your courage. However, a question begs to be asked, haven’t you learn anything from my reply in your previous comment above?

    Thank you and have a good night.


  19. Kedai kopi and mamak shop talk about Mahathir these few years

    1) He’s the world’s biggest hypocrite
    2) He’s senile and confused
    3) He is causing the downfall of BN *wink*

    My take? Pretty visionary Prime Minister where putting Malaysia on the world map is concerned. Other than that, nothing else to shout out about.

    Sudah2… build the guy a statue and let’s move on with cleaning up Malaysia for crying out loud!

    JMD : May I add a few more points on the kopi n mamak shop talk abt TDM these few years?

    4) He is right when criticising the bumbling Pak Lah
    5) He is the only one brave enough among Umno members to pin point the govt’s weaknesses as the rest of the ministers are in half past six cabinet
    6) He correctly analysed the root cause of the problem
    7) He saw the danger in surrendering the country’s sovereignty to outsiders
    8 ) Pak Lah is not as bright as TDM

    Whatever it is, the feat to ‘put Malaysia on the world map’ is a spectacular feat in itself. Not even his successor and his band of Oxbridge advisers can claim that right.

    If you think Malaysia is mundur, then it is up to you also to think of ways to stop the rot and bring this nation forward. Once we have pin pointed the problem and discard the damaging elements then we should have no problem to face any challenges. Thank you.


  20. Salam JMD,

    Pro KJ here… please la try ur best to answer the main question stated in the article above – ‘what was the basis, the merit and the reason that enable KJ to be elected unopposed to the post of Deputy UMNO Youth Head of Malaysia in 2004 ?’ Try ur best to argue that and u might earn my respect.

    ini tidak..u guys never defend KJ on any of JMD’s attacks but rather sidestepped the issue and retaliated by attacking TDM ! apa barang…? dan yang boring tu, if they bother to do their homework, most if not all of their attacks are nothing new, most have been answered before in previous aricles. i’m sure KJ himself reads JMD, readers here would love to hear ur side.

    on another note, come PAU this dec, DSNR would be the new UMNO president unoppossed. soalan saya, on technical side, bukankah secara otomatik presiden UMNO menjadi PM, jadi tidakkah luarbiasa PL masih menjadi PM walaupun tidak lagi menjadi Presiden UMNO ? Atas kapasiti apa PL menjadi PM kelak dari Dec ke March 09 ? Apakah DSNR punya hak menuntut jawatan PM sebaik saja menjadi Presiden UMNO, tanpa perlu menunggu penangguhan yang tidak bermakna ?

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  21. Sorry bro. I was so ‘confused’ with all the happenings in UMNO, what with Wanita, and Youth.. and TDM’s call for PAU to be held in Dec, i actually believed it would happened ! 🙂 Gua sudah pening ……politik oh politik !


  22. Dear JMD,
    Please write more often. We are starved of your great thinking n analysis when you remain silent. For those umno delegates, come this March 09, give your votes wisely. Thing of our children n grandchildren future. Hidup TDM.


  23. The word’ biadap’ is apt for those who worship TDM during his permiership and later launched tirades against him.

    Indians has always supported BN during TDM’s time because of him (TDM) rather than Samy Vellu, who was embroilled in one scandal after another. Indians were, at that time, already split into many factions (IPF, PPP etc). The same reason applies to chinese support, I believe. TDM has somehow rescued Samy many times. How ungrateful..and biadap.

    Chinese, while they may have been supporting opposition traditionally, went with BN during TDM years, mainly due to economic prosperity and stability despite all MCA leadership problems. At least, during TDM’s time, they appear to feel less threatened than compared to now, when Badawi & gang, allowed free for all, in the name of being more open.

    Malaysians, primarily Indians and Chinese, being matured as they always claim to be has started voicing concerns in rather direct and racial in nature. Many of those in the forefront in these verbal escalations, are actually quite well to do as they are the ones who benefitted most from TDM’s years of correct (rather than populist) policies and economic prosperity. Another bunch of ungrateful lots.

    Been to many setiakawan blogs and found that many don’t publish our critical comments and some don’t even allows comments. So much for “setiakawan”…

    JMD : Thank you for the comment Balan. As for the setiakawan blogs, I suspect they foresee that they could not handle comments which will definitely be negative. This will further demoralise the troops. Readers may not sway their support for him. This is important to him. Since he already have most of the delegates in his pocket, his image among the readers out there is very important. His setiakawan blogs may not have the stamina and brilliance to counter each allegations. You can see how each arguments they spew out are countered effectively by other blogs which do not agree with him.

    Nevertheless, I do not criticise those minute detail of his wrongdoings all these years. What I did was to offer further analysis on policy and statements. I only offer broad reviews on his activities. And I open my writings to further discussion via the comment section. I do not hide behind the article. Readers can easily comment and bring forth their arguments. If I can rebuff those arguments intelligently, then I see it as an honest job done. If I cannot, then I will not throw fits or tantrums or threaten my readers. Above all, we then can agree to disagree and other readers can drive their own conclusion from the discussions made. This is consistent with my other articles.

    I have to state here that this blog is not about anti Pak Lah or anti KJ or anti Anwar, it is more about anti inefficiency and stupidity 🙂 Please read this further –

    Thank you.


  24. Hmmm…JMD, I think you know what Sultan is getting at. I think you are the one trying to to be smug and beat around the issue. Its not analysis, but rather an opinion, so i think you can sidestep Sultan’s opinion by trying to look witty, when clearly you are just avoiding the truth in opinion.

    JMD : It seems, you and your colleague are the ones who do not get the whole entire issue here. To help you out, please read all of the articles here:

    As for the truth of the opinion, we can do a comparison. Which one is more viable and valid? Mine (the article itself and my commentary replies) or his? Please compare. It’s not just about being witty. When I receive comments with nothing much to work with like this one (no substance in argument, merely making accusatory statements), then I really can’t do much can I? Sultan Mahmood’s first comment here is quite good, which I had replied further with my point of views. You can agree to disagree anytime. But please do not make anyone dumbfounded by reading your comments.

    Also, please read the comment from Shairfuddin above. Thank you very much and have a pleasant day ahead…


  25. I must add, your analysis on the FAM thing blew up in your face too JMD. That write up was rather thin.

    JMD : That is why I said, hopefully, Malaysia’s new position of 150 in the world FIFA ranking will be the criteria for him to be the Umno Youth Head. Although he may have other tactics up his sleaves, this ‘accomplishments’ in the FAM would be THE ONLY card he has so far. And a weak one to say the least.

    But to base all your arguments that KJ is suitable for the Umno Youth Head post only on this FAM thingy is a sad one indeed. He needs to counter his image problem. Not only that, he needs to come clean and explain honestly why he was the most hated figure since 2004 onwards. Do not blame anyone else. He needs to come clean and tell himself why was he one of the factor that caused BN to lose so much.

    Refer to the comments above also..


  26. Hi Bro JMD

    Amat menarik sekali tulisan kali ni… ringkas, padat, tajam dan menikam, hahahaha!

    Tapi saya nak sentuh sikit komen Sultan Mahmood yang Tun M pun biadap pada Almarhum Tunku dulu. Well, Datuk Idris Tulis dalam akhbar beliau Era Baru pernah menunjukkan gambar2 dan sequence of events ketika Tun M membuat perjumpaan dengan Tunku, selepas Tunku keluar UMNO.

    Rasa hormat pada yang lebih tua, Tun M merendah diri datang ke rumah Tunku untuk berjumpa sedangkan Tunku sendiri berkeras bahawa kalau ikut protokol Tunku yang patut pergi berjumpa Tun M di pejabatnya.

    Alhamdulillah, semua berjalan lancar. Yang kusut telah dileraikan. Sejarah telah membuktikan, orang-orang yang hadir pada perjumpaan tersebut pun ramai yang masih hidup untuk menjadi saksi.

    Tapi, bagaimana pula Tun dilayan semasa tidak lagi jadi PM? “No gentleman’s agreement” kata DSAAB. Selain kuncu-kuncu menyerang dan menghentam Tun M secara terbuka kiri dan kanan. Media diguna sehabis rancak untuk tarnish reputasi Tun.

    Apakah mereka ini ingat rakyat Malaysia bodoh dan tidak mampu menilai? Natijah nya telah mereka rasai masa PRU lepas. Kalau masih lagi degil dan keras kepala, tunggu lah Talqin untuk mereka dalam PRU yang akan datang.

    Kebenaran akan mengatasi kebatilan.


  27. Well if we can get KJ to kiss the ring of the old man, then all is settled? Shld get a blog petition up then, to increase the peace perhaps?

    JMD : The fact that this comment is written in a condescending way shows how haughty these people are. Reverence to one’s elders must be an alien concept to these people.

    If KJ and Pak Lah are from an opposition party, then I would certainly not blame them for being biadap. Opposition members do what they must. But the fact is, Pak Lah and KJ are rude to their own predecessor! The very person that appointed him to be the PM!

    Does it kill them to actually show some respect to TDM since 2004? He did nothing but to correct what he deemed wrong in the government. But what did those two do? Launch themselves into a verbal tirade with TDM over the mass media. Hello, this act lacks subtlety and tact lah. I was surprised those two can call themselves good Muslims!

    You do not embarass yourselves and Tun in public! This is akin to Pak Lah and his stand off with the Agong over the appointment of Terengganu Menteri Besar a few months ago. Who ARE HIS advisers?

    You do not do these kind of things. What they should have done is meet the aggrieved party personally from time to time and do some damage control. What more, the aggrieved parties (TDM and Agong) is a much bigger figure than both Pak Lah and KJ combined.

    That way, people will not come to see how stupid Pak Lah was and matters can possibly be solved amicably without the public glare.

    Aiyoh, common sense lah! The rest is history as they say.

    TDM recognised the fact that Tunku’s contribution to the country was priceless. He is after all, the father of independence. Did it kill TDM to actually ask forgiveness from Tunku? In fact, it boosted TDM’s profile even more and people continued to love the Tunku till this day. Because why? Because TDM did not lambast and disrespect Tunku like how Pak Lah et al disrespected TDM!

    Same goes to Pak Lah’s cabinet ministers since 2004! They are in the BN, and yet they ridiculed TDM who was instrumental in getting them where they are then and today? If Lim Kit Siang wanted to condemn TDM, it’s fine by me. After all, he is from DAP.

    Granted that Mukhriz sent a letter to Pak Lah urging him to step down back in March. But please read the letter carefully. It was written in a manner that does not denigrate Pak Lah like a scornful figure. All remember how Pak Lah refuse to take responsibility to the great loss of many states in that general election. Compare the language used in that letter to the verbal abused thrown by Pak Lah’s spinmasters and hatchetmen.

    But when Nazri Aziz verbally spanked TDM and ridiculed him as if he was a non person, and in public some more, what kind of example are we setting outselves to?


  28. Salam Saudara JMD,

    Nice one on the Citigroup analogy – had a bit of a good laugh, but I am not going to talk about that.

    Lets get to the heart of this view. I think your point is well summarized in the opener :-
    This culture of running down their own former leader was one of the factor Umno lost the support from many of its own members.

    Now, lets talk about the bigger issue. As to whether or not Tun should be criticized, well I do agree on the Samy-thing, a blatant stab in the back, and UMNO Youth was missing on that count – but then again, who was the UMNO Youth head?

    But enough of that ; what I feel is more pressing is this whole idea of a clash in styles between Tun and Team KJ-Pak Lah. The criticisms, the barbs the attacks are sideshows to an important point – what is so different between them?

    In my latest posting, I allude to the fact that KJ brings a revolution to UMNO. Now, I will be the first to admit, that it could have been done in a much better manner (well i was not on board), but then again he did somethings which is so necessary in todays world.

    Now, I was not to the mannor born. I had to fight every single step of the way, and I did not have a powerful family connection or what have you. And when KJ came to town, he showed all of Malaysia, that it does not matter who your father is. If you simplify KJ’s prowess down to the fact that he married into Pak Lah’s family, well at least give him credit for coming up with an original thought and idea.

    I see KJ in the same light historians have seen various changes – i.e. the Industrial revolution, the IT revolution, etc,etc. When there is a dramatic change, of course the special interests, the bangsawans and all of them will get highly offended with this so called up-start. But what KJ did was to break this monopoly, and secondly, Tun has been a leader for 22 years, if we still have to cling to him as our leader, what does it say about Malaysia? So in 2040, will Dato Mukrhiz’s son / daughter or Dato Seri Najibs son take over?

    Well if we continue to cling on to leaders of the past, thats what we are setting ourselves for.

    But lets be clear, no country, and i mean no country has managed to progress to the 21st century which such a feudalistic, entitlement approach – and I’d rather take my chances with an out-of-the box thinker like KJ.

    So lets agree to hate KJ for the right reasons.

    And to me, such a reason does not exist.

    Wenger J Khairy

    JMD : Haha Are you still sticking with your supposition equating KJ to Citigroup? That is a risky contention you got there my friend and may backfire in the near future. Anyway, thank you for the comments above.

    The heart of your argument above, if I read correctly is that KJ is an upstart that is much needed by Umno for which only he can bring the changes that is dearly required by us Malaysians. You had equated him with an entire era ie. Industrial revolution etc. The pillar of this argument therefore moves toward the notion that KJ breaks the monopoly of family hegemony and will destroy the feudalistic approach Umno has adopt all through the years.

    Boy I find so many weaknesses in the argument above. Firstly, I cannot give him credit for having the original idea in marrying the daughter of the future DPM (at that time). Throughout history, ambitious nobodies had married into royal families, monarchies and first families just to gain the upperhand in their effort to achieve greater power and wealth. Heck, I am not even trying to simplify his prowess either.

    Your contention that KJ will break the monopoly so that we will not see a continuation of a family dynasty is at most, only a ‘guesstimate’. Well, how do I begin? For starters, he IS part of the feudalistic mindset of Umno. Is he not the son in law of the PM? My dear Wenger, an upstart who starts his political career in an honest, humble way will be revered by Umno. Not the one who bullied his way through the hierarchy, claiming in the process he has protection from his father in law and blatantly use his position to be discourteous to the party elders, stepping toes and become uncouth and disrespectful in the process. If these are the characteristics you cherish and deemed appropriate to be praised as a revolution, then obviously you and I have different sets of moral values.

    We do not have to wait till 2040 actually. If people in Umno is besotted with KJ, we may see him as PM by 2025! What is the difference then with seeing DM’s son as the PM? The last time I check, KJ is still the son in law of Pak Lah. In Islam, the status of father in law is much the same as a father.

    People will definitely analyse the fact that if KJ wins the KP post, it is merely because he is the only son in law of the PM! And mind you, Pak Lah stated that he will still be the PM even after the March Umno election! If it’s only for a few weeks.

    You say things like a revolution and dramatic change. What is the change? In the eyes of an independent observer, this so called upstart is just a continuation of Pak Lah’s powerbase for several years more. Scomi will definitely grow unjustly big. And so will our super compromising attitude towards Singapore.

    That is why, if you want to argue the fact that DM will be a continuation of Tun’s leadership, then what about KJ? Pardon me to ask this but, are you blind? Surely your argument now does not hold water. KJ think tank need to find another kind of argument to propel KJ as the ‘man of his own right’. However, I doubt KJ can successfully do this because he simply does not exist in a vacuum. His entire political career hinges on the fact that he is the son in law of the PM. Alas, the question I asked to his advisors some time ago, was met with mumbles of gibberish utterances. Please refer to this article for the said question.

    Which comes to my next point, what if DM or Datuk Khir wins? The fact that those two are the other contenders besides KJ for this position shows how the Umno Pemuda is split in their opinion about who should be their youth leader.

    The solution is simple; are we now have to choose somebody with a really bad reputation and had been damaging to Umno?

    Mr Wenger, we are not clinging to Tun’s leadership. The people who are opposing KJ is actually trying to get rid of the person who caused great damage to Umno – Pak Lah and his family members.

    Be assured, that even if it’s not DM who is contending for the Youth Head position, these people will still not support KJ. Lets keep that fact straight. It is not about Tun’s legacy here. And it’s certainly not about glorifying DM. Have you read any of my articles that is full lavish praises to DM? I do not think so. I am not pro DM.

    There is a difference in that. For what is worth, all my articles about KJ may benefit Dr Khir in the end! 

    I understand you brought forth an argument elsewhere as the answer to my ultimate question above. You said;

    “I have a short answer for JMD. Barrack Obama was just a first term senator from Illinois before he successfully won the PRESDIENCY OF THE UNITED STATES, much more than a Ketua Pemuda post. If we waited, the chance would never have come, and we wont this Obama issue in Malaysia”

    I do not know why the sudden interest in equating Obama to KJ. Vast difference. Obama does not have the damaged reputation like KJ. Certainly Obama did not parachute his way up through his father in law. And certainly Obama was not hated by the majority of Americans before he took up the presidency. Furthermore, US politics is not feudalistic. Sadly, KJ, whose supporters argued that KJ will end feudalistic environment within Umno is exactly just that. A minor feudal lord brought up to the higher levels of hierarchy through the protection of his father in law (The Supreme Overlord).

    That is why I said earlier, your argument is quite flawed. A new approach is needed. Perhaps you need to tweak a bit your KJ version 2.0? Because, many people may be sceptical in your assertions above.

    By the way, when you said no country has managed to progress to the 21st century with such feudalistic approach, you have forgotten about KJ’s favourite country – Singapore. Are we blind now? Singapore is so feudalistic, I see no end to the dynasty there. Even now, Lee Hsien Loong’s nephew has become a protégé to his uncle. Hsien Loong’s wife is the boss of Temasek. His brother is the boss of SingTel. Even his brother in law is fast becoming an important figure in Singapore (Minister of Home Affairs).

    Get my point? All these arguments that KJ is the impetus to stop feudalism within Umno, a revolution that will change Umno, a do-gooder whom had done no wrong yada yada need to stop as this only shows how blinkered he is to reality. People may hate him more because of this.

    Thank you and wassalam Tuan Wenger!


  29. Dear JMD and fellow readers,
    Permission to rebut on Son of Sons latest comment on KJ and FAM.

    My dear ‘son’,
    Your point on Malaysia’s rank rise up to 150 have been rebutted in my reply to your comments in my article. Yet, you are still stressing the weak point I should say. It is undeniable that the improvement in rankings is a good one, but due to the fact we beaten weaker teams to get where we are. It is something we shouldn’t proud of by beating weaker teams (unless you are a bully).

    In addition, I’ve asked to you, should not Sultan Pahang also get the credit? He was in FAM when we ranked 75 once back in 1993.

    Well, here is some new questions..let us look to the other sports in Malaysia where success has bloomed – squasy. Has any of the particular SRAM individuals in MANAGEMENT being credited for Datuk Nicole’s success (the youngest Datuk?) in achieveing no 1 ranking in the WORLD? Has also anyone in BAM MANAGEMENT particularly being credited when Datuk Lee Chong Wei entered in the Olympic Finals?

    Or has there been anyone in Malaysian Chess Federation Management when our players got their IM, FIDE Masters titles? I seriously doubted that….


  30. I hate to say this Jebat…but I got let it out of the system.

    There will come a day when Tun is…no longer on eart…and that day all these ungrateful dimwits will be joining the chorus and shower praises on him. That would be time when I will start harbouring homocidal thoughts.

    For that reason alone, I want Tun to outlive all these miserable creatures. I want Tun to see them fall because of their own follies. And also because of being so ungrateful. Their conscience will kill them…if at all they have conscience at all.

    Again, excellent writeup Jebat.


  31. Salam JMD,

    Previously in ur past article i commented strongly against UMNO members, calling them ‘pengkhianat’ bangsa masa moden.. eeh, i bukan nak tarik balik, in fact so proud that even TDM ‘kind of same wavelength’ to it in his latest article.

    Para perwakilan perlu disedarkan akan betapa besarnya tanggungjawab anda semua. Anda bukan hanya mewakili diri sendiri, atau pun ahli2 UMNO dari bahagian masing2 tapi anda sebenarnya mewakili rakyat dalam memilih kerajaan Malaysia ! Betapa besarnya kuasa anda semua, dan percayalah, betapa dengkinya rakyat yang lain dengan kuasa yang ada pada anda semua !

    Dan kalau masih ada yang berfikiran sempit, ingin terus menjadi pengkhianat pada bangsa ( walaupun tanpa niat ), kalau nak minta tu, mintalah sampai 6 angka kosong tiap sorang.. dahlah makan rasuah, mengkhianati bangsa sendiri, janganlah memalukan diri sendiri minta dua tiga ribu je ! satu undi satu juta rm, baru puas hati ..bangsa lain makan rasuah kaw-kaw punya, melayu rasuah 2-3 ribu dah suka sangat …

    Geram bro…geram !


  32. AS’KUM JMD.

    It’s either TDM nor KJ, nor Pak la,
    Now its every UMNO leaders fault not mistake that brings UMNO down in the last election.
    I see its like a GOLDRUSH. Rushing for themselves and their choronys and
    leaving their people especially the malays behind far behind surffering to make ends meet.
    Mostly are ‘Kais bulan makan bulan’. No backing for doing business as the best income. The economic situation still remains below 18% what a shame after 50 years of independent…….


  33. So Jebat, would you consider the People’s Alliance For Democracy (PAD) in Thailand “BIADAP” for launching a protest wanting Samek to step down because he’s shielding Thaksin aka the greatest abuser of human rights, tax evasion and more importantly corruption?

    ps I’m not comparing Thaksin with MM btw.

    JMD : Why is everyone so blinkered today?

    I do not care about Thailand’s PAD etc and how they behave with their own leaders. They can throw bombs, cripple the international airport all they want. Shows how damaging these PAD really is. If they accuse Thaksin of swindling billions of Thai’s wealth, what about them who are effectively making Thailand lose money by the day!? They are doing a disservice to their own people. Does our own opposition want to emulate this?

    Have you read my reply to Sultan Mahmood’s recent comment above? Please do.

    Can you see the difference?

    Thank you for the comment.


  34. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion regarding any elected member of the parliament. However, most of the adverse comments thrown at Dr Mahatir were baseless or based on mere emotions only.

    Just like Allahyarhum P Ramlee, only after he passed away, do people appreciate the sacrifice he had given to the film industry. The same will happen to our ex-Prime Minister who had given his body, mind and soul to Malaysia, like no others before him.

    Virtually all prime ministers of Malaysia had been heavily criticized by a foreign prime minister. They were looked upon as inefficient and corrupt. However, when Dr Mahatir was the Prime Minister of Malaysia, no foreign heads dared to say anything against him, except for some super-powers who could not bully Malaysia into falling in line with their policies of ‘big fish eat small fish’.. Without his shrewd strategy during the Asian currency crisis, the IMF would have devoured Malaysia and Malaysia is already sold-out today.

    With the wrong leaders who are self-centred with family-interest in mind, definitely the days of Malaysia being totally independent of the foreign mob are numbered. As a result of this worry, Dr Mahatir has decided to come out of his retirement. Of course, not all Malaysians can appreciate this, since some of them could be blinded by just a small ‘gift’ from some sly politicians.

    Most of the ex-prime ministers, once voted out, would be enjoying life and go round the world, after milking their countries of their wealth. Some of them have already got mansions overseas, while still serving the people. This does not happen to Dr Mahatir.

    Despite his old age, he hates to see Malaysians being made slaves to those who are now in power. This will lead to slavery in foreign countries, just like the people from our neighbouring countries who are heavily qualified but working as domestic servants to the rich people overseas. He is still fighting for the rights of every Malaysian let it be the Malays, Chinese or Indians. At the same time, he is also still fighting to put Malaysia on the world map, just like the bygone era when the name of Dr Mahatir created fear in the mind of those foreign big bullies.


  35. Wenger J K,
    I wonder what will be your answer to JMD q about KJ’s favourite country-Singapore…..feudilism to the core ain’t it?
    Also, I agree 100% with ondastreet rebut to Son of Sons…hahahah, what a lame argument, macam nak jadik lebih sudu dari kuah gamaknya.
    Maybe these guys are running out of ideas. What to do, strong factual reasoning is the thingy nowadays, but it’s not really a norm among them, I guess.
    Torres, gua rasa budak2 jadik kuang hajo sangat nie selalunya sebab tak pernah kena henjut betul-betul dalam hidup diorang, that’s whylah…!
    Bro JMD, love the way you answer them…simply satisfying!


  36. Dearest JMD,

    Buat habis air liur je trying to argue with the troopers. They will never listen to your point of views.

    But, it is fun seeing you bantai depa and then they came out with another excuse which pusing2 back to square one.

    Oh well JMD, all these pro KJ will always came back to your blog day in day out just to check if you say bad things about their boss. Yer la periuk nasi must jaga ma… lagi banyak comment in your blog lagi besar the habuan… lagi banyak mengunakan oxford english lagi besar ampau…

    So, answer them you must when they are too much but in the end like i said la, menghabih kan boreh jo!!



  37. Ya, tidak dinafikan.

    Ada satu blog – Susan Sloon. Seorang penghantar email mendoakan supaya TDM died slow and in pain !. Even the blogger herself wrote very bad about TDM.

    It is so sad. My comment to them is, what has TDM did in their life that they wished TDM like that.

    They use a lot of unkind name like mamak kuttylah, mahazalimlah, macam-macam lagilah for TDM.

    Sad, sad, sad – and people like KJ – he encourage his supporters to use those unkind word to TDM. Memang betul cakap arwah bapa saya dahulu, manusia ini dinilai bukan semata-mata dari tinggi pelajarannya tapi dari segi adap, sopan, santun, tertib dan maruah diri yang dibawa. Tinggi melangit macam mana pun pelajarannya, kalau tak jaga ciri-ciri ini , akan hilanglah maruah diri.


  38. Salam Torres,

    The reason i frequent this blog, is because of the moderation and intellegensia of analysis and arguement although we lie in opposite sides of ideology and support. However, I have the utmost respect for all bloggers and would not consider calling anyone ‘banggang’ simply because he/she doesnt agree with me.

    Fencing on issues is order of the day and the blogs create a democratic space for all to opine and not name calling Torres.

    JMD, i meant what i just posted. Look forward to more rebuttals and diffrence in perspectives but in our hearts we do want a better place for all.

    And i was not being cynical, i do subscribe to the right and old fashion way of respecting the elders.

    Thank you.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. It is always a pleasure to discuss on issues that need to be clarified/solidified/rebuffed. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course.

    As for torres, tsk tsk tsk! You better score goals tonight torres. I am counting on you!


  39. dear bro,

    its been a while since i leave any remark on your article. to add my dismay, this pro KJ not only discrediting TDM, but also his son!

    and not too mention the ever must-have attitude in order to be pro KJ, brown-nosing :

    what is wrong with these people? i almost get myself killed due to excessive thrill i get when reading these pro KJ blog. maybe i should turn my support to KJ so that at least i could get some of ECM-Libra share for free or maybe some discount on stock price.

    regarding TDM as much of the heated discussion among the visitors, for me, i believe its the mentality, the attitude, the idea, the determination of TDM shall be live among Malaysians, especially the Malays. if KJ or PakLah have that kind of mentality, attitude, idea and determination of much like TDM, i dont see a reason not support Pak Lah and KJ. but things fall short, and KJ and these people fail to learn. for sure i dont expect TDM to live forever to express his citicism, but i do really want his mentality, attitude, idea and determination to live among us Malaysians.

    on other note, i do agree with Jed. maybe you should play mind game with these pro KJ. it would be really interesting to see their reaction when things unravel..haha

    JMD : Thank you for the comment. I believe the first article of the blog you linked have been rebutted here : by a certain fella in the comment section 🙂 Although I feel I could add more to it. Nevertheless, I hope I had put across enough and adequate points to bring forth my opinion.

    Thank you.


  40. Dear JMD,

    Allow me to make a request to Sultan Mahmood.

    A lot of silent readers like me would like to know more about “why should we love Khairy”.
    I would be grateful if you could list his achievements that are noteworthy.
    However in your listing, please refrain from belitlling his competitors or their fathers.
    This is because that arguement only states why we should hate the others more than Khairy.
    And that will still make Khairy a hated figure (albeit less than the rest).
    It would help if you can list out: –
    His greatest contribution to put Malaysia on the global map, or
    His memorable achievement in defending the National Religion, or
    His best effort to upgrade the dignity of the Malays, or
    His dramatic effort at unifying the races, or
    His tenacity at overcoming his worst setback.

    Sultan MAhmood, you sound like a reasonable guy.
    I do look forward to your views on the above to get a balanced feedback.
    Please help us to love Khairy more.
    And try to avoid belittling his competitors or psycho-analysing JMD’s responses or other commentators in your listing so not to distract Khairy’s achievements.

    Also thanks JMD for publishing this request.


  41. Troopers? What troopers? Blogs for hire adalah….Rockys Bru, MYKMU et al…sama saja. Khir Toyo saja yang tak ada troopers.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment and the revelation.


  42. Throughout my life, i have met many people from other countries. Other people, especially from muslim countries or backgrounds, regard Tun as a champion and a world leader. They applaud him for criticising oppressive nations for intruding in other nations’ welfare (mid east crisis especially). In my opinion, Tun had made a deep and lasting impression on these people. And also, Tun had done so much for our country.
    What has Pak Lah accomplished? Flipping and flopping? I dont think you can criticize anyone if you have done less than them. I hope you understand what i mean..Just my point of view.



  43. Mr. JMD,
    Ok the Citi thing was just to provoke a reaction, and we made a good profit. Don’t read too much into it.
    Lets see what you wrote
    Boy I find so many weaknesses in the argument above. Firstly, I cannot give him credit for having the original idea in marrying the daughter of the future DPM (at that time). Throughout history, ambitious nobodies had married into royal families, monarchies and first families just to gain the upperhand in their effort to achieve greater power and wealth. Heck, I am not even trying to simplify his prowess either

    Nobody? People are not nobodies – why are they nobodies before they get married. If they were nobodies before they got married, they will be nobodies after they get married. If they were a somebody before they got married, they will be a somebody after they get married!
    Its the nobodies who are lost on this subtle observation.

    JMD : Huh? Are you okay? Nobodies will be nobodies if they marry nobodies. Nobodies will be somebody if they marry a daughter of super-somebody. KJ was a nobody before he got married to this daughter of somebody. Perhaps, he would have continued to be the host for Malaysia Dateline in NTV7. Why do I have to go down to the most fundamental level just to drive a point? It’s Friday and I was hoping for a good, relaxing weekend 🙂

    #2 Singapore and KJ
    I spent a whole day looking at all the data about the oil-thingy. Perhaps you could come show us the facts that support your assertion of this KJ-Singapore-Conspiracy, bearing in mind, Singapore acts as a hinterland to much Malaysia’s goods and services, with strong commercial ties.

    JMD : I said Singapore is KJ’s most loved country. I am saying this due to his active participation in most of the national level dealings with Singapore. Temasek’s purchase of Telekom shares, Pantai Holdings, Maybank’s purchase of BII (Maybank tookover Temasek’s shareholding in BII) etc. Who is the consultant for these dealings? And who are they closely affiliated too?

    #3 Singapore and feudalism
    The country has a population of 4 million. LKY developed it, and he was well helped by a lot of capable leaders – Goh Keng Swee, Rajaratnam, Richard Hu, yada yada yada. So when team Hsien Long took over from a strong base, and if u say feudalism works, perhaps you would want to look at Temaseks investment return this year and next. So if their feudalistic, bad for them, if their not, its not even a valid point. And there are still 160 other countries to choose from.

    JMD : There you go, now you are contradicting your much earlier comment about feudalism in a country’s administration. Barely a day ago you said no other country in the world can progress through the 21st century via feudalism? Basically, feudalism is good depending on the leader at helm? Is this now what you are trying to say? Why are you giving Singapore an exception? No other leaders in the rest of the world can emulate Singapore leadership is it? (Feudalistic, autocratic government that stifle dissent but at the same time prospering the nation too?) I can expand this more but alas, I feel my effort will be wasted.

    #3 dear Wenger, an upstart who starts his political career in an honest, humble way will be revered by Umno.
    Which leader in UMNO who started his career in an honest, humble way went on to be revered by UMNO? Does such a person exist or did he ever exist in the first place?

    I know – Anwar,rite!

    JMD : Gosh, where do I begin? Ghaffar Baba, Mahathir Mohamad, Senu Abdul Rahman, Sardon Jubir, Syed Jaffar Albar, and many many more..

    #4 Final KJ whacking points
    4.1 He is part of the feudalistic mindset cos he is Pak Lah’s SIL
    4.2 No change if he takes over, it will still be business as usual
    4.3 If he wins, its because of the SIL factor

    Well you know UMNO has had so many leaders and those leaders have many children. If you use our present cabinet as a sample size, we are talking about the power being inherited by their sons. Of course people will have to evaluate DM within that scope, rightfully or wrong fully.
    Daughters of UMNO leaders have married, but we don’t hear of their husbands. So if hear of KJ, it should be more to do with that the fact he is KJ as opposed to the fact he is an SIL.

    JMD : Another fundamental flaw that needed some correcting. Firstly, we do not hear of their husbands because they do not abuse their position. We hear KJ precisely because he used his position as the son in law to climb his way up.

    A simple analogy – imagine an office, the big boss has a son in law who joined the office and immediately mid management. Now a couple of months later, this SIL did many things that are damaging to the office. And many people are not happy. Many blamed the big boss and the SIL for the bad things that happen.

    Now, what if the SIL did not join the office in the first place? (my very first article applies). He does have a choice. But he chose to join anyway. Like many other young hot blooded yuppies of his time, he saw that Umno is the ticket to greater wealth.

    Thank you.


  44. Salam JMD,

    Minggu depan rakyat Terengganu akan sekali lagi merasa bangga dan mendabik dada kerana akan berlangsungnya sukan perahu layar yang bertaraf antarabangsa- Monsoon Cup. Sukan air yang akan disaksikan secara langsung jutaan peminat diseluruh dunia, setaraf F1, akan meletakkan negeri Terengganu sebagai destinasi utama pelayar2 antarabangsa, sehinggakan marina di Pulau Duyong sering penuh sesak dengan kapal2 layar yang datang dari segala pelusuk dunia, membawa sama pelancong2 yang selama ini hanya menyaksikan keindahan sungai Terengganu melalui liputan Monsoon Cup.

    Jutaan ringgit dibelanjakan setiap tahun sebagai kos penganjuran tidak termasuk kos sampingan yang berkaitan seperti pembinaan Hotel 5 bintang Heritage Club yang sentiasa penuh dengan pelancong sejak dibuka sempena Monsoon Cup yang pertama tiga tahun dulu, pendalaman dan pembinaan benteng pemecah ombak dimuara Sungai Terengganu yang masih berjalan, bagi kemudahan ribuan kapal2 layar, dan kapal mewah cruise yang tidak putus2 tiba hasil promosi kejohanan. Rakyat Terengganu bangga kerana segala jutaan ringgit yang dibelanjakan itu merupakan kos yang halal, kerana dikatakan bebas dari unsur rasuah, kerana pastinya rakyat Terengganu tidak mahu dikaitkan dengan benda2 haram.

    Akan ramailah pelancong2 dari luar negara memenuhi bandar Kuala Terengganu minggu depan dan pastinya mendatangkan hasil yang cukup lumayan kepada rakyat. Supaya tidak ada rakyat yang ketinggalan, seperti tahun lepas, pasti akan diselitkan juga didalam khutbah Jumaat seruan supaya rakyat Terengganu turut sama mengambil kesempatan berniaga, mencari rezeki lebih sempena limpahan pelancong itu, cuma kali ini diminta jangan lupa diberi juga peringatan agar menyediakan RM1500 bagi bayaran sewa tapak niaga.

    Pastinya selepas tiga tahun menganjurkan Sukan Kapal Layar Tersohor ini, rakyat Terengganu kini telah mahir dengan segala undang2 dan aspek2 teknikal berkaitan sukan kapal layar yang mana majoriti yang lain masih termangu2 cuba memahami sukan yang penuh aksi dan mencabar keupayaan pemain itu.

    Betapa bangganya aku menjadi rakyat Terengganu, negeri yang kaya, rakyat yang mewah. Golf tak mainla…. kite ke lauk, maing kapal layor !


  45. Dear JMD,
    Mungkin ini lari sikit dari tajuk. Saya first time hari tu masuk blog DSAI and give some comments on his Pakatan Rakyat Kerjasama ………..

    Even the next day he didn’t published my comment. Apolah yang segan sangat tu ! Dibawah saya copy cat dengan comment.

    En. Wan,
    Saya rasa barulah sekarang orang-orang ini tahu, bukannya senang nak jagi pemerintah. Semua nak kena jaga. Nak tambah orang baru?. Put this way, rakyat sekarang dah buka mata. Itu sebab mereka dah kurang berminat. Hanya yang atas sahaja masih ingat boleh bertahan.

    Yang tinggal hanya mereka-mereka yang ekstremis sahaja.

    This is my first time in this blog. Cuma saya notice, rata-rata commentator suruh buat gathering and rally for freedom for support so-called. Cukup-cukuplah tu. Dewasalah sikit. Tak ada untungnya. Rally ni hanya menyusahkan orang lain saja. If you think 50,000 people joining you all, there are 2.5 million lagi yang tidak join you all. We just want to live in peace.

    Kita perlu sedar sebagai seorang yang kononnya future leader, DSAI tiup trompet 16.09.2008 tarikh untuk tukar kerajaan. Lepas tu sebelum Raya Haji. Sekarang tak ada tarikh pulak!. Adakah ini your future leader yang kita banggakan? Belum lagi ambil alih, yang dirancang pun tak menjadi. He cannot even materialise his words.

    If UMNO is stupid to send their parliment member outstation (to hide). I think PR is double stupid by going and chase them!. So, which one we need to choose, stupid or double stupid?.

    Jaga and improve sajalah apa yang dah dapat. Jangan nanti yang dikejar tak dapat yang di kendong berciciran.

    Walaubagaimanapun, sebagai seorang islam kita percaya disebalik kegagalan itu ada hikmahnya. Disebalik kelam kabutnya DSAI tu, sekurang-kurangnya BN tu sudah sedar kelemahannya dan nampaknya menuju kearah lebih baik. Insyaallah.

    Terima kasih.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    1 zizi
    Nov 27th, 2008 at 11:20 am
    En. DSAI,

    I have sent many comments on other blogs but your blog is the first time took more that an overgnight, still awaiting for mpoderation.

    Be gentlement Ok?. You should enter chedet blog. Some of the commentator hamtam him nicely, but he still allowed it.

    Critics should make people better. Be posifitve !!. You are so-called a leader of the future ??????.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.


  46. Since I am here, baca here and there, commenting here and there – nak tengok once the Malaysians become like the Thais, (kira gila juga saya ye!) may be that will be the answer to the politicians and the leaders who think they are the answer to the people, do what ever they like just because we the people give them the vote to rule – but the people here don’t have the support from the army nor the king, unlike the Thais, it will be difficult for us so we suffer lah dengan politicians with their hidden agendas. We just dare to go to war in the blogs – actually I think this kind of war is more civilize. We don’t have to learn how to use guns, we don’t really have to commit the act of the actual killing and I hope with our efforts blogging, we could kill some of out bad apples.

    Blog is some kind of revolting too, protesting, apabila mentally tertekan, maka keluarlah blog/s yang bernas dan ada yang gila juga. In the end after reading so many blogs’ comments, what I can see most of us can only commenting without supplying some kind of solution of how to better ourselves as a nation, I am just the same, don’t really have ideas to make us to be a better people and serve our mankind in the best way.

    Sometimes I wonder myself am I angry with some of the leaders because they don’t serve the people well or because they get fat getting more than they deserve? I am envious of their brilliant minds to use their positions to fatten their own bellies and I have less or may be none? It is my war against my own conscience. Honestly I cannot answer that, today I feel different and the next I feel different about the situation. Then was it because of my own personal experience that I just dislike politicians regardless of them being good or bad! I will sit again on the slab of stone I use to sit and do some soul searching.

    And to my fellow Malaysians, keep the good fights.


  47. hi JMD. i have just finished a book on genghiz khan. interesting to read how he managed his battles and unite those nomads. the only person at home that i found some ‘similarity’ is TDM. great leaders, as proven have lots of nemesis’. if we analyze, we will see a same pattern. should not worry about all these hatred towards him. all those goons know that they are no match to him, so it is the only thing they could do. a bunch of losers. badawi is way behind in terms of quality and achievement. he has proved that he is incompetent and unable to accept the comparisons btwn him and TDM. and some desperate ministers came up to support him. it is normal, but to blatantly being desrespectful is a wrong move. the most stupid one is nazri. he is a real ‘kurang ajar’. he should have not been there, at the helm of our country.
    i remember those days, most of rumors came from our southern neighbor. they were worried about what TDM going to do next, that is their mentality, kiasu. should not wonder much why kj loves SG or SG loves him. they are worried if TDM is back! to me, kj has not done anything yet, except whining and cursing, such a quality that most of these setiakawan are proud of. to me he is suitable to be a ring leader, maybe to replace samy but not for our nation. he has to convince the people that he is better than the rest, so far none………………….got to continue on another book which bought more than 10 yrs ago……’rise and fall of the 3rd reich’, a good one.


  48. JMD,

    it is so thrilling that the pro KJ supporters just dont get it. i would attribute it to lack of depth in the analytical department on top of vested interest. prior to the election i remember telling a young ciku that is pro KJ that i gave the odds 60:40 BN:OPP.

    i was thrilled that statistically it was within margin of error 2%. the pro KJ fella has now learn to shut up and listen to this OTAI now coz totally outclassed when it comes to experience. it is pure arrogance of youth as seruling senja said “tak pernah kena henjut”

    semuanya nak kena tempelak sekali baru reti bahasa.

    Keturunan Jebat


  49. A’kum Jmd,

    Sebenarnya, golongan prokhairy ini bagai menegakkan benang basah. Saya hairan mengapa mereka fikir yang Khairy ini adalah ‘outsider’ yang ‘menentang arus’.

    Pada hemat saya, dia inilah Insider paling dalam sekali dan ‘arus’ dialah salah satu faktor yang menyebabkan BN kalah banyak kerusi PRU yang lepas.

    Pihak pembangkang pula, masih memainkan taktik muslihat mereka. Dahulu, merekalah yang mengutuk Khairy dan Pak Lah sehingga amat sukar bagi BN menanganinya. Terkotak katik para menteri dan para penyokong kerajaan cuba menangkis serangan mereka. Akan tetapi, oleh kerana serangan mereka amat tepat dan mengenai sasaran berdasarkan bukti kukuh, maka orang ramai mula membenci kerajaan yg amat korup dan didalangi oleh siapa lagi kalau bukan pak lah dan anak beranaknya. (Sang Kelembai kata – Kerajaan Tiga BEranak).

    Pembangkang sentiasa cari jalan agar mereka dapat mengambil alih kerajaan. Dulu mereka lantang mengkritik Pak Lah sebelum election. Bila mereka menang banyak negeri, mereka kurang menyerang Pak Lah kerana mereka tahu amat abgus juka Pak Lah dan juaknya kekal di dalam kerajaan supaya senang mereka menang lagi besar di Pru 13 kelak.

    Bila najib nak ambil alih kuasa, mereka menekan najib dengan taktik yg sama. Mereka juga sudah berhenti mengutuk Khairy.

    Lihatr sekarang apabila pembangkang mengutuk Najib dan Mukhriz teteapi tidak mengutuk Khairy. Teori saya ialah, pembangkang rasa adalah lebih baik khairy menang ketua pemuda daripada mukhriz kerana lebih senang hendak menyerang Khairy menjelang PRU 13 nanti daripada hendak menyerang Mukhriz. Kerana, Khairy sudah ada rekod busuk di dlm BN.

    Kita lihat sendiri blog blog pro pembangkang. Mana ada mereka mengutuk Khairy lagi..

    Kita perlu menumpu tenaga untuk melihat benda yg lagi besar. Khairy jika menang KP, akan membawa bencana lebih besar kepada BN! Tengok ajelah nanti. File file yang telah digunakan oleh mereka sebelum PRU12 akan digunakan lagi untuk menghadapai PRU13.

    Sekian terima kasih.

    JMD : Thank you for the comment.


  50. JMD,

    Really admire your patience with these KJrites. Then again it is a blessing in disguise becoz your replies keeps us more informed. KJ and FAM, Out of the Box sheesh.

    Some of these guys were probably playing truant as regards to issues (eg Tun Salleh saga) or changing streams in school when TunMM was administering.

    Must ask them to Buy British Last, about United States GSP (they might thinK mobile phones) and maybe Tokyo Shimbun before they glorify KJ.

    Anyway their views as against yours is like Malaysia’s ping pong team against China’s, to take a sport comparison as they have.

    Lousy result against Fulham. Benitez has to shoulder this one for his midfield lineup. And now Torres injured. The Reds have to really turn it on and Keane just got to deliver now.


    JMD : Thank you for the comment Freddie


  51. Dear JMD,
    Anda tahu JMD,
    Hari ini 1.12.2008, DSAI langsung tak post saya punya komen yang saya hantar kat dia !!!.

    Kesian, takut betul dia dengan kritik orang. Berpidato sikitlah punya gah, rupa-rupanya tak tahan dikritik.

    JMD : I think he is too busy plotting his impending return to the government as the Prime Minister of Malaysia… 🙂


  52. JMD,

    I am confused, if Dr M was so good, how comes Malaysia is still so under-developed? Compare to South Korea or Taiwan, both with no oil, who started off the eighties in a worse situation than Malaysia (dictatorships and turmoil) and are now developed countries… Please enlight us.

    JMD : My dear Eric, please do not be confused. Here let me help you. Your take on South Korea and Taiwan is wrong indeed. Why? Because all this while, you had been fed by the Pakatan Rakyat’s propaganda and lies.

    South Korea had started to become an industrialised nation long before TDM became an MP. Hyundai and Kia started producing cars in the 60’s. They did not started off worse than Malaysia in the 80’s. Their economy had been growing steadily when Malaysia was an agricultural country. Get your facts straight Eric. Read more about South Korean economy before you shoot from the hip.

    As for teh case of Taiwan, well, just like Chelsea FC, they have a strong and wealthy benefactor to support them. You guessed it right – China’s economy was growing steadily at 8% yearly even before Anwar Ibrahim joined Umno. Read more about Taiwan’s economy before you decide to ridicule your own proeperous nation under TDM.

    And, TDM made a framework in the form of Wawasan 2020 to make Malaysia a develpoed nation by then. Malaysia must ensure it will achieve a GDP growth of 8% on yearly basis till the year 2020. Programs and projects were implemented in order for the country to achieve and sustain that growth. BUt what did your lovable Pak Lah do? Dismantle the projects that may help boost the nation to achieve more economic growth all the way to the year 2020.

    For instance, the Scenic Bridge project that we scrapped. Man, if we just had done it, Port Tanjung Pelepas will be the destination of maritime industry as compared to the Pelabuhan Keppel in Singapore. That will generate more economic growth. This is a simple case of thinking new ideas to find business. The Selat Tebrau will be cleaner since Tambak Johor will have to be demolished for the construction of the Scenic Bridge.

    The water will become less toxicated and of course eco tourism can be started. Johor Bharu will become a good waterside city with many tourists will come.

    Alas, that did not happened. There are many other instances that made Wawasan 2020 less achievable because we gave way too much for Singapore.

    Thank you.


  53. JMD,
    first out, I never intended to ridicule Dr M and you can hardly say I am a Pak Lah fan 😉
    Thank you for the info on South Korea and Taiwan. I readily admit I did not have all the facts about Taiwan and South Korea.
    I did a bit of research nonetheless. Your point about about China supporting Taiwan is inexistant, both countries cannot but hate each other to this day. You may have thought of the US sponsorship, I guess.
    As to South Korea, the Mahathir years were marked by coups and political instability. As you highlighted in another of my comments, political troubles hardly create the conditions for fast development. Lucky for us, BN spared us all this instability throughout, a rare feat indeed after colonialism.
    Have a look at UN’s figures, GDP per capita in Malaysia went from USD 1700 to 4700, while South Korea went from 1700 to 14266. From 1 to 1 to 3 to 1 😦 This proves South Korea was no better developed than Malaysia when Dr M took over, though Hyunday and Kia were indeed car-producers since the 60ies. Taiwan followed a similar path.
    Therefore, I still stand by my points that these both these countries fared way better than Malaysia during the 22 years, despite the more difficult situations they were in (dearth of natural resources, not English-speaking, political instability in Korea, recent civil wars, martial law and dictatorships). When I studied in Europe in the early 90ies, Malaysia was frequently listed together with these two as an “Asian tiger”, by the time Dr M was relinquishing power nobody would dare to make this association any more for fear of being laughed off. You may consider yourself prosperous, but I doubt most Malaysians would. Like foreign investors, who still come here for cheap wages.
    Honestly, I find your story about Pak Lah’s destroying all of Dr M’s legacy similarly a bit weak. Due to the vast difference in duration at the helm (22 years versus, hopefully, only 5). Far from ridiculing Dr M, I just want to assess him at his true worth: just an ordinary leader no more no less. Not the economic genius some want to portray.
    On concessions to Singapore however, I cannot but agree.

    JMD : Of course, Dr M is not exempted from making any mistakes. He is only human. I never make him out as an all perfect leader with messianistic abilities. But in the absence of good leaders in Malaysia, he stood out as exemplary.

    My dear Eric, your notion of a nation’s prosperity lies with the sole criteria of GDP per capita which you had aptly shown above. Actually, that is a skewed perspective in order to determine the status of a country.

    There are actually 7 variables that need to be taken into consideration ii we were to ascertain the state of prosperity in a nation (economically wise);

    1) GDP growth
    2) GDP per capita (which you stated above)
    3) Average household income
    4) Poverty rate (South Korea’s poverty rate is about 15%)
    5) Income gap between rural and urban areas and between races
    6) Unemployment rate (3.1% in Malaysia. What are the unemployment rates in other developed countries?)
    7) Rate of inflation (Malaysia enjoyed low inflation during TDM’s time)

    To me, with over 200 countries around the world (not just Taiwan and South Korea which the opposition kept on repeating), Malaysia fared way better than most of them. If Malaysia cannot achieve GDP per capita like Taiwan and South Korea, than certainly Malaysia achieved better in some other areas which even South Korea and Taiwan failed to emulate.

    Mind you, whichever leader that can master to manage all the 7 economic variables above, then he is indeed a good leader.

    It took Malaysia only 30 years to turn a former rubber colony of the British into one of the world’s largest manufacturers of semiconductors. It was only in 1960 that Malaysia managed to catch up with the per capita income of Haiti (the poorest nation in Western Hemisphere). And where is Haiti now?

    The fact is, Malaysia had been properpus enough to be put on the worldmap. Its macrofundamentals were strong. Low inflation, high saving rates, strong exports, low unemployment rate etc.

    Thank you.


  54. That was a fine rebuttal by you on Eric. The edge that you had over him was that, he plugged his facts in the nick of time to back is claim and counter you, but you managed to slap him back with your solid knowledge foundation of the economy. It was amusing to read.

    permit me to put down this link.

    Some people could never acknowledge TDM despite his worth.

    JMD : Thank you again River. Just to clarify, my knowledge in economics pun tidak lah sebagus mana. But it just doesn’t make sense to only rely on the GDP as the criteria of a successful nation. And Malaysia was often compared by the opposition to South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. These countries have different set of social and economical elements to play with. Malaysia has its own unique set up. For one, Malaysia is not homogenous. Tunku Abdul Rahman often said that Malaysia is one of the most difficult nation in the world to govern. I just cannot fathom why some people kept on highligting the fact that we are lagging behind those three countries is a bad thing. To be able to follow closely behind them is an achievement in itself. To them, having a peaceful country since the 70’s albeit a multiracial, multicultural and multireligious background does not mean a thing. Taking things for granted is aptly applied to this kind of people.


  55. JMD,

    agreed on the fact GDP per capita is not an all-encompassing datum and your seven indicators are a good exemple of how to be more objective (even though they can be argued like inflation rates). However, I do not see how you demonstrate Dr M was a good leader on the seven or any of them. Besides, between you and me, do we really believe the 3.1% unemployment rate? Have you tried to hire for junior positions recently? I regularly hire juniors, it is painful to see how many inexperienced and inarticulate graduates are around looking for jobs 1, 2 or even 3 years after graduation.

    Another point, I am always a bit uncomfortable when Malaysians compare themselves with Haiti, Ghana (Najib, if I am not mistaken), Somalia, Bengladesh et alia. Shouldn’t we look up to Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Taiwan or South Korea instead? When your kids come back from school, do you compare their grades with the highest-graded pupil or the lowest? See what I mean. We have to be proud of this country, not shy and humble. What do you thin?

    On being on the world map, you touched something that is dear to my heart and quite worrisome. I work with and for a few international investors. The trend is not up but down. They now tell me we are too expensive, that they are looking at Vietnam, China, even India (if you tried to do anything with India, you will know why I am rolling my eyes). They always said Malaysia is more expensive than the latter, but they used to say it is justified because Malaysians are qualified, English-speaking, using common law. They now say Malaysian engineers’ English is decreasing and their knowledge does not justify the pay they are asking. Institutions, including the judiciary, have become notoriously more corrupt. One of the foreign investors I worked for was offered a soft loan from the government provided he’d give 30% to the then Innovation minister! Needless to say he drove off to Singapore with his patents, jobs and investments. All the Malaysian export business is going to be severely hit by the Western bust and all our leaders are doing is fidgeting for who gets to be PM, DPM, VP (agreed with you, BN and PR alike), etc. This has me very worried.

    Thanks again for publishing my comments. Hope Malaysia does not fall off the radar screen.


  56. River,

    I fail to see the facts countering my points. The poverty rate in Malaysia is simply laughable at below RM800 for a household. It is usually put at half the median income, which would make Malaysia beat the South Korean 15% quoted by JMB instantly.


    granted South Korea and Taiwan are “ethnically pure”, however Singapore shares the same set-up as Malaysia (happily campur). I believe these 4 countries are still comparable, as they have long been from the 60s and before. Again, I am questioning your patriotism if you are simply happy following foreign leading countries. Please get some hard facts, do not simply discard comparisons based on specious arguments.
    I can only agree with you however, on BN’s achievement for keeping peace for so long. However, we have to cite the persisting political instability hindering South Korea and Taiwan as handicaps. It is not like ethnic sameness is a sure recipe to prosperity, otherwise Thailand or China would sure be better off than Switzerland, Belgium or Canada.

    JMD : Just to correct you Eric. Hardcore poverty in Malaysia is set at RM425 per month. While poverty rate is at RM850 per month. Please take a look at the Aisan Development Bank data below if you are still adamant that Malaysia is still not good enough for you.

    Singapore is very different from Malaysia. Malaysia is heterogenous. Singapore have more than 75% chinese. It has only 4 million people that can easily be controlled. They stifle dissent better than Malaysia. They incur less cost to train their citizens. Their economy is driven through exports. Their autocratic and stable country provide comfort for investors to come and do business in the country.

    South Korea is different from Singapore and Malaysia. It has over 40 million homogenous people in the country that will spur its domestic trade even if external factors are bogging down their economy. Malaysia is caught with having what those country do not have. Multi racial country with minorities that are very vocal, population which are not too small that can be controlled easily or too big that can spur its domestic economy.

    If you want to be patriotic, then get your brothers and sisters to stop criticising the government and start thinking about ideas and solutions on how to spur the economy further. Come on, I’m sure DAP are intteligent enough to think about the solutions.

    And yes, to simply say ‘be gone with the NEP!’ is not enough. What are the feasible alternatives that can make everyone satisfied and be happy to implement?

    And, with all these contributing elements that are difficult to manage in Malaysia since day one, is it not a feat in itself that Malaysia follows closely as the other countries that was labeled as East Asian Tigers? Wait a minute, Malaysia was one of the East Asian Tigers! Please read a book by Daniel Yergin (Commanding Heights). It’s gonna be a chicken soup for your soul, really.

    So, in all this, I am proud that Malaysia was lumped together with these countries. Are you not proud already? Or are you in denial because you yourself are not patriotic enough to realise the tough achievement Malaysia had gone through. Oh right. You are anti Mahathir. Whatever he did, were flukes. He was as dumb as the next country bumpkin. Right?

    If you want to question my patriotism, then so be it. Just like your persistence of trying to abolish all the multiracial parties within BN is a laughable notion itself. To put you in perspective, how about if you ask the parties in Pakatan Rakyat to dissolve themselves? Mirror your solution you gave about direct membership into BN. Then, applying the same in PR, where do you put Lim Kit Siang in the hierarchy? Where will Nik Aziz be? How about Hadi Awang? And Anwar Ibrahim? You see the problem?

    You like everyone else in the opposition would only see the problem but failed to offer solution on the situation. If you see there is indeed ‘racism’ in BN, then your only solution is ‘simply to dissolve the parties’ in it?

    My friend, dissolving parties that representing a particular race is strategically impossible unless there is a workable solution.

    This is where one education system comes from. When the children of all races study and play together since they are small, they will connect with each other in so many levels.

    For instance – Jebat, Eric and Balan are friends during school since they are 6 years old. They grow up together. They play together. They are exposed to the same type of eductaion together. 15 years down the road, they will start to be aware of their surroundings and will think things on a higher level.

    If they want to fight about a certain issues, they will probably establish a platform to fight their stand. They will create NGOs. They will create political parties. If they grow up together, studied and played together, the issues that are close to their hearts will not be about race.

    It will probably be about social ills, poverty, better governance so on and so forth. If we start to have same education system (whatever that may be), under one roof, we will see in 25 years time, racial politics will probably lose its popularity. In 50 years time, the kids that are born today will fight over a common cause which are no longer about race.

    Do you get this big picture I am presenting to you? Isn’t this less drastic and even more beneficial to implement? Minus all the severe repercussions of simply to abolish racial based parties now?

    And please Eric, I am striving for a better Malaysia. That was what I had been writing for the past 9 months. People like Pakatan Rakyat are the ones that is creating instability that may cause the nation to progress. Read my blog thoroughly and you will get the picture.

    The night is late. To simply talk to you about economics fundamentals vis-a-vis the delicate balance between strong government and the free market can be very exhaustive. Please find ways on how the society to function, to behave and to work hand in hand in order for the country to achieve the iconic status of South Korea and Singapore that you so much proud of.

    Perhaps, should we emulate Lee Kuan Yew in his early years of being at the helm? Throw dissidents and opposition in jail and practise dictatorial style of leadership? 🙂 Or should we rely on Anwar to get his international fund managers friends to pump in RM1 trillion into Malaysian economy soon?

    Thank you.


  57. I was one of the greatest fan of Mahathir but when I look at the way he mistreated his boss, his deputys, his successor and the ulamas, I would say that Mahathir is not a good figure to be followed. He cant even teach his wife and daughters to follow the teaching of the Quran. As a father, Mahathir is afailure.

    Well as a state men, he did the nation proud but not for free. He made use of so much nations wealth to make someone (chronies) rich. Of course, international keep on praising him but thats how he make money (for his chronies) by organising international-level conferences. Those who oppose will get AXED!. or demoten, or cold-=storaged!!. These actions now written in a Malaysian history.

    Who doesnt know all these?

    JMD : Let me get this straight, he made money by organising international level conferences and due to these conferences, the international communities praised him?

    Thank you for this eye opener 🙂

    The rest of your comment is arguably nothing more than skewed perspective of someone who was brainwashed by ungrateful people.

    And the sad thing is, the points specifically raised were very petty and not even strong enough to denigrade the man. I guess I should not waste time rebutting comments like this?


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