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Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

Get Well Soon, Malaysia

It is amazing how the Prime Minister of Malaysia can unite thousands of people in order to free themselves from his leadership. It seems these people, some said close to 150,000 in the course of two days, had chosen to brave the hot sun and the rain just to show their displeasure towards him.

And this is all because of the problems which had arisen from the issues pertaining the RM2,600 million found in his personal bank accounts, the failures of 1MDB, the lethargic economy and his increasingly dictatorial leadership pathetically masked under the ‘moderate movement’ pretenses.

It is fortunate that no violent episode which frequently marred the previous three demonstrations had occurred. This is probably due to the absence of the chief provocateur who is currently languishing in jail. Nevertheless, a peaceful gathering of thousands should not be looked upon as inconsequential by the ruling coalition.

In fact, we can safely assume that the coalition has definitely lost the urban votes. And how about the grassroot support? Undeniably, they had lost about half the rural votes in the previous by-election which was held in a malay-majority constituency last May. Things are not doing well indeed. Especially since personal issues that dogged the prime minister have become more and more untenable.

The prime minister have cocooned himself within a wall of false comfort; choosing not to face the media since early July. Q & A sessions are no longer tolerated. The last he had was probably in that tiny mosque on the 5th of July 2015 telling the reporters that he might sue a foreign news agency for publishing lies about him receiving billions into his bank accounts. Since then, he had chosen to speak only on rostrums, to a captive audience, who are unable to ask questions, but to simply listen.

To the audience, he preached, he harangued, and he desperately want people to believe his plea of innocence and his self entitled proclamation that only he can lead Malaysia.

There were no more answering tough questions from the media regarding his personal issues. That task have been given to his many henchmen, who know next to nothing themselves.

If the prime minister is bent to keep on hiding behind the machinations that is frequently used to conceal his accountability to be answerable to the rakyat; where he is unable to bravely stand and tested under the rigorous laws that could be applicable to him, then surely there are no more moral grounds to stay in power.

It is sad that he has to drag the whole coalition just to defend his personal errors; deflecting the call for his resignation as an attack to the government. His own party is besieged with problems and support is quickly dwindling away due to the disappearing of integrity and the respect towards it.

It is even sadder that after 69 years in existence, his own party have lost the huge goodwill it had painfully obtained from the rakyat all through the decades just because he is too stubborn to see the problem.

The problem is him, yet he thinks he can provide solution to overcome this. He and his advisers think that through silencing his critics, sacking innocent people, crippling the institutions and appointing only loyal, unquestioning stooges, the problems will go away and support from the masses will miraculously re-appear.

Perhaps this is the burden the people will have to bear for the next 3 years. Unless of course, the people who can actually make a change will re-discover their principles and fortitude to actually do something about it.

Yes, get well soon Malaysia. Selamat Hari Merdeka.

Stay strong, with pride

Stay strong, with pride

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8 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

  1. Should start a new agressive move

    ‘Save BN,
    For Malaysia
    #£€¥% Out’

    Had to asterix that otherwise vomit blood

    Happy Merdeka Day


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  3. “he had chosen to speak only on rostrums, to a captive audience”

    Hee Hee

    If the audience that were listening to his speech last night were to be judged, it was definitely not captive at all. They all appeared bored, some were actually stifling their yawns.

    The infrequent applause were stagedly “polite”. The content of the speech was more like a participant reciting a poem, rather than a true leader inspiring everlasting patriotism.

    His frequent allusion to the “kapal” imagery leads the listener to images of the pirate legacy.

    Let’s pray that Malaysia recovers fully and fast!


  4. Dear Sir,

    It is indeed a sobering Merdeka day with two sides of the coin. On one side, the celebrations today at Dataran Merdeka and the other, eminent elder statesman Tun Mahathir’s support for the rakyat to rid the country of the present PM on the eve of Merdeka day.

    Indeed, if, and hopefully when successful, it will of signify another day of independence. Independence from present day oppression. Oppression of truth and justice.

    Seeing the No 1 and 2, live on telly today, words cannot describe my indignation of their persona.

    I humbly request your indulgence to share my post, “PM Najib Donation to Help BN Against DAP Funded by Jews” in relation to the No 1 and 2. Or is it No 3?


    • The budak Jawa self-promoted himself to No.2.

      I hope the real No.2, TSMY, does not suffer expulsion from the party on 9th Sept.

      Umno needs a huge dose of honesty right now.

      Who else is speaking up? Where are our values and morality?

      Pemimpin Islam konon…


  5. UMNO needs to realise that the MEANS should justify the ENDS. These means encompass integrity, honesty, transparency – even if it takes the long arduous route to achieve the noble objectives.

    “Cash is King” implies a shortcut method and worse it also connotes bribery and indebtedness, where the recipient is beholden to the giver. This culture is at the root of money politics.

    In such a scenario, UMNO has been afflicted with a spiritual gangrene that is poisoning its relationship with the people it has sworn to serve.

    Perhaps a total revamp (overhaul) is neccessary and timely.


  6. Even though our country is in political upheavel let us not forget the foundation of this country and how far it comes! As Malaysians we hope justice will prevail. This video is a great example of the unity we still share…check it out and wish your neighbour Selamat Hari Malaysia!


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