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Apandi Ali and Ranjit Singh received awards for not doing their proper jobs

Congratulations to Apandi Ali and Ranjit Singh for receiving their desired medals by Najib Razak. Below is the news from The Star:

PETALING JAYA: Attorney-General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali will head the list of award recipients in conjunction with the official birthday of Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah today.

He is the sole recipient of the Panglima Mangku Negara (PMN), which carries the title “Tan Sri”.

Fifty-two people will be recei­ving the Panglima Setia Mahkota (PSM) award, which also carries the title of “Tan Sri”. 

Among them are former MCA president Tan Koon Swan, former MCA central committee member Datuk Wong Mook Leong, former MIC vice-president Datuk S. Veera­singam and outgoing Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Se­­­­­nator Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar.

Also getting the award is Axiata Group Bhd president and group executive director Datuk Seri Jama­ludin Ibrahim, Securities Commis­sion executive chairman Datuk Seri Ranjit Singh and Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers president Datuk Seri Saw Choo Boon.

In Malaysia, it is very unlikely to see idiots within a profession to receive honours for bringing disrepute to their position. Usually people will do stupid things AFTER they receive their awards. But under the shambolic leadership of Najib Razak, people can also receive medals of dishonour for doing exactly that – being dishonourable.

For Apandi Ali, it’s probably the reward for whitewashing Najib over the twin scandals – 1MDB and RM2.6 billion american pies. When all over the world, people are being charged for offences relating 1MDB’s money laundering scheme, Apandi surprised us all for clearing Najib of any wrongdoing. The prime minister was even caught red handed for using millions of ringgit on a shopping spree all around the world with money obtained from 1MDB’s subsidiary!

Apandi also had dismissed Bank Negara Malaysia’s charges over 1MDB, saying 1MDB had done nothing wrong when they misappropriated over USD1.83 billion elsewhere.

Ranjit Singh on the other hand, turned a blind eye over the mismanaged bonds held by 1MDB. These bonds were in serious danger of being defaulted, precipitating the government to take over the billions of debt as the result of Securities Commission lack of gumption to sound the alarm and do what is right.

But alas, vanity and stupidity can go a long way under Najib, nevermind the fact that people are laughing and sneering behind their backs.

So what we can do now is to give both of them a standing ovation for doing what they were told to do. A job well done indeed.

Don't ever trust incompetent and shifty looking people

Don’t ever trust incompetent and shifty looking people

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20 thoughts on “Apandi Ali and Ranjit Singh received awards for not doing their proper jobs

  1. Salam Jebat

    Malaysia is a funny country. She is led by by a world’s most CORRUPT Prime Minister. The PAC, AG, PDRM and SC are incompetent lot. Yet they are bestowed with the country’s highest titles.

    Dishonest and incompetency are the credentials required to hold highest job in the country. Don’t blame the Agong for concurring with moron Prime Minister.

    We believe that the King is the last bastion for the rakyat. Long live the King.
    The Rakyat is squandered by your honourable Prime Minister.


  2. What a load of malicious nonsense!!
    Apandi had investigated the evidence forwarded before making a decision. But because it isn’t what some people wanted to hear, they accuse him of a cover up.

    Come up with REAL evidence. Not claims made by organizations like Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Report which have deceitful motives.

    By the way, Mukhriz won’t ever be Prime Minister. You all had thrown your worst against Najib but he is still standing. Accept that you all have lost HAHA!


    • Yo Rworm

      Pride comes before a fall.

      Singapore has taken actions against 1MDB conspirators. That means they have hard evidence.

      Hold on to your seat Rworm, drama will soon unfold. Meanwhile you should enjoy any dedak that comes your way.


      • That is slanderous accusation against me! I am someone who only look at facts, not speculation. But this is not surprising. You, like the post writer, most likely have vested interests in wanting to see Najib replaced. As for me, I place the most importance on truth and the country’s well-being.

        Those people in Singapore have not been convicted of anything. Plus, there is ZERO evidence of any connection to Najib. Only speculation and wild accusations. The truth will prevail!!

        And spell correctly. It is Wurm, not Worm.


        • Yup, and pigs fly. Next you’ll be saying corruption is an illusion and Najib’s innocence has been proven in a renown court of law which is dubbed the “Kangaroo Court”. Btw if he is so innocent why hasn’t he sued WSJ yet and gives excuses not to do so? Hard facts? Did you go to Bukit Aman to find it yourself or what the local media feeds you? Only idiot would believe what the government tells them without question and you fit the bill as the typical government stooge. Don’t forget to check your bank account I think your masters may have topped it up. 🙂


        • RingWorm

          You made a slanderous accusation when you declared that, “Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Report which have deceitful motives.” You wanna show the evidence? We are still waiting for Najib to sue them this coming Tuesday.

          Quote: “I am someone who only look at facts, not speculation.” – Oh yeah??

          That 2.6 billion in Najib’s account said to be a donation from an Arab prince is NOT a fact, it is merely an unsubstantiated claim. How about SRC’s deposit into Najib’s account. Najib never denied that, he conveniently claimed ignorance.

          Quote: “I place the most importance on truth.” – Naahhh …

          Even when the truth is staring at you in the face, you will never be able to recognise it coz you simply fail to utilise your thinking faculties. You appear to be someone who exercises blind loyalty – typical of Najib’s cronies.

          Conviction requires a certain time-frame but when you are charged and remanded, it means the prosecutors have a SOLID case.

          This “Akan Datang” drama of the century will feature the whale, the hippo, the zebra, the wannabe- wolf, the subpar-supporting hyenas and the peanuts-paid monkeys (may include yourself too).

          It seems that you possess “super bomoh” powers when you confidently claim that “Mukhriz won’t ever be Prime Minister.”

          Pssst … get your popcorn ready! The helium balloons are about to burst!


    • It is no wonder the Creator decreed a Last Day of Judgement . . . where powerful cashkings and bangsatwans will face the music of their deceitful lives.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Your so-called ‘arguments and points’ are just hearsay and malicious accusations. People like Ray Zombie, Jebat Walking Dead and Pokey Pontianak can convince dumb readers with cabbage brains. But not the fair-minded ones who use facts.

      “File a suit against WSJ”? That is what the anti-Najib gang wants. That is, for him to waste time and energy. If a suit is filed for every single thing, there won’t be time for other things that are more important. Unfortunately for Mahathir and his zombies, Najib is not stupid. He just lets this gang bark.

      I’m not going to waste any more time with these zombies and their empty accusations. I am on the side of truth. If you all can come up with real evidence, I will support. Some shaky report from WSJ is NOT evidence, sorry.

      So, continue barking and repeating the same old unsupported allegations. When Mahathir, Mukhriz and gang fail to transfer money into their accounts, these zombies will stop barking. This isn’t “for the truth” but for your own vested interests. Unlike me who is a genuine seeker and fighter of truth.


      • Tsk tsk tsk …

        Ringworm is sulking away. Not a single piece of hard data provided to defend his idolised Najib.

        Instead, what we have is petty name-calling and even more juvenile outpouring of “self righteous” defensive statements.

        This is typical of morons devoid of any analytical prowess – the type that barks but never bites – retarded toothless species.


      • Mr Worm, shaky report from WSJ? Are we on the same page here? WSJ 1MDB report that was nominated for the Pulitzer? Is that the one you say shaky? The one that Dear Leader has said he wanted to sue for, but never did? And what wasting time and resources? Dear Leader doesn’t even have to lift a finger. Just tell his lawyers to sue, and then sue. Maybe some court appearances, but won’t distract him from the job that he’s been sleeping on anyway. Just a little price to pay so truth prevails.


    • “WSJ won Pulitzer Prize so everything in the report must be true.” <— This is how zombies with cabbage brains think. Zombies who worship and ape the West. Especially the ones with vested interests who receive payments from the devious plotters trying to oust Najib (and met with continuous failure HAHA!)

      This item totally kills the WSJ report which the zombies here totally depend on for the basis of their plot.


  3. There are two’s ways of doing things .
    1,do your job accordingly as you have been trusted to.
    2, Do your job as directed by your superior .

    Both will be awarded accordingly .


  4. Muhyiddin Yassin, Shafie Apdal, Mukhriz Mahathir, Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Abdul Gani Patail, Abdul Hamid Bador, et al, will never receive such awards during Najib’s era.

    Thus, the message is clear, “Obey and thou shall be rewarded!”. “Cash is King” philosophy dictates that you THRASH your integrity and moral values.

    Idiots devoid of total conscience, are the preferred members for – Unionised Morons for Najib Only (UMNO).


  5. Ah who cares. Malaysian titles are a dime a dozen anyway. Better study hard and get the post-nominal PhD on your name. That one I respect. But must come from an accredited uni la, if from Charles Molnar then go be friends with Vida.


  6. No brainer ‘… Malaysian titles are a dime a dozen anyway.’ Not sour grapes, either.

    Won’t somebody stand up against this silly relic from feudal times, when malay peasants were held in lifelong bondage, law and order is at the whims of he who call shots by some sort of birthright….?

    Or are we now ripe for a rerun..?


  7. These two are just clowns.

    One was selected to clear the Crime Minister of any crime.

    The other is to keep quiet and look pretty in his turban. What a shame towards all sikh population.


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