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The uglier side of Umno

It is comical to see the Prime Minister acting all surprised and touched by the turn out of the ‘Malay Red Rally’ yesterday.

This pre-meditated theatrics did not go unnoticed by the public. Note that only last week he said that Umno is not endorsing the rally.

But the rally itself was organised by Umno stalwarts, attended by Umno deputy ministers and at least one minister, and where Umno members from all over the peninsular were instructed to go and ferried into the city. Yet, the Prime Minister had the gall to be ‘overwhelmed’ by the support?

If there is a prime case of manufacturing your own propaganda and believing it too much, then this is it.

The public knows that the rally was organised under the pretext of shoring support for the embattled Prime Minister. Those who came were largely malays from the Umno party. Basically, less than 2% of Umno’s 3 million members went to Padang Merbok yesterday.

Are the sycophants now patting themselves on the back for delivering the rented supporters to this staged rally for the Prime Minister? However, a few supporters complained they did not get the money they were promised. Hopefully they did get it like the rest of the mob.

It is a pity that instead of celebrating diversity on Malaysia Day, Umno chose to organise a racially charged demonstration that hurled abuse and profanity to the non-malays, particularly the chinese.

In the previous article ‘The Ugly Side of Umno’, we did mention how Umno do not know how to be attractive to voters. And the rally yesterday had shown that they are totally clueless in scoring brownie points from the public.

We wrote:

Conservatively, about 150,000-strong crowd had gathered in the course of two days to protest against him. But the first initial reaction from Umno is that these people are DAP members and they must be ridiculed, censured and verbally attacked.

They never saw the need to see these people as voters. It is definite that not everyone who gathered during that protest is a DAP member. They are ordinary people. They have the power to vote in a government.

These voters were called shallow minded by the Prime Minister. He even called them as having poor sense of patriotism. Umno’s media propaganda even went on to label these people as traitors. Ironically, these are the same people that Umno and other BN parties had to canvass for votes during general elections.

Instead of taking the high road and address the demands of Bersih 4 two weeks ago, Umno  organised a counter rally to harangue the public.

No wonder two other main components of Barisan Nasional were dead set against this rally. MCA and MIC were against it claiming “that the timing of the rally is not right, and contains racial undertones. It can jeopardise racial relations and can affect economic growth due to the tension”.

Yet the BN Chairman cum-Prime Minister who is also the Umno President could only muster a meek ‘agree to disagree’ declaration during the coalition’s supreme council meeting. This is akin to another ‘agree to disagree’ fiasco among Pakatan Rakyat’s component parties on the issues of Hudud back in 2011.

What have ‘agree to disagree’ brought on to Pakatan Rakyat since then?

True enough, the rally was filled with instances of profanity, racial threats and violence.

Barisan Nasional, who had worked under the consensus system for the longest time, are being destroyed by someone who is facing leadership problems of his own; leading a lacklustre administration and condemned by domestic and international communities over his personal corruption scandal.

MCA and MIC are tasked in getting the non-malays to support Barisan Nasional yet Umno is trying very hard not to get the votes from these group of people. Former Umno presidents would have never condoned such rally. It will have a negative impact for the whole of Barisan Nasional. One must learn from history in order to be clear on this concept of power sharing and tolerance.

Even naming the rally as ‘Himpunan Maruah Melayu’ is a misnomer since those who attended are just  Umno supporters who have no qualms that their President have received RM2.6 billion in his personal bank accounts. In reality, the Umno malays are suffering a dent in their dignity when their ultimate leader is involved in such practice. They should be ashamed of themselves for showing support for this kind of leader. Their only saving grace is the fact that they are stupidly oblivious to how the greater majority (malays and non-malays alike) are looking towards them.

Smearing Malaysia Day with such rally just to hide the elephant in the room is a tactic of desperate men, afraid of losing power and position. Too bad they believe they are winning in the perception battle.

When the next general election comes, when the votes from non-malays dwindle to less than 5%, please do not squeak your shock with that pathetic ‘apa lagi cina mahu’ again when you should bloody well know why they will never vote you by then.

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13 thoughts on “The uglier side of Umno

    • Saya berasa amat malu tengok dirang terpekik2 mcm masuk polong.. Buat malu bangsa sendiri je. Malu nya.
      JMD, saya fikir lah kan, perhaps umno feels so gagah, doesn’t need support of non-Malays in next GE.
      Well, good luck with that.


      • Kalau dulu Melayu berdemonstrasi melaungkan kapada penjajah yang negara ini negara mereka ,dan mereka patut menentukan halatujunya .

        Selepas 58 tahun merdeka ,masihkah mereka perlu berdemonstrasi lagi ,melaungkan yang negara ini negara mereka dan mengatakan pekara yang sama .


  1. In the beginning, Najib was overly keen to win the chinese votes. He even created an endearing “Ahjibgor” for himself.

    He went on to provide the Psy Gangnam show to buy over the chinese hearts. He also approved millions of public funds for the chinese schools.

    He went one step further to produce a Lunar New Year advertisement where he donned the red samfu, beat the chinese drum and even clasped his hands much like the chinese towkay wishing his chinese electorate KongHeeFattChai.

    Malaysia also witnessed the “I love PM, You are our inspiration, IM4U” banners which were merrily hoisted by thousands of chinese.

    Ahjibgor then got SLAPPED in the face by the chinese tsunami.
    That was history. Today majority chinese wants him OUT totally.


  2. While he gambled on the Chinese votes, he neglected the Malays.

    In March 2010 at an international investors’ conference, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced an urgent need for a revision to the NEP, towards a national development strategy more transparent, MERIT-driven, and market-friendly, and towards a new needs-based affirmative action.

    The Malays felt “betrayed” by Najib.

    Today desperate Najib is using the ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ to support his claim to premiership. While the greedy Malays willed themselves to believe this new tactical concept, the well-informed Malays will not bite the bait (comments from netizens).

    Into the drain goes “amanah, jatidiri, maruah, keikhlasan, ketelusan, keinsafan …..”

    UMNO is now officially Kelab Syok Sendiri, where it functions like a crony business association.


  3. Two wrong don’t make it right! The fact Umno and Ah Jib Gor’s government was against the BERSIH rally and now the UMNO RED Tshirt is doing it,it doesnt prove anything. It only goes to show that when Umno looses the support of the masses which consists of the educated crowd,they have to garner support via the TRIBAL mentality to remain in power . Our Ah Jib Gor have moved backward in terms of a civilised society for resorting to such method.



  4. Zahid Hamidi, the walking cliche:

    How much longer can the Malays even stay awake when confronted with the mindless repetition of moronic race cards we have heard a million times before? Zzzzzzzzzz,

    The Himpunan Pro-Rasuah’s turnout was very much lower than had been “instructed”. We know that 180K at the very minimum should have come, if every KBU had delivered as promised.

    That is worrying for the Bugis emperor. Very worrying.

    Have signs of internal rebellion already made themselves apparent?


    • This is the same wanker that was championing Ah Jib Gor’s 1Malaysia concept and yet just like Ah Jib who likes bragging of his Bugis roots ,he too is proud of his Jawa blood.

      Suffers from the same syndrome too like Ah Jib Kangkong which is being a Chinese sympathiser. Just after his ‘habuan’being appointed as TPM,he ‘terhegeh hegeh’ organised a press conference with most of the Chinese newspapers trying to buy them in into liking him by telling stories of his CHINESE foster father that he had and speaking Chinese to them. Like it matters to these Chinese guys,they couldn’t careless even if his mother is Chinese. Another wanker in the making who live up to the Malay adage ” Kera di rimba di susukan,anak sendiri kelaparan” . He and Ah Jib Gor should form a club call ‘Wankers United’!!!!



  5. Does he feel that with all the power that was entrusted to him by the voters he could get away with it, that most of the rakyat are so stupid as to know and see the truth of what he and his husband have been doing? Sepandai-pandai Tupi melompat, akhirnya ke tanah jua, it is a matter of time. Allah Maha Berkuasa, he will never get away with it.


  6. Baju Merah is the symptom of how desperate and hopeless Najib is.

    All those posters and their messages point to one man’s motive for this movement. We wonder how much of the public funds were used for the SHAMING of the Malays.

    Tun Dr Mahathir has proven his political shrewdness when he attended the Bersih 4 rally TWICE.


  7. I wonder how stupid can the non Malay component parties in BN be. Instead of delivering the non Malay votes, he is pulling it away and yet MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc do not see it ? This is where the difference is with DAP. Once they detect Pas is sabotaging their effort, they pull the plug. And yet MCA which champions for the Chinese cannot do it. Why ? You need funds and government positions more than fighting against racism ? This is broad daylight racism and MCA does not have the guts to tell Umno off. Actually, I see that MCA’s dignity at stake more than najib’s.


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