Selamat Berjuang Harimau Malaya!

Harimau Malaya vs. Garuda


Words of passion and motivation - picture from @khairulryezal

Our Under 23 football quad secured the sweetest victory in Stadium Bung Karno after drew 1 – 1 in the normal 90 minutes. Goals from each side of the half time by Indonesia and Malaysia respectively forced the game to be played in the extra time. Stalemate and goalless in extra time is proceeded by penalty shootout which Malaysia eventually won with 4 – 3 aggregate.

Malaysia successfully won gold medal and retain its title as defending champion of SEA Games football sport. Congratulations Harimau Malaya!

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It is reported all over the news. The SEA Games football final between Indonesia and the defending gold medallist, Malaysia will be the sporting highlight of the year.

It is labeled as a grudge match and rightly so judging from the circumstances surrounding the SEA Games.

The Indonesians had taken bad sportsmanship to another level where shoddy treatment of our athletes and officials were blatantly undisguised; the contempt shown by their supporters in their stadiums everytime our national anthem were playing was uncouth and crude; the booing of our athletes whenever they are performing are highly uncalled for.

The level of hostility shown by the host country towards their guests probably reached new found heights when our football national squad requested to be safeguarded in an armoured vehicle in their journey from their hotel to the stadium.

This would have never happened in any other country and compounding to our dismay, other countries are spared from this enmity. The hatred is specific. The fact that it is targeted by a country which is most similar to us in culture and demographics must be painful to accept.

But be as it may, our boys must persevere. They should have the testicular fortitude to fend off the mind numbing, nerve wrecking atmosphere in the stadium. They must summon the courage of all Malaysians and fight to the end just like how they won the Suzuki Cup last year. The mood in Indonesia and Malaysia tonight will be electrifying. The atmosphere in both countries will be epic.

Our prayers and passion are with you.

Biar putih tulang jangan berputih mata!

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Tahniah Skuad Harimau Muda!

Terketar-ketar burung Garuda,
Bila ditenung harimau jantan,
Jiwa kental semangat waja,
Maju ke depan berundur jangan!

Mergapaksi tujuh saudara,
Menjadi mangsa Tuan Laksamana,
Lihat aksi Sang Garuda,
Menjadi mangsa Harimau Muda

Gempak gempita tanah Jawa,
Halilintar membelah bumi,
Harimau Malaya bertarung nyawa,
Membawa pulang piala Suzuki!