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Wishing a wonderful Eid Mubarak and a very pleasant Syawal to all Malaysians. 

Take care and be safe during the holidays!

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Reckless Finance Minister II pre-empting investigations

Last week the Auditor General had presented its preliminary findings regarding 1MDB to the PAC. Malaysians however will not likely read the findings of this report, since it won’t be made public.

The bits and pieces of information the public could get and craved can only be read from press conferences held by PAC and the Auditor General themselves.

The Chairman of PAC, Datuk Nur Jazlan said:

“A couple of matters have cropped up with the issue of documentation. The NAD (National Audit Department) has yet to receive full cooperation from 1MDB in the handing over of documents for audit,” said Nur Jazlan.

We would request that the management of 1MDB give its full cooperation to the NAD and hand over all the requested information and documents so that they can continue their audit and finalize their report by the end of the year.”

The report took a total of three months to finish and covers the analysis of 1MDB’s financial statements, as well as its investments such as PetroSaudi.

“The auditing for its other investments such as in land and energy sectors is still ongoing and will come up in the final report, which is expected to come by the end of the year,” said Nur Jazlan. – Source.

Basically, PAC is telling us that 1MDB have not given the auditor-general their fullest cooperation which had invariably hindered the audit process. Additionally, the interim audit report covers only certain aspects of 1MDB.

Reporters had also asked Tan Sri Ambrin Buang on the alleged USD700 million being deposited in the Prime Minister’s private accounts.

The Auditor General had this to say:

“Now that there is already an investigation by the special taskforce, they are better equipped to do that. They (special taskforce) have the power to look into people’s accounts,” he said.

He added that unlike the special taskforce that has Bank Negara Malaysia on its team, the Auditor-General alone does not have such power to do so.

“I do not have the power to look into people’s accounts,” said Ambrin, when asked if he would investigate the latest revelation by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that involved Najib. – Source.

In other words, the NAD is not investigating the allegations by Wall Street Journal. That aspect of investigation is under different jurisdiction and it is still ongoing.

But suddenly today, the Finance Minister II came out with horns blaring clearing 1MDB of any wrongdoings! He gave the impression that there are no problems within 1MDB at all. This is a blatant diversion from the truth.

From the news reports above, we can safely conclude that Husni Hanadzlah had committed a grave error in pre-empting the investigation teams. In fact, the preliminary report from Auditor General have not cleared 1MDB of anything.

Below is the much celebrated press release from the Finance Ministry:

The preliminary report by the Auditor General investigating 1MDB’s activities has found no evidence of wrong doing, and therefore the reckless allegations by some parties including the “disappearance” of RM42 billion and transfer of USD700 million to certain individual does not arise.

It is my hope that all baseless allegations will be put to rest.  We have to remain patient and we look forward to the final report by AG and the Public Account Committee (PAC).

Our focus is now on the rationalisation plan, whereby the Government is committed to have the issues pertaining to 1MDB’s debt be resolved.

The definitive aim of the rationalisation plan is to rebalance 1MDB’s asset and debt in order to support its financial structure that will ensure its sustainability going forward.Source.

It is highly contentious for a person under the purview of an investigation to actually come out publicly to say nothing is wrong with 1MDB; a company which his ministry is responsible for.

Jumping the gun and having knee-jerk reactions should not be a good trait for a Finance Minister

Jumping the gun and having knee-jerk reactions should not be a good trait for a Finance Minister

Imagine Al Capone, giving press conference clearing his own name based on investigations carried out against him, disregarding the fact that the investigations are not yet completed.

The public must be made aware that the press release above had highlighted one thing that made 1MDB a failure to begin with. Husni indirectly admitted that without the rationalisation plan to rebalance 1MDB’s assets and debts, there is no way it can move forward as a going concern. In other words, we can conclude that 1MDB is on the verge of bankruptcy and needs to be revamped and restructured in order to survive.

What a contradiction indeed.

So before the mainstream media begin to believe Husni’s misrepresentation of facts and print it on the front page tomorrow, we need to be intelligent enough to see the truth.

The Finance Ministry is oblivious to the statements made by Nur Jazlan and Ambrin Buang. We must not make the same mistake.

What really annoy us is the fact that the Finance Minister II seems to be bending himself backwards to disregard the alleged USD700 million money transfer when the auditor general report’s scope is completely on another matter altogether.

All this will only make him lose credibility and make himself look even more stupid. Remember this quote of the day:

“The law says those who cover-up, hide evidence of crime would be considered as accessory to the crime. They would be aiding and abetting the criminal. They too should be charged, tried and sentenced.”

Remember, some people have lost credibility and their jobs trying to defend 1MDB and the things associated with it.

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1MDB and the shifting of goalposts

There were many instances when 1MDB and the people involved in it were caught shifting the goalpost. When people argued on a particular issue, their immediate response is to argue on a different issue to defend the original matter which was brought up.

This can be seen when Wall Street Journal showed an alleged evidence that billions of ringgit were credited into the Prime Minister’s private accounts, the immediate response to it is, “the PM have never taken 1MDB fund for personal gain“, instead of issuing a more doubt removal reply of “the PM did not receive such money”.

The early signs of trouble within 1MDB can be traced when it requested a second extension to a loan repayment deadline in early 2014. Imagine a company that could not repay loans in the billions on time. This had caused some noise in the banking system.

The people had been writing about it and raised concerns. But the concerns were not heeded. The more prominent opposition members and a few bloggers had been telling the government for months that there is something seriously wrong with how 1MDB operates. Some even highlighted the problems since 2012.

In late 2014, Tun Dr Mahathir began to write a note of concern on 1MDB in his blog.

Yet for the whole of 2014, the government was saying there is nothing wrong with that company; despite the changing of CEOs, the resignation of directors, the change of auditors, the inability to pay loans on time and the acute cashflow problems.

1MDB even had the audacity to seek another extension back in January 2015, and yet nobody in the government bat an eyelid. In February, the CEO of 1MDB began to reassure the public that there is some cash in their bank statements. But matters went up to a whole new level when it was discovered that the MOF had given 1MDB RM950 million of standby credit to alleviate its financial burden.

The goalpost moved again when in May it was discovered that there weren’t any cash as stated in February, but it was actually paper assets. The poor reporting by 1MDB and MOF about its own cash assets had caused the public to question the government in anger.

In the end, the paper assets were classified as units. What exactly are these units, nobody could answer till now, not even 1MDB.

In May, the whole of Malaysia really began to know the existence of 1MDB when it was exposed that Tabung Haji had bought a land from 1MDB at a price hundreds of times more than 1MDB originally had paid for it.

The furore it caused had received a knee-jerk reaction from the top advisor of 1MDB when he ordered Tabung Haji to resell the land immediately. Tabung Haji’s chairman proudly claimed that they can sell the land within a few week’s time to a ready buyer with an astronomical profit of RM5 million.

But until July, the land has yet to be sold.

1MDB began to be bombarded with all sorts of questions regarding its business model. The apparent lack of governance in its business venture, the sheer inability in servicing their loans, the net loss of approximately RM665 million in their financial year 2014 accounts, and the total absence of common sense in piling up massive debts to buy assets which ultimately had to be paid by selling off those same assets.

In the end, MOF announced debt rationalisation plan for 1MDB which made the public even more confused. 

When investigations kickstarted a few months earlier, 1MDB made a promise that they have been cooperating and had given documents to the authorities but recently when the PAC and the auditor general revealed that 1MDB had not been submitting crucial documents, 1MDB could only defend themselves by saying that they will continue cooperating with the auditors.

Never mind the fact that they had wasted a lot of other people’s time.

The public had a shock of their lives when Wall Street Journal began a series of expose into the Prime Minister’s private accounts. If whistleblowers had not exposed these shenanigans, the public would not have known about it. Transparency was not the order of the day. The government only talked about its virtues when matters were made public.

To digress, in the old days, whistleblowers brought forward confidential information to the media in order to expose any wrongdoing so that when it is made public, the government must order an investigation and there will be no cover ups.

The media will protect the identity of the whistleblowers and stand by the stories they publish by staking their reputation, credibility and liability to prove the authenticity of the information they have obtained.

If at anytime the media feel that the information is suspect, they will not publish them as their credibility will be in ruins. Revealing who the whistleblower is will not make the expose any more credible, otherwise nobody will come out to give any information. And no wrongdoings will ever be made public.

The Watergate scandal was an example where the whistleblowers were not revealed until decades later.

Back to the issue at hand, some of the media in Malaysia seems to be in total opposite of what journalism should be doing when it comes to 1MDB.

For instance, when the wife of the Prime Minister was revealed to allegedly have millions of ringgit in her private accounts, some members of the media began to question the documents exposed. Some even went on a wild goose chase of showing the public that the IC number could be wrong or there is no way the account would have been opened in 1984 as the bank did not exist at that time.

WSJ-NAJIBThe issue was laid to rest when her lawyers themselves admitted that the account belongs to her.

Same goes to the issue of the Prime Minister’s private accounts. Instead of trying to figure out the truth, the media went on a rampage of trying to discredit whether the Prime Minister’s accounts did exist.

In the end, after such useless acts of defending the indefensible, the Attorney General himself confirmed what Wall Street Journal had been stating, that the accounts did exist.

People should not fall prey to the shifting of goalposts. Every statement made must be dissected and read between the lines.

Thank you and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin.

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Adakah Perdana Menteri mengubah fokus siasatan?

TERKINI (5:55pm):

Kenyataan muktahir dari Peguam Negara telah menunjukkan bahawa Perdana Menteri sememangnya mempunyai akaun-akaun bank peribadi di dalam AmBank.

On 8 July 2015 at 9.40am, the Special Task Force investigating the allegations of funds transmitted to the accounts of the Prime Minister raided the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) office at Menara IMC in Kuala Lumpur. The search of the premises was completed at 6.45 pm.
The Attorney General, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, informed that the Special Task Force team obtained the materials required for its investigation including the minutes of meetings of the 1MDB Board of Directors, the Minute Book, bank statements and other bank details, reconciliation statements, ledger books, agreements of business and investment dealings, and files on 1MDB’s corporate social responsibility activities. The team also seized several notebook computers.
Regarding the freeze orders issued on 6 July 2015 against six bank accounts,  no bank accounts at AmBank Islamic held by the Prime Minister on that date were frozen because the bank accounts had already been closed on 30 August 2013 and 9 March 2015 respectively. The Special Task Force has obtained bank documents related to these accounts.
The Attorney General emphasized that all investigation documents received by the Attorney General are provided by the Special Task Force. Therefore, there is no issue of the Attorney General using documents published in the Wall Street Journal or elsewhere.
Artikel asal (3.55pm) ———————————

Pada hari Sabtu yang lepas kita telah digemparkan dengan berita bahawa satu pasukan penyiasat telah diarah oleh Peguam Negara untuk menyiasat dakwaan penyaluran dana ke akaun milik YAB Perdana Menteri. Ini berikutan laporan artikel dari Wall Street Journal sehari sebelumnya.


Kenyataan media dari Peguam Negara

Rakyat semua faham intipati siasatan tersebut kerana Wall Street Journal telah mengatakan bahawa sejumlah wang telah dimasukkan ke dalam akaun peribadi milik Perdana Menteri. Wall Street Journal tidak pernah mengatakan bagaimana Perdana Menteri telah menggunakan wang tersebut ataupun telah menyalahgunakannya.

Siasatan Peguam Negara juga menjerumus kepada samada wang tersebut ada disalurkan.

Akan tetapi, setelah beberapa hari, rakyat di sajikan dengan kenyataan Perdana Menteri yang tidak menafikan bahawa ada sejumlah wang telah disalurkan, malah beliau menafikan perkara yang berlainan.

Kenyataan Perdana Menteri adalah seperti berikut: 

1. Saya telah mengarahkan pihak peguam saya menghantar surat kepada Wall Street Journal hari ini bagi meminta pengesahan mengenai laporan surat akhbar tersebut sebelum mengambil tindakan undang-undang (surat tuntutan).

2. Sebagaimana arahan saya, surat peguam tersebut meminta Wall Street Journal mengesahkan pendirian akhbar tersebut berikutan laporan yang telah dibuat menuduh saya menyalahgunakan dana USD700 juta milik 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

3. Peguam saya akan mengambil tindakan selanjutnya selepas mendapat pengesahan dari akhbar tersebut.

4. Siasatan sedang dilakukan oleh Pasukan Petugas Khas untuk menentukan sama ada tuduhan yang dibuat oleh Wall Street Journal bahawa saya telah mengambil dana 1 MDB untuk kepentingan diri sendiri berasas atau tidak. Siasatan mesti mengambil kira kesahihan dokumen yang telah disiarkan bagi menyokong tindakan akhbar tersebut.

5. Meskipun begitu, saya ingin menegaskan sekali lagi bahawa saya tidak pernah mengambil dana 1MDB untuk kepentingan diri sendiri. Tuduhan Wall Street Journal merupakan satu niat jahat yang didokong dan disokong oleh pihak tertentu dalam negara yang bertujuan memaksa saya melepaskan jawatan Perdana Menteri dan Presiden Umno.

Kenyataan di atas telah memperkuatkan lagi tanggapan bahawa wang tersebut sememangnya sudah disalurkan ke dalam akaun beliau, akan tetapi wang tersebut tidak pernah disalah gunakan.

Dan siasatan Pasukan Petugas Khas akan menentukan sama ada tuduhan yang dibuat oleh Wall Street Journal bahawa terdapat wang telah disalurkan dan bukannya menyiasat samada dana 1MDB untuk kepentingan diri sendiri adalah betul atau tidak.

Seperti Peguam Negara sebut di dalam kenyataan beliau di atas, penyiasat cuma akan menyiasat samada terdapat penyaluran wang di dalam akaun Perdana Menteri.

Perdana Menteri secara langsungnya mengatakan bahawa beliau tidak menyalah gunakan wang tersebut dan secara tidak langsung mengiakan kewujudan penyaluran wang ke dalam akaun beliau.

Orang ramai yang membaca kenyataan Perdana Menteri di atas berasa amat pelik. Ini boleh dibaca di laman laman sosial sejurus selepas kenyataan di atas dimuat naik ke dalam blog Perdana Menteri.

Mengapa Perdana Menteri tidak menafikan kewujudan wang tersebut? Mengapa tidak terus berkata: “Saya tidak menerima sebarang wang.” Noktah.

Tindakan Perdana Menteri menafikan perkara yang berlainan juga mendapat perhatian Timbalan Presiden PAS di mana ia mengundang lebih banyak pertanyaan.

Oleh itu, sebarang penafian bahawa WSJ sudah menyiarkan dokumen palsu dan penafian bahawa tidak mungkin Perdana Menteri menerima wang ke dalam akaun peribadinya adalah tidak betul! Dan nampaknya ini diakui oleh Perdana Menteri sendiri.



Amat malang sekali apabila kenyataan Perdana Menteri tidak menenangkan sebarang syak wasangka dari masyarakat. Malah, menimbulkan lagi banyak persoalan.

Soalan sebenar, adakah betul Perdana Menteri menerima sejumlah wang yang banyak di dalam akaun peribadi beliau seperti yang di dakwa oleh WSJ? Ya atau tidak.


Did Najib’s lawyers send the most pathetic legal letter to WSJ?

We came across this news from an unverified source. But for the sake of entertainment, let’s just humour this piece of news and see what it entails.

It seems that the Prime Minister last night had instructed his lawyers to send a letter of demand to Wall Street Journal.

But it was preceded by a press release by the lawyers which basically detailing out the difficulty of this legal matter. They ironed out a couple of problems before they will decide what kind of action they will take.

What this means, the press release is begging the public to understand that this matter takes time, and the exercise could possibly be a waste of time. Political-wise, they just want to buy some time for their client. To show that some action is being taken, despite some allegations that their client do not have the courage to actually do anything.

Below is the press release:


A Wall street Journal had published an article dated 3rd July 2015, implicating our client Datuk Seri Najib. Immediately, our client had instructed us, Messrs Hafarizam Wan & Aisha Mubarak, to scrutinize the said article. The article is tainted with numerous allegations against our client which involved several companies and transactions.

Combing through the said article, we have concluded that the language is intentionally or otherwise has made reference to several facts and companies which are vaguely described. Reference is made to the said article wherein it has been stated that our client had been directly probed into 1MDB, however contents of the article refers to indirect transactions where our client has been implicated with 1MDB-linked companies. A clear contradiction which requires further clarification.

This article by WSJ was issued, published and circulated through WSJ web portal . Firstly, we have been instructed to identify the parties involved in the authorship, distribution and publishing, for the purpose of naming the appropriate parties in any potential actions which requires deliberation and research as the article does not reflect extensive details for service of any legal letter or court documents.

Secondly, another issue of concern is, jurisdictional issues of which the publication originates from United States of America and accessible worldwide. We have been also instructed that a local presence of WSJ is also available and we are pursuing further clarification and details on this matter.

Since the article involves several parties, we have also been instructed to consider a joint action or an action against, in the event evidence shows a conspiracy against our client. Kindly note that the companies named as conspirators with our client, in the article are; International Petroleum Investment Co, Tanore Finance Corp, SRC International Sdn. Bhd, and Ihsan Perdana Sdn. Bhd.

They actually want to know if WSJ is saying that IPIC, Tanore, SRC and Ihsan Perdana are conspiring against Najib Razak. Well, if money went through those companies’ accounts before it end up in the PM’s bank accounts, then will the lawyers sue those companies? Maybe they should just personally ask those companies since the PM are friends with the people in those companies! Mind-boggling.

Several names of companies or organizations had only been referred to as the related companies or companies belonging to certain organizations or companies, and also the sources or destinations or the alleged transactions has not been disclosedThis in itself either intentionally or otherwise has caused further identification of facts been required.

Once we have identified the parties, the jurisdiction, and the involvement of conspirators or are they merely parties which also had been innocently imputed in the article, we can then proceed to address the third issue.

Can’t the lawyers just ask those companies if they really conspired against the PM? This press release is getting ridiculous. By the way, in the actual letter to WSJ below, the lawyers did not even ask WSJ about this. Maybe they forgot to put it in.

The third issue is to tackle all possible or plausible legal remedies of which our client shall be given advise on an action of defamation, further tortuous actions and remedies including any statutory violations by WSJ and related companies and (if any) conspirers.

This is not a straightforward legal action due to the national and international imputations. We have been instructed to identify facts and lay full facts, before our client, is able to proceed with further instructions.

The purpose of clear explanation is to avoid unnecessary objections by WSJ on the imputations that are made. Once our client has obtained all necessary facts and the position of WSJ is ascertained, we have strict instructions to immediately exhaust legal avenues and remedies.

Yours faithfully,



We are actually amazed that the lawyers would even issue such press release. It really reflects on their incompetency of the whole matter. But of course, incompetency breeds more incompetencies as the letter of demand below shows:

The letter from Najib’s lawyers to Wall Street Journal:



We act for the Right Honourable Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, in his personal capacity.

We refer to the Articles dated 2nd July 2015 and 6th July 2015 in your Wall Street Journal which, we state, contains a plethora of convoluted, scurrilous and vague allegations against our client.

What exactly are vague allegations? Is it an allegation or not? Would it be the same with a little bit pregnant but not pregnant? An allegation is an allegation. You cannot sue someone with a vague allegation. How could a vague allegation be scurrilous?

In the circumstances, we are instructed by our Client to seek confirmation as to whether it is your position as taken in the Articles that our Client misappropriated nearly USD 700 million from 1Malaysia Development Berhad?

Now they want WSJ to confirm if the USD700 million was misappropriated by Najib Razak. WSJ can just easily tell them to just ask their Client since the money was banked in into his account. The WSJ article did state that money was channeled into his bank accounts but they do not know what happened to it, or how it was used. It’s laughable to ask for confirmation because it shows that the lawyers did not read those articles thoroughly. 

We are instructed to procure your position because the Articles collectively suggest that you are unsure of “the original source of the money and what happened to the money” whilst on the other hand, the general gist of the Articles create a clear impression that our Client has misappropriated about USD 700 million belonging to 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

Precisely as their article had said, that WSJ is unsure as to where the money came from and what happened to it. We can predict what WSJ would have replied regarding their position; that they have sighted the documents and that huge sums of money have been transferred into the PM’s personal bank accounts (which the PM never denied). The lawyers just wanted WSJ to confirm and say that Najib had swindled the money, which WSJ definitely will reply – “Go ask your client if indeed he misappropriated it, the money wasn’t transferred into our accounts!”. The lawyers really do not have anything more concrete than this to go by.

In the circumstance and in the interests of our Client, we would expect a Newspaper of your international standing and reputation to state unequivocally and with clarity as to whether it is your contention that our Client misappropriated about USD 700 million belonging to 1Malaysia Development Berhad. You will no doubt appreciate the seriousness of the allegations made against our Client in the said Articles and this confirmation is sought to enable us to advise our Client on the appropriate legal recourse he can take to seek redress in relation to the publication of these Articles.

Why should WSJ state anything other than what they had published in their articles? Only when WSJ chose to state that yes, Najib misappropriated the money, they will take legal action.

Maybe the lawyers need to discern that the allegations WSJ made is – nearly USD700 million was pumped in into Najib Razak’s accounts. That is all. The most ironic thing  is, the lawyers did not demand WSJ to explain this, because by now all sundry know that the PM never deny that the money was definitely in his accounts.

We demand a reply within fourteen (14) days of the date hereof and please let us know whether you have appointed solicitors in Malaysia to accept service of legal proceedings on your behalf and on behalf of the reporters who wrote the Articles in the event that legal proceeding become necessary.

Basically the lawyers demand WSJ to confess something they never alleged so that Najib Razak can show the world he is doing something. This letter is a farce, made by a farcical team of lawyers who could only concoct a lousy, pathetic letter just to get some laughs from the whole world. WSJ does not even have to reply, because Najib’s lawyers really have nothing to sue them about. 

We hereby reserve all our Client’s rights in this matter.

If this is the gold standard in the administration, no wonder there is not much hope for an intelligent leadership. Please tell us this letter wasn’t actually sent to WSJ. It will really be embarrassing for the country if it did. Thank you.




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Did Petrosaudi swindle 1MDB and steal our money?

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Why the public do not believe the Prime Minister’s denial


Should have resigned from his Finance portfolio few months ago. Now he has to take leave from all his posts.

In the previous article we have shown why people are finding it hard to believe the Prime Minister. Too many flip flopping and lies he made in the past proved that the trust deficit is already as huge and as deep as the Grand Canyon.

This can all be seen in the response he received in his Facebook page.

In the morning of previous Friday, Wall Street Journal published an explosive story detailing how huge sums of money had been transferred into the personal account of the Prime Minister via multi level transactions. The money originated from 1MDB or to be precise, money from debts issued.

Only on late Friday night the Prime Minister issued a denial which most people believe are actually not denying anything, but just an attempt to divert the issue altogether.

He said:

“In recent months, various allegations – all unsubstantiated, and many simply outrageous – have been directed against me and my family.‎ These attacks began when I refused to implement Tun Mahathir’s personal demands. I refused, because I do not believe it is right for Malaysia to be ruled by proxy.

If his personal demands are only regarding the crooked bridge (you stated this in your TV interview back in April) which you yourself promised to build back in 2009, then the rakyat will only be too happy if you had really built the bridge which will signify our sovereign right to build whatever we want to within our own territory. Rule by proxy doesn’t come to play. This is just a red herring. Furthermore, the various allegations did not arise only in recent months, it has been around for years – 1MDB wrongdoings, PM’s wealth, stupid policies etc., did not start by Tun Dr Mahathir.

Tun then created a crisis when he recklessly claimed that RM42 billion was missing from 1MDB, when in fact these are audited debts backed by RM51 billion audited assets.

The crisis was actually created by you when 1MDB failed to meet its debt obligations without the help of outsiders and public money. Last year 1MDB even asked for few extensions on the debt repayment deadline. If that is not a sure indication of a troubled company, then surely the lovers of 1MDB are living in a deluded fantasy world. Plus, if the RM51 billion assets were acquired by the RM42 billion loans and currently in order to pay those loans, 1MDB now had to sell those RM51 billion assets back, it is safe to say that 1MDB business model is just reckless and stupid. 

The latest allegation is that I have taken state-linked funds for personal gain. I believe Tun, working hand in glove with foreign nationals, including the now discredited political attack blog Sarawak Report, is behind this latest lie.

In the first paragraph you lamented the fact that all allegations are unsubstantiated, yet without any qualms you accused (without any proof) that Tun Dr Mahathir is working with foreigners. A picture of Tun with Clare Rewcastle does not constitute a proof. When Tun Mahathir met Mahfuz Omar early this year, it does not mean he is working with PAS now. Tun is a statesman, not a politician. He meets whoever requested to meet him. Moreover, WSJ did not allege you have taken the money for personal gain. It just said the money flowed into your personal bank account. What you did with the money is unclear. It was your own PMO who initially stated “the prime minister has not taken any funds for personal use”. What you should have said is to deny money ever credited into those personal bank accounts. What you used it for; for personal gain or otherwise is a moot point. 

Let me be very clear: I have never taken funds for personal gain as alleged by my political opponents – whether from 1MDB, SRC International or other entities, as these companies have confirmed.

You reinforced the public’s perception that funds were never used for personal gain. But there could be funds indeed. You did not deny this.

It is now clear that false allegations such as these are part of a concerted campaign of political sabotage to topple a democratically elected Prime Minister.

It does not clear anything. In fact, a democratically elected Prime Minister is not immune to criticisms and questions by the people, to think otherwise is clearly a pompous and arrogant remark coming from you. It is also hypocritical. Hypocritical because it was you who led the rebellion to topple the previous democratically elected Prime Minister. Or at least, you gained the most benefit out of it.

At no point have those making these allegations offered any evidence. All we have heard is that these allegations are based on leaked documents and unnamed investigators. Not once has the source of these documents ever been shown, neither have the documents themselves been provided for verification by lawful authorities.

With the admission from the Attorney General that he too had sighted the documents mentioned by WSJ, the public can then conclude that the evidence really do exist. The AG did not expose WSJ as liars (which would be logical if the whole allegations were untrue), but proceeded to set up a task force to investigate it further.

As we now know, a number of the documents on which recent allegations have been based were reportedly doctored. The person who was leaking these documents is under investigation by authorities overseas for attempting to extort and blackmail his former employer. This says a lot about the reliability of the documents, and those who are using them to damage our government and our country.

This is another red herring. The documents did not come from Sarawak Report, it came from a government probe. Justo did not give the documents to the AG. It was the investigators in a government probe who had found them and gave it to the AG. The documents are reliable enough for the AG to start investigations, instead of issuing statement to debunk WSJ. Justo had nothing to do with this exposé. The PM now is grasping at straws over unrelated issue.

Those who continue to mount these attacks should be prepared to face the consequences of their actions. These gutter tactics – in some cases criminal tactics – to overthrow the government will fail. Where appropriate, they will be met with the full force of the law.

Another blatant arrogance by the PM, issuing statements befitting a dictator. Instead of facing the public’s criticisms and questions, he is now threatening them with government apparatus. He did not realise that it is him who are verging on criminality.

It’s a shame that these false attacks motivated by self interest come at a time of unique opportunity for Malaysia – with our Chairmanship of ASEAN this year, and the prize of developed nation status around the corner. I will stay focused on the work of nation building for the people.”

Unrelated gibberish to the matter at hand. Note that not once the PM has mentioned WSJ in this press release.

All the above had shown that the Prime Minister have not taken any real step to allay the people suspicions over what has been reported by WSJ. The people preparing the press release above should have done a better job. But they have the IQ of a wombat.

In fact, in his press conference made right before a break fasting even yesterday, the befuddled PM even made absurd steps in trying to project himself as innocent. First, relying on Haron Din’s word as the truth that WSJ could be wrong. The PM is so desperate that even Haron Din has become the authority in what is the truth and what is not.

And secondly, cryptically saying that if he was a thief, he wouldn’t steal the money and parked it locally. This freudian slip is normal when people are backed against the wall with nothing to show but trying to give a clever wordplay.

And still the press conference did not bring any confidence to the people. In fact his dithering and floundering action to sue or not to sue WSJ compounded the matter even more.

Only time will tell on his fate. He could have resigned gracefully and respectfully last May. But now he is following closely the playbook of Ferdinand Marcos, the Filipino president renowned for kleptocracy.  If that happens, it would be really sad.

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Liar, liar pants on fire. They lied to save 1MDB


“We won’t be using people’s money to bailout 1MDB”

Everytime a politician, a minister or any Tom, Dick and Harry tried to defend 1MDB, they will lose credibility.

Take for example what the Prime Minister said yesterday when he defended Tabing Haji’s land purchase from 1MDB:

Najib, who is also 1MDB’s advisory board chairman, reiterated today that the land purchase was not a bailout.

“Surely we won’t be using the people’s money to bailout 1MDB.

“That is not a responsible government,” he said.

This is the ‘responsible’ government that had given RM950,000,000 of rakyat’s money to 1MDB back in March 2015 under the pretext of ‘standby credit’.

Nine hundred and fifty million ringgit of our money just to save a company which had stupidly acquired massive loans unnecessarily?

But the Prime Minister, without any guilt or hindsight had simply blurted out, “we won’t be using people’s money to bailout 1MDB”. He added ‘surely’ in the beginning of his sentence in case we do not believe him.

And since it is proven that indeed the government had bailed out 1MDB, it is now without any doubt the government under his administration is truly irresponsible. Can you believe a liar? Who had lied in parliament, and now in front of the media and bloggers in a buka puasa event?

The audacity of it all, the ability to lie to an audience with a straight face is a skill nobody can easily adapt.

Perhaps a better script management should be set in place.


Losing more and more credibility and integrity

Another politician who often times give misrepresentation of facts is the Finance Minister II.

When trying to defend 1MDB, he grabbed at straws and pinned all 1MDB’s woes to the arrest of one Xavier Justo.

Ahmad Husni said the arrest of former PetroSaudi International Ltd (PSI) executive, Xavier Justo, in Thailand recently has much impact to the 1MDB issue.

“Before this, 1MDB was seen as a ‘fragile’ company, involved in scandals and faced various ‘online’ accusations.

“With the arrest of Justo, and based on what he said, it is clear that the various issues concerning 1MDB did not arise and that it is on the right track,” he said when winding-up debate on the 11th Malaysia Plan at the Dewan Negara here Monday.

Basically, it seems that 1MDB is a healthy company and moving along well. Nevermind that it had raked RM665 million in losses with burgeoning debt of RM42 billion!

An article by one Khairie Hisyam says it all. Excerpt:

And now Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah has claimed that because Justo is now in custody, 1MDB’s problems do not exist.

“Before this, 1MDB was seen as a ‘fragile’ company, involved in scandals and faced various ‘online’ accusations,” said Husni in Parliament today. “With the arrest of Justo, and based on what he said, it is clear that the various issues concerning 1MDB did not arise and that it is on the right track.”

But the logic is flawed and incomplete. Do we know what documents were allegedly tampered and how many? What do the originals look like? What information could have been changed by Justo to create a scandalous picture out of nothing, if Husni and his people are to be believed?

Then again maybe the minister has forgotten that 1MDB’s woes exist long before Justo’s leaked documents came to public awareness, tampered or otherwise.

From perusing 1MDB’s annual accounts lodged with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) alone, the discerning public would have noticed that 1MDB has never made real profit throughout its existence. Its claim to annual profit in four out of five full financial years so far had been entirely due to paper gains (see chart).


Comparison on types of profit

As a quick aside, in FY10 1MDB booked RM651.8 million in paper profit when it converted its 40% stake in a short-lived joint venture with Petrosaudi International into a loan to the latter. Then in FY11 through to FY14 the company booked revaluation gains on property it originally acquired at cheap prices from the government.

In other words, 1MDB had been bleeding since it was born, hiding these losses with paper profits. The company was shown up in the 2014 financial year ended March 31, 2014 (FY14) when its paper gains were no longer enough to paper over its cash bleed.

This is simply unsustainable. Clearly 1MDB had been speeding down the highway to ruin. So how is 1MDB on the right track, dear minister?

Unless, of course, by “right track” the good minister had meant something else entirely: borrow billions to pay inflated prices for power assets and invest the rest in dodgy schemes, losing money in the process, only to turn around and sell those assets and investments to pay the billions of debt in the first place.

Read the rest of his opinion here.

Please do not lie to the public. Salam Ramadhan everyone and have a good weekend.

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Penyelewengan ketara 1MDB

Di dalam tahun 2009, 1MDB telah mendapat RM5 billion hutang jangkamasa panjang yang dijamin oleh Kerajaan. Apakah yang dilakukan oleh 1MDB apabila mendapat wang tersebut?

Kita telah berbincang secara ringkas di dalam artikel yang lepas bagaimana 1MDB telah memberi berbillion billion wang tunai kepada syarikat usahasama mereka dengan PetroSaudi:

1MDB sendiri mengaku bahawa wang tunai USD1 billion yang dilaburkan oleh mereka pada tahun 2009 di dalam syarikat usahasama mereka dengan Petrosaudi telahpun ditukarkan menjadi pinjaman kepada syarikat tersebut di dalam tahun 2010.

Sepanjang tahun 2010 dan 2011, 1MDB telah melabur lagi sebanyak USD830 juta ke dalam syarikat tersebut (dan digantikan sebagai pinjaman) walaupun usahasama telah ditamatkan di dalam bulan Mac 2010. Walhal, 1MDB bukanlah dicipta dan diberi mandat untuk memberi pinjaman kepada syarikat asing.

Kertas pinjaman (bukan wang tunai) tersebut yang sepatutnya bernilai USD1.83 billion (USD1 billion + USD830 juta) kemudiannya ditukar pula menjadi sijil saham di dalam anak syarikat Petrosaudi yang lain pada 1 Jun, 2012.

Hanya selang empat bulan kemudian iaitu pada 12 September 2012 1MDB menjual pula sijil saham tersebut tetapi 1MDB tidak mendapat balik wang tunai bahkan sijil saham tersebut telah ditukar menjadi ‘unit-unit pelaburan’ di dalam bentuk yang tidak diketahui dan unit tersebut yang dinilai semula menjadi USD2.318 billion telah disimpan di dalam satu lagi anak syarikat 1MDB yang baru ditubuhkan bernama Brazen Sky.

Wang 1MDB melompat lompat dari satu syarikat ke satu syarikat di dalam jangkamasa yang sekejap, di dalam pelbagai bentuk, dan akhirnya bertukar menjadi ‘unit’.

Apabila kita bertanya mengapa kita hanya mendapat unit dan bukan wang tunai, 1MDB menemplak para penyoal dengan mengatakan jawapan sudah diberi berulangkali. Yang hanya diberi adalah jawapan bagaimana wang USD1.83 billion telah bertukar menjadi unit sebanyak USD2.318 billion.

Itu semua sudah tahu. Yang kita mahu tahu ialah, mengapa 1MDB begitu bodoh memberi wang tunai, yang telah digunakan sesuka hati oleh syarikat arab tersebut dan sebagai ganti, kita mendapat unit sahaja? Mana perginya wang asal USD1.83 billion tersebut?

Hakikatnya, wang dari hutang RM5 billion telah diberi kepada orang lain. Bagaimanapun, hutang asal tetap perlu dibayar oleh 1MDB.

Apakah jawapan kerajaan kepada persoalan di atas?

Mereka masih tidak dapat menjawab dengan jujur.

Jawapan terbaik yang diberi oleh mereka adalah seperti berikut:

Malaysiakini reported ministry as also saying that 1MDB withdrew its US$2.318 billion  offshore savings in the Cayman Islands in two tranches, the first of which was used to repay debts.

“The first tranche of US$1.215 billion has already been used to pay back loan interest, working capital, and other scheduled commitments.

Terjemahan: Kementerian kewangan berkata 1MDB telah mengeluarkan USD2.318 billion dari Cayman Islands di dalam dua kumpulan, yang pertama digunakan untuk membayar semula hutang.

“Kumpulan pertama sebanyak USD1.215 billion telahpun diguna pakai untuk membayar balik bunga pinjaman, modal kerja dan komitmen berjadual yang lain.”

Bila kita tanya apa jadi dan mana pergi dengan wang itu, mereka menjawab: “Oh, kita sudah pun mendapat balik wang tersebut.”

Oleh itu, kita boleh menyimpulkan bahawa 1MDB telah membuat pinjaman dalam tahun 2009 sebanyak RM5 billion, kemudian telah memberi pak arab duit tersebut dan beberapa tahun kemudian, menggunakan unit-unit tersebut untuk membayar hutang?

Pi mai pi mai tang tu.

Back to square one.

Ini saja jawapan yang mereka boleh bagi untuk melindungi penyelewengan yang berlaku. Adakah mereka yang menjawab bagi pihak 1MDB ini sudah buta hingga tidak dapat melihat betapa dangkalnya jawapan mereka?

Perlu diingatkan bahawa mandat syarikat usahasama 1MDB tersebut seperti yang tertera di dalam laporan audit tahun 2010 mereka adalah:

“Entering into and participating in businesses and economic opportunities within and outside Malaysia with the objective of enhancing and promoting the economic development of Malaysia.”

Terjemahan: “memasuki dan mengambil bahagian di dalam perniagaan dan peluang ekonomi di dalam dan di luar Malaysia dengan objektif meningkatkan dan menggalakkan pembangunan ekonomi di Malaysia.”

Pembangunan apakah yang telah dibangunkan oleh syarikat usahasama tersebut? Berapa banyak lapangan terbang atau lebuhraya atau sekolah atau hospital yang mereka telah bina dengan wang sebanyak USD1.83 billion tersebut?

Tidak ada.

Apa guna membuat hutang, kemudian memasuki segala macam transaksi dengan pelbagai syarikat yang kita tidak tahu asal usulnya semata mata untuk membayar semula hutang?

Yang untung cuma syarikat-syarikat arab tersebut dan para broker dan bank.

Yang ruginya siapa? Rakyat Malaysia juga kerana wang tersebut sepatutnya boleh digunakan untuk perkara perkara yang lebih berfaedah. Ianya juga merupakan transaksi yang membuang masa kita semua.

Daripada 1MDB memberi berbillion billion ringgit duit pinjaman kepada syarikat asing yang mencurigakan, alangkah baiknya jika wang tersebut dilaburkan di dalam negara kita sendiri.


Janganlah kita bersorak gembira melindungi penyelewengan. (Gambar Hiasan)

Kalau ini bukan dipanggil menyeleweng wang yang dijamin oleh kerajaan maka kita tidak tahu ianya hendak dipanggil apa lagi. Hanya yang bekerja keras melindungi penyelewengan ini yang akan kelam kabut melolong sambil menegakkan benang yang basah.

Lagi lagi pula kita tidak mengetahui jika betul unit unit tersebut sudah dikembalikan kerana untuk tahun kewangan berakhir 2015, akaun 1MDB masih belum diaudit lagi.

Adakah betul unit unit tersebut telah digantikan dengan wang tunai? Membawa pulang wang sejumlah begitu besar pasti mendapat perhatian di dalam sistem perbankan negara.

Maka tamatlah kisah duit hutang kita yang lesap. Apakah yang telah dibuat oleh syarikat syarikat arab tersebut dengan duit rakyat Malaysia? Bak kata Tun Dr Mahathir, “we really don’t know where it is”.

Amat malang apabila orang Malaysia telah ditipu bulat bulat oleh kuncu kuncu para pemimpin kita.

Jika Datuk Sri Husni Hanadzlah, jurucakap rasmi kerajaan mengenai isu 1MDB pun tidak boleh menerangkan kepada kita semua apakah sebenarnya ‘unit’ tersebut, masakan orang lain boleh menerangkan kepada kita dengan tepat dan jujur?

Kita rakyat Malaysia harus berhati hati setiap kali 1MDB menjawab sebarang jawapan. Mereka di dalam kedudukan hanya untuk menyelamatkan diri sendiri dan sejarah mendapati setiap jawapan yang diberi hanyalah dipenuhi retorik, kabur atau melencong sama sekali.

Untuk mendapat maklumat lebih lanjut mengenai asal usul 1MDB dan unit unit tersebut, boleh lah baca artikel dari blog Pure Shiite bertajuk “Soalan soalan yang harus dijawab oleh Arul Kanda sebelum masuk ke dalam bilik PAC”.

Sekian terima kasih.

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Received this message by a very esteemed reader. We are touched by the Allen Ginsberg's quote. Thank you.

Received this message by a very esteemed reader. We are touched by the Allen Ginsberg’s quote. Thank you.

#1mdb, #malaysian-corporate-matters

Bekerja keras melindungi penyelewengan 1MDB


Sudah beberapa hari nampaknya berlegar-legar kaki penipu di dalam media sosial yang mengatakan bahawa wang di dalam usahasama 1MDB dan Petrosaudi tidak lesap. Para penipu ini tanpa segan silu memaparkan kejahilan mereka kepada semua rakyat Malaysia apabila tidak memahami isu dan fakta yang sebenar.

Apa yang hanya mereka tahu adalah, kedudukan Perdana Menteri dan reputasi 1MDB harus diselamatkan demi menjaga periuk nasi mereka sendiri.

Ada banyak pesanan ringkas yang disebarkan di dalam Whats App. Antara yang disebarkan kepada orang ramai adalah:

“Dalam usahasama 1MDB – Petrosaudi, TIADA WANG YANG LESAP. Jika sebanyak USD1.83 bilion dilaburkan dan sebanyak USD 2.318 bilion dikembalikan, ia bukan dipanggil LESAP, tetapi bertambah. “LESAP” ini hanya khayalan dan ilusi Tun Dr Mahathir, pemimpin-pemimpin pembangkang dan juak-juak mereka.”

Kita tertawa mendengar celoteh mereka yang dangkal ini. Sedangkan 1MDB sendiri mengaku bahawa wang tunai USD1 billion yang dilaburkan oleh mereka pada tahun 2009 di dalam syarikat usahasama mereka dengan Petrosaudi telahpun ditukarkan menjadi pinjaman kepada syarikat tersebut di dalam tahun 2010.

Sepanjang tahun 2010 dan 2011, 1MDB telah melabur lagi sebanyak USD830 juta ke dalam syarikat tersebut (dan digantikan sebagai pinjaman) walaupun usahasama telah ditamatkan di dalam bulan Mac 2010. Walhal, 1MDB bukanlah dicipta dan diberi mandat untuk memberi pinjaman kepada syarikat asing.

Kertas pinjaman (bukan wang tunai) tersebut yang sepatutnya bernilai USD1.83 billion kemudiannya ditukar pula menjadi sijil saham di dalam anak syarikat Petrosaudi yang lain pada 1 Jun, 2012.

Hanya selang empat bulan kemudian iaitu pada 12 September 2012 1MDB menjual pula sijil saham tersebut tetapi 1MDB tidak mendapat balik wang tunai bahkan sijil saham tersebut telah ditukar menjadi ‘unit-unit pelaburan’ di dalam bentuk yang tidak diketahui dan unit tersebut yang dinilai semula menjadi USD2.318 billion telah disimpan di dalam satu lagi anak syarikat 1MDB yang baru ditubuhkan bernama Brazen Sky.

Wang 1MDB melompat lompat dari satu syarikat ke satu syarikat di dalam jangkamasa yang sekejap, di dalam pelbagai bentuk, dan akhirnya bertukar menjadi ‘unit’.

Fakta ini diakui sendiri oleh 1MDB di dalam jawapan mereka kepada Tun Dr Mahathir dua minggu lepas.

Oh ya, Brazen Sky hanyalah ditubuhkan di dalam bulan Ogos tahun 2012 di mana 1MDB memegang USD1 sebagai 100% pemegang saham. Bayangkan, satu syarikat baru yang mempunyai saham cuma USD1 diberi kepercayaan oleh 1MDB untuk mengendali unit unit kononnya sebanyak USD2.318 billion tersebut.

Apabila kita bertanya mengapa kita hanya dikembalikan unit dan bukan wang tunai, 1MDB menemplak para penyoal dengan mengatakan jawapan sudah diberi berulangkali. Yang hanya diberi adalah jawapan bagaimana wang USD1.83 billion telah bertukar menjadi unit sebanyak USD2.318 billion.

Itu semua sudah tahu. Yang kita mahu tahu ialah, mengapa 1MDB begitu bodoh memberi wang tunai, yang telah digunakan sesuka hati oleh syarikat arab tersebut dan sebagai ganti, kita mendapat unit sahaja? Mana perginya wang asal USD1.83 billion tersebut?

Unit-unit inilah yang para penipu di atas mengatakan bahawa tiada wang yang lesap. Ini semua taktik untuk mengaburi mata rakyat yang tidak arif dalam hal 1MDB sahaja. Akan tetapi bagi mereka yang tahu, dan tidak tertipu dengan dakyah tersebut, penipuan sebegini dipandang hina sama sekali.

Daripada 1MDB memberi berbillion billion ringgit duit pinjaman kepada syarikat asing yang mencurigakan, alangkah baiknya jika wang tersebut dilaburkan di dalam negara kita sendiri?

Hakikatnya, wang tunai yang dilaburkan telah lesap, dan di dalam tangan 1MDB hanyalah kertas kertas yang dipanggil unit. Menteri Kewangan II pun mengaku bahawa wang tunai yang sepatutnya menjadi hak kita rupa rupanya sudah berubah menjadi unit. Apabila ditanya apakah bendanya unit itu, beliau menjawab “units, just units” (unit, cuma unit) tanpa memberi jawapan yang lebih komprehensif dan bermakna.

Amat malang sekali apabila setiap kali 1MDB menjawap soalan, ianya tidak menumpukan kepada perkara asas yang ditanyakan. Malah, mereka memberi jawapan yang berdolak dalih dan tidak jujur.

Pada mulanya 1MDB mengatakan ianya adalah tunai, dan diperakui oleh Perdana Menteri sendiri di dalam Parlimen. Malangnya, apabila penipuan mereka diketahui, Kementerian Kewangan menukar jawapan Perdana Menteri kepada ‘units’.

Bayangkan apabila kita melabur di dalam bank sebanyak RM1,000 ringgit, dalam masa dua tahun, bank kembalikan kepada kita hanya kertas pelaburan dipanggil unit. Kita tidak boleh menukarkan unit ini menjadi wang tunai di bank bank lain atau di mana sahaja kerana nilainya tidak diakui oleh pihak pihak lain.

Sedangkan Deloitte, iaitu auditor 1MDB sendiri mencurigai kesahihan jumlah tersebut bilamana di dalam laporan audit 2014 mereka, unit unit ini telah diklasifikasikan sebagai aset kelas ketiga iaitu, kesahihan nilai aset tersebut tidak dapat ditentukan secara jitu.

Inilah masalah yang dihadapi oleh 1MDB. Mereka sudah tidak mempunyai kecairan wang.

Jika inilah tahap kepandaian para penipu tersebut maka tidak hairanlah apabila 1MDB sendiri mengalami kerugian sebanyak RM665 juta pada tahun 2014 dan jumlah hutang sebanyak RM42 billion!

Apabila guru kencing berdiri, anak murid kencing berlari. Kerugian RM665 juta bukanlah satu jumlah yang kecil.

Bayangkan sebegitu banyak kerugian yang dialami. Disertakan pula oleh jumlah hutang yang tidak mampu dibayar.

Ibarat sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga.

Ini baru jumlah kerugian di tahun 2014. Bagaimanakah agaknya kerugian dan jumlah hutang 1MDB di dalam tahun 2015? Mungkin amat dahsyat sekali. Sebab iu mereka terketar ketar melambatkan proses pengauditan oleh Deloitte. Apa pun alasan mereka, hingga kini Deloitte masih belum mengaudit akaun 1MDB untuk tahun berakhir 30 Mac 2015.

Kasihan sungguh dengan rakyat Malaysia kerana terpaksa menebalkan muka menagih simpati dari IPIC untuk membayar hutang RM975 juta pada awal bulan Jun yang lepas.

Dan sekarang pula kita disodokkan lagi dengan rayuan kepada IPIC untuk membayar hutang hutang 1MDB yang lain.

Malulah rakyat Malaysia kerana akibat kealpaan Menteri Kewangan I di dalam menerajui 1MDB, Malaysia terpaksa merayu syarikat dari Tanah Arab untuk mengampunkan hutang-hutang kita (debt forgiveness). Nampak sangat kita orang Malaysia tidak tahu berniaga.

Apa lagi bukti yang juak juak berkulit tebal ini perlukan? Apa lagi bukti yang kita rakyat Malaysia perlu tunjukkan kepada mereka bahawa 1MDB adalah satu syarikat yang telah jauh menyeleweng?

Jika betul 1MDB tidak mempunyai masalah, mengapa perlu Kementerian Kewangan memberi ‘standby credit’ kepada 1MDB sebanyak RM950 juta pada bulan Mac lepas? Mengapa juga perlu meminta bantuan dari syarikat asing untuk menyelamatkan mereka? Adakah 1MDB tidak mempunyai wang langsung?

Orang arab sudah ambil wang USD1.83 billion kita, orang Malaysia pula yang terkucar kacir ingin melindungi penyelewengan yang berlaku. Malah pemimpin Malaysia sanggup menipu rakyat Malaysia untuk menutup kebodohan sendiri. Kejujuran perlulah ada. Jika sesuatu tidak betul berlaku, amanah yang diberi mengarahkan kita untuk bersikap jujur di dalam mengaku kesilapan.

Dalam masa yang sama, mereka yang cuba melindungi penyelewengan 1MDB tidak perlulah menipu diri sendiri dengan cara memperbodohkan orang lain. Jika tidak faham rentetan wang pelaburan 1MDB di dalam Petrosaudi, jika jawatan lebih penting dari kebenaran dan masih berdegil mahu membutakan hati, maka tidak perlulah berhujah mengenai 1MDB. Nampak sangat termakan dengan khayalan dan ilusi yang dicipta sendiri.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Sila baca artikel seterusnya: “Penyelewengan 1MDB yang amat ketara”

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#1mdb, #kipidap, #malaysian-corporate-matters

The weird mental state of 1MDB bosses and the politicians

Yesterday we discussed about the reports on how TNB had bailed out 1MDB after it withdrew from the Project 3B. Instead of being penalised for wasting Energy Commission’s time, 1MDB were given millions by TNB.

Imagine, 1MDB haven’t started anything yet with the project they were awarded, canceled their involvement and then get paid for it! From now on, all companies vying for projects in Malaysia will follow this trend – Apply for projects from government, get the award letter, don’t do anything for several months, then get paid by the next idiot who takes over the project.

1MDB even had the audacity to reply Wall Street Journal with the most nonsensical and delusional answer in history.

Asset acquisitions driven by long-term view

1MDB notes a recent Wall Street Journal article suggesting that 1MDB had overpaid for the acquisition of its energy assets. As we have previously stated, we only acquire assets when we are convinced that they represent long-term value, and to suggest that any of our acquisitions were driven by political considerations is simply false.

The fact of the matter is that these claims are a repetition of old allegations that have been driven by political opponents of the Government, including the former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. They have never been substantiated nor supported by evidence, just as Tun Mahathir has never produced any evidence for his claim that RM42 billion was missing from 1MDB, because the reality is that this RM42 billion is debt backed by RM51 billion of assets.

1MDB takes a long-term view of value when entering into transactions; not just for the company, but for the country, as befits our 100% ultimate ownership by the government of Malaysia. The acquisition price we paid was based on this long-term view, as well as advice received from independent valuation advisers, and the prevailing market conditions at the time. On this basis, we believe that the value paid upon asset acquisition – which may have involved a premium in certain instances, as is common when acquiring another business – is commensurate with the existing and future potential of the assets.

It is important to note that since acquiring the first energy asset in 2012, 1MDB has built a leading international independent power producer in Southeast Asia. The portfolio currently comprises 13 power plants in five countries, along with the rights to construct further gas and solar-powered plants. Today, Edra Energy is the second largest independent power producer in Malaysia, and the largest in Egypt and Bangladesh, with additional operations in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. In total, it has gross installed capacity under management of 6,619 MW with an effective capacity of approximately 5,594 MW.Source

What good has come out of building a leading IPP when your company health is in turmoil? It’s akin to a person arrogantly claim to build a huge house but then a short while later had to dismantle the house midway in order to service the massive loan he took to build that house. Isn’t this stupid?

The arrogant and the delusional

The arrogant and the delusional

Today, what can 1MDB be proud of? The Prime Minister wanted to create mega projects of his own but had done it using sovereign debts which ultimately could not be repaid. In the end, he had to sell piece by piece the assets 1MDB acquired through loans even before anything has started in order to pay the billions of loans they took.

Most of 1MDB defenders are also clamouring on the narrative that 1MDB critics must submit proof. These people and politicians alike are actually telling the rakyat if we want to criticise 1MDB, we need to show them implicating documents to prove that our questions are valid.

This kind of arrogance will prove to be a curse for Barisan Nasional. Imagine, the rakyat asked questions, but the government is asking us to furnish the proof. Are the documents being kept by the rakyat or by the government/1MDB?

Is the rakyat managing the RM42 billion debt? Is the inability of 1MDB repaying its loans due to over-stretching its debt is caused by the rakyat?

The rakyat asked questions based on the information 1MDB had released. Even this blog questioned the silly decisions and the mismanagement which made them lose money based on their own submission of information.

Yet, the rakyat is asked to show evidence to the government? From which planet did these people come from?

When critics asked questions and ran down Malaysia Airlines for losing money and getting bankrupt. Did MAS management asked the rakyat to bring proof? No, their management is not as arrogant as 1MDB’s delusional bosses.

When the MAS-AirAsia share swap was criticised by the rakyat as a bad idea, did the government asked the people to show proof of documentation that the idea was really bad? Of course not. People have common sense.

Then why is 1MDB any different? Is it because the Prime Minister is directly involved and needed to be saved by hook or by crook? Have all the 1MDB loving people lost their common sense and gone cuckoo?

Is it not enough proof that mismanagement had occurred when 1MDB needed to be rescued via a rationalisation exercise? Is it not enough proof that based on 1MDB’s own press statement that billions of cash disappeared and is mysteriously replaced by dodgy units?

Is it not proof of stupidity in managing a business when for financial year 2014, 1MDB is straddled with RM42 billion debt with net loss of nearly RM700 million in that year itself? This is not 700 ringgit or 7,000 ringgit ladies and gentlemen. It is a loss of approximately 700,000,000 ringgit! Even their cashflow statement is in the negative. Hence, by 2015, 1MDB could not continue as a going concern and has to be bailed out! Why is 1MDB so stupid?

Suddenly for the lovers of 1MDB, RM700,000,000 loss is alright and acceptable? People have been sacked, heads have rolled for something much less than that! Remember, for every ringgit lost in 1MDB, that’s one ringgit less for something that could’ve been done better elsewhere.

Is it not enough proof of management incompetency that most of the projects could not start because 1MDB now have barely any money to sustain even its basic operations?

Is it not proof that the Prime Minister holds 4 other powerful positions (Finance Minister, President of Umno, Chairman of 1MDB Board of Advisor and Chairman of Khazanah Nasional) which is perceived to render all investigations by PAC and Auditor General as useless? When the AG Report is reported not to be made public, it is indeed deemed useless by the public.

Does it not seem that with the all powerful PM clinging on to power, he is deemed as a covering up for 1MDB’s blunders and do not want to be held accountable for its failures?

There are many more questions which are not comprehensively answered but has proven to be the cause of 1MDB getting into this massive scandal.

The best news of the day came from the Finance Minister II where he said nothing is wrong with 1MDB and the company is on the right track! Husni Hanadzlah today have said:

“Before this, 1MDB was seen as a ‘fragile’ company, involved in scandals and faced various ‘online’ accusations. 

“With the arrest of Justo, and based on what he said, it is clear that the various issues concerning 1MDB did not arise and that it is on the right track”.

This kind of imbecilic answer is only fit in a mental institution.

If they had been honest and did not not resort to lies when answering the questions, and did not dither in giving us the explanation, perhaps the damage caused which led to much public distrust will not be this catastrophic.

Has the Board of 1MDB and its advisors been sacked yet? Has the Finance Minister stepped down in shame for his inability to supervise 1MDB with good governance?

It seems everyone involved in wrongdoings are trying hard to cling to power. Worse, those around them are very supportive about it.

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