So which crazy Arab was interviewed by BBC?
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So which crazy Arab was interviewed by BBC?

A few of days ago, the sycophants were overjoyed in their quest to white wash Najib Razak from his corruption scandal – when BBC published a story which somehow had coincided with Apandi Ali’s statement which acquitted Najib even before any charges were brought forward to the courts. Facebook and other social media platforms were littered with … Continue reading

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The AG Report 2011, as unreported by opposition portals

Update 18 October 2012: It seems that the Auditor General himself never said such things. Have a read here. _______________ Original article: The opposition portal, Free Malaysia Today, gave a sterling review of the Pakatan Rakyat’s states by arrogating that the Auditor General had given the states run by Pakatan ‘top marks’. Although the words … Continue reading

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Conclusion text of the 2013 budget

CONCLUSION OF “PROSPERING THE NATION, ENHANCING WELL-BEING OF THE RAKYAT: A PROMISE FULFILLED” 161. The new budget that I have tabled for 2013 is the last budget before the 13th General Election. This is among the series of budgets that will propel this beloved nation towards achieving the national vision. 162. With the permission of the Almighty, … Continue reading