Monsters among us!

Back in 2008, there was a case of Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) uniformed men beating a dog and forcing it out through the railings of a locked gate which made the news in The Star.

I made a commentary on that and was hopeful the authorities had seen it fit to increase the maximum penalty of animal abuse to RM10,000 and 6 years of jail term.

The current maximum sentence is RM200.

That was back in 2008. Fast forward to 2011, there were still no changes been made although the Parliament has been in session many times.

Are we that apathetic in our nature that animal lives are not valued at all?

Do we have to sit idly and wait for another case to come and the wrongdoers left unpunished?

RM200 fine for abusing and torturing animals? You pay higher fines if you had used handphones while driving!

True enough, last week we were shocked by the incident of a woman torturing and killing 3 little kittens. Her gruesome act were caught on CCTV.


TOP ROW: The video clip showing the youth beating a kitten with an umbrella and stomping on it. BOTTOM ROW: The animal abuse suspect lifting a kitten by its tail (left) and close-up of the abuser. Pics from The Malay Mail.

The stories can be read here, here and here.

This incident came barely a month after the news of a man mistreating a poodle. Clearly we have members of the public who are bereft of any common sense and compassion. Plainly speaking, I think some of us are really evil and made no qualms to hide this diabolical behaviour.

Are there monsters living amongst us? How safe are your children if they come across such people?

To make it worse, all these animal abusers are left unpunished by the authorities.

Chow Xiao Wei: Please forgive me

Just look at the fate of the kitten abuser above. After making a public apology, she is now being helped by an NGO to deal with her psychological issues!

To me, the best way to deal with her stupid psychological issues is to just throw her in jail and fine her RM50,000 to deter anymore potential abusers among us.

Even her apology wasn’t sincere. Apparently she told her mother that ‘while torturing those poor little kittens, she had no idea that they were already dead’.

From the video we can clearly see the kittens were still alive when she started to throw and stomp them on the ground. She lied to her mother!

And now society expects her to just go by her normal daily life because she offered an apology?

She said sorry only because she got caught. That was it.

Remorse? She will only feel remorse when she sit pondering about her actions within a 6 by 6 feet of cell.

And put in 9 strokes of the cane while she’s in there. 3 for each kittens.

Today is the first day of Parliament sitting. From the news article I gathered here, a new ruling will be tabled in Parliament this time around. The maximum amount we are looking  at is RM50,000, which is a good thing.

But please put in some strokes of the rattan.

That will deter any naughty little psychos who get turned on by torturing helpless animals.

I hope all Members of Parliament will unanimously vote for this Act to pass. We are 58 years late.

And I hope the vile people in the news above be punished for what they have done accordingly.

Thank you.