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What will be Najib’s robust response on DOJ’s filesuit against Riza Aziz?

Will Najib finally have the manly strength to actually tell the truth and stand up to face the music, instead of having Salleh Keruak to monkey around talking something beyond what his brain could understand?

Or will Najib rely on those stupid Facebook defenders of 1MDB who had only made Najib looked even more moronic due to their contradicting lies and idiotic spins.

Will he do the unthinkable, suing the US Government for slandering him? Now that would be comical indeed. 54 Tuesdays have come and go, and it is the US who are filing legal suit against his step son while implicating him all the same time (as the Malaysian Official 1).

To all the ignorant pro-Najib people loitering around the internet, who are looking quite stupefied and flabbergasted about this latest news from the US, here is the copy pasted document excerpts filed by the Department of Justice against Riza Aziz, for stealing Malaysian taxpayers’ money to buy luxurious assets ever since the scam started.

The scam, hatched by Najib Razak, had come home to roost. We have lost a lot of money because of 1MDB. Billions went into the wrong hands (as can be read from the US document below), taxpayers lost national assets with nothing to gain except to repay loans all the way to the year 2039.

Riza Shahriz Bin Abdul AZIZ (“AZIZ”), a Malaysian national, is a relative of MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 and a friend of LOW. He co-founded Red Granite Pictures, a Hollywood movie production and distribution studio, in 2010. – excerpt from the document.

Will this legal suit also be termed as ‘friendly dispute’? If found guilty, Riza Aziz will be known as the thief that stole billions of ringgit from 1MDB, aided by Najib and his co-conspirators. Money laundering charges will be slapped upon these people.

The defenders of Najib, some had purposely wanted to stay in ignorance and threw away their principles and reputation in exchange to be near the circle of power, should start scamper around and discuss among themselves on how to save their crooked Dear Leader.

Will we hear some of the ministers talking nonsense today? Will Nazri Aziz stand up and perform a comedy routine for us to hear?

Or will we get to listen to UMNO Youth Chief, saying moronic things like – ‘Najib is not on trial therefore he is innocent.’?

Yes, Riza Aziz siphoned the money without any help. He did it alone. Jho Low is innocent, Najib is innocent. The entire cabinet is innocent.

Najib's chicken is facing a legal suit in the US

Najib’s chicken is facing a legal suit in the US

But that is not to be. The document below is more damning than the AG Report and the PAC Report. In fact, it also strengthened the former multiple times. It also vindicated The Wall Street Journal; not surprising for the Pulitzer prize nominee.

So, what now Malaysia?

The IGP will definitely just sit on his thumb like a fumbling fool. The Attorney General Apandi Ali, a laughing stock among his peers and the people, will just continue being dumb. Without any difficulty, if we can say so ourselves. Shameless people surrounding Najib have no problem walking about within society. Their skins are thick like a rhinoceros’ hide, following his example nevertheless.

Please do read the excerpts below. Even better, please read the whole document. It’s only 136 pages long. Hopefully not a difficult effort for Najib’s media officer or UMNO Youth excos.

It gave detailed accounts on how Jho Low, Qubaisi et al used funds diverted from 1MDB to buy paintings, private jets and luxury homes.

They even had phone conversations of Shahrol Halmi, lying through his teeth to a banking officer of Deustche Bank. That is how rigorous and detailed their investigation was.

Will Najib sue the US Government? Because the juiciest bits from page 33 onwards had really implicated Najib. It dispelled the lie that Najib received ‘donation’ money from the Arab goons.

There is only one thing to do now for the stupid people managing Najib’s problem. Unleash Lester Melanyi!










Contemporaneously with the filing of this complaint, plaintiff is filing related actions seeking the civil forfeiture of the following assets (collectively, the “SUBJECT ASSETS”):

a. THE L’ERMITAGE PROPERTY: All right and title to the real property commonly known as 9291 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, California 90210, including the L’Ermitage Hotel (“L’ERMITAGE PROPERTY”), including all appurtenances, improvements, and attachments thereon.

b. THE L’ERMITAGE BUSINESS ASSETS: All assets related to the L’ERMITAGE PROPERTY, including but not limited to all chattels and intangible assets, inventory, and equipment (“L’ERMITAGE BUSINESS ASSETS”), including any and all funds in accounts owned, held or maintained at financial institutions by LBH Real Estate, or for the benefit of LBH Real Estate or the L’ERMITAGE PROPERTY, and all leases, rents, and profits derived from said business. Collectively herein, the L’ERMITAGE PROPERTY and the L’ERMITAGE BUSINESS ASSETS are referred to as, “L’ERMITAGE.”

c. HILLCREST PROPERTY 1: All right and title to the real property located in Beverly Hills, California1 owned by 912 North Hillcrest Road (BH), LLC (“HILLCREST PROPERTY 1”), including all appurtenances, improvements, and attachments thereon, as well as all leases, rents, and profits derived therefrom.

d. PARK LAUREL CONDOMINIUM: All right and title to the real property located in New York, New York owned by Park Laurel Acquisition LLC (“PARK LAUREL CONDOMINIUM”), including all appurtenances, improvements, and attachments thereon, as well as all leases, rents, and profits derived therefrom.

e. BOMBARDIER JET: All right and title to Bombardier Global 5000 aircraft bearing manufacturer serial number 9265 and registration number N689WM, with two Rolls Royce engines bearing manufacturer’s serial numbers 12487 and 12488 (“BOMBADIER JET”), including all appurtenances, improvements, and attachments thereon, all aircraft logbooks, and all leases, rents, and profits derived therefrom.

f. TIME WARNER PENTHOUSE: All right and title to the real property located in New York, New York owned by 80 Columbus Circle (NYC) LLC (“TIME WARNER PENTHOUSE”), including all appurtenances, improvements, and attachments thereon, as well as all leases, rents, and profits derived therefrom. The TIME WARNER PENTHOUSE includes all right and title to the real property commonly known as SU-11, New York, New York (“TIME WARNER STORAGE UNIT”), including all appurtenances, improvements, and attachments thereon, as well as all leases, rents, and profits derived therefrom.

g. ORIOLE MANSION: All right and title to the real property located in Los Angeles, California owned by Oriole Drive (LA) LLC (“ORIOLE MANSION”), including all appurtenances, improvements, and attachments thereon, as well as all leases, rents, and profits derived therefrom.

h. GREENE CONDOMINIUM: All right and title to the real property located in New York, New York owned by 118 Greene Street (NYC) LLC (“GREENE CONDOMINIUM”), including all appurtenances, improvements, and attachments thereon, as well as all leases, rents, and profits derived therefrom.

i. EMI ASSETS: Any and all rights, including copyright and intellectual property rights, as well as the right to collect and receive any profits, royalties, and proceeds of distribution owned by or owed to JW Nile (BVI), Ltd.; JCL Media (EMI Publishing Ltd.); and/or Jynwel Capital Ltd., relating to EMI Music Publishing Group North America Holdings, Inc. and D.H. Publishing L.P.

j. SYMPHONY CP (PARK LANE) LLC ASSETS: All right to and interest in Symphony CP (Park Lane) LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, owned, held or acquired, directly or indirectly, by Symphony CP Investments LLC and Symphony CP Investments Holdings LLC, including but not limited to any interest in the real property and appurtenances located at 36 Central Park South, New York, New York, 10019, known as the Park Lane Hotel, any right to collect and receive any profits and proceeds therefrom, and any interest derived from the proceeds invested in Symphony CP (Park Lane) LLC by Symphony CP Investments LLC or Symphony CP Investments Holdings.

k. WALKER TOWER PENTHOUSE: All right and title to the property located in New York, New York owned by 212 West 18th Street LLC (“WALKER TOWER PENTHOUSE”), including all appurtenances, improvements, and attachments thereon, as well as all leases, rents, and profits derived therefrom.

l. LAUREL BEVERLY HILLS MANSION: All right and title to the property located in Beverly Hills, California, owned by Laurel Beverly Hills Holdings, LLC (“LAUREL BEVERLY HILLS MANSION”), including all appurtenances, improvements, and attachments thereon, as well as all leases, rents, and profits derived therefrom.

m. HILLCREST PROPERTY 2: All right and title to the property located in Beverly Hills, California owned by 1169 Hillcrest Road LLC (“HILLCREST PROPERTY 2”), including all appurtenances, improvements, and attachments thereon, as well as all leases, rents, and profits derived therefrom.

n. VAN GOGH ARTWORK: One pen and ink drawing entitled La maison de Vincent a Arles by Vincent Van Gogh.

o. SAINT GEORGES PAINTING: One painting entitled “Saint- Georges Majeur” by Claude Monet.

p. NYMPHEAS PAINTING: One painting entitled “Nympheas avec Reflets de Hautes Herbes” by Claude Monet.

q. THE QENTAS TOWNHOUSE: All right and title to the property located in London, United Kingdom (“U.K.”), SW1W 0JR, owned by Qentas Holdings Limited (the “QENTAS TOWNHOUSE”), including all appurtenances, improvements, and attachments thereon, as well as all leases, rents, and profits derived therefrom. QENTAS TOWNHOUSE includes all right, title, and interest in the leasehold for Parking Space 2 at the QENTAS TOWNHOUSE, as well as all sub-leases, rents, and profits derived therefrom. According to a search of the Land Registry conducted by the U.K. National Crime Agency (“NCA”), title to QENTAS TOWNHOUSE is held in the name of Qentas Holdings Limited, and there are no recorded liens against the property.

1MDB was ostensibly created to pursue investment and development projects for the economic benefit of Malaysia and its people, primarily relying on the issuance of various debt securities to fund these projects. However, over the course of an approximately four-year period, between approximately 2009 and at least 2013, multiple individuals, including public officials and their associates, conspired to fraudulently divert billions of dollars from 1MDB through various means, including by defrauding foreign banks and by sending foreign wire communications in furtherance of the scheme, and thereafter, to launder the proceeds of that criminal conduct, including in and through U.S. financial institutions.

The funds diverted from 1MDB were used for the personal benefit of the co-conspirators and their relatives and associates, including to purchase luxury real estate in the United States, pay gambling expenses at Las Vegas casinos, acquire more than $200 million in artwork, invest in a major New York real estate development project, and fund the production of major Hollywood films. 1MDB maintained no interest in these assets and saw no returns on these investments.

The criminal conduct alleged herein occurred in three principal phases:

a) The “Good Star” Phase:

The fraudulent diversion of funds from 1MDB began in approximately September 2009, soon after 1MDB’s creation. Between 2009 and 2011, under the pretense of investing in a joint venture between 1MDB and PetroSaudi International (“PetroSaudi” or “PSI”), a private Saudi oil extraction company, officials of 1MDB and others arranged for the fraudulent transfer of more than $1 billion from 1MDB to a Swiss bank account held in the name of Good Star Limited (“Good Star Account”). Officials at 1MDB caused this diversion of funds by, among other things, providing false information to banks about the ownership of the Good Star Account. Contrary to representations made by 1MDB officials, the Good Star Account was beneficially owned not by PetroSaudi or the joint venture, but by LOW Taek Jho, a/k/a Jho Low (“LOW”), a Malaysian national who had no formal position with 1MDB but was involved in its creation. LOW laundered more than $400 million of the funds misappropriated from 1MDB through the Good Star Account into the United States, after which these funds were used for the personal gratification of LOW and his associates.3

b) The “Aabar-BVI” Phase:

In 2012, 1MDB officials and others misappropriated and fraudulently diverted a substantial portion of the proceeds that 1MDB raised through two separate bond offerings arranged and underwritten by Goldman Sachs International (“Goldman”). The bonds were guaranteed by both 1MDB and the International Petroleum Investment Company (“IPIC”), an investment fund wholly-owned by the government of Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates (“U.A.E.”).4 Beginning almost immediately after 1MDB received the proceeds of each of these two bond issues, 1MDB officials caused a substantial portion of the proceeds – approximately $1.367 billion, a sum equivalent to more than forty percent of the total net proceeds raised – to be wire transferred to a Swiss bank account belonging to a British Virgin Islands entity called Aabar Investments PJS Limited (“Aabar-BVI”).

Aabar-BVI was created and named to give the impression that it was associated with Aabar Investments PJS (“Aabar”), a subsidiary of IPIC incorporated in Abu Dhabi. In reality, Aabar-BVI has no genuine affiliation with Aabar or IPIC, and the Swiss bank account belonging to Aabar-BVI (“Aabar-BVI Swiss Account”) was used to siphon off proceeds of the 2012 bond sales for the personal benefit of officials at IPIC, Aabar, and 1MDB and their associates. Funds diverted through the Aabar-BVI Swiss Account were transferred to, among other places, a Singapore bank account controlled by TAN Kim Loong, a/k/a Eric Tan (“TAN”), an associate of LOW. Those funds were thereafter distributed for the personal benefit of various individuals, including officials at 1MDB, IPIC, or Aabar, rather than for the benefit of 1MDB, IPIC, or Aabar.

c) The “Tanore” Phase:

In 2013, several individuals, including 1MDB officials, diverted more than $1.26 billion out of a total of $3 billion in principal that 1MDB raised through a third bond offering arranged by Goldman in March 2013. The proceeds of this bond offering were to be used by 1MDB to fund a joint venture with Aabar known as the Abu Dhabi Malaysia Investment Company (“ADMIC”). However, beginning days after the bond sale, a significant portion of the proceeds was instead diverted to a bank account in Singapore held by Tanore Finance Corporation (“Tanore Account”), for which TAN was the recorded beneficial owner. Although the Tanore Account had no legitimate connection to 1MDB, the then-Executive Director of 1MDB was an authorized signatory on the account. 1MDB funds transferred into the Tanore Account were used for the personal benefit of LOW and his associates, including officials at 1MDB, rather than for the benefit of 1MDB or ADMIC.

The proceeds of each of these three phases of criminal conduct were laundered through a complex series of transactions, including through bank accounts in Singapore, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and the United States.

Numerous assets, including the DEFENDANT ASSET, were acquired with funds unlawfully diverted from 1MDB, or funds traceable thereto. As a result, the DEFENDANT ASSET is subject to forfeiture to the United States pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 981(a)(1)(A), because it is property involved in one or more money laundering transactions in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1956 and/or 1957, and 18 U.S.C. § 981(a)(1)(C) because it is property constituting or derived from proceeds traceable to one or more violations of U.S. law defined as a specified unlawful activity in 18 U.S.C. §§ 1956(c)(7) and/or 1961(1).


LOW Taek Jho, a/k/a/ Jho Low (“LOW”) is a Malaysian national who advised on the creation of TIA, 1MDB’s predecessor. LOW has never held a formal position at 1MDB, and he has publicly denied any involvement with 1MDB after its inception.

1MDB OFFICER 1 is a Malaysian national who served as the Executive Director of 1MDB from the time of its creation until approximately March 2011. During this time, 1MDB OFFICER 1 was a “public official” as that term is used in 18 U.S.C.
§ 1956(c)(7)(B)(iv) and a “public servant” as that term is used in Section 21 of the Malaysian Penal Code.

1MDB OFFICER 2 is a Malaysian national who served as 1MDB’s Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) between at least 2009 and 2013. During this time, 1MDB OFFICER 2 was a “public official” as that term is used in 18 U.S.C. § 1956(c)(7)(B)(iv) and a “public servant” as that term is used in Section 21 of the Malaysian Penal Code.

1MDB OFFICER 3 is Malaysian national who served as 1MDB’s General Counsel and Executive Director of Group Strategy during, at a minimum, 2012 and 2013. 1MDB OFFICER 3 was a main point of contact between 1MDB and Goldman in connection with the three Goldman-underwritten bond offerings in 2012 and 2013. During this time, 1MDB OFFICER 3 was a “public official” as that term is used in 18 U.S.C. § 1956(c)(7)(B)(iv) and a “public servant” as that term is used in Section 21 of the Malaysian Penal Code.

MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 is a high-ranking official in the Malaysian government who also held a position of authority with 1MDB. During all times relevant to the Complaint, MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 was a “public official” as that term is used in 18 U.S.C. § 1956(c)(7)(B)(iv) and a “public servant” as that term is used in Section 21 of the Malaysian Penal Code.

Riza Shahriz Bin Abdul AZIZ (“AZIZ”), a Malaysian national, is a relative of MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 and a friend of LOW. He co-founded Red Granite Pictures, a Hollywood movie production and distribution studio, in 2010.

“Eric” TAN Kim Loong (“TAN”) is a Malaysian national and an associate of LOW. He was the stated beneficial owner of several bank accounts into which misappropriated 1MDB funds were transferred.

Khadem Abdulla Al QUBAISI (“QUBAISI”), a U.A.E. national, was the Managing Director of IPIC from 2007 to 2015 and the Chairman of Aabar in at least 2012 and 2013. During this time, he was a “public official” as that term is used in 18 U.S.C. § 1956(c)(7)(B)(iv) and a “public official” as that term is used in Article(5) of United Arab Emirates Law, Federal Law No (3) Of 1989 On Issuance Of The Penal Code. QUBAISI also was a director of Aabar-BVI.

Mohamed Ahmed Badawy Al-HUSSEINY (“HUSSEINY”), a U.S. citizen, was the CEO of Aabar from 2010 to 2015. He was also a director of Aabar-BVI.

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39 thoughts on “What will be Najib’s robust response on DOJ’s filesuit against Riza Aziz?

  1. “Ketuanan” is a cancer. Ketuanan means we are ruled by whatever the bangsatwan wants. What ketuanan does is to destroy individual responsibility, and in Ahjibgor and the Macaimen there is none . . . Ketuahnan belongs to the people.


    • What a racist comment.

      Is Jho Low (middle name VERY) a ketuanan descendant?? He is the CHIEF administrator. Jho Low is a chinese from Penang.


    • Nice attempt at spinning the gasing as if it came from a real DAP red bean. How much did Mat Maslan pay you? Mwahahahaha. An indefensible big piece of news comes out and suddenly someone comes and spouts off on ketuanan pulok. So transparent, dog.


    • Would you not agree that Dr. Mahathir and his noble friends represent what is “Ketuahnan” in Ketuanan Melayu? All human social relations come with their various rights and responsibilities.


  2. sejak awal bulan april saya tlh berhenti berdailog dgn dtn sri rosmah d mana saya tlh sampaikan pendpt saperti berikut :-

    1)kesombongan adalah tanda kejatuhan.

    2)politicians r just like thieves. u can never catch them xcept red handed.

    beliau tidak menjawab.

    selepas berita 1MDB terburai, saya tergerak hati utk menghubungi nya semula hari ni utk memberi pendpt saperti berikut :-

    “eid Mubarak dtn sri.
    semua tlh terburai.
    hanya ‘devine intervention’ yg bolih menyelamat kan keadaan yg semakin buruk.
    jangan terkejut , mungkin doj/fbi mempunyai byk lagi maklumat mengenai transaksi serta money trail dtn sri n ds najib. saya tak bolih membantu..
    hanya berdoa agar rakyat tidak menuntut hukuman yg berat.
    selamat berjuang.
    d Rahman” .

    saya tidak yakin beliau tidak akan menbalas nya. namun saya sungguh berharap beliau akan memberi respon .


  3. Bless dearest Tun Dr Mahathir. He remains the greatest Malaysian citizen ever.

    May Allah keep him in good health always. Amin.


  4. Even with such a detailed report, Salleh Keruak amazingly claimed that Najib’s name was not mentioned.

    Such a stupendous level of denial – could only be a reflection of sub-par intelligence. In similar words of TMJ, how can such a stupid person become a minister??


  5. Making a mountain out of a molehill, and intentionally misintepreting what that US Blackie has said. But the conspirators against Najib have no integrity. They simply accuse and insinuate that “Najib is guilty”.

    NOTHING is proven from the Blackie’s statement. Definitely nothing against Najib. People are being irresponsible by concluding things about him.

    — “You like Lee Watt or not?” —


    • whooh jumpa dah. ingatkan lari kat mana.
      buleh guna bahasa rasis no ?
      ringoo, wormy,..panau, kurap,.. dapat banyak dedak kali ni, eeyah buleh enjoy.
      overtime. buleh double dedak ! bagi lah sini sikit


    • Sorry, I must be in contact with an alien from the planet Racist. Are you actually referring to the US Attorney General as a ‘Blackie’?!


  6. Take note that US Attorney-General’s name is Loretta LYNCH.

    “Lynch” (online dictionary) means

    1. (transitive) (of a mob) to punish (a person) for some supposed offence by hanging without a trial.


  7. The conspirators against Najib are excited. “Checkmate!”, “Najib is proven guilty!” they shout after reading about the news from the US. But zombies that they are, they don’t have a working brain. They think with their kepala lutut and fail to understand the real situation.

    This is just a civil lawsuit, and it’s not against 1MDB. Much less Najib. “But his stepson is named!”, the zombies cry out. And that proves what??

    Those assets don’t belong to 1MDB. They will be returned to the originating country. If it goes to Abu Dhabi then it proves 1MDB was innocent of any crime.

    The conspirators with Mahathir are getting desperate. After this there is nothing else. Especially when Mahathir’s cronies don’t deposit money into their account anymore. Better balik kampung now and tanam jagung HAHA!


    • In order for you to make people believe what you have written, you need to:

      – read the DOJ’s document first.

      – The second thing is for you to reply to Wyrmslayer’s questions.

      Otherwise, you will look like twice the fool you have always been.

      Thank you.


    • PM @NajibRazak: DOJ report is a civil action, not criminal and those involved will have their say through the court process in US #1MDB

      Najib responded exactly like yours. Are you his speech writer? Man do read the DOJ Documents.


  8. Aku nak gelak berguling pasal benda ni:

    Perenggan 102,

    “As set forth in Paragraph 263 below, the Attorney General of Malaysia has publicly stated that the account into which these $681 million payments were made belonged to MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1”

    Dalam keghairahan nak mempertahankan bosnya, Pandey Dhobi telah memberi bukti kepada FBI untuk digunakan dalam kes terhadap bosnya.

    Terima kasih atas kebangangan tahap gaban anda!!

    Hanya Putera Arab dalam hikayat 1001 siang anda sahaja yang boleh selamatkan anda sekarang.


    • US bukan tempt untuk pencuri.
      Najib jangan berlakon. Ramai pencuri terdahulu telah menggunakan us sebab itu mereka Ada undangundang kelptocracy…muahaha.
      Korang nak bawl lari kemana suit rakyat Malaysia?
      Searing suit Najib china Singapore ‘gang. Sebab tu Najib cinta china Singapore.
      Keretapi laju Tanah Melayu hak Malaya.
      Ape kaitan dengan cina Singapore?


  9. For proJib to clap their hands because Najib is not mentioning in the civil suit, please be more intelligent than that. It’s pretty obvious whom The DOJ meant by Malaysian Official 1 and please, please do some homework and google what is “Kleptocracy” means!

    And to say that this is only a civil suit, an assets forfeiture suit for Red Granite owned by Najib stepson, Mr. Aziz please hold your breath just yet. The DOJ is simply being polite. Can you count how many times they’ve mentioned corrupt official or foreign official corruption? Too many right! They’ve set the tone and this Kleptocracy Initiatiave is just a start!

    Well, we have said last year that Najib will face AMLA very soon but now now he will face RICO next, insyAllah. You see proJIbgor! you’ve been blinded because you couldnt see the signal is coming. Happy retirement day soon Mr Prime Minister! Adios Au Revoir!…..good riddance!


  10. It is indeed the 681 million donation came from a Saudi Prince BUT it was not from the Saudi Royal household !

    The Prince who donated the money is part and parcel of the elaborate 1MDB scam . He acted individually and at the same time is a co founder of Petro Saudi .

    That tells the whole story about the record breaking donation to our Malaysian Official 1 .


  11. At the end of the day this husband and wife couple is NOTHING more than a common thief with an insatiable appetite !!!!!!

    No amount of pingat or title or wealth will them back respectability !!!!!!!!


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  13. pls read d comments posted by Azrene , rosmah’s estranged eldest daughter abt her brother reza in her face book that has been reproduced by bloggers.

    her heart wrenching expose’ abt her sufferings at d hands of her own mother wil make u wonder d degree of hatred rosmah has towards her.

    if she can treat her daughter wth disdain, all others r easy meat.


    • No you are wrong,

      Riza is a donation from Arab Prince to Hippo. She then present Riza to Malaysian Official 1 as a gift, nothing expected in return 😉


  14. Think we first heard of Ketuanan during Najib’s administration? … which effectively evolved into Ketuanan Najib due to the rather “intelligent” followers in the party talking about Ketuanan …… and hence became stupid and blind to continue to follow that .. which are all equally “sinful” as party to the “crime” I supposed. ..
    Time for all Malaysians to come together to unite as One People Malaysians to reject the above for the good and prosperity for our country and most importantly the future generations … with our kids in mind….


  15. Eric See-To’s hilarious comment:

    “This means that it is impossible for Jho Low, Riza, Khadem, Malaysia Official 1 (ie PM) or anyone else for that matter to have stolen any money from 1MDB to buy or invest all those assets that the FBI now wants to seize.

    But it could mean that someone else would have been cheated instead. It could be Abu Dhabi’s IPIC or it could be legitimate profits made from fund investment ventures.

    But whose money would that be then that was used to buy art, gamble, buy properties?. It could be Abu Dhabi’s IPIC money, Saudi Arabia money or it could be legitimate profits made from fund investment ventures.”

    Please give this boy what he deserves, although I understand there is a long line of MCA datuks queuing up behind Eric’s rear end with Vaseline at the ready.

    Let his posterior recover before your re”butt”al.

    Poor Eric.

    The life of an MCA hooker is indeed a difficult one.

    PS: I guess Steelwell Holdings Sdn Bhd should be renamed as “Steal-Well” Holdings Sdn Bhd?


  16. The DOJ case has huge impact on the 1MDB-IPIC arbitration on the fake Aabar company.

    The recent Court of Appeal of England and Wales judgment in the case of The London Steamship Owners’ Mutual Insurance Association Ltd v The Kingdom of Spain and The French State [2015] decides that evidence of criminality is admissible and can be evaluated in arbitration.

    The 1MDB lawyers are going to basically say the two Arab boys are the real crooks, that 1MDB was cheated and acted in good faith, and that the Bugis pirate was “unaware” (despite Article 117 of 1MDB laws (?).

    This immediately falls apart if it can be proved to the arbitration panel that there was a criminal conspiracy to defraud IPIC, involving the Bugis pirate, the two Arab boys, and one fat Chinese macai from Penang. It appears there is very ample evidence of that in several countries. It can be subpoenaed by IPIC. And let’s also recall that the UAE themselves are aware of the wrongdoing and have arrested the two Arabs.

    Then, IPIC would be the defrauded party.

    And our govt would have to pay RM27 billion.

    Meaning, we the rakyat would have to pay RM27 billion.

    Also, Tun Ling’s lawsuit will also succeed.

    He just needs to subpoena the international evidence.

    Surely not all our judges are of the “calibre” of the 24-hour replacement?


  17. Hi JMD,
    Now that 1MDB has entered the US Justice system ANC should actually focus their efforts there. This is because Goldman Sachs can now be seen to be party to the fraud and since they wired the funds across states they can be caught under RICO.
    (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) ANC should sit down with a US lawyer and explore all opportunties to continent to expand this issue. A Malaysian NGO can file RICO charges against Goldman since they knew the funds were going to be diverted . This will definitely cause the 1MDB issue to become even hotter.

    The 1MDB issue has no legs in rural Malay heartland but sends shivers down the bankers ally and international financial circles. The more people get dragged down the greater the pressure on Najib. Hopefully the ANC can think laterally and focus their efforts in the right direction.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I support the idea of opening many fronts against the Najib regime. One of them must go to assaulting the rural heartlands with issues that resonate with kampung folks. Unfortunately, and much as it saddens me to say this, you have to use the religious perspective.

      1MDB doesn’t jive with them. Even if they know it is to do with corruption, I don’t they particularly care because, sadly, they would willingly queue up for RM100 and electronic items without thinking twice.

      Due to UMNO’s continued recalcitrance, we now have no option but to bring down the whole corrupted lot. Every single one. If you left, say, Shahrir Samad, Ahmad Maslan or Adnan Mansor untouched by Najib’s fall, then the same merry thing will happen all over again. Only next time they will be even more devious.



    For Najib, economic stability is crucial as he seeks the votes of rural and semi-urban areas in the next election due by 2018. At stake for Umno is the unbroken rule of its Barisan Nasional coalition since independence in 1957. He’s had recent wins in local polls in Malaysia’s biggest state of Sarawak on Borneo island and two federal by-elections.

    “1MDB seems not to be the top issue for rural voters and they eye more on economic and social welfare, which could be tackled by targeted fiscal measures,” said Vincent Tsui, a Hong Kong-based economist at AllianceBernstein LP which oversees about US$490 billion.

    While the 1MDB drama has raised doubts about governance and accountability in Malaysia, the structure of domestic politics likely protects Najib. His mentor-turned-nemesis Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who was premier for over two decades, has repeatedly said Umno will lose the next election if Najib is leader.

    The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections, or Bersih, is considering another anti-Najib rally similar to one that brought out an estimated 300,000 people last August. The premier’s supporters say they’ll respond with their own march to show their allegiance.

    As long as Najib retains the backing of Umno’s powerful division heads — the bulk of whom have stood by him in the past year — fresh protests will carry little weight. The views of those chiefs will become increasingly important closer to an election, depending on whether they feel Najib can carry the party to another win. Some economists have said Najib may consider an early election for 2017, to take advantage of the opposition infighting.

    Having early elections could “completely put to bed” any political risk premium for Malaysia, said Singh from RBS.

    “The political risk premium on Malaysian assets has come down quite a bit already,” Singh said. “If there’s another election and there’s a strong showing by Umno, whatever’s left will also go away.”


    a) It’s not an urban battle

    b) The orang kampung can easily see a bag of rice as more important than solving 1MDB

    c) With Hadi Awang as an unofficial Umno minister and fed fully with dedak to split votes, the Bugis lanun can still win GE14

    d) The KBPDN (Ketua Bahagian Parti Dedak Najib) are all as immoral as their party leader. As long as they get cheques for 2 million plus other illegal perks, they will never rebel.

    e) Grassroots change is vital.


  19. RAHMA..N (as in END/Fini/Gone/Kaputed..
    ‘Cathay Filem’ old daytime cheap ticket movies flashes TAMMAT on screen…as the theater door opens, and bright sunlight is seen outside.
    Good riddance UMNO…don’t look back, knock…and DONT COME Back. Be good and they might give you pillows in those cockroach filled little cells


  20. If one take closer look at the brouhaha of demonizing the US, particularly the DOJ, there is no real action of walking the talk, let alone do it at official level like call up the ambassador or write letter of protest , and at the ground, not even peaceful protest in front the US ambassador’s building. Why? Nobody dares to poke the hornet’s nest. Why not some NGO’s or whichever group of people provoke US by demoing or write protest letter harshly for “interfering Malaysia domestic affair” (no matter how stupid it sounds) . It opens up the possibilities of them retaliating by expediting further actions by DOJ. Something like reverse psychology?


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