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A public official named Najib Razak admits receiving RM42 million into his personal account

Najib Razak, the public servant of Malaysia has admitted that he is an instant millionaire when last week he gave a statement that he has received RM42 million into his personal bank account.

For the past 6 months, Najib Razak had also admitted receiving billions into his personal bank accounts although initially he lied denied about ever receiving any money.

We have for the first time, an officer of a public body receiving money on personal basis which without a doubt had made him an overnight billionaire. His lawyer, who once had sent the most pathetic legal letter to Wall Street Journal (which had humiliated Najib Razak into not suing that publication till this day) said this:

“If you look at our statement of reply, my client only admitted that RM42 million went into his account, but had no knowledge it was through the two intermediaries as alleged by Ling,” Hafarizam said.

He pointed out that nowhere in Najib’s reply was it mentioned that the fund came from the Finance Ministry-owned SRC International.

Najib’s full statement of reply states: “Paragraph 33(ii) is admitted to the extent of the deposited funds amounting to RM42 million into the account of the plaintiff (Najib) through AmPrivate Banking. However, the plaintiff (Najib) at all material times has no knowledge that it was channelled through two intermediaries as alleged by the defendants.

The prime minister, Hafarizam said, wants Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik as the defendant to prove that the fund came from SRC International or the two intermediaries.”

The lawyer is talking as if IT IS OKAY for a public official to receive millions and billions of money into his personal bank accounts. Money which until today are unaccounted for. His sycophants can believe him when he said that he did not use the money for himself. But the rest of Malaysians are not naive or stupid.

Since when a public servant can be allowed to hold millions and billions of unaccounted money in his personal bank accounts without any regards to the law? It seems, willing to be treated as stupid is the main trait of his loyalists.

And now it is getting even more ridiculous when after admitting he did receive the money, he asked Tun Dr Ling to prove where the money came from!

Why couldn’t he just tell Ling from where he received the money so that we could end this wild goose chase? Did that RM42 million come from a non-existent middle eastern donor which nobody knows his name?

Is Najib Razak beating around the bush because he himself does not know who deposited that money into his private accounts? We are confident he is not that dumb.

Why couldn’t Tan Sri Azman Hashim, the Chairman of AmBank be subpoenaed by the courts so that he can tell us where did that RM42 million come from? This could end all the riddles Najib Razak seemed to be wanting us to play.

Is AmBank in the business of protecting an individual’s interest over matters of national interest? Or is AmBank the kind of bank where its customers do not even know who deposits money into their accounts.


In this case, there are so many laws which are broken yet this public officer is unashamed with his actions. The law on corruption is very clear.

Section 16 of the MACC Act provides that it is an offence for any person to accept gratification (donation, money, gifts etc).

Under Section 23 of the MACC Act, it is an offence for an officer of a public body to use his office or position for any gratification for himself, his relatives or associates.

Under Section 50, any gratification received or agreed to be received, accepted or agreed to be accepted, obtained or attempted to be obtained, solicited, given or agreed to be given, promised or offered, by or to an accused is presumed to have been done so corruptly, unless the contrary is proved. This is the legal presumption. 

Therefore in this case, it is guilty until proven innocent.

Adnan Satem said that he continues to support Najib because he is innocent until proven guilty on 1MDB. With all the investigations on 1MDB are compromised and is as good as dead due to the machinations of the Prime Minister in putting all his lackeys and pressure within the institutions, Najib’s day in court will be a thing of fantasy.

najib_sprm_src_600Najib was so afraid to attend the #Nothing2Hide and the International Anti-Corruption Conference, we don’t think he will survive the scrutiny of a court’s proceedings. His lawyers even advised him not to attend a mere mediation exercise! The excuse was, this public officer who draws salary from taxpayers money is too busy for the mediation.

Too busy to clear his own name? Unbelievable.

According to the MACC Act above, this public servant is guilty until proven otherwise. Adnan Satem must get his knowledge on these laws right, otherwise he will look like a fool supporting someone who is seen as guilty of breaking the anti-corruption laws.

The Attorney General chosen specifically by Najib more than 6 months ago has returned the investigation papers to the MACC. Malaysians have long concluded that the anti-corruption laws will be thrown aside and be made inapplicable to this particular public servant who was voted by ordinary Malaysians to be a prime minister.

Usually a prime minister is someone who is accountable for his actions, someone with a set of morals which does not allow him to lie or break promises. Someone who is intelligent and magnanimous.

This elected public servant unfortunately has none of these virtues. Therefore, he has lost his right to lead.

If ordinary – man on the streets – the average Malaysians could not ask this public servant to resign then this public servant is not longer a leader. He is a dictator.

There are so many dictators in the history of the world. We wonder what kind of a dictator this particular public officer wants to be remembered as.

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9 thoughts on “A public official named Najib Razak admits receiving RM42 million into his personal account

  1. All of Najib’s actions could be explained away if this theory is feasible.

    Someone else is running the PMship, while Najib is just a face, who reads prepared scripts. This explains why he rejects press conferences and Q&A sessions. He simply cannot handle them.

    Remember he RAN away from the Nothing2Hide event, as well as the Global Anti-Corruption conference in Kuala Lumpur.


    P.S. He is just like a puppet on a string or locally a “lembu dicucuk hidung”!


  2. 1 thing special about Malaysian they can convincingly tell the world what conclusion will it be from an ongoing process/action before it actually ends. For example the PKFZ court case the conclusion made was there gonna be no case and they got it right: in the sodomy trial, they also got it right when they say the verdict is just a formality. Now they are confidently telling the world Putrajaya are theirs after the next PRU! U see when predictions reaching 100% correctness, many will play god.


  3. Najib has succumbed to picking fights with people on issues he is clearly in the wrong and can’t find a way out honorably.


  4. It is time that ahli UMNO dan orang Melayu, sedarvkerajaan Najib bukan kerajaan Melayu. Ini berlaku dari masa Mahathir lagi.
    Fokus orang Melayu adalah untuk mendapatkan hak mereka balik di Tanab Melayu.
    1. Pelabuhan
    2. Astro
    3. Padi
    4. Ladang
    5. Keretapi Tanah Melayu
    6. Menaikan dividen asb untuk pengagihan harta malaysia yg adil
    7. Biasizwa dari PTPN – 50 billion di beri kepada 10000 cina mengkayakan ipta
    8. Ambil alih Pemandu dari kristian
    9.Ambi alih tabung haji dari najib,isme dan azeez
    10.Ambil alih kementerian kewangan dari najib dan srigar,nor yakub


  5. Persoalan Nya, ambil atau tak ambil duit itu. Masuk atau tak masuk duit itu dalam akaun peribadi. Di situ letaknya pembuktian dan bugis itu telah mengaku.


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  7. This is clearly a case when we have a leader who is NOT clever but want to be popular and out do Dr M legacy so what does he do???? STEALS the public wealth that Dr M created and than puts it his bank account and PRETEND to ACT like his own money that he is giving to us,so he can looks successful and clever!!!!!!


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