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Reckless Finance Minister II pre-empting investigations

Last week the Auditor General had presented its preliminary findings regarding 1MDB to the PAC. Malaysians however will not likely read the findings of this report, since it won’t be made public.

The bits and pieces of information the public could get and craved can only be read from press conferences held by PAC and the Auditor General themselves.

The Chairman of PAC, Datuk Nur Jazlan said:

“A couple of matters have cropped up with the issue of documentation. The NAD (National Audit Department) has yet to receive full cooperation from 1MDB in the handing over of documents for audit,” said Nur Jazlan.

We would request that the management of 1MDB give its full cooperation to the NAD and hand over all the requested information and documents so that they can continue their audit and finalize their report by the end of the year.”

The report took a total of three months to finish and covers the analysis of 1MDB’s financial statements, as well as its investments such as PetroSaudi.

“The auditing for its other investments such as in land and energy sectors is still ongoing and will come up in the final report, which is expected to come by the end of the year,” said Nur Jazlan. – Source.

Basically, PAC is telling us that 1MDB have not given the auditor-general their fullest cooperation which had invariably hindered the audit process. Additionally, the interim audit report covers only certain aspects of 1MDB.

Reporters had also asked Tan Sri Ambrin Buang on the alleged USD700 million being deposited in the Prime Minister’s private accounts.

The Auditor General had this to say:

“Now that there is already an investigation by the special taskforce, they are better equipped to do that. They (special taskforce) have the power to look into people’s accounts,” he said.

He added that unlike the special taskforce that has Bank Negara Malaysia on its team, the Auditor-General alone does not have such power to do so.

“I do not have the power to look into people’s accounts,” said Ambrin, when asked if he would investigate the latest revelation by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that involved Najib. – Source.

In other words, the NAD is not investigating the allegations by Wall Street Journal. That aspect of investigation is under different jurisdiction and it is still ongoing.

But suddenly today, the Finance Minister II came out with horns blaring clearing 1MDB of any wrongdoings! He gave the impression that there are no problems within 1MDB at all. This is a blatant diversion from the truth.

From the news reports above, we can safely conclude that Husni Hanadzlah had committed a grave error in pre-empting the investigation teams. In fact, the preliminary report from Auditor General have not cleared 1MDB of anything.

Below is the much celebrated press release from the Finance Ministry:

The preliminary report by the Auditor General investigating 1MDB’s activities has found no evidence of wrong doing, and therefore the reckless allegations by some parties including the “disappearance” of RM42 billion and transfer of USD700 million to certain individual does not arise.

It is my hope that all baseless allegations will be put to rest.  We have to remain patient and we look forward to the final report by AG and the Public Account Committee (PAC).

Our focus is now on the rationalisation plan, whereby the Government is committed to have the issues pertaining to 1MDB’s debt be resolved.

The definitive aim of the rationalisation plan is to rebalance 1MDB’s asset and debt in order to support its financial structure that will ensure its sustainability going forward.Source.

It is highly contentious for a person under the purview of an investigation to actually come out publicly to say nothing is wrong with 1MDB; a company which his ministry is responsible for.

Jumping the gun and having knee-jerk reactions should not be a good trait for a Finance Minister

Jumping the gun and having knee-jerk reactions should not be a good trait for a Finance Minister

Imagine Al Capone, giving press conference clearing his own name based on investigations carried out against him, disregarding the fact that the investigations are not yet completed.

The public must be made aware that the press release above had highlighted one thing that made 1MDB a failure to begin with. Husni indirectly admitted that without the rationalisation plan to rebalance 1MDB’s assets and debts, there is no way it can move forward as a going concern. In other words, we can conclude that 1MDB is on the verge of bankruptcy and needs to be revamped and restructured in order to survive.

What a contradiction indeed.

So before the mainstream media begin to believe Husni’s misrepresentation of facts and print it on the front page tomorrow, we need to be intelligent enough to see the truth.

The Finance Ministry is oblivious to the statements made by Nur Jazlan and Ambrin Buang. We must not make the same mistake.

What really annoy us is the fact that the Finance Minister II seems to be bending himself backwards to disregard the alleged USD700 million money transfer when the auditor general report’s scope is completely on another matter altogether.

All this will only make him lose credibility and make himself look even more stupid. Remember this quote of the day:

“The law says those who cover-up, hide evidence of crime would be considered as accessory to the crime. They would be aiding and abetting the criminal. They too should be charged, tried and sentenced.”

Remember, some people have lost credibility and their jobs trying to defend 1MDB and the things associated with it.

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16 thoughts on “Reckless Finance Minister II pre-empting investigations

  1. JMD,

    Has Husni given false information on 1MDB? By saying everything fine on 1MDB. It’s just a preliminary report, how can he cleared 1MDB from any wrongdoings. Couples day ago, PAC has mentioned that they have yet to receive other important documents from 1MDB and MOF. Obviously the investigation was not carried out accordingly. Husni should be investigated by SKMM under section 211 or 233 Multimedia and Communication Act 1998.


  2. I heard him being interviewed by reporters last week; he seemed to be extremely stressed that he could hardly string two sentences together coherently. You couldn’t convince yourself that this chap was the Finance Minister of Malaysia.


    • Guess our Ah Jib Gor is trying to exploit his ‘pious’ image so that the public would believe what he says on behalf of the Bugis liar!


  3. I think those involved in the 1MDB issues are taking a different TWIST now,instead of being the news,they are now making the news hoping they can CONTROL the situation. Its involves lying,denial,fabricating the facts and threatening the PUBLIC now if they persist on harping on this issue.


  4. You can Only Expect a Half Past Five Statement from a Half Past Five Minister….
    The Public can Dump this Guy into the same Basket as Hassan Malik and Maslan Pontian.
    These are the Cruds that somehow ended being the Cream of Najib’s Crew!


  5. Problem No 1. You appoint a bangang to an important position.

    Problem No 2. You allow this bangang to give statements.

    Problem No 3. This bangang goes on to make other statements despite screwing up.

    Mother of All Problems. This bangang is still talking despite all the screwing up.

    And the final problem. I am forced to comment because I just cannot stand when bangangs speak !


  6. If they can lie outright during Ramadhan, then I feel that UMNO has to be trounced in PRU14. There is not an ounce of credibility anymore.

    They have traded integrity for power and position. The lure of luxury has reduced “amanah” to a speck of dust. Their screams of “untuk Agama, Bangsa dan Negara” has metamorphosised into tragic and shameless whispers of “harta, pangkat dan habuan”.


  7. Sorry Jack,
    This country is loaded with Bangangs that you DO have to Speak up before they actually BELIEVE in him. What future does a Country have when it has a Reckless Finance Minister.


  8. They take us for fools. I dont understand the gameplan but this game is being played not by the reckless but by those that are class A idiots. You cannot win against the idiots because they will beat you with experience. But above all, this nation is in a sad state. When you look at selangor’s mb, a guy who got blown on tape and can still reach the pinnacle helming the state, what is their to ponder when a pussy whipped bugis is helming malaysia? I was afraid the day Dr M blew his top off in stating that he withdraws support for najib. I feared it was too soon and now nobody even remembers anymore. Now its all about “ruling by proxy and chicken shits”. Najib is winning simply because no one is taking any action. I guess everyone is indebt.

    Anyways, selamat hari raya. Stay safe and have a jolly good time


    • You can’t win when class A idiots play their games, simply because they merrily change the rules of the game to suit themselves as they go along. But I am sure the Malays have class A statesmen that have no time for juvenile games pursuing selfish interests.


      • Another dumb juvenile game is the confession of an editor from SR. this supposed confession (whether true or false) is dated 15.7 on the police report. raja petra had been blowing about something that would make people be “pre-occupied” during raya before 15.7 and this is it no doubt. So rpk knows about this before it happens and gave signs of it. Rocky is now saying sequels are coming out and that the SD is a hoax (so quick to jump the gun). Isnt it convenient that the SD is quashed by a supposed confesion? They cant handle the truth so the obfuscate and stonewall every tom dick and harry. Rpk is back in the game and this time najib has him on his team


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