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Reasons why 1MDB’s Edra Energy IPO failed to be listed..

Some people tried to lie their way out by giving flimsy reasons and by blaming other people for 1MDB’s failure in listing its IPP assets, the Edra Energy Group for the past 2 years.

But there were specific reasons why the listing  did not come through since 2013.

The sock puppet of Najib Tun Razak, Arul Kanda in his recent press conference with the media stated that the proposed IPO targeted in November 2013 did not materialise because they have just bought the IPPs in 2012 and needed time to harmonise the group; therefore they discovered that the November 2013 deadline was unrealistic.

That was just a bogus excuse.

After losing RM5 billion cash in their first business venture with that dodgy Petrosaudi company in 2009 and gaining nothing in return except for some worthless units, 1MDB needed to raise money fast by venturing into the energy sector. That initial RM5 billion was obtained through shariah bond guaranteed by the Government but by they year 2011, they did not get any cash returns for it, only units. Hence they were unable to reuse that investment to buy other assets.

So how did they buy the IPPs? By getting another USD3.5 billion loan! This time it was guaranteed by an arab company called IPIC. Consequently, they then have the cash (new debt) to spend freely again.

But they bought 3 old IPPs above market prices and thought that they could raise enough cash to cover the first hole (PetroSaudi failed investment) and the second hole they just created (that USD3.5 billion loan) through the IPO listing of their IPPs.

Right from the beginning, as soon as they had purchased those IPPs in 2012, they had announced that an IPO will take place in 2013. This was their own target and presumably, it was made after a diligent business plan and financial model been deliberated. For a multi billion company making plans without being cognisant of their own capabilities and future direction is surely not an efficient way to run it. They might end up like a failed business model! (which they are)

Hello everyone! I am here to make a fool of myself! But I don't care since my salary is huge!!

Hello everyone! I am here to make a fool of myself! But I don’t care since my salary is huge!!

The Malaysian taxpayers was swindled about USD1.83 billion by that joint venture with PetroSaudi and surely 1MDB will not make the same mistakes again. But stupidity has no limit.

The real reason why they failed to list Edra Energy was because they had failed to sign and submit their 2013 audited accounts on time.

The real fact is, their auditor (KPMG) had refused to sign off the financial statements because of the USD1.83 billion fiasco made for the PetroSaudi joint venture.

1MDB’s financial year ends every 31st March and financial statements must be signed off within the next 6 months (30th September is the deadline).

KPMG could not determine and confirm the value of those mythical units and their audit partners were not comfortable enough to proceed in giving the audit report an unqualified opinion. Having a qualified audit report would have been a disaster for a multi billion debt laden company like 1MDB.

1MDB failed to submit their accounts on time, the draft prospectus for the IPO could not be lodged on time and the November 2013 deadline for the IPO listing was not met.

By year end 2013, 1MDB sacked KPMG and appointed Deloitte. As an effort to get their new auditor to sign the accounts, Deloitte actually had to dedicate 6 pages in the audit report about “Critical Accounting Judgements and Key Sources of Estimation Uncertainty” – regarding the dodgy units and other issues, presumably to cover the audit firm.

Note that in June 2015, the Finance Minister II claimed that the termination of KPMG was a normal process of audit rotation. We had claimed that he was lying on national TV, and the new revelation from investigative documents have revealed that indeed they were sacked.

Since the Prime Minister is also the top boss of 1MDB, they got a 6-months extension by the CCM to submit their accounts. This should have raised red flags across the financial market and indeed people are getting worried about the debt laden 1MDB and its going concern.

This was entirely 1MDB’s fault. The USD1.83 billion cash is gone and it has caused a domino effect in 1MDB’s other businesses.

Their second target mentioned by Arul Kanda was November 2014.

This joker (who could not even differentiate between cash and assets), mentioned that 1MDB needed to buy more assets before they could do a listing.

This was just another bogus attempt to fool the public and we are amazed how the media did not even question him further on this ridiculous statement. Having RM18 billion worth of IPP assets is not enough for it to be listed? If 1MDB had wanted to buy more IPP assets before it could be listed, then at what point should they stop buying assets? At RM20 billion? RM40 billion?

If you had planned to buy more assets before listing them, then why did you announced to list it in November 2013 initially?

The real reason why they failed to have an IPO in November 2014 is because they have failed to meet the deadline in submitting their audited financial statements again! They had to lodge prospectus in September 2014 but failed to do so.

Deloitte wanted evidence from 1MDB about the value of those units which 1MDB could not provide. As a solution, 1MDB and Deloitte met halfway by getting a third party – IPIC to guarantee those units that was borne from the PetroSaudi joint venture fiasco.

This is akin to putting your RM1,000 into an ASB unit trust account but after some time, you can’t be sure if RM1,000 is still there, you simply had to get a third party to guarantee it!

On top of that, those units were classified as third class assets. In other words, assets where their market value cannot be absolutely determined.

Their audited accounts was only available in November, a delay of two months. Also, they had to buy back the 49% option given to IPIC’s subsidiary called Aabar before they could even list Edra Energy.

Note that in both occasion, the delays were not caused by brickbats or the opposition or even by Tun Dr Mahathir.

It was entirely due to the stupidity and inefficiency of 1MDB top management which precipitated in the failure of their IPO plans.

The fact that they tried to blame everyone else for their inability to repay debts, the loss of USD1.83 billion and the potential decrease of RM52 billion in assets to RM12 billion is shocking.

Arul Kanda even gave an absurd answer as to why 1MDB amassed so much debts just to buy assets. He said:

“it creates a certain discipline in the company, and allowed the government to use its funds for other purposes, such as development for the people.”

Pray tell what kind of discipline has 1MDB shown since 2009? From evidence, we can safely say that 1MDB has no discipline at all. They lost and bungled their first investment venture, but learned no lessons out of it, took another huge loan and then failed to recoup any returns for it.

In the end, the people had to fork out money for 1MDB and lost nearly everything they originally had. Why is 1MDB and the people in it so stupid?

Why can’t you people be honest for once, stop blaming other people, stop issuing stupid statements and then resign honorably?

Too dumb to be a good, honorable person?

The thing is, people had predicted that 1MDB will become financial disaster (losing up to RM40 billion of assets just to pay debts is indeed a disaster).

Below is what Tony Pua (of all people) had written about 1MDB back in 2012:

What is of greater concern however, is the manner which 1MDB is financing its business and operations, which is funded entirely by debt guaranteed by the Federal Government.

The last time it took a RM5 billion debt, it invested RM4.2 billion in a speculative PetroSaudi Joint Venture with PetroSaudi International company for an oil exploration project. However, within 6 months, 1MDB converted its 40% investment in the joint venture into an 11-year loan to a company whose “track record” stretched back only to 2005.

The PetroSaudi stunt left 1MDB with very little cash for its new projects awarded without tender, by the Federal Government – the 160ha Bandar Malaysia in Sg Besi and the RM26 billion Kuala Lumpur International Financial District. Hence as it stands, 1MDB is already in need to secure further financing to develop these 2 mega projects.

Now, with the new RM8.5 billion investment in Tanjong Energy, there is absolutely no question that 1MDB will be the most leveraged company in Malaysia, with the risk entirely bourne by the tax-payers. With absolutely not expertise or experience in oil and gas, property development and now, the power generation sector, 1MDB is setting itself up to become Malaysia’s mother of all bail-outs. If it happens, it will be a disaster of epic proportions to our financial sector which will trigger possibly the worst economic crisis the country has ever faced.

The Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak must present an official ministerial paper to Parliament when it sits in the session commencing next week. Brakes and risk management measures must be put in place to prevent the country from falling headlong into financial disaster.

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7 thoughts on “Reasons why 1MDB’s Edra Energy IPO failed to be listed..

  1. he had the cheek to tell the world that thr failed IPOs were because of instability of everything else. forgot the exact words but they were blaming everyone else

    if accounts also cannot handle then why on earth can trust them with 42 billion loans?

    mahathir was right after all. if there is no 1mdb there is no need to pay debts. they are cheering till roof broken for the ability to be able to pay debt! bhahaha

    arul please do the honourable thing – bury ur head in sands forever.

    ps – perhaps the bloggers need to unite and ready the questions to the reporters. then only the right questions can be asked. and then only arul will be stripped.


  2. Arul, word is going round town you’d also fail the grade making nasi kandar. In fact, Arul, JibGor and Jholow might want to start a new government?


  3. Akhirnya, jual pada orang cina.

    Penampar cina sebanyak 9 billion hinggap ke muka najib dan orang melayu. Tapi takpa. Dia tu mana boleh kena kritik. Muka tebal tak boleh buat pa dah.


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