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The Prime Minister Answered A Question Nobody Asked

Dear Umno members and rakyat Malaysia in general. When your Umno President and Prime Minister was told that his performance was worse than Pak Lah, it was regarding his performance as a Prime Minister. Everyone knows this. Tun Mahathir said: 25. I had great hopes when Najib took over from Abdullah.  26. But he did … Continue reading

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Tun Abdul Hamid menulis tentang perpecahan melayu dan tuntutan melampau bukan melayu

Berikut adalan tulisan hasil pandangan Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad, bekas Ketua Hakim Malaysia. Penulisan beliau boleh di baca di PERPECAHAN MELAYU PUNCA TUNTUTAN MELAMPAU BUKAN MELAYU Oleh Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad Pada pandangan saya, hubungan antara kaum di Malaysia masih baik. Rakyat berbagai kaum masih menjalani hubungan seperti biasa. Tidak ada ketegangan di antara kaum … Continue reading

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Apa lagi Cina mahu? Cina mahu terima rasuah!

The headline above summarises the article which Raja Petra had wrote a couple of weeks earlier. Only Malays are racists Raja Petra Kamarudin So now the Indians are at it again, talking about Indian rights and Indian interests and whatnot. And with P. Waytha Moorthy’s resignation from the government I can anticipate a tug-of-war between … Continue reading

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Why evade the real issue, Kit Siang?

This article below is taken from the blog Empire Strikes Back: ___________________________________ Lim Kit Siang wrote this in his blog: The Empire Strikes Back – and the plot for a putsch by reactionary anti-democratic forces thickens with the call for a return of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to Putrajaya. The blog by former Information Minister and one … Continue reading

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The snapshot on global economy and the local economy

If anyone of the readers here haven’t read the Confessions of an Economic Hitman book, here is a Youtube video where the author summarily describes the content of the book in about 11 minutes. Locally, our own economy is floundering. None of the great economic consultants employed by the Prime Minister are able to find … Continue reading

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Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Ketua Pemuda Umno and the absence of christian apologists

Lim Kit Siang and his ilk (including his son, Lim Guan Eng) will never fail us in delivering spiteful and racist festive messages promoting hate among the people of Malaysia. Lim Guan Eng in his infamous Wesak Day speech some time ago was even more acrimonious and vindictive. He seditiously tried to agitate the buddhists … Continue reading

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Stevie Chan blames Muslims for all the social ills in Malaysia

Update 5 December 2013: Bloggers Seademon and Helen Ang’s articles relating to the issue: Jebat Must Die Identifies A Chauvinistic Racist Dangerous trend of evangelistas lecturing Malays on Islam The overweaning presumption of the evangelistas _____________________________________ Original article: The Malaysian Insider has become a centre for malay bashing and the mecca for malays who agree and love the … Continue reading

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Top 10 Little Uncircumspect, Uncircumcised Reasons for the Malay Vote Swings in PRU-13

I received this article from Apocryphalist for the benefit of all readers out there. His other articles on other matters can be read here and here. ____________________________________________________ Top 10 Little Uncircumspect, Uncircumcised Reasons for the Malay Vote Swings in PRU-13 A total political tsunami, including a massive exodus of malay voters swinging over to the Pakatan, … Continue reading

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Ideological weaknesses of DAP’s leadership (Part 3)

This is the final part of the series. Thus far, readers can appreciate the fact that history does repeat itself and those who do not learn from it will commit the same folly again and again.  ——————————————————- 6. DAP: Tactics and campaign strategies in general elections In 1974, DAP objected to Malaysia’s ties with China. … Continue reading