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Promise unfulfilled – cakap tak serupa bikin

I’m guessing even our southern neighbour is tired with Anwar Ibrahim and his flip flopping shenanigans. Not surprising since he has made plenty promises but never really want to hold any accountability when the promises are not kept.

Promises amongst the circle of Pakatan Rakyat leaders are just words of enticement, words of motivation. Although the traditional meaning of a promise is ‘a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen’, this has been changed by Anwar Ibrahim and his gang of political misfits.

Hence, as a decent human being, we as voters should not be swayed by a serial liar like this self proclaimed prime minister in waiting. Everyone has gotten tired with this endless tirade of oneupmanship. It is certainly a breath of fresh air for the Straits Times of Singapore to publish an opinion piece which exposed and dared Anwar Ibrahim over his past promise.

Although the words are sugar coated, one can’t help but find keywords such as ‘failed to announce’, ‘wriggle their way out’, ‘about-turn’ and ‘not easy to reach a consensus’ which inevitably targeting Pakatan Rakyat as a problematic political coalition of dishonourable politicians.

Together with the fact that Pakatan Rakyat is an unregistered party, the perception that they are a much malignant political tool is overwhelmingly stacked against them.

It won’t be a matter of years before Malaysians realise that Pakatan is deleterious to Malaysia. We can see the harmful effects caused by them even as we speak. Even if Anwar Ibrahim announces the shadow cabinet tomorrow, it’s already 4 years too late for the proverbial promise to hold any credibility. It will just be a reminder that Pakatan is lackadaisical in making decisions and ineffective when quick action is concerned.

Article below is as published in Straits Times Singapore.


By Salim Osman

THE talk of a shadow Cabinet in Malaysia is in vogue these days, started by the opposition.

A shadow Cabinet is defined as a senior group of politicians in the Westminster system of government who, together with the leader of the opposition, forms an alternative to the government’s Cabinet ministers.

Its members would shadow or mark each individual Cabinet member, passing criticisms on the current government and its respective policies and offering alternative programmes. If the opposition forms the next government, the shadow ministers would have had experience in drafting policies and defending them.

Such a system, found mainly in Britain and Australia, does not exist in Malaysia.

But opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim ignited interest in a shadow Cabinet soon after the 2008 elections that almost toppled the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN), when he promised to form such a Cabinet “so that the rakyat could have transparency”.

He argued that the people would be able to see who from the individual parties in the opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) would be in the Cabinet line-up, in the event that the opposition were to win Putrajaya, the seat of the federal government.

Datuk Seri Anwar repeated the promise in 2010, last year and in January this year before the PR convention, saying that a shadow Cabinet would be a sign of the maturity of his opposition pact.

But he has failed to announce his shadow Cabinet line-up, led by him as the prime minister-designate in a PR government.

Mr Anwar could only explain recently that a shadow Cabinet was suitable for countries like Britain and Australia, but not for Malaysia.

His colleagues said that such a Cabinet would be announced only when PR took power.

Mr Anwar and his opposition partners will have to wriggle their way out of a challenge by Prime Minister Najib Razak, who said PR should name its shadow Cabinet before it talks about forming the next federal government.

Why the about-turn, after the promise of a shadow Cabinet in April 2009 generated so much interest among the public?

The opposition either has no shadow Cabinet on its agenda, or has only a rough idea of what the Cabinet should be. But PR would not want to reveal it at this stage, because that would make it vulnerable to BN attacks.

For the opposition, forming a shadow Cabinet and announcing it in public are not without problems and risks.

First, it is not easy to reach a consensus on a power-sharing formula among three disparate parties, namely the Malay-based Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), the secular Democratic Action Party (DAP) and the Islamist Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS).

A supposed leak of its Cabinet list by the Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia recently revealed the distribution of Cabinet posts, with 13 seats for PKR, 10 for the DAP and eight for PAS. The list was denounced by both the DAP and PAS as a fabrication because the opposition coalition has yet to firm up such a list.

Second, there is a racial dimension to the Cabinet seat distribution. For instance, if the Cabinet is seen to be too multiracial or if non-Malays are given important portfolios like finance, trade and industry, or even defence, there will be a hue and cry, with BN warning the Malay electorate that they would lose political power if the opposition took over Putrajaya.

This can undermine the vote for the opposition, because Mr Anwar would be branded a traitor who sold out his race. Meanwhile, PAS would lose support as it would be accused of being a puppet that gives in to the influence of the “infidels”. The opposition may also lose Chinese support if the DAP is seen as playing second fiddle in this Cabinet.

Third is the position of Mr Anwar himself as prime minister-designate. There appears to be no other candidate for the job.

But the current campaign by the DAP, to push for a probe on the alleged scandal involving the loss of RM30 billion (S$12.1 billion) of Bank Negara’s reserves through foreign exchange speculation in 1994, may drag down Mr Anwar. Even though the probe’s target is Tun Mahathir Mohamad, the then Prime Minister, Mr Anwar was the then Finance Minister. What will happen if Mr Anwar is implicated in the probe? Hence, a potential problem in the Cabinet line-up.

It appears that PR has more to lose than gain if it discloses its shadow Cabinet line-up, hence the about-turn on the issue.

Datuk Seri Najib’s pressure on the opposition is part of the ruling party’s political manoeuvring. But Mr Anwar’s promise of a shadow Cabinet has aroused interest among the electorate, who want to size up the opposition in the coming general election, due by April next year.

“All talk of capturing Putrajaya is hollow if PR can’t even show to Malaysians that it can share ministerial portfolios on merit,” said news portal The Malaysian Insider. “This would be helpful to evaluate the kind of options Malaysians have before they vote in either coalition.”

There are other reasons for having a shadow Cabinet.

The burden of criticising the government in Parliament need not be shouldered by one opposition representative. In the old days, it would have been the then opposition leader Lim Kit Siang, who spoke out on all and sundry. Now the shadow ministers could speak out on their respective portfolios.

With PR’s intention to spread its influence far and wide in the country, a shadow Cabinet is timely and signals to Malaysians that the opposition has enough people and expertise to be in federal government.

It will also notify investors that they do not need to worry should there be regime change.

The talk of a shadow Cabinet appears to be taking Malaysia to a new stage of its political development, where two groups of political actors face off in a contest.

The ruling group, represented by BN, and the opposition, as embodied by PR, are slowly showing Malaysians that there will eventually be two groups of actors to run the country. It will be up to them to choose.


65 thoughts on “Promise unfulfilled – cakap tak serupa bikin

  1. If I am pakatan leader, I will not have a shadow cabinet. The reason is because the amount of backfire would be great. Look at the recent “supposed” PKR shadow cabinet. Look at the amount of criticism and backfire they get.

    Pakatan cannot afford a shadow cabinet right now. Why? Because there are too many people to please. You have those from PAS, PKR and DAP. Then the Sabah and Sarawak. That is why you see the “supposed” shadow cabinet was bloated with 3 timbalan perdana menteri and many posts and yet you don’t see many from sabah and sarawak. Having an official shadow cabinet means nailing the last nail in their coffin. Pakatan will lost their loyal support from those who are not listed. Lest, how could Anwar make promises when the list of shadow cabinet is already known.


    • they won’t have to look far to look for candidates to form their shadow cabinet. just look at the “Royal Families” of Pakatan Rakyat. The Lim Dynasty, Karpal and Sons, The Perak Cousins, Anwar and Wife plus Daughter. they already have a shadow cabinet, they just don’t have the guts to let people know the truth. truth be told, they will be accused of nepotism. then again, they have been practicing nepotism, cronyism for decades in the case of the DAP’s Lim Family.


    • It’ll be a hell of a big thing for Pakatan Rakyat to have a shadow cabinet. A shadow cabinet is usually – in western countries like UK – agreed upon even before forming and announcing a coalition. Pakatan Rakyat was not a coalition. Never was, never is.

      PR was not a coalition at PRU12. They fought independently. They unexpectedly won more seats than hoped for. They formed a loose gobbledegook. Opposing views and party stands on many issues. Until now. So, how can they have a shadow cabinet.

      Maybe a cabinet of shadows. People who are not clear about how they can rule together if they ever get to Putrajaya. And also leaders seen as shadows by the voters. In condos or apartments having same gender sex. In videos with China dolls. In the Penang Komtar office with a girl called Rainbow.


      • Not just “not clear about how they can rule together if they ever get to Putrajaya”. They are at odds with one another. Not just being at odds, they even clearly oppose one another.

        Hukum Hudud is a clear example. PAS wants it, DAP doesn’t and opposes it. It’s been a long standing issue. Karpal Singh shouting against it every time Nik Aziz mentioned it. Karpal periodically appealed to Anwar, his nominal boss in PR and his client in the Sodomy II case, to have the matter resolved. Anwar chaired a top-level PR component party leaders meeting. Could not resolve it. Twice, not just once. Imagine that. .

        Another example: Anwar wants to have relations with Israel, wants to protect the security of Israel. PAS simply wants nothing to do with the Zionists. Diametrically opposed, not just differences in nuances. Kelang kabut opposing stands. They’ll tear this country apart.

        God save this country if they ever get to Putrajaya.


    • Aiyyo, 3 Timbalan Perdana Menteri for a population of 28 million? So, 6-7 TPM for a population of 70 million, the ideal population Tun Dr Mahathir said some time back? What job will they do? Washing Anwar’s axx?

      Now Penang DAP laready 2 Timbalan Ketua Menteri. Proportionate to Penang’s population, DAP might insist 12 Timbalan Perdana Menteri if they get to Putrajaya. Ridiculous meh. Gila punya thinking.


  2. Salam JMD,
    We, as rakyat of malaysia should educate ourself on a lot of things e.g. national budget preparation, RMK planning, and the most important thing is the jurisdiction and separation of duties between the state and the federal government. If we educate ourselves then the chances to kena kencing will be much lower when we go for any PR ceramah promising all kind of goodies.


    • Ray don’t play play. You think BN in Selangor or in other states they are holding fared better than Pakatan? The day will come when you all will realise how stupid you are. Living under coconut shell like all those Umno lickers. Open your eyes and you can see improvements in Selangor are everywhere. Even penang is basking under the more efficient leadership of Pakatan. Koh Tsu Koon didn’t do a good job that was why he got booted out.

      But you don’t worry Ray. Not too late to vote for Pakatan. We shall embrace you like one of us if you could just shed your kampung mentality and strive for equality and fairness and merit.


      • What play play you talk talk man? I already see you are the one stupid, not ray.

        No need to wait “for the day will come”. What improvements in Selangor you talk talk about, dumbass? (Pssst, I got the license to whack you with the kind of words you use in your comment.)

        Kamon la, even sampah problem cannot solve one. Nicely going sampah collection under BN, the DAP Exco Ronnie Liu fella tried to be clever. Changed to scores of small contracts. Contractors no lorries and the like. Got lorries but pinjam here and pinjam there. Resulting in garbage not collected for days. Until now still problems. Bought 50 lorries but the lorries hardly seen. Said buying million-Ringgit per piece earthfill compactors, until now not heard about. Rakyat still complaing about poor garbage and garden refuse collection.

        Now, don’t get me to talk about the water problem, clogging drain problem, causing flash flood problem, etc etc. Not enough space in here for me to write.


      • HKS,

        You must be joking asking people to vote Pakatan and wanting to embrace people “like one of us” nonsense.

        You have any idea what the mainstream society thinks of Pakatan? They think of Anwar, Kit Siang, Nik Aziz.

        And I’ll save you the embarrassment of reading the tons of shit that I can write about them.


      • And what kampung mentality are you talking about, stu? And you have the Petaling Street secret societies, thugs and gangsters mentality?

        Do you realize that so many of the kampong boys and girls have had education at tertiary level and come out into the towns? Do you realize that no longer are adverse comments in blogs put out by the likes of you have in recent times been left unreplied, but countered, whacked and pooh pooh-ed until you people rarely come in any more?

        Go for “equality, fairness and merit” based on the Constitution, stu. And interpret the Constitution properly, not just according to your whim and fancy. Get the interpretation from people like the not-politically linked Constitutional law expert Professor Shad Faruqi, not the disgraced Aziz Bari who had to leave UIA because of Opposition linked and controversial interpretation of the Constitution he tried to do – including the alleged drafting of the amendment to the Selangor state constitution. Farcical.


      • “don’t play play” … hehe

        Were you pathetically trying to be that yellow-booted “success” icon from the red dot? Actually HKSS dearie, you’re the one with the blinkers and the cataract, not to mention the degenerative retarded mental cells you PROUDLY own. Gone are the days when pakatan lembus has the monopoly of cyberworld expressions aka instigations.

        Today, the real intellectuals have also obtained the ease and access of cyberspace to counter your inconsequential views and opinions. Your kind of verbal diarrhoea is not only toxic, it paralyses mental activity and retards healthy growth.

        I thank Che Sabdu and Che Ansar for their rebuttals which help to confirm how ALONE you are in your unsolicited “opinion”.


        • Waah, I like your 3rd para, ray. Heavy duty that one. Like a 10 tonner truck with steel track-type wheels.

          Dissent OK, Opposition propaganda OK, but when they use unacceptable words, looking for “t r o b o l”, as the Filipinos say.


      • Selangor has 2 main issues to settle;Talam gate and water and rubbish.Selangor is malaysia,’s dirtiest state,ton and tons of rubbish uncollected.Perhaps khalid can send his stooges to kuching to learn about ways to keep towns clean.


        • Yea, good one, Anak Kenyalang,

          But Khalid won’t go to Sarawak or Sabah. He’d rather go to Kalimantan where, as Guthries chief before, he invested in 150,000 acres to plant oil palm. Only he didn’t think of the hundreds of miles of roads and ports, wharves or jetties for the export of the palm oil. So, Guthries under him lost money heavily when all other plantation companies where making tons of profits. Also part of the reason he has been owing one bank RM66 million (for Guthries shares he bought under his own name), a Court Order to recover the loan been obtained but not yet enforced on him.

          So, that kind of a man with no foresight, he can’t even see the garbage, the uncleaned drains, the flash flooding etc in front of him. Promises only, bro, but failed to make Selangor a progressive state. Note that DAP also like that. PAS? Can see Kelantan 22 years under PAS can’t even attract local investment to put up factories – Kelantan folks have to go to other states to find jobs.


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  4. What disgusts me is the overall lack of respect for the term promise or janji shown by the Pakatan Rakyat leaders. There’s no sanctity of any kind attached to the word. They regard it very loosely and think it can be bandied about any time, anywhere they wish. To them, a promise or janji is not necessarily binding. Damn.

    So, they keep on promising all sorts to the rakyat, the voters, all and sundry. PAS promising Hudud, DAP individual leaders whacking Hudud to “over-my-dead-body” proportions, Anwar’s “Erdogan group” in PAS managed to get Negara Islam and Hudud thrown out at PAS 2011 Muktamar, Nik Aziz picking it up and promising Hudud again, and recently DAP as a party promising support for PAS Hudud – all these are examples of the embodiment of the utter disregard for what that word “promise” entails. When convenient for them to promise for the sake of votes, they simply make the promise. Gosh.

    And Anwar Al Juburi going to the US promising enhancement of democracy for Malaysia, enticing the Neocons, the Jews and the Zionists in such American NGOs as the Endowment for Democracy and George Soros’ so-called Open Society to send money to such errant Malaysian NGOs as Suaram, Malaysia Kini and the like. Yet his own party PKR is led by him as the ultimate boss, his wife as President, his daughter as Vice President. And the Deputy President’s post was reserved for his crony, Azmin Ali. When the ex-UMNO Minister Zaid Ibrahim expressed interest to contest the post, they arranged the election such that Zaid stormed out of the party in utter disgust of the election procedure. Now, what the hell is his promise of democracy like that? Chiiiisssh.

    Of course, yards can be written in support of, or to highlight the many points raised in the post article above. This comment may be regarded as an introduction. More to come.


    • Clarification:

      “and recently DAP as a party promising support for PAS Hudud” –

      This was picked up from one blog which may not be accurate.


  5. Yes, this is another one that’s come. On the blog post –

    Indeed, Pakatan Rakyat is “a problematic political coalition of dishonourable politicians.” It’s been widely known, but must be repeated for the younger generation and for those PR supporters who have started to realize the follies of PR leaders, that they have shown the same weaknesses as those they have been criticizing, even 1-2 years into power in the states concerned. If longer, they’d be much worse than BN. Those who have begun to realize that PR is certainly not a better alternative. Not even AN alternative.

    First, how can Anwar be honourable when Islam is stated in the Constitution as the religion of the country, yet he engaged in the forbidden and abominable act of sodomy. Proven so when the Sodomy I Appeal Court Judges had it recorded in their judgment that he did sodomize, although they allowed his appeal “on technical grounds”. And he allegedly did it again – Sodomy II is being appealed.

    How can he be honourable when his coalition partner PAS abhors Jews, Zionists and Israel, wants nothing to do with Israel, speaks for the suffering Palestinians who are endlessly bullied by the Zionists. But Anwar spoke for having relations with Israel, for the defence of and the security of Israel. He could have just kept quiet on such issues but he cares not about the feelings of PAS people, who he probably regards as mere tools for his attempt to reach Putrajaya, just like DAP has been doing.

    Yes, “a problematic political coalition”. But the danger is the voters are hoodwinked into giving them more votes than they deserve. They don’t. They shouldn’t. Look what happened when they did at PRU12. He even tried a coup d’e tat. The katak lompat way. Thinking he has a sizeable enough number of seats in Parliament that he could buy over, bribe and what have you BN MPs. And the man had even the cheek to ask to see Tun Dol about handing over powers and for an audience with the YDP Agong for an appointment letter as PM. Crazy, that so-called 16 September promise which, of course, didn’t materialize.

    The moral of the story is: don’t give PR votes that’ll make Anwar and Pakatan create havoc again. Selangor Talamgate, Penang Bayan Mutiara land sale gate, Penang low cost housing gate, etc.


    • Scum like you should be tried for treason for being anti-democratic. Let Anwar be a leader in the next election and you will see how great Malaysia can be. Why you so afraid?


      • Look at this son of a so-and-so (am avoiding the non polite way of referring to the bloke, for now) calling people scum, having no clue what treason is, what democracy really means.

        Coming in with just 2 lines of rude words, wild and unsubstantiated accusations, and presumptuous and preposterous claims, this bloke must be a Pakatan Rakyat goon.

        He hasn’t argued against any of the points made in JMD’s blog post or in my comments above. He has not defended what are said against Pakatan Rakyat and/or Anwar Al Juburi. Either because he is by the nature and habit of Pakatan goons to simply utter 2 lines, or he has no points to argue with, no facts to defend with.

        This bloke is likely to be of the short-attention-span type and I shall write short comments against him so as not to clutter his shallow mind and hope he gets the points I make.


      • This Lokii bloke must be told that we will let “Anwar be a leader in the next election” but we sure “will not let him win the election”. Certainly not the “general elections” i.e PRU13.

        The average Malaysian would not allow that. And the majority of Malaysians have that average thinking. How can they allow a man to be a national leader who has been picked up from the gutter (wasn’t he jailed for student militancy before?), paved the way to become a Minister, until he reached the post of Deputy Prime Minister, then bit the hand that did those for him?

        How can they allow a man to be a national leader who would not wait for his turn and instead tried to topple the boss – impatient, crude, biadap and kurang ajar by Malay adat and adab, not unlike the DAP boss who DAP Vice Chairman Tunku Aziz said was biadap as he stormed out of the party.

        Remember, had he waited his turn, he would have been PM for about 10 years now. Thank God he didn’t, otherwise the country would have gone to the dogs.


      • Finally, a short one for the short-attention-span Lokii bloke –

        What democracy are you or Anwar talking about when his own party, PKR, is led by Anwar, his wife, his daughter and his crony Azmin Ali?

        And when ex-UMNO Minister Zaid Ibrahim was keen to contest the post meant for Azmin, Anwar and gang arranged for the party election rules such that Zaid stormed out of the party in disgust.


      • he was already a leader before he got booted out of BN. what did he do when he was in BN? ok let me recall…. yeah can’t think of one. neither can you.


      • Lokii Lokii

        The genuine scums are the blind followers like yourself who has no substantial argument that is intellectually acceptable. Scums like yourself only succeed in creating complete DISGUST at Pakatan and its immoral de facto leader convicted of corruption, power abuse and sodomy.

        This documented conviction alone disqualify that sodomist from any leadership roles – he’s TAINTED big time. Scums like yourself also display the low level of sensibility in the face of FACTS and TRUTHS. Your perpetual denial propensity also helps in the rejection of Pakatan by well-read, thinking and enlightened voters.

        P.S. Your de facto leader should redeem himself by going to the mosque and declare his innocence by the holy Quran.


  6. The Pakatan cannot put up a shadow cabinet because the component parties can’t agree with one another. The one we read about before was said to be put out by PKR low-rung blokes. Not even endorsed by Anwar.

    Anwar would want his family – he as PM, his wife, his daughter – and his crony, Azmin Ali, to be Ministers. Where got places for Lim Guang Eng’s family, Nik Aziz’s family, no place even for Sabah and Sarawak Pakatan people.


  7. Promise unfulfilled. now that’s not something new to crow about. not only that, when the Possum Chairman from DAP proposed that the DAP adopt the 1 candidate 1 seat arrangement, their big guns came out with all guns blazing, calling the plan illogical and that it should not be discuss openly. they talk about serving the people. well, more like serving their own selfish interest. knowing that they have no chance whatsoever of taking Putrajaya, they are doing whatever they can to grab as much power as they can, thus you see them rejecting the 1 candidate 1 seat proposal etc.


  8. Been wondering about the DAP campaign for a probe on the loss of RM30 billion of Bank Negara’s reserves through foreign exchange speculation in 1994. As the ST writer Salim said, it may drag down Anwar as Anwar may be implicated.

    Why is the DAP campaigning for a probe? Is it possible that DAP wants to tarnish Anwar’s image -not to the extent PR would lose in PRU13 but just so PKR will not win so many seats compared to DAP. Far fetched? Not when considering that DAP had wanted to play check and balance within PR and, in Penang, may want to be non-dependent on the coalition partners to enable them to rule freely and fully on their own..

    See the Penang scenario – Karpal Singh has talked about DAP “has only 19 seats” in the DUN, meaning wanting more, which will likely be at the expense of PKR, as PAS has only 1 seat. DAP has been clamouring for more seats to contest – Karpal proposed 1 candidate 1 seat but got scoffed by Selangor DAP Chief Teresa Kok who, like about a dozen others, holds both Parliament and State seats. And remember, the PKR Penang Chief cum Deputy Chief Minister Mansor has been finding the situation in Penang unbearable, calling LGE “arrogant, cocky and tokong”.


  9. In Hollywood, they say “There’s no business like show business”. In Pakatan Rakyat, they say “There’s no politics like making promises”. Doesn’t matter if they are not fulfilled. The voters have a short memory, they say.

    Well, I’ve got news for them. BN has jolted the voters’ memory. Pointing out to the voters their unfulfilled promises. Going to the ground telling the voters. On billboards, in speeches etc.

    And when DAP Penang did not build any low cost housing on the island, BN is telling the voters about the PPR scheme – People’s Housing Project units for only RM35,000 each using the industrialised building system.

    Under the 2013 Budget, RM543 million had been allocated to fund 45 such projects. The Housing and Local Government Minister said that since its introduction in 1998, the ministry has developed 65 projects, involving 66,441 units for rental and 23 projects comprising 3,109 units for sale- NST.

    LGE said the Sate Government not responsible for low cost housing? WTF.


    • Actually the billboards don’t tell voters about Pakatan Rakyat’s unfulfilled promises. They just mention “fulfilled promises” – of BN.

      But it’s also a sindir on PR’s unfulfilled promises. Voters know about sindir. Especially Malay voters.

      Some subtlety by BN lah. PR may not even know the word subtle. Pity.


  10. “The evil that men do lives after them,” said William Shakespeare. The evil that DAP people do, their members and supporters “no see, no hear, no speak”.

    Got their secret societies, thugs and Three Monkeys gangsters looking after them. Gag Orders, party expulsion, red paint splashes and broken car windscreen and so on.

    So, they make all sorts of promises, make wild accusations and ridiculous claims. But the Pakatan Rakyat ruled states are full of broken and unfulfilled promises. The rakyat already see and know.


  11. If profanities can be allowed, Anwar deserves them. Perhaps the DAP bossman, too. And maybe the old man of PAS.

    The common denominator among them is the the deceit and lies, the half truths and spins – in short, the unfulfilled promises. And how the rakyat has been misled, hoodwinked into believing there’s a future with them, and get their hopes dashed, their dreams of a better life ruined after 4 years of running just a few states.

    Imagine in Selangor, where Anwar has been the Economics Adviser, where his man Khalid Ibrahim is the MB, and the others in the Exco are under Pakatan Rakyat that he is supposed to be boss of. The rakyat can’t even get enough water. And poor middle aged housewives having to carry 3-gallon pails of water, walk repeatedly up and down 4-storey flats, cook the food, clean the plates, bathe the kids, and wash the clothes miserably. And Anwar has been the Economics Adviser.

    And the Selangor PR government has been defiant, not even acknowledging that there is a water problem in the State, adamantly saying that the situation is not acute, denying that if no action is taken there’ll be water shortage in the State in 1-2 years time, due population and industrial usage increases. They are not even agreeing to the Federal Government wanting to bring water to Selangor from Pahang. And Anwar has been the Economics Adviser.

    What the hell has Anwar, the Economics Adviser, been doing, really? Play politics with the lives of people, make the poor housewives continue climbing up and down 4-storey flats? And many other cases of the rakyat made to suffer, like the garbage collection problem, etc. Where in the blazes are the Pakatan promises of better lives for the rakyat?

    Yet, out of respect for the blog owner, I haven’t used the profanities against Anwar that I said he deserves.


  12. Another cakap tak serupa bikin? Cakap ada demokrasi, nama parti pun Democratic Action Party, but got Gag Orders, party expulsion threats, actual party expulsions, and 1 Nov they passed a law curtailing freedom of elected representatives in Penang –

    Penang state assembly passes party defection prevention bill

    GEORGE TOWN, Nov 1 (Bernama) — The Penang State Legislative Assembly today passed the Penang State Constitution Enactment (Amendment) Bill 2012 aimed at checking the unhealthy and unethical culture of party hopping for reward.

    They must be really takut losing Penang. LGE some time back said chances of winning Penang only 50:50, BN working so very hard to uncover all kinds of LGE and DAP shit that paint splashing and car windscreen bashing have been reported, probabaly done by DAP goons. Maybe they fear Anwar-originated idea of katak lompat of their ADUNs if they win by a small majority in PRU13, So, to avoid Perak-style katak lompat and meeting under a tree, they passed that law willy nally. Pathetic.


  13. Dear Malaysians,

    There is no need to read this blog anymore because what it does is disuniting peace loving Malaysians with misinformation, allegations and slander.

    Please refrain from going into this blog as there will not be any added value to your common sense.

    A sensible Malaysian would know that Barisan Nasional is a lost cause. I for one do not condone this kind of writing.

    It is unfortunate that this blog could only write about negativity and do not focus on any positivities being promoted by Pakatan Rakyat.

    Even in the blogs, Pakatan Rakyat could not get a fair share of equal access to media. This country can never enjoy freedom of rights if blogs like this are allowed to flourish.

    It is time for change everyone!

    Vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

    Please share this comment to others.


    • Dear Rocky wannabe,

      Please refrain from using other people’s name when commenting.

      You might wish to cause confusion, but in the end, it will just come out as desperate.

      I apologise for editing your website address since you had given the real Datuk Rocky’s website. I don’t want him to sue you for impersonating and drag this blog along in the ensuing court case.

      Have a nice day.

      Thank you.


    • Son of a gun attempting to hijack some one else’s name that has existed in blogosphere for years. Deliberately linking it to Rocky’s blog, too, trying to make it appear that the big gun in blogosphere doesn’t endorse this blog. Damn cheap and loathsome bugger.

      I thought this sort of dirty tricks is being done only by the products of Chinese schools/ DAP members with lousy English and weird thinking who have, by and large, been shooed out from decent and respectable blogs by the kind of replies they have been getting like in here. But this bloke with fairly decent English is also doing it. It only tells the desperate situation the Pakatan Rakyat has gotten into.

      While the bugger’s English may be OK, his thinking is infantile, at best, rogue-ish. The usual wild, unsubstantiated accusation, the exaggerated yet unsupported claims. showing arrogance and stupidity.

      His unexplained claim of “positivities being promoted by Pakatan Rakyat” can only be called cock and bull – if my memory serves me well, ex-US President Clinton also used those words for some statements made by the stupid Mitt Romney, Obama’s opponent in the US elections. .

      When everyone of them in PR marvels at “the alternative media”, this stupid bloke says “Even in the blogs, Pakatan Rakyat could not get a fair share of equal access to media.” Not because of dissenting comments not published like in Malaysia Kini, Malaysian Insider etc – and his is published above in this blog – but “blogs like this are allowed to flourish”. Those are his own words. Stupid. Pure, outright stupid.


    • Hey “Rocky”

      I thought pakatan LOVES and champions freedom of press, thought and expression!

      So how can you “lawan towkay” and stop others from exercising their freedom of choice?? In the words of Plaster Lim, “Shame on you”.


  14. Allo to you the fellow who cheats the moment you touch the keyboard,

    Use your own nickname or blogging name lah. Any name you can use, what. Look at that name Aaaa. He’s right to use that as a blogging name. You are not childish, are you? Only unthinking, dishonest, cheating kind. Change lah and be a good, useful citizen.

    We don’t mind you want to say Opposition views. Even talk propaganda. But don’t cheat lah. No good, man. Gives very bad impression of Pakatan Rakyat that you want to project. People think, aiyya, Pakatan Rakyat like this ah? How to vote them like that.

    Here, I give you free advice on how to promote your party: State more facts, less opinions. Say who says what, when, where, how and why. And when you give opinions like PR is good, justify it lah. More of the how and why in that instance.

    Don’t be takut to do so. We will reply also stating the what, when, where, how and why. Then we’ll have a healthy, friendly discussion. And Pakatan Rakyat won’t get a bad name. Amacam, boleh?


  15. 2 kinds of unfulfilled promises:

    1. Promises that he thought he could deliver but couldn’t
    2. Promises that he knew he couldn’t deliver but still made those promises.

    Example of 1 – Selangor economic advancement, promised as Selangor Economics Adviser
    Example of 2 – coup d’ etat by katak lompat 16 September 2008

    Anwar is a gullible fellow. More than gullible, he is a highly unprincipled fellow. How can he bad-mouth Malaysia in US etc saying this country is undemocratic when he himself is undemocratic in running his own party PKR. The most ludicrous of all, is he supports the defence of the security of Israel and wants to have relations with the Zionists when his coalition partner PAS doesn’t want to have anything to do with the Zionist state.


  16. The Straits Times writer said Anwar Al Juburi “promised to form such a (shadow) Cabinet “so that the rakyat could have transparency”. Now, what “transparency” has Anwar been talking about?

    Anwar has been glib with his words and utterings, prone to demagoguery, a little like Indonesian President Sukarno who was ousted for choosing political convenience rather than solid developmental strategies. Yet he himself has no transparency. How can he be said to have it when, as has been questioned endlessly in blogs, tweets, FB and even in the conventional media, he has not explained his living a luxurious life on just an MP’s allowance for so many years since his sacking from the BN (real) cabinet.

    An RM8 million house in Segambut, another RM5 million house in Bukit Damansara, several properties in the name of his crony, Azmin Ali, as said by Azmin’s sister Ummi Hafilda. Going to Sabah/ Sarawak on a private plane, claimed to be loaned by a friend, to kampungs in the Peninsular on a RM1 million bus, claimed to be provided by Selangor MB Khalid who has hanging over his head a RM66 debt for which the bank has already obtained a Court Order for loan recovery enforcement.

    Why has Anwar not been transparent as to sources of his wealth? We only read from the papers about his former Personal Assistant saying he amassed RM2-3 billion when he was a Finance Ministser..And he in US meeting Neocons, Jews and Zionists that provided funds that Malaysiakini, Suaram, and others have admitted receiving. He has been mum on how much he received from overseas. And the I Files (can be Googled for details) have plausible, authentic sounding information about Saudi funding for him through Saudi banks. Anwar talking about transparency my foot.


  17. The Singapore Straits Times writer is a Malay. Natural he interested in writing about Anwar’s unfulfilled promise in Malaysia. But Straits Times is not Malay. Yet they publish his article. That shows non-Malays in Singapore also don’t like him? Don’t trust him as neighbor if he gets to Putrajaya?


  18. If supporting LBGT, himself a sodomizer, and saying our laws are antiquated mean promising to change our laws, I think Anwar will break that promise. Because PAS will object even at the risk of breaking the PR coalition.


  19. When there are no more tolln the highways then some fuckaytan crony companies will open the highways for direct access.Traffic will be slow and dagerous. The potholes will not be quickly repaired, the maintainence of the rest areas will be such that you will think thrice to stop to pee. Then there will be numerous accidents left unattended cos Plus care no longer there. You will worry to let your daughter driive up to Kl for instance.Under Paykutan Rakyat Malaysia will degenerate into a third world worse than Africa. We are not talking about the University’s standards yet!!!
    So god plse save us fukatan goons!!!


  20. Our southern neighbour may be tired with Anwar Ibrahim and his flip flopping shenanigans. But I’m hoping our neighbour further south would.

    He has been whipping up support for his and the Necons and Zionist mutually beneficial scheme – his is to gain support and sympathy for his attempt to wrest the post of PM, the Zionists is to weaken the Muslim countries of the world, and Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. His Bersih associates in Jakarta made some noise. The bugger Anwar even said Malaysian batik is inferior to Indonesian – to ampu the Indonesian masses on street demos, playing on the Indonesian sentiment viz Malaysians claiming Indonesian culture – food etc – allegedly to be ours.

    What the heck, the Indonesian authorities should know and I think do know Anwar’s flip flopping and unfulfilled promises all this while. It may be far fetched to hope that they’d get so tired as to not allow him into the country, but in my wild imagination, I wish they would, so that his ego would burst to nonentity.


    • They should read the books already mentioned here and there –

      The Malay Civilization
      Tamadun Alam Melayu

      published by the Historical Society of Malaysia. They provide the historical facts, the linguistic studies, anthropological and archaeological researches and analyses done in the past many decades pointing to the “Rumpun Melayu” and cultural similarities of the people in this Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu and beyond.


  21. Cakap tak serupa bikin, bikin tak serupa cakap.

    When people like the highly regarded ex-Iraq War and Afghanistan fame General Petreus realized his mistake of having an affair outside his marriage, he tendered his resignation to President Obama. And stuck to it despite the President asking him to re-think.

    My goodness, if only Anwar Al Juburi does that, this country would have been and will be a much better place for all of us. Imagine his vengeance on being sacked from the DPM post, imprisoned for sodomy and corruption, Sodomy II and Bersih offences prosecutions – if after imprisonment he had realized and accepted his mistakes, and retired to a life of teaching, say, at a US University, there would have been peace and harmony for all of us here in this country.


  22. Yes pakatan should have a shadow cabinet In matured democracies like australia and UK shadow cabinet members will have allowances and offices and the opposition head has the same amount of respect as PM His views would be always sought for on all issues.In m sia the opposition head is vilified like in this if the govt can accord the same respect to the opposition and also give allowances then surely pakatan will form a showdown cabinetBut with the ways things are now, a shadow cabinet would just be another opportunity for pro BN bloggers and MSM to attack and make fun like what is happening here in this blog So in that respect the pakatan people are smart not to announce a shadow cabinet


    • Then they shouldn’t announce to form a shadow cabinet in the first place isn’t it? All this came about because Anwar spoke without thinking. He spoke before knowing he is capable of delivering. Luckily he has all his fans to defend him here. Thank you.


    • Your statement “the opposition head has the same amount of respect as PM” negates the value of your comment. If you are British or Australian, I’d expect a more discerning and reliable observation from you. But alas, you may not be, but just a Malaysian, Fook Tan Rakyat follower or supporter, I presume.

      No, the Opposition head’s views would NOT “always” be sought for on “all” issues. I lived in UK for years, now continue to read The Telegraph and The Guardian on line, and I know you are talking nonsense as far as that goes. The British PM may seek the views of the Opposition shadow PM on major issues, but not always, and not on all issues.

      How can the Malaysian PM be asking the views of Anwar, a desperado who even bad-mouths his own country when abroad, cohorts with the Neocons, Jews and Zionists who provide his group with funds to attack the government, as it fits in with the overall Zionist objective of weakening Muslim governments the world over. A highly unprincipled man who’ll talk often based on his own convenience, wanting to have relations with and even supporting the defence of Israel, when his own coalition member PAS detests, abhors and announced that they want nothing to do with Israel which has been cruel to the suffering Palestinians for decades.

      And not just JMD, so many others have explained it time and again – the man Anwar has a lot of Promises unfulfilled – cakap tak serupa bikin.


  23. Dei Izham, you say the Chinese speak lousy English but the fact is how many Malays can speak good English. Non malay children speak better English then malay university graduates. The irony is when the SPM results are out, a lot of malays score straight As even in english. But in actual fact, they cant even construct a proper sentence in english. They go on to universities and come out speaking broken english. They become officers in govt dept and speak longkang english. Blady bastard you, check the facts first before posting stupid remarks.


    • You are not only stupid, but also crude, indecent and vulgar. Your very name is vulgar in Chinese, detectable even with your modification of its spelling. I’ve seen your kind here before, you might even be the same person posting here under the name tiuniaseng.

      I’ve not said anything against you until you use a vulgar word against me. I now ask JMD for the right to reply to you in kind, you Cina Bukit bastak.

      Oh, here is a c&p that’d fit you – I picked it up from what’s written in many blogs:

      “He (tiunamseng) has a foul mouth and incorrigibly bad manners. He is descended from a mixture of races, including the non-Chinese races in China that history Professors have written about, the bad aspects of which manifest in him –

      Mongol (hugely polygamous Genghiz Khan invaders and colonizers in the 13th Century), Tungus, Turk, Tai, Miao, Tibetan, Manchu (invaders and colonizers embedding themselves in China for several hundred years, ruling until the 20th Century – from Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II), Yueh, Yao, etc. And the hill tribes of southern China – the Cina Bukit.

      That’s why he is biadap and kurang ajar. Commenting without decorum and decency. Only he and his kind are like that – biadap (DAP Vice Chairman Tunku Aziz also said that of Lim Guan Eng when he bolted out of the party) and kurang ajar, the Cina Bukit kind.”


    • Now to reply the less offensive points of your comment:

      1. I didn’t say “the Chinese speak lousy English”. I said those products of Chinese schools do. Loose gun, shooting from the hip, putting words into people’s mouth, are you? Learnt from DAP?

      2. Many Malays can speak good English. There are 2.5 Malays to every Chinese and many have gone to Universities abroad. And it’s subjective and therefore arguable to say that “Non malay children speak better English then malay university graduates.” Any proof? Or just the usual Opposition party wild, unsubstantiated allegations.

      3. You are speaking through your nose saying “a lot of malays score straight As even in english. But in actual fact, they cant even construct a proper sentence in english.” Again, wild allegation.

      4. Another wild allegation, loose tongue, Cina Bukit kind of statement – “They become officers in govt dept and speak longkang english.”

      And yet, you yourself have lousy English – “speak better English then malay ..”? You a product of Chinese school, too?

      And damn you, you can’t even spell properly. Despite the spelling prompter installed in your computer. Unless you are using one made in Watusiharakiri. What a shit bloke, you.


    • i cant help not to intervene here. i would normally act as a passive observer in an online discourse like this but remarks from this certain ‘tuinamseng’ need a huge slap in the mug.
      how do we judge one speaks better english than another? can we generally treat the level of language employed from the likes of tuinamseng as good english? there is definitely a huge difference in lingual ability between tuinamseng and the commenter izham and we all can tell which one is more longkang.
      the fact is in Malaysia, we are all used to speak ‘manglish’ be it on the street or in the office. I could not even say that one ethnic speaks worse english than another because when we interact with each other we mix and insert words from our native tongues and construct our sentences according to the logic of our native grammar. And that has resulted in the english that becomes the norm in our society. And I personally believe the influence of cantonese in more dominant in the formation of Manglish than Bahasa itself. And Manglish is NOT proper English. The fact is this Tuinamseng deludes himself in believing he speaks better english than the average malays. I find the Indians speaks better English (structurally) than the malays and the chinese. That is just my impression though, not a measured remark.
      SPM evaluators do not know for a fact if a particular paper is written by an Abu, Ah Chong or a Muthu. They just see the student’s reference number on the paper. What is this Tuinam trying to imply here?
      I think the English exam in SPM is too mechanical. you practice the syllabus and you would be able to score, even for a tongkang like tuinam. I believe pemandu is working on rectifying this through their programs.
      Tuinamseng assertion is just wrong and racist. How can this country be moving the right direction when a certain political camp breeds degenerating social cancer sprouts full of hate and negativity like this individual???


      • Welcome to the discussion, river. Hope to hear from you more often. It’s heartening to hear voices of reason weighing in to make people comment with decency and decorum.

        Dissent by all means. But they must be decent and proper. I often wonder what will happen to this country if people in the said political camp get to rule this country. They appear to be by nature harsh, impolite and crude. Often the first paragraph of their comments has the word stupid and the like. Otherwise, has half truths, spins and twists. Apparently trying to cover their weaknesses, unfulfilled promises and all. And words or statements perhaps designed to hijack the discussion, distract readers’ attention and dilute the effect.

        We need to have responsible and well behaved people to run the country. We need racial harmony, unity and peace to progress unhindered as a nation. I hope the voters will choose wisely. We must succeed as one people, one Bangsa Malaysia, not a Bangsa Rojak that we are now. We must have the Constitution as the basis of our existence and to move forward on. Without the cakap tak serupa bikin fellows making all sorts of unfulfilled promises and trying to run our lives.


  24. JMD, the staunch Mahathir/Umno supporter, what promise are you talking. If there has been a 2 party system that has ruled the country then it is reasonalbe to request for a shadow cabinet. Pakatan Rakyat has not come to power and it is not necessary for them to announce a shadow cabinet. You JMD always accuse Anwar of lying but I have not read you writing Mahathir the dictator and the NO1 White Collar Robber in the country followed by the Chief Timber Robber of Sarawak–Taib Mahmud. The numerous financial scandals in the country which has wiped out billions of the rakyat’s money. Have you written anything about this corrupted govt. Najib the murderer who murdered Altantuya–have you ever written about this. You cover all this robbers, liars and murderers but accuse Anwar of lying. Umno is the NO1 LIAR in the country promising a clean and efficient govt. But in actual truth, these Umno bastards are the ones sitting in positions of authority and stealing in the billions. Outwardly they show off that they are a pious lot, but actually they are the NO 1 ROBBERS IN MALAYSIAm


    • If it is not necessary to form a shadow cabinet like how you said, then they shouldn’t make empty promises in the first place. That is the point of the whole article – cakap tak serupa bikin. As for the writing about Mahathir or Najib et al, you can search all the hundreds article I have written so far in this blog about them. Most of your allegations have been debunked by this blog. Thank you.


    • Alamak tiunama, you didn’t read what JMD wrote ha, just scramble here to utter nonsense? Read, man, read. You no agree, say so. But give facts and arguments lah, not just rattle allegations of all sorts. Where you got sensible like that?

      You don’t understand what a shadow cabinet is all about ah? Don’t have to wait coming to power to have a shadow cabinet ma. Read about it first lah before you want to criticize people lorr.

      Aiseh, why so many wild accusations only? Which “numerous financial scandals” and what “wiped out billions of the rakyat’s money” you talk one? You want to wipe Anwar’s bontot ha, not mentioning the huge one during the financial crisis when he was Finance Minister?

      Waaah, so glib ah you, talking wildly saying “this corrupted govt. Najib the murderer who murdered Altantuya … all this robbers, liars and murderers …Umno is the NO1 LIAR … stealing in the billions.“ But no details, no how, who, where and when – so how anyone to believe you? I can also say you wallop billions of rakyat money, or Anwar wallop your arxx, of course nobody wd believe me, innit? Aiyyyo, lu molo ka?



      • Dei Izham Muruku,

        Are you all aware of these scandals below:-

        Bailout Bank Bumiputera sebanyak 4 kali – rugi RM10.4 billion.
        Kerugian Perwaja Steel – rugi RM10 billion.
        Bailout Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) – rugi RM200 juta.
        Bailout Konsortium Perkapalan Berhad – rugi RM1.7 billion.
        Hicom (Proton) kerugian sehingga Kerajaan terpaksa menggunakan duit Petronas untuk membeli saham Proton -rugi RM1 billion.
        Membeli semula saham MAS daripada Tajuddin Ramli dengan harga RM1 billion lebih dari harga pasaran.
        Menggunakan Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen (KWAP), Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP), Danaharta dan Khazanah untuk membeli saham-saham Timedotcom yang tidak laku – rugi RM3.3 billion.
        Bailout LRT PUTRA dan STAR – rugi RM6 billion.
        Bailout Renong/UEM – rugi RM12 billion.
        Pampasan pembatalan Projek Empangan Bakun – rugi RM950 juta.
        Hutang tertunggak InventQjaya – rugi RM228 juta
        Pampasan Jambatan Bengkok – rugi RM257 juta
        Pampasan pembatalan Broga Incinerator – rugi RM500 juta
        Kerugian membeli saham Agusta – rugi RM510 juta
        Skandal Port Klang Free Zone – rugi RM4.6 bilion
        Skandal Offshore Petrol Vehicle (PSC-NDSB) – rugi RM6.75 bilion
        Blok L dan M – RM 380 billion
        Sime Darby – RM 1.6 billion
        Pos Malaysia – RM 546 juta
        Felda – RM 8 Billion
        Writer Barry Wain in his book Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir in Turbulent Times wrote that Mahathir and his cronies had stolen RM100 billion of the rakyat’s money. Why didnt Mahathir sue him for defamation. This clearly shows the contents of the book are factual. Sarawak’s Chief Timber Robber have been robbing in the billions from the timber industry. Umno leaders sit in positions of authority and steal in the millions. If not how come Global Financial Integrity came up with a REPORT that exposed nearly RM1 trillion have been smuggled out of this country. Dont be fools blindly supporting a corrupt regime. Use your brains rasionaly and not lodge it at your asshole.


    • “Najib the murderer who murdered Altantuya” – huh?? I thought they declared that Rosmah was physically present to give C4 murder instructions.


      • They’ll declare all sorts of nonsense those PR goons. Suaram even declared from Paris that there’s a trial going on concerning commission from the sale of Scorpene submarines to Malaysia. Until it was proven nonsense by the French Prosecutor who was in KL attending a conference on corruption.

        Maybe someday some C4 wil blow into their faces? (Pssst, saying that with a question mark is not wrong, issit?)


  25. Not that Pakatan Rakyat is lackadaisical in making decisions. They simply can’t make decisions on major issues like a shadow cabinet. Because of vastly opposing and contradictory political stands. Diametrically opposed in many instances.

    A long list of such, examples:

    1. PAS wants Hudud. DAP is anti-Hudud, in strong, uncompromising language by Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh, too

    2. PKR wants relations with Israel and Anwar supports the defence of the security of Isreal. PAS condemns Israel and Hadi said PAS wants nothing to do with Israel

    3. DAP wants more seats in Penang, Karpal Singh said they have “only 19 seats”, implying wanting a few more that’ll make them majority rule even without PKR and PAS. To the extent that PKR Penang Chief cum Deputy Chief Minister Mansor said DAP wants to ease PKR out of Penang and calls Lim Guan Eng “arrogant, cocky and tokong”.

    They may want 3 Deputy Prime Ministers but would not agree on functions and responsibilities. So too, on who to fill the important posts of Home Minister, Defence Minister and Foreign Minister. Each one would be suspicious of the other on powers over the Police, the Military and the contacts with Israel, the US Neocons, Zionists and the Israeli Lobby that has been described as having “unmatched power”. PAS would not like Anwar to be dominant in that, although they have not made so much noise about it so far in view of GE13. So would DAP as they wouldn’t want Anwar to be too powerful and lording over them.


  26. The supposedly leaked shadow cabinet – with 13 portfolios for PKR, 10 for the DAP and eight for PAS.

    That sounds believable coming from PKR, coz PKR wants to dominate. DAP might even agree. But not PAS. Coz PAS wants the post of PM themselves. Until today Hadi has not agreed to the idea of Anwar being PM. PAS said not important to decide now, wait after the elections, they might win big, would want the PM post. That’d dash Anwar’s dream of becoming PM no matter what.

    PAS also say they are the 2nd largest political party in the country claiming to have about 1 million members and aren’t they also the 2nd oldest Malay party after UMNO. How can Anwar be PM?

    But the big question is can the 3 PR component parties amiably agree to constituency allocations at PRU13. And with Anwar’s unfulfilled promises, can PKR win many seats?


  27. Even to register their coalition to ROS itself, they can’t fine tune their differences what more a shadow cabinet? They still cant decide who going to fill up the hierarchical post in PR because there are too many sharks in a small pond and to do that only making the crack in their own parties sizeable. Well, BN must know where PR’s pressure points are to be able to seize the initiatives.


    • They sure will widen the pond, 3 Deputy Prime Ministers, 50 Ministers, 100 Deputy Ministers and the like. Can’t even write list of duties.

      Maybe still cannot agree. Ratio problem. PAS claim to have 1 million members, 2nd largest political party, 2nd oldest (?), sure want important posts also. DAP even in Penang, the PKR Chief and Dep Chief Minister Mansor said DAP want to ease out PKR. But the so-called PKR-leaked Shadow cabinet showed PKR holds the most post.


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