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Is our Attorney General too lazy, or just acting dumb?

Due to worldwide scrutiny over Swiss AG’s investigations regarding the billions of money swindled by the people behind 1MDB, its office in Switzerland had issued a media release pertaining the progress of the said investigation.


What was told is quite alarming. Basically, it had yet to obtain the mutual legal assistance it had requested back in January 2016 in order to finally charge and apprehend the crooks. It seems our Attorney General office had been sleeping on the job for 10 months now. Is there a dereliction of duty by the Attorney General? We shall await with bated breath to hear his ridiculous excuse, soon.

Below is the media release by the Swiss AG’s office:

Bern, 05.10.2016 – Following the request it made in January 2016, the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAG) has again requested mutual legal assistance from the Malaysian authorities. The request comes as part of the criminal proceedings opened in August 2015 in relation to the Malaysian sovereign fund 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad). Investigations have revealed that substantial amounts were misappropriated from the SRC sovereign fund and that fraud was committed based on a form of ‘Ponzi’ scheme.

On analysing the evidence obtained, the OAG identified further suspect transactions involving the Swiss financial sector. Firstly, the sum of USD 800 million (RM3.28 billion) appears to have been misappropriated from investments in natural resources made by the SRC sovereign fund. Secondly, it is suspected that a ‘Ponzi‘ scheme fraud (i.e. paying the returns on initial investments from funds obtained from subsequent investors rather than from legitimate revenue from the investments) was committed to conceal the misappropriations from both the SRC fund and from 1MDB. These suspected misappropriations from 1MDB were the subject of the OAG’s first request for mutual legal assistance to the Malaysian authorities.

The aim of the OAG’s latest request is therefore to obtain further evidence in corroboration of the latest findings, in addition to the assistance requested in the OAG’s initial request of January 2016, which is still pending. The OAG has also requested assistance from the Malaysian authorities so that the presumed companies / persons suffering harm can assert their rights in the Swiss criminal proceedings.

Based on these new suspicions, the OAG has also addressed an additional request for mutual legal assistance to Singapore, following an earlier request made in April 2016.

Status of the proceedings

On 14 August 2015, the OAG opened proceedings against two former officials at 1MDB and against persons unknown on suspicion of bribery of foreign public officials (Art. 322septies Swiss Criminal Code, SCC), misconduct in public office (Art. 314 SCC), money laundering (Art. 305bis SCC) and criminal mismanagement (Art. 158 SCC).

The investigation was extended in April 2016 to include two former officials from the United Arab Emirates who had been in charge of Abu Dhabi sovereign funds. They are suspected of committing fraud (Art. 146 SCC), criminal mismanagement (Art. 158 SCC), misconduct in public office (Art .314 SCC), forgery of documents (Art. 251 SCC), bribery of foreign public officials (Art. 322septies SCC) and money laundering (Art. 305bis SCC).

The criminal proceedings being conducted by the OAG focus primarily on misappropriation from the 1MDB sovereign fund of monies intended for investment in the PETROSAUDI, TANJONG / GENTING and ADMIC projects, as well as the misappropriation of investments in the SRC sovereign fund in the area of natural resources.

In May 2016, following the decision in enforcement proceedings brought by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, the OAG opened criminal proceedings against the BSI SA bank related to suspected deficiencies in the bank’s internal organisation. It is believed that, due to these deficiencies, the bank was unable to prevent the commission of offences currently under investigation. 

At this stage of the criminal proceedings in connection with the Malaysian sovereign funds 1MDB and SRC, four persons and one bank are under investigation.

In addition, the OAG has confirmed receipt, to its full satisfaction, of the evidence requested in April 2016 from the authorities in Singapore via mutual legal assistance. The OAG remains confident that the two requests for mutual legal assistance made to the authorities in Malaysia will be executed.

Singapore authorities were quick to give evidence to help the Swiss to nail the crooks that had stolen our money. But our own authorities (namely our own AG, whose salary is paid by us the taxpayers), is dragging his feet. No wonder we are the laughing stock of the world.

imagesPeople in the position of power can simply steal money and some, can simply keep millions of ringgit in their own home!

But this is normal. We are a kleptocracy anyway. A country where its purportedly muslim leaders have no shame in stealing from the people. Mind you, SRC’s money was actually from Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen (KWAP). RM4 billion of it was put in SRC. It’s the people’s money.

God gave you such small benefit in this world, and a little bit responsibility as an honest leader. But if you still could not manage to safeguard this duty, then you are worse than a greedy pig.

Unless of course you have no religion to fall back on.

Why do you persist in bringing shame to this country? Behind all your titles, are you people really just a bunch of failed human beings?

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5 thoughts on “Is our Attorney General too lazy, or just acting dumb?

  1. This breed of people simply follow orders from the powers-that-be, without seriously considering the legal nor the moral aspects.

    Worse than greedy pigs – they are dumb, deaf and docile, just like “lembu dicucuk hidung”.

    Ikut perintah tetapi tidak patuh pada undang undang.


  2. some boasted that najib like a cat has nine lives. not true! he is on life support now despite the ‘protection’ he gets from his appointees.

    investigations in d 7 countries r on going wth d US leading d way.

    let us pray that d conference of rulers that will convene 11 oct. will deliberate on issues involving d ‘bugis pirate’.

    tun m informed us that all rulers hv been presented wth background facts if they decide 2 discuss issues involving d pirate in d coming rulers’ conference.

    I m sure najib will do everything wthin his powers 2 block any attempt by his majesties 2 discuss any negative issues involving him or his govt.

    he may very well succeed bcos dymm agong, n his spouse r very close 2 him n d wife. furthermore, I was told that his majesty does not want 2 end his reign in controversy.

    hanya kita bolih berserah kpd ALLAH swt sahaja sekarang. ameen YA RAB.


  3. “We are equally concerned about good governance in Malaysia and the rule of law, … So within the bounds of good governance and the rule of law, Malaysia will do its best to cooperate and to do whatever is necessary.”.
    — Najib statement to reporters last week, after a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, when asked about the international investigations.


    • This is a silver-spooned aristocrat with a heart black as soot; a face thicker than elephant hide – real numbskull psychotic in denial syndrome.
      Im4u nothing to hide mah!


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