Najib Razak / Umno & Barisan Nasional

Is Party Najib (UMNO) patriotic?

Readers are encouraged to read “The Problem With Najib’s Party” too. Thank you.




Siaran TV di Thailand

Shown on Thailand TV news. We lost our country’s dignity through the actions of a few crooks.



In Singapore press.



From The New York Times.


From the Guardian, in UK

From The Guardian, in UK


A conversation between the oppressor and the oppressed, as exposed by The Guardian

A conversation between the oppressor and the oppressed, as exposed by The Guardian






Ketua pencacai sudah bangga menjadi macai/ balaci. Demi Najib, PM dan Malaysian Official 1.

Ketua pencacai sudah bangga menjadi macai/ balaci. Semuanya demi Najib, PM dan Malaysian Official 1. Manakala timbalan pencacai sudah pun senyap akibat terasa malu membuat laporan polis palsu dan memfitnah bekas pegawai tinggi kerajaan.

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6) DOJ 1 MDB asset seizure : Malaysian AG admits it has everything to do with PM Najib : Apandi’s “watching brief” in conflict with Azalina’s “a private matter between THE FOUR and the ..USA”


8) Kes DOJ Beri Maklumat Baru , AG kena buka balik siasatan – Hanif Khatri

9) DOJ info would have impacted 1 MDB audit, Deloitte says-Deloitte admits it missed billions in fraudulent transactions-Msian partnership might take international firm the way of Arthur Andersen


29 thoughts on “Is Party Najib (UMNO) patriotic?

  1. Wow, quoting Roosevelt and all! But no quotes from Mahathir? He is the one responsible for turning Umno, BN and the country into what they are right now. Not Najib.

    You all won’t get anywhere attacking Najib. And offering people like Mahathir, Muhyidin, Shafie etc as alternatives. These are useless people!! Better to just stick with Najib. These are just accusations against him. Not proven.
    — You all enjoy Lee Watt? —


    • I donna lah if I enjoy lee watt. Never been lee watt. But you write so stupid, you must be kena lee watt by bugees while writing your comment. You enjoy it?


      • Nonsense reply by Lao Shu. Doesn’t address the issues. But he is very interested in lee watt. Maybe he is the guy in that case. Remember? Delivered envelope to apartment, got Nescafe and karipap. Got something else too HAHAHA!

        So, Lao Shu: got syiok or not?


        • Hahahaha … dedicated to lee watt

          I suspect your dedak rate is the lowest quote coz your only task is to distract and spout nonsense.

          Be forewarned, that the gravy train is running out of steam, due to international freezing of stolen funds.


    • “He is the one responsible for turning Umno, BN and the country into what they are right now. ”

      Thank you, Lee Watt.
      You’ve consciously admitted that UMNO is rotten to the core. That the BN Government led by Najib is kleptocratic i.e ruled by thieves.

      That Najib have a penchant for soliciting dubious middlemen such as Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet and Jho Low in government dealings.

      Again, Thank You.


    • Lame excuse. Putting the past as reason to commit wrong doing for today and the future. If such philosophy is adopted, then we are doom from the beginning. Should we progressing or regressing?


    • Just when you thought the IQ level of Najib defenders can’t get any lower, a new one always comes to disprove you. Good Lord, is this really all that a billion dollars can buy? Mwahahaha.


  2. Ketua pencacai telah terbukti pesalah politik wang, walaupun tiada tindakan diambil terhadapnya.

    Pada bulan March lalu, seorang Pegawai Kementerian Belia dan Sukan (KBS) songlap RM100juta, beli kereta Audi, beg Hermes dan cincin Cartier. Penahanan pegawai KBS menimbulkan persoalan tata kelola dana jabatan kerajaan diuruskan.

    Takkan periuk nak mengumpat belanga.


    • Apa lah yang Ray Zombie dok merepek ni?? The failed poet. And now masquerading as a psychologist! Always polluting the comments section with his nonsense.

      Yang Mangkok Mujahid dengan Alfie Senduk pun sama. May Allah protect us…?? Yes, for the deceit that you try to propagate.


      • Poor ringworm

        Your degeneration could have started in childhood.

        Your constant use of religious terms actually exposed your guilt and mental stress, caused by prostituting yourself for ill-gotten gains.

        For intellectuals here, religion is not a weakness you can capitalize on.

        You may succeed in other blogs where people like Najib succeed in his hypocritical pledging to religious ideals.

        P.S. Your flow of ‘dedak’ may be drying up, since you have obviously failed to defend Najib convincingly.


  3. Its no longer a political party. Its now run by a henpecked President whose wife is need of public adoration. We have been hoodwink initially when this couple took over the premiership that our “First Lady of Malaysia” was a woman of many wonders!!!

    Remember how he has told us how his wife saved many students in the middle east when there was a crisis and air lift them back here,thanks to her close relationship with the Arab rulers.

    Remember how the media spin the story of her finding a box full of jewellery and cash on the yacht and returning it to the GRATEFUL Prince ,who rewarded her for her HONESTY!!!!!

    This husband and wife are nothing more than a common thief, privilege enough to run UMNO and rewarding loyal supporters who helps to cover their crimes.

    Any issues that highlights about their thieving, are instantly turn into a political issues prompting all the Malay peasants to defend them!!!!! And yet during their daughter’s grandeur wedding of the century where the bourgeois attending it were instructed NOT to disclosed any photos of the lavish event to the public.

    May Allah help us all!!!!!!!


  4. Mappadulung and the Macais are anti-social neurotics who get high on dedak.
    Now, what was that about this gang serving the people?


  5. It is so exasperating! For months, the conspirators against Najib (including those at this blog) had thrown everything against him. All sorts of accusations and insinuations. Twisted and repeated again and again. They were aided by foreigners trying to control Malaysia. Such a formidable force!

    But Najib remains. In fact, with his position more secure than ever. The elections in Sarawak, and the two by-elections are a strong statement from the people. It says “You anti-Najib conspirators with vested interests can go flush yourselves down the toilet.”

    “Patriotic”?? People who call on foreigners to meddle in Malaysia are TRAITORS! F-L-U-S-H —–>Indah Water



    • Ronnie Sir,

      Must be nice to believe that foreigners had donated a huge sum of money to help voters to choose the party that gives out most money. I would rather believe DOJ had uncovered the massive fraud that was 1MDB than to believe a foreign country had meddled in our election process. But sir, that is another story. I have asked you this twice, and still no response…

      I just want to pick your brains for this one question:

      1) 1MDB sent billions to fake Aabar company which IPIC on record had claimed didn’t belong to them. The PAC report stated that the management did not tell the board the complete information over this illegal transaction. The auditor general asked for the documentation evidence to prove that the fake Aabar did belong to IPIC but it was never provided (how difficult was it for 1MDB to get that company to provide it with Form 9*, 24* and 48* from its cosec?) – *just an allegory. Point is, regardless what 1MDB would have said about the fake Aabar, IPIC already stated they do not have anything to do with them. Therefore, billions of taxpayers money disappeared into a dodgy company, yet you kept on saying there is no wrongdoing? Can you please explain your rationale behind it? That there is indeed not an ounce of criminality involved? Billions of our tax money (yours and mine included) which could have been used for our kids’ education or welfare for the poor had been siphoned off. This is just one of the examples of the wrongdoing. How would you advise the government to get back our lost billions from that fake Aabar company? Thank you in advance.


      • These are just accusations and allegations. Not proven in a court of law. Unfortunately, many people are misinformed into believing Najib did this or that. Or he had stolen money from 1MDB.

        The matter with Aabar will be resolved, don’t worry. Just a matter of time and everything will clear up. Unfortunately, not enough time for the anti-Najib conspirators. Especially now when people realise their deceit.

        Please come up with something new. Something with more substance.


        • Ronnie,

          Are you an idiot? Wyrmslayer provided you with facts taken from the PAC report itself. Yet here you are saying those are just ‘accusations and allegations’? Are you saying the facts in PAC are all misinformation? The commentator asked you a couple of questions for you to straighten yourself up and to finally gain an iota of credibility. It is boring to hear the usual excuse that all this is just a conspiracy against Najib. Surely the PAC chairman did not conspire to produce such damaging report just for the heck of it. Unfortunately, there is nothing new coming out from all this pro-corruption people within Najib’s online macai army. It’s always – conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracy. Where is the proof of this conspiracy? None given. Even a police report made about this conspiracy was thrown off. Yet everyweek we read proof of wrongdoings by Najib and 1MDB as exposed by PAC report, AG Report, and the DOJ report.

          And how you replied to Wyrmslayer was also disappointing. Did you even read the PAC Report? In the case of Aabar, he did not ask will the matter be resolved, but asked you based on the facts given that 1MDB gave money to a fake company pretending to be the real Aabar. Mind you, it’s not just IPIC did not recognise the fake Aabar, even the PAC Report stated that 1MDB could not produce proof that the fake Aabar was indeed was the right company. In the PAC report it also claim billions were siphoned out to dodgy companies without any valid reason. Read Wyrmslayer’s questions carefully again and answer thoroughly. If you answer stupidly again, your utterly stupid comment won’t be published again because it will be a waste of everyone’s time. We look forward for a more intelligent reply to Wyrmslayer’s questions. Please do not be deceitful.

          Thank you.


        • Hi Ronnie sir,

          I don’t see how this answered my question. I’m not sure why you said I need to come up with something new or something with substance. I’ve no interest in politics by the way. It’s just worrying to see the billions of money that seemed to be squandered, based on the PAC report. I thought someone objective from DS Najib side could give me the answers. Thx for your time.


    • WURM – Foreigners to meddle in Malaysia? In Malaysia? As far as any right minded person knows, the DOJ case is in USA for the crimes committed on their soil (with of course the money trailing back to Malaysia). Swiss, Singapore, Hong Kong and wherever else authorities are investigating crimes committed in their countries too.

      Let me see, maybe it is the Chinese taking over TRX, no? Or is it the Arabs bribing/donating our MO1 using our own money (again with the money trailing back to Malaysia). No?

      Are you really that stupid?


      • To answer you rhetorical question:

        Yes, he is that stupid. Mwahahahahaha. He probably doesn’t know his anus from his mouth. Or whether he is jantan or betina. Just like a worm. Mwahahaha.


    • Yo ringworm

      Are you claiming that Najib playing golf with Obama, is a sheer waste of public funds, since the end result, is an “American interference”??

      Najib should just sack all his overpaid incompetent consultants. He should also terminate these prepaid ludicrous bootlickers like yourself, as your only worth is a constant regurgitating of mouldy declarations, nothing intellectual or inspiring.

      Ringworm’s only credit is cheap entertainment.


    • “People who call on foreigners to meddle in Malaysia are TRAITORS!”

      You mean, like people who sell off Bumi land to not only a foreign power, but a communist one at that?

      You mean, like people who sell of strategic national assets like independent power producers to not only a foreign power, but a communist one at that?

      Boy, Wurmster, I thought you were paid to DEFEND Najib, not help bury the poor sod. Mwahahahahaha. No wonder he has a special pet name for you lot. Mwahahahahaha.


  6. Pingback: B1 & Wife. Where is KWAP’s 4 bn? | 書 政 shuzheng

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