Bahagian ketiga: Cerita sebenar bagaimana RM2.6 billion masuk akaun Najib Razak
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Bahagian ketiga: Cerita sebenar bagaimana RM2.6 billion masuk akaun Najib Razak

Di dalam bahagian pertama, kita telah meneliti asal usul dan latarbelakang kertas penyiasatan dari pejabat peguam Amerika Syarikat yang telah menamakan anak tiri Malaysian Official 1 dan kuncu-kuncunya sebagai memiliki pelbagai aset yang telah dibeli secara haram menggunakan wang 1MDB. Kertas penyiasatan itu juga telah menyatakan bahawa Malaysian Official 1 telah menerima secara haram duit … Continue reading

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Top 10 Little Uncircumspect, Uncircumcised Reasons for the Malay Vote Swings in PRU-13

I received this article from Apocryphalist for the benefit of all readers out there. His other articles on other matters can be read here and here. ____________________________________________________ Top 10 Little Uncircumspect, Uncircumcised Reasons for the Malay Vote Swings in PRU-13 A total political tsunami, including a massive exodus of malay voters swinging over to the Pakatan, … Continue reading

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A Samad Said does not want Anwar Ibrahim to become Prime Minister

When a person is so desperate and become too biased in his thinking, inadvertently he will become stupid. That is the case of A Samad Said. Sensing that he has no more other ideas to condemn the government led by Barisan Nasional, he blurted a racial statement which not only seemed idiotic, but has revealed … Continue reading

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Those who shouldn’t be contesting

The year is travelling so fast and before we know it, March is already upon us. And within then next 45 days, there will be a new line up of cabinet ministers that will administer this country for the next 5 years. Back in 2009, a post was written regarding the newly appointed cabinet by … Continue reading

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President of Bar Council rejects election observers

Usually those who do not have the integrity and hearts filled with bad intentions will be exposed to public sooner than later. Take for example, Parti Keadilan Rakyat. They shouted about the general elections in Malaysia, alleging that they are dirty and unfair, but their own party elections  in 2010 are rigged and caused so … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons Why The BERSIH Rally Failed

Apocryphalist’s Analysis 1. No Brutality Or absence thereof, of the Police one, that is. There were many from the street hooligans’ sides, though. Anyway, the image of a “vicious, brutal and inhumane Malaysian Police” that the PAS-DAP consortium tried to convey to the rest of the world out there got stunted by a totally different … Continue reading

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Operasi Lalang in 1987 – Part 1

Let’s talk about my favourite subject. History. Specifically, the Operasi Lalang. Currently there is so much myths going on regarding that incident that many have differing perceptions on the whys, the hows, the whens, and the whose who in that particular part of our history. When at present many of our political observers from the opposition … Continue reading