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1MDB – more questions on missing billions

After the Prime Minister ditched moderation in his leadership by supporting the racially charged ‘Malay Red Rally’ last Wednesday, he can kiss goodbye to his Global Movement of Moderates.

No wonder an MP has called the Prime Minister a hypocrite and a phony.

His own division leader, that uninspiring Jamal Yunos of Sungai Besar sees nothing wrong with Umno members hurling insults such as ‘cina babi’ towards members of the press.

With this kind of loyal yet stupid sycophants propping up Najib Razak’s image, it is no longer a suprise that his leadership is getting rather strenuous and desperate. Not to mention having zero credibility in the eyes of both domestic and international masses.

This kind of unethical leadership, bordering on the belligerent, has rubbed of 1MDB in their business dealings.

For the past week, the Wall Street Journal has written two serious exposés on missing billions. The first is a missing USD1.4 billion which was supposedly remitted by 1MDB to IPIC for collateral over the now abandoned power plant partnership between them.

The second was today when it is revealed that another USD993 million was not received by IPIC when 1MDB presumably had paid them in November 2014.

1MDB’s immediate reaction is to criticise WSJ for using confidential information, and for using unidentified sources as informants and also to stand by its audited accounts.

To attack WSJ for using confidential is rather stupid since this strengthen their story that all the information received were indeed credible.

To use WSJ’s unidentified sources against them is unwise too since some ministers who had attacked WSJ using the same argument when news of billions went into the Prime Minister’s accounts were proven true. WSJ had provided verified documents as evidence and this had left those sycophantic ministers humiliated and exposed them as nothing more than a mindless stooge of the Prime Minister.

"Don't ask me, I wasn't there!"

“Don’t ask me, I wasn’t there!”

And to say that 1MDB stood by Deloitte’s audit report can be pointless against the allegations since Deloitte could not confirm whether IPIC did receive the amount. Deloitte indeed did not audit IPIC financial account.

What they could only do is to send an intercompany confirmation of balances (in the case of debtors or creditors). If the third party company did not return the confirmation form to Deloitte, there is nothing they can do to confirm if the amount tallies or existed.

If the confirmation is pending or left unanswered right before the auditor signed off the accounts, they will only insert this as a note in the audit findings report. Audit findings report is a list of accounting violations or failure in internal controls which are submitted to management of a company. It is not a publicly available report such as the final audit report meant for shareholders and public.

To digress, usually the auditor handling all these intercompany confirmations is a junior auditor. At most a senior audit executive. He/she then will report to the audit field supervisor or a senior in charge, who in turn, reports to an audit manager. An audit manager, will have to sweat through the ordeal of submitting his team audit to the audit partner – the one ultimately signing off the audit report.

Therefore, to say that Deloitte’s audit report is 100% following audit methodology and should be 100% free of fraud is a misdirection altogether.

What 1MDB should have done is to get their former business partner in crime to issue a statement of denial. Is it so difficult for IPIC to issue such statement? To deny altogether what WSJ had published. To clearly show that indeed they have received a total of USD2.4 billions (USD1.4B + USD1B) and it is all recorded in their financial statements.

But IPIC itself under internal investigation of their own. The bosses highly associated with 1MDB, Khadem al Qubassi and Mohamed al Husseiny were removed in April and August respectively.

To cap off this debacle, WSJ had also revealed that Deloitte will not sign 1MDB audit report unless someone would have guaranteed the USD2.32 billion worth of ‘investment’ in the Cayman Islands. These investments were indeed worthless which in they end, on top of needed to be guaranteed, they were also classified as third tier assets in 1MDB’s 2014 accounts.

Enter IPIC, the ever willing partner to the rescue. Otherwise there will be a huge hole in the 1MDB accounts. We wonder what is the price for getting IPIC to guarantee such amount.

That USD2.32 billion could not stand on their own as Deloitte had some problem ascertaining their real value. Furthermore, it is not in the form of cash.

The previous auditor, KPMG was sacked precisely because they refuse to sign the accounts over this matter.

The initial amount of money had disappeared during the PetroSaudi – 1MDB joint venture which was terminated in 2010. It was initially a USD1.83 billion of cash which was pumped into PetroSaudi for a period of two years since 2009 under the pretext of loans to PetroSaudi.

Not sure what kind of units are they because as a minister, I have no idea

Not sure what kind of units are they because as a minister, I have no idea. Please don’t ask me tough questions.

This money changed in nature many times and revalued upwards between themselves to the final amount of USD2.32 billion. Ultimately, even the Finance Minister 2 could not answer properly what is the nature of this investment.

In total, there are USD4.23 billion (USD1.83B + USD1.4B + USD1B) suspiciously missing at the moment, amounting to approximately RM16 billion of Malaysian money.

We are now getting bits and pieces of information regarding the RM42 billion of loans unaccounted for. And it is sad that the truth came about from third party and documents from suppressed investigations. We wonder what information the public could have gotten if the investigation teams were not dismantled.

Will somebody stand up and be responsible for this financial fiasco?

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13 thoughts on “1MDB – more questions on missing billions

  1. Judging from the irregularities from this fiasco,somebody or someone sure wanted the money or the transaction to be done quick !!!! Being such a Big amount and the lackadiscal approach in its documentation process, instruction must have come from someone who is really powerful that no one DARES to disobey, that could only have been from Ah Jib Gor,Rosmah or ah jib’s confidante Tan Sri JJ !!!


    • It is too unfortunate that Najib does not heed this prophetic warning about insatiable greed:

      Ibn ‘Abbas and Anas bin Malik r.a. reported: The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said, “If a son of Adam were to own a valley full of gold, he would desire to have two. Then nothing can satisfy his mouth except the earth (of the grave). But Allah looks with mercy at one who turns to Him in true repentance”.
      (Bukhari and Muslim)



    Ultimately, said Chin, “it is more likely that Najib will be ­undone by one of the internat­ional investigations” in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Britain into 1MDB and into $800 million that found its way into Najib’s bank ­account.

    “The Malaysian establishment wouldn’t cope with charges being laid overseas, if this is the result,” he said.

    This escalating political drama, said Singapore-based business ­analysts IMA Asia, is meanwhile “diverting the government from policy making, delaying local business deals, and discouraging foreign investors”.


  3. The parties involved must be overly confident of protection under the Official Secret Act.

    But when corruption (as in money laundering) is suspected to have occurred, surely the Whistle Blower Act overrides the OSA.

    President Nixon was a glaring example.


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  5. come to think of it, mahathir was right after all. his initial number – 42 billion – perhaps in the form of the money borrowed with the guarantee by bugis and his people. the borrowed money that was not necessary at all. so by on that stance, 42 billion ‘missing’ is correct.

    and he got ridiculed by bugis and his people because he seemed cannot show where the monies missing. arul even showed the so called expenditure sheet. perhaps arul didnt realise that 42 billion guaranteed loan that was never at all needed, is the ‘missing’ monies.

    and then come the 16 billion. bugis and his people ridiculed him even more, accusing him of shifting goalpost. but now the above monies – suspiciously missing – come to round 16 billion. All these are because bugis and his people never take the liberty to clear stuffs up from Day 1. The mantra was ‘the asset is much more than the borrowings’.

    what had happened to the nation these days? what happened to the nation building vision? under sleepy head and bugis, malaysian never has something to look forward to. something to hold on to. there is one documentary about MRT construction shown on Astro, it was filmed in year 2013. they did great job digging hole. they still shout Malaysia Boleh.

    thats shout alone tell how proud Malaysians were, and still are. thank you mahathir


  6. Mungkin sudah tiba masanya semua NGO dan indvidu persendirian yang menentang penyelewengan dan jenayah Najib ini untuk meniru jalan cerita dalam filem Tamil dan Hindustan mengenai cara untuk menentang rejim korup iaitu dengan membuat laporan polis di setiap balai polis di seluruh negara, di setiap Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah di seluruh negara, serta di seluruh Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen Negeri di seluruh negara.

    Hanya dengan cara ini sahajalah Khalid Abu Bakar terpaksa tunduk dengan desakan rakyat supaya siasatan terhadap Najib diadakan.

    Selama ini hanya beberapa orang yang membuat laporan polis, maka dipandang ringan oleh Khalid Abu Bakar, malahan diputar belit oleh Khalid Abu Bakar dengan berbagai penipuan untuk sorokkan kegiatan jahat Najib itu.

    Kalau setiap NGO mengadakan satu laporan polis, orang perseorang membuat satu laporan polis, buat laporan polis di seluruh negara, Khalid Abu Bakar Ketua Polis Negara yang menjadi barua belaan Najib itu tentu tak ada helah lain untuk elakkan Najib dari terlepas dari siasatan.

    Malahan laporan terhadap SPRM di setiap cawangan SPRM di seluruh negara perlu dibuat oleh NGO dan rakyat supaya perkara ini dapat disegerakan atas kapasiti desakan oleh rakyat.

    Salam ikhlas daripada,

    Abu Bakar


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  9. Dear JMD

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

    Semoga pengorbanan blogger sejati dirahmati Allah.

    Blogger bangang diharapkan sedar dan terus bersatu selamatkan negara Malaysia daripada pengkhianat bangsa.


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