A leader who is an embarrassment to the country

We can now be fairly certain that the Prime Minister lacks the courage to face the crowd. Although he once said that “semangat kepahlawanan tetap ada dalam diri saya” (the warrior spirit will always be in me), he had skipped a ‘Nothing To Hide’ forum organised by his own people in early June and now had skipped the International Anti Corruption Conference held in our own country.

Reasons given varied from ‘security issues’ to ‘need to avoid being grilled’.

What a shame for this country when a Prime Minister is afraid to face tough questions. Journalists are already complaining why is he avoiding questions in press conferences too. His last PC which had allowed questions from journalists was in early July. He did not dare to take any questions even after the announcement of a new cabinet!

His proclamations and statements now come from his own blog and speeches made at events. The sad truth is, if a prime minister can’t be transparent enough to answer allegations head on, then what is the point of governing Malaysia?

Even the founder of Transparency International, Michael Hershman is disappointed with the absence of the Prime Minister, saying “I am disappointed that he wasn’t here because I had hoped he would used this as a platform to explain what happened, to tell the truth. He missed that opportunity.”

He also said that his “disappointment is an understatement” and the prime minister’s “credibility certainly has negatively affected by his inability to address this head on and to tell the truth”.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Transparency International went a step further by saying that the RM2,600 million money in the prime minister’s personal bank accounts has the elements of grand corruption.

Adding, “he has not explained, for what and where the money came from and what he was to do when he received it. He must also prove that the money is not illicit or that it comes from an illicit source. Political parties should not receive money that comes from illegal origins”.

No wonder an Umno veteran, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz lamented that it is embarrassing to have foreigners pointing out the wrongs which Malaysians are also pointing towards the prime minister.

To be clear, by receiving RM2,600 million into his personal back accounts, there were many instances that the prime minister may have breached the MACC Act. Especially section 17 and 23 of the said Act. Not to mention section 165, 405 and 409 of the Penal Code.

If action can’t be taken or seen to be taken against a prime minister who had broken a law, then perhaps it is acceptable for a CEO of a GLC to receive millions of money from vendors/clients into his own personal account and claim that it is a donation!

Regardless, how the money was given is equally important as to how it was spent. If it was for political funding, Umno have never received ‘donations’ through the personal bank account of its presidents. That would be breaching the laws stated above.

IMG_0183This crisis of confidence and the trust deficit came from the personal corruption crisis faced by the prime minister. Never before in history where the personal bank account of the prime minister are being investigated. Shooting his own foot in the process, he sacked people who are investigating and questioning him and dismantled the investigation teams. And replaced them with loyalists and yes-men.

On top of that, he engineered delays in investigating 1MDB, a company which has so many problems it can’t even generate profits and pay back the massive loans it has needlessly acquired. It had to beg for debt forgiveness, use taxpayers money as standby credit and get an arab company to pay for them some of their debts in exchange for the prized assets.

This is the leader who had no qualms in lying to the people. Remember his statement immediately after Wall Street Journal published and exposed the billions in the PM’s bank accounts?

He said:

The latest allegation is that I have taken state-linked funds for personal gain. I believe Tun Mahathir, working hand in glove with foreign nationals, including the now discredited political attack blog Sarawak Report, is behind this latest lie.

Let me be very clear: I have never taken funds for personal gain as alleged by my political opponents – whether from 1MDB, SRC International or other entities, as these companies have confirmed.

At no point have those making these allegations offered any evidence. All we have heard is that these allegations are based on leaked documents and unnamed investigators. Not once has the source of these documents ever been shown, neither have the documents themselves been provided for verification by lawful authorities.

As proven later on, the allegations were proven to be true. He even slandered Tun Dr Mahathir as the person behind the allegations about his exposed personal bank account. Not only that, he defended himself by saying the allegations had no documents to substantiate the truth.

The money trail

The money trail

To add more spice in the guilt soup, some people from SRC International went into hiding to escape being remanded; when the prime minister could have easily called them back to help with the investigations.

Well the rest is history. The egg on the prime minister’s face was undeniably embarrassing.

One of the best parts came when Haron Din claimed that “it is unbelievable that someone transferred public funds into a personal account, if someone wants to cheat, they would have pumped it into a secret account”.

To which the prime minister thanked Haron Din for not believing WSJ’s story! He desperately wanted people to believe that no money was banked in into his accounts.

Lies after lies were perpetuated by his sycophants in order to defend their leader. But fortunately the public are smarter than all these sycophants combined. Too bad some people are still bent on supporting and defending a leader who had clearly misled the public. To many people, that in itself disqualifies him from being a prime minister.

The recent call by Zaid Ibrahim to get Malaysians of all across the political divide to prioritise the removal of this prime minister is seen as an appropriate plea to save Malaysia from further embarrassment.

It is not enough for the prime minister and his idiotic sycophants to give flip flopping answers on how the ‘donation’ was used. They must give proof on how the money was spent; a detailed list of each expenses and transaction made, to who and what was it for. Otherwise how would the public believe that every single sen was not used for personal gain? This is called accountability.

But he chose to remain silent about this and hide behind his abusive powers to sack and replace people for the sake of his political survival.

Journalists could not even reach him to get his response on the legal suit filed by an Umno member and also the latest legal suit by PKR for breaking the election laws. These are important litigation suits against a sitting prime minister/Umno president yet the public is appalled that he seems rather oblivious about them.

A good leader is one who is trusted by the people and one who deserves that trust. If the leader is not forthcoming and quick to tell the truth and be transparent, the trust is lost and he can never lead effectively. He is rendered irrelevant.

A politician can only lead when others accept him as their leader. When the prime minister no longer has the moral authority to lead, it is embarrassing to have him as a leader of this country.

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Umno, politik wang dan undang-undang SPRM

Setiap sumbangan yang ingin diberikan kepada mana-mana parti politik samaada di peringkat pusat mahupun negeri, hendaklah disalurkan melalui akaun rasmi parti. Ini bagi mengelakkan ahli-ahli politik menyalahgunakan nama parti untuk meminta atau menerima apa-apa sumbangan yang kemudiannya diselewengkan untuk kepentingan persendirian. Setiap sumbangan yang dihulurkan perlulah dikemukakan resit penerimaan dan dimasukkan dalam akaun parti. Menerusi rekod penerimaan yang teratur ia boleh diaudit pada tiap-tiap akhir tahun kewangan. Kerajaan percaya inisiatif seumpama ini akan mengelakkan sebarang bentuk perbuatan rasuah dan penyelewengan..” – Najib Razak, 27 February 2012

“Do not resort to money or abuse of power, launch personal attacks and so on..” – Najib Razak, 21 September 2013

Dalam bahasa pasar, hampir pasti orang yang mendengar kata-kata di atas akan menjawab dengan – “Perdana Menteri bercakap tak serupa bikin”. Ini kerana di dalam tahun 2013 juga, beliau telah menerima wang sebanyak RM2,600 juta di dalam akaun peribadinya. Umum disogokkan dengan cerita bahawa ianya digunakan untuk tujuan pilihanraya 2013.

Jika guru kencing berdiri, maka murid kencing berlari. Akhir akhir ini media disogokkan dengan keterangan dari pemimpin pemimpin Umno yang tidak segan silu menerima wang untuk hal-ehwal kepentingan politik mereka.

Contohnya pengakuan dari Pengerusi Majlis Ahli Parlimen Barisan Nasional (BNBBC) Tan Sri Shahrir Samad yang mengatakan penerimaan wang sebanyak RM1 juta dari akaun peribadi Perdana Menteri adalah perkara biasa, kerana itu adalah untuk menguruskan kawasan parlimen dan hal ehwal politik beliau!

Patutlah beliau beria-ia mempertahankan kemasukan RM2.6 billion ke dalam akaun peribadi Najib Razak hingga sempat untuk menjawab kritikan mengenainya.

Bagaimana mungkin seseorang terpelajar seperti Shahrir Samad dan Najib Razak tidak tahu akan undang undang negara Malaysia, terutamanya undang-undang pencegahan rasuah seperti tertera di bawah:

Akta Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia 2009

Seksyen 16: Kesalahan menerima suapan

16. Mana-mana orang yang sendiri atau melalui atau bersama dengan mana-mana orang lain:-

(a) secara rasuah meminta atau menerima atau bersetuju untuk menerima bagi dirinya atau bagi mana-mana orang lain; atau

(b) secara rasuah memberikan, menjanjikan atau menawarkan kepada mana-mana orang sama ada bagi faedah orang itu atau bagi faedah orang lain

Seksyen 17: kesalahan memberi atau menerima suapan oleh ejen

17. Seseorang melakukan kesalahan jika:-

(a) sebagai seorang ejen, dia secara rasuah menyetuju terima atau memperoleh, atau bersetuju untuk menyetuju terima atau cuba untuk memperoleh, daripada mana-mana orang, untuk dirinya sendiri atau untuk mana-mana orang lain, apa-apa suapan sebagai suatu dorongan atau upah bagi melakukan atau tidak melakukan, atau kerana telah melakukan atau tidak melakukan, apa-apa perbuatan berhubungan dengan hal ehwal atau perniagaan prinsipalnya, atau kerana memberikan atau tidak memberikan sokongan atau tentangan kepada mana-mana orang berhubungan dengan hal ehwal atau perniagaan prinsipalnya; atau

(b) dia memberikan atau bersetuju untuk memberikan atau menawarkan apa-apa suapan kepada mana-mana ejen sebagai dorongan atau upah bagi melakukan atau tidak melakukan, atau kerana telah melakukan atau tidak melakukan apa-apa perbuatan berhubungan dengan hal ehwal atau perniagaan prinsipalnya, atau bagi memberikan atau tidak memberikan sokongan atau tentangan kepada mana-mana orang berhubungan dengan hal ehwal atau perniagaan prinsipalnya

“Suapan” ertinya –

wang, derma, alang, pinjaman, fi, hadiah, cagaran berharga, harta atau kepentingan mengenai harta, iaitu apa-apa jenis harta, sama ada alih atau tak alih, faedah kewangan, atau apa-apa manfaat seumpama itu yang lain

“ejen” ertinya –

mana-mana orang yang diambil kerja oleh atau bertindak bagi seorang lain, dan termasuklah pegawai badan awam atau yang berkhidmat dalam atau di bawah mana-mana badan awam, pemegang amanah, pentadbir atau wasi pusaka seseorang yang sudah mati, subkontraktor, dan mana-mana orang yang diambil kerja oleh atau yang bertindak bagi pemegang amanah, pentadbir atau wasi, atau subkontraktor itu

“pegawai badan awam” ertinya –

mana-mana orang yang menjadi anggota, pegawai, pekerja atau pekhidmat sesuatu badan awam, dan termasuklah anggota pentadbiran, ahli Parlimen, ahli sesuatu Dewan Undangan Negeri, hakim Mahkamah Tinggi, Mahkamah Rayuan atau Mahkamah Persekutuan, dan mana-mana orang yang menerima apa-apa saraan daripada wang awam, dan, jika badan awam itu ialah suatu perbadanan seorang, termasuklah orang yang diperbadankan sebagai perbadanan itu

Ada yang mengatakan bahawa Najib Razak tidak bersalah kerana menerima derma tersebut kerana ianya adalah sedekah sumbangan dari Arab Saudi kepada beliau. Soalan yang patut ditanya adalah, jika Najib Razak bukan perdana menteri Malaysia, adakah beliau boleh mendapat hadiah wang sebanyak itu? Akta SPRM cukup jelas mengenai persoalan tersebut.

Seksyen 23: Kesalahan menggunakan jawatan atau kedudukan untuk suapan

23 (1) Mana mana pegawai badan awam yang menggunakan jawatan atau kedudukannya untuk apa apa suapan, sama ada bagi dirinya sendiri, saudaranya atau sekutunya, melakukan suatu kesalahan

Ada juga mengatakan bahawa Najib Razak tidak boleh dihukum sebagai menerima rasuah kerana ianya belum dibuktikan lagi (innocent until proven guilty). Walaubagaimanapun, Akta SPRM berpendapat seseorang itu telah melakukan rasuah jika menerima suapan (legal presumption) melainkan beliau membuktikan ianya bukan rasuah. Setakat menafikannya sahaja tidak mencukupi.

Seksyen 50: Anggapan dalam kesalahan tertentu

50 (1) Jika dalam mana-mana prosiding terhadap mana-mana orang atas kesalahan di bawah seksyen 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22 atau 23 adalah dibuktikan bahawa apa-apa suapan telah diterima…., suapan itu hendaklah dianggap telah diterima…. secara rasuah melainkan jika akasnya dibuktikan

Apakah hukuman penalti bagi kesalahan kesalahan di atas?

Ianya berbentuk seperti:

Seksyen 24 (1) Mana mana orang yang melakukan kesalahan di bawah seksyen 16, 17, 20, 21, 22 dan 23 apabila disabitkan boleh –

a) dipenjarakan selama tempoh tidak melebihi dua puluh tahun; dan

b) didenda tidak kurang daripada lima kali ganda jumlah atau nilai suapan yang menjadi hal perkara kesalahan itu jika suapan itu dapat dinilai atau berbentuk wang atau sepuluh ribu ringgit, mengikut mana mana yang lebih tinggi.

Pada awal Ogos yang lepas, SPRM telah mengesahkan bahawa wang RM2,600 juta tersebut adalah sesuatu derma. SPRM tidak pernah mengesahkan bahawa ianya bukan rasuah. Oleh sebab itu, siasatan masih dijalankan terhadap penerimaan derma tersebut.

Sudah sampai masanya untuk ahli-ahli politik di Malaysia untuk mengambil kursus mengenai rasuah kerana rata-rata dari mereka yang tidak tahu apa sebenarnya rasuah dan politik wang.

Selama ini mereka hidup disulami mimpi indah bermandikan wang ringgit, melakukan sesuatu perkara tanpa mengetahui apa itu yang boleh dianggap rasuah. Malah, mereka menganggap tidak mengapa jika berbillion wang dimasukkan ke dalam akaun peribadi seorang ahli Parlimen. Betullah kata kata Tun Dr. Mahathir bahawa undang undang Malaysia sudah terbalik. Yang haram telah dihalalkan.

Kata kata Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam amat bermakna jika dilihat melalui perspektif ini:

Money politics is the “mother of all corruption”. When practised, money politics leads to vote buying and the abuse of power and the trust of the rakyat as well as supporters of all political parties. In short, money politics brings destruction and decadence to the country’s transparency, accountability, integrity and even democracy itself.

Tidak pernah dalam sejarah dunia, seorang ketua negara itu boleh menjadi ‘billionaire’ dengan sekelip mata hanya kerana telah mendapat ‘hadiah’ atau sumbangan ke dalam akaun peribadi dari orang yang umum tidak mengetahui.

Malah di dalam tahun 2012, Najib Razak telah pun berkata bahawa menerima sumbangan yang tidak dimasukkan ke dalam akaun parti, boleh dianggap rasuah dan penyelewengan.

Adakah ini juga bermakna, di dalam tahun 2013, Perdana Menteri Malaysia telah sepatutnya tersenarai di dalam 20 billionaire terkaya di Malaysia? Hanya kerana beliau seorang Perdana Menteri?

Dan adakah di dalam tahun 2013, Shahrir Samad telah menjadi jutawan segera? Adakah beliau sebagai ahli parlimen yang menerima wang tersebut telah membayar cukai pendapatan? Apakah bukti yang beliau tidak menggunakan wang tersebut untuk tujuan peribadi? Adakah terdapat resit penerimaan dan penyata perbelanjaan yang boleh diaudit oleh pihak ketiga?

Rakyat Malaysia perlu diberitahu perkara yang sebenar. Najib Razak perlu membuktikan bahawa beliau tidak bersalah dan perlu meletakkan jawatan dari menjadi Perdana Menteri sementara siasatan terhadap beliau sedang dilakukan. Ini penting untuk membersihkan nama beliau tanpa ada anggapan beliau mencampuri urusan penyiasatan.

Masyarakat dunia perlu melihat bahawa Malaysia menghormati keluhuran undang undang dan mempunyai integriti yang tinggi dalam menangani gejala rasuah dan salahguna kuasa.

Jika Malaysia mahu berperangai seperti negara yang tidak endah kepada undang-undang dan bermoral rendah, maka mereka akan menganggap bahawa kita dan ekonomi kita patut dikategorikan sama taraf dengan republik pisang atau ‘failed state’.

Cukup-cukuplah berkelakuan seperti orang yang buta hati.

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The Prime Minister is misleading the people with his FAQ

The Prime Minister issued his latest FAQ which yet again did not answer any of the questions posed to him.

We would have thought that he could at least explain what exactly the cash/paper assets/units fiasco all about since he is also the Finance Minister and the Advisor of 1MDB. But he did not.

In fact, when it is concerning 1MDB, the PM (or maybe his coterie of failed consultants) are desperately spinning the issue further.

He said:

Indeed, some of the allegations that have been made have no grounding in reality, for instance Tun’s claim that I am responsible for a loss of RM42 billon on 1MDB’s balance sheet. This appears to be a deliberate twisting of the facts as 1MDB has not made a loss of this amount. This is the amount of its total debt; debt that is far exceeded by the company’s assets of RM51 billion, as audited and confirmed by Deloitte. Most large companies around the world have high levels of debt, there is nothing unusual about this.

In the first place, Tun never claimed that there was a RM42 billion loss in 1MDB. He said, and every rational people in Malaysia agreed that the RM42 billion loans 1MDB took are unaccounted for and some may have been lost. Disappeared. Vanished.

Surely the Prime Minister must not think that Tun and the rest of fellow Malaysians are too stupid to discern between the words ‘loss’, and ‘unaccounted money lost’?

In Bahasa Malaysia, lost is ‘hilang’, ‘lesap‘. While the word loss means ‘rugi’.

Q: Where is the RM27 billion? A: Sultan Pahang supports me

Q: Where is the RM27 billion?
A: Sultan Pahang supports me

If the Prime Minister’s so called corporate comms team could not grasp this most basic of definition, then no wonder the Prime Minister has an image of a clueless leader.

The fact that the Prime Minister is deliberately trying to mislead the people in his own FAQ while accusing Tun as twisting the facts is so ironic, we just had to smile at this sheer foolishness.

Nobody ever said that 1MDB is suffering a P&L loss of RM42 billion. People were asking, if the assets bought was RM15 billion at cost, while the loans taken was RM42 billion, then where is the balance of RM27 billion?

It does not matter if 1MDB has assets worth RM52 billion. The truth is in the pudding. If 1MDB is having a really strong balance sheet, then why the need to borrow from MOF, nearly RM1 billion in standby credit last March and RM2 billion from a billionaire last February just to pay off its loan interests?

What happened to the often repeated mantra – ‘there is nothing wrong with 1MDB, they have billions of cash and a lot of assets’?

He further added:

He (Tun) also claimed that I do not answer issues surrounding 1MDB, but I have gone beyond thatand instructed the Auditor General to conduct an audit of 1MDB, the results of which will be presented to the bipartisan Public Accounts Committee. This should ensure that the process is transparent, and all questions that have been asked of the company are independently answered by legitimate bodies rather than politically motivated sources.

Enough with the AG report already please. Going beyond answering, but veering the topic by saying you have instructed the AG to audit 1MDB is still not answering the questions!

Why are we, the questioning people, being treated like an idiot by this Prime Minister?

Simple questions like, ‘who is Jho Low?”, or why did 1MDB enter into a JV agreement with Petro Saudi and its contracts signed just within 3 days without any due diligence done before accepting the dubious ‘oil exploration rights’ in exchange for USD1.5 billion in equity?

The Auditor General could never answer these two questions let alone other tougher questions. Yet, the PM is asking people to wait for the report. What can it prove? Just like 1MDB’s external auditor, the AG report might prove nothing. There are so many unscrupulous companies that had obtained good, unqualified audit reports from external auditors throughout history.

And who are these legitimate bodies independently answering questions about 1MDB? Please don’t tell us, it is all those dubious Facebook accounts set up just to defend it? What credibility do they have? Are they the staff of 1MDB? Are they getting paid by the Prime Minister?

1MDB should be answering the questions themselves, on daily basis. This is crisis management 101. But the Prime Minister himself is telling the people that external bodies are answering on behalf of 1MDB. How incompetent!

There is also evidence that the Prime Minister has no clue to what the role of external auditors is all about when on May 18th, he stated:

“Auditors will not sign if even RM1 million is missing. Now it is said that RM42 billion has vanished. How can it vanish? It hasn’t vanished, there are assets, there are liabilities.”

The auditing community had a good laugh when the PM said that. In reality, when auditing  billion ringgit company like 1MDB, the auditors will not even check something relatively miniscule as RM1 million.

Auditors use sampling method, and materiality testing. There is no way auditors can audit anything 100%. Their audit opinion and report even stated that.

And on top of it all, obviously the RM42 billion loans can be seen in 1MDB’s accounts. It is there for all to see in the balance sheet. It’s called historical accounting. But the money is vanished, obviously used up by unknown people (unknown at this point of time). How can we make ourselves clearer to this clueless PM?

This what happens when we have a career politician as a leader, and non-financial people as speech writers. To digress, a career politician is a person who never gained any meaningful experience in other sectors than politics.

It is sad to see how an embattled Prime Minister is desperately trying to hoodwink the people into supporting him. Worse, his efforts to defend himself fall flat on his face due to the incompetent advisors surrounding him.

Perhaps the Prime Minister need to apply the bullshit indicator onto himself first before giving out further FAQs.

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The snapshot on global economy and the local economy

If anyone of the readers here haven’t read the Confessions of an Economic Hitman book, here is a Youtube video where the author summarily describes the content of the book in about 11 minutes.

Locally, our own economy is floundering.

None of the great economic consultants employed by the Prime Minister are able to find the right formula to revitalise the local economy yet. Today, the blogger Darah Tuah wrote a snapshot on the economic position of this country right now particularly the economic relationship between the bumiputera and the non-bumiputera. The blogger gave recommendations as well.

Maybe PEMANDU and other advisers can learn a little bit of something about it too.

Please have a read HERE.

Thank you.

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Improving the Malaysian civil service

This is a piece of news from Bernama yesterday:

Applications for civil service employment to be filtered online

December 19, 2012
PUTRAJAYA, Dec 19 — Applications for civil service employment will be filtered online before eligible candidates are called to attend an examination and an interview beginning Jan 1 next year.Public Service Commission (PSC) chairman Tan Sri Mahmood Adam said with the new mechanism, the civil service employment confirmation could be shorten from three years to between one year and six months.

He said the filtration entailed 14 items, including the validity of the Malaysian citizenship and qualifications, criminal records searches and the status of financial position (whether a bankrupt or otherwise) which could be verified within a few hours.

“This is an innovative mechanism. Previously, the background filtration took three years before civil servants were confirmed in their jobs,” he told reporters after chairing a PSC meeting with ministries, departments and state administration here, today.

He said the mechanism proved effective for 24 applicants for the post of engineers in June received job offer letters immediately after their interviews were over.

“This shows a sense of urgency that we want to implement and we have asked all ministries and departments to announce job vacancies at their monthly meeting,” he said. — Bernama

I don’t get it. Does this mean all this while, there is a 3-year probation period for a newly joined civil servant to be confirmed in his post just because it takes 3 years for their human resource department to validate their academic qualifications, financial status, criminal records and other very easy to verify information?
Or, the civil service takes into their employment candidates without even getting their background checked?!
Either way, no wonder the civil service has a dreadful reputation.
It’s already 2012 and yet the civil service is hampered by a problem which should have been eradicated in the 80s. And only now the top bosses of the civil service thought about this solution?
This is why many people (I presume the intelligent ones) are turned off working in the public sector. The industry average for a probation is 6 months. During this short time, an employee is not entitled to a full benefits of their employment until they are confirmed to the job.
Imagine had to wait for 3 years just to get confirmed!
For all the hard work you put through for 36 months and yet you could not apply for a staff loan, full hospitalisation benefit, etc.
Civil service should have first-rate candidates entering their recruitment process. But this seems impossible since the recruitment process itself is a third-rate buffoonery.
But I am crying over spilt milk. Better late than never I suppose.
Merry Christmas everyone!