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The ugly side of Umno

The problem with Umno these days is that they have no idea how to be appealing towards the general public.

When even the Prime Minister himself is using crude words to harangue and berate the public for showing displeasure towards him, Umno as a whole have lost the plot.

For instance, take last weekend’s Bersih 4.0’s street demonstration. Conservatively, about 150,000-strong crowd had gathered in the course of two days to protest against him. But the first initial reaction from Umno is that these people are DAP members and they must be ridiculed, censured and verbally attacked.

They never saw the need to see these people as voters. It is definite that not everyone who gathered during that protest is a DAP member. They are ordinary people. They have the power to vote in a government.

These voters were called shallow minded by the Prime Minister. He even called them as having poor sense of patriotism. Umno’s media propaganda even went on to label these people as traitors. Ironically, these are the same people that Umno and other BN parties had to canvass for votes during general elections.

Do these people who sang Negaraku in earnest looked like they don’t love the country?

You lambast and condemn them, yet at the time when you have to throw yourself in the mercy of the public, you beg for their votes; throwing huge sums of money here and there just to solicit support in order to remain as government.

This is the problem about Umno which has not been realised every single time Bersih hold their demonstrations. They jeopardise their own chances and, it is not surprising that the parliamentary seats won by BN in 2013 is fewer than in 2008.

No wonder MCA is getting tired of Umno’s petulant behaviour.

There was approximately 400,000 vote difference between BN and Pakatan in 2013 which Pakatan won on popular votes. That is about 3.5% difference.

Pakatan need less than 200,000 extra votes against BN to takeover the government, which could be translated to gaining another 23 seats to become a government. Currently, BN has about 25 seats which were won with under 2,000 majority votes indicating they are in a precarious position indeed.

If we are being conservative and multiply 100,000 people that went for Bersih with 3 (average number of voters in a family), that is already 300,000 votes lost by BN.

Coupled with millions of new voters registering between 2013 to 2017, where the majority are the youths which Umno had castigated for joining Bersih, then the signs are clear to see.

It is time for Umno to stop being a bully towards any critics when the solution is so simple. A couple of the people’s demands that attended Bersih are, ‘the resignation of the prime minister’ and ‘a more transparent government’. God knows, almost everyone we know are demanding for it.

These demands are justified and easy to fulfill. Everybody knows the prime minister’s position is already morally untenable. The whole world knows it. Never before Malaysians had come across such an embarrassing figure desperately continuing to pose as a leader.

It is ironic that the fate of Malaysians is actually beholden to the prime minister, his loyalists and several other Umno divisional chiefs. It is odd to have less than 200 people holding Malaysia in this kind of ransom-cum-political deadlock. The majority of people have spoken. Usually this entails a change in premiership.

Pak Lah was replaced not during a general election but after a strong message was conveyed by Malaysians about a year after the disastrous result.

Alas, with much stronger message sent to the prime minister; via demonstrations, to his own social media platforms, in the non-mainstream media and criticisms by global observers, it is remarkable to see how thick a skin can be. Umno should have been embarrassed to have a president like this.

However, Umno is paralysed to the core. The members cannot even make any constructive criticism without being labelled as a traitor by the prime minister’s many toadies, flatterers and minions.

Some Umno leaders stupidly said that its members must use the proper channel to air their grievances but everyone knows that criticism towards the leadership is no longer tolerated. Incidences where divisional leaders obstructed proposals from the grassroots which are not endearing enough by the party leadership is common.

With many bad examples to showcase Umno’s utter sycophancy towards a much maligned president, there is no way Umno can be appealing to the public anymore, let alone among the younger generation.

Umno Youth and Puteri Umno, the wings that will inherit the party once the current leadership is gone, will be stuck with a basket of rotten apples left by this leadership. Unless these young ones do something about this current malaise, then beyond 2018 there will be nowhere to hide from your own party members and the public.

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10 thoughts on “The ugly side of Umno

  1. I used to dismiss Rafizi, Tony Pua and Lim Kit Siang as loudmouths out to grab power from UMNO.

    But lately they are making more sense than the likes of Salleh Keruak, Rahman Dahlan, Ahmad Maslan and recently Ku Nan.

    World icons like Tun Daim bin Zainuddin and Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz during Tun Dr Mahathir’s era were highly respected. The journalists in Singapore were often intimidated when they interviewed these highly regarded Big Three (B3).

    You could see the body language of these journalists. The respect and high regard is obvious even through the TV screen.

    Recently a PAP minister was said to have vocally admitted that he was lucky to be Singaporean instead of Malaysian. That’s how low Malaysia had dropped in the perceptive index.


  2. Najib pesan bahawa wakil rakyat dan pemimpin perlu menghargai pengorbanan isteri masing-masing.

    “Oleh itu berilah timbal balas yang sepatutnya kepada isteri kita, jaga hati isteri kita, apa-apapun permohonan isteri, kita beri pertimbangan yang sepatutnya,” katanya.

    Since when is the wife at the forefront??


  3. Umno’s outdated tactic is to always pivot back to racism, divide & rule, them and us. They have never evolved past it. Their mental and moral bankruptcy is complete.

    Do I believe that Bersih was about racism or patriotism? It was about the latter. I know three of my friends who went, from all 3 main races, were actually “rally virgins”. (I have been to all 4 Bersihs.) They are all settled professionals, who would appear to be the last people you would expect at a political rally famous for tear gas, chemical water and mass arrests.

    “Will we get hurt?” one asked. “But it’s worth it”, she said, answering her own question. “We make not make a difference, but we have to do something. Look at what’s happened to our country.”

    I don’t think our non-Malay friends love the country any less than we do.

    Did this middle-class urbanite street party achieve its objective? No. Middle-class urbanites don’t determine the future of this gerrymandered country.

    I asked the same woman how she felt, after midnight and going home.

    “He won’t step down, but today I feel truly proud to be Malaysian”, she answered.

    I guess that is something.

    The crowd of 150,000 (not 500,000, sorry-lah Bersih) was very well-behaved and you did not get pushed about, even in the tightest, most crowded spots. You could hear “please” and “terima kasih” everywhere. A bit too genteel for a revolution, but then Umno should not get too complacent, either.

    The shortfall in Malay numbers was caused by the absence of PAS – it’s that simple. But do not assume that those missing are going to vote for you.


    • Do not assume our support for anything, Tai Gor U.M.N.O.!
      Because you are despicably (U)ndermining the (M)alayan (N)ation (O)btrusively.


  4. “It is ironic that the fate of Malaysians is actually beholden to the prime minister, his loyalists and several other Umno divisional chiefs. It is odd to have less than 200 people holding Malaysia in this kind of ransom-cum-political deadlock. The majority of people have spoken. Usually this entails a change in premiership.”

    Yes. So it’s really time for the 3 million ordinary members to follow the example of courage showed by Puan Anina and break out of their mental kandang.

    The KBU have a huge financial interest in seeing their sugar daddy survive. Ignore them. If every branch brings a class action for breach of trust, and signs a petition to ask sugar daddy to step down in the interests of the party, you think the party will sack you all?

    Gandhi got it. UMNO’s 3 million ordinary members haven’t – yet.

    Break the spell of the 191 Kaki Bodek Umno.

    The events of the coming MTU may provide some impetus.


  5. I think we reach the tipping point in malaysia politics. Umno will either sink with Najib or rebounce after replacing him. Maybe Umno need to stay as an opposition to drive away all the imcompetent and corrupted ketua cawangan. The complacency that we are seeing now is a common sign before the collapse of organisation.


  6. This was supposed to be the Bugis Street Worrier’s PLAN B. The plan being declaring a state of emergency after PRU 14, after BN is trounced because of the Bugis Street Worrier’s blatant greed and lies.

    As the saying goes, ‘the earlier, the better’,

    That said, a peaceful demonstration will show Malaysia to be truly a mature democracy..

    ..and scuttle the Bugis Street Worrier’s plan.


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