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WSJ: Najib Razak’s billions came from accounts related to 1MDB

Do watch the video above. Excerpt from it:

Question: Who are they really going after though? Who are the big fish these investigations might be after?

“There’s a million moving parts here. The Swiss are interested in this because Swiss private banks were used to move some of this money and these are big chunks of money which is unusual for some of this relatively small private banks. So that could be interesting and of course, if you look the way the money move and who it came from and who it went to, that will tell you a lot about the story.

But all these investigators have little bits and pieces of the investigation. You don’t know what’s going to come out. The interesting thing would be if they start to work together. And there is some evidence that they are starting to do that and then you will really get a broader picture of what is happening.”

Question: Do you think it’s going to lead back to the Prime Minister’s office despite their attempts to say that he had nothing to do with this and that he’s been innocent?

“Our reporting has shown for months now that the money did not come from the Saudis but it came via a bunch of companies and bank accounts related to 1MDB. Our story hasn’t been called into question yet and we have lots of evidence to back that up. I think, you know, it will be hard to keep it away from the Prime Minister.”

Money trail

The money trail which the Attorney General cleared Najib Razak of any wrongdoing

It will only be a matter of time for the public to know about the documents that will show the movement of money that went into Tanore Finance Corp and Falcon Private Bank, before it goes to our instant billionaire Prime Minister. Hopefully this evidence will prove that the billions really came from accounts related to 1MDB and not from a Saudi King/royal family/prince/private citizen etc.

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10 thoughts on “WSJ: Najib Razak’s billions came from accounts related to 1MDB

  1. Quote: “we have lots of evidence to back that up”.

    The Swiss AG could request for those sets of evidence for his investigations into the 1MDB scandal.

    Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, the current governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, could also be called upon to provide further documented proof.

    The MACC personnel involved in the findings are also credible witnesses.

    Meanwhile the present AG and the PAC chairman can be “ignored”.


  2. Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone proclaimed he would not surrender to criticisms of his foul play with 1MDB funds. Well, some bandit did it anyway.


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  4. Haih. Dah berapa kali hari selasa dah ni. Mr Ken Brown ni pun dah letih tunggu saman dari peguam PM. Hari tu dah la buat lawak antar surat clarification, bukan surat saman. Cakap bukan main berdegar; pahlawan Bugis la, hari Selasa la, semua ahli UMNO sokong la, nothing to hide la, tapi kenapa sampai sekarang takleh settle lagi?


  5. The UAE and Aabar.

    That’s where the not-donation came from.

    I think IPIC know.

    But they have to keep their mouths shut till June and hope they can collect their 1MDB assets as promised.

    Ummmmmm, what assets?


  6. The situation that DSNR is experiencing now is best described as the “The Sinking Ship Syndrome (3S)”.There are many unpluggable holes that will sink the ship. It is an apt metaphor. The holes i.e.the syndrome are amongst many : 1) 1MDB 2)RM2.6Bill donation 3)SRC 4) Scorpene corruption payment, and 4) ALTANTUYA.
    It is a question of time when the ship is doomed to sink, the latest being in PRU 14 in 2018. The casualties are obvious, UMNNO/BN government.

    Hang Kasturi


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