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Letter to the DYMM YDP Agong

Below is a letter taken from MalaysiaKini. Our comment is written below:

Your Majesty, please advise IGP to reinstate police escort to ex-PM

Ampun Tuanku. Salah dan silap dalam kata-kata patik harap diampun.

As DYMM Tuanku is aware, the inspector-general of police had recently withdrawn the privilege afforded to former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad in having a police escort. It is reported that, save for maintaining a personal body guard who is a policeman from the Unit Tindakan Khas (UTK) for personal safety, Dr Mahathir has to now apply for traffic escort on a case-by-case basis and only for attending official government functions.

DYMM Tuanku, it is my understanding as a layman, and I stand to be corrected, that this privilege of granting a police escort to former premiers stems from the sense of gratitude for the services rendered by a statesman to the country during their tenure.

Former premiers engage in many forms of activities after their tenure, and not all pertain to official government business. It may be charitable in nature, personal in nature, and at times political in nature. But whatever it may be, that is the privilege they enjoy.

It is my humble opinion, that parties responsible for providing the escort to former premiers, should not be questioning the allegiance of that former premier from a perceived political view. Every Malaysian citizen’s allegiance, and that includes former premiers, is to the Agong and country, as per our Rukunegara. This remains a constant throughout, despite whatever political differences there may be, if at all there is any.

As I am writing this letter, my allegiance is steadfast to DYMM Tuanku and my country.

The IGP and Tun Dr Mahathir circa May 2015

The IGP and Tun Dr Mahathir circa May 2015

It would be making make sense if someone with the privilege of police escort is essentially taking advantage of the police escort to commit criminal acts for it to be justifiably withdrawn. But to have it withdrawn for having a different point of view on things, is in my humble opinion not the right way. It would be making a mockery of our democratic way of things.

We must remember, and I wish to humbly reiterate that this privilege of granting a police escort to former premiers stems from the sense of gratitude for the services rendered by a statesman to the country during their tenure.

Dr Mahathir, as healthy as he is at the age of 91, as a statesman, should at least be given the privilege of not being stuck in traffic, or late for his doctor’s appointment, and I suppose the list may very well go on. It would be unreasonable for Dr Mahathir to apply every time he needs an escort for a non-official government function.

DYMM Tuanku, since the inspector-general of police was effectively appointed by DYMM Tuanku under Article 140 of the federal constitution, I am seeking your indulgence and time to perhaps look into this matter, and if possible, advise the inspector-general of police to reflect and see if there actually is a need for this withdrawal of privilege afforded to former prime minister Dr Mahathir.

DYMM Tuanku is probably the best person to advise and part wisdom in this matter.

Ampun Tuanku. Apa yang patik persembahkan harap diampun. Patik mohon mengundur diri.

written by PUTHAN PERUMAL – an advocate and solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.


Besides the reasons given above, another point that needs to be consider is the fact that former premiers are still privy to state secrets hence, it is important to ensure on their safety at all times lest the state secrets can fall in the hands of kidnappers or people with malicious intentions.

This is the exact same reason why former Presidents and Prime Ministers in some other countries are accorded more than one bodyguard and a handful of outriders.

The IGP needs to think hard on what he has done.

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One thought on “Letter to the DYMM YDP Agong

  1. Strange indeed!

    Former Special Branch deputy director Abdul Hamid Bador had accused the prime minister’s wife of “troubling” his officers. He said when Rosmah went shopping, his officers were forced to escort her and wait for a long time until she was done.

    “All this while, she has caused inconvenience for my officers. For hours, my officers have to escort her. “The government is forced to pay the extra cost in allowance for the officers who escort her,” he added.


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