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Malaysia’s corruption issue that surrounds its people

Below is the recent article by blogger Syed Akbar Ali regarding MACC’s investigation on the potential breach of anti corruption laws by Malaysia’s topmost leader.

As a side note,  in 2011 the MACC Chief of Malaysia, Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed once told a group of bloggers that Malaysia is not a highly corrupt country because its citizens are still crying foul and making noise for any corrupt practices that came to light. Only when the people are so desensitised by corruption and they think corrupt practices is the norm, we can say that a country is highly corrupted.

That was in 2011.

Fast forward to 2015, we have UMNO members gathering in PWTC and behaved in such a way which normal people can describe as a fervent homage towards the RM2,600 million cash found in the Prime Minister’s personal bank accounts.

To these poor souls with poor moral values, there found nothing wrong with this. Hence, we can safely say, the whole country is moving towards what Tan Sri Abu Kassim had originally feared.



Click the images above to enlarge it

Click the images above to enlarge it

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4 thoughts on “Malaysia’s corruption issue that surrounds its people

  1. http://www.kinibiz.com/story/corporate/207694/wsj-fbi-eyes-wolf-of-wall-street-production-house.html

    The learnings from the WSJ’s coverage on political financing were well-known to many, but will come as a shock to some:

    The use of a “CSR” front as a way for Umno to siphon off GLC and other monies is more widespread than people think. I think if greater scrutiny were paid to every single GLC and GLIC’s “CSR” programmes you would find that literally billions are missing.

    Is this legal?

    The PM in Parliament tried to hint it was (this will be the 42 million SRC cover-up angle, I think), but let’s get real.

    You siphon off millions from public funds for “charity”. None of it goes to charity. You hand out bribes from this money to all your KBU and kaki bodek. They go buy apartments in London and bang expensive hookers and pamper Melayu starlets. Then they swear undying devotion to you, as long as the cheques keep on coming in.

    How is this “CSR”, exactly?

    It’s called “corruption”, you see?


  2. LEGAL INNOVATIONS FOR 2015 (Jul-Dec 2015 only):

    A) PRINCIPLE OF SECRET SURAT “KOW THIM”: If any mamak lawyer writes privately to the A-G in order to get him to drop charges before or during trial, the ploy will succeed IF THIS EQUATION IS FULFILLED: where “N” (number of times said mamak has represented Umno) x “E” (degree of Evil of said mamak, from 1-10) = 1,000 or greater. This applies even where the High Court and Court of Appeal have rejected applications to strike out the suit. The end result is that cows get to live happily in luxury condos. Moo. One secret letter is all it takes.

    B) PRINCIPLE OF REWARDING DISHONESTY: Any gomen company is allowed to lie to Bank Negara Malaysia. So let’s say 1MBD (1 Mega-Botak Dei) says he needs 1.83 billion ringgit to invest in a Franch company, but actually transfers it to a Bugis-Arab-Cina pyramid scheme, it is BNM’s problem to detect the fraud, even if the evidence of the fraud surfaces only later. “Hang tak tanya pun?” Hence, BNM should treat all MOF documents as lies right from the beginning. if BNM finds out too late, the Bugis-Arab-Cina pyramid scheme can give the middle finger to BNM and say “spend already lah, Auntie.”

    C) PRINCIPLE OF SELECTIVE PEKAK-NESS: The common law rules of witness evidence were formed several hundred years before video recording was invented. However, only video recordings are now admissible. But such video recordings may be deemed “incomplete”, so charges must be dropped, even though the complete video is all over YouTube and Facebook. If you subsequently hand in the complete video, you will hear the Simon & Garfunkel song “The Sound of Silence” from the AGC.

    D) PRINCIPLE OF ANY LAW WILL DO: Despite the clear wording of s.124 Penal Code, it can be stretched like rubber to charge people for, well, anything that might embarrass the gomen. The lodging of reports that are ACCEPTED & ACTED UPON by legal authorities is a “terrorist offence”, just like blowing up bridges. Ahhhhh, may as well tambah SOS Cap MAH as well. If we’re gonna abuse the law, let’s go all the way.

    E) PRINCIPLE OF ONE COUNTRY, TWO LAWS: Feel free to cause any amount of racial and religious provocation you want, e.g. forcing people to remove their religious symbols. You won’t be charged if you’re on “our side”. But we reserve the right to charge anyone on “their side” under the Sedition Act for serious offences like questioning why someone was arrested under the Sedition Act. Questioning why someone was arrested under the Sedition Act for questioning why someone was arrested under the Sedition Act is also seditious, thus causing a “chain reaction” that will lead to overflowing jails. Funny thing is, here video evidence is not required.


  3. hahahaha bro itu “hari selasa” bila tuu???


    Cikgu: Ajib, bila kamu nak serahkan buku latihan kamu?

    Ajib: Hari Selasa ni saya akan serahkan, Cikgu.

    Cikgu: Baiklah.

    ——Selepas seminggu——-

    Cikgu: Ajib, hari ni dah hari Rabu, kamu kata nak serahkan buku latihan pada hari selasa semalam. Mana buku nya??

    Ajib: Betul lah Cikgu, kan saya cakap hari selasa…..hari selasa ni saya serahkan sendiri pada Cikgu…..”janji ditepati Cikgu”

    Cikgu: Hmmmm…..baiklah Ajib, hari selasa nanti kamu serahkan pada saya ya!

    ——Selepas seminggu——-

    Cikgu: Ajib! Mana buku latihan kamu ni hah??!! Hari ni dah hari Rabu, kamu kata nak serahkan pada hari selasa yg lepas???

    Ajib: Betul lah Cikgu! Hari selasa tuu dah TERlepas, sebab itu saya tak dapat nak serahkan. Tapi takpe Cikgu, Hari selasa nanti saya serahkan dgn nota2 sampingan yg lain. Cikgu perlu yakin dgn saya n tidak melemahkan semangat saya..

    Cikgu: Okay okay okay! Baiklah Ajib! Saya beri kamu peluang utk buktikan diri kamu. Tapi pastikan kamu serahkan semuanya pada hari selasa ini.

    Ajib: Usah khuatir Cikgu. Semuanya akan selesai hari selasa ni. Ini bukan janji, tapi pasti!

    Cikgu: Wah! Berjiwa besar kamu ni Ajib. Lega Cikgu rasa bila kamu cakap mcm tu. Dengan sikap kamu ni….Kamu boleh pegi jauh dalam hidup…Cikgu pasti!

    Ajib: Terima kasih Cikgu kerana yakin pada saya n tak percaya fitnah2 negatif. Saya bersikap terbuka, takde apa yg saya perlu sembunyikan.

    ——Selepas seminggu——-

    Cikgu: Amad, mana Ajib? Dia kata nak serahkan buku latihan pada saya selasa lepas. Hari ni dah hari Khamis!

    Amad: Ajib??? Ohhh!! Ajib dengar katanya keluar overseas…..saya terdengar dari murid2 lain bersembang. Cikgu tak tahu ke??

    Cikgu: Saya pun baru saja tahu ni! Ajib pegi overseas kemana tuu Amad?

    Amad: Errr, saya pun tak pasti Cikgu! Ada yg cakap dia ada di Hong Kong, tapi ada juga yg cakap dia ada di Dubai. Ntah lah Cikgu, saya pun tak pasti! Saya sejak ada 3 kerja ni, saya sibuk sikit Cikgu…

    Cikgu: Ajib!!! %^&*%#@!


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