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Rafizi Ramli and Tony Pua showed us how they view PAS’ role in Pakatan Rakyat

Below is a news excerpt on what two much maligned Pakatan mouthpieces, Rafizi Ramli and Tony Pua had to say about their relationship with PAS:

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 30 ― DAP and PKR leaders have admitted that without PAS, Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) hope of capturing Putrajaya will recede further, as the Islamist party holds the key to unlocking crucial votes from Malaysia’s Malay heartland.

Although PAS leaders have brushed off talk of a possible split in the six-year-old pact, the Selangor mentri besar crisis had exposed deep fissures between the Kelantan-born party and its PR allies.

PAS’s firm refusal to endorse Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail had put it on a collision course with both PKR and DAP, and raised doubt on whether the Islamist party will remain in PR or eventually opt out.

“If that is the case we can’t achieve our aim of capturing Putrajaya in the near future… not till after two more general elections, at least,” said PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli.

The former PKR strategist noted that although the federal opposition pact had succeeded, to some extent, in steering voters to pledge support for its issue-based policies in the last federal polls, there are still large pockets of the society that identify better with a race-based cause.

“The Malay psyche is that PAS and Umno represent the Malay agenda and both are considered a Malay-based party,” he told Malay Mail Online.

Despite having bagged more than 50 per cent of the total votes cast in last year’s general election, PR only retained 89 parliamentary seats while a bulk of the Malay and Bumiputera-dominated rural constituencies, including those in Sabah and Sarawak, were lost to BN.

Still, Rafizi said, should PAS decide to leave PR, Malaysia’s oldest opposition party would face an equally challenging task of regaining its own support base.

“PAS has always lost marginally… or some are by major vote differences against Umno but under Pakatan, a coalition that brought three parties with a common interest of getting rid of Umno, gave PAS a chance to defeat Umno.

“And any three-cornered fight will be disastrous in breaking up the votes and inadvertently Umno benefits,” the Pandan MP said.

DAP national publicity chief Tony Pua agreed with his PKR ally and admitted that if PAS parts ways with PR, it would put the pact’s Putrajaya dream further out of reach.

“It will be a steeper hill to climb than it already is,” said Pua in a text message to Malay Mail Online.

But, the Petaling Jaya Utara MP pointed out, if PAS stays in PR but continues to lean further right, as reflected in its just-concluded annual congress, achieving federal power may not happen anyway.

“Hence, Putrajaya will be unlikely regardless of whether PAS is in or out,” he said.

Selangor DAP vice-chairman Charles Santiago concurred, saying if PAS deviates from PR’s common policy framework, it would severely impact the party’s ties with PR, as well as the pact’s hope of capturing Putrajaya.

“I don’t think DAP will agree to religion is being used to organise a particular country or share the idea of an Islamic state, if PAS were to return to that objective,” said the Klang MP.

The senior PAS leadership had consistently stood apart from its PR allies in PKR’s intricate bid to replace Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim with Dr Wan Azizah as Selangor mentri besar ― before PKR deputy president Azmin Ali snagged the post ― leading to growing questions over its commitment to the pact and open calls for its exit.

Among others, some in PAS had argued that Dr Wan Azizah’s gender would render her incapable of shouldering the responsibilities of a mentri besar.

Their claim was immediately met with scathing criticism from DAP and PKR leaders, and women’s groups, who categorised the view as antiquated and misguided.

The situation grew more intractable when PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang unilaterally named three nominees for the MB post in accordance with the Sultan of Selangor’s request although PKR and DAP were adamant in naming only Dr Wan Azizah.

PAS had initially agreed on two names — Dr Wan Azizah and her deputy Azmin — but their list was later overtaken by Abdul Hadi’s choices for the post.

It was the state ruler who finally ended PR’s bickering over the coveted Selangor post, when he decided on Azmin for the job.

PKR stopped its lobbying for Dr Wan Azizah, and together with the DAP, declared their support for the Sultan’s pick. PAS naturally did the same.

In his speech during the swearing-in ceremony at the Klang palace last Tuesday, Azmin said he would give top priority to repairing the frayed ties within PR.

All three PR parties have eased up on their squabbles for the moment, but it remains to be seen if PAS, and Abdul Hadi in particular, is ready to mend ties with its partners. – Source

Comment: What PKR and DAP didn’t say out loud is that they admitted that they are using PAS to manipulate the malays votes in order to vote for Pakatan during the last two general elections. PAS is used by DAP and PKR to tell their huge vote bank that DAP and PKR are more islamic than BN. That is how unscrupulous the political strategy of Pakatan. And now that PAS is putting a stand on what they truly are, both PKR and DAP are baffled like a stupid kid whining over why the toy couldn’t work when even from the beginning he knows the toy won’t function properly. But all this is not new. Only the mentally blocked couldn’t see it.

18 thoughts on “Rafizi Ramli and Tony Pua showed us how they view PAS’ role in Pakatan Rakyat

  1. “Although PAS leaders have brushed off talk of a possible split in the six-year-old pact, the Selangor mentri besar crisis had exposed deep fissures between the Kelantan-born party and its PR allies.”

    Nampak sangat editor Malay Mail ni bodoh tak tau yang PAS dilahirkan di Gunung Semanggol, Perak bukan Kelantan.


  2. ..



    Yang menyedihkan di dalam episod ‘kajang move’

    ini ialah ianya merupakan perkara enteng aje.

    What is the big issue that will make or break PKR?

    My take- ini hanyalah ‘a storm in a tea cup’-

    ianya tidak ada apa apa perkara penting yang akan

    di terbitkan dek Mat MB Azmin atas keburukan Mat Kalid

    kerana Kalid ialah seorang yang decent -mungkin lurus

    hingga tidak di sukai olih Brader Nuar. Even if kalid

    ada rahsia kotor nak disorokkan, rasa saya Mat Azmin ada

    banyak lagi rahsia kotor yang dia nak sorokkan. Saya ‘bet

    my bottom ringgit’ Azmin tak mungkin ada apa apa cerita

    kotor pasal Mat Kalid yang nak disebarkan.

    Episod ini menyedihkan kerana mat mat penulis sundal macam

    Tukar Tiub memperlekehkan kewibawaan Haji Hadi dan geng gengnya.

    Barua politik macam anglo-chinkie Tony Pua juga menendang nedang

    imej Haji Hadi. Tak termasuk barua barua Pas dan Pkr bergelumang taik

    nak jatuhkan imej pemimpin Pas.

    Ingatlah tanpa Pas, PKR tak mampu jadikan macai Mat Azmin MB Selangor!

    What is most amazing – apa yang strategik sangat yang Kak Jah mesti jadi

    MB? Kak Jah mesti jadi MB untuk kepentingan siapa? Nuar? Anak Nuar? PKR?

    Atau Cukong cukong yang telah invest dalam percaturan ‘MB baru’ untuk

    memberi kepulangan baik kepada cukong cukong sial [yang siBarua Tukar Tiub]

    selalu ceritakan tuh, di dalam regim MB baru tuh? Ingatlah tidak ada yang spesial

    di dalam cv kak Jah yang akan beri ‘outcome’ yang lebih baik sekiranya dia dilantik mb.

    Yang merisaukan Azmin, Nuar adalah jelas pro katolik. mat Azmin dah siang

    siang beri jaminan yang ia akan benarkan geng katolik guna kalimah Allah?

    Mat- agama-plural-siNuar jelas pro katolik dalam hal ini walaupun dulu gelar

    ketua klik agama ABIM [mungkin munafik macam attatuk si laknatullah].Tak taulah

    jika Tuanku dah siang beri warning sama Mat Azmin jangan pandai pandai tolak

    arahan MAIS pasal penggunaan kalimah Allah.

    Akhirkata , tidak ada kecelaan atas keputusan pemimpin Pas yang jelas rasional

    dan baik. Saya rasa Mat Azmin takkan buat kecoh takut tuanku buang kerja dia serta

    merta kalau dia cuba memandai mandai buat keputusan bertentangan dengan MAIS.

    Kepada SiNuar dan geng haprak penyokongnya , ingatlah: man pproposes , Allah disposes!



    khong khek khuat


  3. The underlying problem is that PAS is still in denial mode. They refused to face the fact that their members had been manipulated to provide the numbers in all the demonstrations.

    This partnership is only temporary as a stepping stone to brainwash the Malays. DAP need to be associated as a multiracial party. PAS provided this illusion.

    Meanwhile DAP will recruit gullible and power-hungry or greedy Malays to join their party. These “faces” will not hold positions of power. They will be utilised to con the Malays.

    Tunku Aziz realised their scam early enough to quit. Diyana sofea the pretty face will try to recruit the Malay men. She may also use her friendship to recruit both young and elderly Malay women.

    This recruitment exercise is actively implemented even as we discussed.

    The only “hikmah” for UMNO and PAS, is that DAP can only recruit the average IQs, the greedy and the power-hungry to join them. Intellectuals like Tunku Aziz will wise up soon enough.

    If pakatan can only rely on half-baked brains like Rafizi and Tony Pua, expired professionals like Ambiga, convicted criminals like Anwar, loudmouths spoilt brats like Tokong Lim, then the Malaysian Malay agenda will survive. Insyallah.

    Let’s hope this marriage of convenience will crumble like stale pies with toxic fillings.


  4. anwar is not pro catholic but just a very good man who happens to be a devout muslim and aslo very educated, kind and thoughtful. He is very well respected among non malays.I do not understand why malys will put down their own malays who are succesful and earn respects from all races. PKR picks Dr Wan Ismail as MB as she is president of PKR. This would not have a been a problem if hadi awng happens to be head of PKR. Do you know that Dr Wan Ismail started Parti keadilan by herself at Permatang Pauh, PP, and gave her first speech on top of a chicken barn. She was the only opposition female laeder in Dewan for next 5 years till Anwar was released. She had no resources, no staff, no money, just herself her time, her volunteers.As the originator of the party, does that not earn her the right to be given first preference as MB? at the end, i am glad Azmin Ali is MB as he is young and energetic, to fight UMNO fitnah machine.


          • Kiki kartono point is, wan azizah deserve to be PM. Great people comes from immense suffering. She will understand the plight of abandoned mothers.women who are abused. The poor and the needy. The sick and those born handicapped and retarded. More money will be channelled in these direction. No need to beg for money every time somebody’s child are born with deformed heart or other gentic deformities. The state will take care of these. And the people will then take care of a compassionate state.


            • This is pretty bullshit and you know that. Your inferences on azizah based on what the hell she went through basically is retarded kind of thinking. No worry, there are 51% like you especially in Penang, Selangor and Kelantan and actually i wish people like you shouldnt vote a government at all, seriously. I’m beginning to think why the government should spend millions just to give you the education. I mean people like you actually need a brain surgery more than anything else. You cant be educated without the brain, can you?


    • Kiki kaka

      Who is Dr Wan Ismail? You want your comments to be believable, please do check your facts.

      This critical error may also point to to other errors:

      1 that anwar is really pro catholic
      2 he is NOT a good man
      3 definitely not a devout muslim (since he is a convicted sodomite)
      4 educated?? a degree in Malay Studies only
      5 kind? he was nasty to his mentor Tun Dr M
      6 Dr Wan Ismail had no resources – has a huge mansion
      7 first preference as MB? – that is Sultan’s prerogative


    • .


      the relevant question is:

      Does brader Anwar support the catholics in wanting to let them use Allah willy nilly?

      Ans. Yes

      Likewise his macai no1 Azmin also has uttered : ‘we will let the catholics use Allah when we win’ .

      So any reasonable mat will agree that the 2 mat machais are pro catholics.

      I have no doubt that Wan Azizah can be a competent MB. But the timing is the issue.

      Rome is not built in a day. If Anwar is as wise as you claimed, I am sure he is looking at

      10 years down the road. There is nothing to stop PR to put Azizah as MB in the government

      change. Why is he looking at 3 years when the government can be perpetual i.e without

      having a restriction in time limit. All that is required is for machai Azmin to tread carefully

      and maintain what Khalid [however small he is made to be] had been doing. There is

      no big issue here. That is why I said – storm in as small teacup. This is something that Anwar

      can handle and I pray that the outcome can be positive for him and Azizah.


    • Kikikiki or should it be hikhikhikhik
      wan azizah started keadilan by herselfherself? Do check your facts dearie. .
      Nuwar, the KetUm is definitely a power hungry individual, is selling his family to get what he wants.


  5. I last time dowan to comment so much, but when my Malay speaking catholic brothers are denied their rights to practice their faith freely was mentioned, I must say the Malay brudders must stop violating and abusing their authority on others who are of different faith and race. You practise your worship and religion and don’t disturb others doing the same thing. Is that too difficult to understand?
    Just look at the west. Sunnis, Shiites, ayah pins and al- arkam respect one another and does not impose their will on others. They live in peace protected by secular go men who understand and protect this rights. Beliefs is an individual thing. Why the Malay peoples busy body and disturb others? If got nothing productive to do, go join ISIS and keep yourself busy destroying people you do not agree with.
    Selangor state is a disgrace. Its a state that officially violate minority civil rights. They do not deserve the ‘developed status’. Mentality backward although infrastructure is good. Like Pyongyang. Hsprak, hp6 , 3/4 people should not be allowed to administer or hold high position.if they do, we will end up split like Syria and Iraq. You don’t convert, just kill the bugger. Intolerants and arrogant got no place in society.
    Now please don’t disturb my Oktoberfest. You go your way, I go mine.


    • Leviticus 10:9

      “Drink no wine or strong drink, you or your sons with you, when you go into the tent of meeting, lest you die. It shall be a statute forever throughout your generations.


    • All this while, I thought christianity, buddhism or hinduism forbid intoxicating to their followers. I guess I may have slip out in reading the intoxicating parts.

      For me you could have your drinks whenever or wherever you deems fit because it’s part of your religion teaching and parts of your religion social or problem solving technique that has been there for so long. Nonetheless it should be done in closed area because this country has been and always be an islamic value proposition on its backbone. We are not forcing you to stop your bad habits because we understand that you need the drinks to solve your petty problems although its perfectly clear in your holy books that liquor is forbidding, but we merely asking you to do it in closed area. You may not like it but it doesn’t matter anyway.


  6. ….

    (( Loceng Amaran!! ))- Selepas Penjarakan Anwar. UMNO Bersiap Sedia Untuk PENJARAKAN Azmin Dan Wan Azizah Pula!!!??

    Dakwaan BerNiat Jahat – Dakwa, Saman, Tangguh 90x. Peguam BODOH!!! ??

    Sumber Berita

    >> Klik Di Sini <<


    Agenda Jahat UMNO – UMNO Mahu Musnahkan Perpaduan PR Utk Terus BKUASA!


    Generasi lama, generasi muda dan generasi baru perlu berhati2 dgn tektik UMNO sekarang yg menggunakan media mereka..

    Matlamat mereka hanya satu… Mahu kekal berkuasa…

    Oleh itu, mereka perlu memastikan Pakatan Rakyat berpecah agar rakyat sudah tidak percaya kpd Pakatan Rakyat lg.. ( Konon nya lah )

    Jadi di bawah adalah tektik mereka yg dianggap berkesan… ( Konon nya lah )

    1. UMNO akan cuba habis2an agar PAS keluar dr PR… Semua cerita mereka palsu belaka..

    2. UMNO akan menggunakan Anwar habis2an sbg liabiliti PKR… Sebenarnya mereka takut dgn kekuatan Anwar..

    3. UMNO yg sudah hilang pengundi Cina, akan melabel DAP mcm2… Jahat mereka tak sedar, nak kata DAP pulak jahat…

    Jadi, sy mohon sgt, jgn mudah percaya dan tertipu dgn permainan jahat mereka…

    Tolong ye 🙂

    Sumber Berita

    >> Klik Di Sini <<




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