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What RM2,600 million can do to you

"Umno is the only government that fights the Jews"

“Umno is the only government that fights the Jews”

The Jews praises Najib

A few weeks later, the Jews praises Najib for being friendly towards them (“calling for a new dawn”).

This is typical Najib. He and his administration and the people around him have shown the world that hypocrisy is indeed the best policy. Throw in buckets full of dishonesty, then we can already sum up what is known as the Najib Leadership.

It’s like hearing him said that he will not endorse the Red Shirt rally a week before it happens but immediately after, not only he endorsed it, he also praised and congratulated the rally organisers.

It’s like when he said that Umno is not involved in sponsoring the rally, but its divisions were issued orders to ferry people into the city. Even Felda settlers were not left in peace. They were herded to attend the rally as well.

It’s like the time when Najib in March this year have asked us to wait for the AG report to know if any wrongdoing in 1MDB had occurred but when it was submitted, the AG Report was not made public.

It’s like the time when 1MDB said they will give cooperation for the investigations against them, yet the PAC told the media that 1MDB was withholding documents from the Auditor General.

Not to mention the time when Arul Kanda, hiding behind his silly smile denied 1MDB had done any misconduct, yet the main players of 1MDB had run off and hid in foreign countries. They refused to return home and be subjected to investigations; acting like fugitives who had escaped after they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

For the past several weeks, is there any actual investigation being done on 1MDB? Of course not. The lack of urgency to investigate the wrongdoings in 1MDB does not deter the government at all. In fact, they try to delay it as long as they can. The latest rumour is, even PAC will stop investigating 1MDB once the Parliament is convened to re-populate the previously decimated PAC. Najib in September made a statement to give him another 6 months to solve 1MDB woes. This was on top of the original 6 months he had asked back in June. This effectively will white wash 1MDB of any financial mismanagement.

It’s like the time when Najib issued a statement that a Special Task Force has been set up to investigate the RM2,600,000,000 that went into his personal bank account but a month after that, had effectively disbanded the said Task Force by sacking and transferring the people investigating him. Some stooge even went great lengths to say that the Task Force was illegal to begin with, forgetting the fact that Najib himself had issued a statement about its existence.

It’s like when Najib told the public that he will sue Wall Street Journal on the immediate Tuesday after they had published the damning story, only to be told that after several Tuesdays, his lawyers just wanted to know if WSJ will invoke some protection laws against a potential litigation from Najib. If they won’t, only then they will proceed.

WSJ should just say, “sue us first if you think that our story – that you have received billions of money into your personal accounts is not true!”. Najib had said exactly that in the beginning, that there was no documented proof in the WSJ story and he will sue them. Regardless, all sundry know that the nonsensical hogwash that came from Najib’s legal team against WSJ are just theatrics. A comedy sketch meant for the paid audience.

Maybe we should add ‘comical’ as one of his shining leadership traits.

It’s like the time when Najib said 1MDB did not use people’s money to bail out 1MDB but conveniently forgotten that nearly a billion was used in the form of ‘standby credit’ to pay its loan interests. Not to mention the fact that it suffered more than RM600 million in losses for financial year 2014 and raked up some RM42 billion of needless liabilities which today did not bear any fruitful dividends.

It’s like the time when Najib said thank you to Haron Din for refusing to believe the WSJ story and for refusing to think that Najib could steal and put in billions of money into his personal bank accounts. Najib then reiterated that if he indeed wanted to do that, he wouldn’t do it in a Malaysian bank account.

In the end, it was proven that the money was indeed banked in into a Malaysian bank account. The lies that he had made blatantly to the public would have disqualified him to be the prime minister; at least on moral grounds, but the stooges and the sycophants around him did not bat an eyelid and continued to support him like a halfwit donkey braying for more lies and flip flopping statements.

This is what RM2,600,000,000 can do to you.

If you count a ringgit for every second in a day, it will take you almost 83 years to reach that gargantuan amount. If someone in 1957 had started counting it, he will only finish counting them in the year 2040!

That is how much money that Najib was holding in his personal account. Can somebody now imagine how much was the RM42 billions worth of liabilities needlessly amassed?

And remember the time when Najib claimed that he did not use the RM2.6 billion for personal gain? Were we given proof that indeed not a single sen was used for his personal use? Apart from the stooges and the sycophants that felt that Najib could have never, ever, ever, ever, lied to us all, we the people with brains would want to know the breakdown on the usage of the money in order to assure us that he had never embezzled the funds within his accounts. When can we have that evidence?

It’s like the time when his stooges said that the Umno Constitution provides for its presidents to receive donations through trustee accounts but when it was revealed that none of the top Umno leaders ever knew about these ‘trustee accounts’, they shifted the goalposts by saying that it is better for the president to park the money in his OWN PERSONAL ACCOUNTS than to be held by proxies!

Fiction writers really can’t compete with this kind of script. It seems, Umno does not have a proper banking accounts. And it seems personal bank accounts are safer than Umno’s own bank accounts!

Firstly, a trustee bank account with only one signatory and nobody else knew about it is actually a very private, a very personal bank account. This is a fact, no matter how absurd they want to lie about it.

Secondly, a public official receiving money and other form of gratifications is against the MACC law. If this occurs, it will be deemed as corruption. No two ways about it. He can thump his chest to say that it was for the general election but receiving it into his personal bank account is wrong based on the law because it has elements of corruption and embezzlement. He even said it in his speech back in 2012!

Thirdly, there is no use of redefining the money as ‘donation’. The fact that Najib is hesitant to reveal the source of these billions and why it was flushed into his personal accounts; the fact that he is not transparent as to how every sen of the money was used and how he blatantly stopped all investigations against him, have made him look like a guilty despot.

And lastly, when people are asking these questions, and if the answers are not satisfactory, they will ask further questions, or may repeat the questions again and again. This is not called the shifting of goalposts. Shifting of goalposts can only happen when one is defending something, in this case – Najib. You defend him by giving good answers. This is how you protect a goal. When you give flip flopping answers and lie to cover previous lies, this can be construed as shifting the goalpost. The examples given above are testament to all this absurdity.

The one doing the attacking i.e, the ones asking the questions and uncovering the lies can never shift the goalpost precisely because there is no goal to defend in the first place. The public is questioning the government led by Najib. The government can’t turn around and said ‘why did you change your questions’ or ‘this is just mere lies’ without substantiating any evidence to prove it otherwise. That is called arrogance.

Is the mantra “the day and age where government knows all and knows best is so long over” no longer applicable? Has the government really embraced hypocrisy, dishonesty, buffoonery and arrogance as its calling card?

By the looks of it, this is what the people have to live up with.

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9 thoughts on “What RM2,600 million can do to you

  1. Jangan lupa tuan jebat…bila dia beria2 nak nampakaan dia bersih, umumkan nak buat undang2 pengisytiharan derma oleh badan2 politik…dalam diam dia dah nak sapu 2.6B ‘derma’…he..he…bijak…bijak…


  2. You can shout all you want, you can even scream all you want, but he is STILL the PM which by the way is sad, no, tragic for that is a FACT!


  3. I guess the RM2.6 billion meant to fight the Jews back in 2013 went down the drain. In the end Israel thinks we are friendly towards them. Statements defending Najib to cover the original lie have been exposed as mere lies in the end.


  4. Najib is a thief full stop. A thief is expected to behave that way.

    What really sickening is the UMNO guys. They are worst then DAP. No need to go around and claim UMNO’s contribution to the Malays – need to thank past leaders for that not the current bunch of gundahs.

    Can’t even looked at UMNO logo anymore. Memang bangsat.


  5. One possible theory could be that there is a THIRD party that remains hidden, who is actually the holder of power behind Najib’s administrative front.


  6. Pingback: What RM2,600 million can do to you | ajai62

    • This article did not refer to Najib’s speech. But when the Israeli media is being positive towards Najib even after he gave his speech, certainly it is the opposite result of what that RM2.6 billion donation had wanted to achieve. Maybe you should read that Israeli media and the part they are praising our PM. Thank you.


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