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Race first, or nationality first?

Update 6 April 2010: Chandra Muzaffar wrote a good piece in New Straits Times today – “A Malay who is committed to the Constitution and appreciates Malaysian nationality would defend the rights of all religious and cultural communities and their economic and political roles. Likewise, a Chinese or Indian Malaysian who is passionate about his … Continue reading

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Kit Siang, look at your own backyard first

A veteran of Machiavellian politics, Lim Kit Siang defended one of his DAP subordinates in an article entitled– “Why has Najib condoned the Umno-inspired hysteria and gunning for Loke Siew Fook for insulting the Perak royalty and Islam when these allegations are completely groundless?” It is not surprising at all because by now, almost everyone … Continue reading

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The rise of racism and the fall of Malay leadership

Ever since the unprecedented win of Pakatan Rakyat’s parties in the 2008 general election, the racists in DAP and PKR had relentlessly bombarded our minds with their own brand of racism. What they were actually scheming was, is to incite more hatred towards the government. After winning 4 more states, they had up the ante … Continue reading