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Hudud: Why Umno must not fall into Pakatan’s game

Currently there are a lot of stories which can be read in the media about how Umno will support PAS in implementing Hudud laws in Kelantan. Back in November 2013, Annuar Musa had this to say: Get PKR to agree to hudud first, Annuar Musa tells PAS KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional will consider allowing the … Continue reading

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The PAS conundrum and why their Hudud is not the answer

Over the course of last weekend, a few of us were discussing about Kelantan and how Hudud has not been implemented in the state regardless the fact that it has been administered by PAS for the past 23 years and on top of that, the state government had shamelessly proclaimed itself as ‘Serambi Mekah’ albeit … Continue reading

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The ‘Independent’ Malaysian Insider is just a Toady

The Mind of the Analyst  by Chedet 1. Among the cleverest people in the world are the analysts – the people who can see through solids, even see and recognise what lies behind. This gives them power and as we all know power corrupts. Few among the analysts can restrain the corrupting influence of their … Continue reading

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Those who shouldn’t be contesting

The year is travelling so fast and before we know it, March is already upon us. And within then next 45 days, there will be a new line up of cabinet ministers that will administer this country for the next 5 years. Back in 2009, a post was written regarding the newly appointed cabinet by … Continue reading

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Ideological weaknesses of DAP leadership (Part 2)

……. (can we see the similarities between what happened years ago to what is happening now? A leopard cannot change its spots. A party doesn’t change its malicious ways no matter how much they are saying otherwise..) ——————————————————————————- In the 1970s the favourite political gimmick employed by DAP was to either ‘boycott parliamentary sessions and … Continue reading

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Ideological weaknesses of DAP leadership

I found a few pages of brief analysis on list of ideological weaknesses of the DAP leadership recently. I thought I would share some of the points to the readers out there. It is an old document – written in 1995. Therefore, all of the events quoted and examples given were not up to date … Continue reading

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DAP chairman has amnesia

This would be a short post on Karpal Singh. About a week ago in Parliament, DAP Chairman said something which he had already known as untrue but nevertheless repeated it for the sake of gaining mileage. Here’s the excerpt: “But we look ahead and not dwell on matters of implementation (of the ISA) at the … Continue reading

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Mat Sabu, Selamat Hari Merdeka ke 54!

Dalam hari-hari terakhir bulan Ramadhan yang lepas, kita mendapati satu pembohongan besar telah di lakukan oleh Timbalan Presiden Parti Islam Se-Malaysia yang bernama Mohamad Sabu. Ianya dilakukan di satu ceramah politik di Padang Menora, Tasek Gelugor. Video tersebut boleh di lihat di bawah: Ada beberapa perkara kejam Mat Sabu sudah lakukan dalam ucapan beliau tadi. … Continue reading

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Lim Kit Siang & Karpal Singh – cakap tak serupa bikin

I find it funny when the opposition leaders and its fanatical supporters condemned the suggestion to commemorate May 13th in a positive way. In other words, we want the people to remember that the harmonious relationship between races here in Malaysia was forged from the fires of a tragic incident. We also need to learn … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2010, welcome 2011

What a year that was! 2010 was an exciting year indeed. Following are the main events that were written by yours truly all throughout the year. It started off with the important judgment by Justice Lau Bee Lan in an intriguing case between the Catholic Herald and the Home Ministry. The judge ruled that the … Continue reading

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Here comes Anwar Ibrahim’s alibi!

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim managed to delay the trial again till the end of time. All because he had urged the court to strike out the sodomy charges because he suspected the plaintiff had an affair with one of the typist in the prosecutors team. Yes folks, strike out the sodomy charges because the person … Continue reading

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What is going on, Karpal?

Due to limited ways in defending the indefensible, the defence team of Anwar Ibrahim, led by Karpal Singh, had begun to attack the credibility of the main witness – Saiful Bukhari. The opening salvo is to paint a picture that Saiful is not a good muslim (as if that has any relevance to the facts … Continue reading