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Apa lagi Cina mahu? Cina mahu terima rasuah!

The headline above summarises the article which Raja Petra had wrote a couple of weeks earlier. Only Malays are racists Raja Petra Kamarudin So now the Indians are at it again, talking about Indian rights and Indian interests and whatnot. And with P. Waytha Moorthy’s resignation from the government I can anticipate a tug-of-war between … Continue reading

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Straigthening out YB Khairy Jamaluddin’s column

Below is an excellent article by blogger SatD of Pure Shiite. It is to reinforce the MPs into doing the right thing instead of skirting over the problem and sweeping the mess under the carpet. This mess, if left untreated, will torment your own children and grandchildren in the future. Although some of YB Khairy’s … Continue reading

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Racist Dong Zong is at it again. Where is Lim Kit Siang?

The racist chinese group called Dong Zong, had time and time again come out in the open to attack the single stream education system. This time around, they had lambasted the sacked radio DJ from StarFM, DJ Jamaluddin Ibrahim for opposing the vernacular schools. The details from The Star is sketchy. A departure from their … Continue reading

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Will Lim Kit Siang support One School System so that once and for all he is Malaysian first and not chinese first?

Lim Kit Siang’s guru on racial politics, Lee Kuan Yew had given a blistering condemnation of Malaysia a while back. Of which, Tun Mahathir Mohamad had managed to straighten out his nemesis with his equally blistering gem of an article in his blog. That is expected. What is unexpected is the muted response and non … Continue reading