The confused principle of Anwar Ibrahim’s supporters

“What he does privately is none of my business”

“His sexual preference is not important to me”

Ever since the stories of sex videos and sodomy charges have haunted Anwar Ibrahim’s political career, how many times have we heard the statements above from his rabid worshippers? Too many times I suppose.

These sycophants, who portray themselves as rational and very lucid in their opinion, are saying that whatever Anwar Ibrahim does privately, is none of their concern. It’s his politics, performance and policies that they would keep an eye on.

Actually, that is a logical stand. After all, whatever someone does behind close doors should remain private. Right?

But behind this naive consideration of his private life, lies a critical underlying message – that all his worshippers, who muttered those words, are actually accepting his abnormal sexuality.

They are actually implying that they believe he did all those things i.e., the sexual tryst in the sex video, the sodomy act etc. Otherwise, why say it at all? Regardless, these statements from his fans will always arise whenever the subject was broached.

But there is one thing that doesn’t jive with the beliefs of his supporters; Anwar Ibrahim  never admitted in doing all those things. In fact, Anwar Ibrahim vehemently denied all sexual misconducts. He even made police reports against all the whistleblowers of his wrongdoings.

For all the video evidence, he could never admit it. His only strength is his supporters’ lack of brain power to think analytically.

Even after experts from US had confirmed that it was Anwar Ibrahim in that video, he remains unrepentant and shameless and completely incapable of confessing his misdeeds. Thus, we come to the quintessential question to his fans – how can you reconcile and justify your belief (that he did all those awful things albeit, privately), to the fact that Anwar Ibrahim has no qualms in lying to you about it?

If you think he does it, then aren’t you offended that he chose not to own up and face the music? What kind of leader are you supporting? Someone who is not honourable enough to do the right thing and have an ounce of integrity and accountability to tell the truth?

Don’t you want a leader with integrity and accountability first and foremost? Policies, performance and politics is useless if you don’t have these two leadership traits.

Many leaders around the world resigned from their post when their illegal sexual affairs came to light. But it seems, for Anwar Ibrahim’s case, double standard is applied  generously by his adoring fans.

Could it be that the moral standpoint of his fans have somewhat deteriorated? Probably the definition of ethics has changed when it comes to Anwar Ibrahim, and what’s worse  this is acceptable for his fans.

If you are championing an unethical person, verily it shows a lot about your own ethics.

At this point it seems the unprincipled lot are wholeheartedly supporting the shameless leader. Incredibly, the fans and this shameless leader, often touted as “God’s gift to Malaysia” have kept telling themselves that they want to save Malaysia.

Their priority however, should be saving themselves first. Thank you.