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Sirul Azhar, what he will say and what he dare not say

Malaysians in general are shocked with the latest saga in the murder of Ms. Altantuya Shaaribuu when one of her murderers, Sirul Azhar headlining himself in the limelight recently. Rumour has it that he will expose the names of people who wanted him to implicate Najib Razak with the murder he had committed.

Yet, the main questions still remain unanswered by him for the past 10 years:

  1. Why did you and Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri kill Altantuya?
  2. Do you know the motive for the murder?

and bonus questions:

  1. Why did you run away to Australia and abandon Azilah Hadri to fend for himself?
  2. Do you feel the death sentence given was unfair to you? Why?

Anyway, below is an article which had clarified and gave a more clear perspective to the questions above. For the uninitiated, this could very well be the reference point for the latest twist and turn of this whole episode.


Permit me to pre-empt your ‘expose’, Sirul

by Americk Sidhu

Former Police Commando Sirul Azhar Umar has indicated his intention to ‘expose’ the names of five personalities who have attempted to “bribe or coax” him into implicating Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, in the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu.

This anticipated revelation is to manifest in Part 4 of a series of audio-visual presentations produced and directed from an Australian detention centre situated at Villawood, New South Wales and scheduled for release in the next few days.

Permit me to take the wind out of your sails, Sirul, by guessing the names of these individuals. They are most likely none other than Pokok Sena MP Mahfuz Omar (accompanying your mother), ex-UMNO division leader Khairuddin Abu Hassan, Sarawak Report founder and editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and your migration consultant, Robert Chelliah.

Before I proceed further, let me say I find it incredibly incongruous for a convicted cold-blooded murderer – who has never denied shooting a poor defenceless young lady in the head twice, and blowing her body up with military grade explosives – to sit piously before a camera in a religious white skull cap and offer to the world at large, unsolicited narratives on your present position and your advice surrounding this murder.

First, let’s put the situation into perspective. You are not a celebrity. You have been captured by the Australian Immigration Authorities and incarcerated because you are a convicted criminal.

71454212943_SirulAzharUmarThe Australians have, however, very kindly placed at your disposal the means by which you may challenge your detention under the provisions of the Australian Migration Act 1958 and the Regulations made thereunder.

You have taken advantage of these facilities by lodging with the Migration Authorities what may be described as a ‘Protection Visa’ sub-class 866. If you succeed in your application, you will be allowed to remain in Australia as a free man with permanent resident status.

You have been advised by your Australian lawyers and migration consultant that anyone applying for such a protection visa must undergo a process of character clearance under Section 501 of the Migration Act. The relevant minister must be convinced that it is safe for a person with a criminal conviction to be released into the community.

This entails the visa applicant being honest and truthful in his application. It behoves the applicant to describe in detail under what circumstances and conditions he committed the criminal offence for which he had been convicted – i.e. to attempt to reduce the gravity of the crime by way of “mea culpa”.

Extenuating circumstances

In other words, you will have to convince the minister that you are not inherently a criminal by nature, but were forced – by extenuating circumstances – to commit the offence; for example, in the course of your duties as ordered, which may have been the cause of your error of judgment at the time of committing that offence. You will also have to show genuine remorse and regret.

As you have yet to comply with any of the above criteria, your application for this visa looks as if it is doomed from the start, despite what you may have been told to the contrary.

Sirul, you have gone on record publically, at least twice, by making statements implying that you were ordered to commit this murder. The first occasion was during your trial at the Shah Alam High Court where you read out a lengthy statement from the dock after your defence was called. In this statement you categorically described yourself as a scapegoat used to protect those who were not in court.

The second occasion was when you gave an interview with Malaysiakini on February 17, 2015 in which you also categorically stated you were under orders to kill Altantuya, and that “those with motive for the murder are still free.”

You have not retracted these statements. Your Malaysian lawyers also confirmed on December 31, 2015 that you had applied for a ‘protection visa’ with the Australian authorities and if this was granted, you would be released from detention and would be free to be at large in Australia – but that the biggest stumbling block to obtaining this visa was your conviction.

Bearing in mind the criteria set in place for a visa of this nature to be granted in your circumstances (being a convicted killer), the only hope you would have is to come clean and explain why you committed this murder and under whose instructions.

Your Australian lawyers and your migration consultant have already informed you of this and have advised you to reveal the person or persons who gave you those orders, so as to assist your application for an 866 Visa. You were about to do this until a hurriedly gathered posse of advisors from Malaysia (whose identities are available), descended on Villawood to persuade you otherwise.

A little concerned

I am reliably advised that amongst this posse were three Special Branch officers from Bukit Aman. They were in contact with a “Datuk” in Sydney who was then entrusted with the task of looking after your financial affairs and those of your son (who is still in Australia), and to identify a AU$1 million property into which you would move once your visa was granted, all to be financed by a certain party.

Your solicitor, Christopher Livingstone, barrister Matthew Golan, and migration consultant Robert Chelliah, were a little concerned that your application for the 866 Visa would stand little chance of success unless extenuating circumstances for the murder were put forth.

You appear to have ignored this advice and instead were persuaded to partake in what can only be described as a very feeble attempt to extricate yourself from your very own committed admissions of unseen hands directing the extermination of a Mongolian irritant.

You now intend to come out with the final (presumably) audio-visual presentation releasing the identities of those you accuse of trying to bribe or coax you into revealing the personality involved in issuing you with those orders to kill. One of these individuals might even be your own mother.

Let us focus on the word ‘bribe’. This would inevitably involve an exchange of currency – in one form or another – in return for a favour. I sincerely hope you disclose the precise sums offered to you by the persons you intend on fingering, because this will inevitably raise further questions in relation to the funding you have received over the past 10 years and from whom these funds came.

You previously engaged the services of two very prominent and capable criminal lawyers, Kamarul Hisham and Hasnal Rezua Merican. These barristers spent a total of 165 days in the Shah Alam High Court defending the charge brought against you. These lawyers then handled your appeal to the Court of Appeal and defended the prosecutor’s appeal to the Federal Court.

Throughout this period you were an out-of-work former Police Corporal, languishing in the Sungai Buloh penitentiary with no access to funds. Your lawyers could not have survived without payment, which would have been substantial for the amount of work involved. How did you manage to pay them?

Who funded your travel to Australia? Who is funding payment of the fees charged by your solicitor, barrister and migration consultant in Australia? Who is paying for your son’s education and living expenses in Australia?

Who funded Sirul?

And who is paying for the continued services of your Malaysian legal team for the work they are doing for you in Australia, and all their travel and accommodation expenses for the numerous trips they have made to Villawood? And who is paying your ‘Datuk butler’ in Sydney for looking after all your needs?

I am sure these are some of the questions every right-thinking Malaysian is asking. In the last audio-visual presentation you made available to the press, you had taken pains to point out that Najib was not involved in the murder you committed. You said it was a big sin for you to slander a person, that Najib was never involved and that he had no links to the case.

One wonders why you found it necessary to make this statement? I am unable to identify one single person who has gone on record directly accusing Najib of involvement in Altantuya’s murder.

Bearing in mind the fact that you, yourself, have gone on record unequivocally insinuating you were made to commit this murder – presumably against your will – and that someone ordered you to do so, this begs the question why, out of 30 million Malaysians, you have chosen to exonerate only one man? Your attempted protection of Najib has only succeeded in opening a Pandora’s Box of suspicions where none may have existed.

Considering the entire circumstances, and specifically acknowledging the fact that you have said you had absolutely no personal motive to kill Altantuya, anyone with a modicum of intelligence would have to conclude that you have been persuaded to refrain from revealing the identity of the person who ordered you to commit this murder with misguided promises of financial security in return.

These promises could only have come from one man, who obviously wields great clout and who appears to have access to vast sums. Who is this man Sirul?

Simply put, you are in a right pickle, mate. If you don’t tell the Australian Immigration authorities why you did this to Altantuya, you will not get your visa. And without your visa, you will remain in detention forever because the Australians won’t allow you to be extradited back to Malaysia as you face the death penalty there, and they don’t agree with it.

My guess is this impasse will be solved once your death sentence is commuted to one of life imprisonment, or you are granted a pardon. Only then will an application for extradition succeed and the Australians will quite happily hand you over to the Malaysian Police. Who knows, perhaps someday you will be known as ‘Datuk Sirul Azhar Umar’ even? Others have been awarded honorific titles for much less, after all.


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29 thoughts on “Sirul Azhar, what he will say and what he dare not say

  1. I am more interested to know who instructed Sirul and Azilah to kill Altantuya.

    If it is true, Sirul and Azilah killed Altantuya without any motives then Australians should not allow a cold blooded murderer to wonder freely in their mist.

    Australians should know what their government is getting them into.

    Malcom Turnbull better be smart enough not to entangle himself with Najib’s problems.

    Malaysia can’t help Australia with terrorism. Period.


  2. Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri is pretty quiet all this while. He is perfectly capable of answering those questions pertaining to Altantuya’s murder.

    Could it be because, his being in Malaysia, renders him to further punitive actions. Sirul however is “safe” in Australia.

    Clearly these two murderers had no motive. Strange that the proceedings FAILED to establish who would have had the motive.

    It should have been crucial for the courts to compel them to reveal the person giving the order.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sirul is digging his own grave.

    I don’t know who is advising him, but he is going down a path that will compromise his application for Visa Protection in Australia.

    If you lied, you will die eventually Sirul.

    Why is it so difficult for you to reveal who instructed you to kill Altantuya if it is not PM Najib?

    You have nothing to be afraid of it is not PM Najib.

    Who is more powerful than PM Najib now in Malaysia?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It is simple. Sometimes there is no conspiracy. Use Occam’s razor: Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.. They killed Altantunya by mistake through bad communication with their superiors. The superiors probably told them to ‘Settle’ the problem and they mistakenly thought that was the directive to kill Altantunya. Surely Azilah and Sirul would have confessed by now if there was a conspiracy. No one would want to die for a lie.


    • ..and you let them scot free because of occam’s theory? Uh oh! I know sirul actually wanted to kill your dad, mistakenly thinking altantuya was your dad.


  5. You do not have to be Sherlock Holmes to solve murder.
    When a woman is murdered, up to 2/3 of the time it is due to her partner(spouse, boyfriend, significant other, paramour, john).
    The women know them intimately.
    They may even have DNA semen evidence still in them.
    Add another major cause of death are other family members like sons, brothers and fathers, bringing domestic cause of death up to 80%.
    Very rarely is there is a bogeyman psychopath Jack the Ripper-type, stalker. That is more of an urban legend.
    80% of murders of women are proven by historical court records to be caused by her husband, boyfriend, significant other or male family relative.
    Do not ignore historical facts and start looking for a ‘serial killer’ when it is probably her husband.
    People become emotional, angry and enraged with their closest intimates and family.
    And when it comes to murderous rage, it is their spouse who gets fatally stabbed or shot.
    Murder is a lot of work; you just do not kill a stranger that you feel nothing passionate for.
    No, you always kill the ones you love.
    Plus the b*tch has been riding my ass for years and had it coming!
    No one wants the wife dead more passionately than her husband.
    After 20 years of arguments, who else is more likely to blame? Yup, you are correct.
    Think of OJ Simpson, Oscar Pistorius, and the Meredith Kercher Murder Case.
    Or Hamlet and Othello.
    Bogeyman, serial killers, and sociopaths with elaborate paranoid plots are really, really rare.
    It is winning the lottery.
    DNA evidence, profilers, psychic crime solvers, telekinetic empaths, or even the towering Sherlock Holmes are seldom needed in most bread-and-butter homicides:
    Here is the knife.
    Here is a woman in a poor home, lying in her own pool of blood.
    The boyfriend is gone. He comes back with scratches, drunk and a skimpy alibi. There are signs of chronic infidelity and regular quarrel. He recently upped her life insurance policy.
    If you cannot acknowledge the problem, I guarantee the killings will continue.
    Domestic violence is the leading cause of murders of women. It is a ‘husband problem’.
    The first step to cure is a correct diagnosis.
    Wife dead? Then arrest the husband.
    Marriage is the only institutional that promises: ‘Until Death do You Part.’
    That is a generous, kind-hearted promise–but sometimes it is a vicious threat.
    Be careful of who you marry girlfriend–because you could be looking at your future murderer.
    – Connect the dots, TE.


  6. Right. We just want to know the motive. Who ordered these two to kill the Mongolian lady. That will solve everything. Without answering this pertinent question this convict can stop all his drama. The people are not interested in his “wayang” at this stage. Nobodu believes him.


  7. lets just say that altantunya is a bad person who had threaten to expose certain things connected to our country security. will that be justifiable enough to kill her? i think so…


    • You seem to know:
      1) that Altantuya threatens someone
      2) that Altantuya wants to expose something about our security
      3) what that something is
      4) that Altantuya is a bad person

      Did you appear in the courts during the trial? You seem to have in your possession relevant info which can shed light and give new evidence to this case. Maybe you should immediately contact Sirul or Azilah to clear their names and help them to escape the death punishment. Make the right choice.

      Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • well…i dont really care about who or why they kill the woman….unlike some people still playing on the same issue over and over again for 10 years and want only what they believe or think happen…:)


        • Well, Dina…it seems Najib’s penchant for using dubious ‘middlemen’ such as Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet and Jho Low was infamous.

          Therefore, you’re somehow correct. After more than 10 years, Altantuya would not be the only ‘ghost’ that will hound him, each time GE is in the air. As long as he’s PM, that is. The last 2 GEs, that was the main election-campaign for the opposition, anyway.

          As Defense Minister cum DPM then, if Najib had used the Navy to negotiate with the French Sub-maker, no high-flying slut could have sexually infiltrated, then extorted parts of bounty, Razak received as kickbacks. Save Rakyat’s money too.


    • Dina

      An alternative theory would be – Altantuya posed a real threat to Najib’s ascension to the ‘throne’ of premiership.

      To those with vested interests, she must disappear. But murder is unjustifiable.


    • Dina,

      Nak tanya siapa yang alpa hingga country security diketahui oleh Altantuya, jika kita ikut logik ko ni?

      Kenapa Altantuya mengugut Razak Baginda?

      Dah lah tahu benda ni top secret, dia orang tak buat background check ke?

      Tolonglah jangan komen.

      Ko sebenarnya memberi gambaran Kerajaan Negara ni lalai tak buat homework dia.


    • Wow, you mean to say, revealing our top secrets would mean getting C4ed rather than being tried and jailed?
      Unless you’re trying to say those secrets are a threat to national security.


    • Oh so now we know that SOSMA, ISA, OSA etc. just a farcical law & procedure to combat security threat to the country. The real law is actually to C4’d the suspect.

      Thanks Dina, brilliant theory! Hope you stay single..


  8. Saya meletakan kesalahan pada Najib sepenuhnya keatas semua yang terjadi. Jika Najib tidak mengunakan ‘orang-tengah’ untuk berurusan bagi-pihak kerajaan, Rakyat tidak perlu menanggung komisen berbillion ringgit. Sekali-gus menjadikan kempen KPDNKK, ‘Jihad Memerangi Orang-tengah’ sebagai bahan jenaka.

    Adakah Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet & Jho Low Pegawai Kerajaan?

    Jika Najib sebagi Menteri Pertahanan ketika itu melantik Pegawai TLDM untuk berurusan dengan pembuat kapalselam, Rakyat hanya perlu bayar elaun seberang-laut, jumlah hari mereka sepattuny berada di sana dan penginapan di hotel bertaraf sederhana, peluang untuk terserempak dengan wanita ‘pisau-cukur’ seperti Altantuya boleh dielakkan. Sirul dan Azhar, tidak perlu di arahkan sesiapa untuk membunuh.

    Kini, selepas lebih 10 tahun, bahana ‘orang-tengah’ Najib masih menghantui BN/UMNO dan semestinya menjadi bahan kempen-pembangkang, setiap-kali PRU, selagi Najib masih PM. Di tambah pula ‘orang-tengah’ Jho low dalam issue 1MDB, peluang BN/UMNO pada PRU akan datang akan betambah malap.

    Oleh yang demikian, Rakyat mesti bertanya kepada Najib, mengapa beliau gemar menggunakan ‘orang-tengah’ dalam urusan kerajaan?


    • Barangsiapa yang bercampuradukkan “benar” dengan “bathil” untuk dianjurkan kepada manusia, ia adalah musuh ketara kepada kebaikan. Inilah cirinya syaitan yang direjam.


  9. u want so much for najib or rosmah to be the culprit…but guess what….no evidence yaa…either they are very smart or innocent….either ways…its a compliment 🙂


    • Actually, people really want to know the answers to the questions at the beginning of the article. If you think Najib is involved then that is your opinion.

      Thank you.


    • smart? – 1MDB scandal leaked – so NOT smart

      innocent? – Murders of Altantuya Shaariibuu, Anthony Kevin Morais and Hussain Ahmad Najadi – so someone is definitely guilty

      Azilah and Sirul are not linked to 2 murders, so who benefits from these 3 murders?

      At the very least, their loved ones have the moral rights to know WHO or WHY, for a psychological closure and for justice to be served.


  10. If you read his cautioned statement to the police which was published verbatim by Sarawak Report, Azilah & this fella is actually a hired professional killer. The Altantuya job is not their first. That was why he accepted the job without question. Like all pro killers, he just killed. No questions asked.


    • Yes both of them were just tools to achieve an objective. And like any other murder cases, motive is important. Besides, Sirul had claimed all sorts of things in the past on why he did it. The article above says it all. Thank you.


    • Laymen

      In Contract Killing – both the actual killer and the person who paid the killer can be found guilty of murder.

      Indeed, the acts of merely negotiating and paying for a contract killing (that is never actually carried out) are themselves punishable as attempted murder, as they constitute the “substantial step” towards a crime which are essential for imposing liability for an attempted crime.


  11. Dear Readers,

    1. Purchase of scorpene subs…death of altantuya, fall guy razak baginda…the the benefactor is najib

    2. Money received in PM’s bank account in AMBANK… death of founder najadi…fall guy the hired killer… the benefactor is najib

    3. 1MDB and RM2.6 bil…. death of kevin morais… fall guy the indian doctor…. the benefactor is najib

    THREE (3) unexplained events/ death….1 person always seemed to benefit….

    Must be luck all the way in someone’s life


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